Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. CAUTION... CAUTION... CAUTION... CAUTION... CAUTION... CAUTION... CAUTION... CAUTION... STANDARD WARNING This story is of an erotic nature, I wouldn't dream of telling you what you can or can't read but if the law, in your part of the world, says you must not read this sort of fiction then please go read something that they'll let you. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ Mind Games by Duke of Ramus A Piece of my Imagination --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ Well what can I say, I was the one who had always thrown scorn at hypnotism and people being able to bend spoons and the like. Now, due to a blow to the head and, probably, an electric shock, I can do these things, and do them very well. It all started one rather murky Wednesday, I had gone Windsurfing on the Lake, the joys of the Army, you had to do sports on a Wednesday afternoon, whether you wanted to or not. After a very pleasant afternoon we had retired to the club bar, where I'd had my customary beer and then said goodbye to the lads and started to make my way back to my car to go back to camp. This as they say, is when the shit hit the fan, or to be more precise, the metal hit Kevin on the head. I had crossed the road to the car park, on the corner of the car park was an electricity sub-station, my car was parked behind it. I went between the two and then heard an almighty bang and everything went black. I remember fleeting glimpses of light and voices in my head, but when I eventually came round properly I'd been unconscious for a week. The doctors informed me that I had been hit on the side of the head by a chunk of metal from the sub-station. This had been broken free when a lorry had failed to make the bend on the road and had driven into it. They believed that I had also been shocked at the same time because of the burns on my right shoulder and left heel, this apparently, is where the electricity entered and left my body. Apart from these injuries they could find no other signs of damage, either physical or mental. They were apparently going to keep me in for a few days, just for observation, "Oh yeah", I thought, and the doctor said "Really, we don't think there are any problems." He'd answered my thought. I must admit that thinking about it afterwards this was the first indication that anything had changed in me, but I didn't notice at the time. The next couple of days I wasn't really paying a lot of attention, I was tired and they were keeping me fed on a cocktail of pain killers and tranquillisers. One of the things I did learn in that first few days was that the driver of the lorry hadn't survived the collision, and that the police were investigating the circumstances of the accident. After the first week the doctors reduced the strength of the pain killers and stopped the tranquillisers completely. This was the period of time when I started to realise how I had changed, it started simply enough, the nurse who was looking after me was nagging me about something and I thought "Oh stop it, your not my mother are you." She was actually facing away from me at the time and spun round and said, sternly, "No, Sgt Haynes, I'm not your mother, and if you ever want to see her again you'll do as your told." Which shut me up instantly, the shock of her response and the fact that I hadn't said anything out loud. As she turned to leave I thought at her "Sorry", she sort of nodded as she left. This gave me time for some serious thinking, what exactly had happened, and what exactly could I now do. I started, very carefully, to experiment, I admit that I started on fellow patients, well they couldn't exactly run away could they. The first thing I did was, using thought as a form of speech, call out there names, when they weren't looking, and ask them a question. This worked in every case, provided I thought at a person he could hear me. Fortunately they didn't seem to be able to hear my normal thinking. From this I moved on to trying to give instructions, or to be more precise giving instructions. If I thought at them, as an order, they obeyed immediately, the one thing I had to be careful about was not leaving them hanging. If I had them do something I had to have them continue with a similar action that they wanted to do, or return them to there original position and let them carry on as normal. If I didn't do this it left them stood there thinking and scratching their heads, I figured this could be dangerous to me in the future. Yes I've always been a coward, but, better a live coward than a dead hero. I started to have a little bit of fun with my nurse next, apart from bullying me she wasn't a bad girl really, she wasn't beautiful, but you wouldn't have kicked her out of bed either. The next time she came to give me my tablets I 'told' her that it was quite warm, I saw her start to look slightly flushed, next it was 'you should undo a few buttons to keep cool'. Her hand went to the top of her uniform and she undid the top couple of buttons, so far so good, then it was 'that helped but your still hot, undo a couple more', again no hesitation, and the next couple of buttons were undone. I could now see the swell of her breasts over her white bra, dare I go any further? I bottled it this time, took my medicine like a good boy and 'told' her to close the buttons before she left for her next patient. I quickly progressed from here to having her uniform wide open whenever she closed the screen to treat me, my next thought was to see if I could give her an order that would take place in the future, this