Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Textile Beaches By Emi Tsuruta Note: this is one in a series of posts about my life. If you'd like to know more about my friends and me, drop by my home page at: North of Oceanview, the town where I am staying in California, there is an area called El Fuego that I guess is kind of famous for its beaches. My boyfriend Ryosuke and I like to travel around taking little day trips here and there, so we started asking around to find out what there was to see there. There was almost nothing in the guidebooks, but a couple of people mentioned that it was popular with the surfing crowd, so we decided to go check it out. One spring day, we took the train up there, and got out at this one town that we'd heard was supposed to be good. They had palm trees, and some convenience stores and stuff, but actually, it was still early in the season, so a lot of the stores were closed. We picked up something to eat, and headed for the beach, but it was really windy and almost deserted. We sat there eating our lunch, then walked up the beach, but still didn't find anyone swimming. At the far north edge of town, the beach gave way to steep cliffs running along the coast. The highway cut through the cliffs, so we followed it getting further and further from the town. Cars would go by on the highway every once in a while, but other than that, it was pretty quiet. Not too far up, we found an opening in the cliffs that led onto a small beach. It had really nice soft sand and a beautiful view of the ocean. I wanted to go in swimming, so we walked along the cliff-face away from the road, till we couldn't see the cars any more. We set down our stuff on the sand. I peered back at the entrance. "Do you suppose anyone will come?" "Probably not. We're pretty far from town, and there's no place to park." I kicked off my shoes, and undid the button on my jeans. "Hey, Emi. I've got an idea." Ryosuke said all excited all of a sudden. "What?" "Could you just strip down, and let me take a few pictures?" I knew of course that this kind of thing was on his mind. The whole point of coming out this far was to get away from people. Even so, I felt a bit nervous about the idea. It was broad daylight out, and we saw quite a few cars driving on that highway coming out this way. "Are you sure it'll be safe?" I asked nodding over towards the entrance. He looked over that way obviously a bit nervous himself. "Yeah, they won't be able to see you way over here anyway." I didn't feel safe. I stood there waiting, for the longest time, eyeing the opening in the cliffs trying to tell if anyone was coming. Finally, I decided to take the chance. I peeled off my shorts and panties, and quickly stripped out of my top and bra, getting naked. I gave out a laugh, sticking out my tongue at Ryosuke, proud of my own daring. I continued to watch the entrance while he took pictures. I wandered over to the water's edge, and went in swimming for a bit, while Ryosuke sat on the sand watching my clothes. I could still see cars going by now and then, but luckily, no one stopped. I came back up, and we cuddled for a while, but I was too nervous to do anything more. I ended up getting back dressed, and we headed home. Not long after that, we began looking for other places where we could be alone. On the other side of town, not far from Ryosuke's place, there is this long flat rocky peninsula that they've turned into this kind of park with a biking trail down the middle. One afternoon that spring, I biked down to Ryosuke's place, and the two of us set out from there. There was a lot of traffic on the shore, but I swear once we were half way out the peninsula, all you could see was the ocean stretching out on both sides - no people at all. I was getting tired of biking, so we stopped, and climbed down onto the big rocks on the shore. There was no beach, but we found a little place to sit shielded from the path by this big boulder. We could still see the shore of the mainland in the distance, but we were too far way now for people to see us. Ryosuke suggested I strip naked again. I was pretty nervous, but I finally took my clothes off. I felt self-conscious though, so I squatted down at the water's edge playing in the water with my hand. Ryosuke took a few pictures, but then he suggested we head back up, and bike some more. I went to get my clothes, but Ryosuke was holding them keeping them from me. "Hey! Give those back!" "You look so cute like that," he smiled. "You should just ride naked." He'd left my shoes and socks, so I pulled those on. I felt absolutely silly standing here naked. He started climbing up the embankment, taking my clothes with him. "Hey!" I shouted after him. I couldn't just stand here though, so I climbed up after him. I finally made it back up to the