Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. ´>┐Orientation By Emi Tsuruta Note: this is one in a series of posts about my life. If you'd like to know more about my friends and me, drop by my home page at: Summer was almost over, but my boyfriend Ryosuke and I had managed to borrow our friend Futoshi's car. Unfortunately, for the first little while, Ryosuke was working, so we couldn't go anywhere anyway. Other stuff was going on though, so I didn't mind so much. On campus, I bumped into Yuriko, and she invited me to come to the next meeting of the Japanese Student Union. They were trying to plan what the group should do for Orientation. Everyone had all these different ideas, but eventually they decided to put on a Taiko (Japanese drum) exhibition. I don't know if you've seen it, but the drummers dress up in traditional Japanese outfits: happi jackets, fundoshi (loincloths) and hachimaki (headbands). They put on a real show banging away like anything with these big sticks on drums above their heads. They really pound hard, and it makes a deep rumbling sound, sort of like thunder almost. Kazuo, the JSU president, used to study Taiko in Japan, and he said he could get us some drums and costumes, and we could do a little show, and maybe let the passers-by try. It sounded like a fun idea, so I volunteered to be one of the drummers. I used to play around with Taiko in music class at school. I couldn't really play at all, but I can kind of imitate how real Taiko drummers do it. They stand with their feet way apart, hold the thick drumsticks above their heads, and yell a lot. I did my imitation, and everyone started laughing. They said I'd be perfect. The other 'volunteers' were all younger: the boys Tetsu and Mark, who came to the fireworks show with us, and a new girl, Ayumi. About a week before the show, Kazuo brought the drums into the JSU office, so we could all practice. Kazuo was pretty good, so he showed the rest of us how, and then we tried. Tetsu and I had done a bit of Taiko in school in Japan, but we had a hard time drumming in time with each other at first. Eventually though, we began to get the hang of it. At the end of this one long practice run, my friend Satomi and Yuriko and them all started clapping. I was so happy that we could get something going. As the day of the show drew closer, we had to figure out what we were all going to wear. Someone suggested happi coats and fundoshi (loincloths) like the drummers wear in Japan. At first, I didn't think we'd be able to get them in time, but Takuya said he knew a guy here who used to work making clothes in Japan. The next day, I got a call from Takuya asking me to meet him at the clubroom, so the tailor guy Okazaki could take my measurements. Okazaki was really young with long spiky black hair, but he pulled out these diagrams of the designs he wanted to use, and they looked pretty cool. Yuriko suggested that he make shorts instead of a fundoshi for Ayumi and me, but somehow, I ended up mentioning that I had worn a fundoshi before at a Shinto festival in Tokyo. Ayumi looked pretty embarrassed, but Okazaki didn't really say what he was going to do. He just called us over to take our measurements. I didn't know quite what to make of him. He pulled the measuring tape tight around my breasts squeezing them, and then he put his hand on my buttocks as he measured my waist. As if that weren't bad enough, he slid his hand between my legs when he went to measure my inseam. Ayumi looked even more embarrassed when he measured her, but then again I guess if we wanted him to make the uniforms, he did have to get our sizes. A week or so later, Okazaki showed up with the uniforms for us to try. The happi coats were red and black, but the ones he gave to Ayumi and me seemed shorter than the ones for the boys. I asked him about that, and he said the girls' styles are usually shorter. That wouldn't have been so bad, except that he'd brought white fundoshi for us, not shorts. I guess we could have brought our own shorts, but I figured if they were so desperate to see us in a fundoshi I could get by. It would definitely make the whole thing seem more authentic. Before Okazaki could explain how to tie up the fundoshi though, Takuya and Tetsu kind of cornered him, talking about something else. Ayumi and I gathered up our new outfits, and wandered off to look for a place to change. It was fairly late, so there didn't seem to be anyone much around in the International Center. I wandered into one of the empty rooms just next door. Ayumi peered around looking a bit worried I guess. Outside the window, it was pitch black. I casually started undoing the buttons on my blouse, and took it off. I felt kind of self-conscious standing there in just my bra, but Ayumi had started to get undressed too, so I guess she didn't find it too strange. In our high school in Japan, we often had to change