Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Miori's School Field Trip By Emi Tsuruta Note: this is one in a series of posts about my life. If you'd like to know more about my friends and me, please drop by my home page at: This time, instead of telling you about my own life, I'd like to tell you about my friend Miori. I first met Miori at a Shinto festival my boyfriend Ryosuke took me to in Tokyo. She is a sweet girl, cute, kind and generous. The two of us hit it off immediately, and we've become quite close. She goes to the same college as Keisuke, Ryosuke's younger brother. One story she told me was about her class's field trip to a hot spring in Nagano. It was her first big trip away from her parents, and she and her friends were all excited. They stated in an inn, sort of like a ski chalet up in the mountains. The day of the trip they gathered at Shinjuku station. Miori was standing on the platform with her friends Mina and Chiaki, whom I've never met. Mina is kind of the leader of their group, maybe rich, but a bit different from other girls, a bit of a wild card. Chiaki is more innocent and impressionable, kind of like my friend Asuna from the sound of it. Anyway, another girl, Izumi, snuck up behind Keisuke, and covered his eyes, trying to make him guess who it was. I don't know if Izumi is Miori's friend, but she is cheerful and cute, and gets along with everyone pretty much. Maybe she likes Keisuke, but he just seemed annoyed at having his eyes covered. I guess he's still young. Anyway, Izumi gave up, and when they got on the train, she sat with Miori and them. "What happened to your boyfriend?" Miori asked Izumi. "I thought you were going out with some college boy." "Yeah," Izumi sniffed. "I broke it off, but he's still hassling me. Now I'm interested in someone else." "So I saw," Miori replied, nodding towards Keisuke. "I wouldn't get too hung up on him though if I were you. His brother's a bit of a perv." She meant Ryosuke. Ryosuke is nice enough, but I've told Miori all these stories about him, so she kind of thinks he's strange now. Even so, I think Miori has a crush on Keisuke, and was just trying to scare off her rival. "What do you mean?" Izumi asked. "He's into all this kinky stuff. He's always trying to get his girlfriend to go commando or sunbathe topless and stuff." (Sigh. Ryosuke does have other good qualities too). Izumi looked over at Keisuke, but didn't say anything. Miori wasn't sure if she'd convinced Izumi, but at least she'd tried. They eventually arrived at the inn. It was a beautiful setting surrounded by trees on a picturesque mountainside. Their teacher Mr. Hanezono put Miori, Izumi, Mina, Chiaki and two other girls Yuriko and Yoshie all together in the same room. Miori, Izumi and Mina headed out to take a look around the inn. On the second floor, there was this big Japanese-style meeting room with tatami mats. Out the window down below, you could see the guys' outdoor bath. There wasn't anyone there, but it was kind of strange that it was right there in full view of the rooms. The women's outdoor bath was smaller, but it was down around the corner shielded by this big bamboo fence. Miori, Izumi and Mina headed back to their room, got changed into their yukatas, and came back to have a bath. Where the bamboo wall ended, the pool deck opened out onto this steep treed hill going straight down. At first, Miori wondered if someone could come up that way to try to spy on them, but Izumi and Mina didn't seemed too concerned. They all stripped out of their yukatas, and showered off inside. Anyway, soon the three of them heard the boys shouting and horsing around on the other side of the bamboo fence. Izumi, stark naked, got up out of the bath, and went over to take a peek around the edge of the wall. At first, Miori and Mina kept motioning for Izumi to come back, but soon their curiosity got the better of them, and they got out, and went over to take a peek too. Unfortunately, they had to pull back before Miori could see anything, because Izumi started giggling uncontrollably, and they were worried the boys would hear her. "Who's there? Who's there?" Mina asked anxiously. "I don't know," Izumi said. "But I saw one boy's wienie." They all broke out laughing, but then the boys starting yelling over at them, so they had to settle back down. Soon though, it was time for supper. After