Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. My Friend Yuuko's Backyard Pool By Emi Tsuruta Note: this is one in a series of posts about my life. If you'd like to know more about my friends and me, drop by my home page at: One of the people I met at Oceanview University recently is a middle-aged mother named Yuuko. Like me, Yuuko was born in Japan, but she came here to California to study. She ended up marrying a Japanese American man, having kids, and settling here. She is very outgoing and friendly, and we became fast friends. She invited an older American woman, Mrs. Olgren, another friend named Izumi and me up to her house. The four of us got something to drink in a coffee shop, and Yuuko told us a bit about some beaches she recommended nearby. I really like the beach too. Soon, she drove us to her house for supper. Yuuko lives in a big house, something like the one where my host family lives. She took us out back, and showed us the park behind their house and the swimming pool they have in their backyard. Yuuko's daughter Yuuna came out, and joined us. She was still in school and apparently quite the swimmer. I was so envious. I wish we had a swimming pool. Suddenly, Yuuko switched from speaking English to Japanese, perhaps so Mrs. Olgren wouldn't understand. She told me that her family sometimes skinny-dips in the pool. To tell you the truth, I was a bit surprised to hear this. Of course, I've been skinny-dipping a few times - at my friend Debbie's house and the nude beach and stuff, but I didn't think it was something that normal people do. I squinted at Yuuko, wondering if she might be teasing, but she looked quite serious. I nodded up toward the neighbor's windows. "What about the neighbors? Don't they mind?" "They don't care," she guffawed cheerily. I was a bit surprised at how casual she was, but secretly, I was happy to find someone else who is into this kind of thing. I wanted to ask her more about it, but Mrs. Olgren was standing right there, so I held off. Soon it was time for supper. We went back inside, and the conversation moved on to other things. Yuuko's husband Gavin and her two sons, Hitoshi and Naoki, came out, and joined us. They seemed nice, polite and quieter than Yuuko herself. Yuuko dominated the conversation at supper talking with Mrs. Olgren about people they used to know. I just listened politely looking for a chance to ask more about the skinny-dipping, but it never came. After that day, I didn't see Yuuko for some time. Still, I couldn't get what she'd said out of my mind. I guess it made sense. They were treating the swimming pool almost like it was a Japanese hot spring. No one ever wears swimsuits in a hot spring. Even so, I couldn't resist asking. I phoned Yuuko up, and asked if I could come visit her again, and go for a swim in her pool. She sounded a little surprised, but she said I could. I was still worried about how to handle this whole thing. I wanted to go skinny-dipping, but just in case, I brought my old red and white bikini with me. On the way, I stopped to buy them some fresh fruit to thank Yuuko for her kindness. She came to pick me up at the station. She seemed happy to see me. She told me that her kids were home for the summer, but the boys had gone off somewhere. I wanted to ask if I could go skinny-dipping, but I couldn't quite get up the nerve. Before I knew it, we'd arrived at her house. Yuuko's daughter, Yuuna came out, and sat with us in the living room while we had tea, and chatted. It was a weekday, so Yuuko's husband, Gavin was off at work. I kept peering out the back window at their pool. "Oh, you wanted to go swimming, didn't you?" Yuuko smiled. "Did you bring your suit?" "Um... yeah, I did. But, um... I... uh...," I sputtered. I don't know why I was so nervous. It was just the three of us girls. It should have been the simplest thing in the world to ask if I could skinny-dip, but for some reason, I couldn't get up the courage. "What's wrong?" Yuuko asked. "Oh nothing." I wanted to ask her, but I decided to relax for now, and see what happened. Yuuna and Yuuko disappeared off into their rooms, so I went into the bathroom, and changed into my bikini. Yuuna came out in her swimsuit, all excited now, and took me out to the back stairs that led down to the pool. I stood there for a moment peering over at the neighbor's window trying to tell if anyone was home. Was Yuuko telling the truth when she said the neighbors really didn't care if they swam naked? It was a bit hard to imagine. My impression was that many people here were uptight about nudity. Then again, maybe I am wrong, and people are more open than I thought. Yuuna ran down the stairs, and dove into the pool, swimming around like a little tadpole. She was obviously quite the swimmer, diving deep and then resurfacing, seemingly not winded in the slightest. I followed her down, and dove in too. The water was refreshingly cool after the intense heat of the afternoon sun. Soon, Yuuko came out in a one-piece swimsuit. She is not a supermodel, but she didn't seem ashamed of her body. She came down to the pool's edge, and looked over at my figure somewhat jealously. "You seem to be in good shape," she noted. "I do my best. I love to swim." The three of us swam around for a bit. Yuuna knew all kinds of stunts. She