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STANDARD WARNING This story is of an erotic nature, I wouldn't dream of telling you what you can or can't read but if the law, in your part of the world, says you must not read this sort of fiction then please go read something that they'll let you. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------- Displayed by Duke of Ramus A Piece of my Imagination --------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------- I woke up with a start, feeling trapped, I knew it was cold and dark before I even started to think, as my brain slowly came up to speed I realised that the reason it was dark was because something was covering my eyes, in fact my whole head was covered by some form of hood, as I moved my head I could feel the material brush against my skin and hair. My arms were pulled above my head, my wrists secured together, my body dangling from them, my toes were just touching the floor, as though I was wearing high heels, both were aching from the weight upon them. As I hung there I felt a breeze on my skin, my nipples were stiff, I rubbed my legs together, I was naked, suspended and hooded, I screamed. The noise inside the hood was deafening, I listened for a response, waiting for what seemed like hours before I started to yell for help, spinning my body as I did so. I nearly wrenched my shoulders from their sockets as my feet left the ground, still there was no response, I started to sob inside my hood, panic gripping my mind, no longer able to think, then it all went dark and quiet as I passed out. I came round some time later, how long later was anyone's guess, but it felt warmer. My arms were still pulled above my head, secured in position, I tried to pull against my bonds but that just hurt my wrists, and pulled on my shoulders which had gone stiff because of their position. I listened carefully, somebody must have bought me here, wherever here was, so where were they now, was somebody standing nearby, watching and waiting for me to do something. I could hear a bird singing nearby and I could just make out a hum in the distance, but I couldn't tell what was causing it. I turned my body slowly around and began to realise that I was secured otside, the warmth I could feel was caused by the sun, shinning on my naked body. Its position seeming to change as a spun, a breeze cooling my body on one side the sun warming the other. Suspended there I started to ask myself questions, where was I, how had I got there here, what was going to happen to me? I remembered the party last night, we had won a major contract at work and the bosses had thrown a celebration for us, I'd gone along by myself, meeting up with the other girls from the procurement department once I was there. It had been an enjoyable evening, good food, pleasant company and a little bit too much to drink. After the party had wound down the girls from our department had decided to go to a club, at about midnight we all set off, and I found myself going along with them. Much to my surprise the club we arrived at wasn't a normal night club, it was a fetish club, lots of people running around in leather and PVC outfits, whips and chains everywhere. It was a definite eye opener for me. I was in a short, plain black lycra dress with matching high heels and, looking around, I felt positively overdressed. A couple of the girls I had come with were in leather dresses, which, when I'd first seen them I thought they were a bit outrageous, but compared with the outfits here they were tame. I watched spellbound as a beautiful, tall blond led a hunky guy past us, she was wearing a black, PVC cat-suit that fitted her like a second skin, he was dressed in a black, studded leather thong with a matching dog collar around his neck, a chain was attached to this and she was daintily holding the free end as she led him around the room. Jane, one of the girls in a leather dress, led us to one of the alcoves that were situated around the room, in it there was a table that had been reserved for a party, ours it seemed. After we'd all found our seats the waiter came up to get our drinks order. He was an Adonis, bronzed flesh, lightly oiled, glistening in the spotlights above our table. He was wearing the tightest pair of PVC shorts I'd ever seen, his bulge looked truly impressive in them. After we had ordered our drinks I watched him retreat to the bar, his cute bum, tight inside his plastic second skin. Jane and Mandy then proceeded to tell us all about the club, how they had come to be members and all the fun they had whilst they were here, apparently propositioning the staff was perfectly acceptable and often led to a fun filled evening. Other members would often join your group, it was just one big party with lots of little parties going on within. There were even private rooms where anything was allowed. I wondered what they meant by 'anything'. I was to find out some of the options later. The club even had a shop that sold all sorts of leather and PVC clothing and toys, Mandy took a couple of the girls over there. When they came back Andrea was clutching a shopping bag which, Mandy informed us, contained the biggest, blackest vibrator the shop sold, Andrea went bright red and burst into giggles as she pushed the bag under the table. I wondered just how big the biggest vibrator was. It was easy to see what Sandra had bought, she was wearing it, a bright red leather crop top and mini skirt, both the top and skirt had big, silver zips down