came about because I wanted to get rid of her bra. So just before she left I 'told' her that next time she came to see me she was to have removed it. The following morning I waited for her visit with baited breath, everytime she walked past I was staring, trying to tell if she was wearing a bra or not, no joy, I'd just have to wait for my turn. The hour that I was waiting was a form of torture, I caught several glimpses as she walked around the ward, eventually she started to work her way down the line. My turn, she pulled the screen around my bed and smiled at me, as soon as we were shielded from prying eyes I 'told' her to open her uniform, he hands went to her throat and undid the top button, slowly it seemed to me, she worked her way down the front of her uniform, one button at a time. As she reached her waist I 'told' her to hold the top open so that I could see YES, success, there were her tits, naked, not a bra to be seen, she'd done as I'd told her. With this happy result I now knew that I could do almost anything. Just to celebrate I had her come close to me and had a quick feel of her boobs. I even 'told' her to enjoy it, she seemed to, I know I did. What next, I wondered, I could get people to obey orders, both immediately and delayed, from the way my nurse was smiling I could get people to feel emotions as and when I wanted. Groups, yes that would be the next project, how many people could I affect at once. This was an easy one to start, with a ward full of guinea pigs, I set to work. I started by thinking of each person as an individual and getting them to lift an arm, it was quite funny seeing all these arms come up together. This turned out to be hard work, if I forgot a person they didn't respond, I solved this problem in a burst of anger, after I'd forgotten someone again I 'yelled' everybody in the room raise a hand, I watched, amazed as everybody, including a nurse and an orderly raised a hand. I just remembered to 'tell' everyone to lower them and carry on as normal. So room commands worked as well as individual commands. I'd now been in hospital just over two weeks, the first week unconscious, the last nine days I'd steadily been getting better, I only took the pain killers when I needed them now. The doctor informed me that as it was a Friday I couldn't be released, so I'd be leaving on Monday. I decided that I was going to have a party this weekend, as a sort of going away present for my nurse. I started my preparations that afternoon by asking my nurse who her sexual fantasy partner in the hospital was, she told me about a young doctor she really fancied. I gave her instructions to get this doctor up to our ward, any way she could, I then settled down to await his arrival. He was about to have the sexual experience of his life, and didn't even realise it. Eventually he turned up, looking a little perplexed, I don't know what he'd been told but it obviously confused, and intrigued, him. As he walked towards my nurse I saw her blush, I 'told' the two of them to come to my bed space and close the curtain, they both changed direction, obeying the command. When the curtain was closed I looked the doctor over, positively handsome, I could easily have become jealous of somebody like him, I 'told' my nurse to open her uniform, which she did quickly, the doctor was then told to pleasure the nurse, I'm pleased to say that he set too with gusto. After a few minutes of this I could see his erection straining at his trousers, I 'told' the two of them to carry on, remove there clothes and enjoy the experience, I watched as clothes were removed and naked flesh rubbed against pretty, naked flesh. Just to keep the peace, I 'told' them to keep the noise down, and told the ward to ignore anything happening behind the curtain, hoping that I could project my instructions without being able to see the target, I was obviously successful. The doctor laid the nurse over my bed and I watched, fascinated, as his tongue went to work on her clit, I could see her nipples were hard, her mouth opened drawing in air rapidly. I 'told' her to orgasm, she grabbed the doctor's hair and forced his mouth onto her pussy, forcing her orgasm out of her. Her legs came up and crossed her legs behind him, holding him in place, she slowly relaxed her grip on him, her legs returning to the bed, her hands lifting him from her abused pussy. I 'asked' him what he would like to do, I got a one word answer from him, "doggie", I didn't even need to tell her she just rolled over and got on her knees. The doc moved up behind her, sliding his rock hard dick up and down her well lubricated slit, he found the entrance and, in one fluid move, buried it to his balls, she let out a gasp. I had her reach back and stroke her clit, building towards another orgasm, I 'told' the doctor to hold back, but I didn't see how this was going to work, but he tried to comply, I 'told' her to orgasm again, which she did most emphatically, and then released the doc to do the same. He grunted once, banged his dick in hard and held it there as he shot his load far and deep, I watched as each spurt of his spunk bought a small gasp from her, he was obviously hitting the spot. He withdrew from her, trailing a line of spunk as he came, I 'told' her to lick him clean, she spun round and took his dick straight in, she pulled her mouth off his dick, slowly, taking all traces of spunk and her juices into her mouth. As he popped out of her mouth we both watched as she licked her lips clean. I had them both cuddle whilst I thought about the situation, I'd not checked if either of them were married, I hadn't