Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. A Hot Spring with my Old Classmates By Emi Tsuruta Note: this is one in a series of posts about my life. If you'd like to know a bit more about me and my friends and what we've been doing, please drop by my home page at: Not so long ago, I was telling you about my visits to the sentou (bathhouse) with my friend Michiyo and sister Norika. There we ran into a boy named Naoya whom Michiyo and I went to school with. Naoya wasn't the most handsome guy, but he did have a good-natured goofiness and brassiness that grew on you. He talked about organizing some kind of reunion with our old high school friends, and not long after that, we got a call from him saying he'd set it all up. We were to go to a sukiyaki restaurant in Fujisawa, not far from my parents' house. That day as I was getting ready, I found some of the pictures I'd taken my last trip to Japan when my friends Michiyo, Debbie and I went to Yugawara hot spring. That last morning, Michiyo and I had taken pictures of each other naked in the outdoor bath. Michiyo is normally so shy, but it was a hot spring after all, and I was taking pictures of everything. She looked so embarrassed with her cheeks all red, but she did look quite fetching in the nude. She has these long bangs that shade her eyes, and a long slender face a bit like a beauty from the old woodblock prints. I pulled out the photos of me, and hid them away in a drawer, but put the rest in an envelope to take along. I hadn't really shown them to Michiyo yet, so I thought she might like to see. When I got to Fujisawa station, there were six of us: me, Michiyo, another girl named Yuna and three boys: Naoya, whose parents ran the sentou, brainy Morisawa and a night school student Yuuji. In high school, Michiyo, Yuna and I were pretty close. Michiyo was the smart one, but a bit reserved. Yuna was flightier, but also more assertive, more of a go-getter. Yuna was really into boys, but I don't think she ever dated anyone in high school. Our relationships with the boys were a bit more complex. Sometimes I wondered if Naoya had a crush on me, but it was hard to take him seriously, and in any case, I had a boyfriend at the time. It was kind of obvious that Morisawa was soft on Michiyo. Yuuji wasn't even in our class, but we kept running into him, and there seemed to be something between him and Michiyo. He was tall and handsome, and had this sort of smoldering quality about him. Michiyo's parents were dead set against Yuuji though - they thought he was a troublemaker, even though he wasn't. I'd kept in touch with Michiyo, but I hadn't seen the rest of them for ages. Michiyo and Naoya were studying in local universities in the Shounan coastal area, while the other three had gone off to big city Tokyo. The boys seemed more mature perhaps, but otherwise the same as when I knew them in high school. Yuna, on the other hand, was like a whole new person. She seemed much more brassy and confident now, used to the big city ways of Tokyo. She flirted a bit with Morisawa and Yuuji. Michiyo looked offended, but I was pretty sure Yuna didn't mean anything by it. It looked like she flirted with all men now. Meeting them brought back memories of my shyer childhood. I'd changed too. Morisawa led us down into this dark sukiyaki restaurant, where we got a compartment all to ourselves. I took off my coat, and pulled my sweater over off my head, accidentally flashing them my bare tummy. Michiyo gave me one of her looks, but I hadn't done it on purpose. I could tell the boys were watching me though, showing more interest in me than before. Michiyo, Yuna and I sat on one side of the table and the boys on the other. After we'd ordered, I got out the pictures, and showed them to Michiyo. She freaked out of course when she saw that I'd brought ones of her naked. She grabbed them away from me, and tried to hide them, but that got everyone interested in what we were fighting about. "It's no big deal. You should show them," I teased. Naoya got up, came over, and managed to grab a couple away from her. "Wow!" he exclaimed when he saw. Michiyo always used to be like the shyest one, so I guess he must have been pretty surprised. Michiyo tried to grab them away from him, but he tossed them at Morisawa and Yuuji, and they got a look too. Yuuji eventually gathered them up, and gave them back to Michiyo, but Morisawa and Naoya were sort of staring at her now, perhaps a bit shocked that she would do such a thing. "When'd you take those?" Naoya