TIFFANY TOP TO BOTTOM MF/f teen nc humil

By Dr. Wu

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    Tiffany Daniels pulled the white cotton underpants
up her legs, and snugged them over her crotch, letting
the elastic waistband snap back against her flat
little tummy. Cheerleading practice was over, the
girls had all showered, and now they were getting back
into their street clothes in the girls' locker room.

   God, she felt great. Possibly better than she had
ever felt in her life. She was a senior, and head
cheerleader, at Godfrey Daniels High School in
Beverly, Texas, but then, that was to be expected,
because she was Tiffany Daniels. And getting the lead
in the school musical of "West Side Story," playing
Maria and getting a standing ovation every night for a
week? Again, she had been a star at the school ever
since she was a freshman, so that was expected as

   What was really putting the bounce into Tiffany's
step these days was Hayden, her new love. She had
dated so many jocks and jerks over the last couple of
years, and usually they were one and the same:
football studs who felt they were entitled to some
pussy, or at least a furtive hand job in the back
seat, just because they put on shoulder pads on Friday
night and ran into other guys in shoulder pads. She
was so sick of groping high school boys, running their
hands up her legs, squirming their fingers under her
blouse and bra. 

   But Hayden was different. He had been cast as Tony
in "West Side Story," and at first she hadn't been
thrilled with the choice, because she never had
thought of Hayden in THAT way. He wasn't bad looking,
and he was a good actor, and a nice, funny guy, but he
just didn't have that cock-of-the-walk mentality that
is crucial to a guy's sex appeal in high school. But
then they had kissed during rehearsal, and Tiffany
discovered that she liked kissing Hayden, and wanted
to keep on kissing him after the scene was over. And
they had continued, going out together, taking long
walks and holding hands, and talking. The school
gossip buzzed because Tiffany Daniels, head
cheerleader and a hands-down favorite to be voted prom
queen, was dating a guy who was a thespian (giggle
giggle went the girls in the cafeteria), but Tiffany
didn't care, cause Hayden was sweet and cute and
gentle and had not yet groped her, although she
thought maybe she was ready for him to start. She
thought maybe she was in love.

   "She thinks she's so fuckin' hot. I'd like to stick
an ice cube up her twat, that'd cool her down!" A
conversation among some of the cheerleaders from the
other side of the lockers drifted over and interrupted
Tiffany's reverie about Hayden. She was startled to
hear such vehemence and tuned into the discussion
midway through.

   "Lisa, you shouldn't talk about Tiffany like that!"
came another girl's voice, somewhat shocked.

   They were talking about her! Tiffany realized. And
Lisa must be Lisa Boulet, the new girl. She was a
transfer student to Daniels High from Los Angeles, a
cute little sophomore who had some of the boys on
hormonal red alert. Tiffany didn't like her, although
she didn't really know her well, she had to admit.

   "Tiffany Daniels can kiss my pink ass!" Lisa Boulet
said. Tiffany was appalled. What had she ever done to
Lisa? Nothing!

   "Why are you so down on Tiffany?" another
cheerleader asked, and Tiffany recognized the voice of
Rosie, a junior. She had stopped getting dressed now,
and stood there in just her panties.

   "She's just not as great as she thinks she is!"
proclaimed Lisa. "Prancing around on stage singing I
feel pretty, oh so pretty ...Alll I hear at this
school is Tiffany Daniels this, Tiffany Daniels that.
The boys all talk about how much she looks like Anna
Kournikiva. Well I got news for Tiffany Daniels. Anna
Kournikova has never won a major tennis tournament.
She may look like hot shit, but she's a loser! And so
is Tiffany Daniels!"

   Tiffany's face was hot with rage. How dare this
little snip of a transfer student dis her like that?
She almost dashed around the wall of lockers that
separated them and bitch-slapped the girl. But she
wasn't dressed yet, and while the cheerleaders did
parade around naked in front of each other in the
shower, she didn't feel comfortable confronting such a
hateful person in her underwear.

   "Anyway, I heard a rumor she's fucking half the
teachers in the school," Lisa continued. "I just
wonder whether it's the female half or the male half!"

   "Lisa!" the other girls screamed. "You're
terrible!" But Tiffany could hear a tone of enjoyment
in their voices, not condemnation.

   "God damn her!" Tiffany seethed quietly, as she
pulled her khaki shorts on, followed by a tight "No
Doubt" T-shirt. "How dare she!"

   "Ah, fuck her!" Lisa Boulet said loudly. "Oh wait,
I guess I'd have to take a number and get in line!"
The other cheerleaders howled with laughter, and
Tiffany clenched her fists. She wouldn't confront Lisa
Boulet right now, she decided. She was queen of this
school, and well-connected. There were plenty of ways
to get the little bitch to pay for her impudence!

   Half an hour later, Tiffany was driving her younger
sister Stephanie home, and told her about the incident
in the locker room. She had no idea how Stephanie
would react - Steph, after all, had put her older
sister through some terrible torments over the last
year or so - so Tiffany was gratified when the younger
blonde got just as angry as she was.

   "That little cunt!" Stephanie exclaimed, tapping an
ash from her Marlboro Light out the window of the
Miata. "Nobody can piss all over my sister like that
and get away with it! That's my job!" Tiffany look
startled, but then realized Stephanie was kidding, and
the siblings laughed.

   "I want revenge," Tiffany said. "I want to teach
that little piece of shit a lesson."

   "I could help with that," Steph offered. "You want
some help, Tiff?"

   "I'd love some."

   "Let me talk to Mr. White and see what can be
arranged." At the name of Roger White, the principal
of Daniels High, Tiffany shuddered. It had been almost
a year since White and several teachers had played the
long game they had called "Toying With Tiffany," a
vicious, degrading game that had involved public
humiliation, giving blowjobs to the visiting
basketball team, an anal sex orgy in the cafeteria
after hours. After Stephanie had agreed to become
White's submissive slave girl, White had told Tiffany
she was off the hook. But the thought of asking her
former tormentor for help bothered her greatly.

   "Come on, Tiff, I've done just about everything
with White than can be done to a girl, not to mention
his friends. He owes me, even though he's the top and
I'm the bottom."

   "What do you mean, top and bottom?" Tiffany asked.

   "It's terms in dominance and submission," Stephanie
explained, a 15-year-old sadly wise beyond her years.
"In sex, one person is dominant, and he's the top.
Usually a he. Sometimes a she can be dominant. And the
other one is the bottom. The bottom is the one who
gets done to, the top does the doing."

   "Could Mr. White make Lisa my bottom?" Tiffany
asked, excited at the prospect of making the nasty
little girl do her bidding.

   "Mr. White can do anything," Stephanie said. "Hey,
look what he made you do!"

   "Oh God, don't remind me!" Tiffany snapped. But
even as she was trying to shut out the horrible
memories of what had been done to her, something in
her pussy was remembering. Because White and the other
male teachers hadn't just abused the gorgeous
adolescent for their own pleasure - they had opened
her up to her own sexuality as well, forcing her to
have orgasms against her will. In the months since,
she had tried to recapture the strength of those first
orgasms, the ones inflicted on her helpless,
vulnerable teen pussy by nasty male mouths and probing
fingers, and while she had been able to make herself
cum, at night alone in her bed, she could never cum
quite as hard as she had done in the back seat of
White's SUV that night.

   Tiffany forced the unpleasant thoughts from her
mind. "Just so White knows it's Lisa who's the target,
the bottom," she told Steph. "And not me. I'm done
being a bottom. I'm gonna be a top from now on!"

   "Go for it, Tiff!" Stephanie shouted as she flicked
her smoke out the window. And Stephanie smiled a
small, private smile. A year and a half younger than
her sister, and she knew so much more.


   And so it came to pass, two days later, that Lisa
Boulet was summoned to Principal White's office, and
was surprised to find Tiffany Daniels already sitting
there. White closed the door to the outer office
behind Lisa; the lock snicked silently into place
without the cute sophomore even hearing it.

   "Thanks for coming, Lisa," Roger White said to the
girl. "We haven't had much of a chance to talk since
you transferred here." White let his eyes roam up and
down Lisa Boulet's luscious 15-year-old body. She was
a cute little pixie, he thought. Just a little over
five feet tall, no more than 100 pounds, with dark
hair she kept short in a Winona Ryder type cut. But
every pound of her was choice teen meat, White
thought. Her legs were firm and curvy, her ass had a
luscious little jut to it, and those tits. They
weren't the fantastic 36C love-melons that Tiffany had
been blessed with, but they were more than ample in
proportion to Lisa's small, compact frame. A good 34B,
White estimated.

   And he also now saw why Lisa had quickly gotten the
nickname "Lisa Bullets" from the boys of Daniels High.
Her nipples were neatly always erect. White's office
wasn't particularly cold, and he could tell her firm
young breasts were well-encased by a bra, but damned
if her little nipples weren't totally erect, jutting
right out from her tits in a proud double salute like
a couple of bullets. Like most high school girls in
the early fall in Texas, she dressed for the weather,
wearing a shorty denim skirt and a midriff-baring pink
crop top. 

   "So it disturbs me that we have to meet under such
unpleasant circumstances," White continued. Oh yeah,
he thought, he was disturbed all right. Disturbed that
he had to get through this little charade before he
could stuff that ripe young mouth full of his manhood!

   Lisa Bullets' brown eyes widened. "What did I do?"
she squeaked.
   White pulled himself up to his full stature, and
lowered his voice to its authority level. "There are
reports you're using drugs, Lisa," he said. "I have to
ask you to empty your purse on my desk."

   Lisa was relieved. She didn't do drugs at all, and
there was nothing in her purse to condemn her. She
calmly upended it over White's desk, and out fell her
datebook, wallet, lipstick, some makeup, a couple of
pens, and a sealed baggie full of white powder. Her
jaw dropped, and White seized the baggie instantly.

   "Oh, my," he intoned. "This does not look good at
all." He opened the bag, stuck in a forefinger and
tasted the powder. "Yup, just as it appears to be -
cocaine. Of course, when the police come and
confiscate this, they can run their own tests."

   "That's not mine!" Lisa squealed. "I've never seen
that before! Somebody planted that!"

   "Yeah, that's what they all say," White fired back.
"I hope your family can afford a good lawyer, young
lady. This looks like enough to qualify for intent to
traffic, which is a felony. Ouch. Texas Girls'
Reformatory, meet Lisa Boulet."

   Tiffany piped in. Not for nothing was she the star
of the drama department. "Oh, Jesus, Mr. White, not
the Reformatory. They'll destroy a girl like Lisa!
Didn't you read that horrible article in the paper
about a 15-year-girl who was raped with a mop handle
in the shower. They held her down and stuck the mop
handle up inside her as far as it would go. It was
awful. She'll never have babies! She's lucky to be

   Lisa was staring at the two, hyperventilating with
anxiety. The room seemed to be spinning. God what a
nightmare. Could she proved the cocaine wasn't hers?
How could she prove it? What could she do? Panic
seized the teenager and squeezed her relentlessly.

   "I've never seen that bag before!" she repeated
lamely. "I don't use coke."

   "Well, I have a couple of signed affidavits from
your teachers that they have been concerned you might
be using drugs. And Tiffany here tells me that
students are talking, that you've been bragging about
how easy it is to score cocaine."

   "That's a lie!" the beleaguered girl responded. She
glared at Tiffany. "It's not true. It's not fair."

   "You can tell that to the cops, and to the judge,
and to the warden at the Reformatory," White said
coldly. "For drug trafficking, you'll be held at the
Reformatory until your case goes to trial. Even if
you're found not guilty, which is doubtful, you could
spend months there awaiting trial. A sweet little girl
like you in the Reformatory will be like a pork chop
tossed into a kennel.

   "I guess it's my sad duty to call the police,"
White concluded, and picked up his phone.

   "No! God no! Please don't call!"

   "Why shouldn't I call?"

   "I don't know. But please, I beg you," the
trembling teen girl begged, "please don't call the
police." She started to cry. White felt his erection
stirring at the look in her eyes - helpless,
vulnerable, pleading.

   "Well, there might be another way," he said.

   "God, I'll do anything," said Lisa, sniffling.

   "I'll bet you will," White said. He unzipped his
pants and let them fall to the floor, thumbed down his
jockey shorts and unleashed his hard-on, which sprang
to attention. 

    Lisa looked shocked. "Oh shit!" she cried. "You
fucking pervert. You dirty old man! You're
blackmaliing me!"

    "If that's what you want to call it, Lisa, fine. I
like to think of it as alternative community service.
Now you can either give me a blow job right this
second, or you'll be locked in a cell within about
three hours with a bunch of hungry lesbians. Unless
you're a closet dyke, I think you ought to go with the
blow job."

   "You son of a bitch!" Lisa spat. Her eyes flashed
with fury at the principal, and then over at Tiffany
as well. "You won't get away with this!"

   "Oh yes I will, you worthless little slut. I get
away with just about anything I want to around here.
Tell her, Tiffany."

   "He does, Lisa. Really. He's done all sorts of mean
things, him and some of the male teachers, to some of
the girls here. He blackmails and threatens them, and
he always gets his way," Tiffany said.

   "In fact," White told the trembling sophomore,
"sucking my cock is just phase one of your
rehabilitation, Lisa. I think you need the guidance of
an older girl here at school to help you. I think
Tiffany Daniels is just the girl to show you the error
of your ways. So starting right after you swallow my
sperm, you are going to be Tiffany's slave for the
next week. You will do every single thing she says,
and do it perfectly and willingly. If you do not, if
you so much as hesitate, Tiffany will report back to
me and I'll send you off to Lesbo-World, where the
instrument of penetration is a broom handle instead of
a nice, warm penis."

   White grabbed Lisa by the front of her shirt and
pulled her toward him. "Do you understand me, little
girl?" he roared.

   Lisa's head was spinning, but she knew that at the
moment, she had no choice. "Yes, sir," she said

   "Good girl," White said. "Now strip off those
clothes, every stitch, and come over here on your
hands and knees."

   Lisa glared with hatred at her tormentor, but did
as she was told. She briskly pulled her top over her
head, and slipped out of her bra, then stepped out of
her skirt and white cotton panties. White licked his
lips at the physical perfection of the 15-year-old
beauty, the smoothness of her young, unsullied skin,
the sweet patch of brown pubic hair covering her
virgin little pussy. She instinctively covered her
mound with her hands, but White barked at her to keep
her hands at her side.

   The older man stepped out of his pants, but left
his shirt on, and wheeled his desk chair in front of
his desk. He sat down and spread his knees wide. "Now
drop to your hands and knees, Lisa, like the little
doggie that you are, and crawl over here and suck my
cock!" he ordered.

   Lisa Boulet obeyed. She reached White's lap, opened
her lips, squeezed her eyes shut tightly in a grimace,
and took the head of his cock into her mouth.

   "I'll bet this is your first blowjob, isn't it
Lisa?" White asked.

   "Hm-mmm," Lisa answered affirmatively. She knew
instinctively it was best to keep sucking, not to

   "Well, you're not bad. But you need to get more
into your mouth. That's a girl. I won't gag you this
first time. Just get your mouth lower and lower until
I hit the back of your throat. Ahhh, yes, that's a
good little suck-doggie. Now suck like it was a
Tootsie Roll pop."

   Tiffany Daniels watched as her nemesis was
humiliated by the principal. Her body was tingling
with excitement, and her pussy was getting wet at
watching Lisa on her hands and knees, forced to give a
blowjob against her will. She felt fantastic! Lisa was
going to be her slave for a week. She'd put this
little girl through her paces, teach her to shoot her
mouth off about seniors!

   "Ahh, you have a talented mouth, Lisa," White said,
leaning back with his eyes clothes while the naked
schoolgirl worked on his throbbing dick. "But just to
spice up our little game a bit, I'm gonna ask Tiffany
to play also. Tiffany, while Lisa is sucking me off,
go into the top drawer of my desk and you'll find a
rubber glove and some oil. Put on the glove, put some
oil on your index finger, and give little suck-doggie
here a little oil massage. I think her pussy would be
a good place to start."

   Lisa started to lift her head up to protest, but
White grabbed her hair firmly and forced her face back
down on to his cock. "Naughty, naughty, suck-doggie.
Your job is to suck, not talk. I don't want to hear a
word out of you until you've got a belly full of
sperm, suck doggie."

   Tiffany opened the drawer and pulled out the glove
and oil. To her surprise, the small bottle of oil was
bright red. The label had Chinese characters, and
underneath it read Szechuan Cooking Oil.  She was glad
White had provided her with a glove.

   In a moment, she was squatting behind Lisa's butt.
The delightful little bubble-butt bobbed back and
forth, in rhythm with her head. The lips of the
victim's pussy peeked out between her thighs slightly.

   "Spread your legs," Tiffany ordered, slapping Lisa
on the ass. She got a surge of power as she did it,
which felt great.

   Lisa spread her legs, exposing more of her sweet
cleft. Tiffany poured the highly spiced oil onto her
finger, reached between Lisa's thighs and began to
massage it into the folds.

   At first Lisa had no reaction. But within a few
seconds she began to moan and squirm. White kept a
tight grip on her head, not letting her pull her mouth
away. "Oh, I forgot to tell you, Lisa-dog," he
sneered. "That's Chinese cooking oil, highly seasoned
with ground chile peppers. It can raise blisters on
regular skin. On sensitive inner skin, like the kind
inside your pussy, it's gonna be like the fires of
hell. I call it a motivator. Tiffany's gonna keep
giving you more and more oil until I come. The sooner
you make me come with your mouth, the sooner I tell
Tiffany to stop."

   Tiffany's pussy spasmed at White's speech. She had
know the oil was probably going to react horribly with
Lisa's membranes, but hearing White explain it so
heartlessly gave her a sexual rush all the same. She
continued to rub the folds of Lisa's outer labia. She
had been through so much sexually in the past year
that it hardly even seemed strange to her to be
squatting behind another girl in the principal's
office massaging a pussy. It wasn't the first twat she
had had contact with, after all; her sister Stephanie
had gone through a period during the summer when she
had demanded that Tiffany "service" her regularly,
which had meant licking her sister to orgasm every

   The blonde senior couldn't see Lisa's eyes, since
they were pointed at Mr. White's bulging midriff, but
they were filled with tears, of pain and of hatred.
Unable to pull her head back from the pole that was
stuffed into her mouth, Lisa at least tried to avoid
the searing pain of the Szechuan oil, and wiggled her
ass, trying to dislodge Tiffany's fingers.

   "Don't let her throw you, Tiffany," White said
sternly. "For the next round, I think you need to get
some oil up inside Miss Boulet's little cunt. Smear it
all around for her, if you want to teach her a

   Lisa Boulet tried to scream, but couldn't, as she
was thoroughly gagged by the massive penis. Despite
her hatred for Lisa, Tiffany felt a pang of guilt, of
feeling sorry for the tormented little girl. Her mind
flashed back to the time White had called her,
Tiffany, to his office, with the blackmail video, and
smeared honey all over her pussy and ass and then
poured ants all over her. At the memory, she felt
another sexual surge, a definite twitch of her excited
clitoris, which confused her. She was supposed to be
the dominant girl here; why did her clit throb when
she thought of a time when she was the submissive one?

   Tiffany pushed the thought from her mind and
re-anointed her fingertip with the fiery, viscous 
oil. Her forefinger was bright red up to the knuckle,
and she now began to slowly slide that finger up
inside Lisa Boulet's virgin pussy. Lisa bucked and
thrashed and screamed her muffled protests into
White's hard-on.

