Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. In a Bikini Shop Changing Room By Emi Tsuruta Note: this is one in a series of posts about my life. If you'd like to know more about my friends and me, drop by my home page at: Hi, it's me, Emi again. A while back, I took my boyfriend Ryosuke to the fitness center to go swimming. I was all excited and happy, because I love swimming, but actually, Ryosuke didn't think much of my swimsuit, an Asics navy one piece I'd brought with me from Japan. 'Too old fashioned,' he said. It doesn't look that bad, but I guess he wants me to wear something a little sexier. We talked about it a bit more, and eventually, he offered to buy me a new suit. Eventually, we went shopping. We swam in the morning, and then went to this shopping mall near the main beach just a bit south of town. It has a tropical beach resort kind of atmosphere with palm trees and stuff. It was spring, and it had started getting a bit warmer out, but the mall wasn't that busy yet. After a quick bite to eat, we went to look for swimsuits. We tried the department store first, but all the women's sizes were pretty big on me. Then, we walked around for a long time, until we found a shop that specialized in swimsuits. I think it was called Bikini Hut or something like that. The clerk was this tanned guy in his twenties dressed in a Hawaiian shirt and shorts. His hair was bleached orange. As soon as we walked in, he immediately came over to me, and said, "Can I help you, miss?" He sounded like a surfer. Ryosuke came over, and stressed that, "WE are looking for a swimsuit." Ryosuke doesn't usually get jealous, so I thought it was a bit funny, but anyway... "What kind of suit are you looking for?" the clerk asked. "A bikini," Ryosuke answered, patting me on my derriere. I was embarrassed that he would do this in front of the clerk, but let it pass. The clerk led us back to where the bikinis were hanging. Ryosuke looked at me. "Well my sweet, which one do you like?" I reached out, and took one off the rack, navy blue like the one piece I usually wear. It was much smaller, just a few strings and not much material. "Good choice," the clerk said. "That's one of our most popular items. I've got it in other colors if you'd like." I looked at it closely. The material was slippery, and glistened. "Um, what kind is it?" I asked. "Oh, it's a super shiny wet look sport bikini. They're quite popular now," he smiled. I don't think I'd seen any girls in a suit like this, but anyway... "What other styles do you have?" "What about this one?" Ryosuke pulled out another suit even skimpier than the first. "Oh, that. That's a g-string," the clerk went on. Ryosuke held it up to my body. "Would you like to try it on?" I laughed nervously, and backed up a little. I guess I should tell you: as much as I love to swim, but I don't usually wear bikinis. I like my school swimsuit, but I also have ones like they wear in the Olympics. I used to dream of being an Olympic swimmer. "Uh, do you have any one piece swimsuits?" I asked. Both of them blinked. Ryosuke gestured for me to try on the g-string, but I just ignored him. Finally, the sales clerk pulled out a shiny ultramarine one piece. "Well, how about this one?" At first glance, it looked better. The straps were maybe an inch wide, and it had more material to it. Ryosuke looked at the price tag, and then nodded for me to take it. "Our fitting rooms are here," the clerk told us, taking us to the back wall, and pulling open the curtain on one booth. I was kind of hoping for something away from the hustle bustle of the store, but this was all they had. I went in, and shut the curtain as far as it would go. There was still a little crack open. I felt a bit nervous about that, but anyway, I put my bag down, and started to undress. I lifted up my sweatshirt, and then realized that I still had on my own swimsuit from our swim that morning. I peeked out through the crack, but I couldn't see anyone. I still felt nervous though. I pulled down my skirt, and stepped out of it. Peeking outside again, I finally spotted the clerk further down the aisle talking with Ryosuke. Quickly, I pulled the straps of my suit off my shoulders. My breasts popped out. I could feel a breeze blowing in. I'd better hurry. I took a deep breath, stepped out of my shoes, and pulled my swimsuit down and off. I stood there naked straightening out my suit. I eventually tossed it aside, and got the new one. I felt a bit vulnerable with only this thin curtain separating me from the clerk and mall. I could still hear their voices just outside. Looking at the new swimsuit closer, at first I couldn't figure out how it worked. There were