Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Grandma's Place By Emi Tsuruta Note: this is one in a series of posts about my life. If you'd like to know more about my friends and me, drop by my home page at: On one of my trips back to Japan, my mom suggested that we all go visit my grandparents' house in the country. Lately, I haven't really seen them that much because I'm studying in the States, but I have a whole bunch of memories from the times we visited when I was growing up. Part of it was my grandma, who is so kind, but also getting to play with my cousins and the whole atmosphere of life in the countryside. That weekend, we drove there, and ended up arriving at my grandma's house fairly late. My male cousin Jumpei was there along with my uncle and aunt. Jumpei is a year or two younger than I am. I think he just turned 18. He was a good guy, but he'd grown up quite a bit since the last time I saw him. The adults all sat in the dining room, while Junpei and I sat on the tatami mat floor just next door. I was kind of listening to my grandma tell us what's new, but I soon noticed Jumpei staring over at me. I hadn't really been paying attention, so I was sitting with my knees up, and my legs spread out in an M shape. Jumpei had fixed his gaze on my crotch, so I peered down to see what he was looking at. It seems my panties had gotten wedged up inside my hoo-ha, so I guess he could see my pussy lips. Probably I should have sat in a more ladylike fashion, but actually, I was so surprised that he would look even. I always thought of Jumpei as a good boy, so I didn't really expect him to be so interested. I looked over at my mom, but she wasn't paying attention to us. I could tell he was getting all excited ogling my pussy, but I tried to just ignore him. Eventually though, I'd had enough, and got up, and straightened my skirt. "I think I'm going to go get ready for bed," I announced. "Alright, pleasant dreams," my grandma cooed. "See you bright and early tomorrow morning. We're going over to your uncle's place for brunch and then to the cemetery." August is the season when Japanese pay respects to their ancestors. I went upstairs, got my pajamas and shower kit, and came back down to have a shower. Jumpei eyed me. When I came back out in my p.j.'s, my grandparents and everyone had started getting ready for bed. The next morning, I vaguely remember my mom calling up the stairs to wake me up. She must have called a few times, but I still had jet lag. I heard her say something about Jumpei, but then I fell back asleep. When I finally got up, the house was all quiet. I had a bite of breakfast and then another shower. In the bath, there are a couple of windows, and I peeked out at the neighbor's backyard. They had a nice garden, but from the looks of it, there was no one home. I stood in the window naked, toweling off and admiring the view. My clothes were back up in my room, so I wrapped the towel around me, and came out to the living room to phone my aunt. It turned out they'd left me alone here with Jumpei. He must be upstairs in one of the bedrooms on the other side of the house. My aunt said he likes to sleep in, so I guess he was still asleep. I hadn't quite tied my towel right, so it started unraveling as I talked with my aunt, and eventually fell to the floor. At first, I felt kind of embarrassed to be standing here naked. I got so excited by my little bit of daring I was having trouble following what my aunt was saying, so I told her I'd call her back. I was worried about being seen, so I finally wrapped the towel back around me. I dug out a map of my grandma's neighborhood, and then opened the sliding doors to the garden at the back of the house, and sat down dangling my feet over the edge. To get more comfortable, I brought over a couple of zabuton (flat pillows), and lay face down on them, examining the map. It was a beautiful day out. The sun was shining in through the open doors, and you could hear the cicadas chirping away. It reminded me so much of when we used to come here in the summer when I was little. I used to go exploring all around the farms, hills or the beach with Jumpei or the other neighbor kids. The feeling of the sun on my shoulders and the back of my legs reminded me of my tan. I got a bit of a tan early in the summer, but it had already started to fade. I pulled the towel up to take a look. You could kind of see where the tan lines were on my thighs, but my backside was almost completely white. I liked the feeling of the sun on my bare behind. I glanced out into the garden just to be sure no one was watching. It looked safe, so I spread my