supper, they went out for a nature walk, and then had to come back to their room, and write about it for class. Once they finished, they changed into t-shirts and shorts, got out their futons, and spread them out on the tatami floor. One of the quieter girls, Yuriko was fooling around with her camcorder. Yoshie, who'd just come back, asked them, "So what did you guys do today?" "Izumi was trying to peek in on the boys in the baths," Miori teased. "Oh come on. You were even more eager than me," Izumi countered. Mina tried to break it up, but soon they all started hitting each other with their pillows. They all seemed to be on a bit of a natural high. "So did you see anything?" Chiaki, the youngest girl, asked. "No. Bonehead here kept giggling," Miori complained mugging at Izumi. "I thought the boys were going to come around the wall after us." "You would have liked that, wouldn't you?" Izumi cried, still razzing Miori. Mina stopped them from fighting though. "So what do you girls do for fun?" Yoshie asked. Yoshie is a bit of an outsider according to Miori. "Do you want to play a game?" Miori suggested. "Does anyone have any cards?" "No." "OK, let's just play yakyuuken," Miori suggested. 'Yakyuuken' is a song and dance you do while playing 'Rock Paper Scissors' except the loser has to strip off an item of clothing. I was a bit surprised when Miori told me she suggested this. She seemed really shy the first time I met her, but I guess it is a popular game in Japan. You see it on TV a lot. Also, this was probably right after I told Miori about playing strip poker with Ryosuke, Futoshi and them, so probably that was on her mind. Anyway, Yoshie wasn't into it, and got up, and left. The other five of them looked at each other, and broke out laughing. Once they stopped laughing, Miori held up her fist getting ready to play. "You weren't serious, were you?" Chiaki objected. "Sure. Come on. It'll be fun." Miori held up her hand until everyone else did the same. Yuriko apparently got out her smartphone, and started videotaping them. Miori even sent me a copy of the video. I was fascinated. I mean I've done some strange things, but I didn't know other girls play these games too. Miori explained it all as if it was the most natural thing. I was even more surprised they all went along with it. Most of my friends are shyer I think. I guess they were away from home, so they wanted to do things they couldn't usually. Anyway, they all chanted, "Yakyuu suru nara kou iu guai ni shiyashanse. Out! Safe! Yoyoi no yoi!" This is the song you sing just before revealing what you chose with your hand. It means something like 'if you are going to play baseball, play it like this. Out! Safe! Here we go!' The first couple rounds they kept tying. When you have five players, this happens a lot because usually someone will put out at least one of each. Rock breaks scissors. Scissors cut paper. Paper wraps rock. If there is no clear winner, you just go again, chanting 'Aiko deshou' - 'It's a tie.' Finally, Chiaki and Yuriko lost. They played off, and, Yuriko lost. She immediately complained, "Oh this is a silly game. Why are we playing this?" It sounded like Yuriko just wanted to video it, and not actually play herself. "Oh, you're just sore because you lost," Mina taunted. Yuriko sat there sulking for a while, but finally took off her t-shirt. She was wearing a white camisole and bra underneath. "Hey! No fair! You're wearing more clothes than the rest of us," Miori objected. "I'm not the one who suggested this game," she countered. Mina piped up. "Anyway, never mind. Let's just play." Mina lost her t-shirt. The next time Izumi lost, she bowed her head down, and stared at them. She's apparently quite the little temptress. Izumi pulled off her t-shirt. She had on a half-cup bra, so you could see the top of her breasts. Miori thought Izumi might quit, but eventually, Izumi nodded for the game to go on. Chiaki lost next, and had to take off her t-shirt. Her bra was smallish too, and the other girls kind of teased her. Yuriko lost her socks, and then Chiaki had to give up her shorts. Her panties were large with blue and white stripes. Izumi lost next, got up, and made like she was going to take off her shorts, but then looked back at the camera, obviously self-conscious about being videoed. She disappeared into the bathroom. Mina mugged for