Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. On the Beach with Satomi By Emi Tsuruta Note: this is one in a series of posts about my life. If you'd like to know more about my friends and me, drop by my home page at: A while back, I found out that there is another nude beach in Oceanview. This one isn't official either, but apparently local nudists have been going there for a long time. It's way down on the south edge of the city, and it's kind of hard to get to, so according to the report I saw, there's rarely anyone there. I got all excited when I found out about it, and one day last spring, I finally convinced my friend Satomi to go down with me. She hadn't been keen on going back to the other one, but I think she liked the sound of having the beach all to ourselves. So, early one spring morning, we took the bus down that way. I don't usually go to that part of town, and I found directions on the web. The buses all turn before you get there, so we had to walk a long way. You have to go behind people's houses, and then there are these high rocky cliffs looking out over the ocean. Some of the paths are kind of dangerous because the cliff is slowly falling into the ocean. We managed to find the path, and it wasn't too bad. We took our time going down because we didn't want to fall. At the bottom, the beach was all little black pebbles, and there was a lot of tall grass and reeds sort of like a marsh. No wonder no one comes down here. Most of the other beaches in town have fine brown sand and warm shallow water. Still it did seem like there was no one around, so we set down our stuff, and spread out our towels. It was a beautiful day out, really sunny with a nice breeze blowing in from the ocean. We were both wearing our swimsuits, so we pulled our dresses off over our heads, and then sat down to rub on some sunblock. You could hear the wind blowing and the sound of the waves and seagulls. I was so excited - our own private beach. We lay there in our swimsuits for a while. No one came along, so I finally suggested we take off our suits. Satomi was reluctant as usual, but once I started taking mine off, she followed suit. I lay back loving the feeling of being naked again. I rubbed sunblock onto my bare breasts getting them all glistening, and then rubbed some into my pussy and behind. Satomi lay on her front, her cute little bare bottom stuck up in the air. Her whole body was white because she'd been inside all winter. I had a bit of a tan on my arms and face from biking to school. "You look pretty comfortable," I laughed. "What? It was your idea to come here." "Do you want to go in for a swim?" She peered around trying to see if anyone was watching. I could tell she was nervous, but actually she was trying her best to pretend like it was no big deal lying out here in the buff. I was too excited to feel nervous. It's so rarely I get a chance to play outside in the nude. I really wanted to enjoy this. We both stood up, and walked down to the shore. The stones were a bit sharp on my feet, so I stepped really carefully trying not to slip. Satomi waded out into the water, but she was all shivering. It was absolutely freezing. It was still a bit early in the season for swimming. She didn't seem to care though. She waded way out, squatted down, and started splashing me getting me all wet. "Hey!" I cried squirming this way and that trying not to get hit. Satomi was laughing away, so I started splashing her back. We were both making so much noise that it took us a few minutes before we realized there were other people nearby. I motioned for Satomi to stop, and squatted down looking off in the direction of the voices. Quite some ways down the beach, we could see three boys in short pants getting back dressed, it looked like. Apparently, they hadn't noticed us yet, even though we were way out in the water in clear view of where they were standing. Satomi was freaking out as usual, but I told her to calm down. "We're not doing anything wrong. This is a nude beach," I said trying to reassure her. "Yeah, but there aren't any signs. What do we do if they come this way?" We started walking back towards our stuff trying to look like it was completely normal for two young girls to be walking around naked in the middle of the day. I think they'd spotted us by now, but perhaps they couldn't tell that we weren't wearing swimsuits from the distance. The worst giveaway though is our pubic hair. Both Satomi and I have quite noticeable mounds of thick black pubic hair. I covered mine with my hand, and then sat back down on my towel, still watching the boys. "I'm going to get back dressed," Satomi told me. "Just calm down. You're overreacting." I pointed for her to keep watching the boys. They had their shirts on now, and seemed to be packing up their stuff. One boy did seem to be looking over this way. He said something to his friends, and then they stood up, and looked this way too. "See. They're watching us." Actually, I felt nervous too, but