Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. The Two of Us Take a Trip By Emi Tsuruta Note: this is one in a series of posts about my life. If you'd like to know more about my friends and me, drop by my home page at: Hi, it's Emi here. So much happened over the summer, I don't know if I'm ever going to get around to telling you everything, but anyway, I'll try. I guess the biggest news is right at the end of the summer, my boyfriend Ryosuke and I rented a car, and took a trip down the coast for a couple of nights. It was our first trip alone together, and so we did a whole bunch of things that we can't usually do here in Oceanview. I guess we kind of got carried away a bit, but for once, I didn't mind so much because there was no one around that we knew. Ryosuke had been working all summer, and so he'd saved up some money to spend on our trip and stuff. We stayed in this beautiful bed and breakfast right near the ocean. Our room had a big picture window that looked out over the garden, and you could even see the Pacific Ocean a little way away. On the Friday, we were supposed to pick up the rental car around 8 or so. I told my host mom that I was going with Asuka and Satomi, two of my friends from college. I got all packed, and headed over to the rent-a-car place just before eight. Ryosuke hadn't arrived yet even though he was supposed to finish work early. They didn't even have our car for us either. Ryosuke finally showed up, a half an hour late, smiling and cheerful as ever. They still didn't have any cars, but after we waited a bit more, we finally got one, and left for the Bed & Breakfast. Since this was the first time that Ryosuke and I had ever gone driving alone together, I felt so happy. I mean we go out a lot in Oceanview, but I don't know. It felt different to be travelling somewhere together, just the two of us. I guess it wasn't that romantic though. We left late, and then we had trouble finding the B&B, so we ended up having to ask someone, and they didn't know, so we had to borrow their cellphone, and call. We got there so late. The house was dark, but it was way out in the countryside. That was good though because you could see the stars, and hear the crickets chirping. It was so peaceful and secluded, our own little paradise. The lady who runs the B&B came out. Her name was Jill. She seemed pretty nice. She led us around to the back where we got our own private entrance. It was so cool because I felt like I was rich or something. She asked us what time we wanted breakfast the next morning, so we told her nine. Ryosuke was pretty tired from work and everything, so we went straight to bed. He fell asleep right away, but I kind of snuggled up next to him, and lay there for a while just enjoying being with him. I guess this was the first time we ever slept together in a real bed. I woke up pretty early, and at first, I didn't know where I was. I'm not used to waking up with Ryosuke right there next to me. It felt like we were married, and had our own house next to the seashore. I put my arms around him, and held him until he finally woke up. He looked pretty happy to have me there too, but I could tell he was thinking of naughty things. I was lying right next to him wearing this baby doll nightie I have. It's white and kind of sexy with frills and lace, almost like lingerie more than pj's. Anyway, all of a sudden, he reached over, and started pulling down my panties. We were in our room, so it wasn't so bad. The door was closed, and the blinds were drawn, but I still felt kind of funny. Jill had told us that there was a mother and her baby staying in the other guest room. We hadn't heard, or seen them, but I was kind of worried that they might hear us. Before I could stop him, he'd got my panties off, and started to pull me up on top of him. I could feel his, well you know, his... manhood, sticking up and brushing against me down there. I was so nervous. I got up off of him, and stood there next to the bed trying to tell out if anyone else was up. While I was standing there, he kind of reached over, and slid his fingers between my legs. I took a hold of his arm, but I didn't push him away. He's gotten pretty good at that kind of thing, so soon I was weak in the knees. I ended up pulling away. It's not like I was trying to tease him or anything. It was just that I was worried someone might hear us. "Maybe we'd better have a shower, and get ready. It's almost time for breakfast," I suggested. I pulled out some clean clothes and a towel and a wash cloth, but when I went to put my panties back on, he wouldn't give them to me. "You can go like that." I looked down at the hem of my baby doll nightie. In the front, it's almost long enough to