Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Day at the Spa By Emi Tsuruta Note: this is one in a series of posts about my life. If you'd like to know more about my friends and me, drop by my home page at: One of the presents that my boyfriend Ryosuke gave me for my birthday last year was two gift certificates to a spring water spa in Oceanview Village, this trendy shopping street uptown. I found out about it on the internet, and told him I was interested in going, and he remembered. I'd been to Oceanview Village a couple of times before, and I really like the atmosphere. There are like all these cafes with patios, patisseries, esthetic salons and boutique inns, all nestled along this tree-lined boulevard away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It reminds me a bit of Omotesandou in Tokyo (near Harajuku). The thing that really attracted me to this spa was that they had a whirlpool and small swimming pool right there in the spa. I'd never been to a spa in the States before, but I'd been wanting to try. I invited my best friend Satomi to come along. I booked an appointment for the two of us for a weekday afternoon. Ryosuke said he might drop by too if he had the time. When we got there, it turned out to be quite the place. The lobby was big and modern with glass, stone and wood paneling. Inside there were all these tropical plants and soft soothing new age music playing. I looked over at Satomi, and we both giggled. I don't think either of us had been to such a fancy place before, at least not in the States. Both Satomi and I were a bit nervous because we weren't exactly sure what we were supposed to do. The receptionist explained a bit, and tried to put us at ease. She gave us a towel and bath robe each, and showed us to a private room upstairs. There were two cots inside, more plants and a window looking out over the trees in the street. The room had a clean fresh scent like lavender or something. "You can get changed, and the esthetician will be here soon," she assured us. She left us there, and the two of us just kind of stood there for a while soaking it all in. I walked over to the window, and peered out at the boulevard below. There were a few well-dressed American women walking this way and that, but in general, it was pretty quiet. Satomi looked over at me skittishly. "What's wrong?" I asked. "Oh nothing. I was just wondering what we are supposed to do." "Get undressed, and wait, I guess." Satomi looked over at me somewhat gravely. I started undoing my blouse, and eventually, she started getting undressed too. "Have you ever been here before?" she asked anxiously. "No, but it seems like a nice place, don't you think?" "Yeah," she mused looking around. "I guess." I peeled off my blouse and jeans and then my bra and panties. Satomi was looking at me a bit strangely perhaps because I was undressing so close to the window. I was in a bit of a playful mood. Eventually, I moved away from the window, and plopped my bare behind down on the soft sheets of the cot. I felt a bit weird though, sitting here naked, so eventually I picked up my towel, and wrapped it around me. Satomi took off her own clothes looking so embarrassed the whole time. At first, she kept her underwear on. "Um, I think if you want to get a full body treatment, you'll probably have to take those off too," I informed her. She pouted, but finally pulled on the robe, and took off her bra and panties. She lay back on the cot, and closed her eyes. Eventually, the esthetician came, and I was so surprised because it was a man! I hastily pushed my towel down, covering up my pussy. He looked a bit surprised too. "Oh, sorry. I-I-I thought you were going to be a woman," I stammered, nervously trying to straighten out the towel. "Oh. Uh, no. Jenny's busy with another client right now. Would you like to wait?" he asked. I finally got my towel straight, and took a better look at him. He was American, not that tall, but with strong looking arms. He had longish brown hair, and was actually pretty handsome. Satomi was just lying there, in shock it looked like, so finally I said, "No, that's all right. It's no big deal I guess. It's just that it's our first time here, so we didn't really know what to expect." It would be nice to be massaged by a handsome guy. "Um, my name is Jonathan," he told us. "Nice to meet you," I giggled. "I'm Emi, and that's Satomi." He nodded, and lifted his clipboard trying to act professional. "It says here you both wanted the revitalizing skin treatment and a full body massage, is that right?" he intoned. Satomi hesitated, but I nodded. "Yes, that's right." "OK, if you don't mind, I'll put on the lotion first. It's our own special blend of aloe vera, vitamin E, herbs and citrus. It'll restore your skin's natural resiliency, and leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated. Which of you would like to be first?" Satomi looked all panicky, so I said, "OK, you can do me first." I stood up, but hesitated unsure how I should get up onto the cot. I was clutching the towel where I'd tied it, but