Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Beach Getaway 2 By Emi Tsuruta Note: this is one in a series of posts about my life. If you'd like to know more about my friends and me, drop by my home page at: My boyfriend Ryosuke, his friend Futoshi, my best friend Satomi and I had headed down the coast of California to vacation in some local beach resorts. We arrived at our next hotel, late the second night. Our rooms were pretty nice. They had these big glass doors facing the street and the park beyond. It was kind of dark out, but anyway, I don't think I've ever stayed in a room quite like that before. Ryosuke was pretty tired from driving, so he went to sleep early, but Futoshi came over to our room, and we played cards, and chatted for a while. Futoshi and Satomi were getting along, so that was kind of cool. I'd always thought they'd make a good couple. The next morning, we all had breakfast together, and then Satomi and I went for a swim in the pool while the boys went back to their room, and packed. There were a lot of other guests in the pool, families mostly with lots of little kids. One family was Asian, Chinese American I guess. The smallest daughter looked at me as if to say, 'Hey, you look like me.' I started talking to her, and it turned out they were from San Francisco. Her mom came over, and we got talking a little about the Chinatown there and the Japantown. Even the parents were born in the States, so they were all pretty Americanized. Satomi started playing with the daughters, and then she suggested we take some pictures, so I went back to our room to get my camera. I walking along the hall, when this man, one of the other hotel guests, came walking this way. He looked really surprised to see me walking around the hotel in my dripping wet bikini. I looked down, and fixed my bottoms as he walked by, but for some reason, I felt funny. I'm not sure why, but it got me a bit excited. Back in the room, I found the camera quickly enough, but before I went back to Satomi, I got this strange feeling like I wanted to do something. I went over to the glass doors that led out into the parking lot in front of our hotel. The hotel was on a quiet street, so there weren't too many cars going by, but there were a whole bunch of cars parked out front. It was hard to tell if anyone was out front. I stood there looking out for a while, and then I got this sudden urge to take off my bikini. It's hard to explain why. Don't you ever feel like that? Anyway, I reached around behind my neck, and quickly undid the bow. My bikini top fell down, and suddenly I was standing there by the window with my bare breasts showing. I quickly pulled off my top, and then reached down to pull down the bottoms too. I knew this was dangerous, but I just couldn't stop myself. I set my bikini down on the bed, and then paused there for a minute wondering what I should do. I knew I should be getting back to Satomi, but I just wanted to savor the feeling of being naked for a sec. I examined my body in the mirror. My breasts had swollen up quite large from the excitement. I pulled my knees together trying to accentuate the curve of my hips. It was kind of weird lighting, with the sun from the glass doors throwing shadows onto my body, so I couldn't see so well. I cautiously walked over that way trying to get more light. I could see quite a few of the cars parked out front. Cars would go by on the street now and then, but our room was far enough back that I don't think they saw me. I nervously undid the lock on the balcony door, and slowly opened it, trying not to make any noise. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest. I was a little worried that Satomi or Ryosuke might come looking for me, but anyway, I probably have a few minutes here. I slid open the door. The breeze blew in giving me goose bumps. I was getting so excited. I stepped out onto the little patio, holding my hand in front of my mouth, astonished at my own bravery. Here I was standing out in front of the hotel naked. I even started thinking of walking across like that, and knocking on Ryosuke's glass door. Wouldn't he be surprised! Unfortunately, just then a car pulled in to the parking lot. I scrambled back inside, and moved away from the windows. I'm pretty sure they didn't see me, but it did give me quite a scare. I sat down on the bed, trying to calm back down. I knew I should be getting back to Satomi, but she was probably still talking with that family. Also, I felt too excited to just get dressed. I walked back to the door on the hotel side of the room. I slowly turned the latch, and opened the door a crack. Just outside my room were these big trolleys for the linen. I couldn't see the cleaning women, but they must be doing the rooms right nearby. I opened the door a bit more, but I decided it would be too