Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Toga Party By Emi Tsuruta Note: this is one in a series of posts about my life. If you'd like to know more about my friends and me, drop by my home page at: This happened a while back. It was kind of a weird time in my life. I'd been going out with my boyfriend Ryosuke for a while, and I was still getting used to his interest in the... um, well... the outdoors I guess. We ended up doing some pretty crazy things. Anyway, my best friend Satomi lives in a dorm on campus. I've always been a bit jealous, because there is always so much going on down there. She jokes that she'd rather switch places with me because she says it's so noisy all the time it's hard to study. Probably she's right that I'd never get any studying done if I moved there. Still, it does look like fun, and I always like going down to visit her to see what's going on. One of the most interesting events they have is their toga party. I'm pretty sure we don't have those in Japan. This was way back in the autumn of my freshman year. I dropped by at Satomi's dorm, and saw the ad up on the wall for the toga party. As usual, she didn't want to go, but I kept asking her about it, and eventually, she agreed to come with me. I had supper with her in the dorm dining hall, and met Josh, one of the upper year students in her house. We asked him how we were supposed to make our togas. Apparently, you can buy toga costumes, but from what he was saying, most people just made one out of a bed sheet. Satomi asked how it stays on, but he just kept cracking jokes, saying things like "will power" and "saliva." That was no help at all. Anyway, after supper, we went back to Satomi's room. Satomi had got some fresh sheets for both of us from the laundry. We worked on Satomi's first, hanging the sheet over her right shoulder, and then pulling it under her left arm and fastening it with a safety pin, so it would cover up her left breast. No matter what we did, her bra strap would show, so we ended up hanging another sheet over her left shoulder and pinning it under her right arm. She tied her hair back, and got some flowers to put in her hair. She looked quite regal, like Queen Hera or Athena of the Greek gods - well, maybe not exactly, but that's the look we were aiming for. For mine, we only had one sheet left, so we couldn't really make one like hers. We couldn't borrow a sheet either because everyone else was using theirs too. Another problem was we'd run out of safety pins. All I had was a few bobby pins in my purse. We tried all kinds of different things, but it was getting late, and the party was already starting. I was anxious to get to the party, so I finally just took off my bra, and fastened the sheet under my left arm with a bobby pin. My right shoulder was completely bare, and you could see the top of the slope of my breast. Satomi was wearing a skirt under her toga, but I decided to take off my jeans, so I'd look more authentic. I pulled my hair back with an elastic to get that 'Roman' look. When we went out into the hall, I could feel the breeze blowing on my bare breasts under my toga. Josh and some of Satomi's other dorm mates came over, and said we looked great. I felt kind of silly, but also a bit excited I guess. It did feel like something special was going on. The main party was in the auditorium in the basement. We went down, and got some punch, and stood at the edge of the dance floor watching everyone dance. I didn't really know anyone besides Satomi and Josh, but some guys came over, and asked us to dance. I had to be careful, because if I moved around too much, my toga would come open, exposing my breasts. It was pretty dark in the auditorium, but even so, I didn't want to make a spectacle of myself. The guys we were dancing with were really friendly, and they kept suggesting we go for a walk with them. I was feeling a bit guilty because I hadn't even invited Ryosuke to come. I decided to give him a call, so Satomi and I excused ourselves, and went back to her room. Ryosuke was out with Kenta and them playing pool not too far from campus. He said he'd drop by a bit later. He wanted to see my toga. "Are you wearing any underwear?" he asked out of the blue. I looked at Satomi not wanting her to hear my answer. To give us some privacy, she got up, and went out into the hall. I told him, "I have on my panties, but I took off my bra." "Whoa! Maybe I should run right over." I giggled. "Emi, take off your panties too." "What?" "The toga is covering everything anyway, isn't it?" "Yes, but..." "Promise me you'll do it. I want you to be in the right mood when I show up." I glanced out Satomi's door to see if anyone was watching. It looked like no one was there, so I slipped a hand under my toga, and gently brushed against my nipples. I was already pretty excited from running around like this all night. "Ryosuke, I don't think..." "Oh, say you'll do it." "I... uh..." I looked out the door again wondering where Satomi had disappeared to. I wasn't keen, but I didn't want to disappoint Ryosuke. I pulled the cell phone closer to my mouth, and whispered, "Are you sure this is a good idea? There are a lot of people out there, and I'll be naked under the toga." "That'll be the fun part. No one has to find out." I wasn't so sure. I guess as long as I was careful, it would be OK. Eventually, I got up the