Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. In the Woods with My Boyfriend By Emi Tsuruta Note: this is one in a series of posts about my life. If you'd like to know more about my friends and me, drop by my home page at: Hi. My name is Emi... Emi Tsuruta. I'm a girl from Japan, but my family moved around a lot when my sister and I were young. For the last couple years, I've been studying here in the United States at a small liberal arts college in southern California. School is going well and everything, but actually, I have a different sort of problem. Pull up a chair, and I'll tell you about it. To tell you the truth, I'm not even sure if I should be talking about this or not. You see, it's about this guy I'm going out with - Ryosuke, his name is. He's a nice enough guy, clean cut, good-looking and everything. We get along alright, but the thing is he's kind of into - how should I put this? - getting me naked I guess. And I'm not talking about in the shower or bedroom, but other places. You know like, public places. Now I know what you're going to say. Isn't that dangerous? Don't we get caught? That's the problem actually. I'm worried about that too. The first time we did it I don't think anyone saw us, but it is dangerous. Like we're out there, and there are people wandering around. Someone could happen by, spot us, and call the police or whatever. It is scary. The thing is though that I kind of like him... Ryosuke I mean. He has this strange side to him, but he has other good qualities too. He clearly likes me, and he's nice to me most of the time. He takes me out, tries to think of fun things for us to do. It's kind of nice to have someone like that in your life, you know? So anyway, I've been wondering what to do. I wasn't sure who I could talk to, so I decided to write about it, post it here, and see you what you all think. When I first came to Oceanview a year or two ago, I felt kind of lonely because I didn't know anyone. That's when I met Ryosuke. He's from Japan too. He showed me around, introduced me to people, gave me advice on what classes to take. Before long, we started going out. I am pretty shy really, but I found him easy to talk to. He knew what I was going through because he'd done the same thing, come here from Japan to study. Anyway, after we'd been going out for a while, we started looking around for a place where we could be alone together. I live with an American family, and so does he, so it was a bit awkward. I did invite him to my house to meet Loretta, my host mom, but she's a bit protective of me I guess. She knows my parents, and doesn't want anything bad to happen to me. That's understandable, but it kind of made it hard to spend time alone with Ryosuke with her and her kids hovering around. I was kind of nervous about meeting his host family too. They're kind of rich, and we weren't really sure how they'd react either, so mostly we stayed away. Anyway, sometimes after school, we'd go to this park not too far from our university. We'd park our bikes, and sit on a bench, and talk about all kinds of things - our future, our families, our hopes and dreams. One day, we had a date. I guess I can admit that I knew things were getting more serious between the two of us, but we hadn't really kissed nor done much of anything yet. I did dress up for the occasion a little. I wore white sneakers, a smart white short sleeve blouse and a black denim mini-skirt with buckles and pockets (oh and white cotton panties and a bra too of course). I was trying to look casual but classy. I don't know for sure, but I think he likes this kind of look. We both had the afternoon off, so we had lunch, and then biked over to the park. At that time, there weren't that many people around. Ryosuke put his arm around me, and we just kind of sat there, watching the birds and the trees blowing in the wind. I felt kind of happy just to be there with him. Then suddenly, he leaned over, and kissed me. I was kind of surprised. That was the first time we'd kissed, but I did really like him and all, so I just kind of leaned back, and let him kiss me. His lips were so soft. It felt good to finally kiss him, to know for sure that he liked me the same way I liked him. I was just kind of lying back, enjoying the kiss, when soon, I felt his hand cupping my breast through my blouse and bra. I guess he was excited by my outfit, excited by our kiss. We were in public, so I pushed his hand away, and glanced around the park trying to see if anyone was watching. It wasn't so much that I didn't like what he was doing. I just didn't want anyone to see us. Back down the path, there were some teenage boys on their bikes. They didn't seem to be paying any attention to us, but they were right there. I pointed them out to Ryosuke. He nodded, stood up, and held out his hand. I wasn't sure what he was planning, but when I took it, he led me into the woods behind the bench. I don't think we'd ever gone into the trees before. There were all these branches and mosquitoes, but Ryosuke was quite forceful all of a sudden. I was just kind of swept along, caught up in the moment. He led me down the hillside till we came to this little ravine. At the bottom, there was a little creek. Ryosuke piled up some leaves on a patch of open ground, sat down on them, and waved for me to sit next to him. I just looked at the leaves. "I can't sit there. My skirt will get all dirty." He got up on his knees, and came over to where I was standing, and kneeled there looking up at me. He moved his eyes down till he was looking straight at my mini-skirt. In Japan, when I was in high school, we had to wear mini-skirts, but actually, when I came to the States to go to college, I switched to wearing jeans, because that seemed to be what the American girls do. After I met Ryosuke though, I