Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Our Camping Trip By Emi Tsuruta Note: this is one in a series of posts about my life. If you'd like to know more about my friends and me, drop by my home page at: I have a couple of camping stories I've been meaning to tell you. My boyfriend Ryosuke had been talking about going camping for ages. He is more of a big city boy, born and raised in Tokyo, but he does love the outdoors. I like nature too, but actually, I wasn't so sure about camping at first. From the way Ryosuke explained it, it sounded like he wanted to pop a tent in a creepy forest with mosquitoes and bears and lord knows what else. I prefer my creature comforts: a hot shower, a comfy bed, electricity. We talked it over, and then he offered to bring his friend Futoshi and my friend Satomi, so it would be like a double date. Futoshi and Satomi aren't a couple or anything, but I'd been kind of angling to get them together. I'm pretty sure Satomi likes Futoshi. He's a handsome guy, well-dressed and well groomed, a good dancer. Satomi herself is kind of shy though. I think though that they'd make a great couple. When I told Satomi, she had the same kind of misgivings about where we'd be staying. Ryosuke finally managed to find this camp with log cabins and a shower and washroom nearby. He kept teasing me that this wasn't real camping, but anyway, both Satomi and I felt better knowing we'd have a roof over our heads. The next tricky part was getting out of the house. I told my host mom, Loretta, I was going camping, but she was so surprised when Futoshi showed up at our door. I pointed out that Satomi was coming with us, and eventually, Loretta relented, but actually, she wasn't so keen on me traveling with guys. Anyway, off we went, and a few hours later, we found the camp. It was kind of nice - lots of trees and a lake where we could swim. We unpacked our stuff, and soon it was time for bed. We all walked over to the washroom, just a little concrete shack further along the shore. I wanted to have a shower, but we couldn't find those in the dark. There was no separate girls' washroom, so we made the boys wait outside while Satomi and I sponged ourselves off. When we got back to our cabin, Satomi looked at me, wondering how we were supposed to change. It was only one room. "Could you guys go look for the showers or something, so Satomi and I can get changed?" I asked the boys. Ryosuke gave me a funny look, but they eventually cleared out. Once they left though, we realized that there was no curtain on the big picture window facing the lake. I stood in the window, pried off my shoes, and lifted my sundress up and over my head. Satomi was frantically rooting through her luggage looking for something. "What's wrong?" I asked taking off my bra. "I can't find my nightie!" "What about your other bag?" I asked. I pulled down my panties, getting a little thrill from stripping naked! "Oh, I must have left it out in the car." I rummaged through my own bag for my nightie. "Emi, can you come with me? It's kind of dark out there." For a second, I wondered if she meant for me to go out of the cabin in the nude! She seemed in a rush, so I ended up pulling my sundress back on. "Aren't you going to put on any underwear?" she asked, alarmed. "That's OK. We'll just be a minute anyway." I was kind of in a frisky mood right from when we arrived. I liked being away from town and all the people who knew us. Outside the cabin, the air felt cool on my skin. We could hear the lapping of the waves on the shore, and in the distance, voices. I was enjoying going commando, but Satomi was peering over at the other cabins. We saw some lights, and heard the murmur of voices, but it was late so most people were probably turning in. We didn't have keys for the car, so we set out to find Futoshi. Soon we saw him and Ryosuke coming down the trail. "Futoshi, could we borrow the car keys? Satomi left a bag in the trunk," I explained. Futoshi fished out his keys, and lent them to us. "Could you just wait here for a while?" Ryosuke gave me a cheeky smirk, but finally, nodded. "We won't peek." As soon as he said this though, I realized that that's probably what they'd been planning. Of course, I didn't mind Ryosuke seeing me naked, but things were more complicated with Satomi and Futoshi here. This could get awkward. We rescued Satomi's bag out of the trunk, and went back to the cabin. I peered out the window, nervous now, wondering if Ryosuke and Futoshi were hiding in the bushes somewhere watching. I couldn't see them, but it was dark, so it was hard to tell for sure. Satomi took off her dress, standing in her undies for a moment, but then quickly pulled on her nightgown. It was long, going all the way to the floor. "Do you always wear your underwear to bed?" I asked. "Hurry up, and get changed," she snipped. I backed away from the window, with this strong feeling like we were being watched. I didn't really want to strip naked with Futoshi watching, but there was nowhere in the room to hide. Trying to maintain some semblance of modesty, I turned away from the