asked. "Last time I was back. The two of us went to a hot spring with one of my American friends." "Hey! That's an idea! Why don't the group of us all go to a hot spring together?" Naoya enthused all excited now. Michiyo was nervously trying to jam the photos back into the envelope. I knew that Michiyo probably wouldn't want to go, but the six of us hadn't seen each other for ages. We had a lot to catch up on. This would be like the perfect chance. "Yeah, yeah, that's a good idea," I echoed. "Come on, Michiyo, Yuna. Let's go. That would be fun, don't you think?" Yuna said sure, but it took a bit of convincing to get Michiyo on board. Her parents would be dead set against it, but I got her to tell them she was going with Yuna and I, just the girls. Over the next couple of days, Naoya phoned a few places, and managed to get us a reservation at the famous Takaragawa hot spring in Gunma. I'd been to Gunma before but never there. Naoya said that it's supposed to be one of the biggest hot springs in all of eastern Japan. Anyway, before long, the day came. The six of us met at Ofuna train station, and headed north from there. The boys were all excited at the prospect of bathing together, but there was no way that Michiyo would agree to that. Still, it would be fun. I love hot springs. I'd just gotten back from a trip with my cousin Namie to the west of Japan. Gunma is sort of up in the mountains and more rustic than a lot of the places Namie and I went. The inn Naoya booked, Ousenkaku, turned out to be really nice. Michiyo, Yuna and I stayed in one room, and the boys in another. Our room had a private bath and an alcove with a nice view out the window of the Takara River. It was winter, so there were no leaves on the trees, and the forest looked kind of grey, but it had a tranquil sort of beauty, very Japanese I guess. The boys came over to our room saying they wanted us to come check out the outdoor baths. I was still unpacking, so I told them to go on ahead. I sat down in the chair by the window, and watched as the five of them walked across the bridge and up the path into the trees. It was cold outside, but our room was warm. As soon as they were gone, I started undoing my cardigan getting ready to take a shower. Soon, I was naked. I pulled out my camera, and sat by the window looking through the viewfinder, wondering if I'd get any good pictures this time. I thought back to the times I'd been to hot springs with my boyfriend Ryosuke. Soon though, there came a rap at the door. "Excuse me." It was one of the inn maids. I quickly dug out a yukata to pull on. "Uh yes," I called back, my voice wavering a bit. "We were just wondering what time you would like supper. Six o'clock?" "Yeah, sure. That would be fine." Heavens, she scared me. At first, I thought it was Naoya and them. Even after she was gone, I breathed in deeply trying to calm down. I'd better be more careful about sitting around the room naked. I had a shower, dried off, and pulled on the yukata. Soon, Michiyo and them were back from outside, excited about what they'd seen. Yuna babbled on cheerily about the four baths: Maka no yu, Hannya no yu, Maya no yu and Kotakara no yu. Maya no yu was reserved for women, and the other three were co-ed. Naoya was joking that we should come into the co-ed ones with them. I didn't think the idea was that crazy. Naoya for one had seen me naked before at his parents' sentou. It was hard to tell how Yuna felt about all this. She seemed more open than ever, but perhaps I was reading too much into her flirtiness. Eventually, Michiyo told them that we were going down to the women's bath instead. It was still broad daylight out after all, and I guess it would be a bit much for the three of us to be out there naked with Naoya and them. The others showered, and got changed into their yukatas and haori (a cotton coat). We walked with the boys across the bridge and up the stone path through the woods. There was a bit of snow on the ground, but the sun was out, so that had warmed things up a bit. The boys headed down into Maka no yu. We could see its tiled roof off to the right, and it kind of looked empty, but I knew there was no way I'd be able to talk Michiyo into joining the boys. Michiyo, Yuna and I followed the path up the hill past Hannya no yu, and then back down towards the river where we finally found the entrance to Maya no yu. I pointed to a sign saying no men allowed, and Michiyo smiled obviously happy. I think I read somewhere that it used to be co-ed too, but I didn't tell them