Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Our Trip Down the Coast Part 2 By Emi Tsuruta Note: this is one in a series of posts about my life. If you'd like to know more about my friends and me, drop by my home page at: As I was telling you last time, my boyfriend Ryosuke and I had rented a car, and travelled down the coast of California to stay in a cozy bed and breakfast looking out over the Pacific Ocean. We fooled around in the B&B a bit, but the second day, we went to one of the nicer beaches in the area. After we'd been swimming for a while, we came back, and lay down on our towels. My sun block had gotten washed off when we were out swimming, so I started rubbing more on. Ryosuke was watching me with this silly grin on his face. My skin was glistening a bit from the water and lotion, and I could tell he liked it. He asked if he could rub some on me. I handed him the lotion, and then lay down on my front, resting my head on my arms. Ryosuke started on my shoulders. I felt him brush against the bow where my bikini top was tied at the back. I gave him a frowny face, so he left it alone. He seemed to settle down a bit, so eventually, I closed my eyes, and just enjoyed the feeling of his hands on my body. Once he'd finished my back, he moved down to my feet, and started working his way up. It felt kind of funny when he rubbed the insides of my legs especially when he'd got up to my thighs. I started giggling. "What?" he asked. "That tickles." He started working on my backside next. That bikini has kind of an interesting design. It is red and white, and there is a draw string threaded around the waist which you tie at either side. You can make the main part of the bikini wider or narrower by pushing it along the string. There were tons of people at that beach, so I had pulled the material out as far as it would go to cover up, but now Ryosuke started pushing it in revealing more and more of my butt cheeks. I didn't stop him, but the feeling of the breeze on my hiney was making me nervous, so I reached over for my white hoodie, and pulled it on. I had trouble poking my head through the hole where the hood was, and I finally got it on. I tried to pull the hem down, but it wasn't quite long enough to cover my bottom. I lay there for a while, enjoying the ocean breeze and the sound of the waves. Ryosuke kept looking over at me. I was happy. Eventually, I took the cover-up off, fixed my bikini, and stood up planning to go for another swim. "Come here. Give me a kiss," Ryosuke said. I leaned down to kiss him, but when I did, he tweaked one of my breasts. I pulled back wondering if anyone had seen. No one seemed to be paying much attention to us although there was an Asian girl and a tall European woman who looked over this way. I tried to act like nothing had happened, and went back in for a swim. After I'd been swimming for a while, I came back, and we decided to go. It was getting near supper time, and we had to look for a place to eat. On the way back to the car, we finally found a washroom to change in. I went into one of the stalls, and took off my bikini. It felt good to be naked. It felt a bit cool, but it was also getting me excited. I pulled my cover-up on over my head, enjoying the feel of the soft fabric on my bare breasts. I debated going out just like that - with nothing on underneath, but I couldn't get the hem of the cover-up to stay down far enough to cover my yoohoo. I finally tied a towel around my waist, put my bikini in my backpack, and went out to meet Ryosuke. Ryosuke looked a bit surprised when he saw me in my towel. I didn't tell him I was naked underneath, but he kept glancing down at my hips. As we walked across the parking lot to the car, I got butterflies in my tummy. The towel was covering everything, but I felt so naughty walking around like that. We got back to the car, and Ryosuke opened the trunk, so I could get my stuff out. When I leaned in to pull out my suitcase, he slid his hand under my towel, feeling up my bottom, trying to see if I still had my bikini on. I got him to stop, but all that probing had got me a bit hot. When we opened the car doors, a wave of heat came out. "Sorry, I should have parked in the shade," Ryosuke apologized. We opened up all the car windows, and finally got it to cool down enough so that we could get inside. I sat in the passenger seat with the door open, looking out at the parking lot. There were a few people over by the washroom, but no one near us. I casually undid my towel. You could see this little tuft of black pubic hair peeking out from under the hem of my cover-up. I tried to stay calm, but to tell you the truth, I was getting pretty excited. Ryosuke started changing too, and his... well, he looked pretty excited too. I pulled out my powder blue mini-skirt, and shook it out. I guess I should have pulled it on right away, but I didn't. Instead I dug out my matching halter top and my