checked to see if she was on the pill, I really hadn't given the whole episode much thought. Well apart from getting her a present she would enjoy, and watching a very pleasant sexual encounter. I asked the questions I should have asked before I'd started, luckily all was well, neither were married and she was on the pill, so did I let them continue or was it just a one off fling. I decided, and 'instructed' the doctor that he was to start flirting with the nurse in a week's time, they were to see how it went from there, but they were both to have a dream that covered how good there sex had just been, this I did to offer them some encouragement, just in case things got a bit sticky. With that I sent the doctor on his way, I then took real advantage of my powers for the first time, I had my nurse give me a blow job, I felt that as she had been the cause of it she could be the one to deal with it. She approached it the way she had for cleaning the doctors dick, I disappeared into her mouth, her lips grasped the base of my cock and I could feel her throat around the tip, as she moved her head up the entire length of my cock was stroked and teased. Her tongue played with the slit in the end before she dived back down again. I didn't last very long with this treatment and just for good measure, as I shot my load to join the doctors, I had her orgasm again. As she left to continue with her work I thought about what I'd done today, I was happy, hopefully the two of them would be, yes a very pleasant Friday indeed. The weekend revealed one ability that I hadn't known I possessed, I was reaching for a can of coke from my side table, and it was just out of reach, as I strained towards it I just thought at it, 'Come here, can', it jumped the couple of inches into my hand. I nearly dropped it, I was that surprised. This led to a further day of experimentation, I found that I could move items up to a couple of pounds, but no more, and it was really hard work. Moving a full can of coke across a table took more effort than controlling the whole ward for a day. Mind you it was a lot of fun pretending to be the wind and flicking visiting women's skirts in the air as they walked by. I also found that zips and buttons were a lot more complicated than you would have thought. I'm sure things would improve with practise, and I intended to get a lot of practise in. I got back to my unit at lunch time on the Monday and was told that I had to contact the military police immediately, the chief clerk actually phoned them whilst I was stood there, without even talking to me they agreed that I would go for an interview tomorrow morning. The chief clerk, told where to be and when and then said I could take the rest of the day off, he would inform my platoon commander of what was happening. Talk about your life being run for you, I went back to my room and started to sort myself out, I had a pile of washing that was a couple of weeks old, the milk in my fridge was off, hardly surprising really. One advantage of having the afternoon off was that everybody else was at work so I was able to get to the washing machine and tumble dryer. A quick trip to the NAAFI and I was restocked with all the essentials of daily life. I made a quick trip to see the Mess manager to make sure that I could be fed that night, he started off by saying it wasn't possible, I should have booked by 08:00hrs if I wanted dinner, I 'told' him to change his mind, which fortunately for my stomach, he did. I didn't get any choice but I was quite happy with the fish. That evening I had a few beers with the lads and went to bed feeling at peace with the world. The following day, Tuesday, was my first day back in uniform and I had to start by visiting the military police, I wondered what they wanted. I made my way to there station and went up to the duty desk, gave my name to the duty Sgt and was told that I needed to speak to Sgt Neames, so take a seat and wait to be called. I did as I was told. Eventually I was called through to an interview room, where I met Sgt Neames, and was that an eye opener, she was beautiful, she had dark hair and long legs, and under her well tailored uniform she appeared to have an excellent body. After I'd got my tongue back under control she told me to have a seat, she reassured me that I wasn't in any trouble, it was just that the German Police were prosecuting the company that had owned the lorry and needed a statement from me. This would be used as the basis for my testimony, if required and as the starting point for my claim against the company. I'd not thought of that aspect of my accident, fortunately, it appeared the German system looked after you and started processing the claim for you. I spent the next half hour telling Anne, for this was Sgt Neames first name, all I knew about the accident, why this took that long is beyond me but that was the way the MP system worked, still watching Anne was fun and I was very tempted to take it further but people kept coming in and I wasn't really confident in my own abilities. Even so I had her tell me about her relationships, fortunately not married, and where she went in the evenings, just in case I wanted to try anything later. So with this information firmly stored I returned to camp and back to my platoon. I was welcomed back with open arms by the platoon commander and his 2i/c, our warrant officer, they couldn't fool me, the reason they were glad I was back was so that they could give all the paperwork back to me. I had two job's in this platoon, the first was acting as technical clerk, processing all of the parts requests, labour