Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Hot Spring Christmas Part 2 By Emi Tsuruta Note: this is one in a series of posts about my life. If you'd like to know more about my friends and me, drop by my home page at: I went back home to Japan last Christmas. My boyfriend Ryosuke had made reservations for us at some hot spring inns west of Tokyo, but then at the last minute had to pull out, so I went with my cousin Namie instead. She's a cute girl, doe eyed, almost like an idol, but recently married. We'd stopped by at Shuuzenji, a resort town that is sort of the gateway to the Izu peninsula. We had a brief dip in Tokkonoyu, an outdoor hot spring there, and then caught a bus south to Yugashima. Ryosuke wrote that we were to stay at an inn called Yumotokan. It was a big traditional inn made of wood, very old and impressive-looking. We checked in, and as the maid led us up to our room, she stopped in front of one room in particular. "This is the room where Yasunari Kawabata wrote 'The Izu dancer.'" "Wow!" Namie and I exclaimed. I don't know if you've heard of Kawabata, but he won the Nobel Prize for literature in 1968. 'The Izu dancer' is a short story of his about a young student who is traveling, and is enchanted by a girl in a traveling band. He hopes to ask her out, but when he sees her frolicking naked in the outdoor bath, he realizes she is just a child. I read the story in high school I guess, but I hadn't realized it was based on a place nearby. I've been to other hot springs where famous writers stayed. I guess hot springs are a popular place to write. We stood at the door for a moment looking in at his room. It was Japanese style with straw tatami mats for a floor and an alcove (tokonoma) with ikebana and a poem on the wall. Out the big window, you could see the garden. It was all snowy and grey, but tranquil and beautiful in its way. I could hardly get over the fact that Ryosuke had booked such a famous inn for us. He can be pretty sweet sometimes. Next, the maid took us round back, past the entrance to the baths. "The big outdoor bath is down this way at the bottom of the stairs." "Can we take a quick peek?" I asked, curious. She motioned for us to go ahead. We stepped outside, and went down a wooden stairway through the trees till we could see the bath hut by the river at the bottom of the hill. It really was such a beautiful setting. There didn't seem to be any people around. "It's so quiet," I whispered. "You are our first guests today. We're expecting a few more, but they haven't checked in yet." I looked over at Namie, smiling, but she just kind of looked back at me, a bit worried I guess. The maid took us up to our room, asked what time we wanted dinner, and then went off to get ready. I set down my bag, and bubbled, "Here. Let's go down, and check out the bath." Namie laughed. "Is that all you ever think of?" I just grinned. As I stripped out of my clothes, I realized it was fairly cool in the hotel, but soon we'd be hopping into the warm bath. I hummed away happily as I stripped completely naked, and rummaged through my luggage for something to wear. Namie opened the closet. "There are some yukatas here," she noted. "Let's save that for when we get back. If I wear it down to the bath, it'll get all wet," I told her. "For now, I think I'll just wear one of my hoodies. Do you want one?" "No thanks. I want to try the yukata," she said. I shrugged. "Suit yourself." I pulled on a hoodie, and checked the length. It didn't quite hang down far enough down to cover my pussy. I giggled standing up to show Namie. "You're not going out like that, are you?" she asked in horror. "I don't know. It might be fun," I teased. I tiptoed over to the door, and opened it a crack. There were a couple of maids just down the hall getting things ready for supper. I quickly shut the door before they saw me. Namie gave me a scolding look, but I was having way too much fun to worry. I wandered over toward the window, peering out to see if anyone was out there. "Honestly, I wonder about you sometimes," she continued sternly. "Like that last time at our house. Don't you get embarrassed running around naked all the time?" "Sure, but that's half the fun." She kept peering over at my pussy. "What?" I asked. "Anyway, put something on... for me," she begged. I was enjoying teasing her, but I eventually gave in, and wrapped a towel around my waist. The towel wasn't that large, but it did at least cover my naughty bits. "There. Is that better?" "I guess," she answered still not happy. She was all dressed up in yukata by then, and had pulled on a hakama (coat) over top. I felt a bit cold, but anyway, I grabbed my shower kit, slid my feet into the slippers, and opened the door. "Let's go." She was still frowning, but eventually followed me out into the hall. We walked past the maids and down the stairs to the back of the inn. The halls were so quiet. I was getting butterflies in my tummy from the feeling of the air on my pussy. I smiled over at Namie, but she just rolled her eyes. Outside it was freezing, so I quickly ran down the back steps. About half way down, my towel