Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Ryosuke Sleeps Over By Emi Tsuruta Note: this is one in a series of posts about my life. If you'd like to know more about my friends and me, drop by my home page at: After my boyfriend Ryosuke graduated from university, he switched over to working full-time in the sushi bar downtown. He'd been working there part-time for quite a while, but full-time turned out to be a much tougher schedule than either of us had expected. He was working till ten thirty or eleven almost every night. It was hard to see him. Sometimes he would drop by at my house after work, but one night, I was downtown anyway, so I dropped by at the sushi bar. I was just coming back from supper out with Satomi and some of her old dorm mates. They were telling Satomi and me all about their jobs and what life was like after graduation. I wasn't really looking for a job at that point, but it was interesting to hear what they had to say. When we finished up, it was already late, but I wanted to see Ryosuke, so I walked over to the sushi bar where he works. "How many? Oh, it's you Emi." It was Suzuda, the maitre d. "Ryosuke's in the back. Do you want me to go get him?" "No, that's OK. I'll wait," I sat down on one of the high stools at the counter. "Could I just get some barley tea?" "Sure, I'll be right back." There weren't any other customers in the place. Even Okuno, the sushi chef, didn't seem to be around. Suzuda brought me my drink, went out front, and started turning off all the lights. "Oh, I didn't realize you were closing," I apologized. "Oh, that's OK. Just relax. I'll go see if Ryosuke can come out for a minute." He gave me this kind smile, and then disappeared behind the curtain. Ryosuke came out still dressed in his uniform. "Oh, Emi, you should have phoned. I didn't realize you were coming. I'm a mess." "Oh, that's OK. I was in the neighborhood, so I thought I'd drop by. You look fine." He came over, and gave me a gentle kiss. "How come you're all dressed up?" he asked. "Oh, Satomi and I were out with some of her old dorm mates. It was kind of a fancy place, so I thought I'd dress up." "You look gorgeous." I wasn't wearing anything that special - a bright red sweater rolled up to my elbows, a grey check mini-skirt, black tights and leather boots. I'd already set my long tan coat down on the chair. "I love the stockings," he admitted. "Here stand up, so I can get a better look at you." He came out from behind the counter, and started grinning. "Whit-phew!" he whistled. "What? What's the big deal?" "No, it's just you look so sexy in those stockings." He peeked back at the kitchen to see if anyone was coming, and then pointed at my skirt. "Can you give me a peek at what's underneath?" I looked down, and then blushed as I realized he meant for me to lift up my skirt. "Oh, Ryosuke! Don't be silly." "No, no, c'mon. It'll be OK. They're all in the back there," he nodded eagerly. I looked back at the curtain leading to the kitchen. I nodded towards the door, so Ryosuke went over, and made sure that no one was coming. I was still worried, but slowly, I lifted up my skirt showing him my white cotton panties through the loose weave of my black tights. "Oooo!" he gushed. He came over, kissed me on the cheek, and gave my tush a little squeeze. I playfully pushed him away. He made this disappointed face, and then nodded for me to show him more. He was in a really frisky mood, I could tell. I don't think we'd ever fooled around in his restaurant before. It wasn't like we could do anything here. Still, he gets this way sometimes. I peered back through the curtain trying to tell where his coworkers were. I couldn't see any of them. Maybe they were in the back. Ryosuke was smiling away, nodding for me to give him another peek. Quickly, before anyone came, I reached up inside my skirt, and pulled down both my panties and tights. My face went all hot, as I felt the air rush in on my pussy. I left my panties hanging mid-thigh, and then lifted up my skirt to show him my bare behind. I wiggled it to and fro, teasing him. It was usually so crowded in the restaurant, and here I was flashing him. I felt so naughty. Without really intending to, I was starting to get a little wet. "Emi!" he cried out, obviously delighted. "Just wait here a sec. I want to go get my camera." He rushed off into the back leaving me standing there. I let my skirt down, and obediently waited, but I started to get worried that Suzuda or someone might come out, so I ended up pulling my panties and tights back up. This whole idea is crazy. This is Ryosuke's workplace for heaven's sake. I'd better settle down. When Ryosuke came back though, he looked so disappointed. "I thought I told you to..." "I know, but I was worried someone would come," I whispered, worried they would overhear. I could hear the clatter of pots and pans coming from the kitchen. They sounded so close. Ryosuke glanced back at the kitchen, obviously not sure himself if it was safe or not. "Anyway, let me just get a few quick shots," he insisted. He's always like this. We're lucky we don't get caught. I decided this was just way too dangerous, and sat back down on the stool. "Oh, c'mon, Emi! Please!" I glanced over at him coolly. Ryosuke came closer, giving me another gentle kiss. He whispered in my ear. "Just this once for me." He gave me these puppy dog eyes. I couldn't deny I was pretty excited by then. I was just worried about getting caught. I took a deep