Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Visiting with My Cousin Namie By Emi Tsuruta Note: this is one in a series of posts about my life. If you'd like to know more about my friends and me, drop by my home page at: Over the Christmas holidays of my junior year, I went home to Japan. One of the people I wanted to see was my cousin Namie. She's quite the looker, cute with Japanese features, almost like an idol. Even though she's older than me, she's kind of shy actually. She met her husband, Ryoichi, through a matchmaker. I know that sounds old-fashioned, but it's not so strange in Japan. I hadn't seen her since her wedding, so I wanted to meet up, and hear all about her new life. We arranged to meet at Aunt Sachie's house. Sachi is Namie's mother. Sachi is very elegant, but she has an earthy sense of humor, quite different from my mom. Anyway, I caught the street car to their house, near the beach in Enoshima. When I got there, Namie came bouncing to the door all excited. It was great to see her again. She obviously had a lot to tell me about her new place and her life with Ryoichi. It was her day off, so she was dressed casually, in jeans, and an oversized lumberjack shirt. She had her hair up in a kerchief. I teased her that she looked like a housewife, but actually, she looked good. She's always looks good. The first time I showed her picture to my boyfriend Ryosuke, he was like "Wow!" That's why it was so funny to see her dressed like this. It was like she'd become a whole different person. Aunt Sachi was off in the kitchen making tea. She had her sewing machine out on the dining room table. Namie had some old clothes that she didn't want anymore. They wanted to see if I would take any of them. Her taste is a bit conservative, but she works in a jewelry shop, so she has some pretty nice outfits. Sachi was all ready to do alterations if need be. Sachi brought the tea out to the living room, and we sat on the couch, catching up. Namie's new place sounded nice, and they were talking about getting a second car for her. I felt a bit envious. I wish Ryosuke and I could afford a car. Namie ran upstairs, and brought down the clothes for me to try. She had all kinds of stuff - dresses, jeans, t-shirts, a swimsuit and a pair of bloomers (high cut racing briefs we used to wear in gym class). I went through her clothes while we chatted. "So how's married life?" I asked Namie. Aunt Sachi tittered. "What?" I asked. "Oh, she thinks I should hurry up, and have kids. It's just that Ryoichi and I are both so busy. He works Saturdays, and Sundays he just wants to sleep." "Oh, that sounds like no fun. Do you mean you two never...?" "I told you. We're busy. I don't know. Sometimes, I think he'd rather hang out with his friends than me." "Yeah, my mom was saying at the wedding how all his friends seemed to be guys. Maybe he's just shy. Maybe you have to take the lead more, you know?" "Take the lead?" Namie echoed, mulling this over. "What do you mean?" I looked at Sachi. I knew that she and my mom talked, so I didn't want to give away too much. My mom would freak if she heard about the stuff Ryosuke and I do. Maybe my mom thinks I'm still a virgin. "I don't know. Make him a candlelit dinner. Get dressed up in a frilly apron. You know what guys like." Namie gave me this blank look. Apparently, she doesn't know what guys like. "Aunt Sachi, don't you have some advice?" I asked, trying to avoid incriminating myself. I pulled off my sweater, and then pulled on one of Namie's dresses. "I don't know," Sachi scratched her head. "Things have changed a lot since my day. I never used to run around half naked..." She was pretty clearly looking at me! You see my friend Michiyo and I had gotten caught in a rainstorm, so we came here to Sachi's house. Sachi lent me one of Namie's t-shirts to wear when I got out of the shower, but she didn't give me any bottoms. There were a whole bunch of people here: my uncle, my cousin Kanako, her husband, Namie's brother Hideki and one of his friends, and there I was, running around with my fanny showing. That was pretty embarrassing, and more Sachi's fault than mine, I thought. Sachi loves to tease. I hadn't planned on flashing anyone, but Sachi's house is one of the few places I can get away pulling stunts like that. My parents are much more strict than Sachi. Sachi seemed curious, so I decided to share a bit more. "You have to tease guys, get their imagination working, get them wanting you," I mused. I pulled the