trail, shielding my eyes from the bright sun with one hand and covering my pussy with the other. "Ryosuke!" "There's no one around, I swear. Take a look." He held out his binoculars for me. I gave him a dirty look, but took them from him. While I was scanning the horizon, he patted me on my bare bottom. "You have such a great body." I pushed his hand away, and continued to scan. I found a couple on the beach on the mainland, but I don't think there was anyone out here on the peninsula. I still felt terribly exposed. "Come on. Let's go," he said stuffing my clothes into the satchel on his bike. I gave him back his binoculars, but begged once more, "Can I have my clothes?" "It won't be that bad. We can bike out to the end. There is no one out there." I wanted to tell him about the people, but they were off in the opposite direction. Ryosuke kept egging me to try, so reluctantly I got on my bike. The leather bike seat felt so strange between my legs. The round nub at the front rubbed against my hello kitty, getting me all excited. Ryosuke noticed me fooling with it, and smirked. "What? I'm just... I'm just..." I wanted to deny it, but I was mainly trying to get it to stop rubbing against my hello kitty. It was getting me all excited. I couldn't calm down, but Ryosuke noted that we should keep moving, and soeventually, we back out, me going firsthe motioned for me to go first. I think mainly he wanted to ogle my bare bottom as I pedaled along. More than Ryosuke though, I was worried about other people. I kept glancing around to see if there was anyone hidden away behind the rocks. The saddle was driving me crazy though, so I had to stand up to stay in control. We bicycled all the way out to the end of the peninsula. To tell you the truth, I was really starting to enjoy biking around naked. We got off, and rested a bit sitting down on the rocks. I asked Ryosuke for my clothes back, but I guess he could tell I was starting to feel more at ease. He made me go on ahead towards the shore this time. I was so worried that we might bump into bikers or someone coming the other way. Before we'd biked too far, I suddenly noticed a fisherman up ahead on the shore just a bit off the trail. I slowed down at first, but eventually, just pedalled on by. Ryosuke said he turned to look once he saw me, but luckily, he didn't come after us. More worried than ever, I looked back at Ryosuke, but he just shrugged. I couldn't understand how he could be so blase. My heart was beating away like a trip hammer. It got even worse as we bicycled nearer to the mainland. I kept begging Ryosuke to give me back my clothes, but clearly he was enjoying tormenting me. The rocks changed to grassy hills, and it was almost impossible to tell who might be around the next bend. We finally came to a restroom, so I slammed on the brakes gazing around terrified. There was a group of people just ahead having a barbecue, so I quickly got off my bike, and dashed into the girl's washroom. I waited there for a while, and eventually, I heard the sound of a bicycle pull up, probably Ryosuke. "What's happening? Did they see me?" I called out. "No. I don't think they were watching." Thank goodness for small favours. Even so, I could hear their voices not so far away. It sounded like they were talking Chinese. I was really panicking now, not at all comfortable standing here naked so close to all these young picnicers. "Can I have my clothes back?" I called out. Ryosuke didn't answer. Cautiously I moved closer to the wide open doorway, trying to see what was going on. My bike was still there, and so was Ryosuke's, but he'd wandered off somewhere, leaving me hanging. I brushed back my hair, trying to calm down, but my face was burning hot, my hello kitty tingling like crazy. Why on earth had I agreed to this in the first place? This is just so silly. Eventually, Ryosuke came back. He'd been watching the Chinese group, making sure I guess that they hadn't seen me. He finally dug out my clothes, and gave them back to me. I was so relieved to get back dressed. Even when I came back out, I still felt embarrassed worried that they had seen me. I got back on my bike, and we hightailed it out of there. After that close call, I was a good girl for the rest of the day. Eventually, I calmed down enough to see the humor. It was kind of funny. That was definitely the first time I'd ever gone biking naked. Later that spring, I heard from my friend Erika in Hawaii that she was getting into snorkeling. I told Ryosuke about it, and we went shopping, and bought snorkels, fins, masks and an underwater camera. Ryosuke did some research, and found some beaches south of Oceanview where the water was supposed to be crystal clear. His next day off, we headed down there to try. The beach was pretty far from the train station, but it was