Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. My Aunt's House by the Beach By Emi Tsuruta Note: this is one in a series of posts about my life. If you'd like to know more about my friends and me, drop by my homepage at: My last trip back to Japan, I got a call from my Aunt Sachi, inviting us to come over, and go swimming at the beach near her house. She lives in Enoshima, one of the most popular beach resorts in the Tokyo area. Aunt Sachi is so cool. She is only a few years younger than my mom, but I've always felt that she understands me better than most of my family. I can be myself around her without having to act the good girl all the time. I think the night before, at my parents house, I slept in the nude, but that morning, I pulled on a big button up p.j. top, and went downstairs to shower, and wash up. My dad had already left to play golf, but my mom and older sister Norika were at the table eating breakfast. The doorbell rang, and at first I thought it might be my boyfriend Ryosuke, but it turned out to be my cousin, Namie, Aunt Sachi's daughter. She's only a year or two older than me, but she's already married. I hadn't seen her since our hot spring trip the last time I was back. "Put on some bottoms," my mother scolded when she saw me. It was just us girls though, so it wasn't like it mattered. Eventually, Mom went out shopping, leaving Norika and Namie chatting in the dining room. I came out to say hi. "How are things with Ryoichi?" I asked Namie. Ryoichi is her husband. Last I heard, they hadn't been making much whoopie, even though they'd been married for more than a year. Ryoichi was busy, she'd say. I didn't really understand it. "I don't know. The same as ever I guess." "I don't know what it is with you guys. If Ryosuke and I lived together, we'd be making love morning, noon and night." I spread my legs, and tilted my head back imagining what it would be like. "Phffft!" she scoffed, blowing the hair out of her eyes. "No, I'm serious. You should just jump his bones tonight when you get home." "It's not that easy. He doesn't seem that interested." "You have to get him interested. Get his motor running." I undid the buttons on my pajama top, exposing my shoulder. "Oh, Emi. Don't be silly. I could never do that." "No, I'm serious. Give it a try. You never know. Once you get started, I'm sure you'll love it. All he needs a little push." I took off my top, and patted my tummy, a bit giddy to be standing here naked in front of them. "Emi! What are you doing?" Namie cried out. "Relax. I'm just going to take a shower." Norika just smiled, not surprised in the least. Norika herself is a bit of tease. Just then, the doorbell rang. "Eww, that's probably Ryosuke!" I cooed all excited now. I glanced toward the door, wondering if I should answer it naked. Norika got up though, and pushed me towards the bath. "Here, go have your shower. I'll get the door." "Spoilsport!" I complained, sticking out my tongue at her. I obediently disappeared into the shower. I wanted to look my best in any case. I heard Ryosuke come in, but Norika took him over to the Japanese style room in the far corner of the house. I quickly showered, toweled off, and started brushing my teeth. I could hear them talking about how to get to Sachi's. Continuing to brush my teeth, I walked out naked to the dining room, and peeked in on them. Namie caught sight of me, and pointed at Ryosuke, as if that would make me want to hide. I ducked back into the kitchen, but feeling silly for hiding from my own boyfriend, I slowly tiptoed back out. Namie looked pretty shocked, but I couldn't understand what the big deal was. He'd obviously seen me naked before. "I was thinking of driving," I told them, my words muffled by the toothpaste in my mouth. Ryosuke looked over, but I quickly scurried back to the bathroom to rinse out my mouth. It was fun to tease him. I felt so naughty. I was kind of hoping he would come after me, but I guess he felt self-conscious with Norika and Namie looking on. Unfortunately, my mom would be back soon. My clothes were all either upstairs or out in the yard hanging on the line. I came back out to the doorway, peering out the patio doors. "Norika, can you get my miniskirt and white hoodie from the line?" Norika looked a bit worried about me lounging around naked, but she got up, and got my clothes. Namie was still twitching, all in a snit about me flashing my own boyfriend. Norika came back, and tossed my clothes over at me. "Hurry up," she warned nodding at the clock. I ducked into the bathroom, and pulled on the hoodie, zipping it up half way. I realized I'd need my undies too and a swimsuit or two. I debated pulling on my skirt, but I was having too much fun teasing them. Leaving the skirt on the counter, I dashed back past them. Ryosuke noticed right away, and stood up to get a better look at my bare backside. "What are you doing?" he asked, amused to see me naked. "I just need to get my panties." I hesitated in the doorway, until he finally got up, and