cover my yoohoo, but it just kind of hangs straight down from my breasts and floats in the air. If I bend or anything, you'd be able to see for sure. At the back, it's definitely not long enough. I put my hand on my bottom, and it felt like I wasn't wearing anything at all. "I can't go like this!" "Sure, you can. You look great!" Ryosuke stood up, and twirled the blinds open. The sunlight came streaming in. I pulled the hem down at the front, and peered out worried that there might be someone outside in the garden. I picked up my bundle of clothes, and held them in front of me to block the view as I squinted into the bright light. Luckily, there didn't seem to be anyone there. "You better hurry, now quick like a bunny," he said, swatting me on my bare behind. The feeling of his fingers on my bottom just reminded of how naked I was. I looked nervously out into the hall, and then back at the window, kind of caught in the middle. If someone came along, there was nowhere for me to hide. I just sort of stood there hesitating for the longest time. My bottom felt cold almost, so I rubbed it to warm it up. My baby doll was insanely short. Surely Ryosuke didn't expect me to walk around like this. He came back, and took me by the hand pulling me out into the hall, as I held my clothes tightly against my tummy. We both looked anxiously into the recreation room, but luckily, there was no one there. I tried to break free, but he would let go. Soon, I was out in the center of the room. He let go, and stood back to get a look at me. I could feel the carpet on my bare feet. I begged him to let me go back to the room, but he just told me to shush. "Here, let me get my camera," he said. I moved to follow, but then I decided to try to make a run for the bathroom. I strode over with this funny feeling between my legs, but the door was closed, and I could hear the sound of the shower running. Off to the right, the door to the other guest bedroom was wide open, but there wasn't anyone there. I quickly ran back to our room. "The other guests are up and in the shower!" I warned him. He held my arm for a second, but then let me go pull on my panties. I felt so relieved. Eventually, our turn came. I got in the shower first, and was thinking we'd take turns, but instead, he stripped down, and got in too. His you-know-what was sticking straight up. We kind of fooled around a bit while we were showering. I squealed a couple of times, so I'm sure the other guests must have heard. I scrubbed Ryosuke's back, and he scrubbed me all over. It was kind of fun. Ryosuke got out first, and went back to our room, while I got dressed. I put on my glasses, even though I don't really need them. I thought they would make me look more serious after all my squealing in the shower. Jill didn't say anything about it, so maybe she didn't hear. Or maybe she's just used to it. We had breakfast alone, and then the mother and baby came just as we were leaving. They were going to a wedding apparently. Ryosuke and I got all our things ready, and then headed out. Ryosuke had heard that there is this very popular beach not too far from there with soft sand, clean water and not too many waves. It took us a little while to get there, and then we drove around a bit looking at the different beaches. We finally found a place to park in a grassy lot. By that time, we were hungry, so we went to find a place to eat. Just by the main beach, we found some fast food restaurants and a waterslider and stuff, like in an amusement park or something. I don't know why, but I got the feeling that everyone was watching us. I guess part of it was we were still in our street clothes, while everyone else was mostly in their swimsuits, even in the restaurants. We didn't see any change rooms anywhere. We didn't see any other Japanese people either, but we heard some people speaking Spanish. There are some nice beaches in Oceanview (the town where I live), but I'd never been to any beaches this far south before. You know what was kind of weird is that almost all the people were really good looking. Some of the guys had big muscles, like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Ryosuke kept staring at all the girls who walked by. In the restaurant, three American girls came, and sat right near us, and they had on these skimpy little bikinis. I tried to get Ryosuke to talk with me, but his eyes kept wandering back to the girls. They were just as bad. I'm pretty sure they were deliberately trying to get his attention, because they kept comparing tanlines or retying their bikini straps. When we finally finished eating, I almost had to drag him away. We went back to the car, but we still couldn't find any change rooms. Almost without