Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. TV with Teddy By Emi Tsuruta Note: this is one in a series of posts about my life. If you'd like to know more about my friends and me, drop by my home page at: This all happened early spring as the weather started to get warmer. Not long before, I had packed away all my heavy sweaters and coats, and brought out my spring clothes. I was more or less ready for the change of seasons. I had a whole bunch of miniskirts, light frilly sleeveless blouses and halter tops that I'd brought from Japan. The one thing I was still missing though was a pair of summer p.j.'s. I did have a couple pairs of long-sleeved boy-style pajamas and my baby-doll which was a bit too sexy to wear around the house. Loretta, my host mom, wouldn't like it, and Brandon, her son, would probably get all excited if he saw me in it. Early in the spring, I mostly wore the pajamas, but as summer drew near, I began to get more and more restless. I would put up with the p.j.'s in the evening when I went to bed, but usually by morning, I'd wake up to find that I'd pulled off the bottoms in my sleep. It's funny how that happens. I don't really remember it, but every once in a while, I've woken up to find them gone. It's sort of like sleepwalking, although I guess it's more like sleep-stripping in this case. As long as the weather was cool, I'd sleep with my door closed, so my host family wouldn't find out, but sometimes I'd wake up thirsty, and have to root around for my p.j. bottoms before going out into the hall. It was kind of a pain because my host family were all asleep anyway, but I still remembered that time when Loretta's daughter Jennifer caught me naked in their living room one night. I've tried to be careful since then, although I must admit a few times, in the middle of the night, I've dashed across the hall without any bottoms on, just to see if I could get away with it. One morning not long after, I woke up feeling a bit achy. Oh dear! I hope I haven't caught a cold. I started up the computer, and talked to my boss, but soon it was time to get ready for school. I heard Loretta call up the stairs that she and her kids were leaving, and then the house went quiet. I went down, and had some breakfast, but I still felt sleepy. I ended up heading back upstairs, and going back to bed. Oh well. I can always get the notes from my friend Asuna later. When I woke up again, it was almost noon. I peeled off my p.j.'s, and had a shower, happy to have the house to myself. I scampered back naked to my room, toweled off, and clipped on my good luck necklace. Whenever I wear this necklace, nothing bad ever happens to me. It's like magic. Looking in the mirror, I brushed down my pubic hair, still a little wet from the shower. I hadn't been out in the sun much, so my skin was quite pale. The only dark spots on my body were my pinkish red nipples and the shock of black pubic hair between my legs. I'd been swimming a lot, so I was in pretty good shape. I gave my breasts a little squeeze, but soon my hand drifted downward. My fingers dabbed at my hello kitty for a moment, but I felt a bit guilty for skipping off school to... what?... play with myself? I didn't want to get dressed though, so I picked up my teddy bear - Teddy I call him - and a soft white blanket off my bed. My boyfriend Ryosuke won Teddy for me at a carnival game. Teddy is soft and furry, and looks a bit like Winnie the Pooh. He doesn't wear a shirt though, and doesn't even seem to have a mouth. Maybe that's why he doesn't say much. He does keep me company though when no one else is around. I slid my feet into my fluffy white slippers, and then headed downstairs just like that, buck naked. As I neared the foot of the stairs, I hid my bush and breasts with the blanket as I peered out the front window trying to see if anyone was outside. I was really quite nervous, but the coast looked clear, so I tossed Teddy and the blanket down onto the couch, and scampered off to the kitchen to get something to eat. Coming back out to the living room, I set my plate down on the coffee table, spread the blanket out on the couch, and sat down next to Teddy. I turned on the TV. The two of us sat there - Teddy was naked too - flipping through the channels looking for something to watch. I finally found a movie with Chris Hemsworth. Ooo! He's kind of hunky. I settled back, and slowly nibbled away at the onigiri (rice ball) I'd made. Unbidden, my fingers wandered lower, and started dabbing around down there, flicking with this, playing with that, drawing little circles. It was a pleasant tingly feeling, getting me all excited. Soon, the phone rang. I peered out the front window, but seeing no one, I left the blanket where it was, and wandered over - naked - to answer the phone. "Hello." "Emi? Oh you're home! You didn't show up for class, so I wondered..." It was Satomi, my best friend. "Oh, right. I didn't feel well this morning, so I slept in." Standing here naked, I couldn't help but feel nervous. There didn't seem to be anyone outside, but I had the distinct feeling like I was being watched. God, I