panties, and straightened them out too. Two guys walked by just in front of us, so I pulled the cover-up down, and tried to act normal. Ryosuke looked over at me, impressed that I was being so naughty. "What?" I asked. "Oh, you just look pretty cute like that," he said. I pulled the cover-up down even more, and looked away, but I was happy to hear him say that. He doesn't really give compliments so much. "Oh, could you get my sunglasses from the trunk?" I asked. He looked over as if he was going to say something, but then got out, and opened the trunk. I quickly leaned forward, and pulled the cover-up over my head and off. I was completely naked in the car with the door wide open! It was such a thrill! I looked out the windshield. There were a few people here and there. I quickly pulled my halter on, just as Ryosuke came back with my sunglasses. He laughed when he saw me, my furry bush on display. I didn't say anything, but leaned forward to slip my feet into my skirt. As I lifted up my bottom to slide the skirt on, he got in, and came over putting his hands on my waist. I squirmed, and squealed, and finally got the skirt on. I sat back up, and pretended to straighten out the skirt, but I left my legs open, so he could see my pussy. He grinned, enjoying my teasing. We both kind of sat there for a while wondering what to do. Jill at the B&B would probably find it strange if we showed up there in the middle of the afternoon. We hadn't even had supper yet, so we'd just have to go out again. We were both getting hungry, so eventually, I just pulled my undies on, and we drove off to look for a restaurant. It was kind of frustrating, but what can you do? That night when we got back to the B&B, Ryosuke was pretty tired from driving around all day. I felt thirsty, so I talked him into going out to buy something to drink. When we got back, I went to the bathroom to change into my baby doll nighty, but when I came back, he was already asleep. He'd been working hard all summer to save up money for this trip, so I guess that's why he was so tired. The next morning, we got up early because Ryosuke wanted to take me to this place he'd read about in the guidebook. There were supposed to be these really spectacular cliffs that ran along the coast in some kind of state park. We had breakfast, and Ryosuke talked with Jill for a bit while I got ready. Since I knew we would be hiking, I just wore my jeans and a t-shirt (and undies of course). When we got outside, it was a little cloudy, but warm. It looked like it might rain, but it didn't. The place we were going turned out to be a fairly long way away. Because it was so hard to get to, I guess Ryosuke was hoping that there wouldn't be many people there, but when we got there, we had to wait in line. We were one of the last cars they let in that day. We parked, packed our swimsuits and stuff in our backpacks, and headed out. At first I had pictured some kind of rugged hiking trail through the wild, but actually, there was a road that went through these camping grounds, and we even passed a little lake with a beach. Once you get closer to the coast though, the trail did get pretty rocky, but when we finally made it, there were tons of people there. There was this little inlet with cliffs on each side, and everyone was swimming or diving in off the cliffs. We overheard a little boy saying the beaches further on were even better, so we kept walking up. We saw some really nice caves, and Ryosuke took some pictures. We passed by another stony beach, and then came to the third one. The way in was up on top of a cliff with all these big rocks, but further down you could see a flatter beach that ran all the way around the inlet. There were American women sunbathing in bikinis. I had to pull Ryosuke away to keep him from looking at them. The shore was all stony, but you could see that there were sand banks out in the water. After looking around for a while, we found a flat rock which sloped into the water, and decided to go in there. The next problem was where to change. We'd seen a couple of washrooms along the way, but that was a ways back. I could tell from the look on Ryosuke's face that he wanted me to change in the woods. We carefully picked our way through the rocks to the back of the beach where there were some trees. It wasn't like a forest or anything, but at least we found a place with trees on either side that kind of blocked the view. Still people coming down the path that ran down the hillside would pass right by the opening in the trees in front of us. The sun was high in the sky, and it was so bright out too. Worse yet, I could hear people's voices. I got Ryosuke to stand in front of me to block the view, but my heart sped up as I got ready to change. I slipped out of my running shoes, and stood on top of them. Ryosuke was facing me, trying not to grin too much. I undid my belt and the button and zipper on my jeans. I couldn't