first dress off over my head, and picked out another. "So where'd you learn all this?" Sachi asked coyly, still teasing. "I studied it in school. I took a course: human sexual response." I was joking of course. They both broke out laughing. "Didn't you see 'Kinsey'?" I asked. "What?" "Oh, nothing. Anyway, our professor said one key is looking and being seen." "Your professor told you this?" Sachi guffawed. "Things have changed." I'd gone through all the dresses, and came to the jeans. I felt a bit strange stripping off my own jeans in front of them, but they averted their eyes. All this talk about sex had gotten me a bit worked up. I looked out the big picture window at the back of their house, but all I could see was the snowdrifts in their garden. I struggled out of my own jeans, and then pulled Namie's on. The first pair was a bit tight. "Looking and being seen?" Namie said, puzzled. "What do you mean?" "Play is kind of important. Flirtation. Teasing." I looked down at Namie's swimsuit. It looked like it might fit, but I'd have to try it on to be sure. I hesitated, wondering if I should just strip naked in front of them. That would be kind of weird standing right here in middle of their living room, but then again we were all girls after all. Sachi had seen me naked that time I was telling you about. "Do you mind if I try this on?" I asked pointing at the swimsuit. "Go ahead." I peeked out the back window again, and then undid the zipper on my jeans. I felt kind of self-conscious, but Sachi went off to the kitchen to get tea, and Namie was staring out the window thinking. I stripped out of my jeans, and then feeling adventurous, took off my blouse, bra and panties. There I was in their living room naked! I reached down to pick up the swimsuit, and suddenly, my cell phone rang. It was so loud. Sachi came out to see what had happened. I giggled nervously, a bit embarrassed to be caught naked, but finally dug my cell phone out of my bag. I felt even more self-conscious now standing here naked, but it might be an important call. It turned out to be Ryosuke back in the States. "Emi! I finally got you. I phoned your house, but no one was answering." "I guess my mom's gone out," I answered in English. Aunt Sachi laughed when she heard my English. Sachi and Namie had lived abroad too, but I don't think they use English that much. I told her to shush, but she wouldn't settle down, so I went out into the hall. Once Sachi starts laughing, she just won't quit. "What do you want? I'm kind of in the middle of something here," I whispered to Ryosuke. It was kind of cool in the hallway, so my nipples were starting to stiffen. Aunt Sachi was laughing away, so I moved further down the hall where it was quieter. "What?" Ryosuke gasped. "I just wanted to know how you're doing." "I'm at Aunt Sachi's right now. Namie's here, and I'm trying on some clothes." I didn't mention that I was naked. No sense getting him all excited when he's thousands of miles away. "Namie? That's the bride from the wedding, right? The foxy one?" "Yeah." I looked back down the hall, amused that Ryosuke called her 'foxy.' "Tell her I say hi. Oh, there's something I'm supposed to ask you." I was concentrating so much on the phone call I didn't notice the rattling of keys at the front door. Suddenly, the door opened, and there was my teenage cousin, Hideki, in the doorway, shocked to find me naked. "Shut the door, for heaven's sakes!" I yelled at him. Aunt Sachi came out into the hall, and hissed at me, "Emi! Your clothes!" I knew I was naked. I also knew I shouldn't tease Hideki, but it all happened so fast. I just stared at him, so surprised he'd showed up at this exact moment. Hideki was trying to act like it was no big deal, but I could tell he was excited. His usually dull eyes had sprung to life, looking me up and down. I finally stuck out my tongue at him, and ran back to the living room, excited despite myself. "Ryosuke, I'd better call you back," I told him, hanging up. Hideki followed me into the living room, eager to get a better look at me. Hideki and I used to tease each other, but I'm pretty sure this is the first time he saw me stark naked. "I was just changing," I explained. "Turn around. Don't look." Hideki was too blown away to listen though. I guess he hasn't seen many girls naked. He made no effort to hide his fascination with my body. "Oh, Hideki, don't stare. It's not polite," Sachi scolded. Hideki continued to eye me, but under pressure from his mom, slowly