would dress up for our dates, trying to look sexy I guess, so that's why I was wearing a mini-skirt that day. The way he was staring at my hips made me feel funny inside, this warm anxious antsy feeling. I knew what he wanted to do, and part of me wanted to be with him too, but I was still worried about those boys back up at the top of the hill. Before I could stop him, Ryosuke reached up, and started undoing the belt on my skirt. I didn't know what to do. I mean I like Ryosuke and everything, but here we were out in public in this park in the middle of the day. Back up the hill, I could hear the boys yelling. I began to worry that maybe they'd seen us head down this way, and might come looking for us. Ryosuke pulled my belt loose, and started to undo the zipper at the side of my skirt. I guess we'd both been looking for a place to be alone, but I didn't think he'd want to do something here of all places. Ryosuke is usually quite calm, but now he had this wild look in his eyes. Once he'd gotten my zipper open, he pulled my skirt and panties down with a yank. I was completely freaking out. I covered my pubic hair with my hand, so embarrassed. I could feel his hand on my bottom, his fingers probing around down there trying to find the right spot to touch me. I didn't want to, but I felt these waves of excitement welling up inside me. I tried to focus, stay calm, but the more he touched me, the worse the feeling got. He pulled my skirt and panties all the way down to my ankles, and then nodded for me to lift up my feet, so he could take them off. I was still quite worried about the boys, but I did as he asked, feeling more and more embarrassed by the moment. He started kissing me on my hips, while squeezing my buttocks, getting me all excited. He worked his way ever closer to my gates of heaven, teasing me with his tongue. Just when I thought I was going to burst, Ryosuke pulled away, and went to get something from his bag. He pulled out a condom, showing me what it was. I'd seen one before. I had a boyfriend in Japan, but this was the first time I'd seen one in the States. It was purple, and had a picture of a Greek gladiator on the front. Next Ryosuke undid his zipper, and took out his... his... well, you know... his manhood. It looked so big and out of place here in the greenery of the park. I kept thinking, "Oh my god! What are we doing? This is crazy." I was just so shocked I didn't know what to do. Ryosuke gently pulled me over and down onto the leaves. He made me lie down, and then got up on top of me, lifting my blouse up to get at my breasts. He lifted off my bra, and started playing with my nipples, getting me even wetter. I could feel his you-know-what poking at my gates, begging to be let in. I looked up at the blue sky, wondering why we were doing it here of all places. I kind of slid my hips to the side, not letting him in at first. He finally looked down, tilting his own hips until he found the right spot, and then suddenly, I felt him welling up inside me. I shuddered, so surprised I guess, not really thinking we would go all the way out here under this canopy of green. It was a weird feeling you know, having his thing up inside me for the first time. I was gasping for breath, kind of in shock, struggling to adjust to his size. I don't know if he is bigger than my last boyfriend, but it sure felt like it. I stretched out, arching my back, trying to find the right angle to... oh, there it is. Maybe I've got it. Ryosuke's face is usually so calm, placid actually, but now that we were doing it, having sex out here in the woods, he looked so serious, so determined, almost as if he had something to prove. I gently touched the side of his face, telling him it was OK, telling him to take his time. He was lost in a haze of lust though, humping away like crazy. It was hard not to be excited. It was the first time for us, our heated entry into a new world of passion and lust and pleasurable sensations. I kept trying to rotate my hips, not to get away so much as to try to get him to slow down. It was hard though with my feet slipping on the leaves. I was too excited to focus in any case. Before I knew it, he came. I could feel his seed welling up in the condom deep inside of me. At last I could breathe. I just lay there staring up at the leaves above us. We'd done it. We'd had sex. It took me quite some time to come back down, to realize where we were. Slowly, I began to feel the leaves stuck to my backside, the goo between my legs, the breeze nipping at my exposed skin. I sat up to see if those boys had found us. I couldn't see them, but I could still hear their voices, frightfully nearby. I pulled the tails of my blouse down trying to hide my wet pussy. Part of me wanted to linger, to treasure this moment, our first time together, but the truth was we had more important things to worry about. We had to get out of here, before someone did spot us. Ryosuke finally sat up. He got out a wet nap, and took off his condom. "Uh, sorry. I... uh... Are you OK?" he asked with genuine concern. What a question! "Um yeah. I'm OK... I mean, that was good. I... uh..." I wasn't really used to this, so I didn't know what to say. He understood though, and smiled. We heard the boys again, so I franticly looked around. "Where are my clothes?" "Oh. Uh, over there." He nodded toward the bank of the stream. I peered up the hill to make sure the boys weren't watching, and then stood up, and walked over to where they were. It felt so weird walking around the park in only my prim proper blouse. Ryosuke peered over at my bare bottom, getting excited again. I covered the crack of my behind with my hand, and said, "Don't look." Ryosuke scooched over, and kissed me on one cheek of my bottom. "Emi, you have an incredible body." I was happy he likes how I look. I