Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Beach Getaway 1 By Emi Tsuruta Note: this is one in a series of posts about my life. If you'd like to know more about my friends and me, drop by my home page at: Last spring, our friend Futoshi graduated, and moved to Los Angeles. He is the one with the car and a good dancer. My friend Satomi has been moping around ever since. I guess she has a crush on Futoshi. To make her happy, I got Ryosuke to call up Futoshi, and invite him to come down to Oceanview to visit us. We eventually decided that the four of us (Futoshi, Satomi, Ryosuke and me,) would go on a trip on the long weekend to some beach resorts down the coast. Ryosuke made all the reservations, and he found a couple of hotels with indoor swimming pools for us to stay at. The sleeping arrangements were a bit of a problem because Futoshi and Satomi are not a couple, but anyway, it worked out OK. Friday evening, Futoshi came down, and slept over at Ryosuke's place. The next morning, he and Ryosuke came to pick me up bright and early. I was in such in good mood. It was beautiful weather out, and I was ready for the beach. I had on my sandals, sunglasses, wide brimmed hat and this short snug blue and white dress. Ryosuke smiled when he saw me, and even Futoshi, who is usually pretty serious, took off his sunglasses to check me out. Ryosuke and I piled into the back seat. Next, we picked up Satomi, and then headed down the coast to Santa Barrista, where our first hotel was. We kind of got lost trying to find it, but eventually we got there, and had a late lunch. After lunch, we went to a small beach in town, but that day, it was kind of cloudy and cool, so we decided to go back to the hotel to swim in their indoor pool. I'd been hoping that Ryosuke and I could stay in one room, but Satomi wanted to stay with me. I know she likes Futoshi, but they're not a couple or anything, so I agreed to make her happy. Ryosuke went off to find the swimming pool, and by the time he came back, we were all showered and in our swimsuits. I wore open toe sandals and an ocean blue bikini with ties at each side on the bottoms. I don't know if you are supposed to walk around the hotel in your swimsuit, but anyway, we did. We didn't meet anyone on the way down, but there were a few people in the pool when we got there. The water was warm though, and there was a nice view out the back window into this glade of trees at the back of the hotel. Ryosuke and Futoshi went over, and got in the jacuzzi, while Satomi and I swam in the pool. While we were swimming, Ryosuke and Futoshi disappeared off somewhere. A couple of American guys came in, and started doing belly flops into the pool splashing water all over us. Satomi and I decided to get out, and leave the pool to them. We went into the change room to shower off. Satomi kept her swimsuit on, but I took mine off. When I was done showering, I dried myself off. I thought it would be funny to go out onto the deck in just my towel, but Satomi insisted I put my bikini back on. Ryosuke had come back by then, and he told me there was something he wanted to show me out back. I told Satomi I'd meet her back at our room, and then Ryosuke led me out the back door. We went across the grass and into this thicket of trees. In my sandals, it was kind of hard to pick my way, but he finally stopped when we came to a little clearing. "Well, what do you think?" I looked around. The trees were pretty thick around us, but other than that, it was a lot like the parks back in Oceanview. I could hear the cars whizzing by on the highway, just a bit further on. "What? What do you want to show me?" He pulled me closer, and gave me a kiss. While we were kissing, he undid my towel and took it off. I was still in my bikini, but I felt a little nervous. We were still pretty close to the hotel. "Hey, cut that out. What if someone sees us?" "I think it's safe. No one's going to come out here." I looked around again. We couldn't actually see the hotel anymore for all the trees. Then again, the hotel was on one of the main streets in Santa Barrista. I was kind of surprised that there was this little park here so close to the main business district. "I don't know." He pulled me closer again, nuzzling my neck, and sticking his hand down the back of my bikini bottom. I squirmed at the weird sensation, but before I could stop him, he'd undone one of the side ties, and pulled my bottoms off. I covered my bush with my hand. "Hey!" I cried out. He didn't listen though, and