Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. ´>┐At Dance Clubs in Tokyo By Emi Tsuruta Note: this is one in a series of posts about my life. If you'd like to know more about my friends and me, drop by my home page at: When I was back in Japan last year, one morning, while I was lazing around in my bedroom, my older sister Norika came out of her room carrying this stack of magazines. "What's that?" "Now that you're back, Mom said I should clean up my room, so I've been going through my old stuff." "Can I see?" I'd been away from Japan so long I was kind of wondering what was new. "OK. Just throw away anything you don't want." Norika dropped them on my bed, and went back to clean some more. I untied the bundle, and started looking through. She had a whole bunch of Japanese fashion magazines: "slim down for summer," "the latest bikini fashions," that sort of stuff. One of the magazines that she had a lot of is 'anan.' I guess it's sort of like Elle or Vogue in the U.S. As I leafed through, I came to this one with a photo of a nude girl on the cover. I was a little surprised because I guess I had this picture of 'anan' as a pretty serious women's magazine. I didn't really expect a women's magazine to have nudes. I turned to the cover feature - Beautiful Nude - and all the pictures were of these different girls running around naked on a beach in Chiba just east of Tokyo. Apparently, the models were just readers - college students or housemaids - who'd written in, and said they wanted to have their picture taken nude by this famous photographer, Kishin Shinoyama. The shots were of the girls laughing and running on the beach, or posing by the rocks. It all looked so natural. I immediately thought 'wow. I'd like to do that too' - I mean, not pose for a magazine, but just run around naked on a beach somewhere. I kept going through the pile, and Norika had a couple of more issues of 'anan' with the same feature. I looked through at all the pictures, and was really surprised at how many girls were willing to pose nude like that. I also began to wonder why Norika seemed to be collecting just this series. Was she planning on writing in, and asking if she could do it too? She seems to like getting naked too. Just then, my mom called up from downstairs. She and Norika were going out to buy some bread and pastries at the bakery. Dad was already at work, so after they left, the house was really quiet. I decided to have a shower, so I stripped off my p.j.'s, but before I went downstairs, I finished looking through the pile. I lay naked face down on the bed with my legs apart. I slid my hand underneath my tummy, and felt around a bit. I wasn't doing what you're thinking; I just sort of had my hand there because it felt comfortable, you know? Another of the magazines was 'Zekushii.' It has all this bridal information on wedding halls and dresses and honeymoons. Norika had mentioned that she had a new boyfriend, but I didn't think it was all that serious yet. I leafed through, and I was shocked when I found they had this feature on... get this - outdoor sex!!! I'm not kidding either. They were recommending that readers try it on their honeymoon, and they had these pictures of this couple getting nude right next to a river, and making all these passionate poses. I was just so amazed that they would recommend this kind of thing in a bridal magazine. Maybe my boyfriend Ryosuke and I aren't so weird after all. I read the article, but I was a bit disappointed. They made it sound so romantic and everything, but whoever wrote the article probably had never even tried it. They just said go out camping, like it was easiest thing in the world. If I was writing it, I would have explained what kind of stuff to bring, how to find a good spot, and how to tell if anyone else is around, more practical stuff. But what's Norika doing with this? Was she into the outdoors too? That would be pretty funny if both of us were. She's always been a little wild. I kept going through the pile. In one of the weekly glossy picture magazines (Friday or Flash), I found an article about this girl who went to a popular disco in the Bay area of Tokyo, and stripped off all her clothes while she was dancing on the stage. It wasn't like a strip club or anything, just a regular disco. Apparently, she got arrested, but she told them that her boyfriend was in the self-defense forces, and had been sent overseas, and so she was doing it as a kind of protest. I thought that sounded like a silly excuse, but anyway, I was impressed she'd gotten up the nerve to strip out in public. I didn't think I'd be able to go that far somehow. Anyway, I wondered a bit more what Norika was doing with all these magazines, but I decided not to ask her. I know she's my sister and everything, but it's kind of personal, you know? When Norika got back, I did ask her about her boyfriend. She didn't seem to want to talk about him, at least not