hope no one is there. "Is there anything you need?" Satomi asked. "I could drop by a bit later, and bring you some food." I pictured Satomi showing up, and me answering the door naked. "No, no, that's alright. I'm fine. I went shopping the other day, so I have food." It was nice to hear Satomi's voice, but I probably shouldn't stand in the window for long. Someone might walk by, and see me. "Oh, d'you know who I saw the other day?" Satomi interjected. "D'you remember that Craig guy from Asuna's place? I saw him downtown." I remembered him alright. He was a bit of a bad boy, but kind of attractive. "That's great, Satomi, but I'd better go...," "Oh, you poor dear. Are you sure you're OK?" "Yeah, yeah, I'm fine," I told her, but actually, I didn't feel fine. I felt embarrassed, turned on. What on earth is wrong with me today? Satomi eventually let me go. I hung up the phone, took another look outside, and then trudged back to the sofa. That was a bit silly, standing naked in the window like that. I'd better be more careful. I went back to watching TV. It was nice of Satomi to phone, but everything she said seemed to trigger off dirty thoughts. Why did she have to mention Craig? I'd been trying to forget him ever since our run-ins at Asuna's place. To go with the movie, I was watching, I went back to the kitchen and made some popcorn. I thought of fetching my apron, but then I'd miss watching Chris. Anyway, it was kind of fun cooking in the nude. Once the popcorn was ready, I took it back to the living room, and settled in to watch. My fingers were all buttery from the popcorn. I reached down, and smeared the butter on my you know what. Mmm. That feels nice. This is kind of fun. Unfortunately, before long, the phone rang again. Thinking it was Satomi, I jumped to my feet, and ran to get it. "Hello? Hello?" I couldn't hear anything, so at first, I thought it was a bad connection. Finally, someone spoke. "Good afternoon. Is Mrs. Hendrickson there?" "No, I'm afraid she's not in right now. Can I take a message?" I didn't clue in at first, but there was something strange about their voice, kind of high pitched, but not natural. "I'm calling on behalf of the Consumer Research Group. We're carrying out a little survey..." The voice sounded breathless, excited even. And how did they know Loretta's last name? Worried, I peered out the window. I still couldn't see anyone, but then why...? "Um, anyway, maybe you'd better phone back later." "Oh, no. That's alright. You can answer just as well, Miss...?" "No really. I don't think I could help. Call back after six." "Um, alright. Thanks for... uh... Thanks." That was strange too. What on earth were they thanking me for? I peered out the window some more, looking this way and that, but I still couldn't see anyone. I finally hung up, and went back to the sofa. I wonder what that was all about. "What's happening?" I asked Teddy, but he just stared at the TV, engrossed in the movie I guess. I wonder if Teddy gets these urges. I stuck my bare behind between his legs, seeing if I could get a reaction. His expression didn't change. Playing it cool, are we, Teddy? Soon, the phone rang again. My, I'm getting a lot of calls today. I let it ring a few times, but finally got up to get it. It was Yuuki, the girl who works at the mall. She'd heard from someone that I was home sick, and wanted to drop by to see how I was doing. "I'm fine. Don't worry. It's nothing," I told her. "I'm just getting off work. I'll come over, and visit." I tried to talk her out of it, but she insisted. I really hadn't planned on having any guests, but she's a fairly determined young girl. Anyway, she means well. I sat back down, wondering if I should go get dressed before she came. The mall was a bit of a ways from my house, but from the sound of her call, she was already on the bus. On the other hand, I kind of wanted to see the end of the movie. There was some kind of romance between Chris and Natalie Portman, and I wanted to see how it turned out. I sat poised on the edge of my seat waiting for the last scene. Then out the window, I caught a glimpse of Takuya's head bobbing along out front. Takuya is this tall funny boy, a comedian, who was staying in Satomi's dorm over the summer. Oh shoot! I didn't realize Yuuki was going to bring him too. I leapt to my feet intending to dash upstairs, but before I could, the doorbell rang. I drew back the curtain, and peeked out the window, and sure enough there was Yuuki on the porch with Takuya and his friend Hiro coming up the drive. Oh my god! Now what do I do? I hastily undid the lock, and opened the door just a crack. Peering out at Yuuki, I whispered, "Yuuki! I'm not decent. Can you just keep the boys downstairs for a minute while I go get dressed?" She blinked at me in surprise. Yuuki had heard stories - from Takuya and Hiro actually - that they had seen me naked once or twice. She peered in at me, confused, wondering I guess why I wasn't 'decent.' "Please Yuuki! I beg you," I pleaded. She didn't answer, and the boys were getting awfully close, so I finally just turned, and ran upstairs. Yuuki pushed the