could do all these flips and somersaults in the water. She swam like a fish. Her mom was a strong swimmer too. She stopped at the edge, and squinted over at me, smiling. "So what do you think?" she asked good-naturedly. "It's great. You guys are so lucky to have a pool." We swam around for maybe an hour or so, but eventually, Yuuna got out, and went back up to the house. "I'd better go get ready for supper," Yuuko told me. "Stay, and eat with us." "No, that's OK. I'd better go. I don't want to impose." "It's no problem." "My host mom is probably waiting, so I think I'd better go." We got up out of the pool, and went back to the house. I could hear Yuuna puttering away in her room, but there was still no sign of her brothers. "Could I use your shower?" I asked Yuuko. "Sure, go ahead." I fetched my backpack, went into the bath room, and stripped out of my bikini. I examined myself in the mirror. My arms and legs were a bit tanned from being outside, but my breasts and pubic area were as white as a sheet. My boyfriend Ryosuke says my tan lines look erotic, but I think they look kind of silly. If I'm going to tan at all, I'd like to get an all over tan. That summer, I hadn't really gotten a chance for that. I'd been too busy with work to work on my tan. I had a quick shower, and toweled off. I decided to wait till the air dried my body completely. I pulled on my hoodie, and then peeked out the door. As far as I could tell, it was still just the three of us: Yuuko, Yuuna and me. "What time are the boys supposed to be home?" I called out. "Hard to say," Yuuko yelled back. "They are in and out all the time." I pulled down the hem of my hoodie to cover my pussy, and cautiously padded out into the hall. I felt a twinge of excitement running around their halls without any bottoms on. I giddily nipped into Hitoshi's room, and looked around. He had all these bookshelves with school books and CDs and toys and such. He had so much stuff. Suddenly, there at the door, was Hitoshi himself, back from wherever he had been. I rushed to push down my hoodie to hide my pussy. He moves so quietly I hadn't even heard him come in. "Oh sorry," I apologized, nervously tugging at my hoodie, trying to cover up. I think he saw my bare bottom when he came in. "I was just... uh... admiring your CD collection. I hope you don't mind." "That's OK," he mumbled, setting down his bag. He wouldn't look me in the eye, but he did glance down at my bare legs, clearly wondering why I had no bottoms on. I wasn't sure what to say. I probably should have scooted back to the bathroom, but I was worried I guess that he might tell his mom that I was half naked in his room. Not that she'd care, but I felt like I should try to justify it somehow. I glanced around looking for something to talk about. "You have some Japanese books," I noted. "Yeah," he nodded, still avoiding my gaze. "Is that like a textbook from Saturday school?" I asked, nodding up at one of the books. "Which one?" I knew I shouldn't tease, but unable to resist, I reached up, and grabbed the book. The hoodie I was wearing was already insanely short, and now I was clearly flashing him my bare bottom. He opened his eyes staring at it, clearly quite surprised. Maybe he hadn't realized I was naked before. For some reason, this was getting me all excited. My pussy was tingling like crazy. "Oh sorry. I uh..." I wanted to explain, but I was drawing a blank. What was I doing in his room dressed like this anyway? Covering the crack of my buttocks with one hand, I clumsily put the book back. "Anyway, sorry," was all I could think to say. He continued to glare at me. It almost looked like he was about to smile, but he wasn't sure if he should. I actually didn't mind him seeing - he is kind of cute with his spiky black hair and sparkly black eyes - but I was worried that his mom or Yuuna might come, and freak out. I pointed that I had to go, and then scurried back to the bath. He called after me, "No, that's alright. You're pretty." I actually felt grateful for the compliment, but I was more worried about his mom. Why had I gone, and flashed the poor boy? It's not like I'm going to date him or anything. I honestly hadn't planned on teasing him. I quickly got dressed, thanked Yuuko, and rushed off. Hitoshi came to the door, and waved. My heart was pounding in my chest. Shoot! I sure hope he doesn't tell Yuuko. After I got home, I managed to calm back down. Maybe it wasn't such a big deal. Yuuko had said that they skinny-dipped in the pool. I still wasn't sure if the 'they' included Hitoshi, but anyway, he must be used to the idea of people running around his house in the buff. A week or so later, I gave Yuuko a call, and she was as friendly as ever. She even invited me to come visit again, and stay for supper. I guess Hitoshi hadn't told her about my little escapade. I was so relieved. Before long, I headed over. Yuuko came to pick me up at the bus stop. I was starting to feel more comfortable talking with her. I was determined to ask her if I could go skinny-dipping. Before I could though, we arrived at her house. "Listen. I'm really sorry about this, Emi, but I have to go run some errands before supper. Yuuna! Could you play with Emi while I'm gone? Maybe the two of you could go in swimming. "Um, oh. You're leaving?" I