Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. In Front of a School By Emi Tsuruta Note: this is one in a series of posts about my life. If you'd like to know more about my friends and me, drop by my home page at: This happened a while back when my boyfriend Ryosuke and I had just started fooling around. Ryosuke had this idea that he wanted to go out, and take some pictures of me sort of like I was a model or something. I didn't mind, but anyway, if we were going to do all this, I wanted some new clothes to wear. Ryosuke doesn't like shopping much, but anyway, I finally managed to talk him into coming to the mall downtown with me. We went to the big department store first, and tried out a few different dresses. We finally found this robin's egg blue hooded knit dress. It looked conservative enough with long sleeves and a mid-thigh hem, but clung to my body fairly tightly. We got the sales clerk to let us in to the change rooms, so I could try it on. It's so soft on the inside, and it was stretchy enough that it was easy to snuggle out of. It's nice and warm too. After that, we started going out on these photo shoots whenever we both had time. I think the first time was a Sunday morning. It was in the spring just as the weather started to get warmer. Ryosuke's idea was that we'd go up to the hills on the east side of town, and find some place where there was no one around. I hadn't been to that part of town so much, but Ryosuke went there one day to look around. When he got back, he told me he'd found some good places where we could take pictures. We took a bus up, and then walked a bit. It is a nice neighborhood, kind of pretty, picturesque. Near the station, there were some small shops and office buildings, but being a Sunday, everything seemed to be closed. There were a lot of cars driving around, but not so many people walking on the street. I started to wonder what Ryosuke was planning because there didn't seem to be any parks or anything nearby. We turned down a side road, and then on the left, there were these two car ramps running next to the road that turned up around a hill. Ryosuke walked across them, and then got me to follow him up these big stone steps on the other side. "What is it?" I asked. "Some kind of high school." We walked up the steps, and there the school was on the left. There was a wide concrete walkway running up to it, and down at the end, another set of stone steps leading left. I went up to the door of the school, but it was locked and quiet. No one comes to school on Sundays I guess. We went up the second set of steps, and at the top was this nice grassy lawn with trees around the edge and a big stone slab - I guess it was a sculpture - in the middle. Beyond that was a driveway with a rail yard on the far side. It was pretty quiet. All you could hear was the rustling of the leaves and the birds chirping in the trees. "Well, what do you think?" he asked. I knew he was asking me if I thought I could take off my clothes here, strip naked I mean. We hadn't really talked about that, but I knew that was what he had in mind. Up until then, I don't think I'd gotten naked in such a public place before, not in broad daylight. I looked out across the grass at the upper floors of the office building across the street. I couldn't see anyone in the windows, but there could be people watching. "Can we look around some more?" I asked, nervous about the whole idea. The school and train cars looked deserted, but it was hard to know for sure. I walked out into the yard, but because we were so high up, you could see some of the houses and other buildings in the distance down the hill. I took a deep breath. It was kind of scary, the thought of getting naked here. We walked back down the stairs, and once I was pretty sure that the school was empty, back toward the street to check again on the office building. The lights were all out, and there was no sign of people. A car drove by, but the driver didn't notice us. We walked back out to the street. Over on the main road, we could see cars going by and people walking. "What did I tell you? It's perfect, don't you think?" Ryosuke said, all excited. "I don't know. I mean do you really think this is such a good idea? Like, don't you think that the school or office have guards inside?" "Last time I was here, I walked all the way around both buildings, and no one came out. They're both locked up pretty tight." "Maybe there's a security camera or something." "Emi, there's no security camera. There's no one there at all. I think it's some kind of graphic design company." "It looks pretty fancy." "I tell you, Emi, there's no one there." I pouted a little. He came over, and took my hand. "If anything happens, I'll protect you. You don't have to worry. Anyway, nothing's going to happen. C'mon. Relax, and try to enjoy yourself. I know you like this kind of thing." It was true. I do like getting naked outdoors, especially somewhere nice with grass and trees and stuff. I took a few more deep breaths, and we headed back up the stairs. When we got to the second set of steps, I sat down hiding behind the concrete wall. I looked over at Ryosuke, and he smiled. I looked up at the school. I wonder how many hundreds of kids are here on weekdays. What would they do if they knew I was here stripping out of my clothes? I tried to imagine their reactions. 'Hey look there's a naked girl over there. What's she doing here?' I smiled at the thought. