Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Nude Pool Party By Emi Tsuruta Note: this is one in a series of posts about my life. If you'd like to know more about my friends and me, drop by my home page at: When I was in high school in Japan, I used to belong to the swim team. I haven't joined any clubs like that here in California, but I still like to go to the pool in the campus fitness center, and swim, even in the winter. I think it helps me stay fit, so I'll look good in my bikini in summer. I usually go to the pool early in the morning when there aren't too many people there. It's more relaxing that way, and there aren't so many guys around. Still, it is kind of boring when there's no one there at all, so soon I started inviting my friends Satomi or Debbie to come along with me, just so I have someone to talk with. Debbie has her own pool in her backyard, so she's a really good swimmer, but Satomi didn't used to swim that much. She's gotten a lot better lately, but mostly because I'm always dragging her to the pool or beach. I think it's good for her though, and it looks like she's getting into it more now. A couple of times when I've been there with Satomi, I've done some pretty silly things. One time, we went, and there was this guy working at the front desk who I think is kind of cute. When he saw us, he brightened right up, and he was chatting us up, while he gave us keys for our lockers and stuff. Satomi was just standing there, looking at me kind of impatiently. I swear she's hopeless when it comes to guys. Anyway, eventually, we headed into the girls' changing room. While I was getting changed, I wondered if he'd been planning to ask me out. Satomi seemed upset though, annoyed I guess that I'd been flirting with him. She changed into her swimsuit, had a quick shower, and headed off to the pool without waiting for me. I packed away my clothes, and then wandered over naked to the showers, still thinking about this guy. I had a shower, dried myself off, and then tied the towel around my hair. I was so lost in my thoughts that I absentmindedly wandered over toward the door to the pool. Near the door, there was a girl in a swimming cap in the pool. She looked up, and saw me standing here naked. One or two of the guys on the other side of the pool broke out into grins. At first, I just kind of stood there wondering what was so funny. Satomi let out this ear-piercing scream. It was only then that I looked down, and realized I was naked! My nipples were sticking up, and my bush was still dripping wet from the shower. I'd been so busy daydreaming about that guy that I'd completely forgotten about my swimsuit. When I realized what I'd done, I felt this wave of embarrassment wash over me. I peered out at all these people in shock. Even the passersby outside had started to notice me by then, and were pointing and calling their friends to come look. I signaled an apology to Satomi, and then carefully backed away from the door, mortified at my own ditziness. The guys across the way kept motioning for me to come back, but I was already feeling woozy. I was so flustered I had to be careful not to slip and fall on the wet tile floor. I finally turned, took one last look at the boys, and then climbed back into the shower. My heart was beating in my chest by then. I could hardly believe I'd gone, and flashed all those people. What on earth was I thinking? I don't know why I got so distracted by that desk clerk. I'm usually not like this I swear. Anyway, back at my locker, I found my swimsuit in my bag right where I'd left it. I sat down, trying to calm back down. Satomi finally came in to make sure I was all right. "What on earth were you doing?" "Sorry. I just forgot. I was thinking about something else." Satomi actually wasn't all that surprised. She knows what I'm like. She's seen me fool around before. She looked kind of annoyed, but eventually, she relented, and told me not to worry. We all make mistakes. I pulled my swimsuit on, and we went back out. The guys pointed to their friends, and whispered, "That's the girl," as if I'd done it on purpose. That wasn't it at all. It was just a mistake I wanted to tell them. It took a long time for things to settle down. Luckily, there wasn't anyone I knew there that day, but people continued to stare at me right up until the time I left. Over lunch, Satomi was nice about it. I guess she could tell it was an honest mistake. I shied away from the fitness center for the next little while. Eventually, I thought things had died down, so Satomi and I went again. We got undressed, and once we were naked, Satomi started talking about her weight. I don't know why she worries. She's got a great body - slender waist, large breasts, a furry bush, and cute backside. A lot of guys seem to like her. Even though we were both naked, I dragged her over to the weigh scales, just to show her that she wasn't fat. Satomi blushed, covering her pussy with one hand. She looks even sexier when she's embarrassed I think. A couple of girls looked over as we passed, but they didn't seem offended. We both weighed ourselves. We'd lost weight, probably from all this swimming. "What did you think of that guy at the front desk there?" I finally asked. "What? That guy