came over. "You look gorgeous," he whispered, making out as if he was going to take a bite of me. I squatted down to hide, but I was all excited. Unfortunately, out the window, I saw my mom coming up the sidewalk. I got Ryosuke to hand me undies and swimsuits, and then ran back to the bathroom to get dressed. Norika and Ryosuke tried not to smile, but I don't think my mom knew why. Before anyone spilled the beans, I suggested we head over to Sachie's. Norika, Namie, Ryosuke and I piled into the car, and headed out. I got to drive, one of the first times I'd driven in Japan. Their house isn't that far though, and soon we were there. Sachie came out to help me guide our car into their narrow driveway. "Hi, Emi, it's so good to see you. This must be Ryosuke," Sachie beamed as we got out. Ryosuke just nodded, and smiled. Sachie and her son Hideki took Ryosuke and Norika out to their backyard, while Namie and I went upstairs to her room to change into our swimsuits. As soon as we were alone, Namie started in. "You really shouldn't do things like that. What must Ryosuke think?" "He loves it. He was the one who got me started on all this in the first place," I told her, quickly stripping out my clothes. "I'm sure Ryoichi would love it too if you ran around naked at home." Namie pulled out my swimsuits, and lay them on the bed. "Jeez, Emi, these are so small!" she squealed, shocked. "I'll lend you one. What time is Ryoichi coming?" I asked peeking out her balcony doors. I must admit I was a bit excited standing here naked. You couldn't quite see the backyard from here, but if I went out onto the balcony... "He's still at work," she told me sadly. "He said he'll come as soon as he can." I honestly didn't understand Namie and Ryoichi. Namie was a gorgeous beauty. The first time Ryosuke met Namie at her wedding, he made some comment about how sexy she was. Surely, Ryoichi must have noticed too. I continued to wander around Namie's room, enjoying being naked, while she tried on my different bikinis. They all fit her well, and made her look sexy, but it took the longest time to talk her into wearing one of them. "C'mon. Let's go down, and show the boys," I suggested cheerfully, dragging her towards the door. "Emi! You're still naked!" she shrieked, horrified. "Oh, yeah, right. I guess I should put one on too," I giggled. Namie smacked her forehead, exasperated at my good-natured goofiness. I quickly pulled a bikini on, and then dragged Namie downstairs to show everyone. Ryosuke stood up when we came out, obviously quite excited to see the two of us in bikinis. Hideki stayed sitting, but I could tell by his expression that he thought we look sexy too. I got Namie to turn around to show them her thong behind, but she got all embarrassed, and covered it with her hands. Sachie just laughed, but I could tell by the way that Ryosuke was fiddling with his pants that he was getting all horny looking at us. The beach was right nearby, so we decided to walk there. I pulled my hoodie back on, but Namie felt too embarrassed to go out in just her bikini, so she ended up pulling on a pair of shorts and a beach cover-up. Norika offered to stay with Sachie to help shop, so it was just the four of us: Namie, Ryosuke, Hideki and I who headed out for the beach. On the way, we stopped in a convenience store to buy some drinks. The store clerk, a tall boy, glanced over at Namie and me as we walked in. I nodded to Namie, pointing out that he seemed interested. Ryosuke and Hideki went over to the magazine rack while Namie and I checked out the drink fridge. "He's kind of cute, don't you think?" I whispered to Namie nodding towards the clerk. "Emi!" she mouthed, trying to get me to hush. We picked out our drinks, and brought them to the counter to pay. A new candy caught my eye, and turning my back to the clerk, I bent over to see what it was. When I looked back, the clerk was staring at my thong-clad ass. A bit embarrassed, I straightened up, and pulled the material out from between my butt cheeks. Namie shot me a look, but Ryosuke hadn't even noticed. I just smiled shyly at the clerk as we paid. It was swelteringly hot out that day, and the beach was absolutely packed. It took a bit of coaxing to get Namie out of her shorts, and even then she kept going into the water to hide. Ryosuke came in swimming with us, while Hideki sat on the shore watching our stuff. I swam around for quite a while, even after Ryosuke and Namie went back to shore, coming back now and then to put on more sun block. Soon, Namie got a call from Ryoichi that he was on his way. We headed over to the Surf Center to shower off, and change. Once we were in the girls change room, I stripped out of my bikini, and climbed in the shower. The water felt so cool and refreshing, but when I got out, I realized I hadn't brought anything to change into. My clothes and undies were all still back at the house, and my bikini was all wet. I pulled on my hoodie, and zipped it half way up, wondering if I could maybe get away with