came undone, and fell. I was suddenly naked from the waist down. "Kya!" I yelped in embarrassment honestly surprised. Namie rushed down all in a panic. "Quick. Put it back on before someone sees you." I glanced around for my towel. It had fallen over on the snow by the side of the stairs. My pussy felt so cold from the icy wind, but my face was flushing hot from embarrassment. I hopped down the steps, and bent over to pick up my towel. Namie was having a complete bird. I shook out the towel to get rid of the snow. I glanced up the stairs checking to see if anyone was there. It looked pretty quiet. Ever so slowly, I wrapped the slender towel around my hips, and tied it back on. "Be careful!" she shouted. "Sorry," I blushed. "I swear I didn't do it on purpose." She just made a funny face, and then we hurried on down to the bath. At the bottom, we found a small open hut with baskets in it for changing, and beyond that, the stone covered bath. The bath was bigger than Tokkonoyu, and there was this really stunning view up and down the valley. We both looked around making sure no one was watching. Back towards the right, there was the suspension bridge we'd come over on, and further along the narrow valley, we could see some other riverside baths belonging to other inns. I looked back up at our inn, but there were trees that more or less blocked the view. I peered out down the valley, but I couldn't see any sign of people. The bath itself was quite out in the open. I dipped my hand in the water. It was nice and hot. In fact, the air was warm too. Now that the sun had been out for a while, it had warmed things up. Namie looked at me obviously a bit nervous about going in while it was still light out. I went into the hut, kicked off my slippers, undid my towel, and took off my hoodie. I was cold, so I wanted to hurry, and get into the bath. Namie was still standing there at the door checking to see if anyone was coming. "Relax. There's no one here," I assured her. This time, I didn't really feel that nervous. I'd been to plenty of outdoor hot springs like this. Namie looked really anxious though, biting her lip. She was probably still remembering our close call from the day before. "I guess it'll be alright," she murmured, stripping off her hakama, yukata and undies. I tiptoed over to the bath. "Last one in is a rotten egg." "What?" "Oh, it's just an American saying," I explained. The warm water felt so good. Namie came out covering her pussy and breasts with a towel. "I think they said you're not supposed to bring towels into the water," I told her. Actually, Ryosuke had told me that, so I wasn't sure if it was true, but I thought it might be - something about stuff in the towels making it harder to clean the bath afterwards. Namie didn't look too happy, but she took off her towel, rolled it into a rope, and used it to tie her hair back. I smiled. She looked kind of cute naked, especially the way she was blushing. She seemed embarrassed at my staring though, and splashed some water at me to get me to stop. I looked around some more. It was a wonderfully scenic valley - quite beautiful really - peaceful and still, with the trees all covered in snow. The other little inns down the way looked like something out of a postcard. Suddenly, I remembered. "Oh, shoot. I forgot my camera." I never have it when I need it. "I'll just run up, and get it. Wait here." I waded out of the water, grabbed my towel, and quickly dried myself off. Namie looked up at me nervously, still worried that someone might be watching, but she finally nodded, and sank back into the bath. I slid my feet into my slippers, pulled my hoodie back on, and wrapped my towel around my waist. Even though I'd only been in the bath a few minutes, I felt all nice and toasty warm now. I ran back upstairs, but when I got up to the hall our room was on, I heard voices. I peeked out into the hall. There was this well-dressed man and woman in the hall. They must be the guests the maid had mentioned. I looked down nervously at my skimpy outfit. I hope the knot on my towel doesn't come undone again. At first, I was hoping to just wait until they went into their room, but from the bottom of the stairs behind me, I could hear the inn maids' voices coming up this way. I pressed the knot down to keep it secure, and then cautiously stepped out into the hall. The two of them looked over at me, and I bowed a greeting, my heart beating away a mile a minute. "Oh hello," the man said. I felt too self-conscious to answer, worried about him seeing me in this skimpy little towel, so I just scurried past to our room. I went in, and closed the door, my heart pounding. I quickly hurried over to my bag, and dug out my camera, but now what should I do? If the two of them go down to the baths, I can't take pictures. Should I get back dressed? I guess the first thing I should do is go down, and warn Namie. I slipped back out into the hall, bringing the camera with me. When I passed the older couple's room, it seemed pretty quiet. Maybe if we're lucky, they'll just stay in their room. When I first got outside, I couldn't see Namie for