it wasn't very big. I eyed him nervously. "Um... like I said, this is our first time, so do you think you could explain a bit how this is supposed to go?" "Just lie face down on the cot." "I meant what should I do with this towel? Should I take it off?" I asked a bit mischievously. I knew I shouldn't, but I was getting excited at the thought of showing him my naked body. "It's up to you. I can work under it if you like," he went on. I know he is a professional who does this all the time, but I couldn't help wondering if he was getting excited too. "Well, I guess I don't need it." I turned away, and let the towel fall open showing him my bare behind. I peered back at him, wondering what he thought of my body. For a split second, a hint of a smile appeared on his lips, but he quickly switched back to his professional look. I felt a bit disappointed. I guess I was hoping for more of a reaction. "Do most of your customers get massaged naked?" Satomi asked shocked. "Quite a few. But then again not many of them are as young and lovely as you two," he smiled. He did seem willing to flirt, but he was taking this all in stride. I guess he was more used to this situation. I felt kind of nervous, but I pulled the towel away completely, and lay face down on the cot. He peered down at my bare bottom as he poured lotion into his hands. I was already getting excited, and he hadn't even touched me yet. He started with my shoulders gently rubbing the lotion in. I tried hard to relax, but it wasn't so easy. His hands felt so warm and soft. Slowly he worked his way down my back. As he began massaging my butt cheeks, I got more nervous again. Satomi was freaking out watching this guy slapping and rubbing my bare bottom. "Here, spread your legs," he instructed. I glanced back at him, a bit shocked. Was he asking me to show him my pussy? Was he going to massage that too? He looked pretty calm though. It didn't look like he had a hard-on. Perhaps I was being too suspicious. I slowly spread my legs, and he rubbed the lotion into my inner thighs. I was getting more and more excited. I wonder if he's gay. That would explain how he could be so calm. I'd better not ask though. It might seem rude. He was careful not to touch my most sensitive areas, but even so, it felt weird having him finger me down between my legs. He slowly shifted to my thighs and down my legs, and I finally started to relax again. I hoped he hasn't noticed how wet I was getting. He came back, and did my arms next, and then the back of my neck and my scalp. He was so skillful. It really did feel good. When he was done, he motioned for me to roll over. I hesitated for a moment a bit embarrassed to show him my pussy. He waited patiently, but he still had Satomi and other customers waiting, so I finally rolled over. It felt really strange lying here face to face. I was trying to act calm, but my breasts were quite obviously bigger from the excitement. I've got to settle back down. He started in on my feet, but I nearly freaked when he lifted up my ankle, and rotated it outwards, making me spread my legs. He was trying not to stare at my pussy, but even so, I felt terribly exposed and vulnerable. Was he doing this on purpose? Satomi looked on gravely worried about what he might do to her. He massaged up my ankles, calves and thighs, and was now staring directly at my pussy. "You seem to be in pretty good shape. Do you work out?" he asked. I was so mortified I didn't know what to say. "I swim," I finally replied, biting my lip in embarrassment. Without really wanting to, I found myself picturing what he'd be like as a lover. His hands were soft and sure, always finding exactly the right place. He gently massaged my tummy, and then skipped over my breasts. I guess they must have rules against that kind of thing, but without thinking, I grabbed his wrist, hinting that he could if he wanted to. He glanced nervously at the door, gave my tits a playful little squeeze, and then moved back up to my shoulders. I peered up into his eyes, signaling he could do more, but Satomi was right there staring at us. I felt frustrated, but he was of course right that we shouldn't fool around in front of her. I let go of his hand, and lay back, savoring his last few touches before he finished massaging my face. When he was done, all I could say was "thanks." He turned to work on Satomi next. Still naked, I sat up, and swung my legs over to watch. My whole body was tingling. I rubbed some of the excess lotion over my breasts and down between my legs. I know it was just a massage, but anyway, I wasn't really used to being touched by a strange man while I was naked. I could still feel his hands on my body. Satomi was lying in her robe on her cot face down, looking really tense. Noticing her anxiety, Jonathan nodded at her robe, and smiled, "You can leave it on if you like." He calmly started working on her feet, kneading the lotion into her flesh. She looked a bit anxious at first, but eventually, she lay flat, and relaxed a bit. However, by the time he reached her thighs, it was obvious