   "Lisa, let me help you!" Tiffany suddenly blurted.
"You need to make him cum! Use your hand and jack his
shaft up and down, it's the only way to get him off

   Why was she saying this? Shouldn't she be
prolonging Lisa's agony, she wondered? She saw Lisa
reach her right hand up and grab the base of White's
throbbing stalk and begin to move her small hand up
and down in a pistoning motion. Tiffany wiggled her
oily finger inside Lisa's canal, smearing the peppery
goo throughout.

   "Oh yeah, you little blow job queen, suck that
cock!" White moaned. He began thrusting his cock
forward into Lisa's mouth, choking the girl, cutting
off her air. Tiffany could tell he was getting close,
and decided it was time for one last torture of the
sophomore. She put more oil on her finger, and without
warning, rammed it solidly up between the girl's ass
cheeks, right past the tiny pink starfish of her
bunghole, all the way up her rectum!

   Poor Lisa Boulet nearly jumped out of her skin at
the unexpected impalement. She was being choked on the
monster cock, was supporting all her weight on her
left arm, and was now being reamed out in her ass
passage. Her pussy was on fire, and now her ass was on
fire! But she could feel White's cock swelling in her
mouth, and even though this was her first blow job,
she knew instinctively the tyrannical man must be
getting close to coming.

   "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck, you little slut! Here I come!"
White bellowed, and jammed his dick deep into the poor
girl's mouth, just as Tiffany jammed her finger all
the way up Lisa's bunghole as far as it would go.
White's cock exploded, and suddenly her mouth was
filled with his nasty, salty jism. It seemed like
gallons of it, and she began swallowing frantically,
knowing she should not spill a drop. She grunted like
a pig as Tiffany's finger sawed in and out of her sore
little anal opening.

    Finally, it was over. White withdrew, and so did
Tiffany. He winked at her, over Lisa's head, and
Tiffany winked back. Lisa staggered to her feet, her
limbs cramped and sore, her jaw stiff, her teeth all
gritty from the sperm coating they had just received.
But none of that could compare to the unbelievable
agony that coursed through her crotch. Her pussy and
ass felt as if they were on fire, as if they were
being toasted by a cigarette lighter. 

   White grabbed the girl's white panties and bra from
the tangle of clothes on the floor. "I'll keep these,
slut," he told her. "You can go back to class and
spend the rest of the school day without underwear.
You'd just stain the panties all red anyway as you

   "You son of a bitch!" Lisa spat. "I hurt! I hurt so

   "Not as bad as you'd be hurtin' in the Reformatory,
sweetheart," White chuckled. "This was the easy way.
Now you and I are done. But remember, you are
Tiffany's slave for a week. And if you don't do every
single thing she says, then I call the cops about your
little cocaine problem."

   "Fuck you!" Lisa shouted.

   "Now if that's going to be your attitude, Lisa, I
can always arrange for you to have detention after
school today. It's your choice. You can be nice and
thank me politely for not turning you in, and that way
you get to go home at the end of the day and give
yourself a nice couple of enemas and wash all that
nasty hot stuff out of you. Or you can cop an
attitude, and I'll give you detention for today.
You'll come back to this office for an hour, and I'll
think up some even more creative things to do to you.
And Tiffany can tell you, I can be very creative." He
glared at the girl with authority.

   Lisa glanced at Tiffany, wondering again what had
happened between the senior and White. But then she
took a breath, and exhaled. "I'm sorry," she said

   "That's better. Now acknowledge to Tiffany that you
are her slave, and you will obey her every command."

   "I'm your slave, Tiffany," Lisa said stiffly. "I
will obey your every command."

   "Good decision," White said. "I don't want to see
you back in here for disobedience, Lisa. It would not
be pleasant. Now you girls go on and have a fun week,"
White told them.

   Neither he nor Tiffany saw the look of almost
pathological hatred that crossed Lisa's face briefly.
Quietly, to herself, Lisa Boulet made a vow that she
would turn the tables on Miss Tiffany Fucking Daniels
soon. Very soon.


   About the fourth time Tiffany heard the song
blaring out of Stephanie's bedroom, she went down the
hall to investigate. When she walked in, she found her
younger sister dancing in the middle of her floor, her
slender young body gyrating in a frenzy. She wore a
tiny halter top, and even though her tits were small,
the cups of the halter were so small - no bigger than
a child's hand - that the flesh bulged out the top,
bottom and sides. A pair of extremely snug denim Daisy
Dukes encased her girly ass.

   "What's that song?" Tiffany yelled over the rock

   Stephanie punched pause on the computer screen
music player. "It's called 'Teenage Dirtbag,' by some
band called Wheatus. I downloaded it off Napster, and
I love it!" She punched play on the screen, and the
harmonies of Wheatus filled the room:
   "I'm just a teenage dirtbag, baby/
   Yeah I'm just a teenage dirtbag baby/
   Listen to Iron Maiden baby with me!"

   Tiffany found herself drawn to the infectious
melody, and started dancing with Stephanie, only a
little more sedately. Steph was whirling and flinging
herself around the bedroom in a frenzy.

   Finally the song stopped.

   "So what's up, sis?" Stephanie asked, plopping her
butt on the bed. "How are things going with your new

   "OK," Tiffany replied.

   "What have you had her doing? I haven't seen her
naked in the halls yet."

   "Well, yesterday after cheerleading practice, in
the locker room, I made her say in front of all the
girls that she was sorry she had said mean things
about me. And I made her get down on her knees and
kiss my ass and beg my forgiveness!" Tiffany's face
flushed hot at the memory.

   "Bare ass or panties?" Stephanie asked.

   "Bare ass."

   "Just a peck on the cheek, or did you make her
French your asshole?"

   "Stephanie! You are so gross! No way I'm gonna tell
her to French my asshole in front of the whole squad!
They'd all think I was lez or something."

   "OK, so what else have you done to squash her like
the fucking bug she is?" Stephanie asked.

   "Well, I haven't had much of a chance. I'm a senior
and Lisa's a sophomore, so we don't have any classes
together. I think she's been avoiding me. I was
thinking of maybe doing something this weekend."

   "Jesus Christ, girl!" Stephanie shouted. "I arrange
for you to get served Lisa Bullets on a fucking silver
platter, and you're wimping out. You're pissing away
your chance. No classes together? She's avoiding you?
Did that stop Mr. White from using you like a cheap
Kleenex last year?"

   "No," Tiffany muttered. She was suddenly ashamed of
herself, knowing her younger but far more
sophisticated sister scorned her.

   "Maybe you're just not cut out to be dominant!"
Stephanie spat.

   "I am too!" Tiffany shot back. "I am dominant! Look
at my position in the school. I'm the head
cheerleader, I'm the star of the drama program, I'm
the most popular and beautiful and richest girl in the
senior class! Doesn't that count for anything?" she

   "It beats being a loser, sis, but it doesn't have
squat to do with sexual dominance," Stephanie said. "A
person can be powerful in real life, and a total
submissive in the bedroom. Let me tell you a story.
Mr. White introduced me to a guy who runs a nightclub
just outside of town. It's sort of a strip club, sort
of a house of prostitution, sort of whatever the guys
who pay want it to be and what the girls are up for. 

   "Snake, that's the guy who owns the club, set me up
with this guy who's a banker in Dallas, president of
the biggest bank there. He's one of the richest guys
in Texas, and you know what he wanted when he paid
Snake $1,000 and took me to a hotel room? He wanted me
to pee on him!"

   "Ewwww, Steph!"

   "Hey, it could have been worse, he could have
wanted to pee on me. So he climbed naked into the
bathtub and jacked off, and I squatted over him and
peed on him and called him a dirty boy over and over.
I split the grand with Snake. But the point is this
guy is so fucking rich he could hire Britney Spears to
sing at his birthday party, and he wants a girl to pee
on him and say he's a dirty boy. He's a sexual

   "I thought you said you were a submissive too,"
Tiffany said.

   "I was, and I am. If I'm really gonna get off, I
like to have some older guy pin me down and fuck me
like he was raping me. That makes me pop like a string
of firecrackers. But Mr. White has introduced me to a
whole world of sexual adventures, and some of them pay
very well if a girl is willing to have an open mind.
I've got more than $8,000 stuffed in a shoebox under
my bed."

   "Steph! My God, you're a hooker!"

   "So what? Should I do it for free? People are going
to have sex, Tiff. I'm going to have sex. Why
shouldn't I get paid also?"

   "So what else do you do at this club?"

   "Forget about the club, Tiff. This is about you. My
point is that some people like the banker dude are
natural sexual submissives. And I'm worried that you
may be a submissive, too, A bottom, like I told you

   "But I don't want to be!" Tiffany wailed. "I want
to be a top!"

   "You are what you are, sis," Stephanie said. "You
may be able to be a top, I don't know. So far you
haven't proven much with Lisa. A true top would have
had that girl crawling naked down the hallways of
school making moo-ing sounds, with a sign on her ass
saying "Free Butt Fucks." Or something like that. An
apology doesn't show a very creative mind as a

   "What should I do, Steph?" the senior cheerleader
pleaded. "Can you help me?"

   "Stephanie sighed. "I'm just a teenage dirtbag,
baby. But I can help you. Find Lisa tomorrow and tell
her you and she are going to the mall on Saturday.
Tell her to be at our house at 12 noon sharp. Tell her
to wear something skimpy and slutty. Be specific. Make
her understand that if she doesn't show up, or she
doesn't look like a 15-year-old fucktoy, you're gonna
go to Mr. White and ask that she be raped by a pack of
dogs. Or something."

   Tiffany shuddered at the image. Or maybe it was the
mention of the mall. She'd been dragged to a mall
once, and publicly humiliated, forced to show her
beautiful breasts in a store full of other people, and
worse, much worse. She felt that familiar tingle going
through her young pussy again. She was getting juicy,
and wanted to touch herself.

   "I'll do it," Tiffany said.

   "Good girl. And I'll help set it up so that you
can't fail. I'll call Snake and have him go along with
you and Lisa. When Snake sees Lisa, his creativity
will take over, and poor Lisa Bullets will be begging
for the wild dogs." Stephanie Daniels laughed.

   Tiffany woke up Saturday morning with a sopping wet
pussy and a buzzing in her clit. She'd been dreaming
about her boyfriend Hayden, that they were in bed
together and he had suddenly become a wild man. Sweet,
gentle Hayden had suddenly pinned her down and climbed
on top, looked into her eyes and said, "I'm gonna take
what's mine, Tiffany. I'm gonna fuck that sweet little
pussy of yours!" And then he had plunged his huge cock
up inside her tight little cunt, over and over,
ramming away, his pubic bone banging against her clit,
which was so wet and so begging for more, and more and

   She was awake now, and breathing hard, her heart
beating in her ears. Without thinking, her hand stole
down under her pajama bottoms and began to fondle her
clit. "Ohhhh, jeeeeez," she moaned softly as the
17-year-old fondled herself, caressed herself, rubbed
herself. Her knees fell to the sides, her legs splayed
wide under the covers, and she rubbed and rubbed and
rubbed until finally the moment came, the orgasm she
needed so badly, and her body stiffened and she bit
her lip to keep from screaming out.

   Afterward, it was too much to think about. She was
glad the dream was about Hayden instead of Mr. White
or her horrible cousin or some nameless, faceless man
in an alley, because those were the men she dreamed
about sometimes. This was Hayden, the boy she loved.
But he was so rough. So unlike sweet Hayden. 

   "Tiffany!" Her mother's voice broke through her
confused thought-stream. 
   "Daddy had to go into the office today, and I've
got tennis at 10 and then lunch with the girls and
then some shopping. I'll see you tonight at dinner!"

   "OK, Mom!" She sprang from the bed, aware now that
it was Saturday, the day she would prove that she
should be a top, the day she would make Lisa Boulet
grovel like a, like a, well, she didn't know exactly
what grovelled, but whatever. She shrugged and headed
for the shower.

   At 11:30, the doorbell rang, and by the time Tiff
got downstairs, Stephanie had already opened it. As
Tiffany came downstairs into the foyer, she saw Snake.

   He was tall. And dark and scary, she thought.
Tiffany took in the man standing there. He was
probably about 30, although Tiffany wasn't too good at
guessing the ages of older guys. Probably 6'2" or
6'3", lean, muscled. Very muscled. He had black hair
pulled back in a ponytail, and dark eyes. A black
T-shirt with the sleeves cut off showed off his
powerful biceps, each of which had a large matching
tatoo of a coiled snake. Black jeans and boots
completed the outfit. Even before he spoke to her,
Tiffany could feel his power. It radiated off him like
heat from pavement on a sunny day.

   Snake turned his dark eyes on the gorgeous blonde
teenager coming down the stairs to greet him, and
smiled. Here was the ultimate male sexual fantasy, the
perfect little sister of the most perfect airbrushed
Playboy Playmate come to full, robust life. Blonde
hair, blue eyes, a curvy body, and tits. Major fuckin'
tits, Snake thought. Tiffany's teen breasts stood out
from her chest with a ripe firmness that would
disappear in only a few years. They were stuffed into
a tight white blouse, and even though she was wearing
a bra, they bounced as if trying to get free. She wore
a plaid kilt-type skirt that hit her at mid-thigh, and
Snake wondered what color her panties were, and then
wondered a few things beyond that.
   "Snake, this is Tiffany. Tiffany, this is Snake."
Stephanie handled the introductions.

   "Pleased t' meet ya," Snake said, extending a
weathered hand. Tiffany shook it, as if she were at a
job interview or something. It was weird, she thought,
shaking hands with a guy who was some sort of pimp or
strip club owner, who was going to go out with her
today and try to break the spirit of Lisa Boulet.

   "Hi," she said, and gave him her most dazzling

   "God damn, you look good enough to eat," Snake

   Tiffany shivered with lust, at the thought of Snake
eating her.

   "Well, buddy boy, she ain't what's for dinner,"
Stephanie joked, and the three of them laughed.

   "No, I understand the drill," Snake replied. "It's
just when I meet a young lady as fine looking as
Tiffany here, well, the old gonads just sort of go on
automatic pilot."

   "Well, take 'em off auto pilot, Snake," Stephanie
said. "Your target will be over here in a few minutes.
Her name is Lisa Boulet, also known as Lisa Bullets
for reasons you will soon understand. And as I
explained, she's being blackmailed by Mr. White, so
you can pretty much do with her what you want."

   "Good old Roger!" Snake crowed. "What a fuckin'
perv that dude is! I can do what I want, huh? How
'bout if I just fuck her up the ass while the two of
you film it with a camcorder?"

   "Well, that's certainly not impossible," Stephanie
said, "but this is about establishing Tiffany's
dominance over Lisa. I imagine you'll get some teenage
pussy before the day is out, but first the three of
you are going to the mall. Lisa needs to be taken down
a few pegs, and there's nothing like a nice public
place to make a girl feel totally humiliated. Wouldn't
you say, Tiffany?"

   "Uh, yeah," said Tiffany, knowing what Stephanie
was referring to, and feeling as if someone was
twisting a fork in her belly button.

   "Why don't we smoke a joint while we wait?" Snake
said, as he walked into the Daniels' living room and
pulled a metal cigarette case out of his hip pocket.
"You can sit on my lap, Steph, and we'll talk about
the first thing that pops up!" He laughed, harshly.

   "Save it, big boy. I want you to channel your
libido into Lisa."

   Snake glowered, shut down by both girls. At least
for now. The three sat down in the Daniels' living
room, and Snake started in again.

   "So Tiffany, Steph here has told me all about you."

   The cheerleader blushed, and flashed her eyes at
her sister. "Stephie! What did you tell him?"

   "Relax, Tiff. I just told him how you were trying
to get revenge on Lisa, and needed some help in
dominating her." Tiffany relaxed; she'd been worried
that Stephanie had told Snake the whole sordid, ugly
story of how she had been blackmailed into a long line
of depraved sexual acts.

   Snake just smiled. The tension was rising when the
doorbell rang again. Lisa Boulet had arrived.

   Once again, Snake raked his eyes over the
adolescent girl he was being introduced to. Shorter
than Tiffany, darker, cute but not a raving beauty. A
wicked little body, he thought. As instructed, Lisa
had dressed for excess, wearing a very tight T-shirt
that stretched across her young cupcake breasts. "What
are you staring at?" read the words on the shirt. She
wore a pair of very short, very tight shorts made from
clingy nylon. It was obvious she wasn't wearing a bra,
and Snake wondered if she was wearing panties. He
glanced at her crotch, which was mounded out slightly,
but couldn't tell for sure.

   His eyes met hers, and he saw there something that
made his cock hard: a challenge. The little minx was
meeting him eye to eye, daring him. "Do your worst,"
Lisa's eyes seemed to be saying to the older man. "I'm
your equal."

   "Lisa, this is Snake," said Stephanie. "He's a
friend of Tiffany and mine, and he's going along

   "Hey, Snake," Lisa said, cool as could be. "How's
it hangin'?" She grinned.

   "Well, it ain't really hangin', Lisa," he shot
back. "It's kinda standing up right now. Would you
like to see?" He reached for the zipper on his jeans.

   "That's OK, big boy," Lisa said quickly. "Keep it

   "I think it's time we got something straight,
slut," Snake snarled. "You don't tell me what to do.
And you don't tell Tiffany what to do. As I
understand, your principal has you over a barrel.
Right now that's a metaphor, but if you tell me what
to do again, it's gonna be the real thing. I'll find a
barrel, and I'll stretch you over it, and I'll
dry-fuck your ass while you scream bloody murder. You
got that, you little piece of shit?"

   Lisa stared at Snake, and he stared back. Finally
she lowered her eyes. "I got it."

   "Good. Now right off, you call me sir, and you call
Tiffany ma'am, like we were your grandparents or
something. When either one of us tells you to do
something, your only response is, "Yes sir" and "Yes
ma'am. The word 'No' or any variation is not in your
vocabulary today, missy.  You with me so far? He had
stood up while talking and walked over to Lisa.
Because she was so short, he towered over the
sophomore girl, his bulk looming over her.

   "Yes sir."

   "Good. If you say no, or disobey today, or even
make like you don't want to do something, I'm gonna
call my buddy Roger White. He's gonna turn you over to
the cops. That's on Monday. But before he gets you,
I'll take you out to a little place I have. There are
a number of guys there that would love to play games
with you. Their favorite game is called "Guess What's
In Your Pussy?" Want to know how it's played, slut?"

   Lisa was silent, and Snake continued.

   "We get a girl like you, strip her naked, blindfold
her, and then hang her upside down in the middle of
the bar by her ankles, with ropes tied to the ceiling.
We spread her legs out as far as they'll go, so she's
like a giant upside-down V, and then we lube up her
cunt with some KY jelly. Then we take turns sticking
stuff into her cunt, and she has to guess what it is.
We don't take it out till she guesses right. It might
be a dildo, or a beer bottle, or a guy's fist, or a
piece of jagged glass, or a live mouse. One time, I'll
never forget this, one of the sick bastards stuck the
business end of a lit cigarette all the way up inside
some poor fuckin' kid. She was screaming that it was a
cigarette, but the guys wanted to know what brand it
was. You know, Marlboro, Merit, whatever. It went out
before she could guess, but she was pretty hoarse from
the screaming by then."

    Snake chuckled cruelly.

     Lisa Boulet looked pale, and she started to
tremble. Tiffany felt sick to her stomach listening to
Snake's description of the sadistic game, and she
wasn't even the one being threatened by it.

  "So, you a virgin, slut?" Snake asked Lisa. Her lips
were trembling so bad she could barely answer.

   "Yes sir."

   "You ever sucked a dick?"

   "No sir."

   Tiffany was thrilled. This was great! Snake had
completely intimidated Lisa. She wasn't so tough  now.