no clasps or ties or anything. It really was just one piece. I bunched it up, and stepped into it. It was a lot tighter than my school swimsuit though, so it took a real effort to get it over my hips. I stuck a hand down the back between my butt cheeks, and pulled it up over my rear. From there, I gradually edged it up inch by inch over my breasts until I could slide the straps up over my shoulders. The material was so stretchy, but once I'd got it on, it clung to my body like a second skin. The back though was this skimpy little thong, so you could see my butt cheeks. It almost looked as if I wasn't wearing anything at all. "Are you ready yet?" Ryosuke called in. He was right on the other side of the curtain. I slid my index finger into the crack of my bottom to try to dig the thong out, but it was hopeless. "Is it on?" "Yes, but..." He pulled back the curtain. I turned to face him trying to hide my behind. "Wow! You look great." I looked down. The leg openings were so high cut I was worried you could see my bush. I was getting butterflies just standing here. "Here, let's see the back." I shook my head. I felt so embarrassed. "C'mon. Don't be silly." He took my arm, and got me to turn around. I covered my bottom with both hands, but he just barked "Emi!" getting me to show him. I finally pulled my hands away. He peered down at my bottom, breaking out into a big smile. Over his shoulder, I could see the clerk coming over to get a look. I reached up to close the curtain. "What are you doing? Come on out, and take a look at yourself in the mirror." "The mirrors are over here," the clerk said pointing back towards the entrance to the store. I looked out fearfully at all the people passing by outside in the mall. I swear I felt so indecent. Before I could talk him out of it, Ryosuke took my hand, and led me out towards the mirrors. The clerk followed me clearly fascinated with my bare behind. "Looks like a perfect fit to me, miss," he grinned. Once I got to the mirror, I looked down at the crotch. The legs were so high cut, and the way the material clung to my pubis you could see way too much. Ryosuke gave the thong a tug, getting a real kick out of embarrassing me. "How strong is the material?" he asked making me turn so that the clerk could see. "Oh, uh, this suit is made of lycra - that's what you feel against your skin, miss," he informed me. "And the shininess comes from latex I believe. It's quite strong although you have to be careful when you are putting it on." "Or taking it off," Ryosuke mused playing with the shoulder straps now. It looked like he was about to strip me, so I grabbed his hand, and nodded towards the audience who'd gathered at the entrance. "So what do you think?" Ryosuke asked cheerfully. I waited for him to let go of my straps, and then tried to cover my tush with my hands. I don't know where all those people came from all of a sudden. "I don't know. I think I would need something to wear over it," I said turning to the clerk. "Oh, a cover-up, you mean. We have lots of those too." The clerk walked out toward the entrance, and pulled one off the rack. "How about something like this?" I couldn't see, so I followed him out. The guys at the front were trying to pretend like they weren't ogling me, but it's pretty clear that they were. I looked to Ryosuke for reassurance, but he motioned for me to look at the cover-up. It was long and white, like a sundress except with a hood on it. The clerk took it off the hanger, and I pulled it on. The terry cloth material felt nice and soft on my skin. The tag said something about 'fleece.' "Oh, maybe that one's a bit big. Here's a small," the clerk said, passing me another one. The guys out front looked even more excited as I stripped off the one cover-up. I was so embarrassed I turned away, but they seemed even more thrilled by my lilywhite ass. Some of the guys started coming right into the shop, so the clerk told me, "Take your time. I'll be right here," and went over to help them. "So what do you think?" Ryosuke asked. "Oh I don't know," I sighed. I fingered the hem of the cover-up, trying to tell if it was long enough to cover up my buns. It wasn't. "It is revealing," I whispered, peering up at him through my bangs. I was pretty excited by then, but trying not to let on. "Yeah, but it looks great on you." I blew a puff of air, trying to flip up my bangs. Some of the guys had come right, trying to get a better look at me. All nervous now, I pulled off the cover-up, as these strange guys circled in closer and closer. "Here, let me get changed, and I'll think about it." I scooted off to the back of the store, but when I got to the change booth, Ryosuke came in