peered down at him, wondering if he wanted to do it again, but we couldn't really with those boys up there. "We'd better go." I found my skirt, and further down, my panties. They had fallen in the mud on the bank of the creek. I got down on all fours, and pulled them out. Ryosuke opened his eyes wide, and made a funny face, as he ogled my patootie. Quickly, I slipped on my skirt, doing up the zipper and button. I was about to pull on my panties too, but they were all muddy. I wrang them out, but they were still all wet. "Here. We'd better get those cleaned," Ryosuke suggested. I inched down towards the creek, intending to rinse out my panties, but Ryosuke shook his head. "What? You can't wear them wet like that. C'mon. I know where we can go." I really didn't want to walk around without them. The black mini-skirt I was wearing is one of the shortest I own. I could feel the breeze on my thighs and between my legs, giving me goose bumps. I tried to pull my skirt down, but you could see my thighs all the way up. I had deliberately chosen this skirt to look sexy, but with no panties to go with them, I felt so naked, so vulnerable. "What am I supposed to do? I can't walk around like this." "Sure you can. You look fine." My hello kitty was tingling like crazy. Ryosuke seemed to have calmed back down, but I was still high from the sex. He motioned for me to come take his hand. I hesitated, nervous, but probably he was right. I couldn't wear these panties wet like this. Reluctantly, I packed them away in my purse, went over, and took his hand. When we emerged from the woods, the boys were right there, chasing each other around on the grass. They looked over, zeroing in my thighs the moment I stepped out. I tightened my grip on Ryosuke's hand, but he just told me to ignore them. It was hard though the way they were staring at me. Maybe they hadn't seen us having sex, but they definitely could tell there was something strange about this insanely short skirt. I pulled it down, and turned away, but they seemed equally fascinated with my caboose. My heart was pounding louder than ever. Ryosuke calmly led me over to our bicycles. "Oh, you've got to be kidding," I gasped. "I can't ride like this." "We've got to get out of here," he noted, pointing to the boys. They'd stopped their games, and were all standing there watching me now. My hair was all tousled, so surely they must have guessed we'd just had sex. I was so nervous that I'd tensed up, pulling my skirt up even higher. I'm pretty sure they could see my butt cheeks peeking out from underneath. That's probably why they are staring so much. "Come on. Let's go. There must be a laundromat near here." Reluctantly, I leaned over to pick up my bike. When I did so, I suddenly I realized I was inadvertently flashing my rear end at those boys. They were all excited now, pointing me out, and laughing. Ryosuke eyed me suspiciously, wondering if I'd flashed them on purpose. That wasn't it at all. I was just so nervous I wasn't thinking straight. It got even worse when I straddled the seat, rubbing my bare placey up against the leather of the seat, making me feel all funny inside. I pushed off finally cycling away from those boys at least. I cycled along, trying to act normal, but people kept turning to look at me. I kept trying to push my skirt down to cover my pussy, but I needed both hands to steer, and keep my balance. It was impossible to do both. I had to let the skirt go, and pray they didn't realize I was pantiless. I'm sure some people must have realized. It was maddening though not being able to do anything. "Ryosuke! Wait up!" We were getting near there entrance to the park. Riding through the park was bad enough, but going out onto the busy street would be even worse. Ryosuke biked across the street, but stopped to talk to someone. He waved for me to come over. Trying to cover up, I got off my bike, pushed down my skirt, and walked over to where they were. "Emi, this is Seiji. He's in Poli Sci, senior year." "A pleasure to meet you," Seiji said, his eyes sparkling. He was trying to be nice, but I was too embarrassed to reciprocate. My face must have been so red by then. All I could think of was the tingling between my legs. The two of them chatted for a while, until Ryosuke finally asked if he knew of any laundromats nearby. Seiji looked at me closer now, no doubt wondering why we were asking. I don't think he saw, but who knows? He did keep peering down at my thighs. Anyway, soon they said goodbye, and Ryosuke nodded for me to get back on my bike. I don't think he realized how embarrassing this all was. Or maybe he did, but was having too much fun. I gave him a peeved look, but did as he requested. We rode around for quite some time. Every time I passed some guy, he'd do a double-take, peering down at my backside. I'm pretty sure they could see my butt cheeks, but what could I do? This one guy in mirror sunglasses gave me a thumbs up. It was so embarrassing. Eventually, we found a laundromat. I was hoping no one would be there, but there was this American guy at the back waiting for his own wash. At first, he wasn't paying attention, but when I got out my panties, he immediately noticed. I pushed my skirt down, but I'm sure he must have guessed I was commando. He kept staring at my rear, fascinated. I rinsed off my panties in the sink, and then put them in the dryer. We had to wait there for them to dry. I sat down, but the guy kept stealing glances at my thighs trying to peek up my skirt. Ryosuke glared at the guy, getting him to back off, but he continued to hover nearby, watching me. Once my panties were dry, we found a washroom, and I pulled them on. I felt so relieved. Anyway, that's basically what happened. What I want to know is, is this normal? What do you think? What should I do? Emi Tsuruta