   "Well. maybe we'll change both of those facts
before the day is over, and maybe we won't. It all
depends on you. Hey, Tiffany!" he yelled, startling
the girl.

   "What?" she blurted.
   "Before we get going, anything you want Lisa to do
here at the house?"

   Tiffany hesitated. "Yeah," she said. "Kiss my ass."

   "Yes, ma'am," Lisa answered.

   "But this time, I want you to kiss it like you mean
it. I want you to kiss my asshole." Tiffany thrilled
at giving a command, at the power. She dropped her
skirt and her panties and turned around, presenting
her pert little butt to Lisa Boulet.

   In seconds, she felt a mouth at her anus, felt
Lisa's obedient lips there. She reached back with her
hands and pulled her cheeks apart.

   "Use your tongue. French me," Tiffany commanded.
And there it was, warm and soft and so so wet, Lisa
Boulet's tongue, slithering up Tiffany Daniels'

   "Give it a really good, deep workout, slut!"
Tiffany barked. "Don't stop till I tell you to."

   The sophomore worked her tongue in and out and
around of Tiffany's bunghole, which was soon dripping
with the girl's spit. Even though she knew she wasn't
even a teeny bit gay, it felt incredibly good to have
her ass rimmed like this. Her clit rumbled and
trembled, and her nipples began to poke up in

   "That's good, Lisa. You can stop."

   "Yes, ma'am."

   Snake spoke up. "God damn this is gonna be fun!" He
adjusted his bulging cock inside his jeans.

   "Steph, why don't you get something for Lisa to
wear?" Snake suggested.

   "What's wrong with what I'm wearing?" Lisa whined.

   "It's nice enough to give a hard-on here and there,
but it's not what I had in mind. Stephanie knows,
don't you, babe?"

   "Be right back!" Stephanie said, and scampered
upstairs. She was back in a minute, holding one of her
own dresses: a thin, diaphanous sundress that bordered
on transparent. It was flesh-colored, as much as it
could be said to have a color at all, and had been
sold as a set with an underslip. Stephanie didn't have
the slip with her, but she did have a pair of Candies,
the popular shoes with high wedges.

   "Put that on," Snake ordered. Lisa hesitated, and
then complied, reluctantly. She pulled off her
T-shirt, exposing her small but very firm teenaged
breasts, topped off with the famous bullets that had
given her her nickname. She blushed, but kept going as
Snake and the two Daniels sisters watched. She hooked
her thumbs into the waistband of her shorts, took a
deep breath, and with one swift motion pulled the
shorts and her panties down to her ankles. The girl
stood in the living room, stark naked. Her body was
flawless, as Tiffany already knew, but as Steph and
Snake appreciated freshly. Although compact, she was
very curvy. Her dark pubic patch was cropped very
close and trim.

   Snake stepped over, bent down and picked up the
fallen clothes, then stuffed them into a black
backpack he had stashed next to the Daniels' sofa.
"You'll get these back later, if you're good," he told
her. "Now put on the dress, or else we can hit the
mall just as you are."

   "Yes sir," Lisa said, and slipped on Stephanie
dress. It had spaghetti straps, and buttoned all the
way up the front. It fit her snugly, for Stephanie
wasn't any bigger than Lisa. The effect was
spectacular. Depending on the light and the angle, the
dress was either opaque and suggestive, or as
transparent as if the adolescent was wrapped in Saran
Wrap. You could see her nipples, particularly since
they were poking out almost an inch. 

   Snake eyes the poor, trembling victim's snatch
through the thin cloth. "Man, I love the dress, but I
don't want to get busted. Tell you what, Lisa babe, if
you're a really, really good girl on the way to the
mall, maybe I'll give you back your panties when we
get there. Does that sound fair?"

   "Yes sir," Lisa said, and her eyes nearly melted
with gratitude for the small favor. She had been
focusing on getting her panties back, not on what
Snake had meant about being "really really good." She
would find out soon enough.

   "So let's move!" Snake called, and Lisa, Tiffany
and Snake headed out the door.

   "Let's get this fuckin' show on the road!" Snake
said. "Tiffany, you're supposed to be the boss here.
What do you want to do?"

   "Well, there's this mall I know, about a half hour
from here, and we're gonna go there, and have a little
fun with Lisa."

   "Sounds like a plan. But first, I got one more
addition to little Lisa's outfit. He rummaged around
in his knapsack and pulled out a dog collar. "Here,
put this on, slut."

   Lisa, still obedient, took it and fastened it
around her own neck. Tiffany smiled at the sight of
her rival wearing a see-through dress, totally nude
underneath, and a demeaning dog collar. Snake pulled
out a small padlock the size of a nickel and hooked it
through the collar's clasp, locking it in place.

   "Now you're not just Lisa the Slut, you're Lisa the
Dog Slut. Are you gonna be a good doggy?"

   "Yes, sir," Lisa answered, her face again bright
red with embarrassment.

   "And it's a special dog collar," Snake said, as he
pulled something else from the bag, It was a small
device about the size of a deck of cards, with a red
button in the middle. "Here, Tiffany, you do the
honors. Push the button and see what happens."

   "AHHHH! Fuck! Fuck!" Lisa suddenly screamed, and
began clawing at the collar around her neck, trying to
rip it off.

   "That's enough," Snake said. "This is a training
collar I use on my pit bulls. There are little slivers
of metal embedded in it, and electric wires. This
here's a remote control. You press the button, doggie
gets a zap. Not enough to do any permanent damage or
leave a mark, but it hurts like a motherfucker.
Doesn't it, Lisa?"

   "Please take it off!" the girl begged, suddenly on
the verge of tears. "Please, please, I'll do whatever
you want. It really hurt!"

   "It's just a little extra persuader," Snake said.
"The blackmail with the cops and the threat of a few
rounds of 'What's in Your Pussy?' back at the bar
ought to be enough, but I could tell when I saw you
that you weren't going to be an easy filly to tame.
This way, if you so much as look cross-eyed at an
order from me or Tiff, you'll get a zap. If I hold
down the button long enough, I can give you pain like
you've never known before. But we don't want that, do
we, Lisa Dog?"

   "No sir."

   "Good. Let's go. I brought my truck, but that
little Miata there looks like fun. Tiffany, put the
top down and drive. Lisa, you can sit on my lap. You
got a problem with sitting on my lap for the ride?" he
leered, licking his lips.

   "No sir."

  Suddenly Tiffany had a thought. "Snake," she said,
"back there at the house, when you asked Lisa if she'd
ever sucked a dick? She said she hadn't. But that was
a lie. She sucked Principal White's dick the other
day. Didn't you Lisa?"

   Lisa Boulet looked over at Tiffany with a glare of
pure hatred. 

   "Did you lie to me,  Lisa?" Snake asked softly. 

   "I didn't lie. I thought you meant if I had ever
done, uh, that, willingly, like with a guy I liked or
something. I didn't think it should count when I was
forced to!"

   "It doesn't count?" Snake laughed. "You silly
little twat, of course it counts. You had a cock in
your mouth, you sucked it. End of story. I guess you
need a little demonstration of reality, babe. And I'm
just the guy to give it you!"

  Snake reached down and grabbed Lisa's dress and
pulled it up around her waist, making her naked from
the waist down. Tiffany glanced over and saw Lisa's
pussy, with his sparse covering of light brown hair,
exposed in the sunlight. Snake reached around to his
knapsack and pulled out a tube.
   "This here is KY Jelly, Lisa Dog. I've been horny
as hell since I laid eyes on you, and I thought it
would be fun to tear off a piece of your sweet young
ass while we rocketed down the highway.

   "Please don't," Lisa pleaded. "I'm so sorry,
please, don't hurt me, don't make me do this."

   Snake twisted in his seat, unfastening his jeans
and pulling them down. His cock popped up, nestled
against Lisa's back, and she could feel the heat
radiating off the huge iron spike of his dick. He
lubed up his hard-on with the lubricant as Lisa
started to rise up in her seat in a futile attempt to
escape. Tiffany was having trouble keeping her eyes on
the road, as right next to her her enemy was about to
get fucked by this awful man, right in the passenger
seat of her car.

   "Here goes, baby. Time for a little trip up the
Hershey Highway!" Snake yelled as the wind whipped
through the car. He lifted the tiny girl under both
armpits, aimed the purple mushroom head of his penis
at the tiny brown rosebud of her ass, and then settled
her back onto his lap.

   "Ooooof! Stop, God it hurts, stop, don't do this!"
she screamed

   "Relax that asshole, girlie, and let my cock do his
work, or I'll not only rape your ass, I'll hold down
that button while I'm doing it and you'll have pain
all over that sweet little body."

   Lisa was crying now, her fate sealed, nowhere to
turn. Tiffany knew just hot the poor girl felt. She,
too, had been tormented and abused by sadistic older
men, she too had had the virginity of her backdoor
ripped away in what was nothing more than rape. She
found herself breathing heavily, her skin tingling all
over. She figured it was seeing Lisa get her
comeuppance, rather than any possibility that she was
identifying with the girl's victimization.

   "Yeah, baby, come on down," Snake hissed, pulling
the struggling, squealing girl downward. Slowly, her
poor rectum stretched out to accommodate the massive
invasion of his penis. He gasped, and she did too,
when the head pooped past her anal ring and began a
slow, torturous journey, a millimeter at a time, up
her tight anal passage.

   "Thank God for KY!" Snake yelled. "I'd never get up
that bunghole without it!"

   "AAAAhhh, it hurts! It hurts! Stop it!" Lisa
bellowed in pain. Snake kept a tight grip on the young
cheerleader, holding her in place while he began
thrusting his pelvis upward, burying his monster cock
deeper and deeper into her spasming little orifice.

   "Why are you doing this to me?" Lisa wailed.

   "Well, for one thing I'm doing it because as soon
as I saw you I said to myself Snake old pal, you gotta
get your dick up that ass. For another thing, this is
how you're gonna earn the right to wear those panties
at the mall, rather than have your twat on display for
every guy in the world to ogle. For still another
thing, you really ought to thank me, because if we get
to that mall and I'm all horny and tense, I'm gonna be
really mean, but if I've blasted off inside your butt,
I'll be a little more mellow, so again, it's in your
best interest. And finally, and I guess the real
reason to all this, is that I'm fucking your ass
because you apparently pissed Tiffany off."

   "Ohhh, God, I didn't mean to, I'm so sorry,
Tiffany, please tell him to stop, he's gonna rip me up
down there, it's too big! Tiffany, please, tell him to
stop!" Lisa was screaming as the Miata picked up
speed, and Tiffany just smiled from the driver's seat.
This was sweet, sweet revenge, she thought, getting
back in little goody-two-shoes Lisa Bullets for
talking trash about her.

   "Oh, a little dick up the ass never hurt anybody,"
Tiffany said. Snake thrust upward again, and Lisa
could feel his scratchy pubic hair rub against the
tender skin of her butt cheeks. He had buried every
bit of his cock insider her!

   "So tell me, Tiff, if you don't mind, what did this
little slut do to you to deserve this?" Snake asked.

   "She was talking trash about me," Tiffany said,
keeping her eyes on the road. She was approaching a
red light and braked to a stop. "I'm a senior and
she's a sophomore and she didn't know her place."

   "That's all?" Snake asked. "Man, that's fuckin'
cold. I figured she stole your boyfriend or

   "I wouldn't want her fuckwad boyfriend!" Lisa spat.

   "Hey, shut up, cunt, or I'll play Bad Doggie with
your collar," Snake growled. Just then a car pulled up
beside Tiffany on the passenger side. A teenaged boy
rolled down his window and goggled at the scene next
to him: Beautiful Tiffany driving, Snake in the
passenger seat and lovely Lisa on his lap, wearing a
next-to-nothing sundress.

   "Dude!" yelled the teenager to Snake. "Way to go!"

   Snake turned and smiled and spoke matter-of-factly.
"Yeah, I'm fuckin' her up the ass right now," he said.
The light turned green and Tiffany floored the car as
Snake burst into laughter and the teenager's mouth
hung open.

   Tiffany found the exit ramp and moved onto the
Interstate, as Lisa Boulet kept up her cries of pain
and humiliation at being butt-raped.

   "So tell me, Lisa-Doggie, you ever masturbate?"
Snake asked. "And don't lie to me, or I'll sit on this
remote control and zap you till your neck starts to

   "Yes, sir!" Lisa said. Her eyes were screwed shut
and she was biting her lower lip in pain as Snake
worked his cock in and out of her ass.

   "Good!" Snake called to her above the whistling
wind. "I want you to reach down and start playin' with
yourself, and I want you to give yourself a big ol'
whoppin' orgasm. As soon as you cum, I'll cum too, and
pull this bad boy out of your butt. But if you don't
cum, I'm just gonna keep fucking you and fucking you
and fucking you all the way to the mall. You got
  "Yes, sir," Lisa replied. She instantly got busy,
spreading her legs a little to expose her bare pussy,
licking her fingertips and rubbing her clit.

   Tiffany couldn't help but keep glancing over. God,
she was getting so hot, she couldn't believe it. Snake
was like a dream come true, so powerful and sure of
himself. He was a guy who didn't mess around, who got
right to the point with giving Lisa 18 kinds of hell.
She wondered what his cock felt like. And as she
watched Lisa try to bring herself off, she thought
about touching herself as well. Her clit needed
attention so badly, it was as if it was calling her
name: Tiffany! Touch me! Play with me! Lisa's getting
off and you're not!

   But she made herself keep both hands on the  wheel
like her daddy had taught her. The lightweight
convertible was rocking slightly now, as Snake jerked
himself up and down, up and down, plunging himself
deeper and deeper, ravishing the 15-year-old's
no-longer-virgin asshole. And Lisa was contributing
too, clutching the dashboard with her left hand so
that her right hand could stay busy on her clit.
Tiffany noticed that her enemy had stopped crying
about the pain, and had started making a low humming
sound that sounded almost like a cat purring.

   "Ooh, yeah, Lisa baby, I think you're liking it
now," Snake said. "I can feel those muscles of yours
giving a massage to my rod. Can you make yourself cum,
Lisa?" He lowered his voice and started whispering
into her like a mantra, repeating over and over, "Cum
for me, Lisa, cum for me slut, cum for me baby, come
on baby, rub that clitty, you bad girl, you fuckin'
slut, you're so fuckin' hot, you're the hottest
fuckin' chick ever, cum for me baby..."

   "MMMMMM-mmmmmmmm," Lisa hummed. She was
concentrating now, trying to block out that pain of
the gigantic cock that was violating her, thinking
about her pussy, about the warmth and the pressure. If
she could make herself cum, her ordeal would be over.
"MMMMM-hhmmmmmmm," she moaned, over and over.

   Even with the top down, the Miata felt like it was
full of sex, Tiffany thought. Snake's seductive
whisperings, Lisa's moans of pleasure, her own
horniness, all were mixing together into some
pheromone-laced stew of lust. Only they're both going
to get off, Tiffany thought, and I'm not! It's not

   "Oh yeah, baby, clamp those muscles down!" Snake
suddenly yelled, just as Lisa burst out, "Ohhhhhh,
GOD! GOD! GOD! Yesyesyesyes!" She began to shake
violently and whether ir was her muscles working on
his cock or just him being a man of his word, Snake
erupted just then, also, his face turning red as he
pumped his seed deep into the teenager's bottom.

   They were both screaming in unison: "Yes! Yes!
Yes!" Then they were done. Tiffany squeezed her 
thighs together, frustrated. She rubbed them against
each other, surreptitiously, trying to get a little
friction going on her own clit. The whole scene had
made her incredibly horny, but she couldn't admit
that, couldn't just start diddling herself in front of
the two of them.

   "Oh fuck, baby, that was awesome!" Snake said as he
lifted Lisa off his lap and allowed his dick to
withdraw. "That's the best teenaged ass I've ever
fucked in my life. If you weren't jailbait, I'd hire
you to come do lap dances at my club!"

   "Do I get my panties back?" Lisa asked. Tiffany
thought she heard a tone of seductiveness in Lisa's
voice, as if the little tart was flirting with her
   "Hell yes! After a fuck like that, you can have
anything you want!" Snake said enthusiastically.

   "Hey, I get a say in this!" Tiffany interjected. It
was as if Snake and Lisa were playing their own game,
and she was hardly in it anymore. This was supposed to
be her show, damn it!

   "You get a say in some things, Tiff," Snake said,
eyeing the older girl. "But I gave Lisa my word she
could have her panties after I ass-fucked her, so I'm
gonna keep my word. Now tell me, why are we going to
this particular mall?"

   Tiffany hesitated. The reason, of course, was that
this was where, White, Green, Brown and Black had
taken her last year, where she had been forced to blow
a Gap clerk and strip to the waist and walk around
with metal balls stuck up inside her. It somehow
seemed appropriate for her revenge on Lisa to take the
younger girl to the same place. But she couldn't say
any of that, as she didn't want Snake or Lisa to know
the horrible secrets of her past.

   "It's just a cool mall," Tiffany said. Snake looked
at her curiously, not believing her.

   She was confused. Snake and Lisa seemed to have
bonded somehow during the trip. They'd had a
simultaneous orgasm, and now were talking more like
friends and less like enemies. Her sexual frustration
made her head feel all wooly. This wasn't going the
way she had planned at all. This was supposed to be
her day, and it was slipping from her grasp.

   The mall exit came up, and she turned off the


   Tiffany sat in the parking lot of Southlands Mall,
trying to control her shivering. What was wrong with
her? This was her show, she told herself. She was the
boss, Lisa was the slave, Snake was there to help her
humiliate Lisa, just as she had been humiliated here
last year.

   Maybe it was the horniness, from having to sit
there and drive while Snake had raped Lisa's ass and
then listen to the two of them cum. Maybe it was
excitement. Maybe it was the memory of that night
Roger White and the others had taken her here, the way
they had handcuffed her and fingered her in the back
seat of the SUV, forcing her to sing "I am 16 Going on
17." It had been a horrible, horrible night, the
confused teenager thought, and yet one that she could
not forget.

   Get a grip, girl, she said to herself. Her nipples
were aching, her skin was burning, and her pussy
seemed to be leaking juice. She felt buzzed, like when
she had been forced to smoke a joint, but it wasn't a
mellow buzz. It was jangly, harsh. 

   Lisa was standing next to the Miata, pulling her
panties on under the sheer sundress.

   "Jesus Christ, my poor little butt hurts!" she
whined. "I can barely even walk!"

   "I have that effect on women," Snake said boasted.
"And anyway, even if your asshole hurts, I'll be that
little pussy of yours feels pretty fine after the
workout she got."

   "No thanks to you!" Lisa shot back.

   "Hey, slut!" Snake said. "Don't forget. We ain't
equals. The proper response is 'Yes, sir.' Now, does
your pussy feel good, you little slut?"

   "Yes sir,"

   "That's better," Snake said, as he shouldered his
black knapsack. "So, Tiffany, what do you want to do?"
he asked.

   "Well, I don't have a specific plan yet, but I
figured we'd make something up once we got inside,"
she answered.

   "You don't have a plan?" Snake asked. 

   "Uh, no," she replied, feeling suddenly inadequate.
Why couldn't she think up creative ways to embarrass
Lisa? Everyone she knew seemed to be able to come up
with ways to embarrass Tiffany.

  "Whatever," Snake sighed, and she could tell he was

   The trio entered through the Sears entrance. "So
you want me to just kinda take over?" Snake asked.

   "Uh, sure," Tiffany said. "For now, anyway."