see anyone over Ryosuke's shoulder, but I could still hear the voices. I couldn't tell if they were coming this way or not. I finally got up my nerve, and slowly pulled my jeans down. I lifted each foot out of them, and then handed them to Ryosuke. I still had my panties on, but the warm sun and sea breeze on my legs was getting me excited. The voices seemed to be getting further away, but then suddenly, this Korean man passed by right in front of us. He didn't look this way, but I swear I almost had a heart attack. I put my hand on Ryosuke's shoulder trying to hide behind him. We both waited to see if any other people would walk by. The rest of his group seemed to be further off closer to the beach. Eventually, their voices died away. Ryosuke breathed a sigh of relief, and I laughed. I don't know why, but I found the whole situation so funny. Here we were trying so hard not to be seen, but everyone else must have gotten changed in the trees too. Still giggling, I pulled my panties down, and stepped out of them. It felt so good to be free of them, but it felt weird standing bottomless so close to the trail. I quickly handed Ryosuke my panties, and lifted my t-shirt over my head. I started shivering, more from the excitement than anything. I gave Ryosuke my t-shirt, and then my bra. Always before when I've had to get naked outside, I felt nervous, but today for some reason, it felt great. Still shaking, I slipped my shoes back on, and did a little pirouette for Ryosuke. "Wee! Look at me!" I exulted. He smiled, but he looked kind of nervous too. He glanced towards the beach, checking to make sure no one was coming. I didn't want to go anywhere in case someone saw, but I swiveled my hips and bounced my my breasts, trying to get Ryosuke excited. I was already pretty horny myself. Ryosuke squatted down, and started rooting around inside his back pack for something. I moved forward a bit, peering over his shoulder at the trail. I couldn't believe I was standing here naked so close to the beach. I put a hand between my breasts. I could feel my heart beating away. I felt like I wanted to go for a walk, but I couldn't very well go out there with all these people around. I looked behind us, but the hill was too steep and rocky to climb. Ryosuke finally got out his camera, and motioned for me to wait here. He backed away, and now I didn't have anyone to hide behind. I looked down at my backpack, wondering if I should get out my swimsuit. Ryosuke glanced off to the left. He must be able to see people. Were they coming this way? Finally, he turned back towards me, and motioned for me to pose. I couldn't stop shaking, but I did the best I could. As soon as he got a shot or two, he came running back. I quickly got out my red and white bikini, and pulled it on. The bikini itself doesn't cover much, but it was better than running around naked. I was still shaking as I straightened out the bottoms, but Ryosuke took a couple more pictures of me in my swimsuit. "You look so funny in your running shoes and that bikini." I felt a bit offended, but anyway, he kept taking pictures. I picked up my backpack and walked out from among the trees. There were a lot of people sunbathing back up the hill, and a few people walking around on the beach to our right, but no one seemed to be paying much attention to us. Thank heavens. I hope no one saw me change. "Here just stay there while I get changed." Ryosuke changed pretty quickly. I guess he didn't want people to see. Once he was ready, we walked down to the shore. Ryosuke put our stuff down on a flat rock, and got out some snacks to eat. He kept looking me up and down. I felt a bit self-conscious. Do these shoes really look so strange with my bikini? I walked down to the ocean. Just nearby there were three Americans, two guys and a girl, maybe thirty years old, wading in the water and swimming around. One of the guys was tall and slender and kind of handsome. He was talking with the other two, and didn't look over at first. I took off my shoes, and waded in. Before long the guy noticed me, and started staring. I pretended not to notice, but I waded over towards him, and splashed water up onto my body. I was feeling pretty sexy from my little strip tease. I guess I was vaguely trying to make Ryosuke jealous. Ryosuke was trying to act like it was no big deal. I stretched up as tall as I could, and tried to walk gracefully. I turned my back to them, but I could feel this guy watching me. I dove in, and swam out to a sand bar. I rose up out of the water, and when I turned to look, both the guy and Ryosuke were looking straight at me. Wow! This is great! I should wear this bikini more often. I flirted a bit more, but eventually, Ryosuke came out to get me. He gave me a kiss to make it very clear that I was his girl. Ryosuke is so cute when he's jealous. We fooled around for a bit, but actually the water was sort of cold, so eventually we came