thinking, I suggested that we get changed in the car. Ryosuke looked at me grinning from ear to ear. Right away, I started regretting having suggested it, but in any case, we had to change somewhere. I sat in the back seat while Ryosuke was outside the car supposedly keeping a lookout for people coming. I wrapped a big towel around myself, reached underneath my sundress, and pulled my panties down and off. Every once in a while, Ryosuke would take a quick look around, but mostly he was just watching me. I tried to pull my dress up without pulling the towel with it, but the two seemed to rise together. After two or three unsuccessful tries, I gave up, and just let the towel fall open as I lifted the dress up and over my head. I pulled the dress off my arms, and looked anxiously out the windows to see if anyone was coming. Sure enough just as I got my bra off, and was sitting there naked, a car drove up, and parked right next to ours. I covered myself up with the towel, and tried to act like nothing was wrong. Ryosuke got back into the car, and sat in the driver's seat, pretending to look at a map. Two middle aged American women got out of their car, and started to walk towards the beach, but just as I leaned forward to get my swimsuit out of my bag, I heard them call back to someone in the car. Both Ryosuke and I looked over, but we couldn't see anyone. Then suddenly a little boy popped up in the back seat of their car. The boy had been lying down, and was complaining that he didn't want to go. They argued back and forth for a little while Ryosuke and I pretended not to be listening. I kept trying to tighten up the towel around my breasts, but no matter what I did, it always felt like it was going to fall down. My heart was beating fast, and I felt so naked even though the towel was covering me. I wondered if I should just let the towel go. Ryosuke glanced back in the rearview mirror almost as if he could sense what I was thinking. Eventually, the boy got out, and they all went away. "Whew! That was close," I whispered, breathing a sigh of relief. "You should have given him a peek." "You would have liked that, wouldn't you?" "Not as much as if you gave me a peak." I pretended not to hear, and started rooting around in my bag for my swimsuit. I had brought three with me: the baggy navy one piece I used to wear in high school, the ultramarine thong one piece Ryosuke gave me last spring, and a red and white bikini I bought in Japan last time I went home. The bikini ties up at the sides and back, and I hadn't really had the nerve to try it yet, but with all the other girls dressed the way they were I decided this would be as good a chance as any. We were miles from Oceanview, so I doubted that we'd meet any of my classmates or professors. I got out the bikini and some sunscreen too. "Here, let me put some of that on you," Ryosuke offered, trying to look innocent. Of course I knew what he was up to, so at first I just looked at him, but to tell you the truth, I was starting to get a little excited too, sitting here in just my towel. "OK, but you have to promise: no funny business!" I warned him sternly. He made this serious face, and then crossed his heart with his fingers. Hesitantly, I handed him the bottle of sunscreen. I took a last look out the front windshield to make sure no one was coming, and then kneeled down on the seat with my back to him. When he first touched my shoulders, his hands felt kind of cold, but soon I began enjoying the way his strong fingers were massaging the lotion into my bare shoulders and back. He kept pulling the towel each time he moved down, until finally it fell away leaving my backside exposed. I grabbed the towel, but there didn't seem to be anyone watching. I moved to pull the towel back up, but Ryosuke held on to my arm, and kept working his way down. When he reached my bottom, I squirmed to break free, but he held my arm tightly, and soon he was rubbing the suntan lotion into the crack. I shook my head, and tried to pull away, but before long, he had got his finger all the way down and was running it along my... well, you know. "Ahhh!" I couldn't believe it. Here we were in the car, and all of a sudden, he was touching me there. I tried to reach back, and grab his arm, but his fingers had found exactly the right spot. He circled his finger round and round, and I was starting to get very excited. Then from behind us, we heard two guys coming closer. Ryosuke for once was calmer than I was. He got me to crouch down on the floor of the car, so they wouldn't be able to see. I just knelt there quivering, still high from Ryosuke's caresses. Ryosuke just sat there for a while in the front seat not moving. Apparently, there were