all the trees in the way. When I finally came out from behind the shed, she stood up, obviously relieved to see me. The pink flesh of her naked body shone in the bright sunlight, making her stand out against the white of the surrounding snow. I was surprised she'd become so brave, but I took it as a good sign. "That was fast," she beamed. "Here we'd better hurry up, and take some pictures." I pulled off my towel and hoodie, waded in, and handed her the camera. She pulled her towel out of her hair, set it down on the edge of the pool, and took the camera from me. "Why? What's wrong?" she asked. "Oh." I didn't really want to tell her about the couple because then she'd want to leave. "Nothing, just it's getting late; that's all. I want to get some pictures before the sun goes down." We both slid back into the bath. Once I was all warm again, I looked around, and then stood back up, motioning for Namie to take my picture. She stood up as well, but she'd spotted something. Her eyes narrowed, and she sank back into the bath. "What?" I asked. She pointed behind me. I turned to look, and there was definitely someone standing on the bridge not so far from us. I sank back into the water too, watching them. Whoever it was was wearing a light blue jacket and a big white scarf. "It looks like a woman," I whispered hopefully. "Maybe she's just curious about the bath." Whoever it was, they just stood there. I finally stood back up, and motioned for Namie to take my picture. She looked scandalized that I was willing to stand there naked with someone looking on, but I told her, "Don't worry about them. Anyway, we're not doing anything wrong." She didn't look so sure, but I finally convinced her to stand back up, and take my picture. I pulled my hair back, and arched my back, trying to pose like a nude model. I wanted to show these pictures to Ryosuke when we got back. Namie took a few shots, but then got scared, and slid back down into the water. The person on the bridge kept right on staring at us. Maybe it was a man after all, and the two of us had just flashed him our bodies. I have to admit the thought excited me a bit. I waded over, and took the camera from Namie. "Here let me take your picture now." "Are you crazy? He's looking right at us." "Don't worry. He hasn't come any closer. He's just curious; that's all." She gave me such a look, but somehow, I finally managed to convince her to stand up, and face me. She looked so embarrassed. I couldn't stop smiling. There was just something about the situation... I even managed to take a few shots of her with our admirer in the background. Unfortunately, just then, the couple I'd seen earlier came up from behind. I froze when I heard them, but it took a moment for Namie to realize they were here. We were surrounded. They both looked pretty shocked to see us both naked. I bit my lip, and peered back at them all nervous now. "Oh, sorry. We didn't mean to disturb you," the man apologized, his eyes wide in amazement. He peered down at my lilywhite ass, and then over at Namie's grapefruit-sized breasts. I felt a tingle run up my spine, but Namie slid back down into the water, blushing bright red. We both glanced around for our towels. Mine was over in the changing hut next to where they were standing. Namie's was lying on the edge of the bath, so I picked it up, and threw it to her. "Oh my!" the women exclaimed, scandalized by my daring I guess. I reached down, and covered the crack of my behind with my hand, but I was so excited by then. I got up out of the bath, and walked right over to them. I don't know what got into me. My whole body was tingling with excitement. "Oh, I'm sorry. We didn't mean to chase you off," the man said. "No, that's all right. We were just leaving." I pulled my towel out while the two of them stood there gawking at me. Namie got up too, trying to cover her front with her towel. Namie looked at me gravely, but there was little we could do now. They'd caught us redhanded. I glanced over, and the man was staring down lustfully at our bare behinds. I pulled on my hoodie, but my towel was all wet by then. I wrapped it around my waist, but it was practically see-through. The man continued to stare at me, clearly quite excited. I walked around to shield Namie, but the tension was incredible. I don't know why I was getting so excited. Once Namie was ready, we hurried past them, up the hill. When I glanced back, the man was still watching, and the women was babbling away. Were they married or lovers? Whatever it was, they seemed to get a big kick out of catching us naked. Once we were safe inside, I broke out laughing. Namie looked at me strange for a second, and then started laughing too. "You're crazy. Do you know that?" she joked. She looked happy though, relieved maybe that we'd gotten away with it. I guess she thought something bad would happen, but nothing did. We saw the couple later that evening. They seemed even more self-conscious about it than we did. I just smiled, and bowed as we passed them in the hallway. I've got a lot more to tell, but I guess I'll stop here for now. Talk to you soon. Emi Tsuruta