Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Workmen around the House By Emi Tsuruta Note: this is one in a series of posts about my life. If you'd like to know more about me and my friends and what we've been doing, please drop by my home page at: One day the summer before last, my host mom Loretta told me that she was hiring some workmen to do work on her house. "There are a whole bunch of things that need fixing: the eaves troughs, the roof, the windows," she told me. I guess I don't pay attention to that sort of thing, so I hadn't really noticed at all. A lot of the other houses on our block were done up nice though, so I guess she felt like she has to do her part. I thought their house looked good especially considering there was no man around to help. "The workmen are supposed to come on Thursday," she told me. "But I'm going to be out at work all day, and the kids will be off at camp. Do you think you could hang around, and keep an eye on them?" "Um, yeah, I guess," I answered. "Could I invite Satomi over? I'd rather not be here alone." Satomi is one of my classmates at Oceanview U. and my best friend. "Yes, of course. Thanks, Emi. That's great." I went up to my room, and gave Satomi a call, but it turned out she was studying for some test. I shut the door to my room, and called my boyfriend Ryosuke next. I wasn't sure how Loretta would feel about my having Ryosuke over, but anyway, with the rest of them all out of the house, this would be a chance for the two of us to be alone together. With Ryosuke and I both working summer jobs, we hadn't had time to see each other, but luckily, he said he could get the day off on Thursday. I told him I'd give him a call as soon as Loretta and the kids left. I told Loretta that Satomi couldn't come, but another 'friend' could, and she said that would be fine. Early Thursday morning, Loretta and her kids headed out, and I called up Ryosuke. He was just getting up, so he said he'd give me a call later when he was heading out. I was a bit disappointed because I kind of wanted to spend the whole day with him. I went back up to my room, but before too long though, I heard someone knocking. At first, I thought it might be Ryosuke, but when I went downstairs to check, I saw a man at the door. I hadn't expected them to come so quick, so I was still in the track pants and t-shirt I'd slept in. I wasn't wearing a bra, but anyway, I cautiously opened the door. "Is this the place that called about the windows?" the man asked. He had a bit of a European accent. He looked a bit scruffy in his work clothes, but he gave me a big smile. "Yes, it is. Oh just a sec. I think I have a piece of paper here with what Loretta wants you to do." "I've got the same thing here - fix up the eaves troughs and the tiling on the roof, and paint all the window frames. That's my partner Andreas, and I'm Paul." He put out his hand, and I shook it. He had a very strong grip, but his hands were a bit worn. It looked like he worked really hard. "I'm Emi." "Nice to meet you. Is this your house? Nice place," he grinned. "Uh no," I laughed. "I'm just staying here. Loretta is the owner. She'll be back later." "I was going to say. It's an awfully big house for such a pretty young girl." I smiled. For an older man, he was quite a charmer. "Is there anywhere you want us to start?" "Oh, I don't know. Start wherever you like I guess." Andreas was a slightly younger man, and apparently keen on getting started. He was trying to pull this long ladder off the truck, so Paul excused himself, and rushed down to help him. They spoke to each other in some European language. Curious, I walked down to the back of the truck. "What language is that you're speaking?" I asked. "Hungarian. Andreas has only been here a few years, but I've been back and forth. I was born here in California." "I moved around a lot when I was a kid too," I told him. "Where are you from?" "Japan." "Oh, that's a country I've never been to." "Do you travel?" I asked. "I like to. I worked my way around Europe and all across the U.S. My wife and my daughter are in New York, so I'm saving up to go there." "Your wife?" "We're divorced. Still I'd like to see them." Paul loved to talk, and he seemed like a nice guy. Andreas though seemed anxious to get to work, so I let them go, and went back inside. I decided I'd better have a shower, and get ready for Ryosuke. I went upstairs, but I could hear them fiddling with the ladder outside my bedroom window. I closed my drapes, so they wouldn't be able to see in, but I still felt a bit nervous. The window was open, so every once in a while, the curtain would blow up from the breeze. I watched the window for a while, and then decided to take the chance, and strip out of my clothes. I went across to the washroom, and was just about to get in the shower when my cell phone rang. I scurried back to my