Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Tennis in the Park By Emi Tsuruta Note: this is one in a series of posts about my life. If you'd like to know more about my friends and me, drop by my home page at: There's this park not too far from my house where my boyfriend Ryosuke and I go to play tennis sometimes. It's just a normal park in the middle of town, but a couple of times we've seen people doing stuff I thought was a bit daring for such a public place. I guess the first time was when we saw this American woman, maybe 25 or so, lying out in the middle of the grass sunbathing in a bikini. She was reading a book, but Ryosuke kept staring at her as we walked by. I felt a twinge of jealousy, but pretended not to care. A bit later, we walked back that way. She'd taken off her top, and was lying face down. She saw us, and peered up at us kind of nervously. She was hiding her nipples with her towel, but we could definitely see the outline of her largish breasts. I was so shocked at the time, because there were like all these big apartment buildings just above overlooking the park. Ryosuke gave me a toothy grin. After that, he wanted me to sunbathe topless. I do go topless in our backyard sometimes, but not so much out in public. A different day, we went back to that park. On the first set of tennis courts, we saw these two muscular guys playing tennis bare-chested. There were both kind of hunky-looking, so I was like 'wow,' but Ryosuke was more interested in something at the side of the court. There was a girl lying there on a lawn chair, and I swear her swimsuit was so skimpy. It was a one-piece, but it barely covered her back at all. She was a petite woman, especially compared with her massive friends, and her pert little backside was sticking up in the air. It almost looked like she was naked. She had dark sunglasses on, but she noticed us, and gave us the most wicked grin. I guess one of the guys must have been her boyfriend. She seemed to be getting a real kick out of showing off her bikini bod. I was amazed. Ryosuke got all excited again. It took forever to get him to calm back down. I'd been thinking about going back to that park, and then one hot summer day, Loretta, my host mom, asked if I'd take her kids, Brandon and Jennifer, to the spray playground. I didn't have anything else to do, so I said sure, and the three of us headed out. I brought my bikini with me, but when we got there, the washrooms were closed. Brandon and Jennifer already had on their swimsuits, so they went, and played with the other kids in the water. I went over to a picnic table, and got out my bikini and a towel. There was a group of mothers sitting not too far away, chatting and watching their children. They looked over this way for a moment, but soon went back to their conversation. I spread out the towel on the bench, and sat down on it, looking around to see if anyone else might be watching. Behind me, there was a fence and some trees and a bit further down was an entrance from the street, but it didn't look like anyone was around. Brandon and Jennifer ran off to the far side of the fountains, and the mothers were watching their own kids. I felt a bit nervous, but I eventually untied the string at the front of my shorts. I was already getting a little excited at the thought of stripping out of my shorts. The sun was kind of warm that day, so that may have been why I was so giddy. I slid my fingers into the back of my shorts and panties, looked around to see if anyone was watching, and then slid them down, exposing my bare bottom to the sun. I was so excited. I lifted my behind, and slid my shorts and panties all the way off. I spread my legs trying to get used to the feeling. Here I was sitting bottomless in clear view of these women. They hadn't noticed, but I felt so embarrassed. I shook out my bikini bottoms, but took my sweet time, hesitating a moment too long. Jennifer spotted me, and she came right over. "What are you doing?" she squealed, pointing at my bare bottom. "I'm just changing into my suit," I replied, holding it up for her to see. I was trying to act confident, but I actually felt so nervous, worried about what she must think. "Those women can see you, you know?" I looked over, but they still hadn't noticed. It was disappointing in a way. Here I was sitting here naked, but no one except Jennifer seemed to care. I nodded an apology to Jennifer, and pulled on my bikini bottoms. This was my red and white bikini with the adjustable Brazilian back, so I didn't look all that decent even dressed. Jennifer stood there, peeved, waiting for me to finish dressing. Once I'd tied on my swim bra, she seemed satisfied, and went back to play with her friends. I felt embarrassed at getting caught, but I glanced