in a spare classroom for gym. I reached down, and undid the button on my jeans. I undid my zipper, kicked off my shoes, and as I pulled down my jeans, I slouched down trying to hide behind this table. Suddenly, I was standing there in just my underwear, trying to figure out how to put the uniform on. I pulled on the happi jacket, so at least that covered my bra back up. You could see the frilly white lace of my bra though between the two sides of the collar at the front, so I ended up taking the bra off. This left my cleavage exposed, but I thought it looked more decent than letting everyone see my bra. I couldn't quite figure out how to tie up the fundoshi though. My friend in Japan, Miori had shown me once, but that was almost a year before, so I couldn't really remember. "How do you tie this on?" I asked Ayumi. She looked as puzzled as I was. "I don't know," she said. "You just sort of wrap it around your waist, and then pull the end between your legs, don't you?" With her standing there between me and the door, I got up the nerve to pull down my panties, and step out of them. I felt really naughty though standing here bottomless with the guys next door. I knew this was a bit much though, so I pulled on the hem of my happi jacket trying to cover up. It didn't go down much past my waist, but at least my breasts were covered. Ayumi looked a bit surprised that I would strip right here. "I thought you thread it between your legs first," I suggested showing her. Ayumi came around to my side of the table to hide, but ended up taking off her panties too. Her pubic hair was thinner than mine, and brown instead of black, but she had fairly wide hips. I lifted up my jacket at the back peeking down at my own bare behind, until Ayumi touched my arm pointing at the window. It looked like there might be someone walking by outside. I pulled the hem back down, but it was a bit too short to cover my bottom. We could hear the boys mucking around in the room next door, so we finally just wrapped the fundoshi around, and tied it on. It still felt weird the way it was wedged up between my buttocks cheeks, but at least it was more or less covering my pubic hair. We went back to show the boys, and their eyes all went wide when they saw us. I spun around to show them the back, and soon Tetsu the youngest was clutching his crotch apparently trying to hide a growing erection. Ayumi was more reluctant to show them her backside, but Okazaki snuck around behind her, and lifted the hem supposedly to check if she'd tied it right. Ayumi was blushing bright red, but trying her best to act as if it was no big deal. We practiced for a bit, but soon Ayumi and I got tired of the guys ogling our behinds, so we went back to the other room to change back into our street clothes. I actually felt like fooling around some more, but I didn't want to do anything too strange with Ayumi here. She was obviously not used to being the center of attention. We came in the next night too to practice the drum some more. I changed into my fundoshi, but Ayumi just stayed in her street clothes. After we'd been practicing for quite a while, we all started to get tired. I got a call from Ryosuke saying he was on his way, but for some reason, the guys and everyone all decided to clear out before he came. They ended up giving me the key to lock up. Eventually, Ryosuke showed up, tired too, but happy I waited for him. I showed him what we'd been practicing. I spread my legs wide, pounding on the drum. He clapped at first, but soon it became obvious his mind was on something else. He came up behind me, running his hands along my hips, and eventually tugging at my fundoshi pulling the knot undone. I kept playing pretending to ignore him, but soon he pulled my fundoshi right off, fondling my buttocks and sliding his hand between my legs searching for my pleasure zone. I was starting to get in the mood too, but before we could do anything, suddenly the door swung open. Yuriko came rushing in, and Kazuo appeared at the door. Ryosuke quickly backed away from me, acting innocent, while Yuriko searched through the desks for something she'd left behind. I glanced around for my fundoshi, but it was too late. Kazuo's eyes wandered down my back, and settled on my bare behind. I pulled my legs together, and covered up as best I could with my hands, but that just made it all the more obvious that I was naked. "Whoa!" Kazuo exclaimed, obviously shocked to find sweet innocent little me standing here bottomless. I smiled weakly, embarrassed to have been caught. Yuriko glared at Ryosuke, obviously not pleased. "We were trying to figure out how to tie on the fundoshi," I rushed to explain. I was kind of hoping Ryosuke would bail me out somehow, but he just stood there hiding his grin with his hand. Kazuo came in to get a better look at my bare bottom. "So this is why you two wanted to stay late," Kazuo