nerve. I stuck my thumbs in the waistband of my panties, and yanked them down and off. I stuffed them in my purse, and quickly straightened my toga. My hello kitty was tingling like crazy. "Anyway, I did it. Hurry up, and come. I may need a bodyguard." "OK, I'll be there as soon as I can. Take your cell phone with you." "OK. See you soon." I pulled my purse on over my head, and put the cell phone away. I fixed my toga again, and then slowly walked over to the door. I could really feel the breeze between my legs now. It was getting me all excited. Satomi was just outside talking to two of her dorm mates. "Oh, Emi, this is Kevin, and this is Hector. They're freshmen too." "Nice to meet you, Emi." Kevin was a Chinese American, and Hector was Hispanic, Columbian I think he said. They seemed nice enough, kind of shy, not like the boys we'd been talking to earlier. Hector was heavyset, and looked vaguely Roman in his toga, but he had these big thick grey socks on under his sandals that kind of ruined the effect. He was good-natured about his lack of fashion sense. They told us a bit about the Profs in the courses they were taking. Kevin's parents wanted him to go into medicine, but he wanted to be a writer. They were both so funny I almost managed to forget that I was naked under my toga. "I'm getting hungry," Hector mused. "Want to go grab a pizza?" Satomi looked at me. She clearly wanted to go with them. It wasn't like she had a crush on Hector or anything. It was just that they seemed a lot less threatening than some of the other guys we'd been talking to. I didn't want to go far dressed like this, but they headed off, waving for me to follow. Once we were outside, I started shivering, more from the excitement than the cold. "What's wrong?" Satomi asked. "Nothing," I winced, not wanting to tell her. The pizza place was three blocks from the dorm, but we had to cross this big road. It felt like my toga was coming loose. I dashed across the road and into the pizzeria. The two Chinese guys behind the counter looked up, eyes wide when they caught sight of me. When I looked down to see what they were looking at, I realized that my toga had fallen open, exposing the curve of my bare behind. I pulled it back around, but I think they might have figured out that I was naked underneath. They didn't say anything, but they kept glancing over at me, even after we sat down. What's taking Ryosuke so long? Maybe I should call him. I got up, and ducked out onto the street to call. Ryosuke said he was on his way. I went back in, and sat down, trying to stay covered this time. Kevin and Hector were looking at the photographs on the walls. They seemed to be of the other students who'd eaten here over the years. "I wonder if they'll take a picture of us," Hector smiled. One of the Chinese guys must have overheard, because when he came out with our pizza, he said, "Sure if you'd like." He was smiling directly at me. He set down the pizza, and his friend came out with one of those instant cameras. I tried to fix my toga, but you could still see my thighs. The store manager, Kennedy his name was, got in the picture too, putting his arms around Satomi and me. I felt so nervous. The other guy Clint took a whole bunch of pictures, one for each of us. Just before the last shot, I shifted in my seat, and my toga fell open exposing my hip and tummy all the way up. I didn't notice until the picture came out. You could tell I was naked. Before I could stop him, Kennedy took that one, and tacked it up on their bulletin board. Why did he have to choose that one? Now everyone who comes here will wonder why I was running around without any undies on. Eventually, Ryosuke showed up. We introduced Kevin and Hector, and they offered him a slice of pizza. Kennedy and Clint kept joining in our conversation, and they even offered us free pop. "What's this for?" Ryosuke asked. "For being such good customers," Kennedy smiled looking straight at me. I managed a weak smile in return, but I felt pretty embarrassed. I got up to go to the washroom, half intending to pull my panties back on, but when Kennedy pointed the way, he said to me, "That's quite a toga you have there. Probably not many girls have the nerve to wear something like that." I nodded, embarrassed, but that got me thinking. Maybe what I was doing wasn't so bad after all. He didn't seem to take it in a bad way anyway. If my parents had seen me, they would have freaked, but perhaps things were different here in Oceanview. It was a university town after all. Maybe people aren't so uptight here. Anyway, I decided to stay dressed like this, and went back out. We finished eating, thanked Kennedy and Clint, and headed back. I wanted to go straight to the dorm, so I could get back dressed, but Ryosuke wanted to go for a walk. He said goodbye to Satomi and them, and dragged me off down the street. I felt even more nervous just the two of us alone. He led me around to the back of the library and down into the loading dock area. It was late, so the library was closed, but I was still pretty nervous. There might be security guards nearby. I stood there breathing kind of heavily as Ryosuke came closer. I was a bit afraid, because I wasn't sure what he was going to do. He pulled on my toga at the collar till my left breast popped out. "Hey! Cut that out," I warned him softly. We were right near the street. "It's