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad. Everyone does crazy things sometimes. Ryosuke had got his camera out, and was standing there waiting. I peeked around the corner back toward the street, and then hid behind the wall again. I took another deep breath. OK, here goes. I kicked off my sandals, and handed them to Ryosuke to put in his bag. From the bottom, I reached up inside my new dress, and stood up just long enough to pull down my shorts. I was wearing these very loose fitting summer shorts and no underwear, so I wouldn't get any marks on my skin. I took them off, and gave them to Ryosuke. I always get excited when I'm pantiless, even if I look normal. Starting to get into it more, I stood up again, pulled off my dress, and set it down on the step. Next, I took off my t-shirt, and handed it to Ryosuke. There. I'd done it. I was naked out in front of this school. It did feel kind of thrilling to be out here like this. I was too frightened to step away from the wall, so at first Ryosuke just took pictures of me hiding there around the corner from the street. The wall wasn't that high though, so if there were people in the office, I think they could see me. Ryosuke told me to back up a bit, so I turned, and cautiously climbed up the steps one by one. I could see the train cars, but even though I couldn't see anyone, I still felt nervous. I made it all the way to the top of the steps, but then I ran back down, picked up my dress, and pulled it back on. "What? What's wrong? Did you see someone?" Ryosuke asked. I sat down, and pulled my knees to my chest trying to make myself as small as possible. I suddenly felt so embarrassed about what I had done. "Aw, c'mon, Emi. Don't be like that. You were doing great." I looked up at him, not so sure. He came over, and sat down next to me. He looked at me smiling as he gently tousled my hair. "Anyway, I'm so happy that you were able to go that far. I don't think I've ever seen you looking more beautiful." I eyed him suspiciously, but actually, I was happy to hear him say that. "Well, what do you want to do?" he asked. I looked at him still not saying anything. I was still afraid, but I didn't want to just go home. "It's OK. I'm alright. I was just worried. That's all." "You don't have to worry. There's no one around. No one even knows we're here." I looked at him, trying to pluck up my courage. I don't know if you've ever tried this - getting naked in public I mean - but it is so nerve-wracking. Ryosuke was right though. I should try to relax. I went to the bottom of the steps, and took a step out into the sun. I could see the office building, but I kept telling myself, 'There's no one there. There's no one there. Even if there is, they probably can't see this far anyway.' I didn't quite believe it, but somehow I managed to get my nerve back. I slowly lifted up the hem of my dress. I heard a car go by, and I almost jumped out of my skin. I stared down at the road, looking to see what happened, but I guess the driver hadn't seen me. I waited a moment trying to calm back down, and then slowly pulled off my dress again. I set it down on the steps shivering as I felt the breeze on my skin. Ryosuke started taking pictures again. Trying to calm myself, I walked up and then down the steps. I heard another car approach, so I zeroed in on it watching to see if the driver spotted me. It was so hard to calm down with all these cars driving by. It didn't look like he'd noticed me, so I gathered my courage, and went right out into the middle of the walkway. Ryosuke was smiling away at my bravery. I was trying so hard to look good for the pictures, but actually, when I saw them later, you can tell I was nervous. After I'd been standing out there for a while, I began to feel a bit braver. I looked back toward the street, and felt this strong urge to head that way. I started walking toward the street, my body quivering with this strange mix of fear and excitement. About halfway to the stairs, I stopped. I could almost see the street. There didn't seem to be any cars, but anyway, I was already a long way from my dress. I turned, and stood to pose for a few shots for Ryosuke. He looked amazed, and I was pretty worked up too. It did feel pretty cool to be out here naked in the middle of town. I was still worried though, so soon I came back to get my dress. Ryosuke ran alongside me laughing out loud. "Ah, Emi, you are too much. That was great!" he exclaimed, kissing me as I pulled on my dress. It was pretty amazing. I was so excited I felt like I would burst. "Listen, I've got an idea," he went on, digging my sandals out of his bag. I was still breathing heavily. I pulled the sandals on, and he led back down the walkway toward the street. I straightened my dress, and peered out nervously wondering if anyone had seen me a few moments before. Everything looked just as quiet as before. At the bottom of the stairs, Ryosuke turned left, and I followed him around the corner and back a bit. There was kind of like an alleyway, brightly lit and clean, between the wall of the stairs and the ramps which led up to the school parking lot. There was a railing running along the side of the ramp, but you could still see the street. There weren't any cars, but we were really close to the street. "You're not serious, are you?" I asked, wide-eyed, unable to believe he wanted me to strip here. "C'mon. You walked halfway down here a minute ago. You can hide behind this wall." "But the office is right there. If anyone's there, they'll see us for sure." "There's no one there." I stared up doubtfully at the office. My heart sped