you're always flirting with?" "I wasn't flirting... but anyway, don't you think he's kind of cute?" "I'm going to tell Ryosuke!" Ryosuke was my boyfriend. "As if he cares. He's always chasing after some girl." "He is not! He only has eyes for you, and you know it." "Yeah, well, maybe. Our main problem is what are we going to do about you." I suddenly got a naughty idea. "Here let's go take another look at him." I grabbed her hand, and started pulling her towards the door. "Hey, wait a sec! We can't go out there naked." "Why not? You saw me last time," I teased pulling her closer to the door. I was actually kind of nervous, because we could hear guys' voices outside. I stopped a few feet short of the doorway, listening, trying to tell if anyone was coming. Satomi looked tense, but I thought I detected a hint of excitement in her eyes. It's always hard to tell with her. Before we could do anything though, this other girl came in, scaring the living daylights out of me. She looked at us a bit strange - why were we naked? - so we hurried back inside. I don't think I could have got the nerve to do it, but that would have been something if Satomi and I walked out into the foyer in the nude with that cute guy there. Anyway, when Debbie comes with me, I'm usually a bit more restrained. I'm not sure why. In some ways, Debbie is more adventurous than Satomi, but on the other hand, she is also much more frank about her dislikes. When Satomi disapproves, she doesn't say anything to me directly. I kind of get the feeling that Satomi will go along with a lot more stuff than Debbie will. One time though, Debbie and I were in the change room, and one of Debbie's friends was there too, a girl named Angela. Debbie is blonde and kind of good looking, your typical California girl I guess. Angela is brunette, and looks kind of gothy, mysterious. Once I got talking to her though, she turned out to be pretty friendly. We chatted for a while, and then I asked, as casually as I could, "Have you been to that nude beach at the back of the campus?" Angela shook her head no. "I've been trying to convince Debbie to come with me, but she won't come." "I just can't imagine myself ever getting naked on a public beach," Debbie said, in her prissiest voice. "What about the time we went skinny-dipping in your backyard?" I said, looking straight at her. "What?" Angela shrieked. "I've never heard about this!" "One day, her parents weren't home, so we just went for a little dip," I beamed, proud that I'd managed to talk Debbie into it. "Wow! I can't believe you would do something like that, Debbie," Angela exclaimed, obviously surprised. Debbie just gave me this look, apparently upset that I'd let out our secret. "Angela, have you ever been skinny dipping?" I asked. "No," she replied. I couldn't tell from her face whether she was interested or not. "Do you want to try? Debbie's backyard has this tall fence around it, and...," I went on. "Oh, no. We're not doing that again," Debbie interrupted. "Why not? You had a good time last time." "What? Are you kidding? Alvin showed up, and I nearly had a heart attack." "Alvin is Kyle's friend," I explained. Kyle is Debbie's younger brother. "Anyway, there's just no way..." "What if we get a whole bunch of us together? I could invite Satomi and Asuna..." "And Ryosuke?" Debbie blurted out, shocked. "No, no, just girls. That wouldn't be so bad, would it? C'mon. It'll be fun." Debbie didn't seem so keen. I looked to Angela, but she just laughed. "That would be like the craziest thing..." "No, no, I'm serious. We choose a day when your family is all out, and then we go over. If anyone wants to wear their swimsuit, that'd be fine too." "I don't know," Debbie said, reluctant. "It might be fun to try," Angela finally conceded. "Debbie, you could work on your tan. Your boyfriend - what's his name - he'd get a kick out of that, wouldn't he? An all-over tan." "Calm down. I'm just... I don't know. I just... Let me think about it, OK?" With Angela on my side now, I thought we could talk Deb into it. I'm pretty sure the only reason she was making such a big fuss was because she was worried what we'd think of her. Deb has done some wild things with her boyfriends in the past. She's no shrinking violet. Anyway, a few weeks later, we managed to set up a day when Kyle and Debbie's parents were out. I invited Satomi and Asuna, but I think when I mentioned the skinny-dipping, Asuna thought I was joking. She hasn't really been involved in our games so much. She was sleeping the time we played strip poker. Anyway, I had lunch with Satomi and Asuna downtown, and then we took the bus to Debbie's place. They'd met Debbie a few times before, but this was the first time they'd been to her house. Debbie says her parents aren't rich, but her house is pretty big, all white and airy like on a TV drama. Satomi and Asuna just kind of stood there quietly, looking around, trying not to touch anything. I told them to relax. I felt pretty nervous the first time I went there, but when I met Debbie's family, they were just normal people. Debbie got us all something to drink, and then we went out onto her pool deck. It was a beautiful day out, nice and warm with the sun shining, high in the blue sky. We lay out on her