behind me. "What?" He closed the curtain, and just stood there. "Go ahead, and change." I was actually pretty worried by then. These guys were just outside, and they probably saw Ryosuke follow me in. "Ummm...," I stammered not knowing what to say. Ryosuke reached over, and nodded for me to stretch out my arms, so he could pull the shoulder straps off. I felt so nervous. It felt pretty naughty letting him strip me with all these people around. "You're gorgeous. You know that?" he whispered, pulling me into him to give me a kiss. He was playing with my bottom with one hand, and yanking down my suit with the other. "Careful you don't rip it," I cried. He slowed down, but I could tell he was horny. He carefully worked the suit down, until my breasts popped out. He scooped one up, and began playing with it with his tongue. I was glad I'd got him so excited, but I was quite worried about these guys outside probably listening. I tried not to pant too loudly, as he pulled my suit down inch by inch trying to get to my pussy. I grabbed his shoulders trying not to fall back. I peered nervously at the crack in the curtain, as he massaged my hello kitty to life. "Careful. You'll get the suit wet," I said, blushing when I realized what I had said. "Too late. I guess we'll have to buy it now." Embarrassed, I tried to stand up, but that just made it easier for him to pull my swimsuit right off. "Kyaa!" I squealed. "Shhh!" We both stood stock still wondering if anyone had heard. One of the guys was definitely right there just outside the curtain. "We can't do it here," I whispered, peering out trying to tell if the guy was watching. Ryosuke nodded, but instead of stopping, he ripped his pants open showing me the size of his erection. I tried to resist, but there was no room to maneuver. I couldn't exactly flee out into the shop in the buff either. Ryosuke slid a finger between my legs, checking how wet I was. "You are absolutely soaked." It was true. I couldn't deny it. Running around out there almost naked had got me excited. I shivered as he pulled my hips down onto him, and ran the tip of his cock along my gates of heaven. It was making me crazy. He flicked his penis around teasing me with it, while he pulled a condom out of his pocket, and handed it to me. I squatted down, and I swear my eyes met those of this guy outside. I don't know how much he could see, but surely he must know what we are doing. I tried to stay away from the opening, but it was hard. I wrapped my mouth around Ryosuke's penis to wet it, and then rolled the condom on with my fingers. He was bracing his arms against the wall, and looked very much like he was about to come. I straddled him again, as I heard the clerk's voice. "Is everything all right in there? Do you like that one, or should I bring you something else?" I wanted to answer, but Ryosuke was pressing down on my hips, sliding his penis up inside me. It felt so good. I almost fell backward, but Ryosuke grabbed me, and pulled me in closer till his full length was way up inside of me. I was in such sweet torment that I couldn't answer at first. "Miss?" I pulled out as far as I could, and tried to focus. "Uh no... I think... this one... will be OK." I put my feet flat on the ground, and tried to stand up, but Ryosuke just pulled me back onto him. I muffled a squeal of pleasure. Oh yes! That's right! Just like that! "Oh, that's great. Just let me know when you are ready, and I'll ring it through." I glanced outside the curtain. The guy who'd been watching us before had disappeared, maybe scared off by the sales guy. Thank god. I humped Ryosuke even harder. I tried to keep from orgasming, prolonging the pleasure, but I was too excited. I lost control, and came in wave after wave. We both cried out, and then the whole shop went silent. Whoever was outside heard us for sure. As my head started to clear, I managed to get off of Ryosuke, and then reach down to my bag for some wipes to clean up. There was liquid all down the inside of my thighs. It must have been my own juices because Ryosuke still had on his condom. Ryosuke pulled up his pants, and went out to buy the swimsuit and cover-up. I just sat there, too stunned to move. When Ryosuke came back, I finally pulled on my sweatshirt and skirt. I couldn't put my panties back on because they would get all sticky. "Did the sales clerk say anything?" I asked, worried what people outside must have thought. Ryosuke smirked. "I guess we got a little carried away." When we walked out of the store, the clerk gave us such a look. We found a washroom, and I finally got cleaned up, and dressed. Whenever I see that swimsuit though, it reminds me of that day. Emi Tsuruta