the front, with large pull rings to undo them. She must have stuffed her clothes into the shopping bag she was carrying. I must admit that she looked very good in this outfit and we all let out giggles and cheers as Mandy made her climb onto our table and parade in front of us all. As the night wore on Jane or Mandy took each of the girls over to the shop, most of them came back clutching their shopping bags, we saw some very interesting toys but only Sandra was brave enough to wear what she'd bought. When it was my turn Mandy held out her hand to me, giggling, and a little unsteady on my feet, I went to join her. The shop was very interesting, I'm sure a lot of the things in there were illegal, the magazines and videos had to be, they were so blatant. After looking around the shelves I couldn't decide whether I wanted to buy clothes or one of those large vibrators. Looking at its big black outline actually got me feeling horny in the middle of the shop and when Mandy started to tease me by rubbing it over my dress I nearly grabbed it and ran. Mandy placed the thing in my hand and wandered off behind me, smiling as she went, I ran my hands along the vibrator a couple of times before, reluctantly, putting it back on the shelf. Mandy reappeared then with a pair of handcuffs, "Fancy being secured, we could use these and it would leave you feeling all helpless". I looked at the things she was holding, they looked just like the ones you see on all the police shows, I'd never been tied up, I wondered what it would be like, but to Mandy I shook my head "No". Eventually I bought the vibrator and a black patent leather choker which I'd admired when I first saw it, we then made our way back to the table. Our group was slowly dispersing as people went home, now there was only Jane, Mandy Sandra and me left. "Come on" said Jane "lets go see some of the video's". I was so pissed I didn't give it another thought as I followed them off down a side corridor. We entered a small sitting room through a blue door, there were half a dozen small settee's and a large TV screen. As I looked at the screen I saw that the film was an amateur one, it was of a girl, she was tied to a four poster bed, her legs and arms spread wide. She was blindfolded and naked, around the bed there stood two women and a man, they were all fully dressed and seemed to be just watching the squirming girl. There was nobody else in the room, so we quickly sat down and carried on watching the show. I found it very strange, but incredibly sexy, the people around the girl never said a word, they just touched her, very gently and only for a short time, just a quick stroke really, her nipples, her pussy, her lips, I felt my own body responding to their touches. I thought back to what Mandy had said about being secured, it looked like fun, but it left you very vulnerable. About this time our waiter appeared with a large bottle of wine and glasses for each of us. I had a glass of the wine and that was the last thing I remember until I woke up her, tied up, did I pass out or was I drugged? I had no idea, all I could do know was wait and that wasn't easy. Then I felt something brush against my leg, a soft, fluffy feeling, like a feather duster, it was only there for a second, but it was so sudden that I jerked away from it. I listened as hard as I could but couldn't hear anything new. I held my breath, had it been an animal, was somebody there, I felt my panic start to increase, what was happening? I gasped, a stick had just prodded my right boob, there wasn't really any pain, but again I'd been hung there for hours without hearing or feeling anything and suddenly I'd been touched twice, somebody had to be there. I yelled for help begging whoever was there to say something, anything but nothing happened. I started to cry again, my sobs causing my shoulders to rock backwards and forwards. Why me, why was I here, what had I done to deserve this......? Something pinched my nipple, I jerked backwards and screamed as my feet left the floor, suspending all my weight from my arms, I swung backwards and forwards a couple of times, tears running down my face until I was able to regain my balance. My nipple tingled where it had been pinched, the pain playing on my mind, somebody was attacking me, very slowly. I was touched and stroked for what seemed like an hour, sometimes being touched every few seconds other times the gap was measured in minutes. All of the touches where against my erogenous zones, my nipples, my lips, my pussy, some where quick fleeting touches others were long tender fondles, but I never heard a word the whole time. I was becoming very aroused, my nipples were sticking out like coat hooks, my pussy lips were gaping wide, I could feel my juices slowly running down the insides of my thighs. Anybody watching could see that this torture was turning me on, why, I'd never wanted to be tied up or abused before? Suddenly there was a noise, a high pitched buzzing sound, I heard that noise before, what was it? It was getting closer, what was it, then just as something touched my pussy I remembered, its a vibrator, somebody was touching my body with a vibrator. I spun round, again loosing my balance, I screamed, go away, don't, leave me alone, let me go, the list was endless, and got no response for my pains, and I could still hear the vibrator buzzing away. When I stopped swinging I felt the tip touch me again, and once again I spun, trying to avoid the invasion of my body that was coming, I knew