the camera while the rest of them waited. Izumi came back out in these teeny bikini panties. The other girls all murmured, but as I said, Izumi seems to be a bit of a playgirl, compared to the rest of them. Through all this Miori was giggling like crazy because she still had all her clothes on. Izumi lost again, and everyone laughed. "It's OK. It's OK. I don't mind." She took off her bra. Her breasts were small, but quite sexy-looking with soft pink nipples. She looked a bit excited even. The next round, Izumi finally got a break; Miori lost for the first time. "Finally!" Mina exclaimed. Miori pulled off her t-shirt, and put out her hand ready for another round. There was another long string of ties, and then Yuriko lost again. Yuriko lay down, and wriggled out of her shorts. She had on such large panties that the others all laughed. She looked embarrassed, but the game went on. A bunch more draws and then Izumi and Mina lost again. They stared at each other, and flexed their fingers getting ready for the big showdown. Izumi was in just her panties by then, but luckily, she won. Mina quickly took off her shorts, and readied herself for the next round. Miori and Chiaki were giggling nonstop. I guess Miori was happy because she was winning, but it seems like she enjoys this kind of thing. Chiaki lost next. She took off her bra, but self-consciously hid her breasts with her arms. Mina laughed a bit wickedly, but Chiaki started joking around, holding out her hand while hiding her breasts with her arms. Then, Yuriko lost. She just nonchalantly took off her camisole. She had a big frilly bra on underneath. Izumi lost the next throw. Yuriko stood up, and focused her camera on Izumi. Izumi stared back defiantly, pretending that she wasn't embarrassed. She finally yanked down her panties revealing her lithe little body. I was actually so shocked when she stripped naked. On TV, they always stop before anyone gets naked. The room went quiet because I guess no one had expected it to go this far. Izumi sat back down, buck naked, eyes blinking, ready to play more. Everyone readied their fists, but then Yuriko asked. "What do we do if Izumi loses again?" "I don't know. Make her go out in the hall or something," Miori suggested. I thought that was so funny. Amazingly they agreed! This time though it was Chiaki who lost. She was down to her panties, but she didn't seem so keen on getting naked. She hid under her futon, but everyone starting calling for her to come out, and strip. "Stand up," Miori told her. Chiaki turned her back to the rest of them, but finally Mina just reached out, and pulled her panties down for her. She had the cutest little behind with soft smooth skin and no trace of a tan. She sat back down, blushing a bit. Soon Yoshie came rushing into the room. "Hanezono's on his way." Their teacher. The video ends there, but Miori filled me in on what happened. Basically, they all panicked. They scrambled to shut off the lights, and hide under their futons before Hanezono came in. Miori heard the door open, and Hanezono come in. They must have been so frightened. If he lifted up Izumi or Chiaki's futons, he'd see them naked. Soon though someone called him from the hall. "Mr. Hanezono." It was one of the boys. They all breathed a sigh of relief as Hanezono left. Miori cautiously pulled back her futon, and looked out into the dark room. Miori could see Mina's cat-like eyes glowing in the dim light. "That was close," Mina whispered. Slowly they all pulled back their covers, and sat up. Yoshie glared at Izumi and Chiaki who were still naked. "What on earth were you guys doing?" "We told you. Playing yakyuuken, and they lost." Izumi grinned, but Chiaki was blushing bright pink. Anyway, soon Chiaki and Izumi pulled on their nighties, and they all went to sleep. The next day, the bus took them to Kamikochi, a picturesque valley surrounded by mountains. Keisuke and his friends kind of hung back behind the group, but Izumi kept looking over at him, trying to flirt I guess. That night there was more homework, but before the girls could finish, Keisuke and his friend Kotani showed up at their door. "We just wanted to see what you gals were up to?" Kotani grinned, coming right in. According to Miori, Kotani is quite the joker, and maybe a bit of a perv. Miori likes Keisuke better, but Kotani and Keisuke seem to be close