in front of Mom. I later found out that he's British, and that was probably why. I mean my mom lived with us in the States when we were young, but somehow, I get the feeling she wants Norika and I to marry Japanese guys. Not that they approve of Ryosuke either, but anyway, it looks like Norika hasn't really told mom about her boyfriend. A bit later, Norika and I went outside, and she did tell me a little bit. His name is Evan, and she met him in a dance club in the Roppongi area of Tokyo, where a lot of westerners hang out. Anyway, I said I wanted to meet him, so she called him up, and arranged to meet with him and some of their other friends one Friday night in Roppongi. I phoned Ryosuke, and he said he'd come too. At first I didn't know what I should wear. I'd left my black faux leather dress back in the States (If my mom saw that, she'd probably have a heart attack), and there was no way I was going to wear the dress from the wedding again. Also, I wasn't really sure what people were wearing to dance clubs these days in Tokyo. I got Norika to show me what she was going to wear, but it was pretty conservative - a knee-length light blue rough-weave cotton dress with short puffed sleeves and a square neck that was so high you couldn't see her cleavage at all. I kind of laughed because it looked like something Ryosuke's cousin Asuna would wear. Anyway, I called up Miori, the girl I met at the Matsuri festival I told you about, and we went out shopping for dresses in Harajuku. When we met, she teased me saying her dad was trying to get her to dress up in the fundoshi (loincloth) again when she was working in the family store. That would be so embarrassing to work with your fanny showing I thought. While we were shopping, I found a couple of dresses that I kind of liked. One was a bit like Norika's except it was white and sleeveless. The material in the skirt part was a loose weave, almost like a chiffon or mesh, but I really liked the style. The top part had a lace pattern and elastic buttonhole loops that you do up along the opening down the front that went to my navel. It wasn't risqu├(C) or anything. As long as I wore something underneath, it would look quite tasteful and stylish I thought. The other thing I picked up was a red, white and green crochet wool sundress. I guess it's more like an apron than a dress. There are these strings at the back that you tie around your neck and waist, but the rest is more or less open. I had a pair of fire engine red shorts that were almost the same color, so I could wear it with them. Oh yeah. I also found this pair of suede thong panties which tie up in a bow at the back, and bought them too. I usually don't buy that kind of stuff, but I thought Ryosuke would probably like them. Anyway, soon, Miori had to go, but I promised to phone her again before I left for the States. The big night came, and I got all dressed up in my new white dress. Norika dressed up too in her prairie dress, and we headed out for Tokyo. Ryosuke met us in front of the Almond cafe at Roppongi crossing. I wasn't sure what he thought of the dress, but anyway, he did seem happy to see me, although I wondered if it had anything to do with him getting to meet Norika again. Anyway, the three of us walked to the dance club, and Evan and Norika's other friends were waiting for us inside. Evan was tall and handsome, but he turned out to be pretty shy, and he didn't talk to us much at first. Norika's other friends, Yurie and Momoe, were pretty cool though. Yurie worked at a jewelry shop in Ginza during the week, but she'd worked as a dancer on and off, and was really good. She had on this deep purple vest and matching miniskirt with a black halter top underneath, and looked so sexy. I talked with her a bit, and she told me that normally Norika dressed sexier, but she'd met Evan recently, and he was kind of a serious type, so she'd kind of toned things down to please him. I thought that was so funny. Ryosuke always looks so disappointed whenever I wear a floor length skirt. Momoe was really nice too, very friendly and outgoing, and the two of them were teaching me all these cool dance moves. Momoe had on this dress with a really low neckline. I had to keep warning her because it looked like her breasts were going to pop right out of it. She just laughed though. She was pretty easy-going. She didn't seem worried about it at all. Anyway, I danced with them and Norika for a bit, while Ryosuke and Evan sat, and watched us from the edge. Eventually, I got tired, so I walked over to where they were sitting. There weren't any empty seats for me though, so Ryosuke gestured for me to sit in his lap. I felt a bit self-conscious with all these people around, but I finally sat down on his knees trying to look as ladylike as possible. Ryosuke grabbed me by the hips, and pulled me back into him, and I let out a little squeal. It was kind of embarrassing especially because I