now that no matter what I did that toy was going to penetrate me, what other abuse was I going to suffer before this ordeal finished. The next time I felt the vibrator touch me I held perfectly still, it wasn't going to affect me, I wouldn't let it. I held myself rigged as it slipped between my outer lips, seeking my stiff little clit, I gave a suppressed shuddered as it made contact, but I managed to stay still, just. Then that feather reappeared, it stroked oh so slowly across my stiff nipple, I felt sensations radiating through out my body, despite my determination not to move a small sigh escaped my lips. The feather went away but the vibrator continued to buzz away, pressed against my clit, I could feel myself getting hotter and hotter, this was a form of rape, there was no way I could be enjoying this, it was wrong. But my body was betraying me........ I jolted forward, nearly impaling myself on the vibrator, that damned feather had just run along my bum crack, the shock making me jerk forward. What the hell was I supposed to do, I was stuck and being abused, and worse still I was beginning to enjoy it. My pussy opened wide, I wanted that vibrator to enter me, to fuck me, I needed it. How did I let this happen to me. The vibrator slid downwards seeking the entrance, I balanced carefully, opening my legs as much as I could, whoever was using that thing knew how to tease, it entered, slowly, for about an inch, and then started to retreat again. I heard myself begging for that plastic cock, I was so shocked. I heard another sound, another buzzing vibrator, the first one slipped back in just that inch, where was the second one going, then I felt it on my tits, sliding all over my nipples, first my left then my right. Just as I thought I was used to all these new sensations the first vibrator was driven into my cunt, all the way, I screamed again. My body bouncing against my bonds, I was held in position by the vibrator, which just sat there buried in my pussy, churning my juices and my emotions. They started to move the vibrator, in and out long, full strokes, causing me to swing on the ropes, my shoulders ached, by body begged for release, sexual and physical. If they kept pumping the way they where the sexual relief would come very quickly, they did keep going, I shuddered again this time with pleasure, my orgasm rippled through my body, my juices ran out of my pussy, my legs were soaked, as was the vibrator, which was yanked out of me, my pussy was left there trying to swallow air. I wasn't left alone for long, something huge bumped against my tender cunt, before forcing its way into my body, it was a huge dildo, it felt like somebody's arm, it stretched me like I'd never been stretched before, I wanted to scream but couldn't raise the energy. My legs had been forced apart by this monster which just kept going in, I'd never been so full, so full that I thought I would burst. I felt a warm hand bump against my distended pussy lips, the dildo was all the way in, it paused for a few moments before the hand started to drag it out again. Once again the pumping started slowly but quickly speeded up, my feet where being lifted off the ground each time the dildo was driven into my cunt I had a couple of small orgasms as this thing was working up to speed but I could feel an earthquake building within me. I was fighting for air, I was about to come in the biggest way possible and still nobody but me had said a word, then, just on the threshold of release, a vibrator was forced into my arse, no warning, no touching, just sudden, painful invasion. Pain and pleasure fought over my body, the battlefield felt ravaged, but pleasure won, my cunt and arse seemed to orgasm at once my whole body was soaked, I shuddered, screamed and swung on my arms, the sensations leaving me gasping for breath. Something wet was soaking my hood, making it difficult to breath, I tried to drag air into my tortured lungs, but everything was going dark, dark, black...... I woke up with a screaming hang over, I was laid in a nice warm bed in a way to bright room, oh did my head hurt. I could see. I wasn't tied up. This was my own room, it must have been a dream, I must have dreamt I was being held and sexually abused. I lay back, resting my head on a nice soft pillow, I put my arms over my eyes to keep the light out. I squinted through my eyelids, and sat up in a panic. My wrists were bruised, you could see where they had been tied together, it hadn't been a dream, I had been kidnapped, but who and for how long. How did they get me back into my own bed. I staggered from my bed and searched my flat from top to bottom but I couldn't find a clue as to what had happened to me. I eventually made myself a coffee and drifted into the front room. What had happened to me. There was a knock at my door, I glanced through the glass panel and saw the postman, I opened the door, still on its chain and looked at him, he said "I have a parcel for you, miss." Before sliding a small box through the gap. I took it, and after shutting the door returned to the front room. The package was made of plain brown, heavy duty cardboard, on the front was my address, on a computer printed label, there was no return address anywhere on the package. I carefully opened it and poured the contents onto the coffee table, inside was a video tape and a business card, which landed face up on top of the video. On the card was one word, "ENJOY" --------------------------------------------------------------------------