this. The change room wasn't terribly big, but it was enclosed on all four sides, a welcome change to the out-in-the-open ones at a lot of the baths. I quickly pulled off my haori and yukata, and dashed out - naked - to the bath. The water wasn't that hot, but it definitely took the edge off. I waded down to the far end, and peeked out around the bamboo partition towards the bridge. "Careful! Someone will see you!" Michiyo warned, coming out wrapped in a towel. "There's no one around. Come down, and see. You can see the whole river from here." I was excited I guess, happy to be outside in such a beautiful place. Michiyo came down, but stared down at my naked body obviously still worried that someone was watching. "Relax. Look." She finally looked, and smiled at the view. It was beautiful. Yuna came out, and eventually, the two of them took off their towels, enjoying the feeling of the warm water on our naked flesh. Unfortunately, after we'd been there a while, I heard some twigs snap in the trees up above. All three of us turned, scanning the hill to see if anyone was there. Yuna who was sitting on the pool's edge, slid down into the water to hide. Michiyo motioned for me to do the same, but I was curious. Was it the boys come to spy on us? Or maybe some local peeping tom? I nervously stepped up onto the deck standing naked out in the open. Soon, I caught sight of what looked like a black haori up in the trees above. "Naoya, is that you?" I called up into the shadows. Michiyo hit me on the ankle, trying to get me to come back to the bath. I was torn, a bit excited to be standing out here naked, but a bit frightened too. I finally came back to the bath, and hid. It was getting near suppertime, so soon we got out, pulled our yukatas back on, and headed back to the inn. We bumped into the boys on our way. They looked a bit disappointed by their bath, but I took this as a sign that they hadn't been the ones spying on us. I felt a bit embarrassed now. Some stranger had seen me naked. I'd half assumed it was Naoya or one of them who'd been spying on us. If I'd known it was someone else, I would have been more careful. After supper, we played ping pong, and then cards in the boys' room for a while. I must admit I was feeling in a bit of a frisky mood. I didn't have any underwear on under my yukata. Morisawa and Naoya kept peering over at Michiyo. Feeling a bit jealous, I started in. "Morisawa, in high school, you used to have the worst crush on Michiyo, didn't you?" He shook his head no, but you could tell from the way he was blushing that he definitely did. "Oh, come on. We've all seen the way you look at her." Michiyo gave me a sharp look, urging me to leave him alone, so I settled back down. "Sorry," I whispered. "Let's play yakyuuken," Naoya suggested. Yakyuuken is a stripping game based on rock paper scissors. You choose one, and hold out your hand. Paper covers rock. Rock breaks scissors. Scissors cuts paper. The loser has to take off a piece of clothing until someone is naked. "I can't play," I lamented. "I'm not wearing any panties." Suddenly, the boys all turned to look at me, wide-eyed. "Oops," I gulped. "I don't think Yuna is either," I told them, just making matters worse. Worried that the boys might try something, Yuna and I got up, and ran away. We ran back to our room, but Naoya came chasing after us, so we had to hold the door to keep him out. When Michiyo came, Naoya backed off, but in my excitement, I yelled out, "Take a cold shower!" Some other guests came out of their rooms to see what the racket was, but eventually, Yuuji came out, and took Naoya back to their room. Michiyo, Yuna and I lay out on the tatami mats for a while, panting. Eventually, the inn got a lot quieter, and you could tell most people were going to sleep. "Do you want to go down, and check out the other baths?" I whispered. Yuna nodded. I picked up my camera, and when the two of us set out, Michiyo came running after. "Hey, wait for me!" We checked Maka no yu, but it looked like there was someone in there, so we ended up walking all the way back to the women-only spring, Maya no yu, again. We stayed there for a while, but it was getting quite late by then, so we ended up heading across the river to Kotakara no yu. Luckily, there wasn't anyone there. It was kind of out in the open. You could see the whole thing from the bridge. Michiyo and Yuna hung by the entrance for a while. Still, it was dark out, and there didn't seem to be anyone around, so I stripped naked, and went in. Eventually, Yuna