returns and weekly and monthly reports that the platoon and the workshop we were attached to required of us. The other was as a fully qualified electronics technician, once I reached sergeant my level of hands on time reduced drastically and I spent a lot of my time supervising the younger technicians in our platoon. I settled down at my desk and started to work through the mountain of paper that had accumulated, as is usually the case a lot of it went straight in the shredder. That which I could deal with I did, I managed to pass a fair bit to the section heads, where it referred to their men. It was a busy day, and when it finished I was feeling pretty tired. The next day, Wednesday, was a real test for me, the morning went very easily but by lunch time I was feeling anxious, I was supposed to be going windsurfing. I couldn't drive down there because I didn't have a car yet, so one of the lads gave me a lift, thankfully he parked well away from the wreckage of the sub-station. It really was a mess, I walked over and had a look at it, you could clearly see where my car, and I, had been, I had been very, very lucky. I had a beer before I started to train, fortunately it was a warm sunny day so I was able to relax and enjoy myself. Around about 16:30 I called it a day and returned to the club, stowed my gear away and got another beer and went out on the veranda to watch the world go by. The lad who'd bought me down was a sit down sailor and they were training for a regatta, so I knew that I'd be down here for a while as they would keep going as long as it was light. Just after 17:00 a few couples turned up, obviously married types who had finished work, two of the women came out on to the veranda, with drinks in their hands, there husbands obviously going out on the water. On impulse I 'told' them to join me. They looked around and then walked straight to my table, "May we join you?", I indicated the seats and they sat down, they looked a little puzzled but I let them sort themselves out, the taller of the two introduced herself as Karen and her friend as Sonya, they started chatting away, I think more to hide their confusion than anything else. Despite the dubious way I had got them to the table the remainder of the evening was very enjoyable, their husbands eventually came to collect them and gave me some funny looks, but I just ignored them. Just for fun I said, "See you next time" and also 'told' them the same, it would be interesting to see how that worked out. At work the following day I received a phone call from Anne Neames, apparently I was to have an interview with an officer from the Army legal division who would process my claim through the German courts, She, as the policeman responsible for the case would be accompanying me to the first interview to give there version of what had happened. Finally she said "Oh yes, wear civilian clothes, the legal people are not based on a camp, I'll pick you up in the morning" More time off, my boss was going to be impressed, I went through and told him and yes he was very impressed, still he smiled when I told him I'd buy him a beer with the proceeds of the claim. What a hectic week I was having for my first week out of hospital, at least there hadn't been any physical labour, not that I was effected physically. Apart from the bruise on my head, which was slowly going away, there was no outwards sign that I had been involved in what appears to have been a major accident. I was ready by 09:00, dressed in my casual suit, I only had two civvie suits, a casual one and my smart one, the rest of my wardrobe was jeans and sweat shirts. Anne turned up in wearing a two piece business suit, very efficient looking, I piled into the car and we set off. She chatted away, quite relaxed, I was just watching her legs as we drove, wishing that I could see more of them, so I 'told' her show more of your legs. For the next five minutes more of her legs appeared, and very nice they were, then she pushed her skirt down and carried on driving, she didn't let it rise up again. I gave my command some thought, I'd told her to allow her skirt to rise, which she had done, but I hadn't told her to leave it there, or to raise it again if she pushed it down. It would appear that I would have to be more specific in my instructions, especially if I wanted them to last. Anne, show more of your legs and don't cover up whilst you are driving me, I 'told' her, I figured that this would allow me to see her legs whilst I was in the car, but stop her being embarrassed if she was driving someone else. I settled back and waited to see what happened, those beautiful legs re-appeared, and this time they stayed on view. The rest of the journey I spent feasting my eyes on her legs, I was tempted to go further but I figured I was in no rush, we still had the journey home. We eventually pulled up outside a non-nondescript grey stone building, Anne got out of the car, automatically smoothing her skirt back into place, and led me up the stairs to the front door. In we went and up to an old battle-axe of a receptionist, Anne spoke to her, I wasn't listening, I was looking around at a very impressive foyer, it appeared to have been an elegant town house at some stage in its history, and a lot of the paintings and decoration were in keeping with that role, there was a corridor going beyond the receptionist and a staircase leading up to another corridor, in the short distance I could see down this corridor there were equally spaced wooden doors with brass plaques fixed to them. Anne started to move off and called after her, "Come on Sgt, this way, we