Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. At my Cousin's Wedding By Emi Tsuruta Note: this is one in a series of posts about my life. If you'd like to know more about my friends and me, drop by my home page at: Finally, the day for my cousin Namie's wedding came. That was the whole reason I was back to Japan. My mom was having a fit because all our relatives were in town, and she'd have to entertain them. I was glad when mom and dad decided to go on ahead, because they wouldn't be watching over me. I could decide what to wear in peace. I took out the dress my boyfriend Ryosuke bought for me. It's made of this beautiful creamy white material that kind of sparkles in the light. This is what I'd intended to wear, but looking at it closer, I began to worry if it might be too risque. There were these long slits running up either side of the skirt, and the back was completely open. Still, Ryosuke said he'd come see me after the wedding, so I kind of had to wear it. It'd cost him a lot of money, and it did look nice. Still, I decided to pack it in my bag, and just wear jeans and a t-shirt on the way to the hotel. I can get changed later. I left the house, and caught a bus and train to Tokyo. I had to work the reception desk with Hideki, Aunt Sachi's son. My friend Michiyo keeps going on about how he's cute, but she doesn't know him like I do. When we were younger, he always used to tease me, calling me names or putting toads in my hair and stuff like that. My mom says he's more mature now, but I wasn't so sure. I guess I'll find out today. When I got there, a woman who worked for the hotel showed me to the waiting room for our side of the family. I was the first one there, so I decided to get changed. I don't know if you're supposed to use the waiting room as a change room. It did have some partitions up and a table for us to leave our coats on, but it also had a big picture window looking out over the garden and the street. There were no drapes either. I probably should have gone to the washroom to change, but I figured it would only take a second. I closed the door, and quickly got ready. I looked out the window at the building across the way, but it was kind of far away, and I couldn't really see anyone. I quickly took off my sweater and blouse, and pulled the dress on over my head. Because this dress is backless, you could see my bra strap running across my back. Oh that's no good. Should I just hide my bra with the jacket, or take off my bra completely? I just left it, and pulled the dress down to cover up my hips, and then took off my jeans. The slits of the side of the dress ran so high I had to pull the waistband of my panties way up, so they wouldn't show. Suddenly, I heard someone call me from behind. "Oh, Emi, it's you. You're here already." I twirled around, and it was Hideki. I glared at him, embarrassed, wondering if he'd seen me fooling with my panties. "What are you doing here?" I demanded. "Hey, relax, we're going to be working together. Remember?" "Oh. Anyway, get out, so I can change!" "Yeah, you'd better do something. You can see your bra," he noted. I chased him out, and slammed the door behind him. I was pretty steamed, but he was right about one thing. I couldn't leave my bra showing like this. I hid behind one of the partitions, and finally took it off. The collar of my dress was in this triangle shape. I couldn't get it to cover my breasts. When I leaned forward, from the side, you could see practically my whole breast. I decided to pull on the black lacy jacket Ryosuke had bought to go with it, and that was a bit better. I still felt nervous though. The dress looked more decent in the store. Oh well. I can wear the jacket. It should be fine. Outside, the hotel lady showed us to our desk, and explained what we were supposed to do. I was listening to her, but Hideki kept peering over at me. I reached around to the back, and I realized that the opening at the back of the dress went down so low that you could see the crack of my bottom. I pulled the jacket down, but it wasn't quite long enough to reach my behind. Oh great! Now I'm going to have Hideki staring at me all day. Our table was just one in a line of reception desks. It was a big hotel, and I guess there must be other weddings scheduled for that day. At the table next to ours, there was this handsome western guy sitting there. I kind of glanced over wondering what he was doing here. Was he American? I hadn't seen that many westerners in Tokyo. He kind of caught me staring at him. I smiled, but our guests had started to arrive. When the westerner finally spoke, it was in English! I thought 'great!' Maybe I can introduce myself, and tell him I'm going to school in the States. Unfortunately, he was busy helping guests check in. Hideki noticed me watching the American(?), and sneered in Japanese, "Tsuriawanai yo (He's out of your league)." This got me really upset. What does he think? I can't go out with western guys? There're tons of guys in Oceanview who'd love to go out with me! What does Hideki know anyway? He lived in Southeast Asia for a year, but I never hear him talking about having a girlfriend. This just made me all the more determined to get this guy's attention. I thought about it for a while, and then finally took off my jacket. I did feel kind of hot, and it was a lot cooler without my jacket. I held my arms close to my body trying to hide my breasts from the side. Hideki kept peering over at me, but the American was mainly talking to their guests. My uncle Yuuzou, Hideki's father, came over to our desk, and bowed. I quickly stood up, and bowed back. As I straightened up though, I realized that prince charming was looking at my side. He probably saw my breast. I tried to pull the material over it, but he was definitely staring at me now. His whole expression had changed as if he was trying to hide his excitement. I looked back at Hideki, but he was talking to his dad. I wrestled with the material, trying to cover up, but the dress wouldn't stay. I was glad for the attention from this guy, but began to wonder if I should have worn a different dress. I wished my uncle would go away, so I could at least sit down. I talked with my uncle for a bit, but when I finally got to sit down, my heart was beating away. My uncle didn't say anything about my dress, but I felt guilty and embarrassed. I sat there quietly, while Hideki greeted our guests. My mystery man kept glancing over at me, making me nervous. I didn't know quite what to do. I still kind of wanted to talk to him, but it would be awkward. I never should have let Ryosuke talk me into this dress. While I was mulling this over, suddenly I felt something cold slide down my back. I tried to shake it off, but it went right down the back of my dress. I looked over at Hideki, and he was holding a cup of ice cubes. He must have