smirked. I must have been blushing bright red by then. My panties and jeans were in the next room, so I picked up the fundoshi not knowing quite what to do. Ryosuke and Kazuo both looked pleased as punch, but Yuriko didn't look happy at all. "Hurry up, and get back dressed," she snarled. I didn't bother covering up my rear as I walked away, and the two boys came out to watch me. I swung my hips to and fro spinning the fundoshi in the air, almost like a stripper would, enjoying the attention. I guess I was still excited a bit from the way Ryosuke had been touching me. In the next room, I plopped my bare bottom down in a big comfy chair, and gently fingered my aching pussy. I knew the boys were just outside, but I was so turned on by then. All I needed was a few minutes... Anyway, soon, I came back out all dressed. I bowed low to Yuriko and Kazuo in apology. They were obviously pretty shocked. I pleaded with them not to tell anyone. In the end, they agreed. I felt so weird about the whole thing, but they were pretty good about it really. Ryosuke ended up giving them a ride home, and dropped me off at my place without even a kiss good night. I knew we'd have time for that later, but I felt a bit frustrated that night. The next day though, Ryosuke finally managed to get some time off work, so we planned to go out for a night on the town. I'd been so looking forward to this. With the car, we could go anywhere we wanted. I'd even bought a new outfit for the occasion, a lacy white skirt and an orange shoulder-less blouse. "That's quite the outfit," he said when he came to pick me up. "Thanks," I smiled. We got in the car, and drove downtown, but part way there he pulled into the parking lot for this park. I looked over at him shyly, but soon he leaned over, and gave me a kiss. I was a bit surprised, but I just lay back, and let him kiss me. Soon he started fondling my breasts. I was a bit worried because there were some kids playing around nearby. "Can you drop me by at the school?" I suddenly asked, trying to change the subject. "I have to pick up my registration package." He kept kissing me though, and soon he had one hand up my skirt. "Ryosuke!" I protested, but he just grinned as he pulled down my panties. I guess he was still kind of excited after our adventures the day before, but now it was broad daylight out in this public park. I finally managed to get him to stop, but not before he'd pulled my panties off. "Hey! Give those back." He just gave me a soft kiss, and started the engine again. "Ryosuke!" "You wanted me to drive you to the school, right?" I looked down a bit nervously at my skirt. The material was fairly thin, a wispy white lace, so I was worried that people would be able to see through it. We argued back and forth on the way, but he still wouldn't give me my panties back. On campus, the new term was starting soon, so there were a few other students there walking this way and that. I checked my skirt again, but Ryosuke kept assuring me that I looked decent, so I finally got out, and dashed up the steps. I soon realized though that this wasn't such a good idea. One of the guys standing by the entrance did a double-take as I walked by. In the bright sun, he must have been able to make out my pubic hair, and he turned to stare at my rear end, as I walked away. Once I got under the shade of the roof, it wasn't quite as obvious that I was commando, but I got all nervous, because there was a whole bunch of people coming this way. I used my bag to hide my pussy, but I was still worried because the guys I passed kept turning around to check out my behind. Shoot! Why did I let Ryosuke talk me into this? I sure hope I don't meet any of my Profs. Inside the light was a little dimmer, so that was a relief. I dashed past the security guard, and pressed the button for the elevator. It took forever, and soon other people came up, so I moved down to the far end, still doing my best to hide my pussy with my bag. My heart was beating a mile a minute. I glanced over my shoulder, but right behind me, there were these glass doors! Luckily, the elevator finally came, and we all got on. I soon realized I didn't know what floor the admissions office was on. I looked up at the floor guide, and finally found it. There was this clerk guy standing next to me, and he smiled at me, and then glanced down at my skirt. Even in this light, he could apparently tell I was pantiless. I was the first to get off, but when I glanced back at him, he was staring down in amazement at my bare behind. Oh god. What on earth am I doing walking around school like this? In the admissions office, there was a line up. I got in line, but soon some other students came, and lined up behind me. I moved my bag around to hide my rear, but I felt horribly exposed. My turn finally came, but I had to pull my purse away to get out the forms. I could feel the guys behind all