getting closer to the high season, so we saw more people than we had up at El Fuego. Even so, the beach was on a little cove with a line of trees blocking the view from the road. Luckily, there weren't that many people on the beach. There were no change rooms, but Ryosuke and I had our swimsuits on under our clothes, so we just stripped off, hid our clothes, and then got all suited up. You end up walking like a penguin when you wear fins. The water felt really cold at first. I also found it hard to breathe in the snorkel, but as I swam around, I slowly got more used to it. The ocean bottom was all pebbly, but the water was clear, and we did see the odd colorful fish now and then. Ryosuke kept taking breaks to go up for air, but once I'd gotten used to how the snorkel worked, I was able to stay in for longer. We ended up swimming down to the far end away from the entrance to the beach to where it was more deserted. Ryosuke motioned for me to come up for air. He lifted up his mask, and said, "Do you think you could..." He just left the question hanging, but I knew what he was suggesting. He wanted me to take off my bikini. I scanned the beach looking for people, but it looked like they were mostly back near the entrance. Hiding deep in the water, I undid the straps on my bikini, and handed it to Ryosuke. I was nervous of course, but the water did feel good on my naked skin. Even if it was a bit cold, my whole body felt electrified, charged up to be naked out here. I went back underwater, and swam around while Ryosuke took pictures of me with his camera. It was hard to read his expression because of the snorkel, but I'm sure he must have been pretty excited too. I tried all kinds of different poses, stretching out and turning over, so he could take shots of my body from all different angles. I felt like a supermodel on a deserted island paradise doing a big photo shoot. Before we'd been out there long, I suddenly noticed we had company. I guess we sort of knew this beach was famous for divers, but we'd both gotten so wrapped up in shooting the photos that we hadn't even noticed this scuba diver. I looked to Ryosuke for my bikini, but he didn't have it. It was off floating in the water, and even worse, the scuba guy got to it before we could! At first, I was really afraid because here I was out here naked in just my fins and a mask, and this guy had my only cover. I hid behind Ryosuke, who kept waving for the guy to give the bikini back. The guy refused though, and made this hand gesture for us to continue with the photo shoot! I was horrified, but after thinking about it for a while, I realized he probably just wanted to watch. It was obvious that Ryosuke was my boyfriend, and really what could the guy do anyway, all suited up in his scuba gear? I finally nodded to Ryosuke that it was OK, and swam back out from behind him. The guy seemed suitably impressed. I guess it's not every day you run into a naked girl while scuba diving. I swam around as I had before, a bit embarrassed, but slowly warming to the situation. It was kind of fun showing off for this guy, and he even started clapping to show his appreciation. I was starting to feel cold though and a bit tired, so I swam over to him to ask again for my bikini back. He'd apparently gone soft on me by then, and gave it back without a fight. I pulled it back on while he watched. We didn't hang around to talk to the guy or anything, but you could tell he'd enjoyed my show. On our way home, Ryosuke showed me the pictures he'd taken. He was joking about posting them to the web, but I think I finally managed to talk him out of it. Exams were coming up, so I had to settle down a bit, and concentrate on school. It wasn't till almost a month later, that Ryosuke and I got a chance to go the beach again. He'd been busy too with work and stuff, but then on one of his days off, he came over. We didn't have any plans really, so I suggested we just walk down to the beach to see what was going on. I'd gone swimming at the beach a few times with my friend Satomi and them, but with Ryosuke, I thought we could just walk along the boardwalk, and enjoy the sea air. It was starting to get really hot out, and usually there's a bit more of a breeze down by the lakeshore. We walked down, and finally came to the beach nearest my house. We bought some popsicles in the convenience store, and then slowly walked along the boardwalk looking for a place to sit down. Before long, we came to a stretch shaded by some trees at the back of the beach. I got Ryosuke to hold my popsicle, and got out a ground sheet, and we spread it out on the sand. We sat down, and finished off our popsicles. Ryosuke picked out a blade of tall grass, and lay back chewing on it. I sat there for a while looking out at the ocean. Now that we were here, I kind