around trying to see if there were any men in the park. They might have more of an appreciation for my games... and my bikini bod for that matter. It seemed though that Brandon and his friends were the oldest 'men' there. Brandon was cute, sure, but not really boyfriend material. Even so, I should be friendly, so I went over, and joined them by the fountains. I ran around, and started splashing water at Jennifer. She giggled, and ran away. Brandon came after me with a water gun, and soon the two of us were splashing each other like crazy. Jennifer skirted around the edge of the splash pad, trying not to get sprayed, but soon she called out to me pointing at my hips. This particular bikini is kind of slippery, so the side ties on my bottoms had come loose, and were starting to fall. I thanked her, and did them back up, but after that, Brandon started coming after me, trying to pull the bows undone. I squealed, and ran away, trying to keep out of reach. To get away, I ran off behind some bushes, but I ended up slipping and falling onto the grass. Brandon dove on top of me, pinning me down, grabbing for the side ties of my bottoms. "Hey. Hey. Cut that out!" I cried out, as I struggled to regain my footing. "You started it!" he retorted, all excited now. He managed to pull one of my side ties undone, but he was so heated up that his fingers got caught in the string, and he couldn't shake loose. "Hey. Let that go. What are you doing?" I planted my hands firmly on the ground, tried to get up, and push him off of me. He was still trying to untangle his fingers, so he didn't really resist, and soon I was able to turn back round, and face him. "That's not a very gentlemanly thing to do," I scolded, reclaiming my ties from him. "Oh, that's no fun," he sulked. "Show me!" "What about you? How would you like it if I pulled your trunks down?" "No way!" he cried running off back to the fountains. Brandon was still a couple of years younger than me, but he'd grown up quite a bit since I first met him. I let them play for a while longer, but soon I started to get thirsty. I toweled off, and pulled on a hoodie. "Do you guys want to get something to drink?" I asked them. "Yeah, let's go!" Brandon howled running off towards the convenience store. Jennifer and I rushed to catch up. The clerk behind the counter was a young Korean woman. I smiled, and bowed to her when we went in. She said something to me in Korean, which I didn't understand. "I'm sorry. I'm not Korean. I'm Japanese," I told her. "Oh sorry. You look Korean," she told me. We went back to the juice fridges, but soon a middle-aged American guy came in to the store. At first, I didn't pay him much mind, but soon Jennifer tugged on my hoodie. I realized that the guy was kind of staring at me. I was still in my bikini bottoms, so I guess he thought it was weird to be walking around dressed like this in a store. Anyway, we bought some drinks, went back, and played some more. Soon though, it was getting time for supper, so we headed back. I guess not much happened, but that was kind of a fun day. Then one day, Ryosuke came to my house, and we headed to the same park to play tennis. On our way, it seemed like a lot of people were staring at us. I guess it was because I was in my white pleated mini skirt, but they were staring at Ryosuke too in his tennis shorts. I think it's normal to play tennis dressed like this, but out on the street, we stood out. It was making me nervous, but Ryosuke seemed to enjoy the attention. Once we got to the park, we walked past the first set of courts, climbed this small hill, and walked past the next set of courts all the way down to the end of the park. We were now far away from the main park entrance. There was another smaller entrance at the back a bit further on. We had the courts all to ourselves. It was a nice warm day out, so I took off my jacket. I just had on my sports bra underneath. I guess it's not so bad, but I felt kind of daring wearing just a bra for a top. Ryosuke perked right up. We played tennis for a while just hitting the ball back and forth. Ryosuke took tennis lessons in high school, but I'm more of a beginner. He's a gentleman though, and tries to hit the ball towards me, so I can hit it back more easily. If he hits the ball really hard though, I always miss. If I swing too hard, my breasts bounce around. Ryosuke gets this goofy look, so I tried not to do that too much. After we'd been playing a while, I got thirsty, so we took a break. I'd brought a bottle of water in my bag, so I went over by the fence, and squatted down to get it out. When I looked up, Ryosuke was staring up my skirt at my panties. "Hey, Emi. I've got an idea." I knew already that this was another one of his cockamamie schemes. "Let's play a game, but