Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. At My Friend's Swimming Pool By Emi Tsuruta Note: this is one in a series of posts about my life. If you'd like to know more about my friends and me, drop by my home page at: Hi, it's me, Emi again. A lot has been happening lately. There's so much to tell I hardly know where to start. For one thing, at the beginning of the summer, I got a job working at this ice cream stand near the beach. It's only part-time, so I haven't been too busy. The other big news is that my host mom kind of told my parents about my boyfriend, Ryosuke (I mean that he and I are going out). At first, I thought they'd get angry, but anyway, they want to meet him, so I guess that's a good sign. He's probably going to come with me next time I go back to Japan. Another thing I guess I should tell you about is my friend, Debbie. Actually, I've known her for a long time now. I started doing a language exchange with her more than a year ago. She's learning Japanese which I thought was kind of cool. At first, we took the exchange part really seriously, but the longer we did it, the more we started to chat about other things. She told me about the guys she's seeing, and I've been telling her more and more about what Ryosuke and I get up to. Debbie and I get along, but we are different in some ways. She always seems to be going out with a different guy. She is quite the flirt. She has long blonde hair and blue eyes, and looks like a California beach bunny. I'm kind of jealous. At first, I avoided introducing her to Ryosuke. I was afraid that she'd steal him away from me, but eventually, they met anyway. For a long time, I was kind of wondering if I should tell Debbie about the things Ryosuke and I do - fooling around outdoors I mean - because I was worried that she would think I was weird. Still, she was telling me all these things about her boyfriends, you know like really personal stuff (one guy tied her to a chair!), and more and more, I began to feel like I could trust her. Eventually, I showed her what I'd written about the first time Ryosuke and I ever did it outdoors. She was so shocked. You see, normally at school, I am such a good girl. At first, she thought I was making it all up. I knew she might react like this, but I really wanted to tell someone. She's one of the few people I trust. I think she believes me now, although she thinks I'm a bit weird. Anyway, last summer I guess it was, Debbie invited me over to her house. She lives in a really nice part of Oceanview where there are all these big houses, even bigger than my host family's house. I was a bit nervous at first, but I met her younger brother and parents, and they all seemed nice. She even has a swimming pool in her backyard. I kind of knew that people here sometimes have a pool, but it was the first time I'd ever seen a real one in someone's backyard. She kept saying it's not that big, but it looked pretty big to me, almost like the pools at school. Then one day - I guess it was right at the end of the summer - she invited me over to her house to go swimming. Every time I'd been there before, her family was there, but this time, it was all quiet. She said that her parents had gone out. I got changed into my swimsuit, the red and white bikini that ties on, and we went in swimming. We started splashing each other, giggling like crazy. It was fun. After I'd been swimming around for a while, I got out, sat down on one of the reclining chairs, and just lay there relaxing. It was so nice. I felt like I was on vacation. I guess it was just a few weeks after Satomi and I had been to the nude beach, and I was kind of looking to find other people who would go with me. I asked her, "Have you ever been to the nude beach near campus?" "No," she said, looking a bit uneasy. "I'm not really interested." Then she went all quiet. She wasn't blushing, but you could tell she was thinking about something. I didn't want to push it, so I turned over on my front, and didn't say anything. "Have you?" she finally asked. "Yeah, once, with Satomi." Satomi's my friend, and they kind of know each other from school. Debbie looked at me waiting, but when I didn't go on, she finally said, "Well?" "Well, what?" "So what was it like?" "I don't know. I had fun." "What kind of guys were there?" "I thought you said you weren't interested." "I'm not. I'm just... curious. That's all." "In psychology class, I think our prof said curiosity and interest are kind of the same thing." "Pfft!" she blew a puff of air up into her bangs. "Well, come on. Tell me." "They were all really handsome and hunky, and they were just falling over each other trying to talk to us," I joked. Well, I guess I told you the only two guys who talked to us were this older hippy guy and one of his chubby friends, and more than talk, they just wanted to stare at Satomi and me or rather our naked bodies. The whole thing was pretty embarrassing, but I didn't want to tell Debbie that. "Really?" she kind of lay there staring off into space for a while. I wondered if she was fantasizing. "Do you ever go swimming nude here?" I asked. "What? In the pool, do you mean?" "Yeah." "No." She looked around at the high fence surrounding their back yard. "Why not?" She just kind of stared at me. Usually, she's the one who tries to act like she could do anything. It was kind of funny to see