could feel Ryosuke's thingy sticking up into my bottom. Norika came over, and there wasn't really anywhere for her to sit either. We looked at them wondering if she was going to sit down on Evan's lap, but they looked too self-conscious to do anything like that. Suddenly, Ryosuke asked them how far along they had gotten. I couldn't believe he would ask this, especially with me sitting right there on his lap. They seemed pretty shocked too, and just stared at him, looking really uncomfortable. It seemed pretty obvious that they hadn't done it yet. I was so surprised. I really didn't expect a western guy to be so shy. At the end of the night, Yurie invited us to come with them to this big rave party at Tokyo dome. There was supposed to be some really famous Electro House musician coming from Italy (Benito Benussi or something like that) and a bunch of Japanese dance bands (Yasutaka Nakata?). I didn't really know the bands that well, but Yurie and Momoe seemed excited, so Ryosuke and I agreed to come. They said that everyone would be all dressed up in "bodycon" fashion, so I should try to get dressed up too. I think "bodycon" was originally a Japanese thing. In Japan, bodycon is like mini-dresses in shiny metallic colors or with ridges like a mummy's bandages. In western Europe, they used to have bandage dresses which cling to your figure, but in Japan, bodycon actually looks like layered bandages. The bodycon they have in the States now tends to be blacks or pastel shades, and sometimes even long sleeves. Bodycon in Japan shows a lot of skin. I didn't really have anything like that, but I thought maybe I could try out my new red backless apron dress. It was getting late, so we said good-bye to Yurie and Momoe, and headed out. Part way, Ryosuke and Evan had to get off to change trains, so we said good-bye. I told Evan it was nice meeting him, and hoped to see him at the rave. Anyway, the day of the rave, I had a shower, and then tried on my new thong panties. They felt kind of funny with the string running up the crack of my bottom. I decided to go braless, and pulled on my new apron dress right over my bare breasts. I went over to Norika's room to see if she had a choker or something I could wear with it. She was still in her underwear trying to decide what to wear. She noticed my thong behind, and asked if I planned to go like that. I looked at myself in the mirror, and thought it didn't look too bad, but anyway, I pulled on my red shorts, so I wouldn't look too indecent. Norika asked me what she should wear, and I managed to talk her into wearing something a bit sexier that her farm girl dress. She was fretting about what Evan would think, but I told her he would probably love it. On the train there, Norika and I wore long raincoats, so we wouldn't attract too much attention. Evan and Yurie were waiting there for us just outside the ticket gate of Tokyo Dome, but we had to wait a bit more for Momoe and Ryosuke. Everyone was really dressed up. Evan had on black slacks, a white shirt with a button down collar and a studded leather vest, which made him look quite smart, I thought. At first, Yurie wouldn't show us what she had on under her coat, but it turned out to be a slick one piece bathing suit, maybe Realise or Arena. A lot of the other girls around us looked like they were wearing pretty racy get-ups too. Suddenly, I didn't feel so guilty about my own outfit. Ryosuke showed up soon, smiling away. He was dressed all in black and navy. He'd left his shirt undone a few buttons. I reached over to feel his chest, but he wouldn't let me. I was surprised he was so shy all of a sudden, but I guess there were a lot of people around. Momoe was the last to show. Under her coat, she had on white shorts and a halter with a faux fur collar. She had on a bit too much make-up I thought, but anyway, she seemed to be in a really good mood all excited about the rave. We got in line, and eventually, managed to get inside. There were so many people there in really outrageous fashions. I saw a couple of girls in see-through negligees (with their underwear showing), and there were a lot of other girls in swimsuits or bunny girl outfits. I guess in the States, girls don't go to dance clubs in swimsuits, but that seemed to be the trend in Tokyo anyway. We checked our coats at the cloakroom. I felt self-conscious because guys walking by kept checking out my behind. I bit my lip, and tried to look calm, but I was already getting excited. It was really dark inside the hall. Strobe lights would flash on for a second, but then it would go all dark again. It was kind of hard to see where you were going. Tokyo dome is usually for baseball or concerts, but they had converted a lot of the stands into sort of mini-stages where you could get up, and dance. Yurie and Momoe had reserved seats, but the rest of us just had standing room tickets. Anyway, I was mostly planning on dancing. Yurie and Momoe