the winner gets the loser to do something." "That's no fair. You're better than I am." "OK, then how about I give you some kind of handicap, say a thirty point lead?" We almost never play whole games of tennis, so I wasn't sure if this was fair or not. I looked at him hard, and then looked around at the empty park. I could kind of imagine what he was planning to get me to do. I didn't want to do anything too crazy, but I didn't want to just say no either. "OK, but give me chance, OK? Don't hit them too hard or anything... and if I win, you have to take me some place nice." "OK, I promise." I didn't really expect to win, but anyway, he let me serve first. I hit the ball as hard as I could, but I missed a couple of serves, and soon the score was 30 all. I made a really nice serve on the next one, but he hit it back hard, and I missed. In no time, I had lost the game. I walked over to the net pouting. "What's wrong?" he asked. "I knew you'd win. That's no fair at all." "I gave you a thirty point lead!" I glared at him some more, but finally asked, "So what do you want me to do?" "Take off your panties." "What?" I squealed, shocked that he would even suggest it. "Oh, please, Emi. Pretty please. I'll love you forever." "I don't know, Ryosuke. This is like one of the shortest skirts I have." "No, it isn't. It's fine. No one will be able to tell." I looked around. There was a hill behind us with some people's yards at the top, but I couldn't see anyone. Probably not many people come all the way down to this end. I walked off into the shade of one of the trees, and set down my racquet. "OK, but only for a little while. And I get to put them on if anyone comes." Ryosuke came over, and gave me a kiss. "Oh, Emi. You are the best." Looking all around, I slid my hands up my skirt, and carefully pulled my panties down. There was quite a strong breeze that day, and it was making my hello kitty tingle like crazy. I hadn't really done this stuff so much at that point. It was getting me so aroused I didn't know what I'd do. I stepped out of my panties, and Ryosuke took them from me. I kept glancing around hoping no one was watching. I slid my hand down between my legs, self-conscious about how wet I was becoming. "Here, show me," he said. "What? Why?" "How do I know you're not wearing another pair underneath?" Who on earth wears two pairs of undies? I made sure no was coming, and then briefly flipped up my skirt, showing him my pussy. I didn't really feel like tennis anymore. I wanted to go somewhere, and kick back if you know what I mean. "Here, show me your ass." I glanced at him, but he seemed serious, so I twirled, and gave him a peek. "God, Emi, you look so..." He was so excited he couldn't even finish his sentence. Ryosuke motioned for me to come back onto the court, but I felt terribly vulnerable. The feeling of the breeze was driving me crazy. We started volleying the ball back and forth, but neither of us could concentrate on the game. I tried to hit the ball lightly to keep my skirt from billowing up, but that didn't really work. He looked pretty excited, and I definitely was. Before long, two African American guys came to play on the court next to ours. I stopped playing, and walked over to the shade of the trees, trying to hide. I guess I can admit I was afraid. They started playing though, and didn't really seem too interested in us. Watching them closer, I realized that they looked pretty rich. They had on real tennis wear and shoes, and had expensive-looking racquets. They were really good too, hitting the ball hard and always returning it. They were focused completely on their game. Ryosuke motioned for me to come back onto the court, and play. I didn't want to, but eventually, I came out, and lobbed one over as softly as I could. I was so nervous. My skirt flipped up, so I fluffed it back down, looking to see if they'd noticed. They were still playing, not watching me at all. Slowly, I began hitting the ball more normally, running for it, taking more chances. Ryosuke made a funny face, pretending to be shocked by my daring. Amazingly, the two guys still hadn't noticed. I guess they thought Ryosuke and I were pretty bad players. Eventually, one of their balls came flying over, and landed on my side of the court. They kept on playing, but I thought I'd better get their ball. I walked over, and then looked back at them to make sure they weren't watching. I quickly bent over, reaching for the ball, flashing them my behind in the process! I was so nervous. Ryosuke bugged out his eyes, but actually, I don't think they noticed. I straightened back up, my heart pounding in my chest. Soon a third African American man came. He sat down facing this way, so I signaled to Ryosuke we should stop. I felt really strange in