reclining deck chairs for a while chatting. The doorbell rang, and Debbie went to get it. I asked Satomi and Asuna what they thought, but they still seemed a bit hesitant. Angela came in, and Debbie introduced her to Satomi and Asuna. Angela looked at me, teasing, "You gave up on your skinny-dipping plan, did you?" "No, no. I'll go change now. Debbie, can I use your room?" "Sure, go ahead." Angela looked amused. Satomi and Asuna seemed a bit more worried. I assured them it'd be fine, and then went inside, and upstairs. I peeked in Kyle's door, but he didn't seem to be around. Thank goodness. The last thing we needed was an audience. I went into Debbie's room, set down my bag on her bed, and took off my jacket. Through the window, I could see them all down there lying around the pool. I felt a bit nervous about getting naked in front of them all, but if I didn't start, I didn't think any of them would either. I stood back from the window, took a hold of my t-shirt, and lifted it up over my head. I wasn't that excited yet, but I could sort of feel butterflies in my tummy. I guess I was worried about what they all would think of me and my wanton ways. I unbuttoned my bra, and took it off, letting my breasts swing free. I was beginning to feel a bit funny. I quickly pulled off my shorts and panties and socks, standing there naked in the middle of Debbie's room. I didn't feel that embarrassed yet. I was still inside away from prying eyes. I folded up my clothes, got out some sun block, and started rubbing it into my buttocks. I rubbed it on my breasts and in between my legs, then my tummy and back and all over. Once I was ready, I packed away my clothes, took my towel, and tiptoed out into the hall closing Debbie's door behind me. I wondered for a second if I should bring my bag with me, but I finally decided it would be more exciting to just leave my clothes here in her room. As I carefully padded down the stairs, my heart sped up. I looked at the front door, suddenly worrying that Debbie's parents might walk in. I took a deep breath, and continued down the stairs, hurrying around the corner, just in case someone was looking in through the front window. I peered down, wondering if I looked all right. I was starting to feel more vulnerable and exposed walking around her house naked, so I held the folded towel in front of my pussy to cover up. Outside, they were all sitting there chatting. I braced myself wondering how they'd react. I flung my towel over my shoulder, slid the door open, and stepped out onto the deck. They all looked over this way, a bit shocked that I'd actually gotten naked. I walked over to my deck chair, put down my towel, and then scampered over to the edge of the pool. I could feel them watching me, but once I was in the water, I felt safer. The water felt cool and refreshing on my naked skin. I swam out to the middle, then turned, and looked back at the rest of them. I could just make out Debbie explaining, "Yeah, she did this before. Can you believe it?" I swam back to the edge. "You came in last time too, didn't you?" I called out. Debbie snorted a laugh, but didn't deny it. She was still waiting to see what the others would do. "How's the water?" Angela asked, a bit more comfortable with my nudity. "It's wonderful. You should all come in." Angela and Debbie looked at each other, and you could tell they were still trying to make up their minds. Satomi and Asuna looked spooked, wondering how I could even contemplate doing this. "Oh, come on, guys," I shouted. "It's no big deal. C'mon in, and try it. It'll be fun." Debbie and Angela slowly started taking off their clothes. However, I soon realized that they had their swimsuits on underneath. "Hey, that's no fair!" I called out. Debbie slid into the pool, hovering by the edge debating whether to strip. I swam over to her to egg her along. "Emi, I don't know how you do it." "Practice," I joked. She laughed. Debbie is one of the few people I've told about my little adventures. Angela dove into the pool, and Satomi and Asuna got up. "Can we use your bath room or something?" Satomi asked. "Yeah, sure, there's one on the main floor under the stairs... and another one upstairs." They disappeared inside. Angela swam over to Debbie and me. "You're so funny!" Angela laughed. I jumped up, and then dove right on top of her, dunking her. "Hey," she sputtered as we came back up for air. "What are your friends going to do?" Debbie asked me. "I think they will if you will. Satomi came to the nude beach with me once, and Asuna is Ryosuke's cousin." "What's that supposed to mean?" Angela guffawed. "Does he come skinny-dipping here too?" "No, no," I laughed. "But I can phone him if you like," I teased. Debbie broke out laughing, and then the two of them tried to dunk me. I grabbed Debbie's bikini top, but I couldn't get the clasp undone. She said, "OK, OK. I give. Just let me do it, OK?" I let go, and soon enough she stripped off her top and then her bottoms. I could see her blonde pubic hair through the clear water. I hadn't met a lot of natural blondes besides Debbie, so it gave her a kind of exotic appeal. Debbie started swimming in slow circles around Angela almost like she were a shark or something. "You're the one who said we