OK. No one can see." There are a couple of big houses just behind the library. I think they are used as restaurants mostly, but for all we knew, someone might be there. The lights were out. Ryosuke didn't seem to care if anyone saw us. He leaned forward, and licked my nipple, sending shivers up my spine. "Ryosuke, this is the middle of campus." "OK. I'll be good. I just want to take a look at you." He lifted up my toga taking a peek at my bare bottom. I pulled my legs together, covering my mouth from the excitement. We'd fooled around in the university garden once before that, but this was more out in the open. I looked around trying to tell if anyone was walking by. Ryosuke lifted up the front peeking at my pussy. I turned away from the street to hide, but I was getting more and more excited. Ryosuke found the bobby pins, and pulled them undone. The toga unraveled, and was hanging completely open at the sides. I put my arms around him trying to hide my naked body. He slid his hands in from the side, and grabbed my buttocks pulling me into him. He started kissing me, all excited now. I was hoping that after that, he'd let me do my toga back up, but instead, he gently slid it off my shoulder, pulling it right off my body. Suddenly, I was standing there naked not so far from the street. My senses were on fire. "Oh, c'mon Ryosuke. Give that back." I squatted down trying to hide my nakedness. Ryosuke flashed me this naughty grin. "You're enjoying this, aren't you?" "I am not! Hurry up, and give me back my toga! What if someone comes?" He finally gave in, came closer, and wrapped the sheet around my shoulders. I was shivering like crazy, and it took us forever to get the toga done back up. After that, we hurried back to Satomi's dorm, and Ryosuke let me get dressed. That was just the craziest thing me standing naked there behind the library. Sometimes when I walk past, I still remember that night. That winter I was a good girl mostly. I'd drop by at Satomi's dorm every once in a while, and Hector kept inviting us for pizza. Kennedy and Clint's faces would brighten up whenever I walked in. They didn't even seem to mind that I dressed in jeans most of the time. Every time we went in though, they would usually come out from behind the counter, and compliment me on what I was wearing. They did seem to take a lot of interest in my body, but they were so funny I wasn't offended at all. That next spring, I started taking low impact aerobics at the athletic center. I guess I heard about it when I was swimming there one time, and thought I'd try it just to see what it was like. There was one other Japanese girl in the class, Yuko. She was a few years older than me, and worked as a teaching assistant for the university. She was really into aerobics, and had this really high leg leotard, which at first I thought looked a bit indecent. She said she liked it because it was easier to move in. There weren't any guys in our class, so I guess it didn't matter. I'd just been dressing in a track outfit, but after a few lessons, I decided to buy a leotard too. Yuko took me to the shop where she got hers. The first time I wore mine, I felt a bit self-conscious because it just barely covered my pubic hair at the front, and dug pretty deep into the crack of my bottom at the back. Once we started doing the aerobics though, I realized that Yuko was right, and it was easier to move in. Sometimes after lunch, we'd go out for lunch. Yuko liked more upscale restaurants, so a lot of the time, we'd eat in this trendy sandwich and salad place across the way. One time, she was really hungry after class, so we decided to just rush out without even bothering to get changed. We walked out to the street, and she said she wanted something fast, so I suggested we go to Kennedy's pizzeria. You should have seen the look on their faces when we walked in. Yuko is pretty good-looking I guess, but more than that, they couldn't get over our leotards. They came out to look, and they just kept going on and on about how sexy we looked. Yuko was surprised I knew them so well, but she was clearly flattered by all the fuss they were making over us. They treated us to free drinks, and insisted on taking a picture with us. When we left, the two of them came out to watch as we walked back across to the fitness center. Yuko giggled, and joked that we should dress like this more often. Soon after that, the school year ended, and I went back to Japan for a few weeks. Ryosuke and I had been talking about swimming a lot, so while I was home, I bought a new red and white bikini that ties at the side and back. When I came back, I still saw Yuko on and off, but I decided not to enroll for the next aerobics class, and started swimming again more. That was a hot summer, and I guess that was around the time I went to the nude beach for the first time, so I was in kind of a funny mood. One Sunday morning, I headed down to the fitness center, and went swimming. There aren't usually many people on campus in the summer, so I had the pool to myself. Usually, there is a lifeguard around somewhere, but I don't think I saw him that morning. After a while, I started getting hungry, and I remembered Kennedy's pizzeria. Actually from the pool, you can see out onto the street where the pizzeria is across the intersection. I got up on the deck, and looked out that way. I wonder if