asked. "I'll be back soon. Don't worry. I just have to get a few things." "Um, OK," I stammered. "Could I...?" I mimed getting undressed, trying to convey the idea of skinny-dipping without actually saying it. "Yeah, sure. Make yourself at home!" she chirped before heading out the door. I wasn't sure if she'd caught my meaning or not. She seems pretty cool with whatever. Perhaps she wouldn't mind. The next problem was her boys. The house was quiet. Yuuna must be around, but I couldn't tell if her brothers were here or not. I headed into the bath room, pulled off my jeans and blouse, and examined myself in the mirror. I found my bikini in my bag, but wondered if I could get away with leaving it here. I wasn't committed yet, but I was getting all excited just thinking about swimming naked. I stripped down, had a quick shower, and then toweled off. I still couldn't tell if Hitoshi or Naoki were here or not. Just to be safe, I pulled on my hoodie, and wrapped the towel around my waist. I felt a twinge of guilt as I snuck past Hitoshi's room. He didn't seem to be there though. "Yuuna?" I called out softly. She suddenly popped out from a stairwell. "Do you want to... um... go in swimming?" I asked, still too chicken to mention getting naked. She rushed off to get changed. She came back in her swimsuit, and led me out onto the deck, and down to the pool. Yuuna dove in right away, but I stood there looking around trying to see who all was about. There was no sign of their neighbors. No sign of Hitoshi or Naoki either as far as I could see. "Um, Yuuna," I called her over. "You remember what your mom said about you guys skinny-dipping sometimes? Would it be OK if I...?" She didn't respond right away, but eventually, she shrugged, and said, "Sure, go ahead," as if it wasn't that big of a deal. I didn't know quite to make of that. Was I the one who is being a prude? Anyway, I cautiously stripped off my hoodie and towel, and set them down. It felt really weird being naked out here in their backyard. Yuuna clearly didn't care, and I still felt nervous like someone might be watching. I walked over to the pool's edge, shivering from excitement. Yuuna peered up at me curiously, but she didn't seem offended. I guess she'd seen her parents naked enough times that it was no big deal. Do her brothers swim naked too? I'd gone skinny-dipping with my aunt and uncle. Maybe it's a Japanese thing. I got in, and swam around for a while. I really like the feeling of the water on my body. It felt so wonderful to be free of my bathing suit on such a warm sunny day. I wondered if Yuuna might come in skinny-dipping as well, but she kept her suit on. Oh well. Maybe I can talk Yuuko into coming in later. After we'd been swimming around for a while, I thought I saw something move inside the house. Nervous now, I swam over to take a closer look. There was definitely something there. It was dark, so a bit hard to tell, but I was pretty sure it was a person. I turned to warn Yuuna, but suddenly, the phone started ringing. "I'll get it," she called out, climbing out of the pool. Before I could say anything, she'd run back upstairs. I was stuck out here naked and alone with someone watching. It had to be Hitoshi. He must know I'm naked, because why else would he be standing there watching? At least he was keeping his distance. He wouldn't see much as long as I stayed in the pool. It was hard to just go back to swimming though. I was hoping he'd leave, but he seemed intent on staying right there. Yuuna was sure taking her time on the phone. How long do I have to stay in here for? Eventually, I heard noise - Yuuko coming back from her errands no doubt. She came out onto the balcony, and called down to me, "You will stay for supper this time, won't you? I bought some fresh oysters for you." "Um, yeah, OK." She disappeared back inside before I could get her to bring me my clothes. Shoot! Now what do I do? I debated what to do for the longest time, but finally decided I'd have to get out sooner or later. I swam over to the pool ladder, but he noticed, and came to the window to watch. It was Hitoshi alright, and he was making no bones about staring straight at me. I probably should have come up with some other plan, but I was getting so excited it was hard to think straight. I grabbed the handrails, and slowly climbed out letting him see my naked body. I must have looked obscene with my breasts glistening in the sun and water dripping from my pubic hair. He seemed pretty excited this time, grinning away. I scrambled over to where I'd left my towel. I was excited too, though trying not to let it show. I dried myself off, as quickly as I could, struggling to keep my feelings in check. I could feel an orgasm coming on. I couldn't take much more of this. I grabbed my hoodie, and bounded up the stairs, away from my not so secret admirer. I paused on the balcony to try to calm back down. This wasn't easy though, because it sounded like Gavin, Yuuko's husband, was home, and here I was still stark naked. I don't think Yuuko saw me as a threat to her marriage, but my mom had taught me not to mess with people's husbands. I quickly pulled on my hoodie, and wrapped the towel around my waist, before Gavin saw me. Unfortunately, I still felt as randy as ever. I took several deep breaths, and