Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. A Walk on the Boardwalk By Emi Tsuruta Note: this is one in a series of posts about my life. If you'd like to know more about my friends and me, drop by my home page at: Hi, it's me again. In the spring when my boyfriend Ryosuke and I have all these assignments due, he usually wants to study separately. I think he's making a big deal out of nothing, but anyway, I go along with it. A couple of times though when I've phoned him, he'll be on a train heading off somewhere up or down the coast. I ask him 'why aren't you studying?' but he says he's taking a break, and travelling around a bit to see what's nearby. At first, I wasn't sure what he was up to, but then one day, he took me to one of the places he'd found. It was a fairly long way up the coast. The train station looks pretty new, and around the station, there are all these brand new houses and in the distance you can see some apartments. Ryosuke said that they were built during the dot-com boom, but most of them hadn't been sold yet. There weren't many people around. It was a weekday too, so I guess a lot of people were at work. It was kind of spooky and a bit lonely to be in a town where there's no one around, but it's kind of exciting too, because you feel like 'Oh, this is America.' We walked down these really wide streets with almost no cars on them, past housing communities with trees and stone walls and oil lamps for lights. The further we got from the station, the fewer people we saw. We came to what was supposed to be a park, but it was all boarded up. I guess they were still building it or whatever. Ryosuke wanted to climb over the wall, and sneak in, but I talked him out of it. It was pretty obvious why he brought me there. He wanted to find a romantic place where we could be alone together. We walked along the park wall towards these huge twenty storey apartment buildings. They looked brand new, but in a couple of them, there was no sign of anyone living there. We came to a river and off to the left, you could finally see the ocean. We crossed the bridge, and went down the stairs onto this concrete boardwalk along the bank of the river. Just ahead there was a building that seemed to be lived in, and there were a few people walking around on the boardwalk. I kind of felt nervous every time we passed someone. We hadn't even done anything yet, but I knew what Ryosuke was planning, so I couldn't help wondering if these people could see it in our eyes. I guess other couples must come down to this boardwalk sometimes, but we didn't see any. Everyone we met just walked straight by, without paying much attention to us. Behind the apartment, there was this huge grassy field where no one had built anything yet. Ryosuke wanted to climb up into the grass, but we were still pretty close to the apartment. Even though I couldn't see anyone out on their balconies, it was pretty clear that some people were at home. We walked all the way out to the seashore. It was quite a long way, and so the building was pretty far away now. Before we got to the shore, the walkway turned inland through the tall grass, and then branched back towards the ocean. There wasn't a beach. It was all just concrete. We finally found some stairs leading down to a pier right over the water. The embankment behind us blocked the view back to the building, but we could see way down the pier along the shore off to our right. There didn't seem to be anyone down that way though. We seemed to be on some kind of bay. We could see some ships out in the harbor, and lights far in the distance along the shore at the other side of the bay. It was pretty, but all the ships going by made me nervous. Ryosuke seemed happy, but I kind of looked down at the cold concrete. We sat down on this stone block, and looked out over the bay. It was pretty romantic I guess. I liked the feel of the gentle sea breeze and the sound of the waves. Ryosuke put his arm around me, and looked into my eyes. It was nice of him to find this place for us. It was a nice change from Oceanview. Oceanview is kind of a small town, and walking around town, we often bump into people we know. We were miles away from home now. He leaned over, and gave me a gentle kiss. He has such soft lips. I really do like it when we're alone just the two of us. We sat there kissing for a while. I put my arms around his shoulders, and just sort of enjoyed the feel of his lips on mine, his closeness, his warmth. He started nuzzling me like he was a dog or something, and I giggled. I felt happy but still a bit nervous. As I pulled out of our kiss, I was surprised to look down, and see my bra peeking out from between the folds of the yellow sundress I was wearing. I had kind of felt him fiddling with the front of my dress, but almost before I realized it, he'd undone all the buttons down to my navel. This particular dress has buttons going all the way down the front. Embarrassed and suddenly aware of the ships out in the bay, I pulled the two sides of my dress back together to cover up. Ryosuke gave me this sad puppy-dog look. I knew what he wanted to do, but I was worried. It was broad daylight out for one thing, and if someone came along, there would be no real