   "Well, then, Lisa, here's your first little
assignment for the afternoon." He reached into the bag
and pulled out an enormous black dildo. Made of molded
rubber and contoured with frighteningly realistic
bulging veins, it was as big around as a man's forearm
and 12 inches long. Snake handed the monstrosity to
little Lisa.

   "We'll go to the tool department or someplace where
there's plenty of guys and find a male clerk. You will
go up to him and tell him you need replacement
batteries for your vibrator here. You'll get him to
put the batteries in, and make sure it works properly.
You will pretend the whole time that you're just a
little cocktease, and not give any sign that you're
doing this against your will. If your performance
doesn't convince me and Tiffany, we'll just head on
over to my bar for a few rounds of "Guess What's In
Your Pussy." You got it, ass-slut?"

   Lisa swallowed. "Yes, sir," she said meekly.

   In the tool department, Tiffany instantly saw the
clerk she wanted. He was a young black man, tall and
handsome, in his early 20s. "That's your guy," she
said to Lisa, pointing out the clerk.

   The young girl squared her shoulder and marched
off, with Snake and Lisa trailing behind. They kept
close enough to listen, but far enough away to make it
look as if Lisa was alone in the store.

   "Excuse me, sir," Lisa said to the clerk. "Can you
help me a minute?"

   "Ma'am," said the clerk. He turned to Lisa and his
eyes bulged out like a cartoon character when he saw
the humongous purple-black cock she was holding. It
didn't even register at first how she was dressed, but
then he adjusted his gaze and took in the whole scene:
a short, gorgeous teenage girl wearing what amounted
to a see-through dress. With no bra! Damn, he could
see her titties right through the material!

   "My, uh, uh, my vibrator here is out of batteries.
Do you sell batteries?"

   "Jesus, lady!" the clerk sputtered. "What the hell
are you doing carrying a thing like that around in

   Lisa blushed furiously. Tiffany could tell it was
difficult for the high school girl to go on, but Lisa
plunged ahead.

   "Can you just get me some batteries?"

   "Yeah, yeah, c'mere," the clerk said, and pulled
Lisa behind a display.

   "What size?" he asked.

   "I don't know."

   "Well, let's open it up and see." He unscrewed the
bottom as if it was a flashlight, and out popped four
D batteries. "Mmm, some real power here," he muttered.
"Damn, girl, you got a set of balls on you, you don't
mind my saying so. You just wave that thing around
like it was cotton candy."

   "Can I just have my batteries?" Lisa asked. Tiffany
had moved a few feet away, and could see the
desperate, anxious look on Lisa's face.

   The clerk had regained his composure after his
surprise, and was starting to toy with the helpless
victim. He figured any girl brazen enough to dress
like this and wave a huge black dildo around in public
wouldn't be adverse to a little flirting.

   "Sure, I'll get 'em for you, baby. But let me ask
you, you use that thing often?"

   "Uh, yeah, sure."

   He lowered his voice. "Ever try the real thing?"

   Lisa stared at the floor.


   "So you like to pretend, is that it?"

   "Uh, I guess."

   "Do you prefer a black one to a white one? Cause I
know you could buy a white one, but you must like it
black. Am I right, baby?"

   "I guess."

   "You guess? Just answer the question. Do you like
black or white better?"

   "I don't know. Please, can I just have the

   The clerk realized that no matter how big a slut
she was, she was still a customer and he was on thin

   "Sure, baby, here you go," he said, and handed over
a four-pack.

   "Could you, uh, put 'em in please, sir?" Lisa

   The clerk couldn't help himself. His cock was
raging in his pants, wanting to get at this sweetheart
of a young white slut. "You want me to put it in,
baby? Is that what you want?" he teased.

   "The batteries," Lisa said. She looked as if she
was about to burst into tears.

   "Yeah, I'd like to put something in," the clerk
said, leering. "I'd like to put something in good and
deep, baby." He moved closer to Lisa. The display was
blocking them from view of most of the people in the
store. He had to see how far he could go. He reached
out a hand, slowly, and brushed it down the front of
her thin dress. Lisa shuddered, but knew she dare not
back away, with Tiffany and Snake luring nearby and

   "You like that, baby?" the clerk asked. "Yeah, I
think you like it black. That's why you came to me
instead of someone else." His hand lingered on her
stomach, above the dress, and slowly, slowly moved
down toward her crotch. Lisa held her breath.

  The clerk's hand settled on the teenager's crotch.
He pressed one finger in, right onto her clit,
pressing through the dress and the cotton panel of her
white panties. She could feel the pressure on her
clit, and the little button was still sensitive from
the orgasm she'd just had in the car. But she couldn't
tell him to stop. Snake had given her instructions.

  "Damn, lookit how hard your little nipples are," the
clerk said. Indeed, they were poking straight out,
making painfully obvious bumps in the sundress. "I'll
bet those little boys would like a nice kiss, wouldn't
they baby. Or maybe I oughta call you a 'ho." He was
speaking softly so that only she could hear him, and
began to work his finger up and down, teasing and
tickling her clitoris through the fabric. Lisa bit her
lip to keep from moaning. It was the most awful,
repellent moment in her 15 years, but she couldn't
deny the fact that she was aroused as well.

   "I get off in 2 hours. Why don't you meet me back
here and I'll take you home and give your white ass a
fuck like it's never had before. What you say, my
little honky ho?"

   "What the hell is going on here, Tyrone?!?!"

   The voice startled both the clerk and Lisa, both of
whom had sunk into a near-hypnotic trance. They
wheeled and saw an obese white man in his 40s, his
hands on his fat hips.

   "Tyrone, if you want to play with your girlfriend,
do it on your own time. Or I'll fire your ass. You got

   "Yes sir, Mr. Miller, I'm sorry sir," Tyrone
babbled, backing away from Lisa Boulet as if she were
suddenly radioactive. 

  Miller, the assistant manager, looked at Lisa.
"Young lady," he said pompously, "it's not my place to
tell people how to dress, but that outfit is totally
inappropriate to be wearing in public. I suggest you
change, or go somewhere else.'

   "Yes sir!" Lisa bleated. She tucked the dildo under
her folded arms, trying her best to hide it, and
walked away as quickly as she could. She was almost to
the exit when Snake and Tiffany caught up with her.

   "Oh, God, that was awful!" Lisa wailed. "I feel
like shit. Did you see what that asshole was doing?"

   "You bet I did!" Tiffany said. She was breathing
hard. "So who's the big shot now, Lisa?"

   Lisa turned to Snake. "Can I speak my mind without
getting more punishment?" she asked.

   "Well, you're gonna get more punishment no matter
what," he said, "so you might as well speak your

   "Tiffany Daniels, I hate you! I loathe and despise
you! I wouldn't piss in your mouth if your lungs were
on fire. And I swear to you, when this is over, I'm
going to get revenge on you. And you will remember it
for the rest of your scummy life!"

   "Whoa, babe!" Snake said. "What a speech! But let
me remind you, you're the one who's in trouble with
the principal, not Tiffany. So you can talk all you
want, but we're here action."

   "Yeah!" said Tiffany. "I'm not afraid of you."

   Lisa glared at Tiffany with a penetrating stare of
pure hatred.

   "Come on, let's hit the mall, ladies," Snake said.
"This is not the time or place for a catfight.
Although ..." he trailed off, and his eyes glittered
with the fantasy that had just popped into his mind —
of Tiffany and Lisa squaring off in a vicious,
clothes-ripping, hair-pulling, nipple-clawing catfight
to in front of a gang of hooting, horny men. Maybe
he'd stand by with a hose, and wet 'em down every once
in a while.

   "Although nothing!" Tiffany shot back. "Let's go."

   As Tiffany had anticipated, Lisa's dress caused a
sensation in the mall. It was hilarious to watch guys
as they walked toward them, and suddenly realized that
they could see right through the sheer covering.
They'd stare and ogle. A gang of teenaged boys broke
into guffaws and started nudging each other
frantically, pointing and whispering. A man with his
wife almost walked into a pillar he was staring so
hard. Several males would walk past the trio, then
turn around and start following them. When Tiffany
glanced over her shoulder, there were 10 or 12 guys,
mostly young but also a couple of middle-aged pervs,
sauntering along behind Lisa, all of them trying to
look nonchalant, but scoping out her flawless young

   "The guys seem to like you today," Tiffany teased.

   "Shut up!" Lisa snapped.

   "Hey, remember what I told you back at the house.
You got to speak your mind back there at Sears, but
the proper response to Tiffany is Yes Ma'am!" Snake

   "Yes, sir," Lisa said. Two black teenagers came
ambling toward Lisa and walked right up to her. "Hey,
baby, lookin mighty fine today!" one said, stopping in
front of her and blocking her path. "Nice dress. And I
like the dog collar, too."

   Snake stepped over to the youth and glared at him
menacingly. "She's with me," he growled. "Move on,
punk." The two caught the potential for violence in
Snake's aura and did as they were told.

   "Hey, check this place out," Snake said, pointing
to store window. It had a display of a skull with red
eyes smoking a fake joint, and was hung with black
leather gear, Goth clothes, studded bracelets and the
like. "This looks like my kind of place," he said.
"Let's go in and check it out."

   Tiffany looked up at the name of the store. The
Rave. She instantly remembered what had happened to
her here, in this very store.

   "Uh, could we not? It looks kinda creepy."

   "Fuck that," Snake said. "I want to check out the
gear. You said you don't have any plans, so let's go
on in."

   "Please." Tiffany was rooted to the floor outside,
unable to move. Lisa looked confused.

   "What's the big deal?" Snake said. "Come on. I'm
runnin' this show, and I say get your ass in there,

   With a sense of dread, Tiffany walked into the
Rave, along with Snake and Lisa. The store was crammed
with shelves and displays: T-shirts with profanity
splashed across the front, marijuana paraphernalia,
leather pants, ska and punk CDs, obscene bumper
stickers. Half a dozen mall rats - suburban kids who
fancied themselves hard-core rebels, even while they
drove the family van to the mall - were hanging
around. They all turned and stared at Lisa as she

   All except one guy. The sales clerk was huge, a
biker-type with a handlebar moustache. Tiffany
recognized him immediately, the man she had thought of
as "Mr. Dangerous" last year when she had been forced
by Mr. Green to expose her breasts in the middle of
the store. He had ogled and pawed her, and although
worse things had been done to her since, the memory
still burned in her brain.

   And Mr. Dangerous recognized Tiffany.

   "Well, well, well," he said, approaching her. "Look
who's back. I was afraid I'd never get to see you
again, sweetheart. Where's your boyfriend?"

   Tiffany was paralyzed with anxiety. Snake spoke up.
"She's with me. My name's Snake."

   Mr. Dangerous stuck out a hand. "Snake, huh. I like
that. I'm Doc. You ride?"

   "Some, but not in a club."

   "Some fine lookin' ladies you got with you today,
Snake. Look like jailbait, but hey, old enough to
bleed, old enough to breed is what I always say. And
this one here must be back for round two."

   "You mean Tiffany?" Snake asked. "I don't know
about round two. Tell me about round one, Doc."

   "Doc!" Tiffany cried out, trying to derail this
horrible chain of events. She was about to be exposed
in front of Snake and Tiffany - not physically, like
before, but her past. This couldn't be happening.

   "Please! We have to go now. Snake, can we go now.
Lisa, come on. I order you to come with me."

   "Chill out, Tiff," Snake ordered. "Talk to me,

   Tiffany thought about running, but what would that
do? Snake and Lisa would still hear the story. If she
stayed, maybe she could distract Doc, or Snake, or
something. But Doc was already telling it, and Lisa in
particular was all ears.

   "So she comes in here with this old guy, old enough
to be her father, but if it's daddy, then she's ready
for her Jerry Springer close-up, if you know what I
mean, cause it's obvious he's got the hots for her. He
picks out this halter and makes her try it on, and
won't let her go to the dressing room. He just gives
her this look, and she takes her top off right here
where we're standing, in front of customers."

   "We're talking about Tiffany, this girl here?"
Snake asked, grabbing Tiffany firmly by the arm in
case she tried to run.

   "Yeah, the one with the monster tits. I remember
her cause she looks like that Anna Kournikova, that
chick tennis player who always dresses like she's
ranked No. 1 on the pro circuit in being a cock tease.
So Tiffany here is a cock tease as well. She's letting
us check out her rack, and there's 5 or 6 of us all
around her, and she won't even cover up, cause
apparently old guy won't let her. Finally he asks me
to help her get the halter on. It's too small, but I
don't care, cause I'm coppin' feels like there's no
tomorrow. Isn't that right, Tiffany?"

   The poor youngster was stricken, like a deer in the
headlights. "It's a lie!" she blurted. It was her only
chance. "He's lying!" she cried to Snake.

   "The fuck I am," Doc said, getting angry. "You
stupid cunt. We had a surveillance camera that got the
whole thing. I dubbed a copy of the tape and played it
for my friends, cause I knew they would never believe
some stuck-up prick teasing high school shit would
come here and wiggle her tits at me like she was some

   "I'm not some stripper!" Tiffany protested.

   "Well, you were that night," Doc said. "You want me
to get the tape and play it for your friends?"

   "No! No, don't!"

   "So I'm telling the truth, right bitch?"

   Tiffany hung her head. "Yes," she whispered.

   Lisa was grinning broadly at this unexpected and,
to her, wonderful piece of news. Snake was thinking.

   "So she just stripped naked right here in the
store?" he asked Doc.

   "Naw, not naked. I wish. She kept her skirt on. But
those titties, man oh man, they are about the finest
on the planet."

   "Maybe we ought to see if we can re-enact that
night. Only this time make her get naked," Snake said.
He had a gleam in his eye, and he tightened his
fingers around Tiffany's arm. The helpless cheerleader
struggled to get away and make a run for it, but

   With his free hand, Snake pulled a key from his
pocket and tossed it to Lisa. "Lisa, unlock that
collar around your neck, take it off and put it on
Tiffany here. We're gonna have a little change of

   "Yesss!" said Lisa, and pumped her fist in the air.

   "Nooooooo!" begged Tiffany. "Snake, you promised to
help me. You promised Stephanie, remember? I'm
supposed to be in charge."

   Snake was grinning widely. "Shut up and listen," he
told the captive teen. "Maybe we'll go back to that
plan, and maybe we won't. Right now I'm improvising.
My new friend Doc here has just told me a cool story,
and I want to pay him back."

   "Make Lisa do it!" Tiffany said. "Strip Lisa! She's
younger than me! Doc hasn't seen her tits yet!"

   The customers had gathered around the small group
now, all watching silently as Lisa looped the dog
collar around Tiffany's neck. She tried to bob her
head back and forth, but Lisa grabbed her hair and
pulled hard, and soon had the collar buckled. She
quickly snapped the small padlock on it.

   "You know, Doc, maybe this is a little too public
for this," Snake suggested. "You got a store room in
back or something?"

   "Yeah, sure, let me hang out the sign,' Doc said.
He pulled the sliding glass wall across the front of
the store and hung a sign that said "Back in 15
Minutes." "You guys want to join us?" he asked the
handful of young male customers.

   "Shit yeah!" they exploded in a chorus.

   Snake had handed the remote control to Lisa. He
looked directly into Tiffany's eyes and spoke softly
to her. "Lisa has the remote now, Tiff. And she just
swore revenge on you. If you do not do exactly what I
say, Lisa is going to zap you. You don't know yet how
badly that little dog-training collar can hurt. It 's
your choice: You can either come in the storeroom and
show us your goodies, or Lisa can make you roll around
on the floor in unimaginable pain, and I'll have these
horny boys just rip the clothes right off your body. 

   "Your choice, Tiff. Let's go."

   Tiffany, Lisa, Snake, Doc and the six suburban mall
punks pushed aside a curtain and walked into the back
store room.


   "Please don't do this to me, Snake," Tiffany
whispered as she was marched into the back of the
store. "I'll do something nice for you. I'll give you
a blow job if you let me go. I could give you a really
good blow job, Snake."

   "You'd give me a blow job?" Snake shouted so that
everyone could hear. Tiffany had been trying to
negotiate her way out of this trap, but Snake was
obviously enjoying her torment, and wanted to increase
it. "Hey guys, Tiffany here says she'll blow me if
I'll let her go. This sweet little cheerleader chick
is offering to suck my dick!"

   The teen boys all snickered and laughed. "We wanna
see her naked!" one called out.

  "OK, we'll vote," Snake said as the small crowd
arrived in the storeroom. "Everyone who wants to see
this beautiful girl without a stitch of clothes on,
raise your hand." All the boys raised their hands, as
did Doc, as did Lisa, smiling cruelly.

   "And everyone who wants me to let her go, in
exchange for which I get to slide my cock into that
hot little Tiffany mouth and pump my seed into her
belly,  but the rest of you don't get dick, raise your
hand." Snake raised his hand, but Tiffany could tell
he was just mocking her.

   "Democracy in action, Tiff," he said to her.
Everyone had formed a ring around Tiffany now, and she
could feel their lust radiating off them in waves. She
worried that a gang rape could be in the offing. Snake
was completely in control, and if he wanted her to be
gang raped, it would happen, she knew.

   "What I think I want to see here," Snake said, "is
for Tiffany here to put on the dress that Lisa is
wearing. So Lisa, first you need to take off that
dress, and then you can have your other clothes back
out of my bag. Tiffany, while Lisa is taking off the
dress, you take off all your clothes. Everything. You
have 60 seconds. Go!"

   Tiffany just stood there, frozen. She couldn't do
it. "Take it off! Take it off!" the boys began to

   "Thirty seconds," Snake said. "Lisa, gimme that
remote." Lisa handed it to him and Snake held it up
menacingly so that Tiffany could see it. She looked
over at Lisa, and saw that the younger girl had
stepped out of the dress and now stood there stark
naked in her shoes. None of the boys were watching
Lisa, though, as they were all still in a ring around
the cheerleader, chanting. 

   She had no choice. She unbuttoned her blouse
quickly, unsnapped her plaid skirt and let it slip
down to her ankles. The boys began whistling and
giggling at the sight of her white cotton bra and
panties. She looked at Snake, who just held up the
remote. She knew she had only a few second left, and
she quickly unhooked her bra and let it fall to the
floor. Her magnificent 36-C breasts, so perky and
white against her tan skin, seemed to fill the room
with their sheer perfection. She slid her panties down
her tan, well-muscled legs, and crossed one leg in
front of the other to hide her pubic patch from the
lustful gazes of the boys. She crossed her arms across
her tits.

   Lisa had handed Snake the dress and quickly rooted
through his backpack to get her clothes back. As
everyone stared at Tiffany, Lisa dressed quickly.

   "Would you like the dress, Tiffany?" Snake taunted,
holding it out, but just out of her reach.

   "Yes, please," she said. Her voice squeaked.

   "I'll give it to you, but I don't think this
modesty is what the boys here had in mind. I think
they wanted to see all of you. So I want you to lace
your fingers behind your head and stick those titties
out like you're proud of 'em. And I want you to stand
with your legs about a foot apart. And hold the pose."

   "Yeah, baby, do it!" a teenager yelled. "Fuckin' A,
let's see some pussy!" shouted another. The air was
thick with testosterone and Tiffany's mortification.

   "Please don't make me," she begged. "Please let me
have the dress."

   "Assume the position. As soon as you assume the
position," Snake told her, "I'll stop telling the boys
here all the details of your personal life. Gentlemen,
this young lady's name is Tiffany Daniels. She's 17
years old, and she's a cheerleader at Daniels High
School in Beverly. So if you want to see her again,
just come to a football or basketball game at Daniels,
and she'll be there, shaking her pom poms."

   "Stop it!" Tiffany shrieked. He would leave her
with no privacy at all.