came in too, and finally Michiyo. "We should have invited the boys," I teased. "Are you crazy? You saw them back there!" Michiyo protested. "But aren't you curious to see what they look like? Their bodies have changed too." "They act like children!" "Yeah, Naoya does. The other two I'm not so sure. What do you think Yuna?" She'd sunk down into the water so deep you couldn't even see her mouth, but her eyes sparkled with this mischievous gleam. Eventually, she came back up, but she still wouldn't tell us her opinion. "Do you still like Yuuji?" I asked Michiyo. I guess they'd never really been a couple, but I don't think breaking it off was Michiyo's idea. Her dad is usually such a nice guy. I don't know why her parents were so dead set against Yuuji. I guess they think he isn't good enough for their daughter. He seemed nice enough to me, from what I knew of him. "Anyway, Emi, you've got to settle down. I don't know what's got into you lately. Showing them those pictures of me!" "Sorry. I just think you should loosen up a little. You're so lucky really. I bet Morisawa and Yuuji are both still in love with you." She blew her bangs up with a puff of air, trying to pretend like it wasn't true. "Anyway, let's go check out Hannya no yu," I suggested. I got up out of the bath, but my body was still warm from the hot water. I wrapped my towel around me, and slid on my tabi socks and sandals, carrying my yukata and haori over my arm. "What are you doing?" Michiyo asked. "It's freezing out." "I feel warm enough. It's just across the river." It's true. It was a bit cold, but for some reason I was starting to get all excited. It's not so often I get to walk around outside in a towel like this. Half way across the bridge, I set down my things, and raised my arms in the air savoring the feeling of the wind on my bare skin. "Wooo! It's fun. Try it," I told them. Yuna set down her stuff, and lifted her arms up too. I was starting to feel cold though, and my towel was starting to unravel. Right in the middle of the bridge, I took it off, standing there naked for a moment as I quickly shook out my yukata, and pulled it on. "What are you doing?" Michiyo yelled, scandalized that I would strip out in the open like this. "Relax. No one saw me." "How can you be so sure? There was someone watching us earlier." "Nooo...," I objected, not quite able to deny it. "Anyway, come on. Let's go." Hannya no yu was right on the riverside. In the daytime, it must be quite nice, but at night, it was more than a little spooky. We could see the dark woods across the river, and Michiyo was all worried that someone might be watching us. We just went in for a few minutes, then left, and made our way back to Maka no yu. It was on the river as well, and shielded by some pine trees. The women's changing room was so small we could hardly all fit in it at the same time. I motioned for them to go ahead, and hung around in the entrance. We were getting pretty close to the inn. I squinted out into the darkness wondering if I could see the boys' room from here. Have they gone to sleep, or are they up waiting for us to come back? Before too long, a middle-aged guy in glasses came walking along the path. I peered into the change room, but Michiyo and Yuna had already gone into the bath. Oh shoot. Maybe I'd better warn them. He smiled good-naturedly when he saw me, and bowed a greeting. "Good evening," he called out. I bowed back, my mind racing thinking what to do. He seemed harmless enough, not overly concerned to see me here. He went into the guys' side, and I went into the girls, debating what to do. Out the door, I could see that Michiyo and Yuna had set their towels down on the deck, and were bathing naked. It was quite dark out, but there was light coming from the change rooms and the gazebo at this end. Michiyo peered over this way perhaps sensing something was up. I tensed, watching and waiting. Soon, the guy came out wearing his glasses, a little towel around his waist and not much else. He seemed surprised of course to see the two of them there, stark naked gawking up at him. They quickly crouched down hiding their bodies in the water, a bit afraid I guess. Even from here, I could still see their pink skin. He adjusted his glasses, gave a little bow in apology, but proceeded to kneel down, scoop up water with his basin, and pour it on his naked body. Michiyo looked over plaintively at her towel next to where he was kneeling. Yuna motioned for her to back off, and the two of them moved down to the far end of the