are expected." I followed her past the receptionist and into the corridor, we walked about half way down it and stopped, the plaque on the door announced a Captain Brown. She knocked and when summoned we went in, Captain Brown, or who I assumed was Brown was sat behind a desk opposite the door, he was a little weasel of a man with dark, greasy hair, a small moustache and a drawn face. Anne approached his desk, with me following along behind, she stopped in front of him, at attention, and reported us both in, I stood alongside her, probably not a smartly. Brown, for it was him, smiled and told us to pull up a seat and we'd have a chat. We did as we were told, although this meeting was supposed to be about my claim and how it would be processed I was pretty much left out of the discussion, Brown and Anne discussed how the German Police case was going and the probable result that would be achieved in court, Brown said to me that as the company was undoubtedly guilty of negligence I would win a claim against them, and that their insurance company would have to pay up, the only question was how much to ask for. Well my thoughts were to ask for as much as possible but Brown started to go on about how a claim like this would look to the German public and whether it was in the best interest of the Army to push hard for a large claim, it was possible, according to Brown, that we would settle for the first offer made and let the matter die quietly. I got annoyed at this, which is hardly surprising really, I 'told' Anne to be ignore what we were doing, I then 'told' Captain Brown that he was to get the most money that he could from this claim, without getting me into trouble with the German authorities. After releasing Anne the discussion continued, but with a definite change in tone, Brown was now on my side. After the meeting we really should have gone straight back, but I didn't feel like it, so I 'suggested' that we should find somewhere near and have lunch, she, obviously, agreed with this suggestion and we found a small restaurant and ordered a meal. She actually relaxed without any undue pressure from me, which was fortunate because I wanted to get to know this pretty policewoman. She'd hung her jacket over the back of her chair before sitting down, I could make out the pattern of the lace on her bra beneath her white blouse, this was a very well endowed girl sitting before me, as we chatted I went through all the corny questions and told her, before we started, that I was going to as them. Why the Army, why the military police and the obvious one to me, why wasn't she married or got a boyfriend? She went through her answers in quick succession, she'd obviously given them many times before, Her Dad had been in the Army and for as long as she could remember she had been going to join, it just seemed natural when she did, the military police was a conscious decision, when you looked at what women could do in the Army the military police was one of the few places where you really were treated as an equal, and therefore ability was what governed how well you did, and she knew she was going to be good at her job. Marriage and boyfriends boiled down to all the lads in the Army were after was a quick fuck, as one of the few girls in the Army, she could get that any time she liked, so why should she tie herself down when she didn't have too. Just to be certain I 'told' her to tell the truth and it turned out she had, with the proviso on the last part that she also liked girls sexually, and that wasn't allowed in the Army, so she had to be very careful with her sexual relationships. I told her to forget that she had told me the truth and we carried on with our meal and chat. We finished up and, after paying for our meal, headed back to camp, its strange but I didn't exert any extra influence over Anne on the journey back, I just enjoyed the view of her legs, as she dropped me off I invited her to dinner on Saturday, but she declined, gracefully. Saturday was another warm day and as usual on days like this I headed for the sailing club, there wasn't a great deal of wind so I didn't bother getting the board out, I decide it was going to be a social day. We were lounging around enjoying the sunshine and watching the girls go by, as time passed I decided to experiment, a range exercise, I picked a girl at the far end of the club complex, who was sunbathing face down in a bikini, her name was Gail, I 'told' her to remove her top, she raised herself up undid her bikini top, placed it on her towel and then lowered herself back down. I looked out over the water, I saw the Colonel's boat about 500m out, he and his wife were on a gentle cruise up and down the lake, I 'told' him to remove his shirt and watched as he stood up and did so. I could see the imbiss by the dam at the far end of the lake, about 4 kilometres away, I wondered if it would work at that range, I left the lads, and borrowing a pair of bino's from behind the bar, set of for the dam. It was quite a way but I was in no rush. Once there I looked back to the club and could just make out Gail, I 'ordered' her to get up and walk into the water, see rolled over, stood up and did as she had been instructed, her naked tits on show to everybody. Once in the water I had her duck down, as though cooling herself off, and then return to her towel. Well I could get people to obey instructions at over 4 km's, impressive. I set off back, along the side of the lake, to the club. On the way back I discovered that this power didn't depend on language, as I was walking along the pathway a rather large German, coming in