other people coming. Slowly, I started to come back down to earth. I straightened the towel, and sat up. There were a bunch of people in the parking lot now. I put my fingers between my legs, and realized that I was soaked. I didn't want Ryosuke to realize how much I had enjoyed it, so I straightened my hair in the mirror, and tried to look serious. What on earth is wrong with me? It was like I'd turned into some kind of wild animal or something. We kept waiting for the parking lot to empty out again, but more and more cars were coming in. Finally, Ryosuke said, "This is hopeless. Let's just go to the beach." To tell you the truth, I didn't want to give up that easily, but neither of us could think of a place to go. I picked up my bikini bottoms, and tied them on, making sure that the towel didn't fall down. Ryosuke handed me back the sunscreen, and started to get undressed himself. He pulled down his pants and underwear, and his... his... well, you know, was sticking straight up. I was going to tell him to cover up, but he just let it bounce up and down while he straightened out his bathing trunks. Finally, he started pulling them on, but as he did, he lifted his member up so high I was sure someone would see. "Woops. Sorry," he said his face turning red. I was glad to see that even he gets embarrassed sometimes. Next, I started to tie on my bikini top, looking out the window to make sure no one was around. Once I'd got the top string tied around the back of my neck, and was sure that no one was watching, I let the towel fall away, and asked Ryosuke to tie up the string across the middle of my back. I lifted my hair up out of the way, and looked nervously over my shoulder to see if anyone was coming. Ryosuke pretended to be having a hard time getting the string done up, but I knew he was just doing it to tease me. He ran his hands along my back and then under my arms, but I lowered my arms to stop him before he got to my breasts. "Someone's coming," I whispered. "Well, it ain't me," Ryosuke sniggered. Anyway, he finally did my top up, and the two of us got out of the car. I looked down self-consciously at my swimsuit. I guess I looked good, which is important too, but it is much smaller than what I'm used to wearing. I walked around to the trunk where Ryosuke was putting his stuff in. "Do you think I look OK?" I asked nervously. He straightened up and eyed me up and down. Ryosuke, who doesn't usually say such things, looked me straight in the eye and said, "You look gorgeous, babe." I took a quick look around, and then leaned over, and kissed him. His arms went to my waist, but then I felt his fingers slipping into my bottoms at the back, so I squealed out, "Yiii! Your hands are so cold." I guess they weren't that cold, but anyway, it got him to stop. He went back to straightening the stuff in the trunk. I leaned over to put my own bag in, and he backed off a bit to take a look at me. I could feel his eyes on my behind, so I wiggled it a little. "These straps look pretty thin. Mightn't they come undone?" he chided. I could feel him pulling at the bow on one side of my hips. I straightened up, and caught it just as he was about to pull it undone. "See what I mean?" he said with this big smile on his face. I shot him a look, as I pulled the straps apart giving him a brief glimpse of my waist, and then tied it back up. "It won't come undone unless someone pulls at it." "Oh I don't know, Emi. You never know who might come along, and give it a tug," he said, looking down lustfully at my hips. I was glad to have him looking at me and not some other girl. This bikini had definitely caught his attention. "No one's going to tug at it except for you, so behave yourself." We got out our beach mats and towels, and headed off for the beach. When we stepped out into the parking lot, there were some hunky American guys walking our way, and they smiled at me. "Yeah, baby," they called out. Ryosuke tried to pretend like he didn't care. "Now where should we sit?" he asked trying to change the subject. The beach was packed with families and young people. Everyone seemed to come well-prepared. A lot of people had parasols, folding beach chairs for lying on, inflatable beach mats and all kinds of cool gear. We found a spot in the shade of the trees at the back of the beach, just behind this big mesh tent that one family had put up. We spread out our straw mats, and then put our towels on top of them. Ryosuke lay down, and gazed off towards the ocean. "Aren't you going to come swimming?" I asked. "You go on ahead. I'm just going to catch a little shut eye. I had a long week." I looked at him disappointed, sure this was just an excuse for him to sit, and ogle all the American girls