window, hiding my pussy at least, as I lifted my sundress over my head. Satomi rushed over, and fished my nightie out of my bag. "Hurry! Someone might see you." I was actually pretty sure Ryosuke and Futoshi were out there watching. I fumbled with my nightie, trying to figure out which end was up. I was getting all excited knowing the boys could probably see my bare bottom. "Emi!" Satomi shouted in exasperation. "OK, OK. I think I've got it...," I sobbed, a bit frantic myself. I pulled it on, and tried to push the hem down to cover up. "You're going to wear that?" Satomi exclaimed. This was my baby doll nightie. It's all white frills and lace, a bit see-through maybe, and quite short. I fingered my bottom, only slowly realizing the hem wasn't long enough. "Oh my! There are shorts that go with it!" Satomi dug through my bag, but they didn't seem to be there. "Oh dear. I hope I didn't leave them at home." I bent over to help her look. I thought I could hear laughter coming from outside. Satomi heard it too, and peered out the window. "Emi! I think someone's out there!" Satomi squealed. I was searching as fast as I could. Then, suddenly, I remembered. I couldn't fit everything in my backpack, so I'd stuffed a few things in a plastic bag. "Is there a bag over there by the bed?" I asked. In my panic, I'd gotten so excited I could feel drips of dew forming on my pussy. "Here. I found them!" Satomi finally said, fishing them out of the other bag. I covered my pussy with one hand, and turned to face the window. The laughter had stopped, but I still felt mortified to get caught naked like this. I was actually kind of angry at Ryosuke for not guarding my virtue better. Anyway, once I was all dressed, Satomi called for the boys. Ryosuke was trying to keep a straight face, but you could tell he was happy about something. Futoshi tried to avoid looking at me, apparently feeling guilty for spying in on us. There was a bit of a wrangle over who would sleep where. Futoshi seemed fine with sleeping in one bed with Satomi, but she asked me to sleep with her, so that's what we did. I was hoping Satomi would open up, but that she was even here at all was progress. The next morning, Satomi and I got our shampoo and stuff, and went off to find the showers. They were further down, but frightfully cold. "Do you want to go down, and bathe in the lake?" I suggested. "Um, I guess," she said sounding not very happy about the idea. I went straight to the lake, but Satomi went back to our cabin. When she came back out, she was in a swimsuit and hoodie. "Emi, what are you doing? Aren't you going to go get your swimsuit?" I looked at her, only slowly realizing what she was getting at. We hadn't seen any of the other campers, but if I stripped naked, and went in, someone might come along, and see. On the other hand, if we wanted to get really clean, it made sense to get naked. "Um. Maybe if we just go in quick, no one will see...," I mused out loud. "What about the boys?" Satomi squealed. "They're up by the fire making breakfast. Come on! Quick like a bunny." I walked down to the shore, and hid behind a tree. Despite my brave words, it was hard to get up the nerve to strip in such a wide open place. Satomi looked on nervously, as I lifted my nightie off over my head. I quickly shed my panties, and waded out into the water. It was cold, but frankly, I was too excited to let that bother me. Satomi eventually took off her shoes and hoodie, and waded in after me. I swam out to this raft offshore. Satomi started shampooing her hair, so I swam back to where she was, and borrowed some of her shampoo. The water was pretty shallow where she was standing, but I could see the boys coming down this way, so I tried to stay underwater. "What are you two up to?" Ryosuke grinned. "Nothing," Satomi shouted, hoping they'd leave us alone. I swam out a bit deeper, and massaged the shampoo into my hair, and then went under to rinse it off. Ryosuke yelled, "Mind if I join you?" pulling off his shirt. Satomi was freaking, but I think he must have spotted me when I waded in. "What about the food on the fire? It'll burn," Satomi countered. Futoshi ran back to see to it, but Ryosuke waded into the water still wearing his Bermuda shorts. I swam all the way out to the raft, but he came after me. Noting my bare shoulders, he whispered. "Pretty daring! Where's your swimsuit?" "I left it in Oceanview," I told him. It was really in my backpack, back in the room, but I figured that would be harder to explain. Ryosuke looked back at the shore, and then slipped off his own pants and undershorts, and threw them on the raft. Satomi looked scandalized, but I could tell that Ryosuke was all excited. Futoshi came back and saw us, wondering what the hell was going on. Ryosuke gestured for him to come in, and join us. I don't think Futoshi had brought his swim trunks, but noticing my nightie on the shore, I think he figured out that I must be naked. Not wanting to miss out, he shed his own clothes, and came running into the water. Futoshi has a fit body, from going out dancing I think. I couldn't really see his penis