friends. Keisuke sat down on the tatami near Miori, but Kotani continued to do most of the talking. Miori couldn't quite figure out why they were there. Perhaps Keisuke was interested in one of them, but it wasn't clear who. Kotani, Mina and Yoshie exchanged jokes till Hanezono showed up, and made the boys go back to their room. The girls tucked in, and shut off the lights, but Miori couldn't sleep. Soon, Izumi whispered. "I'm thirsty." Mina sat up in the dark, and said, "Yeah me too. Let's sneak down, and get some drinks." Miori, Izumi and Mina all got up, and pulled on their yukatas, but the other girls said they were going to stay in the room, and sleep. Miori, Izumi and Mina tiptoed down to the lobby, and bought some drinks from the vending machines. There didn't seem to be anyone around. "Let's go check out the boys' bath," Izumi grinned. "It's probably closed," Mina frowned. "No, it isn't," Izumi insisted. "It's open 24 hours." They went in, and it was empty. Izumi bravely stripped out of her clothes, and sat down at one of the shower stations to wash up. Miori and Mina looked at each other a bit surprised - it was the boys' bath after all - but Izumi didn't seem worried. "Come on. Everyone else is asleep," she whispered. "Don't you want to see what it's like?" Mina didn't want to seem chicken. Miori was game too. They gathered up their nerve, stripped out of their yukatas and undies, and sat down on the stools next to Izumi. Miori soon realized that none of them had brought towels, but Izumi didn't seem too concerned. She slid open the glass door, and walked out onto the deck. "Beautiful night," she smiled, her eyes gleaming in the moonlight. Miori quickly finished showering off, and went out hoping to convince Izumi to come back in. Izumi was giggling away though, and soon scurried all the way out to the far side of the bath in clear view of the meeting room above. Miori tensed wondering if anyone was watching. "Here! Get in the bath for heaven's sake," Miori urged wading in herself. Izumi walked to the very edge of the deck, not worried at all. "Woo, yeah!" she yelped in glee. Mina waded into the pool, and finally convinced Izumi to come back closer to the inn, so she wouldn't be so visible. "I don't know how you can do things like that," Mina chided her. "It's fun. You should try it," she bubbled, not worried in the slightest. The next day, their class went to the Nagano Olympic complex to go ice-skating. Most of their classmates had brought jeans and coats to wear, but Izumi was wearing a white sailor blouse, pleated navy mini-skirt and bare legs. She's was probably trying to catch Keisuke's eye. The rink was fairly cold. Even though Izumi was a fairly good skater, she kept trying these difficult maneuvers, wiping out and ending up on her fanny. Miori tried not to laugh, but it was unlikely that Izumi would capture Keisuke's heart that way. Eventually, they headed back to the girls' changing room, Izumi still brushing the ice off her backside. "You're actually a pretty good skater," Miori grinned. "Did you see the look on Keisuke's face?" Izumi frowned. "I told you. You're better off without him." "What was it you said again?" Izumi asked, glaring at Miori stubbornly. "Something about liking girls who don't wear panties..." "That's his brother, and besides, I don't think you should..." Izumi lifted up her skirt, and peered down at her panties. "Look at them. They're covered in snow. I can't wear these," she complained. "I'll lend you some of mine. I think I have a spare pair back in the bus." Izumi looked at Miori, glad that she was willing to help. They pulled on their shoes, and then Miori told Izumi to wait while she went, and got a fresh pair of panties. Izumi ended up coming out to the rental desk to return her skates. Keisuke was already out there, and he noticed Izumi right away. Miori felt a bit worried about leaving Izumi with Keisuke, especially the way Izumi was acting. Miori grabbed Izumi's arm, and dragged her out to the bus. The bus door was shut, but the driver was right nearby smoking a cigarette. "Could you let us in?" Miori asked. He opened the door, and Izumi hurriedly rushed up the stairs, her short skirt bouncing with each step. The bus driver was staring at her, and then at Miori, as she followed up the stairs. "Careful! The bus driver was staring." "It's OK. Don't worry. He's