finally went in. "Oh Emi, there you are. Did you have a good swim?" Yuuko asked coyly. I guess she must have seen me, and knew I was skinny-dipping. "Um, yeah. Thanks. Can I use your shower?" "Yeah, sure. Go ahead." I ran off to the bath room, ignoring Gavin as I rushed past. It sounded like Naoki was home too. I quickly stripped down, and showered off. I felt excited showering with all of them home. I toweled off again, but by this point, my towel was soaking wet. I pulled on my hoodie, and looked around for my backpack with my clothes, but it wasn't there. Oh drat. I must have left it outside somewhere. Now what do I do? I opened the door a crack, but I couldn't see my bag in the hall either. I must have left it in the living room or somewhere. I felt horribly exposed with no bottoms on, but I had to get my bag. I cautiously crept out into the hall, holding the hem of my hoodie down in an effort to cover my pussy. I tiptoed past Hitoshi's room, but luckily he wasn't there. Yuuko spotted me though. "Oh Emi, there you are. Come and eat. Supper's ready." Surely, Yuuko could see that I didn't have any bottoms on. Maybe she was just teasing, but the problem was my bag must be out in the living room where they all were gathered. I waved to her to help, but she'd already flitted off to the kitchen. I felt terribly vulnerable roaming around her house with my fanny showing, but what could I do? I peeked into the living room, and sure enough there was my bag. Gavin and the boys were right there too. I detoured into the kitchen, but Yuuko was in full hostess mode, paying no heed to my nudity. "Here, Emi. Could you put this on the table over there?" she said handing me a dish. I took it from her - what else could I do? - but more than dinner, I wanted to get my clothes. I don't think Yuuko realized the effect I was having on Hitoshi. Or maybe she did, but just didn't see it as an issue. I, on the other hand, was still trying to fight off an orgasm. Yuuko eventually clued in that I was naked, but amazingly, she didn't say anything. She just blinked a few times, and then motioned for me to get dressed. Unfortunately, she ran off again before I could get her to fetch my bag. I think she must have been drunk or something, because who does that? There was a half empty wine glass on the counter. "Come on, Emi? Let's eat!" she insisted. I opened the door, and peered out at them from around the corner, but all of them were looking at me, waiting for me to come to the table. I took one last deep breath, and then scooted out, quickly hiding my hips behind the table. Yuuko must know that I am bottomless, but she was acting like nothing was wrong. Luckily, Yuuna was sitting on my other side, and Gavin down at the other end hadn't realized yet from the look of it. "OK, dig in, everybody. There's more in the kitchen." I pressed my legs tightly together, and sat all the way back in my seat trying to hide my bare behind. The hem of my hoodie was more or less covering my pussy, but it had crept way up at the back leaving my bare bottom exposed. Oh god what am I doing? Yuuko looked over at me, and said, "Heavens, Emi! You're sweating. Maybe you should take off your hoodie." I stared at her wondering if she was daring me to get naked in her dining room in front of them all. She had to be teasing. I couldn't understand how she could go on like this with her family all sitting right here. "No, I'm fine. Thanks," I mumbled, blushing even more as they all stared at me. "Emi was skinny-dipping out back a bit earlier," Yuuko announced, point blank. Gavin widened his eyes, while Hitoshi stared at me, from across the table. I fidgeted in my seat, embarrassed by all the attention. Gavin craned his head to get a better look at my hips. My breasts had swollen up so large, they pulled the hem up exposing my pussy. Panicking, I stood up, but that just made things worse. Now they could all see my pussy. "Sorry. Excuse me," I apologized running off into the kitchen. My heart was pounding in my chest. What on earth did I do that for? They all must think I'm crazy. Finally, Yuuko came into the kitchen. "My dear! Such a way to dress," she continued to tease. I held up my hand in apology. Finally, she took pity, and went, and got my bag. "Maybe next time you should be more careful," she chided. Obviously she thought it was the funniest thing. I just felt mortified. I really don't understand her sense of humor sometimes. Still shaking, I fished out my panties and skirt, and pulled them on. "Sorry," I apologized again, but Yuuko was too busy laughing. Once I was all dressed, I went back to the table. All three of the guys had gone really quiet. Yuuko kept jabbering away about how funny this all was, but none of the rest of us knew quite what to say. After supper, Gavin and Yuuko walked me out to the bus stop. "I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to do anything like that," I kept apologizing. "That's alright. It's no big deal really. Hitoshi and Naoki are pretty used to seeing me naked." "Anyway, thanks again, and sorry for all the bother." "That's alright. Don't worry about it. Give us a call next time you head out this way." My bus came, and I finally headed back. It had been pretty nerve-wracking at the time, but looking back, it is kind of funny. Emi Tsuruta