just undid my top next. He was all excited, squeezing my breasts, and twiddling my nipples. I swatted his hand away, but to tell you the truth, I was getting excited too. "No funny business," I warned. It was hard to convince him I was serious though, since I had let him strip off my swimsuit. "Here. At least give me my towel back!" I tried to grab it from him, but he wrapped his arms around my waist, and pulled me into him. It was hard not to get excited. "You're so sexy. D'you know that?" He kissed me on my bare shoulder, and ran his hand down my back and along the curves of my bottom. "Give me back my towel," I whined. "Please." I was excited, sure, but I was also worried that Satomi or Futoshi might come looking for us. "OK, OK, but first, come over here." He walked off through the trees, taking my towel and swimsuit with him. I had to follow him, but I could hear the cars whizzing by up ahead. I tried to grab my towel, but he kept it out of reach. Before I knew it, we came out right by the highway with all these cars streaming by. I gasped, and backed away, but Ryosuke held my hand, and wouldn't let go. "Let go! They can see!" I squealed. We were so close I could see the faces of the drivers as they whizzed on past. "Maybe they can, but the next exit isn't for another mile or so. Even if they see you, they can't do anything about it." I just stared at him in shock. He clearly wanted me to flash all these people driving by. "Are you sure?" "Yeah." I was trying to back away, but Ryosuke was pulling on my hand to get me to come out into the sun. I didn't want to fight, and it was pretty exciting. He could tell I was freaking though, so eventually, he stopped pulling. I stared out at the cars watching to see if anyone noticed me. They were right there, but they were moving pretty fast. I slowly edged forward testing to see what would happen. I was quaking with fear, but Ryosuke looked pretty pleased. I guess he could tell I was excited. I let go of his hand, and cautiously took a few steps down the hill. It felt like my whole body was on fire. Some of the people in the cars were looking this way, but then they'd drive by, and be gone. I thought I saw a couple of them turn back to look at me, so I ran back to where Ryosuke was, and hid behind him. "Here we'd better head back," I insisted. "Satomi and Futoshi are waiting." Ryosuke gave me another gentle kiss. "You look so scrumptious. I really want to..." I knew he wanted to make love, but that was just crazy. He slid down his swim trunks, letting his penis flip out. It was so long. He must be pretty excited. I was worried though, so I hid back in the woods, motioning for him to cover up. "Oh, please Emi. Couldn't you just...?" he begged pointing to his schlong. I really didn't want to do it out here in broad daylight, but he looked so forlorn like a little lost puppy. I reluctantly kneeled down at his feet. "OK, but give me back my towel." He shook his head no, and thrust his penis in my face. "I want to see you. You look gorgeous like that." I giggled. I finally took a hold of his penis, and gave it a few playful little tugs. It was jumping around like it was alive. I licked my lips, and looked up at him doubtfully, but he folded his hands together begging me to... well, you know, pleasure him. I slowly began stroking him with my hand and teasing him with the tip of my tongue. I was still worried, but maybe I can just get him to come really quickly. I took a deep breath, and then wrapped my lips around him. He'd gotten so long I couldn't fit it all in. I went as deep as I could, and then bobbed my head back and forth using my lips to massage him along the length of his shaft. Unfortunately, the blades of grass were tickling me on my thighs, getting me excited too. He pulled for me to stand up, but I was worried that he hadn't brought any protection. It didn't look like there were any condoms in his swim trunks. I escorted his dick back into my mouth, sliding my lips along the shaft. His face looked so funny, like he was eating a lemon or something. I kept glancing back towards the hotel, making sure that Satomi or Futoshi weren't coming. I kept on pumping though as fast as I could, trying to get him to come. Luckily, it looked like it was working. He put his hands on the back of my head, and started humping my mouth. I squinted my eyes to show him I didn't like that. Luckily though, he finally came. I could feel my mouth filling up, so I finally pulled away, and spit out his semen. The spray continued though