Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Rivals and Farewells By Emi Tsuruta Note: this is one in a series of posts about my life. If you'd like to know more about my friends and me, drop by my home page at: Last spring, my boyfriend Ryosuke and his friends Futoshi and Kenta graduated from Oceanview U. Ryosuke agreed to stay here, but Futoshi and Kenta headed off to Los Angeles to work. They'd been good friends to us, so I was sorry to see them go, but actually, their senior year, I didn't see them much. I missed the first few weeks of school, because I was away in Japan for my cousin's wedding, and after I got back, I had to catch up on all my schoolwork. My best friend Satomi told me she hadn't seen them either. I think she kind of has a thing for Futoshi, but apparently, he and Kenta had been hanging with two new girls, Masayo and Mieko, who also go to Oceanview U. I'd seen them around, but I didn't really know them at all. Then like out of the blue, they're always with Futoshi. I gave Ryosuke a call to see what was up, but he'd always be out. I was pretty sure he was hanging with Masayo and Mieko too. I guess I trust Ryosuke, but I didn't like him going out with other girls all the time. Anyway, I saw Ryosuke when he had time, and things were more or less the same between us. Spring came, and the weather got nicer again. Ryosuke told me that they wanted Satomi and me to meet Masayo and Mieko, so they set something up. I didn't really want to go, but at least it would give us a chance to suss out the competition. That day, Ryosuke and Futoshi showed up at my house around five o'clock to pick me up. I wasn't ready yet, but I didn't want them bothering my host mom Loretta, so I got them to come up to my room while I had a shower. Before long though, there came a knock at the bathroom door. "What is it? I'm not done yet." "Emi, can I talk to you about tonight?" It was Ryosuke. He opened the door, and came right in even though I was still showering. "Kyaa!" I squealed. I pulled the shower curtain closed, but Ryosuke just pulled it open again. "I want to ask you a favor." "What?" I asked, peering over at the open door. "Tonight, could you be careful what you say to Masayo and Mieko?" "What do you mean?" I took a washcloth, and started to wipe away the soap suds from my naked body. I felt kind of embarrassed doing this with Ryosuke watching, but I had to hurry up, and get ready, so we could go. "I don't know," Ryosuke went on. "I just don't want them to get the wrong idea. Do you know what I mean?" Suddenly, Futoshi appeared at the door! "Hey! Don't look!" I shrieked, turning away from them, trying to cover my butt crack with my hand. Futoshi is usually more of a gentleman, but Ryosuke had left the door wide open. I peered back at Futoshi, trying to convince him to leave, but he seemed fascinated by my behind. The two of them gawked at me wondering I guess how I could be so calm. I was anything but. I was actually mortified, but didn't want to give them the satisfaction by admitting it. Ryosuke went on. "We really don't know them that well, and they are more conservative than you, so maybe it's better not to tell them some of the stuff we've done." "Like you guys spying on me!" I balked. It felt so weird being naked with the two of them looking on. Futoshi had seen me naked before, but even so, you shouldn't peek while a girl is showering. We need our privacy. I tossed a wet sponge at Futoshi, but he just knocked it away, too entranced to be fazed. "We're not spying, but yeah, don't tell them about this kind of stuff," Ryosuke insisted. "Or the time we played strip poker, and Futoshi had to streak across Kenta's quad," I giggled. Ryosuke shot me a look. "What? That was you guys' idea." "Anyway, don't tell them any of that," he told me. I really didn't understand. If they were so worried about what people think, why were they peeping in on me now? "Here. Hand me a towel at least," I finally said, rinsing the lather off. The two of them were too stunned to move, so what I said didn't register at first. I pointed to the towel, and eventually, Ryosuke snapped out his reverie enough to hand it to me. I spread it across my front covering my breasts and pussy, and then turned to face them. "Anyway, I have to get dressed!" I exclaimed, shooing them to leave. Ryosuke handed me the t-shirt I'd brought, but my panties seem to have disappeared. I carefully pulled the t-shirt on, trying not to show them any more of my body in the process. The t-shirt was too short to cover my bottom. "What did you guys do with my panties?" I asked. "Nothing," Ryosuke insisted. Maybe in my hurry, I'd forgotten to bring them over. They watched as I carefully pulled the towel out of my shirt, and wrapped it around my waist. Ryosuke pawed at my behind ostensibly trying to help me dry off. I was worried that Loretta or her son Brandon might come up, and find us horsing around. I ran back to my room, and closed the door, but they just barged right in anyway. I got out a pair of panties, and pulled them on. My face must have been bright red by then. It's no big deal being naked in front of Ryosuke, but letting Futoshi see was too much I thought. Anyway, I finally got dressed, and we headed out. I started to think about what I was going to say to Mieko and Masayo. 