backed away to the kitchen. I couldn't calm down for the life of me. What did I go, and do that for? I should have been more careful. Namie wasn't amused, but soon Sachi started chuckling. I guess she thought I was asking for it by stripping in the first place. Maybe she was right. I should be more careful. Hideki was still next door in the kitchen, so Sachi finally motioned for me to hurry up, and put something on. I picked up the swimsuit, stepped into it, and eventually got it on. It was a bit baggy in the middle. Sachi offered to take it in, and came over to measure. "Hideki? Are you there?" I called out through the kitchen door. "What? Yes, I'm here. What is it?" He sounded annoyed. "Could you go somewhere else? We're trying to work on these clothes. We need some privacy." We could here him cursing under his breath, but eventually, he came out. He gave me the once over again, until Sachi shooed him away down the hall. I watched until he grabbed his coat, and headed out the front door. "OK, OK, I'm going already. Sheesh!" The door slammed shut, and I finally breathed a sigh of relief. "I'm sorry about that, Emi," Sachi apologized. "He used to be such a good boy." "I think he has a crush on you, Emi," Namie observed. "You shouldn't tease him." "Hideki's the one who teases me. He used to put toads in my hair." "I think he had a crush on you even then." Yeah, I don't know about this whole crush business. He'd always been a pest, but it was true that lately he seems more curious about my body. I guess I wasn't helping matters by running around naked in his house. I stripped out of the swimsuit, and quickly, pulled on one of Namie's t-shirts. Namie gave me a strange look. I guess you could still see my derriere, but at least I wasn't naked. To tell you the truth, I was more worried about Namie and her life with Ryoichi than about Hideki. "Oh, don't be silly. Hideki couldn't care less about me," I scoffed. I walked over to the table, and re-filled my teacup, while Sachi worked on the swimsuit. Namie was still in awe. "I'm always amazed when you do things like that. I don't think I could do that in front of Ryoichi." "What? Stand here naked?" "In the middle of the living room?" she exclaimed. "Why not? He's your husband." "Yeah, but I haven't known him that long. We just dated a few times... " "What about us? Could you do that in front of with us?" I asked, curious. "Well, yeah, but..." "Hey, I've got an idea. Why don't you pretend like I'm Ryoichi? Show me how you'd seduce him." Namie looked down at the floor, embarrrassed. Sachi interjected, "Just pretend like I'm not here." Good ol' Sachi. She wanted Namie to be happy. "What would you do first?" I asked, testing Namie. "I don't know. Say 'Hi honey, how was your day?'" "Oh, that won't do at all. Try to be sexier. Think what guys like." "Oh I don't know. What would you do?" "Well, first those clothes have got to go. They make you look too dowdy." She looked down fingering the buttons on her lumberjack shirt. I paused waiting. "What? You want me to get undressed? Here?" she exclaimed. "Yeah. Why not? You've got to learn to be comfortable with your body, to enjoy being naked." I glanced over at Sachi, wondering if I was giving too much away, but she was still working on the swimsuit. Namie undid a button or two, but then stopped, and laughed. "I can't do this. This is silly." "No, no, you're doing fine. Keep going." Namie looked down at the floor, hesitating. She was obviously self-conscious about her body. I never understood why. Namie is a beautiful woman, 'foxy' as Ryosuke put it. I went over to her, and pulled her hair away from her face. She was quivering a bit under my gaze. "Relax. There's nothing to be afraid of. Tell yourself 'I have a beautiful body. I'm sexy.'" Namie pulled back, defensive. I didn't understand what she was so sensitive about. Everyone gets naked. It's such a simple thing. "Oh, c'mon, Namie. It's just us. Look how I'm dressed." I lifted my t-shirt, flashing her my pussy. "Oh Emi! I can't do that." "Sure you can. You don't have to be so shy. You have a beautiful body. You should be proud of it." I looked over at Sachi again. She had a strange look on her face, like she was worried about me, but she didn't object. I reached down, and took a hold of Namie's jeans trying to get her button undone. She giggled, and pulled away. "What are you doing?" "Namie, relax. You've got a great body. I've seen guys checking you out." I didn't want to tell her what Ryosuke had