legs a bit, and basked in the warmth. I was a little worried that one of the neighbors might see me, but it was pretty quiet. I looked back at the map, and tried to think what I should do, but the feeling of the sun on my bare bottom made it hard to think of anything else. I sat up, letting my towel fall away. My heart sped up from sitting there naked by the garden. I finally got the nerve to stand up. I slid my feet into the slippers on the ground outside, and then just stood there for a while enjoying the sensation of being naked in the sun. I wanted to go for a walk, but I was worried that the neighbors might be home. I came back in, but I was too excited to think of anything else. Leaving my towel on the ledge, I walked to the front of the house, sat down on the step, and pulled on my running shoes. I don't know what I was thinking. I couldn't very well go outside in my birthday suit. Still, I stood up, and put my hand on the door knob. Just then I heard the thumping of feet on the stairs. Jumpei emerged from the stairwell, shocked I guess to find me standing - naked - at the front door. "What are you doing?" he asked, fairly calm considering. I felt so embarrassed though, and had no idea how to answer. All nervous now, I pried off my shoes, and came back in. "Here, go have some breakfast," I told him, trying to change the subject. I was trying not to get excited, but if I'm going to be honest, my heart was kind of pounding away. I had to walk past him to get to my room, and he wouldn't stop staring. He seemed more interested in my body than food. "Here, go eat. I'll be right back." He continued to stare as I headed down the hall, and dashed upstairs to my room. What on earth did I do that for? I should have been more careful. I sure hope he doesn't tell anyone. My mom would flip. I pulled on my light blue halter and a pair of loose fitting grey shorts, relieved to be dressed again. I paused to take a few deep breaths, trying to calm down. I grabbed my backpack, and finally went down to confront Jumpei. He seemed pretty excited last night when I was fully dressed, but he was even more excited now that he'd seen me naked. Looking around for something else to talk about, I noticed a shopping list of groceries on the counter. "I think your mom said something about buying groceries." Jumpei nodded, but he was still staring at me in wonder. Not knowing what else I could do, I tried to pretend like nothing had happened. Soon, he finished eating, and we pulled on our shoes, and headed for the store. The whole neighborhood seemed pretty quiet, compared to Kamakura or Oceanview. Jumpei trotted along behind, still staring at me, but I forged ahead towards the general store. When we finally got there, the store I used to visit was gone, and there was this big supermarket instead. We went in, and it was all new inside and almost empty. I picked up a shopping basket, and started looking for the things on the list. Before long though, I caught sight of a familiar face. "Seiichirou?" It was a neighbor boy, the son of Minehiro Satou, a farmer who lived just down the road from my grandparents. "Seiichirou, is that you?" I hadn't seen him for years. We used to play together all the time whenever I came up here. He still had the same good-natured grin. "Emi? Emi Tsuruta!" "Seiichirou. I can't believe it. You haven't changed a bit." "But look at you, all grown up, a regular lady and all," he smiled, his eyes gleaming. It was good to see him. I guess there was never anything between us, but our parents used to tease us that someday we would get married. He seemed excited to see me though. We chatted back and forth about what we'd been up to. Jumpei knew Seiichirou well, but he didn't join in the conversation. He actually was kind of ignoring us until he noticed me playing with the drawstrings at the front of my shorts. I certainly wasn't trying to tease either of them, but the thing was I was so flustered when I ran back upstairs to get dressed that I'd kind of forgotten to pull any underwear on. You could kind of see my nipples poking through my t-shirt, and I was worried that my shorts might slide down. I guess Jumpei must have figured out I was pantiless, because while I was talking with Seiichirou, he stuck a finger into my waistband, and pulled it out taking a peek at my bare bottom. I swatted his hand to get him to stop, but he was still all excited from seeing me run around naked earlier. He wouldn't let go. He pulled the band out even more. I pulled my shorts back up, but Jumpei seemed to take this as a challenge almost. He hovered behind waiting for his chance to strike back. "Do you