'Keep your paws off my man, bitches.' No. That might be a bit much. I didn't want to create a scene, but I was itching to say something. Anyway, next we picked up Satomi. She was dressed quite fashionably for a change. She had on a tan knee-length skirt - pretty daring for her - and a yellow camisole underneath her jean jacket. I thought she looked cute, but Futoshi didn't say anything. I smiled at her, but she looked worried. I was pretty sure Futoshi likes Satomi too. He just needs a bit of coaxing. Futoshi dropped the three of us off at the beach, and then went to pick up Kenta and these other girls. I decided to go in for a quick swim while we waited. I found a washroom, and changed into my 'wicked' white thong bikini and tie-on bra. Originally, I planned to bring something more conservative, but this one was new. It was pretty windy by then, but the water wasn't too cold. Ryosuke and Satomi didn't want to come in swimming though, so when Futoshi came back with Kenta, Masayo and Mieko, I came out. Masayo and Mieko were wearing a bit too much make-up I thought. They had on jeans and long-sleeve blouses, quite a bit of clothing for summer. What were they trying to hide? They were taller than Satomi and I, but I think we have more curvaceous figures. I didn't want to seem rude, so I smiled, and said hi. There was tension though. It seemed like Ryosuke hadn't even told them that he and I were going out. How could he not mention? I was still dripping wet from my swim, so I grabbed my navy hoodie and colorful pareo, and snuck off to the woods to change. I was still fuming about Ryosuke not mentioning that he has a girlfriend - me! Was he hitting on them too? The pareo I'd brought was purple and pink, and large enough that it could be worn as a sarong. When I'd packed it, I thought it was opaque, but looking at it in dim light of the forest, I began to wonder if it might be a bit see-through. I hadn't brought any undies with me. I was kind of waiting for the breeze to dry my still damp pubic hair. Anyway, Ryosuke and they probably won't be able to tell in the dim twilight. When I came back, Kenta had the barbecue all set up. We all gathered around huddling together for warmth. My pareo kept fluttering up in the wind. Kenta was trying to behave himself in front of Masayo and Mieko, but I think he was the first to notice my 'situation.' If I had any sense, I would have pulled my jeans back on, but actually, I was secretly glad that Kenta was showing such interest in me. I've still got it, I thought. Ryosuke was on the far side happily chatting away with Masayo. I signaled Kenta to lend me the chop sticks, and checked to see if the meat was done. Kenta peered down, rapt at my hips. The light from the fire was bright enough I think Kenta at least could see my bush through the thin material of my pareo. He looked just as puzzled as Futoshi had been earlier. How could I come out here dressed like this? Mieko wasn't really looking at me, but she had noticed the wild look in Kenta's eyes. I felt a twinge of embarrassment, handed the chopsticks back to Kenta, and backed away from the fire. "It looks like they're almost ready," I suggested, trying to act like I hadn't realized. Kenta served up the barbecue on paper plates. I kept away from the fire, and went over to sit on the log hiding behind Satomi. Once he'd got his food, Ryosuke came over, and joined us. He was still acting cooler than usual, but it looked like he was finally willing to admit we are a couple. I was using my paper plate to cover my pussy, but my pareo fell open at the side, so you could see my thigh almost all the way up to my waist. Kenta seemed fascinated with the curve of my behind. He couldn't contain his curiosity, and finally asked me, "That's quite a nice pareo you're wearing. Where did you get it?" "Oh this? It's just something I bought the last time I was in Japan." They all turned to look at my hips, making me even more nervous. "What do you think of Satomi's new outfit?" I asked trying to divert attention away from my nearly bare bottom. Reluctantly, the boys tore their eyes away from me to look at her. She did look cute that day, I thought. I finished eating as quickly as I could, and then stood up intending to go get changed. Kenta and Ryosuke both peered over at my backside, but I just ignored them, and dug my jeans out of my bag. Masayo and Mieko looked unnerved. I did feel embarrassed, but I was glad that Ryosuke was finally showing more interest in me. I hid in the woods, and pulled my jeans on. When I came back, they were talking about things Futoshi, Kenta, Ryosuke, Satomi and I had done together before Masayo and Mieko appeared on the scene. They listened, but I felt relieved. Futoshi and Kenta may