were really nice though, and let us use their seats when they were up dancing. Soon after we got there, the first band came on. I forget what they were called, but they were really great. The bass was just pounding, and practically the whole stadium got up to dance. Ryosuke and Evan were kind of shy though at first, just watching us while we got up on the mini-stage, and danced. I just loved it though. It was some of the best dance music I'd ever heard. Yurie, Momoe and even Norika were all so into it. We were having a great time trying out all these dance moves and copying the other dancers. A lot of the girls were dancing by rocking their hips back and forth in time to the beat, and then lifting their right arm in the air and then their left. I tried it, but it looked funny with the strobe because no one can see you, and then suddenly you're in a completely different position. It was great fun though. There were quite a few guys watching us. Yurie had some really cool moves, and the guys started clapping whenever she did one of them. I thought she moved like a stripper, and wondered if that's what she did. I guess it doesn't really matter, but she did kind of have a dangerous atmosphere to her. Maybe that's why the guys were clapping so much. After a while, I was getting so heated up from dancing, so Ryosuke and I went to get something to drink. "You look so hot tonight. I love your dress," he yelled over the music. I walked in front and wiggled my behind just to tease him. "Mmm, you look delicious." We bought some drinks at a concession stand, and then started walking back. There wasn't anyone else in the corridor, so Ryosuke came up behind me, and gave me a pat on my bottom. "What do you have on underneath those shorts?" "You'd like to see, wouldn't you?" "Uh huh," he grinned. I looked both ways down the corridor just to make sure no one was coming, and then slid my hands into the waistband, and pushed my shorts down to give him a peek at my thong. "Wow! Where'd you get that?" "I bought it with Miori the other day." I went to pull my shorts back up, but he grabbed my arm, and stopped me. "Oh please Emi. You don't have to wear those. You saw how all the other girls are dressed." I looked back at him. It was true that Yurie and some of the others were in swimsuits, but this was just a skimpy little thong for heaven's sakes. "Are you sure? I don't know. Evan and them would probably freak if they saw me walking around with no shorts on." "No, no, you look great. Don't worry. It'll be alright." I was worried, but I let him pull my shorts down, and take them off. There was kind of breeze blowing through corridor, and I could really feel it on the cheeks of my bottom. We kept on walking back, and practically every guy we passed turned to check out my behind. I felt really self-conscious, but it was getting me all excited too. I remembered the magazine article of the girl who'd stripped in the disco, and wondered what it would be like to walk around Tokyo dome in the nude. There must be thousands of people here. I wonder how they'd react. When we walked up to Norika and them, I tried to act like everything was normal, but Norika noticed right away. She raised an eyebrow, and smirked at me, but didn't say anything. When Evan saw me, he looked kind of shocked, but Yurie and Momoe didn't seem to mind at all. Yurie pulled me up onto the stage, and started dancing with me. We put a knee between the other's legs, and then rocked our hips back and forth in time to the music, like we were humping. That was kind of embarrassing. A whole bunch of guys were staring at me now. I danced a bit more, but I started to feel really self-conscious, so I got down, and took Ryosuke back to our seats. Evan was already up there, so I motioned for Ryosuke to sit in the other seat. He did, but then he pulled me over, and made me sit on his lap. That was really embarrassing because I could feel the bulge in his jeans on my bare bottom. Evan seemed a little bit uncomfortable at first, but I guess he was starting to get used to our ways. I caught him peeking at my ass a few times. I wonder if he fancies me. Or maybe he's just wondering how I got the nerve to dress like this. A song came on that I knew, and so I stood up, and danced right there, straddling Ryosuke's knees. Part way through the song, I felt Ryosuke fiddling with the bow at the back of my thong. I thought he was just trying to straighten it at first, but soon I felt it loosening, and I realized that he was trying to undo the bow. I reached around, and tried to stop him, but before I could, he'd got a hold of the string, and pulled my panties undone. I was absolutely panicking because Evan was sitting right there, and there were a whole bunch of other people around. The only reason no one had noticed yet was because of the darkness between the strobes. I quickly sat down on Ryosuke's lap to hide my bare bottom, but I could feel the air