breath, and then stood back up. "OK, but just one picture." I slid my hands back up into my skirt. Ryosuke set the camera down on the counter, and then squatted down in front of me. "What are you doing?" I whispered sharply. He motioned for me to shush, and started pulling my tights and panties way down past my knees all the way to the top of my boots. I was already freaking out, but then he stuck his head into my skirt snogging my pussy. "Stop!" I hissed. He came back out licking his lips. "Sorry, I just wanted a little taste." My pussy was tingling like crazy by then. I peered over at the door, but there was still no sign of anybody. He had the camera ready, so I lifted my skirt, and showed him my pussy. Still holding my skirt up, I stepped out, and walked slowly across the floor toward the main entrance. I knew I was taking a terrible chance. I don't know how far I would have gone if I hadn't heard a rattling sound coming from the kitchen. I dropped my skirt, rushed back to my seat, and quickly pulled up my panties. I think Ryosuke must have taken a picture or two, but now even he looked worried. I sat back down, and brushed down my skirt as best I could. My tights were still kind of bunched up under my skirt, but I didn't think I'd have time to fix them before whoever it was came out. I pulled my coat over onto my lap to cover up. Mr. Ueda, the manager, stuck his head out from behind the curtain. "Ryosuke, could you give us a hand back here? We need some help closing the gas valves." "Of course." He winked at me, excused himself, and then disappeared off into the back. "Well, if it isn't the lovely Mr. Tsuruta," Mr. Ueda smiled, coming out into the dining room. "All dressed up for a night on the town?" My heart was still pounding in my chest. "Um... actually, I just came back." "Oh, I thought you and Ryosuke were heading out for a date." He looked at his watch. "I guess it is kind of late. Sorry for keeping him. He's the only one who seems to know how to shut everything off around here." I smiled at his little joke. Of course, everyone on staff knew how to close up, but they just got Ryosuke to do it because he was one of the youngest. I knew Ryosuke was hoping to find a better job, but there weren't that many jobs in Oceanview. Even Satomi's old dorm mates had all moved down to San Diego or up to Los Angeles. Mr. Ueda looked at me thoughtfully, perhaps sensing what I was thinking. "Have you ever been over to my condo? It's right downtown here with a nice view out over the city." I looked at him a bit uneasily. Was he trying to hit on me? I shifted in my seat trying to pull up my tights as best I could. Ryosuke came out drying off a dish. "Yeah, you should see it, Emi," Ryosuke enthused. "You can see the mountains in the distance and the whole town!" I was still breathing pretty heavily, but it did sound interesting. I've always liked high places with views. It always makes me feel kind of special looking out over the rest of the world - almost as if I were a princess in a castle. "Sounds nice," I nodded. "I should have you over some time." "Mr. Ueda, could we maybe borrow your place for a few hours?" Ryosuke asked. "Emi and I have sort of been looking for a place to go..." I was kind of surprised that Ryosuke would ask this of his boss, but I guess they'd known each other for a while. Mr. Ueda looked at the two of us, obviously trying to imagine what we might do in his place. He finally said, "Yeah, I suppose that would be alright. You kids are both in home stays, are you?" "Yeah." "OK, then. I'll lend Ryosuke the key some morning when he has the day off." "Thanks. That'd be great." Ryosuke gave me this big smile, happy to be able to treat me to something special for once. I was so happy I got up, and gave Mr. Ueda a kiss on the cheek. "Oh my!" he laughed. "I tell you what. Ryosuke, why don't you just get cleaned up, and head home? The rest of us can close up." "Thanks." Ryosuke disappeared off into the back, and eventually came out in his street clothes. We thanked Mr. Ueda again, and headed out. We were both in such a good mood. "Um. Why don't you come over to my house?" I suggested. "What about Loretta?" he asked. Loretta is my host mom. She's nice enough, but actually, I was a bit worried she might tell my parents about Ryosuke. I hadn't really told them I was seeing anyone yet. I didn't want them to worry. "Let's try sneaking in. Maybe it'll be OK. It has been a while...," I blushed. He smiled. The buses had already stopped for the night, so we walked home. It was a beautiful night out. The stars were out, and it was quite romantic. We walked along holding hands, enjoying the night air. We finally made it to my house. All the lights were out. Loretta and her kids must be asleep. I opened the door ever so quietly. We took off our shoes, and tiptoed upstairs to my room. "Can I take a shower?" Ryosuke asked. "OK, but quietly," I whispered back. I followed him into the bathroom, and we both stripped out of our clothes. It was so hard not to laugh. We turned on the shower, got all lathered up, and took turns scrubbing each other's bodies. I love the way his body looks and feels. He has a muscular chest and not much body hair. His skin is so smooth, almost like mine. Once we were both clean, I lent him a bathrobe, and we snuck back to my room. We got naked again, and slid into bed. It sounded like Loretta and them were all asleep. Thank goodness. Loretta would probably have a bird if she knew