of wanted to go in swimming, but I'd left my swimsuit at home. This part of the beach never gets very crowded, but we were inside the city limits now. Just to the right, there was this man sitting at a picnic table watching his kids playing in the surf. Further down the beach on the left, there was another guy, barefoot squatting down throwing pebbles out into the ocean. Neither of them seemed too interested in us. Way off in the distance, I could see a few other people, but they were so far away I couldn't really see them too well. "I'm hot," I complained. "That's summer for you," Ryosuke replied calmly. He was in one of his lazy moods. I guess he was tired from work, but I didn't really want to just lie here all day. "I want to go in swimming," I announced. He pulled down his sunglasses, and looked over at me more seriously now. "Did you bring your swimsuit?" "No, it's back at the house." "What? You want to walk all the way back home?" "No, no, I just..." I kind of wanted to go in skinny-dipping again, but this time, there were these people around. This wasn't a nude beach or anything. There are a couple of unofficial nude beaches in town, but this wasn't one of them. I couldn't help wondering what these guys would think though if I stripped off, and went in swimming. It wouldn't seem too weird, would it? I vaguely remember reading somewhere that it was OK to go nude on the beaches in San Diego county. (You'd better check it though. I might be wrong). Ryosuke glared right at me for a while with this funny look on his face. "What?" I asked feigning innocence. "You're going to go in skinny-dipping here?" "I... I... I don't know." We both looked over at the father sitting at the picnic table, trying to guess how he would react. He looked pretty mild-mannered, wearing glasses and long trousers. Ryosuke looked back at me. "All right, you're on." "What?" "I dare you to strip in front of this guy." "I never said..." "Oh, c'mon Emi. I know you want to do it. That would be, like so amazing." I gazed down at my jeans and t-shirt. Of course, the scuba diver had seen me naked, but actually, I usually don't strip in front of people, especially not people I've never met before. It doesn't feel right somehow. Still it did sound exciting. He didn't look like the type who'd call the police or anything. Maybe it will be alright if I just go in for a quick dip. I gave Ryosuke a brave smile, and stood up. I was still a bit worried about the barefoot guy and the other people down the beach. He had his back to us, but he wasn't all that far away. I guess he looked harmless enough though. Anyway, I backed up toward the trees trying to hide behind them. Unfortunately , they didn't really offer much cover. The nearest one had a thin bent trunk like a big bonsai, and its leaves were all further up in the air. I began to wonder if this was such a good idea. I couldn't just strip here on the beach out in the open like this, could I? I kicked off my sandals, and undid the belt and button on my jeans, but then just waited there for a long time seeing if either of the two guys noticed. The father was still watching his kids, and the other guy had waded out into the sea a bit. I looked down at Ryosuke. He had this big grin on his face, egging me on. I finally got up my nerve, and started pulling down my jeans. I had all these butterflies in my tummy, and I was really starting to regret having suggested the whole thing. What kind of person strips naked on a public beach in broad daylight? I hope I don't end up regretting this later. I got my jeans off, but it looked like no one had noticed. I felt a little offended even. Here I am stripping, and these guys aren't even paying attention. I slid my hands into my panties, and pulled them down. I was getting so excited stripping out of my panties on the beach, feeling the gentle sea breeze on my pussy. I stepped out of my panties, and held them up peering down at my naked pussy. My t-shirt hung loosely around my slender waist, falling just around my bellybutton and not covering much of anything. I was still nervous, but I was absolutely thrilled I'd got up the nerve to go through with this. Here I was standing here half-naked on the beach. Shaking slightly from the excitement, I squatted down, folded my jeans and panties, and put them away in my backpack. I was so worked up. The sensation of being naked with these people right nearby was just too delicious. I was in heaven. I reached over, and picked up my popsicle stick and wrapper, and gestured for Ryosuke to hand me his. He guffawed, staring in wonder at my bare behind, amazed that I seemed so relaxed about the whole thing. I tried not to let on, but I was actually getting incredibly turned on. It was such a rush to be naked like this with people so close by, even if they hadn't noticed