licking at my pussy now. Ryosuke was enjoying tormenting me, but I was freaking out. I felt so exposed. Ryosuke whispered in my ear, "Relax. The bow on your apron is still hanging down. I don't think anyone can tell." I reached around, and felt it, but the whole thing was crazy. I kept expecting someone to notice, and yell out 'Ohmigod!' Luckily, no one noticed at first. Evan got up, and went down to find Norika, so I finally sat down in the seat next to Ryosuke. The plastic of the seat sent tingles up my spine, as my bare bottom touched down. There was a girl sitting next to me, but she didn't twig at first either. I leaned over to Ryosuke. "Can you give me back my panties now?" He looked back at me, maybe a bit worried too. "OK, but not here." He stood up, and put out his hand waiting for me to take it. I really didn't want to go anywhere dressed like this, but Ryosuke wasn't ready to give up yet. I took his hand, and covered my behind with the other as we squeezed past the people on our row. I looked back, but I don't think the people had realized yet. My hello kitty was tingling like crazy though. As much as I hate to admit it, I was getting turned on walking around in front of all these people bare ass. Ryosuke made me walk in front of him as we went down the stairs. I felt so nervous, like I was going to burst. No matter what Ryosuke says, I'm sure people could tell I was naked. I knew I should cover up, but Ryosuke nodded for me to keep going. I slid my fingers under my apron to see what was going on. My fingers were all wet. Oh god. What am I doing? We found Yurie and Momoe on the dancing platform, but Evan and Norika had disappeared off somewhere. Ryosuke lifted me, and put me up on the stage. I looked down at him, begging him to let me back down, but he motioned for me to dance. I hid my backside against the step, and started moving just a little trying not to let my skirt flip up. Yurie smiled, and came over next to me. "So what do you think? Pretty cool, huh?" she beamed. "Yeah," I replied, too frantic to enjoy it. Yurie started swinging her hips down lower and lower, getting into the music. I looked over at Ryosuke signaling with my eyes that I wanted to get down. He motioned for me to dance some more. I really felt so nervous, but I tried to get up my nerve to dance a bit. The guys around us were looking over at me, but I don't think they knew I was naked yet. I slowly started swinging my hips, letting the hem of my skirt slide up a bit. Ryosuke was grinning from ear to ear. I slowly started grinding my hips downward, but then I saw Evan and Norika coming back, so I straightened back up. I quickly scrambled down off the platform, and tried to hide my bare behind against the stage. Norika noticed I looked nervous, but she didn't say anything. I finally convinced Ryosuke to leave the main hall, and come back with me to the area with the concessions around the back. As I walked by, guys would spin round to look at my bare bottom. It was so embarrassing really. I should probably have covered my butt crack, but it was kind of obvious I was naked. The washrooms were packed with people, so we went up the stairwell to the top floor to try to get away from the crowds. It was quieter there, but there were still a few people walking through the halls. We went back to the stairs, and stood there listening to see if anyone was coming. Ryosuke slapped me on the behind, and laughed and laughed. "You are so amazing. I can't believe you agreed to do this." "Oh, Ryosuke, this isn't funny. Do you know how many people saw me back there?" "And no one complained! Relax, Emi. It's that kind of place. Everyone's too high on the groove to care. I bet you could walk in there naked, and no one would stop you." I looked at him gravely, wondering if he was suggesting I try. "I don't know, Ryosuke. I think that would be a bit too much." He reached over though, and started yanking at the bows at the back of my apron. Luckily, he hadn't quite got them undone when we suddenly started to hear footsteps coming up the stairs. I pressed my back up against the wall, and soon two disco boys came up. They kind of stared at me. I felt like my heart was going to explode. Once they were gone, I decided we'd better stop. "Ryosuke, this is just way too dangerous. Can you give me my stuff back?" He reluctantly agreed, and got my panties and shorts out of his bag. My heart was still pounding, but anyway, I finally managed to get my shorts back on. I felt so relieved. Honestly, I don't know how I end up in these situations. It's so hard on my nerves. Anyway, we stayed there in the stairway for a while until I'd calmed down enough to look normal again. I thought Ryosuke might feel disappointed, but he actually looked pretty happy. He knows I don't want to get into trouble. Anyway, I guess I'd better stop. I've got lots more to tell, so I'll try to write again soon. Till then, take care, Emi Tsuruta