said, but it was on my mind. "Really? I don't think so." "Sure. You always look beautiful... even in those clothes. I thought so when I came in." She lowered her head gazing up at me through her bangs. You could tell she wanted to... to get naughty I mean. "There. That's more like it," I smiled. Namie glanced out the window, trying to tell if anyone was in their backyard. I looked out too, and thought I saw something. I motioned for her to get undressed, but went over to the window trying to see what it was. I didn't see anyone at first, but I couldn't help feeling like there was someone watching. I looked back at Namie, but she'd finally started to take off her jeans. I checked the window again, and caught a glimpse of shadows scurrying around in the snow. I wasn't sure, but I guess it could be Hideki and his friend. Shocked, I quickly backed away from the window, covering my pussy with my hand. "What is it?" Namie asked, nervous enough as it is. "No, nothing. Maybe a bird or something," I told her. I didn't want to alarm her, but calling his friend over did seem like something Hideki might do. I moved closer to the window again, trying to see if they were there. Namie had got her jeans off, and looked down at her bare legs. "Now what?" I wasn't sure what to do. Here I was telling Namie she had to be braver, but it seemed quite probable that we had an audience. I turned my back to the window to focus on Namie, but I think I heard them jump up, peeking in at my bare behind. I put one hand behind me to hide my butt crack at least, but I felt so embarrassed. I guess I was getting a little excited despite myself. I'd only met Hideki's friend the once, but he was kind of good looking too. He had these deep black eyes and spikey hair, a bit like Hideki himself. Feeling a bit guilty though for flashing them, I came away from the window. Namie was looking at me expectantly, wondering what I wanted her to do next. My original plan was to have her strip, but I didn't really want to embarrass her in front of the boys... Then again, here we were finally making progress. She seemed willing to try. This might be my only chance. I finally made up my mind. I moved closer, and started undoing the buttons on Namie's blouse. She looked nervous, but I felt even moreso, knowing the boys were probably peeking in. I made no effort to hide my bare bottom. If they are so desparate to see, let them look. Under Namie's shirt, she had on a shiny camisole, quite sexy I thought. "Where'd you get this?" "I bought it in Ginza. It's quite warm." "You don't want warm. You want sexy," I teased. I really don't know what had got in to me. My thoughts kept heading in a naughty direction. I pulled the camisole up over her head and off. Namie's underwear was white and lacy. "Do you want to go out shopping some day?" I suggested. She laughed. "Is my underwear that bad?" "They're OK. I was just thinking you might like something special... for bedtime." Namie blushed. I peered back at the window, but I couldn't see Hideki and friend. Had they given up? Covering my pussy with my hand, I walked back to the window, and peered out. The hem of my t-shirt was way up around my waist, so I knew I was asking for trouble, but I kind of wanted to know if they were still there, before Namie stripped. They must have seen me coming though because there was no sign of them. I was still a bit worried, but I went back to Namie, and helped her undo her bra. She covered her breasts with her hands, self conscious. I motioned for her to move her hands so I could see. Her breasts are a bit smaller than mine, but wonderfully round, pointed and perky. "Do you have an all over tan?" I gasped. "No," she frowned, embarrassed. Unable to resist the urge to tease her, I reached out, and tweaked her nipples. She squealed, and her cheeks turned an even deeper shade of red. She looked really sexy now, almost certainly turned on. I tried to pull down her panties, but she grabbed them, and wouldn't let go. Finally, she relented, and let me. Her pubic hair was quite lush, thick and dark and fluffy. Ryosuke says thick hair is a sign of a woman with strong appetites. Was she a nympho too? "How do you feel?" I asked, a bit surprised she'd let me strip her naked in front of her mother (and brother and cute friend?). "Cold. Can I get back dressed now?" she complained. "No. Let's give your hubby a call. He's at work, is he?" Sachi, who'd been silent all this time, finally couldn't control herself. "My dear Emi, you