in their skimpy bikinis. I know he likes American women. I am kind of worried some day he might dump me for some beautiful blonde girl, but actually, he's kind of shy around Americans, so maybe I shouldn't worry too much. Anyway, I got kind of angry watching him ogle all these girls from behind his sunglasses, so I went down to the water alone. I guess I was doing this on purpose, but I was kind of straightening out my bikini as I walked, teasing the American guys who were checking me out. I turned back towards Ryosuke, and found he was watching me too. Even if he's got some bad points, I know he does kind of like me. Anyway, I walked out into the ocean. This was one of the best beaches I've ever been to. The sand was so soft on my feet, and the water was shallow for hundreds of yards. I could see people way out there standing up on the bottom. The water was pretty warm too, maybe even warmer than the beaches in Oceanview. I dove in, and swam around, really enjoying the water. Every time I looked back, Ryosuke was looking straight at me. I guess deep down inside he really does care about me, but he thinks it's not cool to act too dependent or something. I was pretty sure he wanted to come in, but was holding back for some reason. Guys are kind of hard to understand sometimes. Finally, after I'd been swimming around for a while, he took off his sunglasses and t-shirt, and came out. I was so happy I swam over, and started jumping on top of him. He tried to dunk me, but I am a better swimmer than he is, so I got away. I started splashing him, and then he jumped up, and landed right on top of me. As I went under, I got a hold of his swimming trunks, and just as a joke started pulling them down. This was a mistake, because he let me, and then his... his you-know-what just kind of popped out under the water. It was pretty long, so I could tell he was excited, and then he started swimming around me in a circle like a shark. I thought, oh oh, I never should have got him worked up. He's hard to settle down once he gets like this. I went under, and got ready for him to come at me, but somehow, he got around behind me, and grabbed one of the side ties before I could stop him. I tried to swim away, but he held on to my bottoms real tight, and I could feel them slipping off. I stopped kicking, and just tried to hold onto my suit. There were a fair number of people around us, but most of them weren't swimming, just fooling around with their heads above water. There were three guys and a girl about the same age as us not too far away, and two of the guys were doing judo or something trying to dunk each other. With my bikini bottom half undone, I didn't want them to notice, so I tried to stay under water. I found a sand bar, and put my feet down being careful not to raise my middle out of the water. It was quite shallow. I looked down at Ryosuke who still had a grip on my suit. He kept pulling at it, and my legs went up, and my head went under water. I didn't move at all, but I didn't let go of the suit either. Eventually, he loosened his grip, so I could come back up, and breathe. "C'mon, Ryosuke. Tthis isn't funny." I pretended to be upset, although actually I wasn't too worried. I knew he was just teasing me. After I sulked for a little while, he said, "OK, OK, I'll let go, but first you have to do me a favor." "What now?" "Take off your top, and give it to me." "Are you crazy?" Just behind him, there was a middle-aged American woman walking this way. Turning over on to my front, I tried to swim a bit to get out of her path. At first, Ryosuke kept holding on, and I could feel my bottoms sliding down. She continued to walk forward, and smiled at us as she got closer. I wondered if she could see that my suit was coming off. "It's nice and warm near shore, but it's kind of cold out here," she said in a friendly tone. Ryosuke didn't look at her, but I nodded nervously, and tried to smile. She kept on going, and eventually passed us by. I looked over at Ryosuke who was now floating somewhat out of breath. He finally let go, and I pulled my bikini back up, and re-tied the side. I pretended to be angry. "Are you crazy? She was looking right at us." "You started it," he yelled back. I bowed to him a couple of times to apologize, and he smiled back. "Sorry," he said, breathing deeply. We kissed once, and then I checked the ties again to make sure they were tight. "That was close," he went on seemingly sorry. We swam back to shore, and went back to our towels. I wasn't that out of breath, but he just kind of lay there puffing. A whole bunch of other stuff happened, but I think I'll just stop there for now. I'll try to write more soon. Hope you are enjoying the summer. Emi Tsuruta