back to shore, and dried off. The guy disappeared. We were both getting hungry, so eventually we headed back too. First, we walked back to the tree line to where we had changed earlier. There seemed to be quite a few hikers coming down the trail right past where we wanted to change. We looked at each other not sure what to do, but anyway, as soon as one group passed, I quickly undid my bikini, and took it off. Squatting down naked, I dug around in my backpack for my clothes. We could hear another group coming down the trail, so Ryosuke went out to try to keep them from seeing me. They stopped talking, but I couldn't tell what was going on. I was so nervous I was shaking. I looked down at my bikini, and wondered if I should pull it on till they had gone past. Eventually, I got my t-shirt out, and pulled it on over my head. I was so aroused you could see my nipples sticking out through the thin material. I grabbed my jeans, and yanked them out of my bag. Just then someone came up right behind me, and I almost screamed. It turned out to be Ryosuke. "Calm down. Calm down. It's just me." I stood up, and gave him a hug. I was so terrified. "Relax, they went off towards the beach... but there's another group up at the top of the hill, so you'd better hurry." I found my underwear, and slid them on. Finally, I began to calm down. I don't know why I'd got so scared. I guess I was just frustrated because I couldn't get my clothes out, and people were coming. Ryosuke didn't seem worried. I kind of pouted, but he just smiled. Anyway, I finally pulled my jeans back on. Ryosuke started to change, so I kept a lookout, and soon he was ready to go. He hadn't calmed down any though. While we walked along the trail back, he kept on suggesting we should fool around, but there were way too many people nearby. Even in the parking lot, there were lots of people coming back. We drove out to the main road, and had some lunch in a roadside diner. Ryosuke said that Jill had told him about a hiking trail back towards the B&B. It wasn't in the guide book, but Jill's husband had photocopied a map for us. Apparently, Jill and her husband had gone there a few days before, and it was one of their favorite spots. It turned out to be off on a dirt road quite a ways from the highway. We had trouble finding the sign for the entrance - it was still a bit misty out. Eventually, the road hit a dead end. We turned around, came back, and finally found the sign. It was just a little piece of cardboard tacked to one of the fence posts with the trail marker on it - no writing or anything. No wonder we'd missed it the first time. Ryosuke brought his backpack, but I left mine in the car. Apparently, Jill had said something about there being poison ivy near the entrance, so Ryosuke went on ahead along the path through the meadow until we got to the woods. Under the trees, it was pretty dark and misty, but there weren't so many plants. Every once in a while, we'd see two little rectangles painted on a tree. Ryosuke said this was to mark which way to turn when you came to a fork in the trail. We came to this log embankment, and followed it along for a bit, but we couldn't find any rectangles, so we had to go back, and find the trail again. Finally, we found it, and started climbing up and up. The path eventually turned towards a cliff, and through breaks in the trees, we could see the valley below. Even with all the mist, the view was beautiful. Ryosuke got out his camera, and took pictures. It was a nice place. I put my arms around him, and kissed him. He seemed pretty happy too. We walked on a bit further, and soon, I realized I needed to go to the washroom. We hadn't seen any washrooms. It just seemed like forest for miles. We hadn't seen any people either. Eventually, I couldn't hold it in any longer, and so I got Ryosuke to give me some tissues, and I went off the trail into the woods. I was a bit afraid, so I told Ryosuke to stay nearby. I tried to find some place private so I could hide if someone came along. I finally found a spot that was shaded by some tall grass and trees. I looked all around through the trees, but there didn't seem to be anyone there except maybe a few birds. I cautiously unbuckled my belt. When I was done, I realized I should wash everything off. "Ryosuke, can you bring me some water?" He popped up behind me instantly, making me wonder if he'd been watching. He peered down at my bare bottom as I poured water on the tissues, and cleaned myself off. "Don't look," I pouted as I dabbed between my legs with the tissues. "Jeez, Emi, if you stand there naked like that, I want to do a lot more than just look." Ryosuke rifled through his pockets looking for something. "What?" "Jeez, I forgot my condoms back in the car." I looked at him sternly, but to tell you the truth, I was feeling a bit excited too. I still felt afraid though, so I gathered up my panties and jeans, and pulled them back