up, as another car went by just a few yards away from where we were standing. The cars seemed to go by pretty fast though, so maybe they wouldn't notice us. Even so, I'd be taking an awful chance. The cars came so close I could hear the engines purr. I just stood there not knowing quite what to do. "Are you sure this'll be OK?" I asked. "Yeah, it'll be fine. You'll see." Ryosuke gave me this reassuring smile. I wanted so much to make him happy, but this... I pressed my back up against the wall trying to hide. I stood there peering out anxiously at the street. The cars stopped coming, and it went quiet. I could hardly believe I was actually doing this, but I reached down, and unsteadily lifted my dress up and off over my head. I felt vulnerable, standing naked so close to the street. Ryosuke put his hand on my shoulder, urging me to go closer. Almost out of my head with fear, I teetered along uneasily staying as close to the wall as I could. I made it all the way to the corner, but I was so terrified I just huddled there in the shadow of the wall. A car came, and I stared at it in shock. The car went right on by without stopping. Before I could run back, another car came, and went. It looked like they hadn't seen me, but every time they drove up, my heart skipped a beat. I eventually realized that Ryosuke was taking pictures, so I stepped away from the wall, but still keeping in its shadow. He stopped to fiddle with the camera, so I ran back, and quickly pulled on my dress. "You're so cute, you know that?" He was looking through the first batch of pictures on the digital camera's screen. I could tell he wasn't completely happy. He wanted me to relax more, but that was impossible. Once he was ready, he motioned for me to walk down to the corner again. I kept my dress on this time, and squatted down peering out at the street. It was going to be hard to look relaxed if I got naked again, but anyway, I did my best. I pulled my dress off, set it down on the ground, and stood up. I thought I saw another car whiz by, and then suddenly, Ryosuke was right there. I thought someone had come, so I pressed up close against the wall, but then he just picked up my dress to move it out of the picture. I was so relieved that I moved away from the wall long enough for him to take a picture, and then hid again. I could feel the breeze on my face and skin. I was so excited. I turned my back to Ryosuke, squatted down, and leaned forward, so Ryosuke could get a shot of my behind. I thought I heard someone coming, so I ran back to where Ryosuke was, and hid behind him. It was a man walking along the street, but luckily, he didn't see us. "See I told you," Ryosuke whispered. We had been pretty lucky. I wrapped my arms around Ryosuke, taking comfort from his warmth. I didn't feel so afraid anymore. I was beginning to feel very naughty, being out here in the nude. I gave him a very soft kiss on the lips. We were both breathing heavily by then. I moved closer as if I was going to kiss him again, but instead ran away right down to the corner. I walked right to the edge to the point where I could see not just the building across from us but also the parking lot and the other buildings further down the road. My mind was reeling at the risk I was taking. I leaned forward, and put my hands on my knees sticking out my behind for Ryosuke. I was getting so high though, I wanted to step out onto the sidewalk in view of the street. I came so close. I leaned forward, almost touching the ground with my hand, but then looked back at Ryosuke, and ran my hand along the curve of my rear trying to get him excited. Looking out at the street, I spread my legs, and tried to fight back the urge to step out. I inched forward into the sunlight, but stayed close to the wall. It felt so delicious, so amazing to be there like that. I wanted so much to walk right out into the street. I was starting to lose control. I would have stepped right out into the street, but just as I lifted my foot to move forward, a car drove by, startling me. Even so, I moved further away from the wall. I was standing right in the middle of the passageway, letting Ryosuke shoot my thick bush and throbbing breasts. I realized this was a bit much, so I squatted down to hide, still standing away from the wall. I watched as one car and then another drove right past just in front of me. Ryosuke came closer, and I leaned against the corner till I was almost halfway around it. I heard some people out on the street, so I backed away. I looked back at Ryosuke, and let him take a picture of me with the people walking by in the background. That was probably the most daring shot of the lot. I knew we were asking for trouble though, so I ran back, and pulled on my dress. Ryosuke didn't say anything, but he seemed happy we'd done as much as we did. Once the people were gone, we walked back up the steps to the school. Compared with being right next to the street though, this felt like such a safe place. Being dressed again made a difference too. I was too high to worry in ny case. We took a few more shots on the grass. At one point, I took off my dress, and stepped right out into the sun, so Ryosuke could get a picture of me with all these houses behind me. It was fun, but I got dressed again before anyone came. We'd been there quite a while by then. We finally decided to get out of there before we really did get spotted. I was amazed that no one caught us. It was like there's some kind of guardian angel watching over me. It was a lot of fun. Emi Tsuruta