   "Shall I tell them your home address and phone
number?" Snake asked.

   "No!" Tiffany said. She forced herself to take the
stance Snake had demanded. Her hands were laced behind
her head, which caused her magnificent tits to jut out
even more. The nipples responded to the air
conditioning, swelling into little pink eraser tips.
She shuffled her feet apart, exposing her blonde
public hair to the steamy stares of the crowd.

   "There she is boys!" Snake crowed. "Your very own
naked cheerleader. Tiffany, why don't you ask the boys
to touch your tits?"

   "NOOOO!" she cried.

   "I think the proper response is 'Yes, sir," Snake
corrected. He pushed the remote control button for the
briefest millisecond, just enough to give Tiffany a
stab of electric pain. It was short, but terribly
painful, and her knees almost buckled.

   "B-b-b-boys," the naked cheerleader stammered,
"would you like to touch my tits? Please be gentle!"
she added.

   The suburban homeys pressed forward, hands
outstretched. In a flash, six pairs of hands were on
Tiffany's tits, molding them and kneading them, poking
and tweaking the nipples, which got harder and harder
with all the attention. Tiffany Daniels kept her hands
laced behind her head, as a tear rolled down her cheek
over the way she was being defiled, the group grope of
her poor beautiful breasts.

   "OK, guys, step back, you'll rub em off," Snake
joked. "Now I guess our little game wouldn't be
complete without getting to touch her pussy" - the
tension in the room suddenly shot up several levels --
"but I think six fingers up Tiffany's cunt would just
stretch it out so bad that her future husband would
never get a truly righteous fuck. So settle down,
dudes. Doc, you're the guy who got us started on this,
you wanna get some stinky pinky?"

   Doc stepped forward and approached Tiffany. "Please
don't hurt me, please be gentle," she said. She
couldn't stop it, she could only try to make it less

   Doc stuck his index finger in his mouth and wetted
it, then stood right in front of Tiffany, only a
couple of inches away. He dropped his hand, and she
felt his finger, tickling her labia, parting the pubic
hair, slowly wiggling its way up into her pussy.

   "You like being finger-fucked, Tiffany?" he asked
in what he hoped was a seductive voice.

   She knew what she had to answer to keep from
getting zapped. "Yes, sir." Doc drove his finger in a
little farther. Tiffany gasped, and the room seemed to
hold its breath. They watched his arm begin to move,
up and down, gently but insistently, as he began to
frig the poor girl.

   "She was already kinda wet," Doc said to Snake.

   "Were you wet, Tiffany?" Snake asked. "What got you
wet? Was it the boys grabbing your titties? Was it
showing off your body to everyone? Ya know, I got this
theory about cheerleaders, Tiffany. I think
cheerleaders are exhibitionists who get off on
flashing their panties and thrusting their chests out
in front of lots of people, but in a safe, permissible
way. They know that the men in the crowd are all
getting major wood, wanting to fuck em, but they
can't. It's like prick-teasing on a mass scale."

   He whirled around on Lisa. "Hey there slut, I
haven't forgotten about you. Give me an honest answer.
When cheerleaders are out there shaking their booties
and jumping around in tight sweaters with all those
guys staring at them, are they getting off on it?"

   "Uh, yeah, a little I guess," Lisa said.

   A groan from Tiffany brought the attention back to
her. "Am I hurting you, cunt?" Doc asked fiercely. "Or
are you getting off? Cause you're pretty wet, I don't
see how I could be hurting you." He sawed his index
finger in and out of the teen's moist little slit.

   Doc dragged his finger slowly out from between
Tiffany's labia and moved it up to her clit. The
combination of sexual stimulation and fear had made
that pink button of ultra-sensitive flesh a little bit
exposed, and as Doc roughly brushed his finger against
it, Tiffany couldn't help herself. She let out an
involuntary moan of sexual pleasure. Encouraged, Doc
began to rub the poor teen's clit in earnest.

   "She's lovin' it!" he announced to the gathering of
boys, who pressed in closer to see.

   "I've got an idea!" Snake announced. "Since
Tiffany's so horny today, we're gonna help her cum.
Who wants to see Tiffany have an orgasm?"

   "Fuck that!" called one of the teenaged boys. "I
wanna have one. Let's rape the cunt right here. She
wants some cock, I got some right here," he said,
fondling an enormous bulge in his baggy shorts.

   "I sympathize, pal," Snake said. "But I don't think
a gang rape right here and now is a good idea. Anyone
could walk in, and it would take a while. And if one
of you gets to fuck her, then everyone should get a
shot. So I'm in charge, and nobody's gonna fuck the
cunt right now. Anybody got a problem with that?" He
gave the group a hard stare. They all looked down,
grumbling and mumbling, but Snake's authority over the
bizarre scene was absolute.

   Tiffany was still standing at attention, legs
spread, hands laced behind her head, having her
increasingly wet pussy rubbed by the guy named Doc.
"Tiffany, what do you say?" Snake asked her.

   She was baffled. She didn't know what he wanted.

   "I don't know," she squeaked.

   "Wrong answer! Zap!" Snake shouted, pressing the
remote. At the same moment, the dog collar around her
neck was suddenly alive with electricity, shocking the
girl. She screamed, and pulled her hands around to try
to pull the infernal device away from her skin. The
buzzing, burning feeling was agonizing.

   Snake stopped. "You're supposed to thank me,
Tiffany," he said. "These guys wanted to gang-bang
you, and I could have just stood by and let them, but
I saved your ass."

   "Thank you, sir," Tiffany said.

   "That's better. Now, consider your answer very
carefully, and remember what I can do if I don't like
that answer. Yes or no. Would you like to give these
boys a demonstration of what a real live cheerleader
having an orgasm looks like?"

   She knew what she had to say. Knew she had no

   "Yes, sir."

   "Yes, what?"

   Damn him! Tiffany thought. He's just rubbing my
nose in every second of this.

   "Yes, I'd like to show these boys and orgasm."

   "Well, that's just swell, Tiffany. Pick out the boy
you'd like to have it with."

   God, would this never end? she thought. She looked
at the leering, grinning, mouth-breathing  idiots
surrounding her. Back at Daniels, where she was the
unofficial queen, she would never give any of these
losers the time of day. One boy seemed at least
smaller and shyer and less hideous than the rest, and
she knew she had to decide, so she pointed. "Him."

   "Come on down, bud!" Snake called like a game show
host. "What's your name."


   "And how old are you, Tommy?"


   "And have you ever tasted a girl's pussy, Tommy?"
Snake asked.

   "Uh, uh, I guess not." It was obvious that Tommy
was as nervous as Tiffany.

   "Well, it's your lucky day. But first, a little
something to make this more fun." He pulled from his
backpack a small plastic egg, which looked to Tiffany
and Tommy and the group exactly like one of those
plastic Easter Eggs that spilt in half. It had a tiny
switch on the bottom, and when Snake thumbed the
switch, it began to vibrate, making a low humming

   "Behold the vibrating egg," he said. "Horny women
pick these babies up at Fredericks of Hollywood. I was
planning on using it on Lisa over there, but things
change, and you gotta go with the flow, go where it
takes ya. So Tiffany, I want you to reach down with
both hands and pry those pussy lips open as far wide
open as they will go, and maybe bend your knees a
little, so we can get this bad boy up inside you."

   Tiffany pleaded with her tormentor with her big
blue eyes, but she knew there would be no pity or
reprieve. She did as she was told. To her surprise,
Snake popped the plastic egg into his mouth, held it
there, then pulled it out. "Gotta get it good and wet
for ya," he said, a nasty twinkle in his eye.

   Snake knelt in front of the cheerleader, and
deftly, gently even, began to insert the vibrating egg
up into her pussy, jostling it gently back and forth,
working it up inside. The boys in the ring around the
cheerleader seemed to be holding their breath. So was
Lisa, watching wide-eyed from the sidelines. She
realized that if the store clerk hadn't recognized
Tiffany from her last trip, that she would have been
the one surrounded by horny guys, naked, with a
vibrating egg stuck up her pussy.

   Finally it was in place. And to Tiffany, it felt
like the center of her universe. The egg wasn't
uncomfortable, it just felt so big down there,
stuffing her full, and it kept buzzing and buzzing and
vibrating. It made her feel like she wanted to pee,
made her feel all weird and tingly. She knew, although
she hated to admit, that it felt good, it felt fucking
great in fact.

   "Now kneel down here, Tommy," Snake was
instructing, and place your hands on her hips like
this, and move your face in there so your mouth is
lined up with her pussy. Right at the top of her lips
there's a little piece of flesh called the clitoris,
and that's what you need to lick to make her cum.
Pretend it's an ice cream cone, but don't take your
tongue off. Just move your tongue up and down,
starting slow, then getting faster."

   Tiffany felt the young boy's tongue touch her clit,
already excited by Doc, and she yelped. She couldn't
help it. The contact of the warm, wet tongue, the
buzzing of the egg pressed up inside her, were
sexually overwhelming. She thought about fighting it,
but knew Snake would make her stand there until she
had an orgasm. She might as well get it over with, and
give him what he wanted.

   She thought of Hayden. Pretended it was Hayden, her
beloved, who was licking her between her legs. Without
realizing what she was doing, she put her hands on the
back of Tommy's head and pulled him into her sweet,
needy wetness, into her pussy. "Oh, yes, oh yes, lick
me oh lick me!" she cried out.

   The boys were all goggled-eyed as they watched the
beautiful young girl squeeze her eyes tight and
surrender herself to the inexperienced but inescapably
blissful tongue work of young Tommy. They couldn't
read Tiffany's mind, that she had constructed a
fantasy of Hayden going down on her. They just saw her
slutty behavior, and commented on it. "What a fuckin'
slut." "Man, she is one horny cunt!" "Jesus, what a
ho!" That one drew a raucous laugh from the crowd.

   Tiffany was only partly aware of the jeering mob of
boys. She began thrusting her pelvis forward to meet
Tommy's tongue, and as she moved her hips, the egg
inside of her shifted slightly, changing positions,
sending off its signals in unexpected new ways. "Oh,
oh!" she yelped, lost in the building ecstasy.

   "Make her cum!" yelled a boy, and it soon became a
chant: "Make her cum! Maker cum! Even Doc and Lisa
took up the chant, although Snake remained calm and
silent, watching the scene he had created. His dark
eyes burned with lust, and he was already thinking
ahead to his next move in the game, like a master
chess player.

   Tiffany could feel the powerful orgasm building in
her, getting closer and closer. Her clit felt as it if
had swelled to the size of a grape, it felt enormous,
and every time Tommy's tongue passed over the surface,
she wanted him to just take it into his mouth and suck
on it, like a tiny dick. She barely even heard her own
voice when she yelled out, "Suck my clit! Suck it!
Suck it, please oh God suck it!" Tommy heard her, and
followed her instructions, pulling the pulsing nubbin
into his mouth and sucking on it like a tiny nipple.

   "OHHHHH! OHHHHH!" Tiffany moaned. Her hands
clutched Tommy's hair, two iron grips, and she whipped
her hips into the poor boy's face as he mouthed her to
an orgasm. He could feel her thighs trembling, the
heat radiating out of he pussy, and he could taste the
strange, salty taste of her love juice as it gushed
out of her teenaged hole. 

   "FUCK! FUCK! OHHHHH GOD!" Tiffany screamed as her
body exploded in a mind-blowing orgasm. She felt as if
her molecules were flying apart, and even though part
of her knew the humiliating circumstances of where she
was, another part of her kept pretending it was sweet,
kind Hayden who was working this sexual mojo on her.

   She released her grip on Tommy and step back. Tommy
stood up and grinned at his friends. His face was as
glazed as a Krispy Kreme donut with Tiffany's juices,
his lips puffy. He had an idiotic smile on his
13-year-old face, and a raging boner in his pants that
he would take care of in a men's room stall as soon as
he could make a decent exit from the group.

   "Cool!" one of the boys yelled, and they burst into
spontaneous applause.

   "How about that, Tiffany?" Snake cracked. "You just
got a standing O!" 

   Snake told the guys in no uncertain terms that the
show was over, and they left, grumbling and adjusting
their crotches. He gave Tiffany the dress, and she
struggled into it, still in a post-orgasmic semi-daze.
She got it on, but could barely get it buttoned. 

   When she was done, Snake was glad there was no
mirror in the store room, so the proud girl could not
see how trashy she looked. She was disheveled from her
climax, her hair mussed, her eyes a little wild. And
the sundress that had been a little snug on Lisa was
absolutely obscene on Tiffany, who was several inches
taller and 30 pounds heavier than the younger pixie.
The hemline barely covered her ass and crotch, and the
buttons that went up the front were fastened, but
straining, right on the verge of popping. There were
large gaps between the button holes where stretches of
bare flesh were visible. The incredibly thin, nearly
transparent fabric was pulled taut all over her body,
stretched thinly across her nipples, which poked
straight out through the dress, across her flat,
smooth belly, and stretched nearly to the breaking
point across the rounded curves of her delicious young
ass. The effect was actually worse than being naked,
Snake thought; it was like walking around with a huge
sign saying "I'm a cheap, worthless slut." He smiled.

   "What do you think of our girl, Lisa?" he asked. 

   "Looks like the slut she is," Lisa offered.

   "Hey!" Tiffany said. "When we get out of this
store, aren't we going back to me being the top and
Lisa being the bottom? That was our deal," she whined.

   "Yeah, I know it was, Tiff, but plans change,"
Snake said. "I'm making this up as I go along. And to
be honest, you're not much of a top. You were letting
me take the lead when we had Lisa in the collar, when
you should have had her jumping through hoops."

   "Well, I was gonna," Tiffany pouted.

   "Woulda shoulda coulda," Snake taunted. "I think in
fairness I ought to give Lisa a chance to be a top for
a little bit, and see which one of you girls is the
more natural top and which is the natural bottom."

   "That's not fair," Tiffany shot back, but she could
feel that her will was nowhere near as strong as
Snake's. And anyway, she was still wearing the collar.

   Unexpectedly, Snake began singing softly.

    "When I get to the bottom I go back to the top of
the slide/
    Where I stop and I turn and I go for a ride/
    Till I get to the bottom and I see you again.

   "Helter Skelter, baby," he said to Tiffany. "An old
Beatles tune. Charlie Manson got his hands on it and
fucked it all up, and I don't really know what the
hell they were singing about in the first place. But
it reminds me of you. You think you're on top, but
you're really just headin' down the slide for the
bottom. And every time you think you're gonna be on
top, the bottom is your destiny."

   Lisa walked over to Snake and stood on her tiptoes,
pulling his face down. She whispered into his ear.
Tiffany started to step forward to break it up, but
snake held the remote out in front of him just pointed
at her, and she stopped. Snake listened to Lisa's
whispered suggestion, and as he listened, a smile
broke out on his face. 

   "Damn, girl!" he said when she was done. "You got a
fuckin' nasty streak in you."

   "What? What?" Tiffany demanded. She could feel the
balance of power shifting, sense how shaky her
position was. 

   "Lisa has suggested a little, uh, test for you,
Tiffany. If you pass the test, she will go back to
being your slave for the week, just like the original
plan. If you fail the test, then you will be HER slave
for the week, starting right now in the mall."

   "What's the test?" Tiffany asked, her heart
pounding with rising anxiety. Lisa hated her, and had
good reason to enact a terrible revenge. 

   "I'll tell you in a little bit. Wait here, and I'll
be back in a minute." He handed Lisa the remote.
"You're not out of the woods yet, Bullets. I can
change my mind in a second, and put that collar back
on you, and call all those boys back here and rig up
an impromptu game of "Guess What's in Your Pussy." You
want to play that, Doc?"

   "I don't know what the fuck it is, but it sounds
good!" Doc said eagerly. He had been hoping that this
time, with two foxy little sluts in his store, he was
going to bone one of them, but this Snake dude was
obviously the alpha male, and Doc was just going

   Snake left, headed back into the mall, and Lisa,
Tiffany and Doc stood in the backroom, looking at one

   "Doc, I need a quick word with you in private,"
Lisa said, motioning to the big guy. She kept her eyes
on Tiffany and her finger on the remote. "Sit. Stay,"
she ordered the older girl, just like a dog. Tiffany
found a storage box and sat down, realizing that the
tiny dress rode up all the way to her waist when she
sat, completely exposing her pussy. The egg,
meanwhile, continued to buzz inside her, and the
vibrations were making it hard for her to think about
anything except sex.

   Lisa and Doc huddled, with Lisa doing all the
talking. Doc nodded, and Lisa walked over to Tiffany's
purse, pulled out her wallet, and yanked out all the
   "Hey!" said Tiffany.

   "Shut up!" Lisa barked, and zapped Tiffany with the
remote. The electricity in the collar hit the girl
like a ton of bricks, so hard she toppled off the box
and lay on the concrete floor. Lisa kept the button
mashed down as Tiffany's body convulsed with pain. It
was so total and overwhelming she couldn't even
scream, just make little throttled noises in her
throat. Finally, smiling cruelly, little Lisa stopped
the torture. Tiffany gasped for breath as Lisa handed
Doc $100 of Tiffany's money.

   "Let me tell you what I just did, you worthless
cunt," Lisa hissed. "See that surveillance camera?"
She pointed to the corner of the ceiling. "My friend
Doc is going to make a copy of that tape and give it
to me for $100. That's $100 of your money, but Doc
doesn't care. No matter what happens today with you
and me and Snake, I'm gonna have a copy of that video
of you naked, surrounded by horny boys calling you a
ho, and cumming your fool head off. And if you don't
do as you're told, I'll start by giving the video to
your dickhead boyfriend Hayden so he can see what a
cum-whore you really are. And then I'll distribute it
to every boy at Daniels."

   Tiffany heard the words, so similar to what she had
heard before. Blackmail, threats, a video of her in a
compromising position. Her teachers had done this to
her, and her cousin, and a sheriff, and each time she
had yielded because she had no choice. She wanted to
fight back against her nemesis, but how could she? Her
old habits took over. 

   "Alright," she said simply, and bowed her head.

   "Hey!" Doc spoke up. "Since Snake is gone for a few
minutes, how about if take a shot at the whore?" he
asked Lisa.

   The young cheerleader considered it. "Well, she's
got that egg stuck up her cunt, and Snake probably
doesn't want it taken out. I suppose you could use her
mouth, but you better be quick about it. I don't want
Snake to come back and see you using his sex-toy
without his permission."

   "Hey, I'm so horny I'll probably shoot in about 10
seconds," Doc said, unzipping his black jeans while he
spoke and hauling out his erection. "This is the
second time I've had to watch this little cock-teaser
prance around the place naked, and I mean to get me
some. C'mere, bitch!" He reached out and grabbed
Tiffany by the arm, and forced her to her knees.

   She started to protest, but knew there was no
point. Lisa had the remote control to the dog collar
and enjoyed using it. If she tried to run, she'd be
lying on the floor writhing in pain before she got 10
feet. And if she screamed, there was always the
surveillance video. She shuddered at the prospect of
what sweet Hayden would think if see it. Obediently,
she opened her mouth, and Doc rammed the full length
of his cock straight in, right past her lips, over her
tongue and against the back of her throat.

   Tiff started to gag on the thick monster, but
fought back the urge. The best thing to do was to make
the creep spew quickly and get it over with. Her
fellatio instincts, honed over so many involuntary
blowjobs, took over, and she reached out her right
hand and began stroking the small part of the base of
his cock that was outside her lips. She started
sucking as hard as she could, running her tongue up
and down the underside of his thick, veiny shaft.