dangerous to go out naked into the hall with the cleaning ladies around. I finally came back in, put my bikini back on, and picked up the camera. I took a few deep breaths to try to calm back down, and then headed back to the pool. When I got there, Satomi was still talking with the Chinese American mom. I took a few pictures of us as a group, and swam a bit more, but pretty soon, we said goodbye, and went back to our rooms. Satomi went into the bathroom to take a shower. I took off my bikini again, and stood there in the middle of the room drying myself off. Holding the towel in front of me, I walked back over to the glass doors, and suddenly, realized I'd left them open earlier. I'd gotten so excited about walking around naked I'd completely forgot to close them. That was kind of a silly thing to do. Outside in the parking lot, a family pulled in in their SUV. I looked out at them continuing to dry myself off as they unpacked their car. I moved my towel to the side, standing in the open door naked wondering if they would look over, and see me. The sound of the shower stopped, so I wrapped the towel around me, and moved away from the window. Satomi came out of the bathroom still naked, drying herself off with her own towel. "How come the curtains are open? And the glass doors too?" she asked shocked. She covered herself up with her towel, and walked over obviously intending to close them. I slung my towel over my shoulder, and moved over to stop her. "It's OK. Don't worry. No one's going to peek." She opened her eyes wide, obviously worried. It was broad daylight out. I was a bit surprised though that she'd come out of the bathroom naked. Is she getting into this more? Satomi stood there clutching her towel, peering over nervously at the open doorway. Actually, I felt nervous too because we could kind of still hear that family out there unloading their SUV. We couldn't see them, but we could hear the kids giggling and the mom yelling at them to stop. I lifted my towel up to dry off my hair, standing there naked. Satomi turned her back to the window, showing off her cute little bottom. She wouldn't let me see her face, but I think she was probably excited too. Curious, I inched closer to the door trying to see what the family was doing. Satomi glared at me, obviously worried that they might see. Luckily, the parents had their backs to us, the dad unloading the trunk, and the mom still trying to get her kids to settle down. I stood there staring at them, and then quickly backed away when the mom turned this way. Satomi had this strange look on her face, but I broke out laughing. Satomi was trying to act like she hadn't meant to flash them, but I think this time at least, she was trying to test the waters a bit, see what it feels like. I was glad. I'll convert her yet. Anyway, just then Ryosuke knocked on the door, scaring the living daylights out of both of us. He yelled in, "It's almost check out time." "OK, we'll be out in a sec," I yelled back. Satomi gave me a grave look, glad that he hadn't tried to come in. I smiled to reassure her, and then snuck off to have a shower. Once we were both dressed, we opened the door. Ryosuke was out in the hall waiting for us, and Futoshi had gone ahead to pack our stuff into his car. I immediately worried that Futoshi might have seen Satomi and me naked, but if he had, he didn't give any sign. That was a bit scary though. I'm going to have to be more careful. Anyway, we piled into the car, and headed out for the next beach. On the way, Futoshi stopped at this roadside park that had a washroom, so we could all get changed into our swimsuits. Satomi was already wearing her swimsuit under her clothes, so I went into the girls' side alone. I went into one of the stalls, and took off all my clothes. I was starting to get excited again. I quietly opened the door of the stall, and peeked out to make sure no one was there. The door to outside was wide open, but I couldn't really see anyone, so I cautiously stepped out of the stall, and walked out to the middle of the washroom, naked save my flip-flops and necklace. I kept on walking over towards the open door. Outside, I could see the swings and slides in the park, but luckily, there didn't seem to be many cars driving by. I edged closer to the door wondering where Ryosuke and Futoshi were. I couldn't see them at all. I made it all the way right to the door, when I suddenly realized that Ryosuke and them had all finished changing, and were standing over by the swings. I backed up quickly. Luckily, I don't think they saw me. I debated walking out in the nude, but decided this wouldn't be such a good idea. Satomi would freak for sure. I quickly went back to the stall, and put my bikini back on. Once we got to Sapphire Beach, we found a parking spot right around the corner from the main shopping