be leaving, but they would miss us, I knew. Back at school, the rest of the term flew by. Before we knew it, it was almost time for Kenta and Futoshi to leave. They went down to Los Angeles to find a place to stay, and then came back, and rented a mini-van. They offered to come by my place, and give me some stuff. It was so hard to believe they were leaving. That morning, right from when I woke up, I was in kind of a funny mood. It was a beautiful summer day, so I opened up my windows, and looked out over the backyard. I couldn't understand why Futoshi and Kenta wanted to leave this place. It was so peaceful, so charming, a quaint cozy little village by the sea. Anyway, I had a shower, and came back to my room. I pulled on some panties, and dug out my new skirt, a beige pleated flirt skirt. It's too short to wear outside, but I just wanted to show it to Ryosuke before the others got here. At the back, it tilts up on an angle, so you can see the seat of my panties peeking out from under the hem. I pulled on this skirt and a cream-colored tank top (no bra), and went down, and had some breakfast. Ryosuke showed up soon. As I expected, he got a real kick out of my skirt. "Hey, where'd you get that? That's great!" "In Shibuya." I led him into the kitchen, and motioned for him to sit down while I got him something to drink. "Here. Come over here. Let me take a closer look." I swear he was grinning from ear to ear. I was glad he liked it. I walked over to where he was sitting, and he reached over, and patted me on the bottom. "It's perfect. You look sensational." Suddenly though, he reached up inside my skirt, and grabbed the waistband of my panties, yanking them down. "Hey! Stop that! Kenta and Futoshi will be here soon." "Here. Just hold still." He slid his fingers between my legs, probing for my hello kitty! "Kyaa!" His fingers were so cold. I tried to break away, but he grabbed my tummy with his other arm, and held me there. "Oh, look, Emi. You're getting all wet." "I am not." "You are too." He held up his middle finger to show me. I guess I was a little excited. "Here, bend over." I looked back at him a bit worried. I leaned over, and gave him a kiss, and then did as he asked. I felt so naughty standing there like that bent over in the kitchen. He reached inside my top, and gave my breasts a gentle squeeze, getting me even more excited. Then he pulled my skirt way up, squeezing the cheeks of my behind. Before I could stop him, he'd got his fingers up inside me, making me crazy. "Kyaa!" I squealed again. It felt embarrassed, but I was getting aroused. He pulled my panties down, and motioned for me to step out of them. Once they were off, he started licking me, circling my most sensitive region with his tongue. I tried to get him to stop, but he was getting me all excited. Ryosuke was just about to undo his fly, when we suddenly heard a car's engine pull up outside. Oh no! They're here already. I tore off a paper towel, wet it, and wiped my love juice off the insides of my thighs. I was still breathing heavily, jittery, horny. I've got to calm back down here. We heard car doors slam, and then a knock at the front door. Ryosuke went out to let them in, while I looked for my panties. I couldn't see them. Had Ryosuke hid them somewhere? I went out into the living room, but I could feel the cool morning air on my wet pussy. "Morning, Emi. How're you doing?" Kenta grinned. I nodded shyly wondering if I could nip past them, and run upstairs to get some fresh panties. I slowly moved forward, brushing down my skirt at the back. There wasn't much hope of hiding my bottom though. The whole point of the skirt was to show it off. "Do you guys want something to drink?" Ryosuke asked. I shot him a look, but he just grinned, enjoying my embarrassment. I obviously had to get them the drinks because this was my house. I backed up into the kitchen, and Ryosuke followed me in. I glared at him. "Where are my panties?" I demanded. "I don't know. Where did you leave them?" I knew he must have hid them, but I didn't know where. I gave him my best peeved look, but he just sat down, motioning for me to make the tea. I tiptoed over to the kitchen door, and peeked out. "What do you guys want to drink? Barley tea? I have some made." "That'd be fine." When I reached up to fetch some glasses from the cupboard, Ryosuke whistled reminding me of how naked I was. I wanted to cover up, but this skirt wasn't long enough. I was so excited by then. I gave Ryosuke one cup of tea, and then took out two more for Futoshi and Kenta. I think they could tell from the way I was blushing that something wasn't right. I tried to hide my bare thighs behind the sofa. Ryosuke looked at me, waiting to see what I would do. "What all did you guys bring?" he asked. "There's a low table, a lamp and some bookshelves," Kenta explained. "Anyway, let's go outside, and take a look," Ryosuke urged. I shot him a look. Surely he didn't expect me to go outside dressed like this. Kenta and Futoshi got up, and went to the