wearing just this. "You're not seriously thinking of going like that, are you?" Namie complained, shaking her head in disapproval. "What's wrong? It's long enough I think. Isn't it?" Namie looked very doubtful, and finally made me pull a towel on around my waist. That was definitely safer, but not quite as fun. As soon as I came out, both Ryosuke and Hideki stared over at my cleavage. I wasn't wearing a bra, so you could see quite a bit of my breasts. Even so, I was more worried about the towel I had on around my waist. I'd tied it as best as I could, but every time I took a step, it felt like the knot was unravelling. I stopped to re-tie it, but Ryosuke peered over at me perhaps guessing that I didn't have much on underneath. I'd better be careful. We went out, and found Ryoichi in the parking lot near his van. "Ryo-chan," Namie burbled. "You remember Emi, and this is her boyfriend Ryosuke." Holding the knot in place with one hand, I bowed to him. Ryoichi eyed me edgily, a bit surprised to see my bare breasts swinging freely down the front of my hoodie. Namie slung her arm around Ryoichi's, and dragged him away to the patio of one of the cafes. They sat down at a picnic table. I lifted one leg to climb over the bench, but I think Ryosuke saw my pussy when I did. He looked a bit surprised, but didn't say anything. He sometimes gets edgy when I do things like this, but I guess he figured it was my family and all. He didn't seem too worried yet. Hideki sat down next to me, peeking over at my tits. I pulled my legs together, kind of nervous and excited. I wanted to go back to the house, so I could get some clothes, but Namie seemed in no rush. The waitress soon came, and took our order. Ryoichi looked across at us, and asked, "Ryosuke, is it? Didn't I see you at our wedding?" "Yes, I was there just for a few minutes right at the end there." "That was a fun day, wasn't it, Emi?" Hideki grinned at me. "You and I worked reception." Feeling a bit self-conscious, I pulled up the zipper on my hoodie finally covering up my breasts. "Yeah, I guess it was," I nodded. We sat there for quite a while chatting about our lives in the States and theirs here in Japan. When we were done our drinks, we headed back to Ryoichi's van. Ryoichi pulled open the side door, nodding for me to climb in. Placing my hands on the door frame, I pulled myself up, and scrambled around to the back. Ryosuke followed me in, but curious about what he'd seen earlier, he gave the knot in my towel a little tug, causing it to unravel. I grabbed for my towel, but he was too fast, and pulled it right off. I was so shocked actually. Ryoichi, Hideki and them were right outside, and now suddenly I was naked from the waist down. I sat down at the back behind the other seat, and pushed down my hoodie, desperately trying to cover my pussy before any of the others saw. Ryosuke sat down next to me, but actually, he looked every bit as surprised as I did. Even though I'd given him a peek at my pussy earlier, somehow it hadn't registered, and he seemed genuinely amazed to find me naked now. I signaled for him to give me my towel back, but Hideki climbed in, before he could pass it to me. Hideki sat in the row ahead of us, but he peered back at my naked hips, noticing right away. I blinked at him innocently, but clearly he knew that something was up. Even if he couldn't see my bush, he could see my butt cheeks all the way up to my waist. As Ryoichi started up the SUV, and pulled out, Ryosuke stared over at me in wonder. He was trying to make out like this was somehow my fault. "Here, let me dry your hair," he whispered, motioning for me to turn my back to him. I shook my head no. I didn't want Hideki or them to see that I was naked, but Ryosuke insisted. I finally turned, and Ryosuke peered down in shock at my bare behind. "Jeez, Emi! What are you trying to pull?" he whispered in my ear, trying to make out as if this was somehow my fault. "You were the one who grabbed my towel," I whispered back in English, hoping the rest of them wouldn't understand. Hideki sat bolt upright, and turned to see what we were squabbling about. I held the hem over my pussy, but he could probably see my bare behind. "Eyes front, sport," Ryosuke barked at him. Hideki turned away, but I could tell he was dying to look. I don't think he has a girlfriend or anything, but he is clearly quite interested in girls' bodies. Ryosuke dabbed at my hair with the towel slowly drying it. I glanced back, wondering what he was thinking. When he finished drying my hair, he flashed me a little smile, and then pulled my hood up over my head. This tugged the hem way up exposing my pussy, so I quickly pulled the hood off, and covered back up. I gestured that I wanted my towel back, but Ryosuke wouldn't give it to me. I don't think Ryoichi or Namie could see, but it was nervewracking sitting here naked like this. Ryosuke turned to them, and asked, "Namie, do you have a dry towel? This one is all wet." He got up out of his seat, and handed my towel to