street. Sapphire Beach is a tiny town, mostly just forest and cottages, but it was packed with people. It's one of the most popular beaches in that area. Satomi and I kept our t-shirts on for the walk down the shopping street, but a lot of people were just in their swimsuits. The American guys we saw all seemed to be wearing long trunks, but the girls were in colorful bikinis. We set down our stuff just by the entrance, and the boys went in swimming while Satomi and I sat on the shore, and chatted. Just behind us, a Chinese family drove up, and parked their SUV. I wouldn't have noticed except that the daughter took off all her clothes, and stood there naked while her mom got her swimsuit ready. I guess they must have been new to the States, because they didn't seem to know that you're not supposed to get naked here. I wondered if I should tell them, but the funny thing was that no one else on the beach seemed to be paying much attention. That got me wondering if maybe it wasn't all right after all. My sister Norika and I got in big trouble when we got changed on the beach in Hawaii just after we moved there. Was this beach different? Maybe the people were more open-minded, and it was OK. Satomi noticed the girl too, and she looked over at me a bit distressed. After a while, the boys came out, and watched our stuff while Satomi and I went in swimming. We waded out quite a ways to where the water was fairly deep. The sea was all green, so you couldn't really see under water. Seeing the girl stand there naked like that - as if it was the most natural thing in the world - made me want to try something too. I swam over to a spot where there wasn't anyone else around, and then stood on a sand bar with the water all the way up to my neck. Satomi followed me over, and was looking at me a bit suspiciously perhaps guessing what I was up to. I just ignored her though, untied my bikini bottoms, and slid them off between my legs. I held the bottoms clenched tightly in my fist, afraid I might drop them, but honestly, I felt so excited swimming around bottomless with all these people around. I quickly realized that it was too dangerous, and I pulled my bottoms back on. Once I'd calmed down, we went back to where the boys were. I'm pretty sure Satomi had guessed what I had done, but she didn't say anything. We were all getting pretty hungry, so we went, and found one of the restaurants they'd mentioned in the guidebook. It was right on the beach, so you could sit, and watch all the people outside basking in the sun. The waitress came, and took us to our table. We were still all in our soaking wet swimsuits, so once we'd all ordered, Futoshi and Satomi headed off to the washrooms to get cleaned up. When they came back, Ryosuke and I went. Ryosuke was in such a good mood. He loves the beach, and seeing me in my bikini. He gave me a playful pat on the behind as we walked over to the washrooms on the other side. This whole half of the restaurant seemed to be closed. There was no one sitting at the tables. Still, you could see in through the windows, so I took his hand. "Hey, none of that!" "You have some sand on your behind. I was just trying to brush it off," he beamed. I just held his hand tighter, but when we got to the washrooms, he tried to follow me into the ladies'. "Hey, the guys' is over there," I pointed out. "Oh, sorry. Honest mistake," he retorted cheerfully. I went in, locked the door, and took off my bikini. I cupped water from the sink onto my body trying to get the sand all off. There came a knock at the door. "Are you decent?" It was Ryosuke of course. "No!" "Then open up, and give me a peek." I stopped, and thought about it for a moment. "Is anyone out there?" I asked. I heard him dash out to see what the waitresses were doing, and then come back. "The coast is clear." My heart was pounding in my chest, but I finally opened the door a crack, and peeked out. Out the windows, you could see the beach, but most of the people were pretty far away. Ryosuke motioned for me to come out into the dining room, so he could see. "Why am I always the one who has to do these things?" I complained. In response, Ryosuke made as if he was going to pull down his swimming trunks, but I told him to stop. Once again, he motioned for me to come out into the dining room. It's true there was no one sitting in this section, but there were a whole bunch of customers just on the other side, back near the entrance. I knew I shouldn't, but I came out, and hid behind him. Being out here naked was giving me butterflies. "Here, sit down. I want to take your picture." My hands shaking, I quickly pulled out a chair, and sat my bare bottom down on it. He quickly snapped a shot, and then I dashed back into the washroom, and got dressed. It turned out to be the funniest picture though, me sitting there naked in