that the robe was getting in the way. "Here could you loosen your robe? I'd like to work on your back next," he said. Satomi looked over at me, all panicky, but eventually she did as he asked. He slowly peeled the robe off her shoulders. It got all tangled up in her arms, so he finally suggested, "Um, do you think you could switch to a towel?" She looked over at me uncertainly, but I nodded for her to go ahead. I didn't know what she was making such a big deal over. I was sitting here stark naked for heaven's sakes. Jonathan was focusing on Satomi. He didn't seem bothered by my nudity. Satomi rolled over, and sat up, eyeing him defensively. He took the hint, and turned away, while she took off her robe, and wrapped the towel around her. Soon she lay back down, and he started working on her shoulders. He obviously wanted to go further down her back, but she'd tied the towel on so tightly he couldn't get his fingers underneath. "Um," he hesitated. Still naked, I walked over, and motioned for her to roll over a bit, so I could loosen the knot. She looked so embarrassed as she struggled to keep covered up. I got the knot loose, and she carefully lay back down on her front. I gently pulled the towel down to uncover her back, but I went a bit too far. The bottom corner sort of fell open exposing her bare backside. "Kyaa!" she squealed, covering her bare bottom with her hands. Jonathan tried to calm her, but it looked to me like something was stirring in his pants. Eventually, we got her to move her hands, so he could work. "There, there. It's OK," I whispered to her softly. She still seemed tense, but eventually, closed her eyes, and tried to relax. Jonathan was still having trouble working around her towel, so I gave it a little tug pulling it right off. Satomi has such a cute behind, round and full and spankable. Even Jonathan seemed impressed. She has a good body, I think. I don't know why she makes such a big deal about hiding it. I touched Jonathan's shoulder, querying what he thought of her bottom. He just gave me this pained expression, apparently forbidden from getting drawn into anything sexual. His reticence just made me want to tease him more. I leaned forward pretending to be watching him work, but mainly dangling my breasts for him to ogle. He wouldn't bite though, so eventually I gave up trying, and walked back over to the window. I looked out at the street wondering where Ryosuke was. There were a few people walking by outside. When I turned back, I caught Jonathan sneaking a peek at my backside. I was glad he appreciated some parts of me at least. "Where's the swimming pool?" I asked. Satomi rolled to the side, worried about what I might be planning. Jonathan gestured toward the back of the building. "Downstairs," he noted. "Thanks." I picked up one of my sandals, and slid it on, but Jonathan refused to look at me as long as I was facing him. Satomi closed her eyes, squirming a bit as he massaged her lower back. I turned away from them, and leaned down to fish out my other sandal. Jonathan peered down at my upturned ass. I stayed bent over like that for some time, as I did up the buckles on my shoes, but by the time I straightened up, Jonathan had turned back to Satomi. Before long, I heard Ryosuke's voice coming from the front desk. I quickly wrapped my towel around me, and told Satomi, "I'll be right back." She shot me a panicked look, not wanting to be left alone with Jonathan, but I nodded that it would be OK. Struggling to get my towel done up, I peeked out into the hall. No one seemed to be around, so I quickly scooted out and then down the stairs. The receptionist was giving Ryosuke a hard time at the desk. I explained to her that he was with us, and had come to use the pool. He paid the pool fee, and she finally let me bring him in. I gave him a gentle kiss, and motioned for him to be quiet as I led him up. I stopped at our door, and opened it a crack, letting him see Satomi naked. "Wow! How'd you manage that?" he whispered obviously excited. I quietly shut the door, and joked, "I have my ways. Anyway, let's go downstairs, and see if we can find the swimming pool." I dragged Ryosuke along through the halls, but he was all horny now. He kept flipping up the back of my towel trying to get a peek at me. There didn't seem to be anyone else in the halls, so it didn't matter, but I still felt a bit nervous. Soon enough we found the pool. It wasn't terribly big, but it was a beautiful design. It looked like it was made of marble. The plants and lighting gave the whole area the feel of a tropical resort. No one seemed to be around at all. I tiptoed over to the edge, and dipped my toe in. "How is it?" Ryosuke asked, pulling off his shirt. "Yeah, pretty nice." I debated whether I should go back to the room for my swimsuit, but it looked like Ryosuke hadn't even brought one. I peeked out the entrance and down the hall. "Um, Ryosuke. I don't know if we're really allowed to..." "It'll be fine," he assured me pulling off his pants and underwear and slipping into one of the shower stalls at the