her at a loss for once. "I don't know, Emi. You're so funny. At school, you are such the good girl, always doing your homework, so quiet and shy. And then in secret, you make up all these stories about your boyfriend..." "They are not stories! I told you. That's how he really is." "Whatever. You mean to tell me that you could take off your swimsuit right here and now, and not worry about someone seeing you." "I will, if you will." I turned over again, and sat up. I was so ready to do this. Ever since Ryosuke and I started doing all this stuff, I've wanted a friend to talk to, someone who knows how I feel. With Debbie being such a flirt around guys, I had the feeling that she could be that friend... with a little bit of pushing. She already knew all about what Ryosuke and I do, even if she didn't quite believe it. "Oh, get serious. Besides, my brother is upstairs." "What? I thought you said there was no one here." "He's upstairs in his room. He's supposed to be sick or something, but I'm sure he's just faking." I looked up at the windows at the back of the house, but I couldn't see anyone. "Do you think he is watching us?" "I don't know. Probably." "Let's go look." "No! Why?" "The first rule. Try to figure out if anyone is going to see you." "You go look. I'm keeping my swimsuit on." I stuck out my tongue at Debbie, then picked up my white hoodie, and went inside. It was so quiet in the house. I pulled the hoodie on, and then carefully tiptoed up the stairs. You could hear my bare feet squeaking on each step. I don't know why, but my heart started beating faster. I felt like a spy or something. At first, I went into Debbie's room by mistake. Then I remembered. Kyle, her brother's room was across the hall. I nervously pushed the door open. He was lying on his bed with his eyes closed, breathing deeply. He sure looked like he was asleep. "Kyle," I whispered calling him. "Kyle, are you asleep?" Every time I'm around, he's always so quiet and kind of serious. He's kind of handsome I guess in a boyish way. Not really my type though, but I thought it would be fun to tease him. I tiptoed a bit closer, but then he moved. I almost jumped out of my skin! It looked like he was still asleep though. I breathed a sigh of relief, but I still felt really nervous. I looked at him closer, trying to tell if he was faking. I finally decided to try a little test. I reached around behind my neck, and undid the strap of my still wet bikini top. If this doesn't get a rise out of him... I reached up the back of my hoodie, and undid the other strap, and pulled my bikini top right off. I stuck it in the front pouch of my hoodie. I still had my hoodie on, so you couldn't see anything, but the soft cotton was tickling my nipples. He hadn't moved, or reacted at all. Maybe he is asleep. My heart was beating so fast. I just had to push this a little further. Nervously, I slid my hands up from the bottom into the hoodie, and undid the bows on either side of my bikini bottom. I caught it as it slid off, and then I stuffed it in my pouch with the top. I was now standing in his room completely naked except for this short hoodie. It just barely covered my bush. I got this tingling feeling between my legs. I was so excited I was shaking. Without thinking, I stretched my arms up above my head, flashing my pussy. I quickly let down my arms, and pulled the hem back down to cover up. What am I doing flashing Debbie's poor little brother? If only he were awake, wouldn't he be shocked? Debbie had said she was pretty sure he didn't even have a girlfriend yet, so he'd probably have a heart attack. The tension though was getting too much for me, so I left, closing his door behind me. I ran back down, and out to the deck. "He's asleep alright," I announced happily. "How do you know?" "Oh, I have my ways." I sat down on the edge of the pool, pulled off my hoodie, and slid into the water, naked. "Why don't you come in, and join me?" I paddled out into the middle of the pool, enjoying the feeling of the water on my skin. Debbie looked like she was going to have a fit. "What on earth are you doing?" "I'm just going for a swim. What's wrong?" "Where's your suit?" "I took it off. Calm down. It's no big deal." She just sat there gaping at me. I don't know why everyone gets so freaked out by these things. It's not like anyone was watching or anything. "Come on in. Once you're in the pool, no one will be able to tell anyway." Well, maybe this wasn't completely true. The water was so clear I could at least make out the colors of my own pink skin and black pubic hair pretty clearly. Still with all the ripples in the surface, it would be hard to tell for sure. Debbie started staring up at the window of her brother's room. I could tell she wanted to try, but was so afraid that someone might see her. My sister Norika used to roam around our house in the nude back in Japan. It didn't seem like such a big deal to me. I didn't care so much even if Kyle did see me. It would be kind of fun to see how he would react. "Debbie, come on. Try," I shouted. She got up, and came over to the edge, her eyes still on Kyle's window. She squatted down at the edge, and I held out my hand to get her to come in. She slipped quietly into the water, but when she came back up, she looked really nervous. I tried to get a hold of her bikini bottoms, but she swam away before I could