room, and answered it. It was Ryosuke. He seems to have this knack for calling me when I'm naked. "I'm leaving now," he told me. "OK, see you soon. *kiss*" I had a shower, toweled off, and padded naked back to my room. Outside the window, I could hear these scraping noises, Paul and Andreas working I guess. I quickly pulled on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, and went downstairs. Before long, Ryosuke showed up. I told him about Paul and Andreas and how friendly they seemed. I led him outside to show him. Paul was up on the ladder scraping the old paint off the window frames, and Andreas seemed to be mixing some paint. Anyway, Ryosuke and I went back inside and up to my room. It was a bit dark because I had the curtains closed, but we could hear Paul working right outside my window. I went to turn on the lights, but Ryosuke put his hand on mine, and motioned for me to be quiet. "What?" I whispered. "No, it's just you. You look so cute like that." I looked into his eyes, and then laughed. He doesn't usually compliment me so much. He pulled me over to sit next to him on the edge of the bed. We kept really quiet, and then Ryosuke leaned over to kiss me. Suddenly, I heard this bump from outside, and I jumped up all scared. We looked over at the curtains, but they were still closed, so I don't think Paul saw us. It was kind of nerve-wracking though, being kissed by Ryosuke with Paul just outside my window. Ryosuke motioned for me to lie down on the bed, and he lay down next to me, and kissed me some more. I kept glancing over at the window, but the curtain was still closed. I kind of jumped though when Ryosuke slid his hand up my t-shirt, and cupped my bare breast. "Kyaa!" I squealed. "No bra?" Ryosuke exclaimed, surprised. "You were outside talking to Paul without a bra?" "Shhh!" I shushed him. "No wonder he was so friendly." Ryosuke kept playing with my breasts getting me all excited. Soon, he slid his hand down the front of my shorts. "No panties either!" he teased. I held his wrist worried about Paul. Then we heard this sliding noise and Paul's voice. He was saying something to Andreas in Hungarian, and then I heard my name "Emi." I motioned for Ryosuke to let go, and I sat up. "Paul? ... What is it?" I asked, my voice wavering. "Oh, Emi, are you there? I can't seem to get the window closed." Ryosuke got up, and helped him close it. Ryosuke left the curtain half open, and came back. He tried to give me a hug, but I picked up my pillow, and slung it at him. Ryosuke blocked the pillow with his arm, and then peered over at the window checking to see if Paul had noticed. "What's wrong?" Ryosuke asked. "I don't know. He's right outside, you know." Ryosuke came over, tousled my hair, and gave me another kiss. "Getting timid all of a sudden, are you?" he joked. I looked at him, but couldn't help but laugh. We'd done so many crazy things since we started dating. It was not like this was anything new. Still, I felt way too anxious to kiss anymore, especially with the curtain open. He finally picked up his backpack, and pulled out a camera. "Here, let me take your picture then," he smiled. I glowered at him, suspicious. I didn't know exactly what he had in mind, but I could kind of guess. I stood up though, and posed. He took a few shots of me with Paul in the background. "Take off your clothes," Ryosuke said. "What?" I'd heard him, but couldn't believe he was serious. "Get undressed." "What? Here? Now?" He nodded. I felt incredibly silly. How could he expect me to strip with Paul at the window? "He's right there," I said. "He can't see you. He's concentrating on his work." I took a peek out the window. I couldn't see Paul's face, but I could see his shoulder and arm and the towel he had around his neck. I signaled to Ryosuke that I didn't want to do it, but he kept urging me to try. I stroked my chin trying to think what to do. I felt so nervous. I didn't want to take the chance, but Ryosuke was getting all excited at the idea. He really loves this kind of thing, you know. I moved away from the window, but Ryosuke motioned for me to come back, and stand closer to where the drapes were open. I bit my lip trying to get my nerve up. I could still see Paul just outside the window. I turned my back to Ryosuke, but glanced back at him over my shoulder looking for support. Oh god. I don't know why I let him talk me into these things. I slid my shorts down until they were hanging around my thighs, exposing my bare bottom. Ryosuke started taking pictures. I leaned forward, giving him a sexy pose. I glanced back towards the window, but Paul still seemed to be working away. I was pretty sure he couldn't see me. I pulled down my shorts all the way, and stepped out of them, feeling more excited than ever. I reached around, and felt my bare backside, sending shivers up my spine. I was naked all right. I