bath, further away from their towels. He raised his hand in apology, and then got into the bath himself. I watched this whole scene with mixed feelings. I could clearly understand why Michiyo and Yuna looked so afraid. None of us knew this guy. For all we knew, he could even be the peeping tom from earlier... but then again, he didn't really look the type. He was trying hard to act calm, but actually you could tell he was surprised to find these two beautiful girls naked out in the bath. I looked down at my camera wondering what I should do. It's hard to explain why, but I was starting to feel horny. Finally, I decided that rather than stay here watching, I should go out there, and maybe try to get a picture somehow. I untied my yukata, and shook it off standing there naked for a moment. I glanced down at my towel, but eventually decided just to leave it here. I picked up my camera, and stood hiding in the door for the longest time trying to get up the nerve to step out. What would I say? How would I explain? I finally just took a deep breath, and stepped out onto the deck. The guy looked at me, and his eyes opened wide in shock. He stared in amazement at my pussy. I was so excited. I knew I should say something, but all flustered, I turned directly toward him, and asked, "Do you think you could maybe take our picture?" He seemed even more surprised by this. He looked at my body and then over at Michiyo and Yuna. I was so excited I was shivering. Michiyo and Yuna looked at me like I was out of my head, but I motioned for them to come back this way. They both seemed vaguely scared, but I didn't feel threatened at all. The guy appeared to be a good sort, a bit shy maybe and embarrassed himself by the situation. I held the camera out, and nodded for him to take it. He continued to stare at my naked body, but eventually took my camera. I walked over next to him, and showed him which button to press and how to control the zoom. He seemed more interested in my hips than the camera, but he finally nodded that he understood. Michiyo was glaring at me, but Yuna had seized the chance to scoot over, and fetch her towel. "Uh, Emi. Maybe you'd better cover up," Yuna suggested pulling her towel on. "I'm OK," I told her. I was trying to act like it was no big deal, but actually, the guy kept staring in amazement at my tits and pussy. "Come on, Michiyo. You have to get in the picture too." Michiyo hung there for a moment, hesitating, but finally stood up wading over to her towel, letting the guy see. She looked so embarrassed, but you should have seen this guy. He looked awestruck, unable to believe his luck. Michiyo actually has a great body for a girl so smart. Yuna, Michiyo and I took our places side by side, the two of them in their towels and me still naked. The guy looked perplexed at how I could be so calm, but he finally took a couple of shots, and handed me back the camera. "Thanks," I blushed. Michiyo was all freaked out though, so eventually they dragged me back to the change room. "Don't do that, you hear," Michiyo hissed. I just nodded obediently. The next morning, I woke up early all keyed up for another run at the baths. I got Yuna up, but Michiyo just mumbled something, and went back to sleep. Yuna and I quickly got ready, and headed down to Maka no yu, the first co-ed bath. It was such a beautiful morning out, the sun shining bright in the blue sky. We peeked into the bath, and saw two other girls in bikinis already there, but no guys. I stripped off my yukata, and debated whether to take a towel with me, but finally decided to leave it in the change room. Yuna wavered, but eventually left her towel too, and followed me out. I felt vaguely embarrassed about coming out onto the deck naked, but the two girls didn't object. Yuna kept giggling away, self-conscious I guess, but at the same time, she seemed to be enjoying being naked too. We poured some water on our bodies, and got into bath, squatting down to hide. Before long, Yuna looked back at change rooms, and her face turned pale. I glanced over, and saw Naoya and Morisawa coming out of the guys' change room, these little towels wrapped around their waists. Yuna and I quickly backed away, but they clearly knew it was us. The other two girls got up, and went back to the girls change room leaving us to face the boys alone. At first, they got in, and kept their distance, but soon Naoya called over to us. "Lovely morning, huh?" Yuna was giggling away embarrassed no end to be caught naked. We chatted fairly normally for a