her. Namie looked at me suspiciously, but she took it from him anyway, and started shuffling through her bag for a spare. "There's probably some at the house," she told us, her voice trailing off. Surely, she must know that that's my towel, and I'm naked back here, but she made no move to help. I was completely freaking out. We kept passing all these other cars on the highway, with people looking in. Say one of them realizes I'm naked? What am I supposed to do then? I looked at Ryosuke imploring him to get a towel, any towel, but he just took my hand, reassuring me it would be alright. I felt insanely exposed riding here bottomless, but there was nothing I could do. I had to just go with it for now. Ryoichi stopped the van out on the street in front of Sachi's house. Ryoichi, Namie and Hideki all climbed out. I glanced up front trying to see if my towel was there, but I think Namie must have taken it with her. Ryosuke picked up our bags, nodding for me to follow him out. I just sat there, trying to pull the hem down to cover my bare ass, but it was way too short. Hideki and Namie waited by the side of the van, but then my uncle Yuuzou came out to greet us. Oh great! Now the whole gang is here. I signaled for Ryosuke to bring me something to cover up with, but he was chatting with Namie now, complimenting her on what a good swimmer she is. With no one willing to help, I finally got up, but my pussy was tingling like crazy by then. It wasn't just my family either. There seemed to be other neighbors out in front of their houses, gardening or watering their pants or whatever. I grimaced at Ryosuke for making me do this, but finally climbed down out of the van, hiding behind Ryosuke, hoping no one would see. Hideki however came round behind me, quite interested in my bare ass. I begged him not to look, but I think that just got him more excited. Unable to take the embarrassment anymore, I pushed for Ryosuke to head towards the front door. Uncle Yuuzou and Ryoichi were right there though, and it was going to be hard to pass them without letting them see. Ryosuke led me around behind them, but my uncle turned to look, raising his eyebrows as soon as he saw me bare assed. Ryosuke stopped to open the gate, forcing me to stand there while Hideki and my uncle stared down at my bottom. It was so embarrassing. Ryosuke finally got the gate open, and I barreled through rushing inside before anyone else spotted me. Aunt Sachi came down the hall wiping her hands on her apron, peering down at where I was clutching the hem over my pussy. "Emi, what are you...?" "Where are my clothes?" "They're still in the laundry. I can put them in the dryer, but what...?" Namie came in behind me, looking angry. She thought this was my fault too. "Hi, sweetie. How was the beach?" Sachi asked her. Namie stormed upstairs without even answering. "Auntie, my clothes?" I whispered as Hideki appeared at the door. Ryosuke tried to keep him there, but he kept peering in amazed that I was still wandering around bare ass. Sachi called up the stairs to Namie, "Nami darling, can you bring Emi down something to wear?" Namie didn't answer. Maybe she didn't hear. I wanted to run upstairs, and check, but soon, my uncle and Ryoichi came in too. Trying to get out of sight, I backed down the hall all the way to the kitchen where Norika was cooking. She took one look at me, and laughed. "You weren't running around like that at the beach I hope," she teased. "No. Ryosuke stole my towel in the mini-van on the ride back." "Aren't you going to get back dressed?" "Sachi says my clothes are still in the laundry. Nori, can you get me something to wear?" Norika pointed to her apron, offering it to me. "But you have to help us cook," she taunted. "Nori, this isn't funny. Uncle Yuuzou spotted me on the way in, and Hideki knows too. Namie is so angry she stormed upstairs." "You made your bed. Now you have to lie in it." "Nori! You're not helping." Sachi came in, so I turned to face her, but it was too late. "What on earth are you wearing?" she shrieked, making me turn to show her my bare bottom. "Heavens, Emi. Where are your bottoms?" "They're in my bag. They were all wet and soggy," I started to explain. I expected her to lecture me, but instead she just broke out laughing. "You really are the funniest girl," she marvelled, covering her broad smile with her hand. "What will you come up with next?" I had run around Sachi's house naked a couple of times before. She just assumed I was up to my same old antics. The kitchen door opened a crack, and there was Hideki peeking in at me. I quickly pushed it shut keeping him out. "I offered her my apron," Norika interjected. "But she turned it down." "I'll take it. I'll take anything," I pleaded, pressing against the door as Hideki pushed in. Sachi just kept laughing. "Anyway, supper's ready," Norika told me. "Nori!" "OK, OK. I'll lend you something, but first you have to help us carry this stuff out to the dining room," she continued to tease. I looked over teary-eyed at