at least they weren't coming any closer. They looked pretty young. Maybe they were as surprised by us as we were by them. I guess it's not every day you find two Japanese girls skinny-dipping. Or then again maybe they'd come down looking for nude people. It was supposed to be an area popular with nudists. "Do you want to go over, and ask them if they'd like to join us?" I joked. "Emi!" Satomi objected. "Anyway, it doesn't look like they're going to bother us. Just lie back down, and enjoy the sun." Satomi took out some sunblock, and started rubbing it on her feet and calves. "This is crazy you know. They're still watching us." I rolled over face down, and spread my legs enjoying the feeling of the breeze on my pussy. "Can you rub some sunblock on my back?" She sat up, and turned her back to the boys, rubbing the lotion all over my back and legs. "I'm not used to this, you know. Strange guys seeing me naked." "They're just kids. Let them look. They've probably never seen a naked girl before." She still looked nervous, but anyway, she got up, and hobbled down to the shore on the pointy stones to wash her hands. They were definitely watching us now, their mouths wide open gaping. I got up, and carefully walked down next to Satomi. "Looks like we've got a fan club," I nodded pointing to them. She turned to face them not hiding her body at all. I took this to be remarkable progress for her. She's usually so incredibly shy. "You're enjoying this, aren't you - showing them your body?" She scooped up some water, and splashed it at me. I chased out after her splashing her back. We had a great time frolicking and playing in the cool water under the big blue sky. Unfortunately, soon we noticed some other people coming down the cliff. We rushed back to our stuff, and got back dressed. Two beefcakey guys came out of the bush. They smiled, and waved at us, but then headed up the beach the other way. Soon they were naked, and went out for a swim. "Homosexual?" I wondered. "Nooo!" Satomi puckered her lips. I'd heard that a lot of homosexual men come here, but I didn't expect to see any. Now that we were dressed, our young fan club down the beach had lost interest in us. I wanted to wait for them to leave, and then get naked again, but Satomi wanted to call it a day, so I relented. I wanted to go back to one of the nude beaches, but instead, Satomi insisted we go to a regular textile beach. I agreed to make her happy. I wanted to buy a new swimsuit though. Everyone had seen my ultramarine thong one piece and my red and white scrunch back bikini. I needed something new. I went bikini shopping with my friend Asuna, but I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for in Oceanview, so I ended up buying one online. It was made of lycra in Australia with a white string-back bottom and the bra ties behind your neck and across your back. When it arrived in the mail, it was a bit different from what I had imagined, but it was well made and definitely sexy. The guys on the beach would go gaga. Satomi bought a new bikini too but from a different maker - Triangle or something. Anyway, the night before, I went to Asuna's condo, and stayed there. She shares an apartment with two American girls (actually one is Latina). I always thought that would be kind of cool to live with roommates, but actually Asuna says that the three of them talk that much. I didn't see them when I came in. Asuna said they were probably in their rooms studying. The next morning, I got up early, and had a shower in their shared bathroom. Just as I was finishing up, someone knocked at the door. I thought for sure it was Asuna or one of her roommates, so I said "Come in," but all of a sudden, this American guy opens the door. I'm standing here naked, dripping wet, and the guy didn't have a shirt on either, just jeans. He cracked a smile, but I grabbed my towel as quickly as I could, and ran back to Asuna's room. I was half panicked thinking it was some kind of thief who'd broken in, but as soon as I calmed down, Asuna explained that it was probably her roommate's boyfriends. Apparently, the American girl, Sandra, brought home a lot of guys. My friend Debbie is a bit that way too, but I really didn't expect a guy to come in while I was showering. We saw him a bit later out in the kitchen when we were making breakfast. He did apologize, but I swear he kept smirking at me the whole time we were there. I felt so embarrassed. I should be more careful. Anyway, we headed out, and met Satomi at the bus stop. We took a bus down to the main beach. Usually, we go to the beach closer to where I live because it's less crowded, but this time we were looking to see if we could find boyfriends for Satomi and Asuna. All three of us were dressed for summer. I had on my rainbow colored apron dress, a pair of tight fitting bright red shorts and my new white beach cover-up, sort of like a poncho with open sides. Asuna was in a short navy sundress with a lace up back - pretty daring for her - and even Satomi had managed to find a mini-skirt and halter. We were dressed to kill. Unfortunately, just near the entrance, there were a bunch of American girls lying out topless face down with a bunch of guys hovering nearby. You see that a fair bit in Oceanview actually, maybe because the nude beach is so close by. "I don't know why they always lie there like that," I complained. "They think they're so cool. Ryosuke just stands there drooling all over them every time we come. I'm like 'Where are you going?' and he says he's off to get a drink, but then he heads straight for where all the girls are." "Oh, Ryosuke's not that bad," Asuna insisted. Asuna is Ryosuke's cousin. For some reason, she has this picture of him as the perfect gentlemen. I guess he hides his evil side from her, but she's been with us when he's done stuff, like pull down my bikini bottoms. She did seem pretty shocked that time, but anyway, he was a good boy after that, so maybe she thought it was just a one-time thing. If she only knew the truth! We walked along the back of the beach, looking for a spot in the shade. The sun was beating down that day, and none of us wanted to get sunburned. As I said, I had a bit of a tan, but Satomi and Asuna were still pretty white. We walked all the way down, and found a spot to sit. There were other people set up just in front of us, a few families and young couples, but not many single guys. I wanted to go back toward the entrance where the guys seemed to be, but Satomi and Asuna just wanted to set their stuff down, and stop wandering around. As I got out my towel, I realized that I hadn't bothered to change into my swimsuit yet. Asuna had hers on under their clothes, but Satomi had to find a place to change too. Asuna stayed there to guard our stuff, while Satomi and I walked back through the trees and into this clearing for cars to park. We eventually found a washroom, but there was a long line-up on the girls' side waiting to get in. "Here, let's look around some more," I suggested. We wandered through the trees on the edge of the parking lot, but the trees weren't very thick, and you could kind of see the main road on the other side. Satomi wanted to head back, and wait in line at the washroom, but I asked her if she could just keep a look out while I changed. She tried to talk me out of it, but I kept telling her it would be OK. I picked a spot just behind these cars. There weren't many trees right there, but there didn't seem to be any people either. Satomi wrapped her towel around her, but she kept looking back into the parking lot to see if anyone was coming. I took off my poncho, and asked, "Did you bring your new swimsuit?" "Yeah, but I think I'm going to wear my old one-piece." My rainbow apron dress is all open at the back, so I looked around just to make sure no one was watching as I slipped my shorts off revealing my bare behind. I felt so naughty as I stepped out of them. I could feel the air between my legs. "Oh, don't wear your one-piece. Wear the bikini. That's what you bought it for, isn't it?" I was getting this wet tingling between my legs, so I spread them apart to get rid of it, but that just made it worse. I hate to admit it, but I was getting turned on. "Yeah, I don't know. Like you said, there are no guys down this way anyway..." Satomi pulled down her mini-skirt from under the towel leaving her panties on for the moment, and then started fiddling with her halter. She seemed to be having trouble getting it undone without knocking her towel off, so I held the towel for her. We could hear voices back towards the beach, but I kept on standing there with my backside showing. For some reason, watching Satomi get undressed was turning me on even more. I held her towel while she pulled off her panties, but when she was done, I pulled the towel away, leaving her standing there naked. She covered her bush with one hand, and grabbed for the towel. "Hey! Give that back!" "Only if you promise to wear the bikini." She took a couple of short steps this way, but her face was turning bright red. There didn't seem to be anyone around, but she was obviously pretty embarrassed. "Emi, stop kidding around!" "If you don't like the one you bought, I'll lend you one of mine." I squatted down to fish one out of my bag. I was so excited. I slid a hand between my legs dabbing at my hello kitty. I was pretty wet actually. Still, I was worried that someone might come, so I threw her my red and white bikini, and pulled my new 'wicked' white one out of my bag. We heard a car pull into the parking lot, so we both raced to pull our bottoms on. My new bikini is the skimpiest yet. It has this little patch of white cloth to cover my pussy, but apart from that, it's all string. The bottoms have clasps at the top of my butt crack and either side of my bush. It took me a few tries to get the clasps in. I looked pretty indecent. There is a seam running down the front, so you can tell where my pussy is - a camel toe Ryosuke calls