pull them down. "You're crazy, you know," she said laughing. "At least I never let my boyfriend tie me to a chair," I teased back. She started slapping the water to splash me in the face. "That's not true," she cried out, laughing harder. "He wasn't my boyfriend!" I swam in close to her, and just barely held on to her waist as she kicked away. I finally started to get a better grip on her bottoms. She was laughing so hard she had trouble fighting back, and finally she said, "OK, OK, I surrender. Just let me do it, OK?" She swam to the edge, and pulled her long blonde hair back out of her eyes. We both looked up at Kyle's window, but there was still no sign of life. Maybe he really was sick. Debbie looked at me, as she cautiously put her hands on her waistband. "But if we get caught, I'm blaming it on you." I gave her a big smile. I was so happy to have found a friend. Debbie is usually so calm and collected, but after she peeled off her swimsuit, she looked an absolute nervous wreck. I kept joking with her and trying to get her to snap out of it, but she didn't seem comfortable. Still, it was a start, and now maybe I could talk her into coming to the nude beach with me and Satomi. The more of us that went, the better it would be. After we'd been fooling around like that for a while, we heard a male voice coming from side of the house. "Hello, hello! Is anybody home?" I felt a shiver run up my spine. I quickly looked around to see where I'd left my suit. Debbie looked even more terrified than me. "It's Alvin," she said reaching her suit at the pool's edge and frantically pulling it on. "Kyle's friend." That was a relief. I'd thought it might be Debbie's father. Alvin didn't seem to be at the gate yet, so I got up onto the edge of the pool, and pulled my hoodie on over my head. I was breathing hard, but more curious than worried. I wanted to get a look at what this Alvin looked like before I changed back into my clothes. Debbie, now in her swimsuit, grabbed her towel, and wrapped it around her before walking to the gate. I stood up, but realizing that my hoodie was a bit too short, hid around the corner as Debbie opened the gate. "Where's Kyle? I've been calling all afternoon," Alvin said. Alvin was thin, and had glasses, your typical teenage boy I guess. "Oh sorry. I didn't hear you. We were just swimming in the pool." Debbie motioned towards me, so I pulled the hoodie down as far as it would go, and bowed a greeting. "This is Emi, a friend of mine from school." "Oh, hi," he said. His eyes brightened to see me, but slowly drifted down to where my hand was tightly holding my hoodie between my legs. I could feel the cool air on my behind. "Kyle's upstairs. He's sick," Debbie explained. "Do you mind...?" Alvin said pointing towards the back door. I backed up to let him past, but almost lost my balance. I let go of the hem, and for a split second, it slid up revealing my pussy. Fortunately, I don't think Alvin saw. Debbie had though, and she slapped me on the shoulder, whispering, "What do you think you're doing?" I let go of the hem, and lifted up my arms showing her my pussy. "A little bit overboard, was it?" I smiled, blushing. She gave me that look again like she thought I was crazy. I had no regrets though. One problem was that the arrival of Alvin had got me a bit excited. I wanted to give Ryosuke a call, but he was still at work. "Hurry up, and get dressed. My parents will be back soon," she urged. "Not until you tell me how it felt." Just when I thought I was making progress, convincing her that it was fun to skinny-dip, Alvin had shown up, and suddenly, she was her old prudish self again. "What? Aren't you listening? My parents will be back soon." "No, no, I'm serious. How did it feel to skinny-dip in your own pool?" She shushed me, and pulled me off to the side, worried now that Alvin and Kyle might overhear. "I don't want you telling anyone about this, OK?" I looked at her a bit surprised. "Sure, I promise. Anyway, it's not like you don't know any secrets about me." "You mean, like that story was true?" "About Ryosuke and me in the woods? Yeah, it's true. But that was just the first time. Since then..." "No, no, don't tell me." She looked up at Kyle's room again. "Anyway, not here, not now. You'd better hurry up, and get dressed." I finally gave in, satisfied at least that I'd talked her into skinny-dipping. I guess I shouldn't rush things. It wasn't that long ago that Ryosuke was trying to get me to do all these things, and I wasn't so keen. I suppose it takes a while to get used to the idea, before you can relax, and really enjoy it. I gathered up all my stuff in my arms, and headed into the house. Behind me, I could hear Debbie laughing. "What?" I asked. She answered in Japanese: "Emi sugoi kakkou shite iru yo. Oshiri marumie." which translates as something like "That's quite some outfit. You can see your whole bottom." I just laughed, and wiggled my hips back and forth as a joke. I thought of going upstairs and walking past Kyle's room like that, but Debbie, spoilsport that she is, steered me to the downstairs washroom. It felt like such a let down to have to change into my clothes, but anyway, Debbie and I were still good friends, and that was the most important thing. I've got a whole bunch more I want to tell you, but I guess I'd better save it for next time. Bye for now. Emi Tsuruta