staring down at my rear. I did my best to ignore them, and explain what I wanted to the clerk. I had to get my student card updated, so she sent me over to the counter for my department. I sat down, but the feeling of the vinyl on my bare thighs sent shivers up my spine. The guys in line were still watching me, and I was starting to feel hot. I pulled my collar tightly together to hide my cleavage. I stared up at the glaring bright lights. I must have been blushing like anything. The clerk must have noticed because she asked, "What's wrong?" "Nothing." I shook my head wishing there was somewhere I could hide. Eventually, she handed me my new card. I nodded thank you, and made a beeline for the door with all these people watching me. Luckily, I didn't run into much of anyone on my way back down. I was so relieved to get back in the car. Ryosuke asked, "How did it go?" but I just swatted him on the shoulder, too embarrassed to tell him what had happened. We finally drove downtown, and parked the car a little ways from the restaurant. "Can I have my panties back now?" "You are making a big deal over nothing. No one can tell." I don't know why he torments me like this. I was regretting wearing this skirt. It looked bad enough even with my panties on. We got out, and walked down this little side street. Before I had even realized what was happening, we walked over this grate in the sidewalk. A gust of wind blew up from below, making my skirt billow up. I rushed to fluff it back down, but there was a guy right behind us smiling at me like anything. He'd obviously gotten a good look at my bare behind. I made a frowny face, but he just laughed, a bit amazed to find me walking around like this. It looked like he wanted to say something to me, but he was with his daughter. He followed along behind us for a while, watching my hips, but when we crossed at the lights, he just stood there, grinning at his own good fortune. Ryosuke smirked over at me, amused. "Gave the guy a little peek, did you?" "Not on purpose!" I fumed. The restaurant he took me to was actually quite nice, one of the more fashionable cafes in a ritzy district of town. I wanted to sit inside, but it was summer, and they had an outdoor patio right on the street, so Ryosuke asked the Maitre D' to seat us there. I glanced around nervously, but it looked like most of the customers were too wrapped up in their own conversations to pay much attention to us. The waiter came, and took our drink order, and slowly, I managed to relax a bit. The menu was all in French and Italian: foie gras, Carpaccio and god knows what else. I ordered some fancy seafood dish, and sat back trying to enjoy the atmosphere. All the other people there were so well dressed it made me feel even more self-conscious. Ryosuke seemed at ease though, and soon we started talking about all the restaurants we'd been to and where we'd like to go next. My cell phone rang, so I fished it out of my purse. It was some guy from school who'd been pestering me. I didn't want to ruin our evening, so I just blocked the call, and put the phone away. "Who was that?" Ryosuke asked suspicious. "It was no one important. Don't worry about it." He didn't believe me though, and grabbed my purse, rifling through it looking for my cell phone. "Hey, give that back!" I squealed, standing up and leaning over the table to get it back from him. I got a hold of my purse, and soon he let go, evidently worried about something behind me. "What's wrong?" I asked. "Um, maybe you'd better sit back down," he suggested. In the rush to get my purse back, I'd completely forgotten about what I was wearing. My skirt had billowed up again, and now all these people behind me were staring at me. The couple closest to us looked the most shocked. The guy must have gotten a good look at my bare rump, but even the waiter who was standing way off by the door was grinning over at me now. I smoothed my skirt back down, and quickly sat down, but I could overhear people murmuring about me, this shameless Asian girl with no panties. It looked like one guy was phoning someone on his cell apparently to tell them about me. I did my best to act like everything was normal, but people continued to point, and whisper. "Maybe we'd better leave," I suggested. I was starting to feel very hot. "No, I think it's OK. Just relax, and try to act normal." That was easy for him to say. He wasn't the one everyone was staring at. Soon, the waiter brought our food, but then hovered there for a minute. "Is there anything else you would like?" he asked, glancing down at my purse in my lap. "Some wine perhaps with your meal." "No thanks. This is fine," Ryosuke told him. "It would be on the house," the waiter persisted. He kept eyeing me, obviously hoping for another peek. "No, that's OK," I told him, waving him away. He nodded, and eventually retreated back to his station. Some of the