put one on me! "What are you doing?" I cried out, trying to shake the ice cube loose. "You looked kind of heated up, so I thought I'd cool you down." Hideki nodded towards the man. I could still feel the ice cube caught in my undies, so I stormed off to our cloak room. Luckily, there was no one there, so I took off my panties, and pulled out the ice cube. Can you imagine? The nerve of that guy! Hideki was ruining everything! Now my panties were all wet. I'd better go buy some fresh ones. I picked up my purse, and stashed my panties away inside for now. Maybe I can just dash down to the convenience store, and see what they have. I took another look at my dress in the mirror. The slits seemed much higher than I remember. You could see huge swatches of bare flesh, the orb-like roundness of my hips. I felt horribly exposed. Anyway, if I run down quick, maybe no one will notice. Unfortunately, my aunt spotted me half way across the lobby. She wanted to know who hadn't arrived yet. I tried to get her to ask Hideki, but she said he wasn't sure, so I had to go back to our desk, and sort it out. I felt really nervous walking around out here with my bare haunches on display. Hideki looked down at my hips, perhaps already guessing that that I'd taken my panties off. The westerner looked over too, staring down at my backside. I felt naked, but I did my best to ignore them, and focus on the guest list. Eventually, we got that sorted, no thanks to Hideki who was too busy staring at me to help. By then, it was getting time for the wedding reception to start. I tried to get away, but my aunt wanted Hideki and I to come in, and stand by the door in case anyone else showed up. I tried to straighten out my dress, but it was hopeless. From the side, you could see my butt cheeks practically all the way up. I reluctantly followed my aunt into the hall. The lights were quite bright, and all these people kept looking over at me. I stood up as straight as I could, shoulders back, but I felt so embarrassed. The feeling of the air on my pussy was driving me crazy. I wanted so much to run away, and hide. The lights went down, and Namie and her groom Ryoichi came in, but there were all these people taking pictures. The photographer and my relatives took quite a few shots of me in this indecent dress. The emcee welcomed everyone, and my aunt told me to go sit with my parents. I didn't really want to sit with my mom, because she might notice my lack of underwear. When I sat down, the slit at my hips fell wide open, exposing bare butt cheek far above my waist. Mom and Norika were focused on Namie, but one of Ryoichi's friends pointed out my bare bottom to some of his table mates, and soon they all looked over. I sat up straight trying to act all prim and proper, but I was acutely aware of how naked I was, and couldn't settle down for the life of me. Every time I shifted in my seat, they'd all look over, amazed at how I could sit here almost naked like this. Another problem I was having was keeping my feelings in check. My hello kitty was tingling away, and my thoughts kept turning more and more to sex. I let my guard down, and when we started eating, I leaned forward giving Ryoichi's friends an even better look at my ass. I could hear them whispering, "Who's that hot chick?" and "Check out her body!" Some guests arrived late, so I had to go help them get checked in. It was more of Ryoichi's friends. They were joking that Ryoichi made the wrong choice when he married Namie, hinting that I was sexier than her. I just smiled meekly, feeling even more embarrassed. Eventually, they went in, but I had to show them to their seats. People kept turning to watch me, as I made my way across the floor. I'd kind of given up on fixing the dress, so I just let it hang open. The hem kept swaying as I walked, giving people a peek at my rear. I bit my lip, and hid my face in my hair, mortified. Aunt Sachi finally noticed, but she just tittered, and slapped Yuuzou on the shoulder, thinking I'd dressed like this on purpose. Once I'd gotten these guys seated, I scampered back to my seat, trying to get out of the spotlight. One of my mother's relatives came over to compliment me on how lovely I looked. I could only blush as he looked me over. I wonder if he could tell I was commando. I kept hoping Ryosuke would show up, giving me an excuse to slip away, but he was probably nervous about meeting my family. I tried to calm down, and not think about sex, but I was too nervous to cover up. I sat there perched on the edge of my seat, bare booty showing now, praying that my mom wouldn't notice. Ryoichi's motorcycle mates definitely seemed interested. I stood up counting to see if everyone was here. They all looked over, fascinated by my daring. My mom didn't say anything about my dress, but she did tell me to sit back down. I did as she asked, but kept peering over at these guys, worried they might come over. Somehow, I managed to make it through the reception without getting in any more trouble. Hideki did come over to bug me. "What happened to your panty lines?" he grinned, nodding down at my bare behind. My parents were right there, so I frowned, trying to get him to stop. "Reminds me of that time you ran around bottomless at our house." "That wasn't my idea; that was your mom!" I fired back. Sachi glanced at us, and grabbed Hideki pulling him over to get him to behave. I stuck out my tongue at him, but he didn't care. I didn't want him to see me like this, but it was like my dress had shrunk or something. Every time I sat up, that would pull on the hem flashing ever more of my delicate butt cheeks. The tingling in my pussy just got worse and worse. I wanted so much to touch myself, but couldn't with all these people watching. As the reception wore on, I finally managed to slip away. I pulled on my jacket, and went out to the lobby. I didn't see Prince Charming anywhere. He must be in one of the other halls. I was about to go down to the convenience store when Ryosuke showed up. Unfortunately, my mom spotted him first, and dragged him off to meet my aunts and uncles. I finally went down to buy some fresh undies for myself. The clerk in the convenience store gave me the strangest look. I didn't care so much though. I was just glad to get some fresh panties. When I got back, my family was grilling Ryosuke with all sorts of questions about what he wanted to do in the future. We had to eat supper with them, and by the time, Ryosuke and I got away, it was getting pretty late. We just ended up riding the train for a while, and then went our separate ways. I would have liked to have gotten a room or something, but that hotel was expensive, and my parents were expecting me. Ryosuke did promise to come, and visit my house. I have a bit more to tell, but I'll save that for next time. Hope things are going well. Take care. Emi Tsuruta