this trendy restaurant. I guess it was kind a silly thing to do, but I don't think anyone saw. After lunch, we decided to head back to Oceanview before it got too late. We walked back to the car, and got ready to change. Parked just off the main street, it was a bit more public than where we'd changed the day before. Just next to our car, there was a line of trees, which blocked the view from the house, but we were fairly near the corner. On the main street, we could see this long line of cars waiting to get into the main parking lot. No one there seemed to be looking this way, but just across the street from us, there were two couples standing by their car. The guys were kind of looking over this way checking out Satomi and me. Futoshi was getting stuff out of the trunk, but Ryosuke and Satomi were standing there nervously watching to see what I was going to do. I wrapped a big beach towel around myself, under my arms but over my breasts. I kept tying and retying the knot, but I had trouble getting it to stay. It was so hard to pull my bikini top up without undoing the knot, and somehow I managed. I set my top down on top of the car, and then straightened my towel. The two guys across the street had noticed me changing, and were staring pretty steadily now. I felt worried, so I turned my back to them, and tried to pull my bottoms off without dropping the towel. I ended up holding the towel in place with one hand, and pulled my bottoms off with the other. The towel kept slipping down the slope of my breasts, so I re-tied it several times just to make sure it would stay. Taking my swimsuit, I moved around to the trunk. I folded my suit up, put it in a plastic bag, and tried to find my sundress. Futoshi was standing there with this funny look on his face, obviously amused by my stunt. I couldn't find my dress, and then I realized I'd left it in my backpack in the back seat. I walked out to the street side of the car, and opened the door. Across the street, besides my two fans, there was another group of guys coming down the sidewalk headed for the beach, and on the main street too, I could see people walking by. I put my hand on my chest to still my beating heart. My breasts were swelling up from the excitement. Feeling very hot, I stuck my head in the car, and kneeled on the seat, while I dug out my dress. My towel fell open at the top exposing my breasts, but luckily, I was leaning far enough forward that I don't think anyone could see. I gently squeezed one breast, and felt this jolt of electricity run down my spine. Taking my sundress, I backed out of the car, but when I closed the door, my towel got caught in it. I pulled on it to try to get it out, but the knot was already coming undone. Half in a daze from the heat and excitement, I watched in horror as the towel unraveled, and fell to the ground. I was suddenly naked out on the street. Everyone turned to look. Even Ryosuke looked shocked. Panicking, I ran around behind the car, and hid behind Ryosuke. "Can you bring me my towel?" I asked. He went out into the street to get it, so I switched, and hid behind Futoshi instead. He turned to look at my naked body. I felt so strange, getting stared at by all these people. I slid my hand between my legs to hide my pussy. My whole body was tingling with excitement. I could feel an orgasm coming on. Futoshi and Satomi were freaking, but I couldn't see what Ryosuke was doing. The guys across the street were craning their heads, trying to get a better look at me. Satomi moved around, and stood next to Futoshi to block their view. Futoshi just stood there gawking at me in disbelief. "The towel got caught," I tittered, out of my head with excitement. The guys from across the street were coming, so I ran around to the side of the car, and struggled to find the bottom of my dress. Even the people down on the main street had noticed me now, stopping to gawk. I finally got the dress figured out, and pulled it on over my head, but not before maybe ten, twenty people saw me. I straightened out my dress, and then got into the car, humiliated at having got caught like that. The guys from across the street stared into the car at me, but Ryosuke shooed them away. Ryosuke seemed a little annoyed actually. I'd caused such a fuss it wasn't really safe for us to stay there anymore. I don't think any called the police, but they easily could have. Futoshi kept shaking his head as he drove away. "Emi, you've got to stop doing these things!" Satomi scolded. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to." Ryosuke sat eyes front ignoring me. Was he angry at me for flashing all those people? "Anyway, I'll try to be more careful." We finally found a washroom, and I pulled on some panties. I'm not sure what Satomi and Futoshi made of it all, but it was kind of fun while it lasted. Emi Tsuruta