Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. My Neighbor's Pussy By Emi Tsuruta Note: this is one in a series of posts about my life. If you'd like to know more about my friends and me, drop by my home page at: It was August, and I was back in Japan to visit my family before school started again. Things in Japan hadn't changed much. My dad was still off at work most of the time, but my mom seemed glad to see me. She took me into town to go shopping for some new clothes. While we were there, we ran into our next door neighbor, Mrs. Tanaka and her son, Takuhiro. I knew my mom really liked Takuhiro, maybe even hoped I'd go out with him, but I swear all the years I'd known him, he'd barely said three words to me. This didn't seem to bother my mom who gleefully related how Takuhiro had got into a law program at a university in Tokyo, as if that would impress me. Takuhiro stood there quiet as ever, only briefly looking up at me, before turning away. Oh god! I hope my mom hasn't said anything to him about me. For ages, she'd been scheming to pry me away from my boyfriend in the States, Ryosuke, and get me to go out with a more 'serious' guy. Anyway, soon enough we were on our way. Takuhiro smiled at me as we walked away. He seemed nice enough I guess - a bit shy, but in any case, I had no intention of breaking up with Ryosuke just because my mom wanted me to. I knew we might break up some day, but that was for us to decide not her. One night, I went to a dance club in Tokyo with some friends. I ended up catching what was probably the last train back to Kamakura, and then walked home from the station. My parents must have gone to bed because, when I came inside, all the lights were out. It was a bit hot, so I opened the back door that leads out from the kitchen. That door faces a concrete wall, but up above, I could see the window of Takuhiro's room. I went into the bath, and stripped out of my clothes to have a shower. The warm water felt so good on my bare skin. I lathered up my body, gently squeezing my breasts, and running my hand down between my legs. I may have got a bit excited. When I was done showering, I toweled off, but suddenly, heard this meowing sound. I tiptoed out to the kitchen, and there on the floor was a plush furry white cat. I'd forgotten all about her, but it must be Momo, the Tanakas' pet from next door. I vaguely remembered her from when I lived here, but how did she get over the wall into our yard? I kneeled down, and picked her up. She purred as I petted her. There's a good girl. But we'd better get you back to your owners. I walked over toward the open door, but suddenly remembered I was naked from the shower. I peered out the door up at Takuhiro's window. His curtains were fluttering in the breeze, but his lights were out. He must be asleep. Standing here naked was getting me excited though. I hesitated for a moment, and then slowly inched toward the door, my heart beating away pitter-pat in my chest. Eyes fixed on Takuhiro's window, I stepped outside, sliding my feet into the garden slippers on the step. I felt so naughty. All the houses were dark, but even so, I was taking a terrible chance coming out here naked. I scurried over to the wall, and lifted Momo up easing her down onto this tool shed on the other side. She leapt down and out of sight, home at last. I brushed my hands together, proud of myself for returning her. I stood there in the moonlight for a moment savoring the feeling of the cool breeze on my bare skin. I don't know why, but I've always enjoyed being naked outside. Still, I had to get back in, before someone sees me. I clip-clopped back to the door, kicked off my shoes, and went back inside. That was fun, but I really shouldn't tempt fate that way. Luckily, it looked like no one had seen me. Anyway, I soon pulled on my nightie, and went to bed. A day or two later, I bumped into Takuhiro again in town. He kind of froze up when he saw me, mumbled a greeting, and quickly stalked off. Could he be angry at me for something? Then again, that's probably just the way he always acts. Anyway, I went on my way, moving on to other things. Then, a few days after that, I got up kind of late, and went down to have a shower. I stood under the warm water, slowly waking up when I heard the meowing again. "Mom!" I called out. "Can you get that? It must be Momo." There was no answer. My dad had gone to work early, and I guess my mom must have gone out shopping. It sounded like Momo had made it into our kitchen again. I quickly wiped the soap out of my eyes, and came out to find her pawing at the cupboard door under the sink. I guess she thought there was food in there. I wiped the water off my hands, and carefully picked her up. "That's a naughty girl. You can't