side. Luckily, it was still early in the day, and there didn't seem to be much of anyone around. I ducked into a different stall, and took off my towel, but soon Ryosuke came over too, and started rubbing up against my naked body. "Ryosuke!" I squealed, trying to escape as he tickled me. We were both so turned on by then. I finally rinsed the soap off, and ran out onto the pool deck. I felt so incredibly naughty. I was a bit worried that someone might come in, and see me here naked, so I finally dove into the pool. I swam a length or two with Ryosuke chasing after me. Down at the far end, he finally caught up to me, and wrapped his arms around me. I could feel his peter bumping between my legs, but I didn't think we should do it in the pool. At the back, I noticed this door propped open with a door jam. "What's that?" I asked trying to distract him. He paused long enough for me to slip out of his grasp. I climbed up out of the water, and walked over to the door. There was quite a breeze blowing in, but outside all I could see was what looked like a bamboo wall. "Hey, Emi. Where are you going?" he called after me. I leaned up against the door frame, and peeked out around the corner. It was hard to see, but it looked like it was some kind of parking lot running behind the spa and other stores on the block. It was getting me even more excited standing naked by the open door. There didn't seem to be much of anyone around, so I gathered my courage, and stepped down onto the asphalt. It felt cool and prickly on the soles of my bare feet. "Whoa, Emi? Wait! Wait!" Ryosuke called out. I smiled back at him nervously, but I was already too far gone to think sensibly. I padded over to the edge of the bamboo wall, and peered out around the end. It was indeed a parking lot, and on the far side, I could see a small side street with a hotel and restaurant on it. Oh gosh! What am I doing standing out here naked? Soon, Ryosuke came up behind me, his willy sticking up. "What is it?" he asked. I moved out of the way, so he could get a better look. "Wow! We're right in the middle of town," he gushed. I looked up at him all shivering and excited. I kind of thought it would be a thrill to take a little walk outside naked, but it was hard to tell if it was safe or not. I was getting goose bumps all over. Ryosuke had other ideas it seemed. He put his arm around me, and tried to pull me closer. I slipped out of his grasp, and stepped out into the sun. "Emi! Come back! Someone will see you!" he called after me. I looked all around, but I couldn't see anyone. I dared him to come out after me, but he had gotten cautious all of a sudden. I was getting all aroused from standing out in the sun in my bare scuddy. I turned around peering this way and that trying to make sure that there really was no one watching. I wanted to tease Ryosuke some more, but he disappeared back inside. Without him there watching, I got a bit afraid, so I came back in too. Ryosuke was pulling his jeans on. "No, no, wait," he called to me. "I just wanted to take a picture of you like that." I looked back at the open door, but I was starting to lose my nerve. I hadn't seen anyone out there, but we were in the middle of one of the most popular shopping areas in the city, for heaven's sake. Someone was bound to come along sooner or later. Unfortunately, Ryosuke had his jeans on, had fished out his camera, and seemed determined to herd me back outside. "Ryosuke. I don't know if this is such a good idea." "It'll be OK. Don't worry," he said motioning for me to go ahead. I wasn't so keen anymore, but he insisted, and before long had pushed me back towards the doorway. It still looked pretty quiet outside, but my heart was pounding away. Ryosuke nodded for me to go out, and so finally I stepped back down onto the pavement. "This is crazy, you know," I kept telling him, as I blinked up at the bright sun. "Where do you want me to stand?" I asked all excited. He looked around, and then motioned for me to follow the bamboo wall sitting near the back doors of all these stores. Luckily, the parked cars partly blocked the view from the street, but the further I got from the door and my clothes, the more vulnerable I felt. "Just hurry up, and take the shot, OK?" I begged him. I did my best to strike a pose, but just as he was getting ready to take the shot, two guys came out of the back of one of the restaurants. I quickly ducked behind one of the cars, but I was so worried that they might have seen me. "Now what do we do?" I whispered frantically to Ryosuke, who crouched down behind the car next to me. "You're so cute when you're frightened," he said giving me a soft kiss. "I'll be right back with your towel." He ran back off inside, leaving me out here stark naked. I turned around, and scanned the building behind us. It seemed to be some kind of public parking garage. I could see this guy in a booth in the middle, craning his head, looking this way. Oh shoot! He must have seen me. I crawled around the end of the car and down the side trying to hide, but I could still hear