getting on my face and breasts. I was breathing heavily, relieved that he had come, but still pretty horny myself. I licked his dick to help clean it, but he started to get hard again, so I had to stop. "We'd better go back," I insisted. He was still spacing out. I felt frustrated though. Now I was the one who wanted to have sex. I didn't want to let on to Ryosuke though, so I turned away. When he finished cleaning his dick, he offered me some wet wipes for myself. I cleaned myself off as best I could shuddering a bit from the excitement. Once I'd wiped off the worst of it, I turned to head back to the hotel. "Here. You'd better take your towel," Ryosuke insisted as I neared the edge of the grove. I looked down at my naked body. In all the excitement, I'd almost stepped out into the clearing naked. I padded back, and took the towel from him, blushing at my own foolishness. I showed him my body one last time, and then slowly wrapped the towel around me, trying to tease him to see if he was game for more. He'd lost his oomph though, and just handed me my bikini trying to get me to calm back down. When we got to the door of the pool, I folded my bikini, and hid it in my hand, so people wouldn't know I was walking around in just a towel. The belly flop guys kind of stared at me though as I walked past. When we got to the stairs, Ryosuke made a real show of letting me go first, but that was just so he could watch my bare behind as I walked up the steps. He even smacked me on the bottom to remind me of how naked I was. "Hey!" I shouted. "Sorry. I couldn't resist," he grinned. I ran up the stairs to get away, but he came chasing after me, both of us giggling away like anything. Once we got up to the hall though, we had to quieten down. I gave Ryosuke one last kiss, and then went into my room to have a shower. I was still kind of covered in Ryosuke's sperm, and probably smelled of sex. Satomi was lying on her bed. "Didn't you just have a shower?" she asked. "Oh... I went in for another swim," I told her. Once I was all cleaned up and dressed, the four of us went out to supper, and then came back to the hotel, and played some cards until the boys drifted off to sleep. The next morning, Satomi and I got up early. I was still all worked up I guess. I wanted to enjoy this vacation as much as possible. We showered, got dressed, and went over to knock on the boys' door. They didn't answer, so we went on ahead, and had some breakfast down in the hotel lobby. They had freshly baked pastries, which were really good - nice and fresh. We knocked on the boys' door again on the way back, and they went off to have breakfast while Satomi and I got packed. After breakfast, we piled into the car, and headed for Montoya Beach. When we got there, it was absolutely packed. On the main street, all these people were walking around in their swimsuits, lining up for the flume slides, or eating in the sidewalk cafes. We were getting hungry, so we stopped at a pizza shop, and had some lunch. We sat outside, but I was kind of put off by how Ryosuke and Futoshi were ogling all the girls going by. I guess it was the same a couple of years ago when Ryosuke and I came here. The girls were just as bad wearing these skimpy little bikinis. Every time a girl would walk up, she would wiggle her hips, and Ryosuke and Futoshi would drool all over her. It was annoying because Satomi and I were sitting right here, but they just kept staring at these American girls instead. I eventually got fed up, and went to the washroom. I wasn't sure what to do, but I wanted to get Ryosuke's attention. I had on this orangey-red tiered mini-skirt that I was wearing over my bikini as a cover-up. Maybe if I just slide the skirt down a bit more, and show off my midriff. I pushed my skirt down, but now you could see the side ties on my bikini. I tried to push them down, but I finally got tired of fooling with them, and pulled my bikini bottoms right off. It felt vulnerable, exposed, but I guess I was still a bit aroused from the day before. When I looked in the mirror, it didn't look too bad. I still had my skirt on after all. If my skirt flipped up though, that could be kind of embarrassing. I clipped my cell phone onto the waistband of my skirt to try to hold the hem down. It looked pretty safe, but I'd have to be careful. I'll just nip out, and see what happens. It should be OK as long as I'm sitting down. When I came out of the washroom, I felt so nervous walking around 'commando.' I could really feel the breeze blowing