up. Ryosuke came up behind me, and wrapped his arms around my waist. He leaned in, and kissed my neck, but I just turned my head away shyly. I was about to do up the front of my jeans, when Ryosuke reached down, and stopped me. I could feel a large bulge poking into my behind. "Oh Ryosuke. I thought you just said..." "I know, I know. We don't have to do it here. I just want to take a look at you." He slid his hands into the waistband of my jeans and panties, and pulled them back down again. "Hey!" I protested. "Trust me, Emi. You look better like this." I pulled down the front of my t-shirt to try to cover up my pubic hair. I felt so exposed. I breathed in deeply trying to calm down. The pink flesh of my legs and hips stood out against the shadowy black earth of the forest floor. He motioned for me to lift up my leg, and I hesitated for a moment wondering how far he was planning to take this. I was afraid. I peered around looking for other hikers. "There's no one here, Emi. We've been here almost an hour, and haven't seen a soul." I was still worried, but I lifted my feet, allowing him to take off my jeans and panties. I just stood there for a moment a bit overwhelmed at being naked. Everything seemed more vivid and intense. Every little sound or movement made me jump. Holding down the front of my shirt to cover up, I turned around to face Ryosuke. He was stuffing my jeans and panties into his backpack. "Hey, what are you doing?" "I just thought we'd go for a little walk." "I can't walk around like this. What if someone comes?" "I told you. There's no one here." I desperately held onto the t-shirt hem, and stared back towards the trail. It's true. Earlier at the rocky beach, I had thought about going for a walk naked, but I didn't actually do it. This is crazy. I squatted down trying to hide. "C'mon, don't be like that. You look gorgeous. Here stand up, and let me get a look at you." I looked all around, but the woods seemed pretty quiet. I slowly stood up. I couldn't believe I was standing there in just my t-shirt. I felt all jittery inside. I just stood there tensed for the worst, but all we could hear was the wind in the trees and a few crickets and birds singing. "Here, take off your shirt, and let me take some pictures." I couldn't believe it. Here I was, naked from the waist down, completely freaking out, and all he can think of is taking pictures. Ever since he bought his new digital camera, he's been so keen on taking all these pictures of me. What if someone came? I just stood there, listening, still half expecting someone to appear at any moment. Ryosuke came over to where I was, and reached out to take a hold of my t-shirt. I held it down, but he grabbed me by the behind, getting me all excited. I started yelling at him, "No, let me go! Stop that! Oh, please!" He was tickling me though, so I broke out laughing. He got a hold of my shirt, and pulled it up and over my head. I probably could have stopped him if I tried, but to tell you the truth, I was excited too. I kept looking around nervously, while Ryosuke undid my bra, and took it off. I looked down at my naked body. My skin was so bright and pink. People would be able to see me for miles. I fingered my nipples. Why am I getting so excited? I ran my fingers through my pubic hair, and felt a shiver run up my spine. All I had on was a locket around my neck, a couple bracelets on one wrist and my black leather sandals. It was a spooky feeling to be naked in the woods, but it was exhilarating too. I know some day we're going to get caught, but even so, Ryosuke keeps pushng me to do more and more dangerous things. Ryosuke looked tickled pink. I was upset, but I was too excited to yell at him. "Jesus, Emi, look at you." I covered my breasts and pubis with my hands. "Oh, don't do that." I finally put my arms down, while he readied his camera. He took a bunch of shots. Both of us were so nervous. I couldn't stop shaking. You'd think I'd be used to this, but not at all. "Here, let's go for a walk." I looked at him uncertainly. Sure we hadn't met anyone yet, but that didn't mean someone wouldn't come along. He tried to reassure me, and I tried to calm down, but my heart was pounding away. I slowly stepped out from behind the grass into a little clearing. Even though it was still a bit misty, the sun was beaming down lighting up my naked body. I held my breath, gazing out at the woods in fear and wonder. I wanted to run, and hide somewhere. Ryosuke motioned for me to walk back towards the trail. I gathered my nerve, and slowly came out till I was on the trail. I looked back nervously at Ryosuke, but he just motioned for me to go on ahead, so he could take pictures of my behind. I tried to keep from shaking as I padded along through the woods. The trail was still pretty dark, but every once in a while we would come to a break in the trees where the sun shone down. I would quickly hurry through those parts, but