place to hide. I looked over at him still a bit worried, but he smiled back calmly. I wrapped my arms around him, and hid my bra against his body. He rubbed my back gently, but finally got me to sit up, and show him. I was wearing a white frilly lace bra, which is supposed to lift my breasts up, and show off my cleavage. He had this silly grin on his face as he look down at them. I'm kind of glad lately because he seems to be more into touching my breasts than he used to be. I kind of had a complex for a while that he didn't like them or whatever. I taught him how to touch them really softly, to cup them in his hands, and just squeeze them very gently and not be too rough with the nipples. I like the feeling of his tongue as he circles around the nipples. I think when I touch him... you know... down there, he likes a harder touch, but I'm always worried I'm going to hurt him if I squeeze too hard. I guess guys are tougher than girls. I just kind of sat there for a while looking down at the ground shyly, but with all these thoughts going through my head, I was getting more and more excited. Anyway, I still felt strange though sitting there on this pier, and exposing my bra while these ships went by. I guess they were too far away to see much, but it was really weird, like we had an audience. My bra had a front hook, and Ryosuke undid it, and pulled the sides of the bra back to expose my bare breasts. I leaned forward trying to cover up. More insistent now, he grabbed a hold of my dress, and pulled the rest of the buttons undone. "Kyaa!" I could feel the cool breeze on my breasts and tummy. I was afraid about getting caught, but also excited. There really didn't seem to be anyone around except the ships. Ryosuke looked at me apologetically, but then motioned for me to take off the dress. I straightened up, and gave him a suspicious look, but finally I let him pull both my dress and bra off over my arms. I covered my breasts with my arms. Sitting there in just my panties and sandals, I stared out nervously at the ships. "Don't worry. They can't see you from there." I looked at him doubtfully, but he finally got me to stand up. I shivered a bit from the coolness of the sea air on my near naked body. "There I told you, you could do it." "I don't know Ryosuke. What if someone comes?" "No one comes all the way out here. Anyway, I just want to take a few pictures, and then you can get dressed." He reached over, grabbed my panties, and pulled them down. "Hey!" "Come on, Emi. It'll just be for a second. I swear." I pretended to pout, but the feeling of being naked was getting me all excited. I lifted my feet up one at a time, so he could pull the panties right off. I shivered as the wind enveloped my naked body. I was starting to breathe faster from the excitement. "OK, but only for a second." I looked off at the ships. "Are you sure they can't see us?" Ryosuke got out his camera, and stuffed my dress and underthings into his bag. "Yeah, well maybe you're right. They do have those powerful binoculars for scanning the shore. Wave, and see if they toot their horn." I swatted him on the shoulder. I felt genuinely frightened, but all he could do was make jokes. I tried to calm down, and think straight, but my feelings were spiraling, as I got more and more excited. "Oh Ryosuke, give me my clothes back." "Here. Stand still, and let me take your picture." I couldn't calm down no matter what I did. I started looking back anxiously toward the walkway we'd come in on, covering my breasts and pussy with my hands. "I think someone's coming." "Honestly, Emi, calm down." "No really, I can hear something." "OK, OK, just hang on. I'll go check." Ryosuke went back up the stairs, and disappeared behind the concrete wall behind us. I looked down at my naked body, panicking. "Wait! Don't leave me here!" I ran up the stairs after him, but the further up I climbed the more I could see of the buildings back toward the station. I slowed down not wanting to be seen. The ships were bad enough. I listened, but I couldn't hear Ryosuke. One of the ships did honk its horn, so I squatted down on the stairs trying to hide. I wondered if they can see me. Minutes passed, and still Ryosuke didn't come back. What on earth is he doing? I hope he hasn't gone to buy film or batteries or something. I'm afraid, Ryosuke. Don't leave me here like this. "Emi!" I could hear him calling me, but he was still out of sight on the other side of the stairs. "Ryosuke!" "I'm over here. Come on up." Oh Ryosuke. Don't do this to me. I can't walk up there. The people in those buildings will see. The pier here is bad enough. "Come on, Emi. Hurry up." "I'm not going over there." "Alright, suit yourself. I guess I'll head back then. See you." "No, wait..." I couldn't believe he was going to make me do this. He's usually such a gentleman (well, most of the time anyway). I slowly stood up absolutely terrified of climbing any further naked like this. "Ryosuke, do I really have to do this? I don't think..." "It'll be fine, Emi. Stop worrying so much. We haven't gotten caught yet, have we?" We have, a couple of times at least, but he was right that nothing really bad had happened. I slowly hobbled up the steps, but I was so nervous my whole