door, but I just stood there. I couldn't very well run upstairs with the three of them watching. "You guys go ahead. I'll be there in a sec," I said hoping they would leave. "No, no, c'mon, Emi. Let's just go see. You can get whatever later," Ryosuke insisted. I was panicking. Surely, he didn't expect me to go outside dressed like this. He nodded for me to go though, and herded me towards the door. I finally bent over, and pulled on my sandals. Maybe if I humor him, he'll let me come back in, and get some panties. The sun was so bright outside. I held down my skirt as best I could, but Ryosuke continued to herd me towards the mini-van. I looked out at the street trying to see if my neighbors were around. Luckily, no one seemed to be around, but truth be told, I was so scared I was shaking. What if someone sees me? I bounced down the steps, and scurried over to the van, getting so excited at being out here with my bare bottom showing. Ryosuke motioned for me to come to the back of the van. I couldn't believe I was standing out on the street dressed like this. It was so embarrassing. Futoshi and Kenta could maybe tell that something was up, but anyway, they climbed up into the van, and explained what each item was. I brushed my skirt down, but it was still floating pretty high. Things did seem pretty quiet. I leaned into the van, asking about different things. I couldn't feel my skirt, but I could definitely feel the breeze licking at my pussy. I looked back at Ryosuke, and he was grinning away, tickled pink by my daring. Suddenly, I heard a screen door slam just behind us. I straightened up, and turned to see who it was. One of my neighbors from across the street had come out of his house, and was headed this way! Oh no! He must have seen me! Now what do I do? "Hey, do you guys need any help?" he asked cheerfully. I'm pretty sure he is Carter's dad. Carter is one of the boys who plays street hockey in front of our house. I turned to face him, hoping he hadn't seen my tush. Futoshi got down out of the van. "Uh, I think we're OK. We're just dropping off a few things, whatever Emi here wants." He looked down at me, curious. "You've been living here a while, haven't you? You're... um... that... uh..." He couldn't remember my name. I wasn't really sure what his name was either. I suddenly thought of a good excuse. "Oh, I forgot. I think I left the kettle on." I backed away, going round the far side of the van. "Uh, Emi! Do you want this food?" Futoshi asked. "There's some instant ramen and some snacks." Reluctantly, I came back, and took a look. "Uh, yeah, sure." "What about this little coffee table? You could put in your room." "Um, OK. If you don't want it." They started lifting it out of the van, so I scooted back towards the porch. I didn't want to walk up the front steps with Carter's dad looking on, but the back door was locked no doubt, so I didn't have much choice. Holding my skirt down as best I could, I turned, and walked up the front steps. Futoshi and Kenta came out with the table though, and our neighbor was standing there looking at my rear. I was freaking out, as I frantically tried to open the door. When we got inside, I wanted to go upstairs, but Futoshi and Kenta were right there obviously intending to follow. "Uh, you guys go first," I suggested. "No, after you. Ladies first," Futoshi replied, probably just trying to be polite. Ryosuke just stood there smirking away. I swear he loves to torment me. "Show them," Ryosuke suggested. "It's no big deal." "Show us what?" Futoshi asked. "Emi is such a hot potato she can't keep her panties on," Ryosuke blurted out. I was horrified that he'd told them. My whole face flushed hot, as they looked on. Ryosuke, unable to contain himself, reached down, flipped up my skirt, showing them my pussy. Futoshi and Kenta's eyes went wider still shocked. "Let go!" I squealed. "Damn!" Kenta cried out, dropping the table, and grabbing his nose. Ryosuke finally let go of my skirt. "What's wrong?" I asked. "Ah. He's got a nosebleed again," Futoshi scoffed. "The same thing happened that day he was supposed to leave for Japan, remember?" "Here, I'll get you some paper towels." I ran to the kitchen, and brought some back. I was so shocked because he was really bleeding. I hit Ryosuke. "See what you did." He bowed an apology. "Sorry. That body of yours is dynamite. You'd better watch who you show it to." I just glared at him. Suddenly, he looked at me suspiciously. "Why did Kenta get a nosebleed the day he left for Japan?" Kenta had let me use his condo while he was gone. I went there, picked up the key, and then Futoshi drove Kenta to the airport. I ended up sunbathing nude on Kenta's balcony, but suddenly they came back, and found me. I'd been too embarrassed to tell Ryosuke. "Didn't Emi tell you?" Futoshi asked. "No," Ryosuke said. "No comment," I said, running up the stairs to get changed. That was a strange day in a lot of different ways. I saw Futoshi and Kenta again of course. I'll tell you about it sometime. Emi Tsuruta