customers were staring at me, but slowly the whispering died down, and people started talking about other topics. Ryosuke grinned at me. "You've gotten to be quite brave, haven't you?" "This wasn't my idea," I reminded him. I knew he wanted to push things further, but I already felt embarrassed enough as it was. He finally let it be, and we went back to eating our meal. Even though we'd told him not to, the waiter brought us a free dessert, cr├"me brule or something like that. The food was all quite good. We paid the bill, and a few people watched as I left, but I hid my fanny with my purse. I was grateful when we finally managed to get away from the crowds though. Ryosuke put his arm around me, and we made it back to the car. The next day, Ryosuke was at work, so I went, and helped Kazuo and them set up the tent for our Taiko exhibition. It was out on the main field by one of the religious colleges. Then, on the morning of the show, I went down, and the whole campus was buzzing with activity. I smiled when I saw some of the other groups practicing. Everyone was all excited because of the New Year. When I got to our tent, some of the boys had already brought the drums out, and everyone was busy getting ready. Tetsu and Mark were standing there nervously adjusting their fundoshis. I smiled at them, glad to see someone else embarrassed for a change. They both looked so cute, sort of like buff young sumo wrestlers, their skin all white. Yuriko and Satomi and them were all dressed up in their yukatas, but I was still in my jeans, and there was no sign of Ayumi yet. "Where can I get changed?" I asked Kazuo. "Oh, I hadn't thought about that. Have you got your uniform?" he asked. "Yes." "I don't know. We just got changed out back, but maybe you should go find a washroom somewhere." My first thought was to ask Satomi for the key to her dorm room, but she was kind of busy talking with her true love Hiro, and I didn't want to intrude. I walked around behind the tent to the back. There was an old looking religious building just behind us, maybe some kind of seminary or dormitory or something. I looked up at the windows, but it looked dark and deserted. I wonder what they'd think if they knew Kazuo and them had been changing here on their lawn. There were other tents next to ours running both ways all the way down, but there didn't seem to be anyone else out back here. I walked along the narrow band of grass between the building and the tent, set down my backpack, and started rooting through it for my outfit. I found my happi jacket, and took it out. I pulled off my t-shirt over my head, and quickly slid my arms into the happi jacket. You could still see my bra, so I just decided to take it off again, the way I had the other night. I looked down the sides of the tent again just to make sure no one was coming. I could hear Kazuo talking with some other people just on the other side of the tent wall, and wondered if they could see my shadow. I kicked off my shoes, and pulled off both socks standing on the grass in my bare feet. I undid the button on my jeans, and stared at my shadow on the tent wall as I pulled them down. I pulled my jeans right off, and then turned sideways folding them, and tucking them away in my backpack. From inside the tent, I could hear Kazuo and them all whispering. Maybe they are watching. I slid a finger into my panties, and pulled them out of the crack of my bottom. I felt so naughty standing here knowing they might be watching me. Unable to stand the suspense, I reached down, and slid off my panties feeling a real rush as the cool morning air tickled my pussy. Just then, a priest came out of the front of the college. I squatted down, panicking, praying he wouldn't notice my bare bottom. Fortunately, he walked right on by. My heart was pounding in my chest. That was close! I'd better get dressed quick before someone else comes. I stuffed my panties into my bag, and rummaged through looking for my fundoshi. I found my tabi (two-toed socks) and sandals, but I couldn't see my fundoshi anywhere. I hope I didn't leave it at home. A twinge of excitement ran down my spine. I pulled the tabi on, staring down nervously at my bush. What on earth am I doing? This is the middle of campus for heaven's sake with all these freshmen wandering around. What should I do now? Maybe I should phone Ryosuke. "Has anyone seen Emi?" I heard someone say. Oh no! Now what? I slid my stocking feet into my sandals, and stood up holding my backpack in front of my pussy to cover up. I peered around at my bare backside. The happi wasn't really long enough to cover much. Wait a minute. Where's Satomi? She's got to be around here somewhere. Of course I knew I looked horribly indecent standing out here bottomless, but I also felt deliciously naughty. I tiptoed away from the entrance where the priest had come out, a bit unsure on my feet in these