keep coming over here like this. There's plenty of food at your house," I scolded. Someone had left the back door open again (Me?). I cautiously tiptoed over that way, conscious of my nudity. I gazed up at Takuhiro's window, but all seemed quiet. I had to return Momo to her own yard, but this time it was broad daylight out. I hesitated in the doorway for the longest time, trying to decide what to do. I guess I really should have gone back, and got a bath robe at least, but I was getting excited again. The warm summer sun was beckoning me. I gathered up my nerve, and slid my feet down into the garden slippers, shivering a bit as the breeze nipped at my wet skin. I quickly dashed over to the wall, and lifted Momo up and over onto the shed again. My whole body was tingling. It was then that I heard a faint rustling sound, like shoes on grass, coming from the other side of the wall. I froze. Was someone over there? I peered into the gaps in the concrete wall, checking this way and that looking to see if someone was there. Whoever it was, they were being awfully quiet. It couldn't be Mrs. Tanaka. If someone was there, it had to be Takuhiro. Worried now, I padded back to the door, but paused there to take one last look into their yard. If Takuhiro was there, that would be embarrassing letting him see me naked like this. At the house across the street too, there were signs of movement, so I quickly hopped back inside, and shut the door. My heart was pounding. I have to stop doing things like this. My mom wouldn't like it if she knew I was gallivanting around outside naked. On Sunday, I slept in. When I finally got up, and went downstairs, my dad was at the front door talking to a young man in a suit. He glanced at me briefly as I walked by in my short nightie. I felt a twinge of embarrassment because I wasn't wearing any undies, but he only saw me for a second, so I don't think he realized. "Who's that?" I asked my mom who was laying out breakfast on the dining room table. "A car salesman. Your father is thinking about buying a new car." I picked up a piece of toast, and pricked up my ears trying to hear what they were saying. My dad was trying so hard to get the guy to come down on the price. When it comes right down to it though, my dad is too much of a softie. They dickered back and forth, but the sales guy kept trying to talk my dad into ordering all these extras instead. My mom just sat there with a strained smile on her face, but I was wondering if there was some way I could help my dad out. Still munching on my piece of toast, I headed into the bath room to have a shower. Now where did I leave my shower kit? I opened the door to the hall, and looked out at the two of them. My backpack was on the floor just behind my dad. "Um, Dad?" I called out, hoping he could bring it over. He wasn't listening. "Dad?" I called out slightly louder. He didn't even hear me. I wonder if I should go out there myself. I looked down at my nightie. It was almost long enough to cover my pussy when I fluffed down the hem. They seemed focused on their negotiation, so they weren't really paying attention to me. As quietly as I could, I tiptoed out into the hall, and over to where my bag was. Holding the hem of my nightie in place with one hand, I leaned forward, and picked up my bag. I gave the salesman an embarrassed smile, but he just ignored me. A bit offended, I turned, and stalked off back toward the bath. It was only then that he finally reacted, his eyes shooting down to the cheeks of my bare behind. I closed the door behind me, breathing heavier, all excited now. It took me a while to calm down, but it sounded like my little stunt had thrown him off his stride. My dad was still pressing for a lower price, but the salesman had gone quiet all of a sudden. I stripped off my nightie, and got into the shower. I turned the water on fairly cool, and slowly I started to calm back down. Soon though I heard the meowing again. This was all very strange you know. Somehow Momo always seem to pop up whenever I was in the shower. I called for my mom, but apparently she'd gone upstairs. Wiping the water from my eyes, I came out to the kitchen to find Momo pawing at the cupboard again. I picked her up, and brought her back to the bath wondering what to do. The house was all quiet by then. Maybe the salesman had given up, and left. I opened the door just to see what was happening, but Momo managed to slip free from my grasp, and dash for the front door. Almost without thinking, I ran out - still naked - into the hall after her, only to find the salesman standing right there. I was so embarrassed. I really hadn't intended to flash him, but here I was standing stark naked dripping wet as he looked on stunned. I covered my mouth, so