have a boyfriend?" Seiichirou asked. That reminded me of this day when Seiichirou and I were playing in his father's barn rolling in the hay. Nothing really happened I guess, but at one point, he had got up on top of me, staring down deep into my eyes. I probably threw some straw in his face, but thinking back, maybe he'd been planning on kissing me. I'd been too young to realize it at the time, but now it dawned on me that he'd probably had a crush on me. "Um, yeah, I do," I told him, truthfully. Ryosuke was still back in the States, but I'd be going there soon. "Oh," he said, disappointed. I kind of felt sorry. Seiichirou always seemed like a nice guy. While all this was going on though, Jumpei managed to grab my shorts again. He pulled them back down, exposing my bare butt cheeks, and soon I found myself desperately holding on to the front trying to keep my pussy covered. Seiichirou moved to the side to see what Jumpei was doing, but I turned to face him trying to keep him from seeing my bare buns. "Jumpei!" I yelled. Realizing I was angry, Jumpei finally let go, and ran around to hide behind Seiichirou. I chased after Jumpei, but Seiichirou stayed between us trying to keep us from fighting. The drawstring in my shorts was really loose now, so I had to hold my shorts up with one hand to keep them from falling down. I almost lost my balance. Seiichirou rescued me, but he got a look at my bare butt cheeks in the process, and seemed mighty surprised. Unfortunately, there were a fair number of other people there, so I finally stopped, pulled my shorts up, and retied the bow. "Do you have a girlfriend?" I asked Seiichirou. Seiichirou looked wounded almost, shocked that I could be so cold. What with all the fuss, I probably wasn't thinking straight. "No...," he replied sadly. I guess I hadn't fully realized how much he liked me until then. Once I was dressed, I boxed Jumpei on the ear for being such a bad boy. He was still kind of sneering and defiant, but at least stopped messing with me for the moment. I gathered up my shopping basket, and went back to looking for the items we'd come for. Seiichirou followed me around, still kind of bewildered. "How long are you here for?" "Just till tomorrow," I told him sadly. "What are you up to today?" "We have to take these groceries back. I'm not sure what we're doing later." "Could I drop by?" Seiichirou asked. "Um, yeah sure," I smiled. I felt a bit torn, still not sure what to make of his forwardness, but I was glad to see him. Anyway, there's nothing strange about him coming over to visit. The three of us walked home. Seiichirou waved goodbye, and then he was gone. What do you know? All that talk about us getting married and stuff, had he been taking that seriously? Wouldn't that beat all? Eventually, my whole family came back for a late lunch. I didn't tell them what had happened, but Jumpei kept leering over at me. After lunch, my mom told us to go play, so Jumpei and I went out into the back yard, and up the hill into the forest. I hadn't been out this way for ages, but I vaguely remembered playing out here when we were young. Down the far side of the hill, we came to some large stones arranged in a little circle around what looked to be a campfire. "Oh wow. I remember this place," I exclaimed. "What did we used to do out here? We had some kind of game. Red rover red rover. Won't you come over?" Junpei laughed. "What were you doing running around naked this morning?" he asked. I looked at him for moment, and then shrugged. "Nothing. I didn't think you were up." He didn't seem particularly satisfied with that answer, but let it go. "Seiichirou has a thing for you, huh?" Had Junpei known all along about Seiichirou's crush? Perhaps he had even told Seiichirou that I would be coming. "Really? I... uh... I didn't know." Junpei seemed annoyed with me with for a number of reasons - for not realizing how Seiichirou felt, for flashing him my pussy yesterday and for walking around naked this morning. I don't think Jumpei looks at me as a potential girlfriend or anything. He finds my nonchalance exasperating. "What's with those shorts?" he asked. "Are you even wearing underwear?" I covered my crotch with my hand, but it was a bit late for that now. "None of your business!" I squealed running away. Jumpei ran after me, almost catching me too. I eventually made it to the house, but you could tell he was getting all excited. "Not a word about this!" I warned. I really didn't want him telling my mom. The adults were all in the dining room talking about serious things. I sat back down on the tatami. Junpei kept peering over at me, but thankfully, he