   "Ohhh, yeah, you cheap little slut, that is so
fuckin' great. Suck me off, cheer-cunt, suck me off!"
Doc moaned. He grabbed her wavy blonde hair in each of
his meaty hands and began seriously fucking his cock
down her throat. Lisa watched the scenario with a
smile and an evil lust in her eyes. What a trip, she
thought. Starting out the day under Tiffany's thumb,
and now standing here watching the bitch suck off some
sleazebag clerk in a backroom at the mall. Life is
good, Lisa thought.

   "Swallow it all, bitch!" Doc ordered after just a
couple minutes. Sure enough, it hadn't taken him long
to reach orgasm, and he knew, deep down, that it was
probably best if Snake didn't catch him using Tiffany
this way. Snake was obviously a guy who liked to run
his own show, and not have other people horning in. 

   "I'm gonna shoot! Ahhhh! Ahhhhh!" Doc's dick
erupted in Tiffany's 17-year-old mouth, spewing a
massive load of cum straight into the back of her
throat. Of all the blowjobs she had been forced to
give, Tiffany had never known anyone to cum so much;
it felt like a bucket full. She swallowed, and again,
and again, gulping frantically. The swallowing motion
of her beautiful throat, where Doc's pulsing dick was
lodged, milked the bulbous head of his cock, sending
him into paroxysms of pleasure.

   Finally, he pulled his dick slowly from his mouth.
Tiffany licked her lips, making sure none of his
greasy semen remained in sight. Suddenly, she was
aware again of the egg in her pussy, buzzing, buzzing,
making her hornier by the minute. It was if sucking
the cock had triggered something in her, and now some
primal part of her being felt it was her turn to cum.

   Snake sauntered into the back room holding two huge
"Big Gulp" size cups of Coke. He took one look at
Tiffany, still on her knees licking her lips, and Doc,
red-faced and panting, and knew what had happened.

   "Tiffany, did you blow Doc?" he asked.

   "Yeah, but he made me!" Tiffany whined.

   "Whatever," Doc shrugged. "Jeez, I'm gone five
fuckin' minutes and you've got a dick in your mouth.
You're the biggest fuckin' whore I've seen in my life,
and believe me, at my bar, I've seen some crack-whores
come in and do a whole room full of guys for $5 each."

   "But he made me!" Tiffany repeated. "I didn't want

   "Here, wash the taste out of your mouth, babe," Doc
said, handing her one of the giant Cokes. Tiffany
realized she was terribly thirsty after the long,
degrading spectacle she had been put through. She
slurped at the straw, greedily drinking the soft
drink, while Lisa drank hers.

   "We gotta roll, ladies," Snake announced. He shooks
hands with Doc, and whispered something to him; Doc
smiled and nodded and gave Snake a thumbs up. Snake
got between the two high school girls, put an arm
around the waist of each, and walked them out of the
store and into the mall. 

   Tiffany had forgotten how she was dressed, but she
remembered the second she was in the crowded mall. The
transparent dress, way too tight for her voluptuous
frame, caused a sensation, as virtually every guy in
eyesight ogled her, whistled at her, or came over to
check her out. It was soon hard to walk, as a crowd of
about 20 young men surrounded the trio.

   "Hey, ho, you lookin' like you want some dick!"
called a black teenager, and his buddies all laughed.
She felt something behind her, realized it was a hand
on the hem of her dress, lifting it up, exposing her
naked ass to however many boys were back there. She
heard laughter and whistled, and felt the cold of the
air-conditioned air on her butt as the hem was lifted
all the way to her waist.

   "Man, we gotta get you better dressed," Snake said.
"Let's duck in here." It was a huge sporting goods
mega-store, one that stretched as wide as several
stores and went back as far as the eye could see.
Tiffany could only see the racks of athletic shoes
near the front and lining the walls, and wasn't sure
how this would help. But she was grateful when Snake
pulled himself up to his full height and addressed the
throng of grabby boys with authority. "Boys, we'll
catch you later. Move on. Now." They grumbled, but did
as they were told.

   "Finish your Coke, Tiff," Snake said as they walked
through the sporting goods store. "I'll buy you a

   He went to a display rack that held exercise
clothes and picked up a pair of white spandex bicycle
shorts. "Would you like these?"

   God, yes, Tiffany thought. Then at least her pussy
and ass wouldn't be on display to everyone in the
mall. It would be a huge improvement in modesty!

   "Yes, sir!" she gushed, wanting Snake to buy them
for her.

   "Here, why don't you try these on?" he said,
holding out a pair.

   "Well, these are a size small," Tiffany said, "and
I hate to admit it, but for something like bike
shorts, I need a Large. I'm, uh, not real tiny, in
case you hadn't noticed."
   Snake ogled her voluptuous curves, her well-rounded
ass and 36C breasts. Tiffany knew he had noticed.

   "I would like to see you in a Small," Snake said
simply, and looked straight into Tiffany's eyes. "So
why don't you shut the fuck up about what you want,
and do what I want."

   Tiffany shuddered. "Where's the dressing room?" she

   "Put 'em on right here," Snake growled, clearly
growing impatient with her stalling and questioning.

   The teenager looked around, and saw a couple of
male clerks several yards away helping other
customers. Despite her provocative outfit, they had
not seen her come in. She stepped behind the carousel
rack of bike shorts, bit her lip with anxiety, and
stepped into the white shorts. Wiggling sexily, she
got them up over her knees, but began to slow down as
she pulled them up her thighs. When the waist band was
just at the bottom of her blond pussy, she began
tugging harder, then harder still, but couldn't budge
them upward more than a fraction of an inch.

   "They won't go up any more."

   "Sure they will, whore," Snake said. "You're just
not trying hard enough. Here, take a really deep
breath and suck your stomach in and hold it."

   She did as she was told, and the dark bar-owner
grabbed the elastic top of the shorts at each side,
bunching the material in his fists. Then he yanked up
with all his strength. The shorts moved upward. He
yanked again, and again, and they slid up over the
gorgeous globes of her ass, until they the crotch of
the shorts was firmly pressed up against her labia.

   "Ohmigod, these things are so tight I can't even
breathe," Tiffany complained. She was still sucking
her little tummy in as hard as she could. 

  Snake lifted the hem of the sundress and pointed at
Tiffany's pussy, for Lisa's benefit. "Check it out,
Lisa. See how you can see the outline of her lips
pressing right through the fabric. That's called a
Cameltoe. There's guys on the Internet who devote
whole web pages to girls in really tights panties and
exercise clothes that you can see the outline of their
pussy lips."

   "Do I have to wear these?" Tiffany asked. 

   "You bet you do, whore. You wanted to get covered
up, and now you're covered up. But I got a plan on how
to release a little of the pressure. Trust me, I won't
hurt you if you hold very, very still."

   He reached into his pocket and pulled out  small
knife. Kneeling down in front of her, he touched the
knife to the front of the bike shorts, right over her

   Tiffany, suddenly seized with fear, couldn't help
herself. She flinched, took a step back, and crossed
her hands over her pussy. My God, he had a knife right

   "Let me do this, Tiff-whore, or I'll call those
clerks over here and have them hold your arms behind
your back while I do it anyway. Now if you'd just stop
and think for a minute with that pretty blonde head of
yours, you'd know that the last thing I want to do is
cut you and have you bleeding all over the floor in a
fucking mall. That brings mall security, and cops,
which is the last thing I want. Now drop those hands
and hold still."

   Trembling, Tiffany did as she was told. She
realized this horror was never going to end, that
Snake was worse than any of the dominant males, the
tops, who had put her through various paces. She felt
the point of the knife pierce the thin white Spandex
of the bike shorts, and for an instant, felt the cold
steel blade brush ever so lightly against her pink,
puffy labia. But Snake was true to her word, and she
was not cut. Instead, he began gently sawing downward,
cutting the bike shorts open in a thin vertical slash
that ran exactly over her own gash, then continuing
between her legs until he reached her asshole.

   Instantly Tiffany felt the most amazing thing. Her
labia popped right through the thin tear in the
fabric! It was so weird to be covered up down there,
except for the lips of her pussy, which were now
poking out, exposing all her inner charms. She knew it
must look horrible and obscene, like the girls in one
of those nasty magazines her cousins read like

   "Jeez, that is so nasty lookin'!" Lisa exclaimed.
"She's all poofin' out!"

   "I don't know, I kinda like it," Snake said,
examining his handiwork. "It sure draws the eye. Look
at it this way, Tiff. Nobody's gonna be starin' at
your tits when you walk around like that."

   "I gotta go pee!" Tiffany announced.

   "Oh, hey, Lisa, we forgot to tell the whore what
her little challenge was," Snake said, winking at
Lisa. "You know that Coke I gave you? I stopped at the
drugstore on the way back to the clothing store and
bought a diuretic, and dumped the whole thing into the
Coke. A diuretic is a drug that people with high blood
pressure take to help them urinate more. It won't hurt
you, but on a healthy youngster like yourself with a
bladder full of Coke, it's gonna make you want to pee
so bad you'll feel like you're about to explode."

   "Why are you doing this to me?" Tiffany whined.
Here she was in a see-through dress and white bike
shorts with the crotch cut out, her poor little pussy
exposed to any man who wanted to see, being tormented
with bladder control torture by some guy she'd only
met this morning! Was Snake right? Was Helter Skelter
her destiny?

   "Cause we love ya, babe!" Snake said sarcastically,
and he and Lisa both burst into laughter. "And don't
blame me. This was this little slut-doggie's idea,
back in the clothing store." Lisa smiled  coldly at

   "So all you gotta do is win this challenge is go
for one hour without going to the bathroom. And since
you're such a whiner, you can't even ask, or mention
it, or nothing. If you go the whole hour without a
peep, then Lisa goes back to being your bitch, and you
can think up something for her to do. But if you can't
hold it or if you say anything at all about finding a
bathroom, then Lisa owns your sleazy ass. And I
wouldn't want to be Lisa's slave if I were you!"

   Tiffany realized now what was up with the bicycle
shorts. Snake had deliberately tricked her into
putting on the smallest pair, knowing that they would
exert a constant pressure on her bladder, almost like
a tightly-laced corset. She could feel the Spandex
pressing on her tummy already, and her bladder hurt.
She didn't even know what kind of drug she'd been
tricked into taking, but she knew her own body, and
there was no way a Coke, even a big one, could make
her want to pee this fast. How could she last an hour
like this? But she had to, she told herself, she would
just force herself, so that she could re-establish her
dominance over Lisa Boulet.

    "Hey, look!" said Lisa, pointing toward the rear
of the storm. "A rock-climbing wall."

   They turned and saw it, set back in an alcove at
the rear of the store, where the ceiling extended two
stories high. It had fake stone handholds jutting out,
and a complicated contraption of harnesses and pulleys
dangled down from the ceiling. "I think Tiffany needs
to go rock-climbing," Lisa said. Snake smiled. Tiffany
shook her head no, over and over, but already a clerk
was coming over, drawn by the noise they were making,
and catching sight of Tiffany's slut attire and dog

   "May I help you?" the young man said, very
friendly, and with his eyes nearly popping out of his

   "My friend Tiffany wants to go rock-climbing," she
said sweetly. "Don't you, Tiffany?"

   She didn't. Oh God she did not want to do it,
because she knew she wouldn't just be climbing that
wall, she'd be strapped into that harness, with her
pussy hanging out for all the world to see,  and
pretty much helpless. And Oh God she needed to pee so

   She looked at Lisa, then at Snake, trying to plead
with her eyes. Don't make me do this, don't make me do
this, she was thinking. They both laughed. "Yeah,
she's kinda shy about talking," he told the clerk,
"although she's not shy in other ways, as you can see!
Come on, babe, let's get you up on that wall!"

   Everything was happening so fast for Tiffany. The
clerk had lowered the harness to her level, and soon
the other clerk was there, and the two of them had her
strapped in. A big wide belt went around her ribs,
just under her boobs, and she saw the two young men
smiling and making faces at each other as they brushed
against her erect nipples in the thin dress. That
strap was attached to two smaller ones, which went
around each thigh, midway between the crotch and the
knee. The guys - Pete and Mike, their nametags read -
were so close to her protruding labia she could feel
their breath on her tender skin, but neither said a
word, as if commenting on the incredible scene would
somehow make it vanish.

   She couldn't even speak. She just stood there,
mutely, while they quickly adjusted the straps. She
looked straight ahead, as if this wasn't happening to

   Finally the one named Pete, a boy about her age,
spoke up. "Uh, I don't want to be rude," he said
tentatively, "but are we like on Candid Camera or

   "No, this is more like a game of Truth or Dare,"
Snake said. "And Tiffany here is in the Dare portion,
which means she has to climb the rock wall, even
though she isn't dressed very modestly."

   "No shit!" Mike blurted, and the two boys laughed.
"But our manager is on break, so I guess it's cool.
That's outfit is fuckin' awesome!" he said to Tiffany.

   The cheerleader didn't know how to answer. "Uh,
thanks," she said. "Could we just get this over with?"
She knew she was going to have to climb the damn rock
wall no matter what, and she just wanted to get out of
the store, and figure out a way to sneak to the girls
bathroom and relieve herself. As if the tight bike
shorts weren't bad enough, the little egg-shaped sex
toy that was inside her pussy was continuing to
vibrate, and the vibrations were rattling through her
entire pelvic region, jostling her pull, full bladder.

   "Sure thing," Mike said, and he showed Tiffany how
to place her feet on the fake outcroppings that were
low to the ground, and how to hold on to the
hand-holds that were placed above them. "Now don't
worry if you lose your grip, that's what the harness
is for," Mike said. We'll catch you." He and Pete each
held onto the ropes that dangled down, ropes which
went up to the high ceiling, wrapped over pulleys, and
came back down to the harnesses wrapped around
Tiffany's ribcage and thighs.

   "Up you go!" Snake said with a grin, and Tiffany
began to climb. She forced her mind to focus on the
rock wall, on keeping her grip. She blotted out all
thoughts of her aching bladder, her buzzing twat, her
obscene dress, and the view that everyone must have of
her. Get up the wall and back down, she told herself.
Up, then back down.

   She was halfway up to 20-foot-wall, and her arms
and legs were beginning to ache slightly from the
exertion, when she became aware of more noise than she
had heard before. She looked down, and saw about 20
boys and men gathered on the ground under her, all of
them looking straight up. And she knew exactly what
they were looking at, the perverts!

   "Hey, Tiff!" Snake called to her. "Lisa went out
into the mall and invited some guys to come in and see
the show. Hope you don't mind!"

   "Nice shorts!" a middle-aged man called out, and
the crowd laughed. "You need any help?" called another
male. Soon the men were calling out, jeering, making
obscene suggestions about what they would like to do
to Tiffany when she got back down. Oh God, she told
herself, just get up the wall and back down. Just keep

   The vibrating egg inside her pussy continued to
buzz, and it felt to the poor girl as if it was
pressing right against her bladder. She forced herself
to squeeze all the muscles in her pelvis region as
tightly as she could, to keep her pee from
accidentally leaking out. But this had the unforeseen
effect of clamping down on the egg, which seemed even
bigger and more powerful when she squeeze her cunt
around it! No matter what she did, it seemed as if her
situation got worse and worse.

   "Hey!" she heard a voice from below. "The cunt
dripped on me! There's something drippin' out of her!"

   "Oh, gross!" someone else hooted.

   "Listen up," Snake interrupted, "this is
important." He turned to the guy who had a big wet
drop on his forehead. "Was that pee or pussy juice?"

   "What the fuck are you talkin' about?" asked the

   "I need to know. Pee or pussy juice?" Snake

   "Well, I wasn't fuckin' eatin' her out, so I got no
idea!" The men all laughed uproariously. Tiffany,
perched above them and feeling as open and vulnerable
as she ever had in her life, burned with shame.

   "Hey slut!" Snake yelled at her. "Was that piss or
pussy juice? Cause if it was piss, even a drop, you
know what that means! But if it was pussy juice, well,
we understand you must be pretty turned on, showin'
your money-maker to all the guys, so we can forgive

   Tiffany paused, but decided she could not bear
answering him out loud. She'd talk when she got down,
and now she was almost to the top.  

   "Get me a step stool, quick!" Snake snapped at
Pete, who dragged a stool over immediately. Snake
fished around in his cup of Coke, then climbed on the
step stool. With his arm extended, he could just reach
the teenager's exposed crotch. He reached out a finger
and swiped it along her exposed labia. 

   "EEEEEEE!" Tiffany shrieked. She had been
concentrating solely on climbing, and looking at her
handholds, and the touch of the icy cold finger on her
distended pussy lips caught her completely by
surprise. And then came an even bigger surprise. Snake
took the ice cube he had fished out of the Coke,
reached up and jammed it straight into Tiffany's tight
little asshole!

   "AHHHHHH! Shit!" Tiffany yelled. The sudden
intrusion of the freezing-cold cube startled her so
badly that she pulled her hands away from the
rock-climbing wall, and scrambled to pull the icy plug
from her butthole. And the second she did that, she
fell away from the wall.

   But because she was in harness, she only fell a
couple of inches. But the harness strap that was
around her ribs was jerked upward as she fell, and it
slammed into the bottoms of her magnificent tits. The
buttons on the dress were fastened so precariously
that two of them popped off immediately, and the
17-year-old's beautiful breasts were exposed, in the
blink of an eye, popping right out of the top of the
thin dress!

   “Alriiiiight!" the guys gathered below Tiffany
yelled, but she was so disoriented by the horrible and
sudden turn of events that she was barely aware of
what was happening. Then  she realized she was
suspended in midair, her butt about 15 feet off the
floor, her legs dangling, her pussy open and exposed
to the prying eyes of the perverts below, her tits
equally exposed.

   "Fuck! Get me down!" Tiffany screeched, starting to

   "I don't know," Snake called, having climbed down
from the step stool. "Guys, should we let her down, or
keep her up there and enjoy the view?"

   "Keep her up there!" the men yelled in unison.
"Damn, look at those titties! They're humongous. Think
those babies are implants or real?"

  As bad as her position had been a moment ago,
gravity was making it even worse, Tiffany quickly
realized. The two harnesses that wrapped around her
thighs had been pulled apart by the impact, and she
was now gaping open completely. The rip that Snake had
made in her bike shorts had torn even more, and now
her poor vagina was spread wide by the angle of her
thighs. She knew that from the right angle, the men
below could look straight up into her most private

   "Please get me down! Please!" the trapped girl
begged. She hung helplessly, suspended in midair.

   "Tell you what, slut!" Snake called out. "If you
can do a perfect splits, we'll let you down. You're a
cheerleader, that shouldn't be hard!" More laughter
rebounded through the store.

   As bad as her position had been a moment ago,
gravity was making it even worse, Tiffany quickly
realized. The two harnesses that wrapped around her
thighs had been pulled apart by the impact, and she
was now gaping open completely. The rip that Snake had
made in her bike shorts had torn even more, and now
her poor vagina was spread wide by the angle of her
thighs. She knew that from the right angle, the men
below could look straight up into her most private
spot. This wasn't just like having men ogle her tits -
this was like being in the stirrups at the gyno's
office, only with a crowd gathered to peer inside!

   "Please get me down! Please!" the trapped girl
begged. She hung helplessly, suspended in midair.

   "Tell you what, slut!" Snake called out. "If you
can do a perfect splits, we'll let you down. You're a
cheerleader, that shouldn't be hard!" More laughter
rebounded through the store.

   Willing to do anything to get down - nothing could
be worse than this! - Tiffany tried to straighten her
legs out into a splits position. But she quickly
realized how difficult that was. It was one thing to
do it on the ground. But the harnesses around her
thighs were wobbling, and her legs bent at the knees,
and hung straight down. She had to straighten her
knees out and push her feet out into a 180-degree
angle, with nothing to push against.