should do this," Debbie hissed at Angela. Satomi and Asuna reappeared in their navy one piece school swimsuits. Their suits were actually quite sexy, skintight wet look with ultra high cut legs. "Is that what you wore in high school?" I laughed, a bit surprised to see them in such sexy wear for a change. "Are you kidding? No way! Look at the back," Satomi whined, showing me her behind. It had a thong, so we could see all of her quite ample rear. She looked so embarrassed. I motioned for them to come join us. They came to the edge, and stared down at the water, reluctant to strip. Angela didn't want to seem prudish, so she finally stripped out of her suit. Her muff was black like a Japanese, or maybe a bit brown. She kept it fairly neatly trimmed, but her hair was perhaps a bit thicker than mine. She put her swimsuit on the deck. The three of us looked at Satomi and Asuna waiting for them to strip. "No one can see," I told them pointing to the high fence. "It'll be fine. Don't worry." The fence was high enough so the people right next door couldn't see, but there was a four storey apartment building a bit further back. I couldn't see anyone in the apartments though. Satomi finally slid into the water, holding onto the edge. Angela got tired of waiting, and swam out to the middle of the pool. "This is actually kind of fun you know - swimming naked I mean," she said. "I told you," I laughed. Satomi pulled the straps down over her shoulders, but no further, still wavering. "What time are your parents coming home?" she asked Debbie. "Not till late. They're at some kind of dinner party." I looked over at the gate at the side of the house. That's where Alvin had showed up the last time. I hadn't really told Satomi or Asuna about that. Satomi splashed some water up onto her face as if to brace herself, and then she pulled down her suit. Debbie and Angela started clapping, so I joined in. Satomi has a much more compact body than Debbie and Angela, but it definitely has its appeal. Asuna was still looking at us like we'd all lost our minds, but she finally slid into the pool. "I don't know, you guys," she kept saying shaking her head. Eventually she took off her suit too. Asuna is even more slender than Satomi and I. She has quite noticeable tan lines which make her look kind of young I guess. Once she was naked, she seemed fine. It's just getting undressed that seems the big step. We swam around a bit, and then I got out, and sat on the edge of the pool. It felt funny the concrete on my bare bottom. "Emi!" Satomi chastised me, still worried someone might be watching. I was pretty sure no one could see, plus I was getting used to the feeling of being naked. I wanted to do something a little more daring. "Does anyone want anything to drink?" I asked. "Oh, I can get them," Debbie said coming over to the edge of the pool, and lifting herself up. She has such big breasts I felt envious. She must have felt self-conscious because she went over to her chair, and pulled on a lacy white cover-up. She soon realized it wasn't quite long enough to cover-up her blonde pubic hair, and she gave us this bashful look. I don't think I'd ever seen her embarrassed before. She always tries to pretend like she could do anything. I got up out of the pool, and followed her into her kitchen. Maybe I should have put on my cover-up too, but I was feeling pretty frisky by then. While Debbie poured our drinks, I padded over to the front door, pulled back the curtain on the window, and peeked out. "Emi? What are you doing?" Debbie called out from the kitchen. "No, I was just taking a peek outside. Everyone in your neighborhood has such big houses. I can only see the one house right across from yours." Debbie came out into the hall covering her golden bush with her hand. "Emi, don't let anyone see you, OK? It's bad enough with us all nude in the backyard." I looked at her for a moment, but finally came back to the kitchen. "Did I tell you about the time I walked right out nude onto the pool deck at the fitness center? That was so embarrassing." She laughed. She used to think I was so strange, but lately she's getting more used to my antics. Anyway, we went back out to the pool, and gave everyone their drinks. They all came out of the pool, and pulled their cover-ups on while we sat on the pool deck. I stayed nude the whole time. I pulled on my sunglasses, and lay back on the deck chair basking in the feeling of the warm sun on my naked skin. Satomi kept suggesting I cover up, but I didn't really want to. I was enjoying myself too much. I peered back at the apartment every once in a while, but I was pretty sure no one was there. Anyway, the afternoon rolled on, and we all started to get hungry, so we all got dressed, and we went out to eat. I was really happy that we'd got to do this, and that even Asuna got nude with us. There's hope yet. The next time I saw Debbie she was acting like the whole thing hadn't happened, and the others were like that too. I was hoping I could talk them into coming with me to the nude beach, but no such luck. I guess I can kind of understand how they feel. Debbie's place is pretty private, so it's easier to do stuff there. Anyway, that's all for now. I'll try to write again soon. Emi Tsuruta