the two restaurant guys talking just on the other side. Oh god. Why on earth did I let Ryosuke talk me into this? This is absolutely crazy. Soon Ryosuke was back with his shirt and shoes on this time. He handed me my towel, and I quickly wrapped it around me. I wanted to dash back inside, but he motioned for me to wait for the two guys to go back to work. When I turned around though, Ryosuke was creeping away from me toward the street. "Where are you going?" I called after him. "I just want to get one shot. Come on," he answered motioning for me to follow. I glanced back at the door, but I could still hear those two guys. Reluctantly, I scurried along on all fours after him. We came to the end of the line of cars, and he stood up. We were almost at the street. Cars kept driving past and stopping at the corner, and there was a cocktail patio just across the street with quite a few people in it. Ryosuke motioned for me to stand up, but there was just no way I was going to do anything with so many people nearby. "I can't. Let's go back." "Just one shot. Anywhere you want. You choose." I really wanted to go back, but Ryosuke clearly wanted to get a picture. I looked around for some place private, some place where no one would see us, but everything was so out in the open. "Let's just go back!" "Come on, Emi. Just one shot! Please!" I let out a deep sigh, but eventually, I stood up. "OK, OK. I don't know. The hotel entrance over there I guess." At least, it was enclosed and back from the street a bit. "Oh Emi, thank you. Thank you. You're the best really!" He took my hand, and we quickly dashed across the street. I felt so vulnerable running around in just my towel. The hotel was fairly small, part of some chain it seemed. I couldn't see anyone in the lobby, and it looked like the front desk was around the corner. Ryosuke was standing there grinning from ear to ear. I felt so completely wired. I was so worked up I could hardly speak. Ryosuke motioned for me to take my towel off, and give it to him. It was true that the longer we waited, the more likely we were to get caught. I couldn't bring myself to do it though. Ryosuke finally came over, gently untied the knot, and took the towel from me leaving me standing there in the hotel entrance stark naked. I was completely losing it by then. I don't think I've ever felt so excited in my life. I think Ryosuke just got off one shot when he suddenly came running back, and wrapped the towel around my shoulders. I turned to see what was wrong, and there was this middle-aged couple, tourists obviously, standing right behind me staring at my bare behind. Ryosuke grabbed my hand, and pulled me to follow him across the street. I lost my grip on the towel, and it fell off as we ran. Ryosuke went back for it, but I just kept running back to the spa. I'm not even sure how many people saw me. It must have been quite a few - the older couple, the people on the patio, drivers on the street, people in the intersection and who knows who all else. We finally made it back to the spa, but I was in complete shock about what I had just done. I couldn't stop shaking. I'd just streaked the street for heaven's sake. We were kind of safe back in the pool, but the towel was all dirty now. "Run up, and get my clothes," I blurted out. He immediately ran off taking my towel with him. "No, wait! Satomi's up there!" Worried about what might happen, I went over to the door, and peered down the hall trying to see if anyone was coming. I could hear the voice of the receptionist, but I couldn't see anyone, so I ended up stepping out into the hall, and following Ryosuke back up to our room. I heard Satomi scream when Ryosuke opened the door, but anyway, I needed my clothes. He came back out, looking a bit guilty for breaking in on Satomi while she was naked, but she'll get over it. He seemed kind of excited. I never thought he had a thing for her, but she is a good looking girl, especially when she is naked. I finally pulled on my panties and bra. I felt so relieved to get dressed again. Ryosuke was all excited though, and showed me the picture he took by the hotel. Already even then, you could see the couple coming out of the entrance behind me. "Oh, for heaven's sakes, Ryosuke! Why didn't you say something?" "I tried. They popped up so fast." It wasn't his fault really I guess. I should never have agreed to walk out that far, but I guess I wasn't thinking straight either. Eventually, I told Ryosuke to go wait in the lobby, and I slipped back into our room. Satomi was dressed, and Jonathan was packing up to leave. "Where were you?" she asked all concerned. "We just took a dip in the pool," I explained. She glared at me. I guess she could tell from the blush in my cheeks that we'd done something. I kept telling her it was all innocent, and eventually she let it go. We met up with Ryosuke, and went out for something to eat, but that whole night Ryosuke and I were both so worked up. We ended up not doing anything, but we wanted to. It's times like this that I wish we had a place of our own. Emi Tsuruta