didn't say anything. Eventually, we had supper, and then sat around listening to the grownups talk. Before long, we heard a knock at the door. My aunt got it, and sure enough it was Seiichirou. "Hi," I said self-consciously. Seiichirou looked really nervous too. "I brought you something," he said handing me a floppy girl doll in a country dress. "You used to play with this when you were here." I remembered it, and was amazed he still had it. It looked so antique. "Um, thanks," I smiled. "Would you like to come in?" my aunt asked him. "Um, no. I have to go help my father with the chores. I just wanted to say hi." He moved to leave, but I felt so guilty. "Um, Seiichirou!" I called after him. He stopped, and turned. "Thanks." That was all I could think to say. He smiled, and waved goodbye. I could tell he wanted to say more, but couldn't with all these people around. I took the doll up to my room, and laid it down on my futon. It was nice of him to remember, nice of him to bring it for me. I guess his mom or someone had bought it. Could he have kept it for me for all these years? When I came back down, Junpei was looking over at me even angrier. I don't know what he wanted me to do. I was going back to Kamakura the next day and the States soon after that. It wasn't like there could be anything between Seiichirou and me. He seemed like a nice guy, but we lived thousands of miles from each other. "Anyway, I think I'm going to tuck in," I told them all. "It's been a long day." I went upstairs, got out my shower kit and a football jersey to sleep in. I had a quick shower, dried off, and pulled on the jersey. I came out to the dining room to say good night. Jumpei scooched over, lying on the tatami, and peeked up the back of my jersey at my bare bottom. I was kind of shocked that he would do this with everyone right there, but his parents weren't really paying attention. I stuck out my tongue at him, and then quickly dashed upstairs to my room. The next morning, I awoke to see the sun streaming in through the windows. The house was all quiet because it was so early. I padded downstairs, had some breakfast, and then headed into the bath for another quick shower. I kept thinking of Seiichirou. Still naked, I toweled off, and came out to the sink and mirror in the small room next to the bath. Suddenly, I heard a noise, and there was Jumpei standing right behind me looking down at my bare behind. "Jumpei!" I yelled, throwing my towel at him. I scanned around looking for my jersey, but Junpei spotted it first, and scooped it up. "Hey, give that back!" I cried. He backed away from the door challenging me to come after him. I couldn't see anything else to cover myself with, so I ended up covering my pussy and breasts with my hands. "Wow! Sexy!" he cried all excited now. "Quiet. You'll wake everyone up." I couldn't hear anything, but I knew my grandparents got up pretty early. They were probably already up. "Here, give me back my jersey." "Move your hands!" "What?" "Show me your body. I want to see." He was getting all excited. I had nothing to cover myself with. I hadn't planned this or anything, but I guess I can admit I was getting a bit excited myself. It's hard to explain why. He is just my cousin for heaven's sake. He held out my jersey taunting me with it, but backed up into the living room. I slowly followed him out into the living room. I was having trouble keeping my feelings in check. His eyes sparkled as he looked me up and down. "Come on, Junpei. Give my stuff back." He slid open the back door, and stepped down into the garden daring me to follow him. I was torn. I was kind of tempted to go after him. I'd been out in the garden naked the day before, but this time, I was worried that my mom might come, and find us. "Jumpei!" I called out to him. Suddenly, though I heard someone coming down the stairs, so I dashed off back down the hall. I heard my grandmother's voice, so I ran back up the stairs to my own room. My heart was still beating in my chest like crazy, but at least I was safe again. Grandma might wonder what Jumpei was doing with my jersey and towel out in the garden, but anyway, there wasn't much I could do about that now. After I got dressed, I went back downstairs. Jumpei had left my towel and jersey at the bottom of the stairs, so I brought them back up to my room, and then came back. Jumpei still looked all excited, but he didn't say anything about it. We all had breakfast, and then my parents and I said goodbye, and got in the car. Jumpei stood out on the porch waving till we pulled out of sight. It had been a strange trip, but kind of fun in a way. Emi Tsuruta