   Straining mightily, Tiffany flexed her muscles and
began to straighten her legs.

   "Man, look at her go!" said one of the watchers.
"I'd like to put those muscles to better use than
that!" She strained and strained, but could only get
her legs partially extended. Exhausted, panting, she
gave up, and fell back to her former position, which
still made her nudity, from the top of her ass crack
in back to her pubic patch in front, visible to dozens
of male eyes.

   "She needs a little motivation!" Snake called to
the gang. "Hey Pete, you guys sell darts here?"


   "Well, go get all your darts. We'll have a
dart-throwing contest. Straight up in the air,
gentlemen, and you can guess what the target is!"

    "Noooooooo! Oh God, don't do it, don't do it!" the
cheerleader babbled. "I'll do the splits, I promise,
don't hurt me!"

  Again, she began to lever her legs outward, pointing
her toes, straining to get her legs to line up
straight. Just as a minute ago she had been
concentrating on climbing the wall, now she bent her
will toward doing a perfect split. Suddenly, a she
felt a sharp piercing pain in her thigh. A dart had
struck here on her perfect skin, stuck briefly, then
fallen out.

   "Owwww! Shit. Stop it, dammit!' she yelled.

   "Do the splits, Tiff-slut!" Lisa yelled. "How do
you like your position now, you fucking cow!"

   Another dart hit her leg. At least they weren't
actually sticking in to her. Another pierced the white
bike shorts near her crotch, and hung there, stuck in
the fabric, wiggling. Then another in the shorts, then
one went sailing right past her, up to the ceiling. 

   "Please, I'm trying! I'm trying!" Tiffany screamed.
She wondered why no one out in the mall could hear
her, and come to her rescue.

   Meanwhile the boys and men standing underneath her
gaped at the perfect target. The rigging she was
trapped in just split the helpless cheerleader in
half. The egg that continued to vibrate in her cunt,
coupled with the orgasm she had been forced into less
than an hour earlier, had left her labia peeled back.
The pink lips of her pussy were swollen and slick with
juices, and she looked like a beautiful ripe flower,
opening its petals.

   To the perverted men, though, she was a target.
Darts started smacking into her, and although none
stuck into her skin permanently, they stung, like bee

 And then the money shot. She felt a stab of cold
metal strike right in her crotch, smack between her
pussy and asshole. It stabbed the oh-so-tender
connective tissue there, and Tiffany let out a scream
of anguish. The pain was horrible! She had been
stabbed right in  her privates!

   "It's like getting a little prick, isn't it
girlie?" yelled the boy who had tossed the dart.

   "I'll bet she's had some pricks before!" came a
voice. "Slut dressed like that in public, showing her
titties and her bush, no fuckin' way she's a virgin!
She's probably had 100 cocks up that blonde twat!"

    "You bastards!" she yelled. She had to bring this
to a close, or they would keep picking up the darts
that had fallen out and throwing them harder, and with
more accuracy, until they turned her sensitive, pudgy
little mound into a pin cushion.

  With a final burst of determination, she raised her
feet inch by painful inch, and pointed them straight
out, so that her legs were a straight line. She held
the position for 1, 2, 3 long agonizing seconds. She
was trembling all over, her thighs were cramping
badly, even her toes hurt.

   "There!" she said triumphantly. "I did it! Now let
me down!"

   "Awwww, man," grumbled the horny onlookers. "So
much for our human dartboard," Lisa said.

   "Take her down, boys," Snake instructed Pete and
Mike. "Nice and gentle." Slowly, Tiffany began to
descend to the floor. She was shaking badly, angry and
humiliated, but she didn't think she was bleeding very
badly from the darts that had pricked her. "OK, guys,
show's over, time to go back to your wives and
girlfriends," Snake growled. Lisa was still amazed at
the power Snake seemed to have. He gave an order and
people just obeyed it, without questioning.

   Pete and Mike stripped the harnesses off of
Tiffany, and she began to thrust her buoyant young
breasts back into the skimpy little sundress. But with
the top two buttons gone, there was no containing
them, and they spilled right out. She tried not to
notice, but knew that both clerks were tenting out the
front of their pants at the sight of this voluptuous
17-year-old beauty nearly naked and right in front of

  "Fuck, better get her a T-shirt. No way I can walk
her through the mall like this," Snake muttered, Pete
and Mike didn't move, just stood and stared, so Lisa
went and got an extra large Dallas Cowboys shirt off
of a rack. She handed it to Tiffany, who put it on,
gratefully. It hung down slightly past her crotch,
enough to cover the ravaged seam of the bike shorts.

   But no sooner did she have her nudity covered then
a wave of cramping overwhelmed the teenager. Oh shit,
she thought, I have to pee so badly, I'm gonna burst.
She doubled over and held her gut and moaned. "What's
the matter?" Mike blurted, seeing the girl of his
dreams suddenly in such agony. 

   "I, uh, uh, uh..." Tiffany started to tell him, but
stopped herself just in time. Snake had ordered her
not to say a word about needing to pee.

   "We just came from a frat party where she gave
blowjobs to about 80 guys, and swallowed every load,"
Snake lied. "She probably needs to have all the semen
pumped out of her stomach. There must be about a
gallon in there. Isn't that right, Tiffany?"

   What could she do? She couldn't say she needed to
pee, and Snake had given her an out, even a horribly
humiliating one. "Yes," she moaned.

   "Yes, what?" Lisa taunted her. "I want to hear you
say it."

   "I blew a bunch of guys and now I need to have my
stomach pumped," Tiffany groaned through gritted

   "I think she blew a couple of dogs, too," Lisa
added, a note of glee in her voice, not missing a
chance to rub it in.

   "OK, that's enough, Bullets," Snake said sternly.
"We gotta go. Come on."

   While Pete and Mike watched, eyes agog, the trio
marched out of the store, with Tiffany bent over
slightly and shuffling her feet.

   In the parking lot, they found the Miata. "You got
about a half hour, by little blow-job queen," Snake
said mockingly. "Think you can make it, or you want to
go back to the mall and find a bathroom?"

   The discomfort had turned into genuine pain for
Tiffany Daniels. If it hadn't been for the relentless
pressure of the bike shorts and the even more
relentless buzzing of the vibrating egg, she might
have been able to handle it, she thought. But the
notion of being Lisa's "bitch" for a week at school
was too much. The 15-year-old, who looked so perky and
sweet and innocent, had proven she had a sadistic
streak, and Tiffany was afraid of her.

   "I can make it."

   "Good. Now I feel like driving," Snake said, "and
Lisa deserves to get a ride without having a cock
shoved up her ass, so I guess the only place for you
to ride is in the trunk."

   He popped the trunk of the Miata open, and ordered
Tiffany to get in. "But first," he said, and pulled a
pair of steel handcuffs out of his black backpack. He
jerked Tiffany's arms behind her back, and cuffed her
wrists securely. Realizing how hobbled she was, he
picked her up, almost gently, like she was a baby, and
laid her on her side in the dirty trunk of the compact
car. It was so small she barely fit, and she tucked
herself into a semi-fetal position. Snake closed the
lid, and plunged her into total darkness.

   The half-hour ride back to Beverly was the worst
ordeal of the youngster's life. Snake started out by
aiming for every speed bump in the mall parking lot.
Every time he would run over a speed bump, Tiffany
would be bounced and jounced around horribly in the
cramped trunk of her own sports car. And every bounce
set a wave of agony through her, as the liquid in her
bladder sloshed around, desperately seeking escape.

   It was dark, it was hot, her arms were cuffed
uncomfortably behind her back, and the damn egg now
seemed in a position, because of the way she was
forced to curl up, to be massaging the walls of her
bladder directly. Her urethra, the tiny piss hole in
her teenaged cunt, ached from the strenuous squeezes
that Tiffany kept exerting.

   Once they were on the Interstate it wasn't as bad
as the speed bumps for the poor girl, but Snake took
every opportunity he could to run the Miata over
bumps, cracks and pot holes in the road, the better to
torment the bound cheerleader. She could hear Snake
and Lisa talking in the front seat, but couldn't make
out the exact words. As bad as her position was, she
was deathly afraid they were cooking up something even
worse for her.

   At one point she heard Lisa Boulet laugh, which
chilled her, because why else would Lisa be laughing
now except at her expense. And she thought she heard
Snake making a phone call, maybe on a cell phone, and
giving someone instructions. She caught the words
"change of plans" and "give him a call" but that was
all she could hear.

   Oh Jesus Christ, she thought, my bladder aches so
bad. I just want to pee, I want this horrible
nightmare to be over. I wish I was back in Stephanie's
room singing "Teenage Dirtbag" with her. The moment
she thought of the song, the catchy refrain stuck in
her brain, and she started singing it, just to take
her mind off her torture.

   "Oh I'm just a teenage dirtbag, baby
   "Yeah I'm just a teenage dirtbag baby."

   In the front seat, Snake suddenly said, "Shh.
Listen." He and Lisa were quiet, and they could
faintly hear Tiffany singing in the trunk.

   "She sure is a fucking teenage dirtbag!" Lisa

   "Yeah, well, it won't be long till the showdown,"
Snake said, "and we'll see who the real dirtbag is. So
till then, shut up."

   "Hey, I thought we were partners!" Lisa squeaked.
"That was so much fun back at the mall sticking it to
Tiffany. You got to admit, I'm a much better partner
than she is."

   "As far as I'm concerned, you both deserve to be
fucked until you can't walk, and gagged the whole time
so nobody has to listen to your goddam yammering,"
Snake answered. "I couldn't care less who is who's
slave. I like fuckin' with both of ya.”

   Tiffany, unable to hear more than muffled
murmurings from inside her prison, just groaned and
chewed her lip as the horrible diuretic Snake had
slipped worked on her body chemistry, making her feel
as if her belly were about to explode. She had heard
horror stories about girls who didn't go pee and their
bladders did explode. Not quite bright enough to
recognize an urban legend, Tiffany envisioned herself
blowing up there in her own trunk, dying at the tender
age of 17 in a gusher of her own hot urine.

   Suddenly the car stopped, and she heard the doors
slamming. The trunk sprung open, and the sunlight from
the bright afternoon temporarily blinded the
cheerleader. As she squinted, she felt powerful hands
lift her out of the trunk and set her on her feet. She
heard Snake say, "Your hour is up, Tiffany. You won
the bet. You can piss."

   "Where's a bathroom?" she croaked, still blinking
and trying to adjust. She realized, looking around,
that she was in the parking lot behind her own high

   "If you need to go, just go right here," Snake said
nonchalantly. "The bathrooms may be all locked up in
the school. You gonna go or aren't you?"

   Tiffany saw Lisa and Snake watching her. Fuck it,
she thought, and heeding the pressure of her own
biology, she squatted right there in the parking lot
and let the piss come gushing out of her. It seemed to
roar out, gallons of it, and as it hit the parking lot
it splashed back up on her legs, but Tiffany didn't
care, it felt almost sexual to be able to pee. She
squeezed her eyes shut with the pleasure and pissed
and pissed and pissed.

   Finally her bladder was empty and she opened her

   "Nice show, sis," said Stephanie. Her younger
sister was standing there in the parking lot watching
her. Principal Roger White stood next to the
15-year-old blonde, his arm draped possessively around
her shoulder, watching the school's head cheerleader
piss all over the parking lot.

   "Normally you'd get detention for this, you know,"
he joked, and Snake, Lisa, White and Stephanie all
bust out laughing, while Tiffany just looked down at
the enormous puddle beneath her, trickling away on the
pavement. She was virtually beyond embarrassment now,
particularly since it had felt so good to empty her
bladder, even under these circumstances.

   "Yeah, but I won the dare!" Tiffany crowed, looking
at Lisa. "Now Lisa has to be my slave for a week!"

   "You ninny!" White laughed. "I already set it up in
my office that Lisa was going to be your slave for a
week. Now look at all you've gone through, and for
what? To get what you already had!"

   "Yeah, but ...." Tiffany began. And stopped. Yeah,
but what, she realized. White was right. Everything
had spun out of her control, as it always seemed to
do, and she had found herself fighting just to stay in
place. And losing, she had to admit. She had won the
bet or dare or whatever it was, but now things were
just back to where they were supposed to be.

   "Yeah, but one thing," Lisa said, completing
Tiffany's thought. "And that is I'm not gonna be the
slave of a worthless sack of shit like you, Tiffany
Daniels. Snake was right. I was meant to be a top, and
you were meant to be a bottom. You must secretly like
being dominated and humiliated, or else why would it
keep happening to you over and over?"

   "Shut up!" Tiffany screamed at her tiny rival.
"You're my slave. You have to be!"

   "I don't have to be anything to you, Tiffy-whore!
And remember, Doc is gonna give me that tape from the
store, and when I get it, I'm gonna make a bunch of
copies, and the first one is going to Hayden. When Mr.
Goody Two Shoes sees you having an orgasm from a
little boy eating your pussy, he'll drop you like a
bag of dog shit!"

   "Stephanie! Mr. White!" Tiffany called helplessly.
"Help me out here! Make her obey me!"

   "SHUT UP BOTH OF YOU!" Snake bellowed. 

   "Jesus Fucking Christ, I'm sick of the two of you
spoiled little twats arguing over who's the top and
who's the bottom. As far as I'm concerned, you're both
just a fuck-hole that unfortunately happens to be
attached to a person. Now it's no coincidence that
we're back here at Daniels High. We're gonna go
inside, and settle this once and for all. Steph,
Roger, is everything ready inside?"

   "Ready and waiting," said Roger White.

   "Good. Now here's the way it's gonna be, ladies.
And if you don't like it, then you go right into the
trunk of the Miata, and I'll take you to straight to
my club and chain you up in a backroom and let a gang
of bikers use your pussy for an ashtray. Got it?"

   "Got it," both girls said.

   "Good. We're going inside, and the two of you are
going to have one final battle. Winner take all. The
loser gets auctioned off as a Cum Receptacle."

   Both Tiffany Daniels and Lisa Boulet looked at the
big, dark man, realizing, not for the first time, that
he was capable of anything."

   "Not another word. Let's go inside for the Big
Finale," Snake said.


  Inside the quiet, deserted halls of Daniels High
School, Snake told Stephanie to take her older sister
to a bathroom and get her ready. Tiffany was full of
questions about what was to come, but decided it was
better to shut up now and ask Steph when they were

   In the ladies room, Tiffany asked Steph before the
younger girl could even unshoulder the canvas bag she
was carrying.

   "What are they gonna make me do, Steph?"

   "It's gonna be a catfight between you and Lisa,"
the sophomore answered. "Winner goes free, like Snake
said, and the loser gets auctioned off."

   "How do I win? Do I have to pin her, like in

   Stephanie laughed. "Come on, surely you know Snake
better than that by now. He's way more creative than
that. Here, first thing let's do is get that dog
collar off you." She took out a pair of heavy shears,
and ordered Tiffany to hold still while she cut
through the thick leather strap. It fell to the floor,
and Tiffany rubbed her hands around her neck where it
had chafed her all afternoon.

   "Didn't leave any marks," Stephanie told her. "He
must not have nailed you too bad. But if you were
wearing that when you went up against Lisa Bullets,
I'm afraid Snake wouldn't have been able to resist
zapping you. You wouldn't have stood a chance."

   "Oh God, Steph, thank you so much. I'm so glad
you're on my side."

   "Well, just don't say anything to Snake. I'm
supposed to be neutral, like he is. He really doesn't
care which one of you wins, but I want you to, sis."

   "That's sweet, I appreciate it."

   "Sweet my ass," Stephanie shot back. "I don't want
that little whore strutting around the school like she
owns you for the rest of the year. I couldn't stand
the humiliation!"

   "Jeez, I gotta get rid of this egg," Tiffany said
as she bent her legs and squeezed out the plastic
vibrating egg that had tormented her for so long.

   "Hey, my old buddy!" Stephanie exclaimed, grabbing
it. "I thought this was gonna be Lisa's plaything."

   "Uh, I really don't want to talk about it."

   "Yeah, I guess not. Snake told me a little when he
called me from the car. He says you're a bottom at
heart, just like I was afraid. He says this is your
last chance." Tiffany noticed that as she talked, the
15-year-old girl was stuffing the still-buzzing egg up
into her own pussy, as naturally as she would eat
breakfast. Tiffany wanted to comment, but was too
overwhelmed with all that was happening. She never
ceased to be amazed at what a total whore, an orgasm
junkie,  her sweet-looking little sister was.

   Stephanie was pulling stuff out of the canvas bag.
She handed Tiffany a tiny black bikini top so small it
fit easily into the young girl's hand. "Here, strip
everything off and put this on."

   Normally Tiffany would have protested against being
forced to wear something so obscenely revealing. But
after being in the transparent sundress and the
too-tight bike shorts all afternoon, it didn't seem so
bad. She pulled off the large T-shirt and her panties
and put on the black bikini top. The suit barely
covered the places it was supposed to. The cups of the
bra were not much bigger than match books, and they
covered her nipples and aureoles, but the rest of her
stupendous breasts bulged out in plain view - spilling
over the tops, out to the sides, hanging out of the
bottoms. The straps were thinner than shoelaces, and
Stephanie helped tie them behind her back.

   "Where's the bottoms?" she asked.

   "You don't get any bottoms, Tiffany. You'll see."

    "Oh, shit, I don't know if I can do this, Steph,"
she stammered nervously.

   "If you don't, Snake will be really pissed," her
sister said sternly. "So far he's just been amused by
you and Lisa, and you don't want to see him angry. You
know that game he plays at his bar, Guess What's in
Your Pussy? He isn't joking. I was there one night
when they did it to a girl. They used  a wine bottle,
fat end first, and had guys pushing it in with all
their strength while the girl just hung there upside
down, helpless, screaming her head off. I've seen some
nasty shit, sis, but Snake can be a real sick
motherfucker. And his friends are worse than he is."

   "OK, OK, I'll do it. Whatever."

   "Here, put these on," Steph said, pulling out a
pair of black stiletto heels with 4-inch spikes. With
great difficulty and not much grace, Tiffany put the
hooker-heels on. She had to lean against a sink to
strap them into place.

   "And now for the last piece of your outfit."
Stephanie pulled an enormous strap-on dildo out of the

   "What the fuck is that?" Tiffany squeaked.

   "It's a dildo, dummy. And Lisa is being fitted with
one right now. That's how we're going to see who wins.
The first girl to successfully fuck the other one up
the ass with the dildo is the winner!"

    Tiffany felt like her fragile world was reeling.
How did people think up such perverted shit? Two
teenage girls, normal everyday high school chicks with
homework and parents and all that, were supposed to
try to fuck each other in the butt with artificial
penises? She shuddered, but Stephanie already was
buckling the dildo behind her butt. In front, it was a
plastic cup that fit snugly over her sex. She could
feel some sort of little rubber protusion inside the
cup that was rubbing right against her clit.  The fake
cock jutted out in front of Tiffany about 10 inches,
longer than any cock she had ever seen. 

   "What's that?" she said, pointing to a tan ring
that was close to her own crotch, about 8 inches from
the tip of the dildo.

   "That's a special Snake modification. It's a ring
of heavy grade sandpaper that's glued on there. The
first girl to get all the way in, so that the
sandpaper is inside the other girl's butthole, is the

   "Oh, shit, that's gonna hurt like hell."

   "So that's why you better win. Come on, let's go.
Snake and Roger won't want to be kept waiting.
Stephanie took her older sister by the hand to help
her walk on the unsteady heels, and led her out of the
bathroom, down a long hall, and into the area behind
the school's stage.