Kennedy and Clint are there today. I couldn't see them, but the store seemed to be open, so they were probably inside. I looked down at my new bikini. I'm sure they'd get a big kick out of seeing it. I went, had a quick shower, toweled off, and then pulled on my shoes and my white hoodie. I felt a bit self-conscious walking past the desk clerk in my skimpy bikini bottoms, but he didn't look up. I hurried along the busy street with all these cars driving by. Most people were going too fast to notice, but a couple of drivers slowed down to get a better look at me. I felt really self-conscious standing at the lights. The light finally changed, and I dashed across and into the small pizza shop. There wasn't anyone at the counter, so I called out, "Yaho!" Kennedy and Clint soon appeared from behind the curtain. "Emi! It's you. What a surprise!" As usual, they came out from behind the counter to check out my outfit. "Wow! A bikini! And it's all wet! Were you swimming?" "Yeah, at the fitness center across the street." "I haven't been swimming for ages. Maybe we should close shop, and come join you." I laughed. Kennedy bent over, and took hold of one of the side ties on my bikini. "Are these real?" he asked, curious. I lifted up the hem of my hoodie to show him. "May I?" he asked. I looked at him, a bit puzzled, at first not realizing what he was asking. He slowly pulled on the end, until the bow suddenly came undone. I grabbed the front before it fell, but the back dropped down, exposing my behind. I gasped, shocked to have lost my bottoms so quickly. Both of them stood there gawking at me, kind of shocked themselves. I reached around trying to grab the back, but it had already fallen half way down my thigh. I couldn't reach it without bending over. I shuffled around the end of their counter. "Can I go back here?" I asked, my face all hot from the embarrassment. "Oh, I'm so sorry," Kennedy apologized. He seemed pretty sincere. "I didn't think it was a real bow." The two of them were leering down at my bare behind. Just then another customer came in, so I scurried into the kitchen behind the curtain. The man who came in evidently caught a glimpse of my bare backside. Kennedy came in after me, and I got so flustered I lost my grip on my bottoms, and they dropped to the floor. Kennedy came around in front of me to look at my pussy. It was tingling like crazy. "Can I use your washroom?" "Yeah, sure. Go ahead." I bent over, and picked up my bottoms. I immediately regretted having done this, but by then, I was so excited I wasn't thinking straight. I finally made it to the washroom, and tied my bikini bottoms back on. I came back out feeling really foolish. Kennedy felt bad too for what he had done. He treated me to a slice of pizza and a drink on the house. I felt kind of weird about the whole thing, but anyway, I was glad they didn't freak out or anything. Time passed, and I finally managed to calm back down again. Kennedy had asked, and I hadn't said "no" or anything. Also now that it was over, I was starting to find the whole thing kind of funny. Can you imagine me going in there and flashing them out of the blue? It had been kind of exciting. A few weekends later, I went swimming again, and I couldn't stop thinking about that day. Kennedy and Clint always looked so delighted every time I pulled a stunt like that. I started wondering if I should do it again. I mulled it over, and then when it got near lunchtime, I got out, and had a shower, stripping out of my swimsuit. I'd brought a fairly long t-shirt with me that day. I wonder if I can just zip across in my t-shirt, buy something, and come right back. That would be wild! I pulled the t-shirt on over my naked body, and checked how I looked in the mirror. It seemed to be long enough to cover everything. I pulled on my sandals, slung my purse over my shoulder, and headed out. Outside, it turned out to be a lot windier than I expected. I held down the hem as best I could, but a couple of times the breeze caught it. I made it across the street all right, but I was starting to get really excited. Kennedy was right there standing in the doorway with a big smile on his face. "What?" I asked. "No, I'm just happy to see you. You look great. Were you swimming again?" "Yeah." We walked into the store together. "Clint! Emi's here!" Kennedy yelled into the back. Clint appeared from behind the curtain, wiping his hands and smiling. "Wow! A t-shirt! What kind of bathing suit do you have on?" I suddenly felt hot, embarrassed by his question. I'd known the two of them for a while now, but I couldn't just lift up my t-shirt, and flash them. Could I? "Here, can we go in the back?" I asked feeling nervous standing in the window. "Sure," Kennedy nodded. Clint backed into the kitchen, and Kennedy and I followed him in. The two of them stood there looking at me expectantly. Did they suspect? It was hard to tell. I just stood there for the longest time shifting from one foot to the other. "Well?" Kennedy said. They were obviously really anxious to see. I didn't think I could get up the nerve though. "Could I get a deluxe slice and a mineral water?" "Oh, c'mon Emi. Don't keep us in suspense." "What would you say if I told you...?" I thought of telling them, but then I realized I probably shouldn't even do that. Honestly! What was I thinking when I came out here? I felt so nervous and