while, but the water was quite hot, and I was beginning to feel a bit light-headed from the heat. I fanned my face, and the boys noticed. "Are you hot?" Naoya asked with a straight face. "Yeah, a little." "You've been in for a little while. We just got here," he smiled. Morisawa stood up. I looked away, but Yuna took a peek at his penis, and then giggled, pointing it out to me. Morisawa was in surprisingly good shape too. He had been on the soccer team in high school. I didn't know what to make of all this though. I'd never really pictured myself going out with either of them, but there was an undeniable sexual tension in the air. Trying to cool down, I backed up onto this ledge, accidentally showing them my nipples. They didn't make a big deal about it, but I was getting excited. Eventually, I nodded to Yuna, and the two of us waded over, and got out of the bath. I could feel their eyes on my bare behind as I walked over to the taps. I sat down on one of the stools to wash off. Yuna leaned over, and whispered to me, "Should we ask them to scrub our backs?" I was a bit surprised at the suggestion, but I should explain that in Japan this isn't as strange as it would be in the States. My parents used to help me bathe, until it became too embarrassing. I'd lived in the States so long I'd almost forgotten how natural this was. I didn't answer immediately though, lathering up my hands instead, and washing off my breasts. I was too excited though, and eventually, I nodded yes. Yuna asked them, and they came over, Naoya babbling away a mile a minute, perhaps a bit nervous. Morisawa came up behind Yuna, and Naoya behind me, and poured water on our backs. Yuna clutched her breasts self-consciously, but I didn't cover up at first. Naoya's hands felt soft and warm on my bare back, but he was careful not to touch my buttocks cheeks. Morisawa wasn't staring, but soon he started rubbing the lather on his hands down around Yuna's hips. She slid her hand down between her legs to cover her pussy, so I finally made some effort to hide my breasts. Naoya imitated Morisawa, but touched my legs only hesitantly. The whole situation was pretty awkward, but they were surprisingly polite considering. Partly out of a sense of obligation, I offered to wash them off next. They sat down on the stools while we chatted about what had happened since high school. Things almost seemed normal, but then Yuna asked if we should wash their fronts too. She broke out giggling, so maybe she wasn't serious, but I nodded offering to wash Naoya. I don't know why, but somehow I found his shyness reassuring. He wasn't a playboy or anything. He had shown some interest in me even when we were in high school. I lathered up my hands, and he started laughing nervously too. "This is kind of embarrassing," he said hiding his penis with his hands. Yuna went around behind Morisawa to hide, but offered up her hand. He took it, and made her grip his penis, now quite erect. She was giggling absolutely hysterically now. I don't know what she was planning, but pretty clearly, he was guiding her hand up and down the shaft of his penis, getting her to jerk him off. Naoya took my hand, and made me grab his penis as well, and before I knew it I was doing the same thing. I felt guilty, ashamed. I wanted to stop, but he was holding my wrist tightly, guiding my hand up and down, up and down. His body tensed, and he was making a funny face. Almost before I knew it, this white spray came flying out of his penis up in the air. He finally let my hand go, but I was absolutely cracking up, shocked at what had just happened. Morisawa came too. I ran for the change room, and Yuna came in right behind me. She was killing herself laughing. I felt a bit ashamed, like I'd cheated on my boyfriend, but I guess it wasn't quite like that. I hadn't meant to do anything at all. It just happened. Yuna and I quickly got dressed, and headed back to our room, before the boys could catch up. I wanted to check out, and head back home as soon as possible, but Yuna kept saying I was overreacting. Neither of us told Michiyo what had happened. She would have flipped for sure. We did meet up with the boys for the bus and train ride back, but the four of us were all pretty quiet. I guess the guys realized this was just going to be a one-time thing. Thankfully, I was heading back to the States soon, so I wouldn't even see them for a while. I still feel guilty, but I guess it could have been worse. Anyway, I promised myself to be a good girl from then on. Emi Tsuruta