turned, and flashed Ryosuke my pussy, and he just kept smiling. He looked so pleased. I was shaking so much that I had to be careful not to fall over. I was so excited. Savoring the feeling, I pulled my arms into my t-shirt, and pushed it off over my head. I was so proud of myself for stripping naked. I did a little pirouette. I was too nervous though, so I went to pull my shirt back on, but Ryosuke came over, and took it from me. "Come on. Let's go downstairs," he said. "What?" "Come on. Let's go," he called back. "I can't get out," I told him. If I crawled over the bed, Paul would see me for sure. "Here, quick like a bunny. He's not looking anyway." I cautiously peeked around the edge of the curtain, and sure enough Paul had turned, and was saying something to Andreas. I quickly jumped up on top of the bed, and crawled across on all fours. I was so embarrassed. If Paul had seen me, he would have flipped for sure. I stood up, and dashed for the door, but Ryosuke stepped in front of me, and held me there. "What are you doing? He'll see." I tried to get Ryosuke to let go. At the last possible second, he let me pass. Once we were out in the hall, I slapped Ryosuke on the shoulder. "Don't do things like that!" "You love it." "Anyway, I can't go downstairs naked." Ryosuke was still holding my t-shirt, so I grabbed it from him. "Hey!" he protested. He went, and got a towel out of my drawer, and threw it to me. I wrapped the towel around me, but held onto the t-shirt just in case. "You've got such a beautiful body. You shouldn't be so shy. I'm sure Paul would get a big kick out of seeing you." I tried to look angry, but to tell the truth, it was an intriguing idea. I followed Ryosuke downstairs, and got a little thrill as I scooted past the front window into the kitchen. Ryosuke opened the back door, and went outside. At first I wondered what he was up to, but then he started taking pictures of Paul and Andreas working on the back of the house. I hid in the kitchen, but Ryosuke kept gesturing for me to come to the door. I couldn't see Andreas through the back window. Apparently, he had gone around to the truck to get something. Paul was squatting down on the deck with his back to me fooling with a paint roller. I peeked my head out the door, and Ryosuke smiled. He kept gesturing for me to open the back door. My heart was pounding away, but I quietly opened the door. Paul was focused on his roller, so he didn't even look back. I turned, and let the towel fall open at the back so Ryosuke could take a picture of my bare bottom. I felt so incredibly naughty. I thought I could hear Andreas coming back, so I came back inside, and closed the door. I don't think either of them saw me. Ryosuke hovered around outside for a while trying to convince me to come back out, but I felt way too nervous. I finally pulled the t-shirt on over my head, and took off the towel. I tugged the t-shirt down, but no matter how I pulled it wasn't quite long enough to cover my bare behind. Eventually, Ryosuke came back inside. We sat there for a while wondering what to do. Soon though, they finished working on the back of the house, and disappeared off to the side. I could relax a little. It was all pretty exciting, but it was hard on my nerves taking chances like this. Ryosuke wasn't satisfied though. He took my hand, and led me to the front door to see where they had gone. He nipped outside, but they were apparently working on the windows at the side. He beckoned for me to come out. "Have you checked the mail? There might be something important." I pushed my t-shirt down to cover my pussy, and peeked out at the houses across the street. It was a bright sunny day out, but I couldn't see our neighbors. I guess it was a weekday, so they were all off at work or camp or somewhere. "Come on. Hurry up," Ryosuke waved for me to come out. In my bare feet, I slowly stepped out onto the porch. I was so embarrassed I turned my back to Ryosuke and the street, but I could feel the breeze licking at my pussy. My face flushed hot, as I opened the mail box, and looked in, acutely aware that you could see my bare bottom. There wasn't any mail there, but Ryosuke motioned for me to stay there to pose for a few photographs. I felt too exposed though, so I squatted down. My stretchy t-shirt had sprung way up around my waist, so my round backside was completely uncovered. "Here stand up," Ryosuke told me. "And spread your legs." My heart was pounding like anything in my chest, but I did as he said. "Bend over." I don't know why he always insists I do these incredibly embarrassing things, but I did what he wanted. I felt so naughty flashing my pussy at practically the whole street. My mouth all dry, I looked up fearfully at Ryosuke as he rushed past me inside the house. He told me to hold that pose while he snapped off a few more quick shots from inside