awkward sandals. I'd almost made it to the corner when I heard voices. A group of students came out of the same doors the priest had. I worried that they saw me, but they didn't stop. I squatted down, and fished my panties back out of my backpack. I can't keep walking around here half naked. I stood up fully intending to pull my panties back on. I just stood there though. I don't know why, but there was something about standing out here in the middle of campus in just my happi and sandals that was getting me all turned on. I reached down, and touched my pussy. I was absolutely soaked. I cautiously peeked around the corner, but there were all these other students milling around in front of our tent. I looked down at the panties in my clenched fingers, and wondered what to do. Nervously I stuffed my panties back in my bag, and tried to gather up my nerve. I held my bag in front of me, and shakily stepped out around the corner. No one seemed to have noticed me yet, so I slowly teetered forward towards the front of the tent. A couple of guys glanced over this way. I held my bag in front of my pussy, but I was getting more and more excited. There were tons of people out front. I paused for a moment, but then slowly hobbled forward right to the corner of the tent, and called out, "Satomi! Satomi! Where are you?" One of the guys standing across the way, noticed me, and nudged his friend. They both stared over at me, and one said, "Woo! Baby!" They were clearly eyeing the curve of my behind. I felt so embarrassed, but I still hoped to get Satomi. "Satomi!" I echoed. The two guys circled round, trying to get a better look at my backside. I tried to keep my pussy covered, but in my rush to get Satomi's attention, I'd come out too far. I should have backed up, and hid, but I hesitated too long, and soon they were right behind me, all excited to find me actually naked. "I'm just trying to get my friend," I explained. "Don't let us stop you," one said, peering down gleefully at my bare bottom. I covered my butt crack with one hand, but I was getting kind of horny myself. Luckily, Satomi finally heard me, and came out of the tent. She saw these guys staring at me, and quickly ushered me back around behind the tent. The guys made as if they were going to follow, but eventually, let it go. Good thing too. I was so randy I might have done something I would regret. "I can't find my fundoshi," I finally explained. I moved my purse away showing her my pussy. "What on earth are you doing?" she cried out. "You can't walk around like that." "I know. I know, but I can't find my fundoshi anywhere." She grabbed my bag from me, and started rifling through it. "Is this it?" she asked pulling it out of my bag. "Was it in there?" I asked honestly surprised. "I swear I looked everywhere." "Well, anyway, quick, put it on." We struggled to straighten it out, and wrap it around my waist, but soon we heard a voice calling, "Satomi!" It was Hiro. We both raced to tie it on, but we were in too much of a rush, and only got it wrapped around my waist. "What are you two up to back here?" he asked peering around the corner. I pressed my legs together, but from the surprised look on his face, I could tell he knew I was naked. "Here! Leave us alone!" Satomi cried out, shooing him away. "Sorry," he apologized staring down at my bare behind. Satomi finally went over, and pushed him away. I was embarrassed, sure, but also excited. Hiro is kind of cute. Anyway, she eventually got him to go away, and came back to see how I was getting on with the fundoshi. I'd been so distracted watching Hiro's reaction, I'd actually let the fundoshi fall back down. It was so hard to concentrate what with all this excitement. Satomi though seemed quite determined to get me decent, so she finally got the fundoshi wrapped around my waist, and threaded through my legs. Soon, we'd gotten it tied on. It still looked kind of indecent with my buns showing, but at least my pubic hair was covered now. When I came back out, the two boys from before continued to stare. I did my best to ignore them, but I was still pretty excited. Ayumi showed up eventually, and disappeared off somewhere to get changed. Kazuo made us stand out front. All these freshman kept wandering by staring at us wide-eyed. We ended up letting the boys do most of the drumming. It was embarrassing enough just standing here getting ogled by all these horny young guys. Luckily, my host mom's son Brandon didn't come. He'd gotten into Cal State or somewhere like that. We somehow managed to make it through the day. Kazuo said our exhibit had been so popular that they wanted us to perform at the half-time show for a football game once the season got started. Neither Ayumi nor I were sure if we wanted to do this again, but I told Kazuo I'd consider it. Anyway, that's all for now. Take care, and hope you are enjoying the spring. Emi Tsuruta