door open. She saw me for sure, but I don't think the boys did. I could hear them asking where I was. "Um, she went upstairs," Yuuki explained. "You guys wait down here. I'll go see what's going on." I stood there, listening at the door to my room, all excited now. Yuuki knocked, and pushed the door open, peering in at me. "What on earth are you doing?" she demanded. "I was just watching some TV." "No, I mean why are you naked?" "Shhh! Keep your voice down. They'll hear!" The whole house had gone strangely quiet. The boys must be straining to listen in on us. "Here, anyway, put some clothes on." "I didn't expect you to bring the boys. I haven't showered or anything." "Well, whatever you do, hurry up. Maybe I should go back down. They'll be wondering..." I was so nervous I wasn't thinking straight. I hadn't expected them to show up out of the blue like that. I grabbed my shower kit off the dresser, and scooted across to the bathroom. "What's going on?" I heard Takuya ask. "I don't know. She's up there naked for some reason," Yuuki told them truthfully. What did she go, and do that for? I thought she was going to cover for me. It was awfully quiet all of a sudden. I knew that the boys would come upstairs, so I dashed back to my room, and pulled the door shut. Soon, they were right there knocking. "Open up, Emi! Come out! Let us see!" I pressed my shoulder against the door, but I could feel them trying to push it open. "Yuuki! I told you not to tell them!" I yelled through the door. "Sorry," she giggled. "Come on, Emi. Open up!" Takuya demanded. "No way! Go back downstairs. I have to get ready." "I didn't get to see," Hiro whined. "Oh, come on, Emi! Give us a chance," Takuya called through the door. "Tell you what. Hiro and I will go back downstairs, but you come out as far as you dare, OK? We'll make it like a race." "What kind of a deal is that?" I sniffed. "Oh, come on, Emi. It'll be fun." I didn't know what to do. They were all excited now, and kept trying to pull open my door. I didn't think I could talk them into leaving. Finally, Yuuki spoke, "Emi, listen. I think I know a way this could work. I'll take them downstairs, and then call out when we're all in the living room." "Not you too, Yuuki," I exclaimed. "Don't worry. I'll make sure they don't cheat. I promise." I knew from the start that this was a bad idea, but f I'm going to be perfectly honest, I was kind of excited myself. I'd been playing with myself all morning, and it's not like you can just turn that off, you know? Against my better judgment, I finally gave in. "OK, but no peeking." I wasn't sure if I could go through with this, but at least, this bought me some time to think. "OK, I'm taking them downstairs now," Yuuki called out. I listened carefully trying to tell if they'd left. I could kind of hear them on the stairs. Soon, Yuuki called up. "OK. We're downstairs. You can come out now." I eased my grip on the door. They weren't pulling anymore, so I slowly opened it, and peeked out. Sure enough it looked like they'd all gone downstairs. Relieved, I slowly stepped out into the hall. It felt kind of crazy. Why on earth am I coming out here naked? "Where are you?" I asked. "I have them herded in here by the sofa," Yuuki assured me. "Come out to the top of the stairs!" Hiro shouted. He sounded so excited. "Yuuki?" I asked checking that it was safe. "Yeah, it's OK. I've got them." I slowly tiptoed over to the top of the stairs. I felt so excited, topsy-turvy, out of my head. "OK, I'm here," I called out. "Come down a few steps, so we can see you," Takuya suggested. I looked down at my naked body. I cupped my breasts, nearly creaming myself from the excitement. One step after another, I moved down the stairs. I couldn't see the boys, but I could hear them breathing. I wasn't sure how far I should go, but then Hiro suddenly called out, "Go!" They were bolting this way! I spun, and ran back up the stairs to my room. I slammed the door, breathing fast. "Hey, no fair! You ran back before we could see!" Takuya complained. "Ha ha ha. You'll never catch me!" I teased. I could hear them talking, and then Takuya suggested, "OK, how about this? We'll go out into the backyard. You come all the way down the stairs, and then we get Yuuki to tell us when to start." That made even less sense than their first suggestion. Why would I do something like that? Yuuki piped up again, "It'll be OK. I'll make sure they're outside before I call you." I glanced over at my reflection in the mirror. I looked so naked. This is crazy. "Alright!" I finally said. I knew I was taking a chance, but I kind of trusted Yuuki. I heard footfalls, a door shut, and then silence. Slowly, I tiptoed out peering down the stairs. "Yuuki, are you there?" It was awfully quiet. I slowly padded down the stairs. My heart had gone into overdrive, as I peered out the front window. It was one thing traipsing around naked this morning, but now I had guests. Maybe I should go back, and get dressed. "Yuuki?" I whispered, uncertainly. She came out of the kitchen laughing. "What?" "I locked them out." "You didn't!" "Yeah, I did. Come see." I