Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. A Room with a View By Emi Tsuruta Note: this is one in a series of posts about my life. If you'd like to know more about my friends and me, drop by my home page at: A while back, my boyfriend Ryosuke had talked his boss Mr. Ueda into letting us use his condo for a few hours. It was a bit of a weird situation, I know, but both Ryosuke and I lived with American families, so it was kind of hard to get any time alone together. Mr. Ueda felt for us I guess, but I have to say I was pretty surprised when he agreed. That's the way he is, gracious and generous. Even so... His condo was up on the penthouse floor of a four-storey building. The main room had high ceilings, and there was a little loft for sleeping up this iron staircase. There was a cozy little fireplace and a tan sofa with all these throw pillows. The balcony looked out over the town and mountains to the east. "Wow! This is nice," I beamed. "Our own little love nest," Ryosuke grinned, hugging me. "Are you hungry? Maybe we could go grocery shopping!" I suggested. Ryosuke looked like he might have other ideas, but he quickly agreed. "There's an Asian grocery store just across the way. Why don't you get cleaned up, and I'll go buy some ramen fixings?" We didn't have much time. Mr. Ueda said he'd be back at night. I was glad Ryosuke was willing to eat first. Once Ryosuke had gone, I took a look around. The kitchen was sleek steel and spotlessly clean. The loft part was a bit rustic, but I liked how it overlooked the rest of the apartment. His bathroom was ultramodern too. Ryosuke had left some music on from Mr. Ueda's collection I guess. I hummed along as I undressed. I got in the shower, and turned it on. The spray was powerful, but invigorating. Just as I was drying off, Ryosuke came back. "What all did you buy?" I asked through the door, pulling my t-shirt back on. "Ramen noodles, broth mix, bean sprouts, meat..." he rhymed off. Rubbing my wet hair with my towel, I came out to look. "What about veggies?" I asked. He just kind of shrugged. I went to pull on my jeans, but he stopped me. "Wow! You look gorgeous, all fresh from the shower like that." He gave me a kiss, and wrapped his arms around my waist. I still felt hungry. "Can we eat first? Aren't you hungry?" "I'm hungry, but not for food!" he joked, giving me another kiss. Eventually, he pulled back. "We can go down if you want," he nodded. I went for my jeans again, but he held me back. "Go down like that," he purred. "What?" "You looked delectable," he insisted. I looked down at my bare legs. This t-shirt wasn't really long enough for going outside. Even if I stretched it out, you could still kind of see my hiney. "Ryosuke. Let me put something on." "You like fine. Don't worry." I honestly don't know why I let him talk me into these things. I guess we were in a strange neighbourhood, and the whole point of coming here was to have sex, but still... I didn't know if I wanted to wander around outside dressed like a harlot. I didn't want to argue though, so eventually, I pulled on my shoes, and we headed out. Once we were out in the corridor though, my hello kitty was tingling like crazy. I tried to hold the hem down, but the breeze kept blowing it this way and that. When we passed the security guard, I swear he gave me such a look. He must have wondered what on earth I was doing out here dressed like this. Embarrassed, I lowered my head trying to hide my face in my hair. The vegetable market was just a little ways down the street. It was pretty upscale. I picked up a basket, trying to hide my pussy at least. We found the veggies soon enough. "Could you pass me a broccoli?" I asked. He grabbed a cawliflower instead, teasing me. I waited until this woman left, and then leaned forward grabbing a broccoli myself. Ryosuke backed up to check out my booty. Too late, I noticed a stock boy down the end peering over curiously at my bare bottom. He wasn't upset or anything, but he did seem amused to find me naked. I tried to pretend like it was no big deal - flashing him I mean - but I must have been blushing like crazy by then. Ryosuke grabbed my elbow trying to get me to snap out of it. He was the one who talked me into coming out here dressed like this in the first place, but now with this kid staring at me, it looks like Ryosuke was having second thoughts. He stood between me and the boy, trying to block his view, but the kid had latched onto me now, and was following us around the shop. I quickly grabbed a couple more vegetables, and then headed for the cash. The cashier didn't seem too concerned by my outfit, but I was pretty wet by then. People walking by outside kept glancing in at me. There wasn't much I could do though. I tried to hide behind the counter, but even so, a lot of people saw. As soon as we'd paid, I quickly dashed out, back across the street. I was so glad when we made it back to the condo. The security guard made another funny face, but at least, he didn't say anything. Once we were in the