surprised. "Oh, sorry," I blushed. "I didn't realize you were still here." He looked shocked. I pointed to the cat who had scurried past him and out the door. "Momo. Momo! Come back!" I called out after her. I was worried that she'd run out onto the street. "Oh no! Sir, could you grab her before she runs out onto the street?" I pleaded. "She's the neighbor's cat." He briefly glanced toward the street, but seemed far more interested in my wet breasts and bush. I was more worried about Momo, so I just stood there glaring at him to go after her. Eventually, my words sank in, and he scooted down the stairs after Momo. If I had any sense, I should have gone, and got a robe to cover up, but worried about Momo, I came out to the door to see if he caught her. In my excitement, I came right out onto the front step shielding my eyes from the sun. The salesman almost had Momo, but then she darted away. I glanced up at Takuhiro's window, wondering if he was watching. I have to admit it was an amazing feeling standing out in front of my house naked. I think that was like the first time I had the nerve to do this. The sun felt glorious on my naked skin. If only my boyfriend Ryosuke could have seen me. He would have loved it. Soon, though I heard my dad coming. "Put her in their yard," I told the salesman, and then dashed back to the bath. And not a moment too soon! My dad came bounding down the steps just narrowly missing me, as I shut the door to the bathroom. Phew! That was close! Eventually, I managed to calm down enough to listen in on their conversation again. Now that the salesman had seen me, his attitude changed completely. He agreed to give my dad a discount, and even offered to bring the car by, once it was ready. After he left, my dad seemed pretty proud of himself for negotiating the salesman down. If only he knew the truth. The next day, my dad left to go to work. Almost the moment I got into the shower, I heard Momo's meowing again. The day before with all the excitement of the salesman being there, there wasn't time, but now I was beginning to think that Takuhiro was deliberately letting Momo free into our yard whenever he heard me head into the shower. Maybe that first night was an accident, but he must have seen me come out naked into our yard. I should have known something was up when I heard that noise. Oh lord, I hope he didn't see me standing naked on our front porch yesterday! That would be so embarrassing! Anyway, I slipped out to the kitchen, peering out for any sign of Takuhiro, and then quietly shut the door, locking Momo in. It's time to test my theory. I finished off my shower, got dressed, and then played with Momo in the TV room. The longest time went by, but no knock called or knocked on our door. I finally got fed up waiting, and took Momo next door. Takuhiro's mom answered the door, but I could see Takuhiro up at the top of the stairs peeking down. I gave Momo back, and explained how she kept getting into our yard. Mrs. Tanaka apologized, saying she'd try to be more careful. Takuhiro had a slightly guilty look on his face, but I still wasn't sure. Later that week, we got some bad news. The salesman had phoned, and was trying to go back on the discount. Apparently, his boss had objected. I was a bit upset. Here I'd gone, and showed the salesman my body, and now he's trying to wriggle out. Feeling invested now, I offered to go with my dad to the car dealership. That night, we were supposed to go to sushi with my sister Norika and her British boyfriend Evan, so I got all dressed up. I don't know what I was intending to do at the car dealer's, but just in case, I pulled on a frilly white shoulder-less blouse and a green mini-dress, no bra. Maybe I could try my charms on the manager. When we got to the car place, my dad explained what had happened, and the manager invited us into his office. The manager was much more guarded than the young salesman. He focused on my father, barely looking at me. I leaned forward onto his desk, trying to give him a peek at my cleavage, but Dad just told me to sit up straight. The negotiation was not going well. I excused myself, and went into the hall, trying to think what to do. I ran into the young salesman. He seemed genuinely apologetic for having gone back on our 'deal.' Not that I'd actually negotiated anything with him, but I guess he had understood it like that. He explained that his boss was a real cheapskate, and kept assuring me that if things were up to him, it would be different. I told him it was alright, and then asked where the washroom was. He pointed it out, and I went in to check my hair and make-up, and think what to do. One bright spot was that the salesman didn't seem to think me strange for having flashed him like