the door. I felt so embarrassed standing there with my bare bottom stuck way up in the air, but he finally gave me the OK sign to come back in. I rushed back inside, and shut the door. I was just about ready to call it a day, but Ryosuke wanted to keep going. He led me to the back door, and then pulled me outside onto the back deck. There was no sign of my neighbors, but we could hear Paul and Andreas banging away just around the corner. "Here, spread out your towel, and lie down. I'll rub some sun block on your legs." I looked at him nervously, but finally did as he asked. More than my legs, he seemed interested in rubbing the sun block into my rear end. I had to get him to stop though. I was getting so excited I was having trouble keeping from giggling. I turned over for Ryosuke to snap some pictures of my pussy, but soon, I heard Paul calling us. I quickly rolled over face down, as Paul came around the corner. The deck where I was lying is raised a bit, and Paul was standing down on the grass, so I kind of hoped he couldn't tell I was naked. I got up on my elbows, and covered my face with the corner of my towel trying to hide how excited I was getting. His eyes drifted from my face, down my back, and fixed on my rear end. He didn't seem shocked. Ryosuke was behind me snapping shot after shot of the two of us obviously very excited by the situation. "Um, what do you want us to do with the leaves from the eaves troughs?" he asked, looking a bit puzzled. I was worried, but if he really could see my behind, wouldn't he be freaking out by now? "Um... I don't know. Maybe you could just put them in the recycle bin." Paul just stood there, peering down at me, and then over at Ryosuke. My pussy was tingling like crazy, but I tried to act calm. Eventually, Paul nodded, and went back around the side. I finally looked to see what he had been staring at. My t-shirt was way up around my waist, so he must have got a good look at my well-oiled behind. Ryosuke came over, patted me on my bottom, and gave me a big hug. "That was amazing! I can't believe you did that!" I felt kind of confused actually, excited and trembling. I'm not so used to flashing people blatantly like this. Before I could do anything though, Paul came back with another question. "There's a small green bin. Maybe that's the one for organic stuff," he told me, a faint smile on his lips. I think he could tell I was naked, but he kept his distance perhaps not sure why I was doing this with them right there. "Yeah, that's fine. Use that one," I told him, more and more nervous now. Paul looked like he had something else he wanted to say, but it was almost like he didn't want to disturb us. He wandered off back around the corner. Ryosuke told me to roll over, so he could take some pictures of my pussy, so I did. The sun was so bright though that I had to shield my eyes. Before we knew it, Paul was back, but seemed surprised to see my pussy now. There was another moment of tension, but soon he disappeared off back around the corner. It was hard to tell what he was thinking. Was he confused? Shocked? Embarrassed? Excited? I was pretty confused myself. I wondered if we were going too far, teasing poor Paul like this. I kept worrying that he might tell Loretta, or try to take advantage in some way. Then again he didn't seem like someone who would do that. Just to be on the safe side, I finally managed to talk Ryosuke into coming back inside. I started fixing him a sandwich, but he kept coming over to play with my behind. I finally led him upstairs to my bedroom for a bit more privacy. We nibbled on the sandwiches, but pretty soon one thing led to another, and Ryosuke had peeled my t-shirt off, and was getting undressed himself. That would have been alright except that soon we heard Andreas and Paul knocking at the back door. I motioned for Ryosuke to go down, and get it, but both Ryosuke and I were naked by then, and he didn't seem in any rush to get up. I pulled on my t-shirt and shorts, and quickly ran downstairs to see what they wanted. "Can he use the bathroom?" Paul asked pointing at Andreas. "Um, yeah, sure." I must have been blushing like crazy. My whole face felt hot. I directed Andreas downstairs, and then waited there for him to go back out. Ryosuke came down the stairs dressed, looking a bit sheepish. Paul and Andreas kept coming back to bother us for this or that, so we eventually had to give up on making love. It was a weird atmosphere because probably Paul had realized what we were up to. Maybe that's why he kept bothering us. Soon though it was getting time for Loretta to come back, so I convinced Ryosuke that he'd better go. Paul noticed that Ryosuke had disappeared before Loretta came back, but luckily, he didn't say anything to her. He did give me a big smile when he left though. It had been a strange (but exciting) afternoon. Emi Tsuruta