between my legs. I sat down, and pushed the skirt down till the waistband was almost where my pubic hair started. Ryosuke noticed, leaned over, and whispered in my ear, "Emi, the crack of your ass is showing. Here. Pull your skirt back up." I tried to do as he suggested, but when I pulled the skirt up, the hem rose until I could feel the plastic seat on my bare bottom. This is trickier than it looks. Ryosuke looked satisfied, but I was getting all excited now. The three of them kept talking, but I just stared down at my skirt, nibbling uncomfortably on my pizza. At least, Ryosuke and Futoshi weren't staring at the other girls any more. Maybe they could tell I was upset. Once we finished eating, I excused myself, intending to go put my bikini bottoms back on. Unfortunately, they'd locked the door, and there was a sign saying 'out of order.' I asked the girl behind the counter where the nearest washroom was, and she said there were some on the beach. I didn't want to walk outside dressed like this, but I was kind of stuck. When I came back out, Ryosuke and the others said they wanted to go for a walk up the main street to take a look around. I was still wondering where the washrooms were, but anyway, we started walking up the street. There were tons of cars on the street. The guys inside would look over as they drove by. Ryosuke took my hand, but looked down again at my skirt. "That's quite a number you're wearing!" he smirked. I immediately wondered if he'd caught a glimpse of my pussy. I could feel the sea breeze swirling around my bottom and between my legs, making it hard to think. I glanced around wondering if other people could see too. The guys in the cars were kind of staring at me with grins on their faces, but that could mean anything. Maybe they just like the way I look. I tried my best to pretend like everything was fine, but my face felt hot. Ryosuke kept leading me up the street, but every time I took a step, the hem of the skirt would bounce up exposing my buns. A guy in one of the cars started honking his horn. Is he honking at me? I sure hope not. I felt so naughty, but both Ryosuke and Futoshi seemed pretty calm, and the cars kept on driving by. A couple of guys cat-called out their window, but most people didn't seem to notice. There were a lot of girls in bikinis on the street anyway. I'm not the only one. While Ryosuke and Satomi chatted about something, Futoshi wandered off, and then glanced back at my bottom. I was worried that he would find out, so I finally wriggled out of Ryosuke's grip, and set off to find a washroom. I did find one with an open door near the street we came in on. There were girls in the stalls, so I just pulled my bottoms on by the sinks. I don't think anyone saw. Once I was suited up, I went, and found the others. They didn't really say anything although Futoshi was still looking at me kind of strange. We finally found a spot to spread out our beach sheet. Futoshi was still staring at my behind, so I was kind of glad I had bottoms on now. One of the women near us had pulled down the straps on her bikini top, and was lying there almost topless. Ryosuke and Futoshi noticed her too. I nudged Ryosuke, and he shook his hand denying he'd been staring. I went in for a swim. The sand was nice and soft, and the water was so warm and shallow quite a ways out. I came back, and then the four of us played by the shore in the sand. I was having a good time, but before long, it was almost time for supper. We packed up, and then looked around for a place to change, but there was this huge long line to get into the washrooms near us. We finally gave up, and walked back to where Futoshi had parked the car on this little side street with cottages and trees. We all needed to get changed, but there were all these people walking by. I guess it was Ryosuke who decided to just wrap a big towel around his waist, and change like that. Futoshi went next, and then me. Satomi looked really embarrassed, especially because people kept coming up, but she managed to change without dropping the towel or anything. I smiled, kind of glad that they'd got to feel what it's like to change in public. We all bundled into the car, and headed out for the town where we were supposed to stay that night. We'd bought some snacks, and so we all sat there, chatting away and listening to music as we drove along. It'd been a good day. We did a whole bunch of stuff the next day too, but I think I'll stop here for now, and tell you about that next time. Emi Tsuruta