harmless," Izumi assured her. Miori pulled down her bag, and sorted through it looking for her spare panties. Meanwhile, Izumi pulled off her frozen panties. "Hey! Hey! What are you doing? The bus driver will see!" Miori hissed, turning to look where he'd gotten to." Izumi gave her this coquettish look. I'm pretty sure Izumi got a buzz from stripping on the bus. Izumi stood up, and reached up for her bag. "I just want to get out my jeans," she explained, flashing a bit of her bare butt. Luckily, the bus driver appeared to be still up at the front, but who knows who else was out there. Izumi finally got her bag, and sat back down, giving Miori a naughty grin. "Sorry." Her eyes glistened as she licked her teeth. Miori finally handed Izumi the panties, and she got back dressed. "Don't do things like that!" Miori scolded. Izumi just smiled, and stuck out her tongue. "Sorry." Soon, Hanezono and the other students came. Keisuke eyed Izumi, as he passed. Izumi just smiled sweetly back at him. That night was to be the last of their trip. They had to head back to Tokyo the next day. The whole inn was abuzz with activity. Miori, Izumi and Mina headed down to the girls' bath to get cleaned up, and on their way back, they took a look around for Keisuke. He wasn't in his room. Before they could find him, Hanezono caught up with them, and sent them back to their room for lights out. Izumi looked disappointed, and from the sound of it Miori was too. Miori lay in bed for a while, but before long, Izumi was up again, wanting to go out, and do something. Miori, Izumi, Mina and Chiaki, all in their yukatas, quietly slipped out, and wandered down to the games area. Just around the corner from the entrance to the springs, there was a room for playing ping pong. "Anyone for a game?" Mina asked, picking up one of the rackets. Izumi picked up the other racket, and the two of them started playing, while Miori and Chiaki kept watch at the door. They played quietly at first, but it was like no one else was up. Izumi kept muffing her returns, blaming it on her yukata. "It's too tight," she complained. "Take it off," Miori joked. Izumi looked at her, wondering if she was serious. "I could," she grinned, "but you have to beat me first." "What if I lose?" Miori asked. "Then you have to take yours off," Izumi went on. "That's no fair. I'm not wearing a bra." "You think I'm wearing anything under this?" Izumi smirked. Miori looked at her trying to remember if she'd been wearing underwear. "You mean you've been wandering around commando all night?" Chiaki asked. "It's no big deal. No one noticed." They were all baffled. I don't find Izumi that hard to understand. She's cute, and knows it, and likes to tease. I'm a bit more of a good girl (?), but I know what she was doing. "Well, are you going to play or not?" Izumi pressed. Miori picked up a racket. Izumi served, and soon Miori was focusing trying to win. The score see-sawed back and forth, but from the sound of it, Miori was the better player. Izumi lost. The other girls looked at her sympathetically, but she just shrugged. "That's all right. It was my idea in the first place," she said. They checked the door and windows, and once they were fairly sure that no one was watching, Izumi undid her belt, and peeled off her yukata. She looked out of place standing naked in the ping pong room.. "Another game?" she offered. They started playing again, but Miori was distracted by Izumi's nudity. Mina suddenly jumped up. "There is someone out in the hall," she whispered. Mina and Chiaki went to the door to see who it was, while Izumi scrambled to pull her yukata back on. It turned out to be Keisuke, who must have heard their voices, and came to see. "Hey! What are you doing up?" Miori demanded trying to distract him. Izumi squatted down hiding behind the table. "I could ask the same thing to you," Keisuke replied. He peered into the room trying to see what they all were hiding from him. Once she was finally dressed, Izumi stuck her head up, so he could see. "Yeah, you should go to bed," she chimed. Keisuke was too curious, wondering what they'd been doing, but Izumi and them just acted innocent, and soon ran back to their room. Anyway, the next day, they all came back to Tokyo. I think Miori still likes Keisuke, but it doesn't sound like she's making much progress, what with Izumi in the way. Emi Tsuruta