that. Maybe his boss would be open to the same kind of 'negotiation.' Looking in the mirror, I lifted up my skirt to look at my panties. Dare I go commando? That might be a bit much, but maybe it was worth a try. He'd barely given me a second look earlier, but that would certainly get his attention. Quickly, before I lost my nerve, I peeled off my panties, stuck them in my purse, and headed back to his office. Dad look dejected, almost ready to give up. I sat down on the chair, wondering how to do this. My dad kept looking over at me, for moral support, while the manager refused to even glance this way. It was almost like he had figured out why his salesman had gone easy on us, and was determined not to be taken in by my charms. Soon though, it was getting late, and we had to go to supper. The manager made one last push, but Dad refused, and we headed out. Dad looked so disappointed. When we got home, my mom was there all ready to go with Norika and Evan. My mom went in our old car with my dad, while I got in the back of Evan's spanking new SUV. It was only after I sat down that I remembered that I didn't have my panties on. I became quite worried, smoothing out my skirt, hoping that Evan wouldn't notice. Trying to focus, I listened to Norika and Evan. They were more worried about Evan making a good impression on my parents. Neither of them had seemed too keen when Norika announced she was dating a British guy. My family lived abroad for a long time, but I guess my parents hope Norika and I will marry Japanese guys. In the sushi restaurant, we got a booth, and I slid in first, Norika next with Evan on the other side. I was still a bit worried about the breezy feeling between my legs. "Here, can I get out?" I asked. "I want to go wash my hands." Norika got out, but Evan just swang his legs out of the way to let me pass. I tried not to brush against him as I squeezed by, but I suddenly realized I'd forgotten my purse. I leaned over to grab it, giving Evan a little peek at my bare booty in the process. In the washrooms, Norika started lecturing me. "Cut that out, will you?" "What? I didn't do anything." "Teasing him like that. Sticking your fat ass in his face." "My ass isn't fat," I protested, examining it in the mirror. I was actually in pretty good shape from all the swimming I'd been doing lately. Norika, on the other hand, had put on a bit of weight since last I saw her. She still wasn't fat by any stretch, but anyway, the whole situation was making her testy. I had originally intended to pull my panties back on, but after Norika's crack, I decided not to. I followed Norika back out to our table. As I squeezed by Evan, I slipped, and fell back landing on his lap. As I struggled to get up, Evan was trying his best to be a gentleman, but I was pretty sure I could feel something poking me from below. My mom shot me such a look, but I just shrugged. During supper, we talked in English, my dad asking Evan about his future plans and all. I don't know why they had to be so hard on Evan. He seemed like a nice enough guy. Anyway, the evening went slowly, but we made it through. In the SUV on the way back, Norika wanted to get something at the convenience store, so we stopped. Evan and I waited in the car while she went in. I was kind of nervous about being alone with him. He looked nervous too. "Don't worry about my parents," I reassured him. "I'm sure they like you." He turned, and looked back at me. "You seem a bit on edge yourself. Is anything wrong?" I turned away pretending to look for my bag, but actually trying to hide my face in my hair, so he wouldn't noticed I'm blushing. "Norika said I have a fat ass," I let slip. He dropped his gaze to my hips making me even more nervous. "Oh," Evan murmured. I finally spotted my bag on the seat behind me. I undid my seatbelt, and then got up on my knees, so I could reach back for my bag. I kind of knew that this would pull the hem of my dress up, but I was kind of excited, and wanted to see how he'd react. In the dim light, Evan peered down at the firm round cheeks of my bare bottom. "What do you think?" I asked, trying to act normal. Evan was at a loss for words. He kept glancing over at the convenience store, worried that Norika might come back. I was worried too, but wanted to hear what he thought. He wasn't saying anything, so I leaned forward more, and stuck my bottom out, so he could see it more clearly. He seemed kind of scandalized by my forwardness, and was having trouble getting anything out. "I... uh...," he started. I don't think I'd ever seen him so flustered. He kept looking for Norika. There was no sign of her, but I soon realized that people in the store or driving by might see my behind. I finally grabbed my purse, and sat back down, cupping