really are a naughty girl," she laughed. "What? I'm just trying to help," I protested. Sachi obviously thought I was a bit crazy, but she seemed fascinated at what I'd come up with. I'd been nude when I talked with Ryosuke, so it seemed only natural for Namie to give her hubby a call. Namie went to sit down in the big armchair, but I stopped her. "Oh, don't sit there. Sit by the window," I suggested, not really thinking it through. It only slowly dawned on me that the boys might see her if she went over there. Namie looked worried too, but to humor me, she finally went over to the window. I guess she couldn't see Hideki and friend either. She jumped up onto the seat of the couch, right in the middle of the window, shocking me with her daring. "Oh, careful, Namie," Sachi warned. "Someone might be watching." 'Too late,' I thought. Namie stood there blinking nervously, basking in the dazzling sunlight streaming in through the window. I had no idea where Hideki and friend got to, but they must be flipping out because she was right there, not hiding anything. Namie eventually turned, and set her bare behind down on the window sill. I wanted to warn her. I honestly did, but I just stood there, a bit in awe at her sudden bravery. Covering my own pussy at least, I edged closer to the window, but I couldn't see the boys either. Where on earth had they got to? Oblivious, Namie dialed Ryoichi on her cell. She spoke in a whisper, shielding what she was saying from Sachi and me. I was more worried about the boys who must be in stitches by now. It's not like Namie ever shows much skin. Now though, she seemed strangely unconcerned. I guess she was trusting me, or maybe she was excited too. Anxious to see what was going on, I cautiously walked over to the end of the couch, and peered out the window. They didn't seem to be down in the snow. The only thing I could think was that they'd climbed up onto the back porch, and were watching from there. I couldn't get close enough to check with the couch in the way, but if they were there, they'd be able to see Namie well enough. She was too busy whispering sweet nothings to Ryoichi to clue in to my concern. I think she was getting horny too. She was giggling away, and waving her fingers in the air, almost like she wanted to touch herself Just watching her was getting me hot. After the longest time, she finally came down off the couch, and put away her phone. "What did he say?" I asked. "He said he'll try to come home early tonight," she smiled, blushing. "Oh, that's great. Good for you." I gave her a gentle hug, but we were both quite nervous by then, so I let her go, so she could get back dressed. First though, she ran over, and gave her mom a hug too. Sachi was a bit taken aback, but we were both glad to see Namie happy. While Namie got dressed, Sachi held up the swimsuit triumphantly. "There. How's that?" she asked. "It looks good," I agreed. I went over, and she nodded for me to try it on. I hesitated though worried about the boys. "Is there someone out there?" Sachi asked, getting up to look out the window. I heard a crunching noise, but Sachi didn't spot them either. Sachi signalled for me to go ahead. I was still a bit worried, so I went over into the dining room before taking off my t-shirt. I nervously fiddled with the swimsuit, wondering if they could see me through the windows in the back door. I pulled the swimsuit on, letting Sachi see. Sachi motioned for me to come over into the light, so she could check the fit. Once she was done, she told me to take it off again. I peered out at the snowy backyard, so sure that they must be out there. I took off the swimsuit, and gave it to Sachi. One thing that kind of bothered me was how brave Namie had been, standing naked in the window, and then flashing them her bare butt while she talked on the phone. Of course she didn't know she was flashing them, but even so, I felt like I'd been outdone. I moved closer to the window wondering if they could see me. I was tempted to open the back door, but I couldn't with Sachi here. In the end, I got back dressed. Eventually, Hideki came back in. He was trying to look innocent, but there was an uncharacteristic fire burning in his eyes. I'm positive he saw Namie naked and probably me again as well. Uncle Yuuzou came back, and we all had supper together. Hideki was pretty quiet. I wonder if he is embarrassed about letting his friend see his sister and me naked. They must have wondered what we were doing. Emi Tsuruta