me yet. He gave me the empty popsicle package, and continued staring as I stood up. "Where are you going?" he asked. "I'm just going to throw this out." I looked this way and that, and finally spotted a trash can on the other side of the picnic bench where the father was sitting. I looked down at Ryosuke for reassurance, and then started walking along the tree line toward the father. He noticed me coming, and turned this way looking first at my face and then down at my pussy. I bowed my head down trying to hide my face in my long black hair, but I kept on walking right towards him. I started to breathe deeply unable to hold back my excitement. What on earth am I doing? I hope he doesn't think I'm some kind of nymphomaniac or something. I walked past him without saying anything, and I could feel his eyes on my bare bottom as I walked away. The trees came to an end, and my heart sped up as the boardwalk and the road came into view. There were cars driving by and a long row of seaside inns and houses stretching up around the bay. I was shocked to realize we were so close to civilization. I felt terribly exposed standing there in just my short t-shirt, so I quickly hightailed it back toward Ryosuke. The father was still staring straight at me obviously stunned to see me roaming around naked. I quickly walked past him, but then the barefoot guy turned this way, and saw me. He was holding something in his hand, and as I drew closer I suddenly realized it was a camera. I kicked off my sandals, and squatted down on the groundsheet, trying to tell if he'd realized I was naked. "He's got a camera!" I pointed out to Ryosuke. The guy was looking over this way with this curious expression on his face. It looked like he had got a look at my pussy before I squatted down, but couldn't believe his eyes. "Woops!" I exclaimed, shivering a bit at my predicament. He was watching me very carefully now, but at least he wasn't coming any closer. I look down at Ryosuke, motioning in the guy's direction, and eventually Ryosuke got up, and went over to talk with him. The father was still staring at me too, at my bare bottom. I couldn't hear what Ryosuke was saying, but eventually, the guy put away his camera. Ryosuke came strolling back, not too worried. "What did you tell him?" I asked. "That you are nympho exhibitionist who gets off on flashing her body at poor innocent bystanders." I glared at him, but he obviously wasn't serious. "Relax. I just told him to put away his camera." I guess this was the main thing I wanted, but whatever it was that Ryosuke had said, the guy was still watching me pretty closely. I looked at Ryosuke pouting out my lips. "I don't know, Ryosuke. This is all kind of crazy, don't you think? Aren't you worried?" He glanced at the two guys watching, but then shrugged. "It'll be fine. The only reason they're staring is 'cause your acting like it's such a big deal. Just relax, and pretend you do it all the time." The way he said this made it sound reasonable. I ever so slowly gathered up my nerve, and pulled up my t-shirt. I guess I still knew the whole idea was crazy, but some part of me wanted to test it, see what would happen. I pulled off my t-shirt, and undid my bra squatting there naked for a moment. I flashed Ryosuke this big smile, but inside I still felt kind of afraid. Not wanting to let it show, I stood up, and walked confidently toward the water. I turned around, giggling and gesturing for Ryosuke to follow. He got up, and came down with me to the water's edge, but waited there while I went in. Both the father and the barefoot guy were standing there, staring at me, astonished. I didn't feel so bad really. Neither of them looked like they were going to call the police, and even if they did, it was probably legal anyway. Maybe I should try this more often. I swam around for a while, but actually I felt almost like I was cheating, hiding out in the water like this, so eventually I came back out. The barefoot guy was covering his face, shocked I guess to see me parading around naked like this. Even the father's kids had noticed me now, and came out to ask him what was going on. I wish I could have heard what he told them. Ryosuke had gone back to lie on the towel, so I came up, and stood at Ryosuke's feet. I was kind of enjoying teasing them all. Ryosuke couldn't stop grinning either. I didn't want to tempt fate though, so eventually I got back dressed. That was like the most amazing day though really. I can still remember the expressions on those guys' faces. The whole thing was just priceless. In general, since then, I've tried not to go that far, but on the other hand, it is probably true that since then, I have felt more confident about getting naked even when people are around. I used to be pretty terrified of the whole idea. Emi Tsuruta