elevator, I swatted Ryosuke on the shoulder. "What was that for? I was a good boy the whole time." "Yeah, right!" Inside the apartment, I tried to calm back down. Ryosuke just sat silently, watching me cook. I was trying to focus, but it was hard with him staring. Once it was ready, we sat down, and ate the ramen. It turned out pretty well. After lunch, Ryosuke wanted to go outside onto the balcony. I walked over to the balcony door, and peered out, nervous. I could see the mountains, trees and houses off in the distance and what seemed to be an apartment building off to the side. Ryosuke motioned for me to come out, and take a look. There was quite a breeze blowing in from the sea, and I was still wearing just this skimpy little t-shirt. I cautiously stepped out. There was some kind of factory off to the right and a train station or something down on the left. I went over to a patio chair in the corner, and kneeled down on it. I couldn't really see too many people except if I leaned out over the railing, and looked straight down. "Hey, stay like that, and let me take some pictures," Ryosuke suggested. He went back inside, and brought out his camera. "Here, lean up against the railing." I did as he said. He reached down, and lifted up my t-shirt, so you could see my bare bottom. "Hey!" I protested. "Relax. It's OK. No one is watching anyway." I looked around worried, but he insisted I hold that pose. "You look great." It was a beautiful day out. I tried to relax, and act natural, so he could get good pictures. My hair kept blowing up in my face, but more than that I was bothered by the breeze blowing on my bare pussy. I was a bit more relaxed than before out at the market, but I was still pretty excited. "Here raise your body up a little higher," he asked. I spread out my arms, and brought one foot up onto the seat of the chair. I was still worried that people might see, but I was trying to model as best I could. "Here put both feet on the chair, and lean forward," I did as he said, but then he rolled my t-shirt even further up my back. I tried to keep down, but he was clearly trying to get a shot of my pussy. I covered my mouth, and gazed deep into his camera lens. "What's wrong?" he asked. "Nothing," I smirked. "Here, stand up." I slowly straightened up to the point lifting where people across the way would be able to see that I was naked. Ryosuke smiled, impressed by my daring. I lifted my foot up, and put it on the railing unable to keep from giggling. "That's great, Emi," he said snapping away. " I tell you what. Do you think you can take the t-shirt right off?" I looked around. It didn't look like anyone was watching us, although there were scores of apartments nearby. I stood up straight, and lifted the hem up exposing my breasts. I stayed like that for a moment, but then I got cold feet, and let the hem back down. "What's wrong?" "I don't know. I'm worried that someone might be watching," I said nodding towards the other building. He looked disappointed, but helped me get down. "Here, just sit down for a minute." I set my bare bottom down on the cool plastic, still pretty excited. "There. No one can see you now." "What?" "It's safe to take off your t-shirt now. The railing is high enough no one will be able to see you." I sat up. He was right. The railing was terribly high - definitely American size. I cautiously peeled off my t-shirt, and peered around. I was getting thirsty though, so I got up, and went back inside setting the t-shirt down on the couch. "Where are you going?" "Just to get a drink. I'll be right back." I got a can of juice out of the fridge. Ryosuke followed me in, his pants bulging out quite noticeably. "Are you OK?" I asked pointing at the bulge. "I just want to take a few more shots." I took a sip of juice, and then went back to the door. I stood there, stark naked now, peering out. Ryosuke took a few more shots of my back, and then motioned for me to go back outside. I cautiously stepped out, enjoying the feel of the wind on my bare skin. Ryosuke motioned for me to get up on one of the chairs, so I did, showing my breasts above the railing now. I wasn't sure that this was such a good idea though, so I quickly got down. Ryosuke motioned for me to get up on the table next. "What?" "Just on all fours. You can crouch down, so people won't see you." "Are you sure?" Ryosuke had this funny look in his eye, but I did as he said. I felt even stranger kneeling on all fours. I climbed higher no longer hiding behind the rail. It was such a weird feeling. Part of me felt free, exhilarated at being naked so high up. Another part of me, though, was honestly afraid. It was broad daylight out after all, and we weren't that far from the other buildings. I held my pose, pulling the hair out of my eyes, but I couldn't shake the feeling that we were being watched. I soon climbed down off the table, rushed back inside, and sat down on the couch. "What's wrong, sweetie?" Ryosuke asked. "Nothing. I was just..." It was hard to describe how I felt: all