cautiously scooted over to the kitchen, covering my backside with one hand, and opened the door. Sure enough, they were out on our back porch, trying to get in. "Come on, Yuuki. Let us in," I could hear Takuya saying through the glass. I couldn't help but laugh. It was pretty funny. "It serves you right!" I yelled at them, waving my fist. I was trying to stay hidden behind the door frame, but I leaned forward too far, letting them see my breasts. They were jumping up and down, yelling and screaming, all excited I guess to see me out here naked. Yuuki was killing herself laughing. "You should take off your clothes too," I teased. Yuuki glanced down at her clothes giggling, but before she could respond, we heard keys rattling. Oh god! What time is it? I leaned into the kitchen to look at the clock, and it was already near 4. It was probably Brandon or Jennifer back from school. Here I was stuck way out in the middle of the living room with nothing to cover up with. The front door opened, so I nipped into the stairwell that goes downstairs. I could hear whoever it was coming closer, so I went all the way down to the basement. I think Brandon must have seen me though. I heard footfalls on the stairs, and then he was there. I covered my pussy and breasts, but it was obvious I was naked. I could still hear Takuya and Hiro pounding on the back door dying to see what was happening. "Emi! What on earth...?" Brandon exclaimed. "Brandon. This isn't what it looks like," I insisted. I tried to stay covered, but it was kind of pointless. He'd caught me red-handed. Yuuki soon appeared behind him, trying to help I guess. "They just showed up out of the blue," I went on. "What time is it anyway? I have to go get dressed." Brandon wasn't about to let me off so easy though. He blocked my way, and nodded for me to show him my body. I tried to get around him, but he grabbed my wrist, making me show him my breasts. I was so embarrassed. He was nervous too though, so I finally managed to slip free, and scoot on up the stairs. He gawked at my bare behind, but what could I do? "Stay there!" I yelled back at him. I knew he probably wouldn't listen, but I had to do something. Yuuki backed up, leading the way. I paused for a moment at the entrance to the kitchen, wondering what to do about Takuya and Hiro. We couldn't very well play this game anymore with Brandon here, but the two of them were still expecting a race. Yuuki lifted her eyebrows, questioning what I wanted her to do. As if things weren't bad enough, I caught a glimpse of someone else outside on the street looking in. Shoot! Why is nothing ever simple? Covering my breasts and pussy again, I moved closer to the window, trying to see who was watching. It was Carter's father. They live just across the way, a few doors down, but he'd come all the way down the block trying to get a better look at me. Had he seen me earlier? Was he the one who'd phoned? Anyway, there was no time to worry about that now. I moved off to the side trying to hide behind our front door. Carter's dad doubled back though trying to keep me in his sights. He must be wondering what on earth I'm doing. He probably saw Takuya and Hiro, and then Brandon come in, but here I am still naked. Even I knew this made no sense. I had to tell Yuuki though what to do about Takuya and Hiro who were still locked outside our back door, pounding to be let in. She was back in the living room though, maybe trying to keep Brandon from coming out and chasing me. I turned my back to the window, and leaned out trying to call to Yuuki, but Carter's dad went bananas when he spotted my bare behind. He looked so excited. I finally told Yuuki, "Let's call off the race. There're too many people here watching." I pointed out Carter's dad, and she came over to take a look. He honestly was quite the sight. He kept gulping, licking his lips, stroking his chin, shaking his head no. All I had done was step out into the sun, letting him see my bottom, but he was treating it like some miracle, a gift from the gods on high. I was kind of glad he liked what he saw. Takuya and Brandon act so juvenile sometimes. They are good boys, but I wonder what it would be like to sleep with an older man. Maybe he'd take his time, savor things more. While I was doing all this daydreaming, Yuuki finally warned me to back away from the window. Carter's dad was clearly married, so I shouldn't be flashing him. I assured Yuuki that that wasn't my plan, and finally, ran upstairs to go have my shower, and get dressed. While I was in the shower, Jennifer came home. Yuuki introduced herself, and eventually, opened the door to let Takuya and Hiro back in. Once I'd dried off, and dressed, I came downstairs to survey the damage. Brandon was sulking offended somehow by how I'd treated him. Takuya and Hiro were disappointed that they only got to see me naked for a second or two. Jennifer couldn't figure out what had happened, and Yuuki was just smiling, happy to have learned more of my secrets. Eventually, Yuuki dragged Takuya and Hiro off, so we'd have some peace and quiet. Another kind of strange day. Emi Tsuruta