the other direction with a group of friends, started to shout at me and I asked him to speak more slowly, as my German isn't the best in the world, he just shouted louder and started pointing his finger at me. The people with him were trying to calm him down, but being drunk obviously meant he wasn't paying the slightest bit of attention to them. I just thought at him, 'Oh go jump in the lake' and much to my amazement he turned, walked the five metres to the side and jumped in. I joined in with his friends and helped pull him out, after all it was my fault he was in there in the first place. One of the younger lads with him explained, in halting English, that the bloke had been having problems with young squaddies, and being drunk, had started to give me a hard time, he apologised, I told him to forget it, I'm sure he didn't mean any harm. After we'd got him out I made my self scarce. I had planned to go and bump into Anne that evening, but after dinner a group of nurses were escorted into the bar by a couple of the lads and an evening of drinking and being silly ensued. I'll admit now that I did help things along a bit. One nurse, she appeared to be the oldest in the group, was holding the party back, so I 'told' her to sit next to me and I proceeded to keep her there, leaving the rest to enjoy themselves. Helen, because that was the nurse's name, and I had an interesting chat, well more of an interrogation really, as she couldn't refuse to answer, she knew her friends were out to have a good time but she'd been hurt so many times by the lads that she was now a stick in the mud, always trying to keep the other girls from getting hurt themselves. I kept Helen with me for most of the night, and apart from her paranoia about getting hurt she was fun to chat with, a couple of the nurses were being egged on to get their tits out and I knew that Helen wanted to stop them, but I 'ordered' her to leave them be. Eventually the two, a blonde and a redhead, with a great deal of encouragement from the audience, mounted a table, and with the stereo playing a rock tune, the lads set up a chant of "get your tits out for the boys", they started to sway in time with the music, their hands sliding up and down the buttons on their blouses, teasing the boys, the blonde backed into the redhead who slipped her arms around her friend, and then, much to the delight of the boys, started to undo her blouse. With all the buttons undone she slipped her hands inside and gently massaged each bra encased breast, she then removed her friends blouse leaving her dancing in a white, lacy bra. The two girls then turned about and the blonde returned the favour for the redhead, removing the blouse, the redhead was wearing a really sheer black bra, you could see her nipples straining the material. Blondie slid her hands around the redheads back and undid her bra, sliding her hands back around the front, under the bra. She suddenly whipped her hands down, taking the bra with them, leaving a very nice pair of tits on view. The lads went wild at the show, the redhead was gyrating her boobs, she presented them to her audience, squeezed them then tweaked her nipples before turning to face Blondie. One thing I hadn't noticed was that the blonde's bra was front fastening, the redhead slid her hands under the front of it and opened it, she then bent forward, and as she uncovered each nipple she kissed them, this brought a gasp from the blonde and screams from the audience. I heard Helen gasp, I glanced over and saw she was cupping one of her own tits through her blouse, her eyes glued to the action. I turned back in time to see the redhead push the blonde's arms back and pin them behind her with her bra, she then started down the blonde's body, licking and kissing as she went, Blondie was tossing her head from side to side at this treatment, thrusting her boobs into her friends mouth, all of the audience, because now the other nurses were joining in, yelled encouragement. I then 'ordered' the room to loosen there own clothing, after I said it I wondered how it would be interpreted, the answer was quite varied. I watched as Helen undid just enough buttons on her blouse and pushed her hand back inside, taking a firm grip of the tit nearest me, still watching the action. The redhead, on the makeshift stage, loosened her only item of clothing, her skirt and dropped it to the table and then kicked it to the floor, she was left there playing with her friend in a pair of matching, sheer black panties. Blondie couldn't loosen anything, she was well secured, the young barman, an innocent bystander had his shirt off already and his tongue was done near his knee's somewhere. Several of the people who had paired off were removing clothes left, right and centre, it would appear that I'd started an orgy. I watched as two lads, who'd both been chatting up the same girl, proceeded to use one hand to undo their trousers and the other to help her undress, it would appear that loosen clothes plus alcohol meant GO! I gave the room a quick check, just to see that nobody was likely to try to spoil the fun, it seemed clear so I turned to Helen and decided to enjoy myself. So far here hand was inside her blouse stroking her tits, I moved a hand towards her and she immediately stopped and moved backwards, a shake of her head, No. I 'instructed' her to carry on as she had been, and to remove her blouse. Her move away stopped, her hands came up and she undid the remaining buttons on her blouse, I sat back and watched as she lowered it off her shoulders. She had an electric blue bra encasing a magnificent pair of tits, even