from this distance, but he has a bit of six pack I guess. "You guys are all crazy," Satomi lamented wading back to shore. I was actually a bit nervous with Ryosuke and Futoshi peering over at me hungrily. "Wait! Satomi, don't leave!" I shouted after her. She sat down on the sand, glaring out at the three of us, peeved. To appease her, I swam back, and came out, fetching my towel from my bag. The boys were kind of staring at me in wonder, but I was more worried about the other campers up the hill. As soon as I dried myself off, I pulled my nightie on and my panties. Ryosuke and Futoshi got a good look at me, but I don't think anyone else saw. For the rest of the day, I was good. It was kind of fun tempting fate in the morning, but I didn't want to get in trouble. That evening, everyone was in a pretty mellow mood. "Let's play a game," I suggested. "What?" Satomi replied staring at her nails. "Truth, dare, double dare, promise or repeat." "No, that's silly. Let's play something else," she demurred "How about spin the bottle?" Ryosuke suggested, his eyes glowing. "No, no way," Satomi insisted. "You just want to kiss us." "How about strip poker?" Ryosuke offered grinning hopefully. "Oh, c'mon. Now you just want to see me naked." "You saw us naked," Futoshi countered. "Yeah, that's right," Ryosuke went on, pretending to be upset. "That's not fair at all." Satomi looked down, searching for a comeback. Futoshi started clapping and chanting, "Take it off! Take it off!" and Ryosuke joined in. Satomi's ears were turning red, but then she motioned for us to shush. "I don't know how you guys can do stuff like that. I mean really." "What you mean? Skinny-dip? Probably everyone goes skinny-dipping in the lake. What are you so afraid of?" "It's embarrassing." "Then why'd you come with me to the nude beach?" I asked. "Ho ho! I never heard about this," Ryosuke shouted, obviously surprised. I bowed my head in apology. "You girls went to the nude beach!" Futoshi exclaimed, just as surprised. "Only once," Satomi replied. "I didn't want to, but she made me." "You seemed pretty interested at the time." I stuck out my tongue at her. "I was not." "You were too." "Well anyway, are you going to strip for us now or what?" Ryosuke asked sternly. "I'm not going to strip for anybody." "What if we hold you down, and tickle you?" Ryosuke said getting up. I motioned for him to sit back down. "No, no, nobody's going to force you. You've got to do this yourself." All three of us sat there looking at her expectantly. "I don't know. It's just so weird, don't you think? Like I mean, at a nude beach, that's what you're supposed to do, but I can't just strip in front of all of you." There was something about the way she said this that sounded hopeful to me, like she wanted us to talk her into it. "Why not?" I asked calmly. I gave her a little smile, almost sure now she was remembering what it had felt like at the nude beach. She didn't say anything, and just kept on staring at the floor. She was wavering. "Let's go back down to the lake. If there's no one around, we'll just go in for a quick dip, OK?" The three of us got up, but Satomi just sat there. "OK, if you want, you can just stay here," I teased. "We'll be back soon." I followed Futoshi and Ryosuke out, but a second later, Satomi was there grabbing my sleeve. "Don't leave me behind." I put my arm around her, and we walked down to the shore. We scanned the other cabins for signs of life, but it looked pretty quiet. We'd gotten away with it this morning, and it was darker out now. Ryosuke and Futoshi kicked off their shoes, stripped quickly, and dove right in. They both have cute backsides I guess, kind of muscular. I stayed there with Satomi, till she finally looked up. "Promise you won't tell anyone back at my dorm and stuff," she asked. "I promise." I kicked off my shoes, and pulled off my dress. Satomi still looked nervous, but slowly, she began to undo the buttons on her dress. "It'll be fine, you'll see." I looked back up, towards the cabins again making sure no one was around. Soon we were both naked. Satomi actually has a great body. She is fairly slender, but her hips have a curvy deliciousness to them. His breasts stick out maybe because she was excited. Satomi ran into the water as fast as she could, but Ryosuke and Futoshi were clapping and whistling away like anything. Satomi started to blush, but she looked pretty happy I thought. I waded out after her. I kept looking around to make sure no one was watching, but my whole body was tingling. I was happy that Satomi had finally joined us. I wanted to remember this night. Suddenly, it dawned on me. I should take a picture. "Ryosuke, where did you put your camera?" "Oh, I'll go get it." "No, let me. Just tell me where it is." "It's in my bag in the trunk." "Futoshi, can I borrow the keys?" "Yeah, sure, but..." "I'll be right back." I quickly got the keys out of Futoshi's pocket, and ran up the hill still naked. As I got closer to the car, I realized that one of the neighboring cabins still had its lights on. I wondered if I should go back, and put my dress on, but