my pubic hair with my hand, still waiting for Evan to answer. Before he could say anything though, Norika came back. I fluffed my skirt back down, and tried to act as if nothing had happened. Evan turned back to the steering wheel, still reeling a bit. I felt guilty for teasing him like that, but I didn't really understand why he had to get so freaked out about it. It wasn't that big a deal I thought. Norika continued to talk, but Evan didn't say much the rest of the way home. I guess he didn't know quite what to make of me. I didn't really mean anything by it. It was all spur of the moment, just me getting carried away. Finally, it came to the day when I had to leave, fly back to the California to continue my studies. This trip had been fun. I'd gotten to let loose a little, do things I don't normally do. My flight wasn't until 2, but it was a long train ride to the airport, so I got up early, packed, and had a shower. Just as I got out, the doorbell rang. "Mom!" I called out. "That's probably Takuhiro. I told him you would be leaving today." I can't believe my mom sometimes, always interfering. Of course she didn't know I suspected him of being a peeping tom, but even so, I didn't have time for this now. He kept ringing the bell though, and it sounded like my mom was waiting for me to get it. All I'd brought down with me was a Mickey Mouse t-shirt, so I pulled it on, and went to the door intending to shoo him away. "Emi!" he smiled. "I just wanted to say goodbye. Could you give me your address in the States, so I can write?" I hadn't really expected him to turn so friendly all of a sudden. He held out a pen and his address book for me to write in. Holding the front of my t-shirt down over my pussy, I soon realized I should have gone upstairs, and got some bottoms before answering the door. Fingering my buttocks cheeks with my free hand only confirmed my worst fears - the t-shirt was way too short. I stood there, torn, not wanting to show him my bare bottom, but not wanting to seem rude either. "Isn't that nice of Takuhiro to drop by?" my mom purred coming out to the front entrance. Spooked, I twirled to face her, desperately pushing my hem down trying to keep my pussy covered. Takuhiro peered down, eyes wide, at my bare behind. I nudged him, not to tell, but I was getting all excited again. My mom crouched down to straighten our shoes, forcing me to back up right into Takuhiro! He put his hand on my waist to steady me. His hard-on had grown so large that I could feel his manhood brushing against me. My mom looked like she wanted to invite him in. I panicked, and let go of the hem, motioning for him to give me his address book, so I could get this over with. I turned, and opened the book steadying it on the door frame, praying that my mom wouldn't notice how short my t-shirt was. Unfortunately, when I raised my arms to write, that pulled the hem up even more. Takuhiro's eyes bugged way out, and soon my mom looked down to finally notice my bare behind. "Oh, Emi, what are you doing? Where are your bottoms, girl?" I ignored her, and frantically started writing my address into his book. A car drove by on the street outside, getting me even more excited. I was seriously starting to lose it. "Emi! Come back inside, this instant!" my mom shrieked overreacting as usual. I'd been so afraid of my mom finding out, but now that she had, I felt freed somehow. I ignored her, continuing to scribble in the book. Takuhiro was open mouthed, amazed that I was flashing him with my mom looking on. Just as I finished writing, my mom grabbed me by the arm, and pulled me back inside. I struggled free from her grip, and handed Takuhiro his pen and book. He took them from me staring down intently at my pussy now. "It's OK, mom. It's no big deal. Tak has seen me naked before, haven't you?" Now it was Tak's turn to blush. Mom look more scandalized than ever. I was kind of enjoying all this, but unfortunately, I didn't have time to fool around. I had a plane to catch. I waved goodbye to Tak, ran upstairs, and dove into my bed. I was so horny I wanted to... well, you know... but I didn't have time. I ended up getting dressed. Mom came up, and asked me how Tak saw me naked, but I didn't have time to tell her the whole story. My mom was in a tizzy about what a bad girl I was, but I gave her a kiss (another no-no apparently), and ran off to catch the bus to the station. Later, I had to phone my mom, and tell it was all an accident, but she must have been in a royal snit for quite some time. One good thing was when my mom's sister, Aunt Sachi, heard what I'd done, she just laughed, and laughed. It was hard for my mom to stay angry when everyone else seems to think it's no big deal. Anyway, more later. Take care, Emi Tsuruta