through the bra you could see her large, stiff nipples, her hands returned to her breasts leaving her blouse on the seat behind her. She cupped each breast, and using her thumbs, pinched each nipple time and time again, she seemed in no rush to progress any further, I had another look around, the couple on the table were both now naked, the girl with the two lads had one of them on the floor and was sat astride him, she had the other guy's prick in her mouth, he was fucking her mouth for all he was worth and she was taking it down as though she had no intention of ever letting it out again. As my eyes swept further round the room I saw that nearly all the people had removed their clothes and were watching or joining in some sort of sexual activity, even if it was only having a good wank. As my eyes came back towards Helen I caught sight of another girl, quite a young thing, sat in a corner on her own, from where I was I could see that she had her hands up her dress but she wasn't moving them and there was nobody with her. I 'ordered' her to join Helen and I, she stood, and moving around the edge of the room being careful not to bump into anyone, joined us. I asked her name, she was Janet, I 'asked' what she wanted to do, and she answered that she wanted to make love to a girl, when I 'asked' her why she didn't just join in it appeared that she was to scared of being rejected, I looked at Helen and smiling to my self I 'told' the two of them to have a kiss and cuddle, and to enjoy it. I left them then for a short while, I needed to go to the toilet, if you must know, and made my way out of the main room, I 'projected' a general thought of feel sexy as I moved. After the couple of minutes I was in the toilet I returned to the main room to find that everybody, except me, was naked, sex acts of various types were going on everywhere. The two girls were still on the table, now performing a sixty nine, stood over them were two lads, both wanking furiously, I just hoped that the table would hold out, that would be one hell of a crash if it didn't. The girl with the two lads was now bent forward, still on top of the first guy, but the second had moved around behind her and was fucking away, how he'd managed to carry on after that blow job was beyond me, and as to which of her entrances he was in was anybody's guess. The barman was laid out on top of the bar with a nurse giving his dick mouth to mouth resuscitation, she was also driving a wine bottle in and out of his arse, both of which he seemed to be enjoying. I made my way back to where I'd left Helen and Janet, but couldn't see them, it was only when I reached the table that I realised that they were on the floor, between it and the bench seat we'd been sitting on. I sat above them and continued to watch as the two women made love, Janet who was too scared to do anything and Helen who didn't want to be hurt anymore, they were trying to kiss, lick and touch everything at the same time. They had their legs pointing towards me, Janet, the smaller of the two was on top and was trying to get one of Helen's tits into her mouth, she had both hands wrapped around it and her head was moving from side to side, like a dog worrying at a piece of meat. Helen had a couple of fingers buried in Janet's cunt, every now and then she would use this hand and lift Janet's body clear of her own, each time she did this Janet let go of whatever she was sucking and gasped, her head thrown back. I then realised that Helen's other hand was in her own cunt, she was frantically frigging away, I could sense that both girls were approaching orgasm, so I gave them a 'nudge' over the top, increasing the pleasure they felt. It must have been a broadcast rather than an aimed instruction because the whole room seemed to orgasm at the same time, the gasps, screams and cries were deafening. As everybody came down I 'projected' thoughts of peace, pleasure and satisfaction and then kept still and quiet, I waited to see how people would react, would there be a mass panic as people realised that they were naked and thought that they had been 'forced' to take part in an orgy. None of it, a few people gave sheepish looks, especially the two lads who came out of a corner where they'd obviously been enjoying each others company, clothes were gathered up by individuals and a few people struggled to cover up, but most sat together and continued to talk and cuddle each other, I had the barman, once he'd got his trousers back on, move around the room serving everybody with wine, which I had him put on my bar bill. The only people I kept a light control on were Helen and Janet, to me Helen was the most likely to get objectionable and Janet was the one I expected to run screaming from the room, so they were 'told' to relax and enjoy each others company. The rest of the evening was calm and collected, people did slowly get dressed, a few couples did make off, maybe to try for a repeat performance, but most sat around had a few more drinks and mellowed out. Me, after polishing off the remains of a bottle of wine, and before I was too drunk to manage it, retired to the bogs and wanked myself stupid. On the Sunday I awoke with a mild hangover and the thought that I had to decide what I was going to do with my `talents', guilt had obviously affected me yesterday, I'd sat there, watched everybody having a good time, on my instructions, and then run away and played with myself. As far as I could tell, there was no way that anybody could have found out that I'd caused yesterday's events, I would merely have been another victim, doing what came naturally.