body was shaking. As I climbed, I saw more and more of the buildings in front of us. Up at the top, it would be easier for the ships to see me. Ryosuke was standing just at the entrance to a path leading into the long grass. At least people on the boardwalk wouldn't be able to see me because of the grass. "OK, Emi. Stay there for a sec while I take a few shots." I felt way too exposed standing on the ridge naked like that, so I just let him take one or two, and then I ran over to hide behind him, so the people in the nearest building wouldn't see me. Ryosuke lowered his camera, and gave me a kiss. "You are the cutest thing running around in your birthday suit." He swatted me on my bare bottom. "Hey!" "OK, just a few more." "Oh come on, Ryosuke. Give me back my clothes. Someone might be watching." "You're doing great. Let's see if anyone is on the boardwalk." I tried to get his bag off his shoulder, but he was holding it too tight. I walked along next to him as we rounded the bend toward the boardwalk. "We saw a whole bunch of people there earlier. Come on. At least give me back my dress." "In a second. Let's just take a look, and see." He stepped out from behind the grass, but his eyes widened, and he came right back. "There's a fisherman sitting right there," he whispered as he hurried to pull my dress out of his bag. I pulled it on in a flash, and quickly did up the buttons that run up the front. "What about my underwear?" I whispered back. He just motioned for me to be quiet. "You look fine like that. Let's just go back to some of those empty buildings, and see what we can find." My heart was still beating so fast, but I took a deep breath, and then followed him out onto the boardwalk. The fisherman turned, but didn't really look at us. I could feel his eyes on my back though as we walked back towards the buildings. "Are you sure I look OK?" "You look great!" "No, I mean, can you tell that I'm...?" I stopped mid-sentence as a guy walking his dog came this way. I tried to act calm as we passed him, but I was so tense. "He's probably heading out to where we just were," I whispered appalled. "Yeah, well anyway, he didn't catch us, now did he?" I couldn't believe how Ryosuke could be so flippant about all this. We'd really gone way too far this time. There were even more people on the boardwalk, the further we went. I just wanted to get away, so we walked really quickly. The street wasn't busy. We crossed, and Ryosuke headed for one of the unrented buildings. It looked brand new, but there weren't any curtains in any of the windows, and there was a big 'for sale' sign out in front. We followed the car ramp down to the front entrance. The lights were all off, and the doors locked, so it was hard to see, but the lobby looked beautiful. It looked like the floors were made of marble, and there was a small fountain on the way to the elevators. In Japan, we call these bubble buildings. I'd never seen any in California. It looked brand new. Ryosuke buzzed the superintendent, but no one answered. Maybe the building wasn't finished yet, but where were the carpenters and workmen? It was all so weird. Because we couldn't get in, we went back out to the car ramp. Instead of going back up to the street, he led me down the ramp around to the other side of the building. There was a small underground parking garage, but there weren't any cars in it. "Didn't I tell you? This is like the most amazing place!" Ryosuke enthused, his eyes sparkling. I looked up at the cold grey of the huge pillars. It was so quiet. We couldn't even hear the sound of the wind from outside. Usually, garages smell like gas, but this one didn't smell like anything. The pavement was so clean. "It's kind of creepy." Ryosuke took my hand, and pulled me over into the first parking space. "What do you think?" The way he was looking at me, he was talking about making love. I shook my head no. He wants to make love in a garage? "OK, but at least let me take a few more pictures." I felt kind of jittery, but I didn't stop him as he undid the buttons on the front of my dress. I didn't let him take it off me though. I wanted something I could use to hide this time. He backed away, and told me to hold my dress open while he took some pictures. "This is silly. I look like a flasher." "You look great. Now hold still." He took a few more shots, and then motioned to go back the way we came. I pulled my dress closed, and held it that way as I cautiously stepped out of the parking space. I couldn't hear any cars or anything on the street. We walked slowly back up the ramp toward the entrance. We took a few more pictures in front of the lobby, but he didn't seem happy with them. "It's too dark in here." We went back out, and looked up the ramp toward the street. I shook my head. "There are people up there!" "You still have your dress on for heaven's sake." "No. It's too dangerous." He ran up to the street, and took a look around. I could tell there were people there by the way he was looking. I started doing up my buttons, so he came back down. "This is no good. I want to get a really good shot." "Why don't you take off your clothes, and I'll take pictures of you?" I joked. He looked at me with this little evil grin. "I was just