Sachi, but she was still chuckling away to herself. Nori picked up a tray, and motioned for me to move. "Well, if you're not going to help, at least get out of the way." Sachi finally stopped laughing long enough to tell me, "Anyway, don't worry. I'm sure Namie is getting you something right now." The two of them streamed out of the kitchen, and thankfully, Hideki seemed to have given up. Pulling my hem down to cover my pussy at least, I cautiously peered out into the dining room. In the living room, Ryosuke and Hideki were on the sofa with Ryoichi and uncle Yuuzou in the armchairs. "Emi, did you have a good day?" my uncle asked. Sachi tittered. "Um, yeah, I guess," I replied peering down the hall to see if Namie was coming. "Why don't you come out here, and talk to us?" my uncle suggested. "It's so rarely we get to see you." Unsure, I glanced back at Norika, but she just nodded for me to go ahead. I anxiously padded forward, all excited from wandering around bottomless. I turned to face my uncle as I sat down on the sofa, next to Ryosuke. Hideki looked pretty excited. I guess he saw my bottom when I went to sit down. I sat there, butterflies in my tummy, fielding questions from my uncle until Namie finally appeared at the door. She was carrying a towel for me, but I could tell she was still angry. She slung the towel over her head, and tossed it at me. I didn't want to let go of my hem though. The towel flew right past me, and landed on the back of the sofa. Before I could grab it, it fell down behind. Namie paid no mind, and just headed off to the kitchen, leaving me still towelless. "Supper's ready," Sachi called. "Everyone come to the table." Yuuzou, Ryoichi and Ryosuke all got up, and went to the table, but Hideki just sat there, waiting to see what I would do. I motioned for him to go ahead, but he stuck to his guns. "It's time to eat," Sachi interjected. "Hideki, get over here." "I'll be there in a sec," I told them, waiting for Hideki to go first. He finally got up, and left, but kept glancing back at me. I slid one hand down between my legs to cover my pussy, and got up on my knees to try to reach the towel. Hideki was still staring at my upturned behind, but none of the rest of them seemed too concerned. I could reach the towel with just one hand, so I finally pulled my other hand away from my pussy, letting them see that too. Unable to reach the towel, I straightened up looking to see what they all made of my naked torso. Hideki seemed quite excited, but the rest of them were pretending not to have noticed. I turned back around wondering what to do. "Emi, are you alright there?" Sachi asked, maybe a bit concerned now. 'I can't reach my towel,' was what I wanted to say, but I didn't want to call attention to my nudity. Not sure what else I could do, I finally got up, and walked past them heading for the kitchen. Ryoichi turned to look, noticing my bare bottom for the first time. His eyes narrowed to two little slits. That was probably the first time he'd seen me naked, and he clearly didn't know what to make of it. I zipped into the kitchen pulling the door closed behind me, more worried than ever now that my secret really was out of the bag. Soon, Sachi came in after me. "I know you are having fun, but perhaps you'd better put some clothes on." "What? It wasn't me!" I protested, but she gave me a look like she knew better. "Anyway, can you go get that towel?" She nodded, and went back out. When she pushed the door open, Ryoichi turned to glare at me, obviously quite shocked to find me flitting around like this. I wanted to explain, but perhaps it was better to pretend like the whole thing never happened. I somehow get the feeling that he isn't really comfortable talking about sex or nudity even. Soon Sachie came back with my towel. I motioned for her to close the door quickly, because Ryoichi was right there, looking dazed and confused. She closed it, but when she went back out, she opened it again, getting me all excited. I raised my arms trying to get her to shut it, but that just pulled my hem up, so Ryoichi could see my pussy now. The idiot was blushing, although I was the one who should be embarrassed. Terribly excited, but not wanting to anger Namie any more than I already had, I finally pulled the towel around me, and tied it back on. I stayed in the kitchen for a while breathing deeply, trying to calm back down. When I went out into the dining room, I felt extremely embarrassed, but they didn't say anything about it. Hideki looked like he was going to make some crack, but he didn't with his parents right here. After supper, I slipped off down the hall, and fetched my clothes from the dryer. They were still kind of warm, and I felt relieved to be dressed again. Ryosuke had to go back to Tokyo, so I thanked them for their hospitality, and we headed out with Norika in tow. Ryosuke gave me a kiss when I dropped him off at the station. He didn't say so at the time, but I think he enjoyed the whole thing. It was kind of something. Emi Tsuruta