any case, not used to walking around with no panties pressing in on my hips. I walked over to where we'd left our bags, and squatted down to fish out my water. Ryosuke came over squinting in the bright sunlight. To tease him, I spread my legs, showing him my pussy. He glanced over at the guys, a bit nervous, and then squatted down across from me. "You are a little temptress you are," he grinned. "What?" I asked. He reached out to touch my pussy, but I quickly backed away. "We'd better go," I finally said, worried that this was getting out of hand. "What? You are not going to show them?" he teased nodding at the three guys. "Maybe some other day," I joked back. As I said, I was kind of new to all of this. It was hard to imagine going further. I felt embarrassed enough as it was. Anyway, we packed up our stuff, and walked back through the park toward the entrance. "Can you tell?" I asked as we approached the street. "You look adorable," he smiled, giving me a kiss. In the convenience store, we ran into the same Korean girl. I went to the drink fridges in the back, but Ryosuke followed me back. He placed his hands on my waist, but before I could stop him pulled up the waistband of my skirt. "Hey!" I squealed. He slid my skirt up so high I think you could probably see my pussy. "Just leave it like that!" he insisted. I glared at him, but he kept nodding that it would be OK. I swear my hello kitty was buzzing away like crazy. He motioned for me to bring my drink to the counter, but I was so embarrassed. The store clerk didn't seem to notice, but an American man came in, and peered down at my bare bottom right away. I hope he doesn't realize I'm naked. Ryosuke paid for our drinks, and motioned for me to follow him outside. I felt so nervous as I stepped out into the sun. It was a busy street, so there were tons of cars going by. We waited for the light to turn green, and then I had to cross directly in front of these drivers. Most of them didn't seem to notice, but one guy's eyes went wide when he saw me. I pointed this out to Ryosuke, but he just told me to ignore him. In the park, we walked over to this picnic table nestled in the shade of this big tree. There was another couple there sitting not too far off. I pulled a towel out of my bag to sit down on, but Ryosuke motioned for me to get up on the picnic table, and lie down. I peered over nervously at the other couple, but truth be told, I was kind of horny too. I spread out the towel on the picnic table, and then climbed up on top, embarrassed no end. I lay back face up, and Ryosuke stood between my legs. It looked like he was going to start playing with my pussy, so I grabbed his hands, and held them. He leaned forward, and started kissing me. I could feel the bulge in his trousers knocking at the doors of my gates of heaven. I swear we came pretty close to doing it right there. Soon though, we noticed more people coming into the park, so Ryosuke backed off, and I got down, and sat on the bench. I was still horny though. We finished our drinks, and then wandered over to this building with vending machines and washrooms near the first set of tennis courts. We went into the vending machine room. Ryosuke tried to pull one of the benches over to block the door, but it wouldn't move. I peered out the small windows in the door, trying to tell if anyone was watching. Ryosuke came over, and undid my skirt. I was absolutely freaking by then, but we were both too horny to stop. He pulled off my sports bra, and we started doing it right there on one of the benches. I still had my tennis shoes on, but I arched my back letting him burrow in deep. Soon, he was banging away, as I held on for dear life. It was pretty intense let me tell you. After he came, he pulled back out. I just lay there, too stunned to move. I had to get cleaned up though, and get back dressed. I got out some wet naps, and dabbed at my thighs which were soaked. I knew that the ladies washroom was just around the corner, so I gathered up my stuff. I didn't want to get my skirt all gooey, so I went to the door stark naked. There didn't seem to be anyone on the tennis courts, but it was hard to tell from this angle. I slowly opened the door, and glanced around. Ryosuke looked like he might tell me to stop, but he held back, wondering what I would do. I stepped right out into the sunshine, my head swimming at the sensation of being out here naked. I quickly ran around to the side, and ducked into the ladies room. I wasn't sure if anyone saw me, but it was quite a thrill running out into the sun naked. I finally managed to settle down enough to get cleaned up, and dressed. I went back out, and met Ryosuke. He had this bemused look on his face. I guess he could tell that I kind of enjoyed all this. Emi Tsuruta