mixed-up, embarrassed, turned on. "Oh, nothing." "Oh, that's alright. I have a better idea. Why don't we go out into the hall?" I just stared at him shocked. How could even suggest such a thing? "We haven't seen a soul since we arrived," he smiled. "Ueda said the building is filled with retirees who don't get out much." Perhaps that was true, but even so... "You were just out on the balcony a few seconds ago," he chided. This was true. At least, in the hall, no one would be able to see me from outside. I probably shouldn't have agreed, but I wasn't thinking straight by then. I was too excited. "I'll just go out to check, and make sure no one is around," Ryosuke suggested. He went out while I hid behind the door, and waited. I could vaguely hear a woman's voice, but it sounded far off. Ryosuke nodded, and I came out, biting my lip shyly, nervous to be out in the hall naked. Ryosuke was taking pictures, video I guess, so I did my best to smile, and hide how anxious I felt. We quickly walked down the hall to the stairwell. The carpet felt so strange on my bare feet. I huddled at the top of the stairs, but it was completely quiet by then, so Ryosuke motioned for me to go down. I quickly hopped down to the first landing, peered down the stairs, and then scurried back up to the top of the stairs, hoping that would be enough for him. Unfortunately, Ryosuke went down the stairs, and motioned for me to follow. I cautiously headed down the next flight of stairs, but we could hear a truck going by outside. I felt so nervous, so naughty for doing this. We still hadn't seen anyone, so I kept going down, pausing briefly at each bend to peek round, and make sure no one was there. I splayed my fingers out vainly trying to cover my bare behind, but that didn't cover much of anything. I peered back at Ryosuke a few times, but he just nodded for me to keep heading down. We finally reached the first floor, and Ryosuke motioned for me to go through the door to the back entrance. The security guard was around the front, but I don't think he could see us back here. "Quick like a bunny," he urged. Out the glass door, I could see the lawn and front steps. There didn't seem to be anyone around. I was so excited. Here I was naked, so far from my clothes, so far from Mr. Ueda's apartment. I opened the door to outside, and stepped out waiting for Ryosuke. I held the door, and gave him a little smile when he came. There was this big apartment building right there, but I walked right out, twirling around and posing for Ryosuke, enjoying the warm sun on my bare skin. Unfortunately, there was this busy street off to the right with cars going by, and one of them honked. It gave me a start. I hope the driver isn't honking at me. I quickly scurried back to the door, pausing so Ryosuke could take a few last shots, before heading back inside. I was relieved to be back indoors, but I wasn't home free yet. I had to get out of there in case I'd been seen. Ryosuke pointed to the elevator. I pressed the button, but it took forever to come. Ryosuke smiled at me, obviously enjoying all this. I peered this way and that, worried that someone might come. The elevator finally came, and we got in. Once the door closed, I managed a smile. "Nervous?" he asked. "Yeah. I'm not sure Mr. Ueda's neighbours would approve." Ryosuke laughed. Once we'd made it back to the door, Ryosuke handed me the key. I slid my feet along the rug to clean them, and finally erny back inside. "That was absolutely crazy!" I gushed. "You were so cute" he told me. We sat down on the couch, and started nuzzling. It was clear that all this had gotten Ryosuke so horny. He was almost ripping his own clothes off in the rush to start. I was pretty excited myself. I lay back on the couch. I had to wait while he fished out a condom, but soon he came over and got on top of me. I was so wet by then. He grabbed my hips pulling me into him. I flinched a bit as he squeezed his penis in. Before I knew it, he was inside of me. It felt so good to be finally doing it. I pulled him close rocking my hips in time. I tried to savour the moment, make it last, but we were both so excited. Soon, I came. This sweet explosion of pure pleasure in wave after wave. Once I'd finished I lay back, marvelling at how intense it had been. Why on earth had I gotten so excited? Was it all the fooling around outside first? Maybe. Eventually, Ryosuke got up, so I went, and had another shower. It was hard to calm down. I came back out naked, but Ryosuke had lost his fire. We lay down on the bed, snuggled, and I must have fallen asleep. By the time we woke up, it was dark out. I sat straight up, realizing that Ueda would soon be back. I woke up Ryosuke, and we rushed to get dressed, and straighten up. I left before Mr. Ueda got there, but Ryosuke said he thanked him for us. The next time I saw Mr. Ueda he was the same as ever, so I guess he didn't hear of our adventures. I wanted to go back, but Ryosuke was too embarrassed to ask again. We'd have to find other places to play. Emi Tsuruta