he was here. I lay on my back, and Ryosuke got up on top. He was kissing me all over, on my lips, neck and shoulders. Soon he started teasing my nipples with his tongue. I was trying so hard not to giggle, but it felt so good. I wrapped my arms around him, and pulled him into me. I guess he was taking his time because he wasn't sure if I was ready, but I was so wet by then. I grabbed his cock, and showed him. He smiled, and then rolled over to pull on a condom. I took it from him, and used my hand to roll it on. His dick looked so big. He must have been really excited. We hadn't really done it at my place so often. We'd always been afraid of getting caught. Anyway, he got back up on top of me, and maneuvered around till his penis was at my gates. He gently tried to slide it in, but I was having trouble taking his size. I shuddered as it penetrated. "Are you okay?" he whispered. I was too aroused to answer. I spread my legs as far apart as they would go, trying to adjust to his size. I was gasping for breath as he started thrusting. I felt so naughty doing this with Brandon sleeping next door and Loretta and Jennifer across the hall. I knew I had to keep quiet, but it felt so good. Ryosuke must have sensed my excitement, because he gradually sped up the pace. I got too excited though. I couldn't take it anymore. I came in this incredible spasm of ecstasy. Oh god it felt so good. I was so far gone I don't even know when he came. I was completely spaced out. He eventually pulled out. I pulled on a t-shirt, and lent him a robe, and we snuck across for another quick shower. Once we'd cleaned up, we came back, and I set the alarm for six. We took our clothes off again, and cuddled. I guess I should have put on some p.j.'s, but I was just so happy to be with him. Before long, we fell asleep. All too soon, the alarm clock went off. Ryosuke scrambled to his feet, and got dressed. He gave me one last kiss, grabbed his jacket, and dashed out the door. I ran my fingers along my lips savoring the sensation of his kiss. Soon though, I realized he'd left his backpack on the floor. I picked it up, and got up to scurry after him. Once I was out in the hall, I suddenly realized I was naked. I debated going back for some clothes, but there was no time. I dashed down the stairs. There was no sign of him, so he must have left already. I couldn't just leave his bag here though. If Loretta saw it, she might put two and two together. I cautiously opened the front door. He was already half way down the block. Now what do I do? I glanced up and down the street, but it was still early, so it looked like no one was around. Without thinking, I stepped out the door, and shouted, "Ryosuke!" The cool morning air nipped at my bare flesh. The sun had just come up, and I was standing in the shadow of the house, but it was bright enough that our neighbors might see. Ryosuke didn't stop at first, so I padded down the porch stairs, stepped out onto the lawn, and called out again, "Ryosuke!" My senses were on fire by then. Here I was standing buck naked on my front lawn. My heart was pounding so loud I could hear it. I knew I should be terrified, but there was something exhilarating about being out here naked. I peered cautiously over at the houses across the street. They all looked pretty quiet, but down at the corner there were cars driving by on the main street. I took a few more steps across the grass, but my courage was leaving me. This is crazy. I've got to get back inside. Eventually, Ryosuke realized I was calling, and turned around. He gave me the funniest look, amazed I'd come out here naked. He hurried back, feigning shock. I hid my body behind his bag, feeling kind of embarrassed. I handed him his bag, giggling nervously. "You forget this," I blushed. "Thanks," he said kissing me. "You look gorgeous, but you'd better get back inside before someone sees you." He sent me on my way with a smack on my rear. I stuck out my tongue at him, but then quickly ran back across the lawn and up the porch stairs. I turned, and waved one last time, then scooted inside, and shut the door. I leaned my back up against the closed door still excited from what I'd just done. It was such an amazing feeling. Unfortunately, of all the bad luck, Loretta's son, Brandon, picked that moment to come out of his room. I looked for something to cover myself with, but there was nothing. Brandon noticed me right away, and came over to the stairs to get a better look. I covered my pussy and breasts with my hands. "Emi? What the...?" I didn't say anything, just ran up the stairs hoping to get to my room. I almost made it past him, but at the last moment, he reached out, and grabbed my wrist. "Brandon, let go!" I whispered trying not to wake Loretta. "What are you doing? Were you outside?" I felt so embarrassed. He'd caught me red-handed. I finally managed to break free, and ran to my room. I slammed the door shut, but he pounded on it. "Emi, what on earth were you doing?" I heard Jennifer come out. "Will you two keep it down? Some of us are trying to sleep." Brandon kept knocking, but there was just no way I was going to let him in. In the end, he finally gave up, and went away. I quickly pulled on my p.j.'s, kicking myself for being so stupid. Why did I go and do such a thing? I'd always tried to be so careful, but this was the second time Brandon had caught me naked. God, what must he think? Anyway, I'll stop for now. Hope things are well with you. Emi Tsuruta