Ryosuke said something about those being the best places to take pictures. I would stop, and try to pose for him for a bit, but then I would get all nervous again, and move away. As we walked along, and didn't see anyone, I managed to calm down a little, and tried to enjoy myself. I'd never walked in the woods naked before. It's really hard to describe. It is an amazing feeling. I felt so free, so aware of my body, nothing like when I'm wearing clothes. The cool breeze kind of makes you tingle all over. Just thinking about it gives me shivers. We continued along the trail for a while. That was kind of scary because we hadn't gone this way yet, and we didn't know what we'd find. Soon, we came to another log embankment at the bottom of a hill. We took a few shots there, and walked along a bit further. The path seemed to turn up the hill, and I could see this guard rail running along the top. Frightened, I squatted down, and waited for Ryosuke to catch up. He came up, but instead of giving me my clothes back, he just climbed up the hill to have a better look. I hunched there nervously for what seemed like forever, and then I saw him appear over the railing. He signaled for me to come on up. I got all jittery again as I slowly climbed up to the top, acutely aware of my own nakedness. The road ran through the forest, as far as we could see both ways. The air was quite clear. Maybe the mist was clearing up, but anyway, luckily, it looked like no one had used the road for a while. Ryosuke took my hand, and helped me cross over the guard rail. I felt so strange standing there on this wide road completely naked. I was terrified that a car would come along, but Ryosuke wanted to take more pictures. I leaned up against the rail, and tried not to look afraid. Then he got me to stand right out in the middle of the road! I reluctantly let go of the railing as if it had somehow been protecting me, and felt very exposed as I teetered out into the middle of the road. The tension was incredible, but I felt a rush when I finally got out there. I took a few steps, and then twirled around for him, and then scurried over to the forest on the other side of the road. At the time, I was scared out of my wits, but looking back, it was pretty exciting. We found the trail again, and followed it up. I kept looking back at Ryosuke for reassurance, but he kept telling to go on ahead. We came to a wooden stairway leading up to a break in the trees with the blue sky overhead. It looked like some kind of observation deck. I stopped at the bottom of the stairs, but Ryosuke motioned for me to go on up. We couldn't hear any voices, but there was always the chance that someone might be up there. I slowly climbed the stairs, the sound of my shoes hitting the wood ringing out through the quiet. I could hear Ryosuke's camera clicking away, so I tried to look brave, but the closer I got to the top, the brighter it got. The trees had at least provided some shade, but up top the sun was shining so brightly. As I got near the top, I bent down to hide in case someone was there. I cautiously peeked over the edge, but it turned out to be empty. I felt so relieved. It was a big platform with a wooden railing running around the edge with trees on either side. "When you get to the top, just stand there. You look great against the bright blue sky." I turned back towards Ryosuke. I don't know how he can be so calm. I was terrified. The platform was so high I could kind of see where the road was. If someone came up behind us, they'd be able to see me for sure. "Hurry up, Ryosuke. It's not safe." I felt hopelessly exposed. My pubic hair was standing up, so I brushed it back down shuddering as my fingers brushed against my most sensitive place. I was so excited. He finally stopped, and I moved away from the stairs as he came up behind me. I turned around, and looked toward the railing on the other side. I could see another hill across the valley in the distance, and then as I moved closer, the top of a building. At first, I wasn't sure what it was so I walked closer until I could see the whole town spreading out in the valley below! "Oh my god!" I just stared down at all these hundreds of buildings and houses. They seemed so close. I felt hot from the embarrassment, as I wondered if all these people could see me. I motioned for Ryosuke to come over, but he just stood there admiring my body. Can you imagine standing naked in front of a whole town of strangers? It was the weirdest thing I swear. I could feel these waves of fear and pleasure wash over me. I could feel an orgasm coming on. With an act of will, I finally managed to contain it, but it was a pretty close thing, let me tell you. Ryosuke came up behind me, and smiled when he saw the town. "Just what we needed - an audience." I swatted him, but he was laughing. "Relax, Emi. They can't see you from this distance." I wasn't so sure. I felt terrified, but also