excited I didn't know what to do. "OK, you have to promise that you'll never tell anybody." "Of course not. You know us." "And promise you won't try anything weird." Kennedy crossed his heart, and then held two fingers up in the air, solemnly swearing. Clint followed suit. "And I want you to know that I'm just doing this because it's you guys." "Emi, for heaven's sake, get on with it. The suspense is killing me," Kennedy whined. I wiped my forehead, and took a deep breath. It was really so hot out that day, and I guess that was one of the things that had put me in such a strange mood. "OK," I said still trying to get up my nerve. I couldn't do it though. It just seemed too weird. "Oh, what am I doing? Maybe I should just go." "Emi, relax. It's just us. We won't make fun or anything, but we both really want to see your bathing suit," Kennedy assured me. Clint nodded eagerly. "OK, but don't say I didn't warn you." I reached down, and pulled the hem up just for a split second showing them my pussy. It was tingling like crazy by then. I was just so excited. "Wooowww!" Clint exclaimed. "Wha- wha- what? I didn't see. Do it again," Kennedy insisted, all excited now. I was so turned on by then I could have done anything I swear. I pulled the hem back up, and showed them my pussy. I could feel myself getting all wet. I couldn't believe I'd actually got up the nerve. Kennedy just stood there dumbstruck for the longest time, and then let out this great whoop. "Oh, man!" he went down on his knees, clasping his hands to pray. "Thank you, lord, thank you! How I've dreamed of this day!" Clint threw his arms up in the air, twirled around and then looked again, grinning from ear to ear. I was getting so turned on I lifted up my t-shirt more, and turned to show them by bare bottom. I felt so giddy I broke out laughing. They fell to the floor, and started bowing low touching their foreheads to the ground like I was some kind of goddess. We heard someone come in out front, so I quickly pushed my t-shirt back down, and flattened it out. "Oh, don't do that," Kennedy whimpered. "No. I'd better go." "No, no, stay. We'll cook you some pizza. Whatever you want. Just don't go." I was so nervous I was shaking, but I finally nodded. Kennedy pulled over a high stool for me to sit on, while Clint went out to get the other guy's order. "Aw jeez, Emi," Kennedy went on, taking off his glasses and wiping his forehead. "I can't believe it. Even the day we first saw you in that toga. Do you always go around like that?" I climbed up onto the stool, and sat down, but I almost lost my balance, and accidentally spread my legs flashing him my pussy again. "Whoa!" he yelped. I felt so embarrassed. I felt so much like I wanted to have sex. Not with Kennedy mind you. It's hard to explain. I was just getting off so much on flashing them for some reason. Clint came back in with the order. "Are you wearing your bikini top underneath that?" he asked. "No," I answered truthfully. "Can you show us?" I pull the t-shirt way up this time, showing them both my pussy and breasts. I was breathing so heavily my breasts rose, and fell in time. "Oh, man. You've got such a perfect body." "Keep your voice down." "Emi, just take the shirt right off." I looked at him, shocked. "Does anyone come back here?" "Just us." I thought about it for a moment, and then pulled the t-shirt off up over my head. It felt so amazing to be sitting here stark naked in their kitchen. I set my t-shirt down on the counter, and got up off the stool. I just couldn't get over the incredible feeling of being here naked with them watching. I started walking around exploring while the two of them stood there gawking. It was a pretty weird feeling roaming around naked in front of them. I was pretty sure I could trust them though. They'd always been gentlemen. "What's back here?" I asked. "That's just the back door." I opened it a crack, and peeked out. There was a laneway, and down at the end I could see the main street with all these cars going by. I suddenly realized where I was and what a crazy thing it was I was doing. I rushed back in, and looked for my t-shirt. "I'd better go," I said, my sense of modesty returning. "Your pizza's almost ready. Just sit down, and relax." Relax? Ha. That's a joke. I don't think I'd ever been so charged up. I couldn't take the tension though. I ended up pulling my t-shirt back on, and sat down on the stool, staring at the floor. Clint brought me over a mineral water. "Are you OK?" "No, I'm fine. I'm sorry. I don't know what got into me there." "Don't apologize. You've got a beautiful body. You could be in one of those magazines you know or the movies." I laughed at the thought: me a movie star. Kennedy finally brought my pizza. The two of them kept hovering around me. I could tell they were still excited. It looked like they were gearing up to ask me out, but they couldn't quite get up the nerve. Luckily, I managed to thank them, and escape before they got all serious on me. That was a really close call though. I guess I shouldn't have teased them like that. I like them though. I honestly do. Anyway, after that, I managed to settle down again for a while. I still go to that pizza shop every now and then, and as far as I know, they haven't told anyone. They are still really good friends. Well, I guess that's all for now. I'll try to write again soon. Emi Tsuruta