it. I couldn't worry about though. I could hear voices, and it sounded like they were coming this way. I pulled off my apron, and stood there topless in just this skimpy little thong, trying to untangle my top, so I could pull it on next. Satomi got her bikini all on, and then rushed to help me with mine. "I don't know why you keep doing these things," she mumbled. I took some doing to get the bra cups to cover my nipples. They were so small. My nipples kept poking out from one side or the other. Some kids ran by, but I don't think they noticed us. I continued to fool with the thong, but the thin string was wedged up deep inside the crack of my buttocks. Satomi gasped when she saw, but I swear this is how my bikini is made. Eventually, I just left it, and picked up my poncho. At least with this on over it, I wouldn't look completely indecent. Satomi was struggling with the back of her bottoms too. My red and white bikini has a scrunch butt, but somehow it had gotten wedged up inside her behind as well. I don't know why they don't make swimsuits that behave. Anyway, eventually, we walked back to Asuna. Guys kept turning their heads as we walked by. Some were checking out Satomi, blushing in my bikini, while others peeked in through the sides of my poncho at my bare legs. Asuna looked a bit surprised to see Satomi in my bikini. "What happened?" "I'm lending it to her for the day." Satomi didn't look particularly happy about it, but it had certainly got quite the reaction from those guys. Some of them were kind of cute I thought. Once I'd settled down, I took off my poncho. Asuna gasped even more when she saw my bikini. "It's a top maker, Australian," I explained. She looked aghast, and all the guys staring wasn't helping. I was thirsty, so I suggested that we go get something to drink. Satomi and I got up, and walked along the beach to the concession stand. "So what do you think of my new bikini?" I asked. "Honestly, Emi! It's a bit much, don't you think?" I wanted to disagree, but my right nipple had popped out again, so she made me fix it. "Take it easy, Satomi. We're here to have fun, and find a nice guy for you. How about that one over there?" She looked over. I thought he was kind of hunky, but she turned up her nose. "There's no pleasing you," I joked. I didn't like the way my bikini bottoms were sitting, so I slid a finger down my butt crack trying to dig it out. Guys were just staring open-mouthed. "Careful," Satomi warned. "You'll pull the clasps undone." "That would be pretty funny, wouldn't it?" "Don't even think about it." "If you don't calm down, I'll pull your bottoms off too," I teased. I reached over, and grabbed hold of the bow on one side of her suit. I gave it a yank, but Satomi fell back landing with a plunk in the sand. She quickly did her bottoms back up, but the guys were all gawking at us, these two crazy j-girls, out of control on the beach. We got our drinks, and came back. I lay down on my front, and enjoyed the cool sea breeze on my back and legs. Before long, I realized someone was standing over us. "Emi! Emi, is that you? It's me." I turned over, and looked up at him. It was Doug from my anthro class. I actually don't know him all that well, but he clearly remembered me. He's a bit of a goofball with long sideburns, quite passionate about some things, but rarely talks to girls. Self-conscious about my bare bottom, I sat up, and pulled my knees to my chest. Doug's eyes darted down though, bugging out at the sight of the thin strand of material wedged between my pussy lips. Oh, god, don't stare at me for heaven's sake. Trying to distract him, I introduced Satomi and Asuna, and he called over Marv, one of his friends. "So what are you girls doing here?" Doug bubbled. "Gawd, it's so great to see you, Emi." Both Doug and Marv kept glancing down at my crotch. 'Can they see my pubic hair?' I wondered. I was so annoyed at them for staring, but if I'm going to be truthful, I was starting to feel hot. I looked over at Satomi, and she was blushing too. Asuna rolled over onto her front, ignoring our visitors.. "Uh, just thought we'd do some swimming, and catch some rays. You know," I answered trying to act normal. "That's great. Say, listen. Marv lives right near here. Do you want to swing by there, and we could have lunch together? He's got a hot tub out back..." I was so surprised because normally Doug barely even talks to me. I thought he knew I'm dating Ryosuke. For some reason, seeing me half naked like this had made him brave. "Uh, thanks, but no... uh, I kind of wanted to do some swimming, so I think we're just going to stay here for a while. Thanks for the offer though." Both Doug and Marv looked so disappointed. "Yeah, well. OK. Maybe we'll see you later," Doug said. They scurried off probably to find other girls to hit on. Satomi and I looked at each other, and broke out laughing. "I wonder how many takers they get," I laughed. "But a hot tub? That does sound nice. Maybe we should have taken them up