electrified at the thought of all these people looking up at me. I tensed fighting off another orgasm. Ryosuke backed up, and started taking pictures. I realized I better move away before someone really did notice, so I walked over to one corner of the railing where at least a few treetops blocked the view. "Aww. Where are you going?" Ryosuke protested. I just sort of stood there next to the treetops, shivering and looking nervously over at the rail. "Here. Do some poses, as if you were a model or something." "Like what?" "I don't know. Stretch up like you're trying to touch the sky." I felt silly at first, but I did as he suggested. I backed up to the railing, and leaned against it. "Here climb up on top." I looked over the edge. There was a place to stand on the other side of the rail so it's not like it was a sheer drop or anything. I glanced back over towards the town, but it looked dangerously close. I couldn't really see any people though, just the buildings and houses. I looked back at Ryosuke. I'm sure he knew I was scared, but he nodded for me to go ahead. I finally gave in, and climbed up on to the railing. I put my foot on the middle rung, and lifted myself up. Suddenly I could see the whole town again right there in front of me. I couldn't believe I was doing this. "Wow! You look like a bird or something flying in the sky." I was too scared to laugh. It did feel kind of good though with the breeze caressing my body. My legs were spread apart, and I could especially feel it down there. "Here bend forward." "What?" "Bend forward." My face got all hot again as I realized he wanted to take some shots of my bottom sticking up in the air. I hesitated for a moment, and then reached down to grab the guard rail to keep from losing my balance. I bent right over, and spread my legs. I could tell that Ryosuke was taking shot after shot. Oh, this is so embarrassing! "Damn! I wish I'd brought my condoms." I blushed even more. I straightened back up, and then put one leg on the other side of the rail. My sandals have like these platform heels, so it was kind of hard to balance, but I was right at the corner, so I managed to turn, and face him. He looked so happy, and had a huge bulge in his pants. I carefully turned over on to my front, and got up on all fours on the rail. I felt so naughty. Finally, I got down. "Can I have my clothes back now? Someone probably saw us." "I don't think so. We're up pretty high." "I'm getting cold." This was a lie, but I was worried about getting caught. It'd been fun, more than fun, but I wanted to feel safe again. He came over, put his arms around me, and gave me a gentle kiss. "You look so amazing. I don't think I've ever seen you look more beautiful." I looked down, and blushed. Without him, I never would have had the courage to do these things. You might not believe me, but deep down inside, I'm basically pretty shy. Or I used to be anyway. "Tell you what. On the way back, I'll go on ahead, and keep a lookout for people. On the first sign of anyone, we duck into the bush, and I'll give them back. How's that sound?" "Scary," I said. "Good. It's settled." The breeze seemed to blow stronger tickling my naked skin. I reached between my legs, drawing out a strand of my own love juice. I tried to stop from shaking, but it just kept getting worse and worse. "Are you OK? Maybe I'd better carry you." He squatted down, and motioned for me to get up on his shoulders. Teetering, I wrapped my legs around his neck, but his hair was tickling me in my most sensitive place. I shuddered, and just barely managed to hold back another orgasm. "No, no. Let me down. I'd better walk on my own." I breathed in deeply to try to calm down. I don't think I've ever been quite this far gone before. My whole body was ultra sensitive. Just the slightest touch could send me over the edge. I slowly calmed down, and became strong enough to stand. I was beginning to want Ryosuke, want him inside me. We had to get back to the car. I barely remember the walk back. I was in my own world, still thinking about the town staring up at me. If anyone had seen me, they'd think I was crazy for sure. Why had I done it? Why am I still naked? Eventually, the trail looped back towards the meadow where we'd come in. We were getting near the edge of the forest, and I could almost see where the road was on the other side of the meadow. I covered up my breasts and pubis as best I could, and hunched down a bit peering out to see if anyone was there. "You'd better give me my clothes." Ryosuke looked so disappointed. Surely he wasn't expecting me to walk all the way to the car like this. We'd been lucky so far, but it wouldn't be good to push things. "OK, you just wait here. I'll go get them from the car." "What? Wait! No. I mean the ones in your bag," I called out, but he was already gone. I squatted down, and tried to hide behind some bushes, while still keeping an eye on the road. I