joking! Calm down." He's so hard to handle when he gets this way. "OK, OK, what do you want to do?" "I don't know. These were the main two places I found. I guess we can look around some more." "Let's go back to that tall grass," I suggested. "At least there's a place to hide there." We walked back. There were still a lot of people on the boardwalk. We walked down almost to the end again, made sure no one was watching us, and then waded right into the grass. It kind of prickled on my bare legs, and the ground was a bit wet, but at least it'd be a bit more private. You could still see our heads and shoulders, but the grass was pretty tall. When we got quite a ways out, Ryosuke pulled out a towel, and flattened out a space on the ground to lay it on. I sat down a bit happier now. At least people couldn't see us here. "Isn't this better?" I asked. Ryosuke lay down next to me, and folded his hands behind his head. "It is pretty comfortable. Think I might take a nap." "OK, but first can you rub some sun block on me? I don't want to get burned." He got it out of my bag, and squirted some on my hand, so I could rub it on my face. "Here you'd better take off your dress, so I can rub it all over you." I made a pouty face, but eventually, undid my buttons. He squirted more sun block on his hands, and then rubbed it gently into my shoulders and breasts. It felt sooo good as he played with my nipples. He's getting really good at that. He did my tummy, and then skirted around my pubic hair, and went all the way down my legs. He got me to roll over, and then pulled the dress off me from the back. He started on my shoulders, went down my back, then switched to my ankles, and worked his way up. I spread my legs apart, and tilted my rear up to give him a better view. He stopped touching me, and undid his pants. He was having trouble opening the condom. I came around, and started playing with his penis holding it by the base, and licking the tip. I love the look on his face when I do stuff like this. He looked like he was really enjoying it. We finally got the condom on. I lay back in the grass, and opened my legs. He took his penis in his hand, and started rubbing the tip along my slit. I wanted him to put it in, but he kept on teasing me with it, circling my clit, getting me hotter and hotter. "Ahnn. Oh, stop it. Just put it in." "What did you say? I didn't hear you." "Stop teasing me." He'd found my clit, and was kneading it to life. My breath was coming faster as I felt an orgasm coming on. I jumped as a seagull flew overhead cawing. Even worse, we could hear voices coming from the path. "Oh oh. Now what?" he whispered. It seemed like he was never going to put it in, so I whispered, "Lie back." He got off of me, and stretched out on the towel next to me, but we could hear the voices quite close now. I peeked through the grass in that direction, but I couldn't see anything. I slowly got up on top of Ryosuke, and straddled him. I took his penis in my hand, and ever so gently guided it inside me. I knew it was dangerous to do this with those people so near, but I couldn't resist. It sounded like the two men we could hear were just a few feet away. Ryosuke was wincing as I milked him with my pussy. I started rocking gently up and down on top of him trying to find the right rhythm. It felt so good to be doing it again. I spread my legs apart to show Ryosuke how our bodies were connected. He was staring straight at me with this wild look in his eyes. We were both trying so hard to keep quiet, but the more I slid up and down his shaft, the harder it became to control myself. The men's voices finally started to drift away, so I started humping him even harder. Ryosuke was humping back wildly, and before long, I came. It went on and on, and I just lost myself in the feeling. Ryosuke must have come too, because he closed his eyes and made this funny face. I rose up gently pulling on his penis with my pussy, and then sat back down on him again pushing it back inside me. Even though I'd climaxed, I was still turned on. Ryosuke pushed me off, and lay there looking drained, but I still wanted to play some more. I was so horny I stood up, and looked over at the boardwalk. The men had gone way down to the end of the pier, and were facing the other way. "Emi, here. Get down. They'll see you," Ryosuke warned. "No, I just want to take a look." "Here. At least put on your dress." To be honest, I was so charged up I would have walked out to the boardwalk naked, if Ryosuke hadn't stopped me. I picked up my dress, and gave him a little pout as I pulled it on. Ryosuke handed me a few wet naps, and I carefully wiped myself off between my legs. My clit was so sensitive I had to be careful how I touched it or I might get all excited again. It was getting near suppertime, so once we were both ready, we walked back towards the station to look for a restaurant. I hadn't put my underwear back on yet, but now I was enjoying the feeling of walking around town in just my light cotton dress. We found a nice fancy hotel near the station, and went in to use their washrooms to get cleaned up some more, and have something to eat. Anyway, I guess that's about it. Hope you are enjoying the summer. Talk to you soon. Emi Tsuruta