on it." Asuna lowered her sunglasses, not impressed. "Oh, Emi, be serious," she chided. She obviously didn't want me cheating on her dear cousin Ryosuke. I decided to go in swimming. Satomi came with me, but Asuna stayed to watch our stuff. Ryosuke is like that too. He comes to the beach, but doesn't swim. The waves were pretty high that day. I kept walking right into them, pulling the ties on my bra loose. I'd fix it as quick as I could, but some guys noticed, and pointed me out to their friends. I tried to ignore them, but I was so embarrassed. Eventually, we got tired of getting knocked around by the waves. We headed for shore. I collapsed onto my towel, feeling good to have gotten at least a bit of exercise. Satomi was all frantic, telling Asuna about how I'd flashed all these guys. It wasn't like that at all though. I hadn't done it on purpose. "The stupid bra won't stay on," I explained. Exasperated, I reached around, and undid the ties at the back, and then lay there face down with my bare breasts pressed against the towel, like the American girls at the gate. "Oh, Emi. I don't think you should do that," Satomi warned. "Everyone's seen my breasts already," I joked. I was trying to pretend like it was no big deal, but actually, it was kind of arousing lying there topless. Ryosuke's been begging me to do this for ages, but I think this was probably the first time I'd done it on a public beach. Too bad he isn't around today. As guys walked by, they'd look down, and check me out. At first, it made me nervous, but nothing horrible happened, so I began to feel braver. I propped myself up on my elbows, letting my breasts swing free. A lot of guys were staring at me, but Satomi was freaking. "Here. Aren't you getting hungry? Let's go get something to eat," Satomi suggested in a bid to get me to put my top back on. Instead I rolled over, and sat up. My tits glistened in the sun, still wet from being in the water. It was such a rush flashing them like that with all these guys watching. Unfortunately, some of the guys looked a bit sketchy though, so I finally fished out my cover-up, and pulled it on over my head. Satomi glared at me, unhappy. "What?" "Oh, nothing. Are you coming?" "Yeah, yeah, just a minute. Asuna, what do you want to eat? We'll bring it back." "I don't know. Just a hot dog and a drink I guess. Whatever they have." I sat there for a while waiting for the hubbub I'd caused to die down. Satomi looked impatient. Once everyone had more or less gone back to what they were doing, I reached up inside my poncho, and undid my bikini bottoms. Satomi came over, and whispered, "What are you doing?" "My bottoms are all wet and clammy. I just want to dry them out." She looked at me in horror, as I quietly slid my bottoms off, and set them down on my bag. I knew I was taking a horrible chance, but what can I say? The heat was pushing me to do things I normally wouldn't. I stood up, and dusted myself off. My poncho was plenty long, but the problem was more the openings beneath each sleeve. If I wasn't careful, someone might see. It felt great to be naked though. I bent down, and picked up my wallet, and then Satomi and I headed for the concession stands. Satomi watched me like a hawk, trying to make sure I didn't flash any more people. It felt incredible though, walking around almost naked with all these people around. There was quite a breeze though coming in off the sea. My poncho kept billowing up, threatening to flash everyone my family jewels. I walked slowly, doing my best to keep my poncho in check. We made it to the concessions alright, but while we were standing in line, Doug popped up again. "Emi! There you are. I've been looking all over for you." I turned my back, and ignored him, really nervous now that he might notice. "That's a beautiful poncho. Where'd you get it?" "Where's Marv?" I asked coolly. "I don't know. He's around here somewhere. Why? Do you want to go to his place now?" Satomi rolled her eyes. "No thanks," I said. He kept on standing there, so Satomi suggested, "Maybe you'd better go find him though. I think he's looking for you." That sounded a bit harsh, but she was just trying to protect me. Doug peered down at my bare legs, making me wonder if he knew I was naked, but then, he suddenly grimaced, and said, "Uh, yeah, right. Anyway, Emi, we'll see you later, OK?" He dug out a scrap of paper and a pencil, and scribbled something down. "Here's my number if you ever need anything." I took it from him, and nodded. He smiled, but I was too wired to smile back. He scampered off, and Satomi broke out laughing again. "Looks like you've got a real fan there." Anyway, we bought our lunch, and headed back. My suit was dry enough by then, so I put it back on, and tried to be a good girl. Satomi brightened up. After that day at the nude beach, I'd hoped she'd loosened up, but I guess it depends a lot on the situation. Anyway, we had a good time that day. So I guess that's all for now. Talk to you soon. Emi Tsuruta