felt so afraid crouching there alone. The clouds had cleared up, so it was so bright in the meadow. Hurry up, Ryosuke, before someone comes. Finally, I saw him coming back. He had my cover-up folded over his arm, but he'd left his bag in the car. "Hey, where are my jeans?" "This'll be good enough." "I want my jeans." "You don't want your cover-up here? Fine. I'll just take it back, and you can go like that." I grabbed it from him, and put it on before he really did make me walk there naked. "And look what else I brought." He showed me some condoms. I looked at him for a moment, and then started to back away. "Oh no, you don't." "Oh yes I do." I ran out into the meadow to try to get away, but I had troubled running in my platforms in the high grass. He caught me, and pulled me down onto the grass with him. He just looked at me for a while, his eyes dancing with joy. I finally gave in, and kissed him. It felt so good to do it. I was lying on my back, and he lifted my legs up, and spread them so that he could lick me. His tongue felt so good after having to wait for him so long. He gathered the juices with his tongue, and then found my pleasure spot, and teased it till I couldn't take it anymore. I motioned for him to move up. He took out a condom, and slid it on. Then, he lifted up my cover-up, and started gently squeezing my breasts playing with my nipples. He climbed up on top of me, and moved his member in closer and closer. He set the head just against the door to my gates, and held it there moving it around a bit, teasing me more. I wanted him so badly. I pulled his arms, and finally it slid in. It felt so good as he filled me up. I was gasping for breath as he pulled it almost all the way out, and then thrust it back in deeper and deeper each time. He had found just the right angle and rhythm, and I was getting pretty close when through the haze, I heard a car on the road. He kept on thrusting for a while, but then he noticed it too. The car stopped, and we could hear the doors open, and slam shut. We couldn't see whoever it was through the tall grass, but from the noise it sounded like they were close. Ryosuke stopped thrusting. It was hard to think straight with him deep inside me. I was worried that they'd seen Ryosuke's head sticking up above the grass. He lay down flat on top of me, and we both tried to keep quiet. I rotated my hips trying to get him to slide out, but this just made him harder. He began sliding it in and out, teasing me. I gasped very softly, and dug my fingers into his shoulder muscles. We could hear voices, but with Ryosuke still humping me, I couldn't focus enough to make out what they were saying. I started squeezing, milking his penis to get him to come. He kissed me on the lips to muffle my voice, and soon we were going at it even more furiously than before. I don't think the people could see us, but I wasn't sure. I could feel my orgasm coming, but I tried to resist, worried about our audience. I finally lost control giving in. Ryosuke was still pounding away all sweaty and worked up. It didn't take long though, and soon I felt him blow. He slid it out, and I just kind of lay there in a daze. I slowly realized that I was still almost naked - my cover-up around my shoulders, and my legs spread-eagled wide open. I closed my legs, and pulled the cover-up down, but it wasn't long enough. I didn't want to sit up for fear they'd see me, but I could feel the grass on my bare bottom. What am I doing? If they discover us like this, how could we explain? How do I get myself into these situations? Ryosuke was also pretty slow to focus. His eyes finally cleared, and he took off the condom, and cleaned himself off before pulling up his pants. We had to wait though because it sounded like those people were still there. Eventually, their voices moved further away. They hadn't come to hike the trail, thank goodness. This was probably the closest call we've had yet. Ryosuke got up, and motioned for me to come with him. I looked down at my pussy, all wet and messy, and started to protest, but he'd already gone over to the car. "C'mon, Emi. Run. It'll be OK." I pulled the cover-up down as far as it would go, and hurried after him. We couldn't see the people, but their jeep was still here. I felt silly running in just my hoodie, but I made it to the car. The door on my side was locked. There were people driving by, and I think they saw me, but eventually, he opened the lock, and let me in. I felt so relieved. We'd got away with it again. My jeans and stuff were all still in the trunk. I asked him to get them, but he wanted to drive around a bit first. I felt pretty embarrassed, but most of the time the car was moving, so I guess no one could really tell I had nothing on down below. Once we found a restaurant, he gave me all my stuff back, so I could finally get dressed. A couple more things happened after that, but I'll stop here for now. Emi Tsuruta