I was so close already. I veered away from that cabin, but I could see people inside through the window. I scampered off trying to get out of sight before they noticed me. I made it all the way to the car, but my heart was pounding away. I quietly unlocked the trunk, and opened Ryosuke's bag to see if he had anything I could wear. His clothes are kind of big on me, but anyway, I got out a sweater, and pulled it on. It was more or less long enough to cover my private places. My sandals were also in the trunk, so I put them on too, got out Ryosuke's camera, and closed the trunk. The people in the cabin had gone silent. Had they noticed me? I hope they didn't see me naked. I quickly rushed back to the shore. Back down at the lake, Ryosuke and Futoshi had come out, and were sitting on the beach still naked. "Oh here. Let's just get one picture of all of us together," I suggested. I was still worried about those people, but I pulled off my sweater, and set the camera down on a big flat rock. Futoshi stared down at my pussy. Despite the breeze, I still felt pretty heated up. "How do you set the timer on this?" "Here, I'll do it," Ryosuke said kneeling down next to me. I didn't want to stare at Ryosuke's penis, but it was hard not to. It seemed to twitch every time I moved. "C'mon, Satomi. Get in the picture." She was still a little ways out hiding underwater. "No, no way." "C'mon. It'll be all right. I'll keep it safe." She didn't seem too keen, but she finally came out of the water, covering her pussy and breasts with her hands. "Wow!" Ryosuke exclaimed. "What a body!" Satomi looked so embarrassed though. It was kind of weird all four of standing here naked. We got one picture, but then we heard a door banging at the top of the hill. "Shoot. I saw some people earlier." We all hurried to get dressed. When we went up, there were a couple of American guys standing out in front of their cabin. They stood there watching us, but didn't say anything. I don't know if they saw us naked or not. I had trouble getting to sleep that night. I couldn't calm down no matter what I did. It had been such a rush to skinny-dip, and run around the camp naked. We chatted a bit, but eventually, turned out the lights, and tried to sleep. I couldn't sleep though. It sounded like the others had drifted off. I got up, and went outside for some fresh air. Suddenly, Ryosuke came up behind me, and scared the daylights out of me. "Hey, hey, relax. Are you OK?" "I'm fine. I'm just kind of keyed up. You know." "Yeah. You were pretty brave walking all the way to the car like that." Ryosuke smiled, and wrapped his arm around me. "Do you feel like...?" he asked. I looked back at him, and smiled shyly. I couldn't deny I was still pretty horny. "Here, we'd better get away from the cabin." Ryosuke led me off into the shade of the trees behind our cabin. We could still see Futoshi's car and the other cabins, but hopefully it was dark enough that no one would see us. I leaned my back up against a tree, and Ryosuke kissed me. He was so hard. He started massaging my breasts. I had to break away to catch my breath. I just stood there gasping for air, while Ryosuke kneeled down, and pulled down my panties. I stepped out of them, and covered my pussy with my hand, looking back towards the cabins. I wonder if those two guys are still up. Ryosuke pushed my hand away, and started licking me. I spread my legs, and shuddered as he found just the right spot. He teased me, and played with me for a while, but I motioned for him to stop. I wanted him, but I was so nervous. He stood up, and pulled out a condom. Next it was my turn. I kneeled down, and he pulled out his manhood. It was already fully erect, but I gave it a few playful licks just to say hi, and then slid the condom on pushing it back with my lips. I stood back up, and he pulled off my nightie. I was still worried that someone might come, but Ryosuke got me to turn around, and lean forward against the tree. He ran the tip of his penis up and down my slit. He kept teasing me with it till I couldn't take it anymore. "Hurry up!" I whispered. "I just wanted to savor the moment," he grinned. Anyway, finally he pushed it in. It felt so good. I tried to keep watch, but the feeling of him inside me was more than I could bear. I braced myself as he humped away. Soon, I couldn't take it anymore. I came in this tidal wave of rapture. It was heaven. It took me a little while to regain my senses. I was kind of all wet between my legs, so I gathered up my nightie and undies, and ran down to the lake to wash off. The water was cool, and helped me calm down. After that, I slept like a baby. The next morning, we were all a bit self-conscious after the wildness of the day before. Satomi talked me into putting my bathing suit on this time when we bathed in the lake. When we were leaving we saw the two guys from the next cabin staring at us. They must have seen something. I don't think we'll ever see them again, so I guess it doesn't matter that much. Back in Oceanview though, I promised myself to be more careful. Still, it was a great weekend. Emi Tsuruta