  The two Daniels sisters poked their way through the
darkened backstage area, parting heavy stage curtains
with their hands. It was a part of the school that
Tiffany was intimately familiar with, having been a
star in the drama program since her freshman year, and
particularly the musicals. She had played Bloody Mary
in "South Pacific" as a sophomore, Maria in "Sound of
Music" as a junior and had capped it all off not long
ago as another Maria, in "West Side Story." She let
herself be pulled forward, led by the hand by her

   "Here she is!" Stephanie proclaimed as the two
girls stepped out onto the Daniels High School stage.
The stage lights were turned up bright, shining right
into their eyes, and the big spotlight located in a
booth in the back of the auditorium was shining
full-power on them. Tiffany blinked wildly against the
bright lights, trying to see what was going on.

   "Gentlemen, our second contestant has arrived, and
we will begin." It was Snake's voice, amplified by a
hand-held mike through the sound system. As her eyes
adjusted, she saw Snake standing to one side of the
proscenium stage, next to Roger White. Lisa Boulet was
standing with them, outfitted similarly to Tiffany.
Instead of a tiny black bikini top, Lisa wore a white
one, almost transparent in the lights, that contrasted
nicely with her short-cropped dark hair. True to her
nickname, Lisa's nipples were so erect they looked
like little ice cream cones, trying to burst right
through the thin fabric. She also wore high spike
heels (white, to match her top) and had an enormous
strap-on dildo jutting out of her groin. 

   Tiffany could now see into the front row, and saw
that it was filled with leering men. There was Mr.
Green and Mr. Brown, two teachers who had tormented
her last year, and Old Joe Black, the school janitor.
They were joined by Mr. Combs and Mr. Mathers, who
were also teachers at Daniels High. Filling one of the
seats with his bulk was Doc, the guy from the mall,
and several big, beefy, greasy guys who appeared to be
with him. There were also half a dozen men, ranging in
age from early 20s to early 50s, whom Tiffany had
never seen, but figured were friends of Snake's or
White's, or both. An older Asian man sat by himself in
the second row, and Tiff wondered if this was the
infamous and reclusive Dr. Wu, maker and distributor
of sick porno tapes, whom White had threatened her
with at one point. Stephanie had taken a seat, and was
the only girl in the sea of men.

   All eyes were on her and Lisa. Tiffany glanced at
her mortal enemy, and saw the younger girl staring at
her with a look of pure hatred.

   White took the microphone from Snake, and the
spotlight shifted to the principal. "Before we began,
gents, a quick reminder. Everything that happens here
today stays in this room, and is never talked about
with anyone else. Anyone who breaks our little code of
silence will be dealt with severely. And we all know
that Snake and I are capable of both severity and
creativity. Got that?" The men in the audience all

    Snake pulled Tiffany out to center stage, next to
Lisa. "This will be a catfight, with no rules. You got
that girls? No rules whatsoever. The object is to get
your strap-on dildo up your opponent's ass. Not the
pussy, the ass. And as you have noticed, there is a
ring of sandpaper glued to each dildo about eight
inches up. You must get the sandpaper all the way past
the sphincter ring in order to win. Now, can I have a
couple of volunteers to help oil the girls?"

   Every man in the auditorium leapt from his seat and
surged forward, but Snake raised a hand in warning.
"Doc, how about you come on up and do Lisa, and your
buddy Lumpy there can do Tiffany." Doc and the man
called Lumpy - an obese, acne-scarred biker who
smelled as if he hadn't bathed in weeks, shuffled up
onto the stage wearing shit-eating grins. Snake handed
each man a plastic squeeze bottle. "You need to oil
their dildoes and their assholes," he told them.

   Lumpy approached Tiffany, who started breathing
through her mouth at the approach of the smelly biker.
He grinned at her, but didn't say a word as he began
squeezing what smelled like olive oil out of the
bottle. He dribbled it onto the dildo, and began
massaging it into the long, think fake penis. Soon it
glistened in the stage lights. Doc was doing the same
to Lisa.

   The gross man walked around behind Tiffany. "Bend
over and spread your asscheeks, sweetie," he hissed.
She knew she had no choice, and obeyed. Almost
instantly, she felt the oil running down the crack of
her ass into the opening at the rear. Then, to her
horror and shock, she felt Lumpy insert a finger into
her rectum!

  "Uhhh!" Tiffany grunted. "Take it out!" 

   "Tiffany, you worthless whore, keep those cheeks
spread and let Lumpy oil your ass, or I'll declare
this match a forfeit, and we'll go straight to
auctioning you off!" Snake hissed at the teenager. She
dutifully spread her cheeks again and Lumpy resumed
reaming her tight little rosebud with his fat finger.
Then, unnnnnh! He was sliding a secind finger up
insider her. Tiffany bit her lip and took it, as Lumpy
pushed the slick oil deeper and deeper up her anal

   Soon both girls were oiled, front and back, and Doc
and Lumpy returned to their seats with big grins.
Snake told Tiffany to stand to one side of the stage,
and Lisa the other.

   "PRESENTING!!" Snake boomed into the mike,
pretending to be a boxing announcer. "The ultimate
catfight of Daniels High School. In this corner, at 15
years old, a cheerleader and a girl who just had her
first ass fucking a few hours ago, Lisa "Bullets"
Boulet!" The men cheered wildly.

   "And in this corner, at 17 years old, in her senior
year, the most used and abused girl in the history of
Daniels High, the well-known Anna Kournikova
lookalike, Tiffany "The Bottom" Daniels!" More
cheering and applause followed.

  "So let's have some music to rumble by!" Snake
yelled, and from out of nowhere, a fanfare of brass
and strings filled the auditorium. Tiffany recognized
it as the overture to "West Side Story," and suddenly
the true humiliation of this setting became clear to
the student. They had put her out on the very stage
where she had recently starred, and now she would have
to try to fuck her nemesis with a dildo to "West Side
Story." Only a few weeks ago, hearing the overture had
been the signal that she was about to go onstage and
sing and be applauded by her parents, neighbors and
fellow students. Now she was nearly naked, facing an
audience of hateful, horny men.

   It was clear to her that this had been arranged, in
part, to destroy one of the things she felt good
about. Roger White, whom she knew was a big fan of the
school musicals, was smiling at her. God damn them
all! The only thing to do now was beat Lisa!

   "OK girls, are you ready?" Lisa and Tiffany looked
across the stage at one another. "Let's get ready to
ruuuuuuuuummmmmble!!! Ready! Get Set! GOOOOOO!"

   Lisa immediately sat down on the stage and started
trying to take off her shoes, which hobbled each girl
considerably. Not realizing the younger girl's
strategy, Tiffany charged straight at the sophomore
and jumped on her. "You fucking bitch!" Tiffany
yelled, pumped full of adrenaline. "I'll show you
who's boss!" She slammed Lisa backward, but the girl
had gotten her left shoe off. 

   Tiffany grabbed Lisa by her short hair with both
hands, raised her hand, and slammed it down onto the
stage. Lisa yelped with pain, but quickly socked
Tiffany hard in the stomach with her right fist.
Tiffany let out a whoosh, all the air gone out of her,
and her grip went slack. Lisa reared up and
head-butted Tiffany right in the forehead, and Tiffany
went tumbling off.

   Lisa quickly turned her attention to her right
shoe, working frantically at the buckle on the ankle
strap. Tiffany picked herself up off the wooden stage
and staggered toward Lisa, but the high heels slowed
her down, and her ankles wobble badly. She flung
herself at Lisa again, but this time the little pixie
saw the larger girl coming and rolled to the side.
Tiffany missed, and landed with a splat.

   The men in the audience were all out of their
seats, cheering like maniacs. "Get her! Fuck her in
the ass! Make her hurt!" they screamed. They weren't
rooting for either girl, just wanting as much pain and
degradation as they could see.

   Lisa now had her right shoe off, and she sprang
nimbly to her feet. Too late, Tiffany realized how
smart Lisa's strategy was, and Lisa sprang forward,
unencumbered by the shoes. Tiffany tried to pick
herself up off the stage, but Lisa was in front of her
in a millisecond. The sophomore lashed out her right
foot in a flash, and kicked Tiffany square in the

   Tiffany fell back, her world a mass of pain. She
saw nothing but red for a moment, and could not even
hear Snake offering play-by-play like a sports
announcer. "And Daniels is down, bad!" he yelled.
"Boulet is kicking ass, folks! It may not be long
before Boulet is fucking ass as well!"

   The instrumental overture blared over the sound
system, but it ended with a flourish and was replaced
by the first song on the soundtrack, "The Jet Song."

       "When you're a Jet, you're a Jet all the way/
       From your first cigarette to your last dyin'
       When you're a Jet, let 'em do what they can/
       You've got brothers around, you're a family
       You're never alone, you're never disconnected,
      you're home with your own/
       When company's expected, you're

   But Tiffany was anything but well-protected. Lisa
was now on top of her, and she was amazed at how tough
and scrappy the much smaller girl was. She copied one
of Tiffany's previous moves, grabbing Tiffany's long
blonde hair in both hands and yanking her head up.
Lisa started to slam Tiffany's head back down, but
Tiffany grasped what was coming and lashed out her
hand. She caught Lisa's erect nipple through the thin
fabric of the bikini top and twisted it as hard as she

   "Mother-FUCK!" Lisa screamed in agony, as Tiffany
tried to rip the swollen nubbin right off the girl's
tit. As she yanked, Lisa's small tits sprang free of
the tight top, and the men's riotous clamor went up
several more notches. But Tiffany's hand had slipped
off Lisa's nipple.

   The two girls got to their feet, and Tiffany
realized her disadvantage. The shoes were really
slowing her down. Lisa circled her opponent quickly,
leaping on the balls of her feet, trying to get behind
Tiffany so she could jump on her from the rear and
work the dildo up into her rectum. Tiffany turned in

       "Then you are set with a capital J/
       Which you'll never forget till they cart you
       When you're a Jet you stay a Jet!" sang the
Jets on the CD, breaking into harmony.

   Lisa kept bouncing around Tiffany, looking for an
opening. She moved clockwise, running circles around
the older girl, who didn't dare sit down now to take
off her own heels, or else Lisa would be all over her.
After several clockwise turns, Lisa suddenly reversed
and moved counter-clockwise. Tiffany tried to spin to
keep Lisa in front of her, but a combination of
dizziness and the horrible stilettos caused her to
lose her balance. She fell to her knees, and Lisa
pounced on her like a lion on a gazelle.

   Tiffany was on her hands and knees, and Lisa
clambered onto her back, in order to keep her down. A
roar went up from the audience as the smaller girl
started thrusting her pelvis forward, trying to stab
her dildo into Tiffany's ass. Finally, Lisa felt her
fake cock slip forward, and she let out a cry of
triumph: "Yes!!!" She pushed forward with all her
might, but Snake had moved to where he could see

   "Sorry, Lisa, nice try, but that's her pussy. Take
the dildo out and start over again." Tiffany thought
Snake was ordering the smaller girl to climb off, but
instead Lisa maintained her dominant position. She
pulled the dildo out of Tiffany's wide open pussy and
levered it upward a couple of inches, lining up the
head as the tiny puckered rosebud of Tiffany's

   "The Jet Song" had finished on the soundtrack, and
Mr. White yelled up to the booth in the back, the same
booth where someone was operating the spotlight. "Hey,
you wanna pause that CD for a second? I got my own
version of that song I want to sing. I thought this up
when I was watching Tiffany play Maria in 'West Side
Story,' and now I get to serenade her with it!" And
Mr. White began to sing, to the tune of "The Jet
   "When you're a slut, you're a slut all the way/
   From the first dick you suck to your last dyin'
    When you're a slut, you just love givin' head/
    There's a smile on your face when your pussy is

   The boys stand in line, awaitin' something special/
   You're mouth is so fine, they all give you a
   It's multi-racial!

   Tiffany's mind reeled under the combined horror.
Her arch rival had her down and was about to ram a
dildo up her ass, she was on the stage where normally
she was a beloved thespian queen, and she was having
to listen to Mr. White's perverted parody of "The Jet

   "Noooooo!!!!" she screamed, and summoning all her
strength, bucked up like a horse in a rodeo throwing a
rider. Lisa flew off. Tiffany stood and whirled, but
no sooner had she turned around than Lisa was right
there. Lisa threw a solid right that caught Tiffany in
the tit, sending pain shooting through her chest. She
reached down instinctively to cover her painful
breast, and Lisa let loose a fearsome kick that caught
Tiffany square in the cunt.

   "AHHHH!" Tiffany bellowed. Her poor pussy was still
open from all the stimulation at the mall, the lips
peeled back, and Lisa' foot had landed squarely on the
sensitive inner tissue. It hurt like a bitch, and
Tiffany's hands went to her crotch. In a flash, Lisa
had taken two steps and was behind Tiffany, jumping on
her back like a piggy back rider. The young girl
reached around and jammed an index finger right into
Tiffany's eye, and the senior went down hard on her
hands and knees again.  

   White was vamping it up, singing more and more
   "When you're a slut, all the boys are in heat/
   Cause your pussy's all juiced and it smells fuckin'
   When you're a slut you let boys feel your tits/
   And you won't have a rest till they fuck you to

   Tiffany was in agony all over. Struggling to stay
on her hands and knees, her tit throbbed, her pussy
lips felt like they were on fire, and she was trying
to grab at her eye. But as she did so with her right
hand, Lisa reached around and smacked her left elbow,
which caused her left arm to cave in. Her face crashed
to the stage floor.

   And then she felt it. The dildo touched her anus,
and Lisa gave a mighty thrust. A good three inches
travelled up Tiffany's rectum, and she bellowed with
pain and frustration. "Noooo! Help! Stop!"

   "Unnnhh!" Lisa grunted, thrusting again, and
another two inches moved in. The men were delirious
with lust, and had all sprung from their seats. The
jostled around the edge of the stage, trying to get a
better look, yelling obscenities, pure beasts of the

    White kept singing:
   "You're never alone, you're always with some
   The boys make ya groan, by giving ya the boner/
    You're such a moaner!

   Here comes the slut, Yeah she cums yet again,/
   From just thinking about doing dozens of men/
   When you're a slut you stay a slut!"
   He finished with a dramatic flourish. Meanwhile,
Tiffany tried to buck Lisa off again as she had
before, but the girl had learned, and had planted her
center of gravity lower this time. Tiffany, bucked,
but Lisa held on. And to Tiffany's horror, the sudden
movement actually made the dildo slip in even further!

   "She's down, and it doesn't look good for Tiffany!"
Snake shouted, as carried away as the other men at the
bizarre scene being played out. "A couple more inches
and it's over!"

   "No! No!" Tiffany wailed, trying to reach around
and grab Lisa. But she was in a hopeless position, and
Lisa rubbed it in by reaching around and jamming a
finger hard into Tiffany's eye again. The girl
screamed with pain, and Lisa drove the dildo forward
relentlessly into Tiffany Daniels' well-oiled rear

   Suddenly, Tiffany yelled even louder. It felt as if
all the skin was being scraped off her asshole.
Something horribly rough was being dragged over that
tissue. And through her agony and humiliation, she
knew what it was. The sandpaper. 

   Tiffany had lost.

   "We have a winner!" Snake yelled, as the men

  "Fuck! Her! Ass! Fuck! Her! Ass! Fuck! Her! Ass!"
the audience began to rhythmically chant. 

   Tiffany felt Lisa pull the full eight inches of
rubber cock out of her ass - it felt as if her insides
were being pulled out. And then she was slammed
forward, as Lisa thrust the entire dildo deep, deep
and deeper still into Tiffany's butt. 

   Lisa Boulet was going to fuck Tiffany Daniels up
the ass. The crowd went wild.


   "Fuck her ass! Fuck her ass!" screamed the mob of

  "Help! Oh God, no, stop!" Tiffany screamed, but of
course there was not a soul in the auditorium who
would lift a finger to help the cheerleader. With her
body a mass of pain, she managed to raise herself up a
little, so that she was back on her hands and knees,
and at least had some stability. Lisa had slid
part-way off Tiffany's back, so that her feet were now
planted on the floor, on either side of Tiffany's
calves. She had reached forward and grabbed Tiffany's
beautiful mane of long blonde hair with both hands,
and was pulling backward on it. The new position gave
the little girl a great deal of leverage, which she
was using to her advantage, ramming the oil-greased
dildo up into Tiffany's rectum as hard as she could.

   "Unhnh! Unnh!" Lisa grunted as she slammed the
dildo home. With every thrust, the dildo sank all the
way into Tiffany's tight young box until Lisa's crotch
was jammed up against Tiffany's butt cheeks. And
although Tiffany was not aware of it, every thrust was
stimulating Lisa's clit, as the strap-on's cup had a
built-in "tickler," a small rubber plug designed to
rub the clitoris of the woman doing the fucking.

  Every stroke sent Tiffany into a spasm of agony as
the ring of sandpaper made contact with her asshole.
Lisa was deliberately jamming it in as hard as she
could, over and over. The gritty coating would plunge
in, rubbing the most sensitive spot on her entire
body, and then almost immediately would be yanked back
out, and the pain would be repeated. Tiffany gave a
little grunt of pain with each stroke.

   To add insult to injury, Lisa, who was now
completely in control of the situation, let loose of
Tiff's hair with one hand and untied the knot on her
back that held the bikini top on. Just like that, the
tiny black top fell away to the floor, and Tiffany's
big, glorious knockers were exposed to the slobbering

   "Fuck her ass! Fuck the slut!" yelled the men.

   "Unnhh! Unnh!" grunted Lisa, her eyes shut tight
now, concentrating on inflicting the maximum pain and
humiliation on Tiffany.

    "OK, everybody, let's just hold it!" Snake yelled
the bar owner bellowed, and it was as if he had thrown
a switch. Lisa paused her slam-fucking, Tiffany was
quiet, and the men in the audience all looked at
Snake, wondering what was coming next.

   "Let's get this fuckin' thing organized!" Snake
said into the mike. "Now Tiffany Daniels is the loser,
and that means she's going to be auctioned off to the
highest bidder to do with as he pleases. So you guys
gotta decide. You wanna watch Lisa fuck Tiffany up the
ass, or you wanna start the auction so one of you can
use her like the street whore she is deep down in her

   "100 dollars!" Mr. Green shouted. "200 bucks!"
yelled another voice.

   "OK, Jesus, hang on!" Snake shouted. He was having
trouble controlling events, and that did not make
Snake happy. "We're gonna do this right. Lisa, I guess
the guys want to move things along, and I know you
looked like you were eventually going to cum if you
kept slamming Tiffany's ass, I'm gonna order you to
get off now. I mean get off of Lisa's back." He
smiled, and some of the teachers chuckled. Lisa
reluctantly climbed off her vanquished foe and stood
there, her cock bobbing, her nipples jutting out a
full inch from her cupcake-sized breasts.

   "Now, Stephanie, get me the dog collar. It's time
to put it back on Tiffany," Snake said.

   Stephanie stood up in the auditorium, and the men
sitting nearby noticed she was pale and trembling.

   "I don't have it, sir," she said, addressing Snake

   His face darkened. "What do you mean, my dear?" he
said softly. Mr. White shuddered, knowing how bad this
was. If Snake was merely annoyed, he would have called
Stephanie cunt or slut. But by addressing her mildly
as "my dear," it meant he was enraged, and trying to
control himself.

   "I took it off Tiffany in the girl's room. I, uh,
I, uh, cut it off," Stephanie said in a little-girl
voice, looking as if she was about to run from the

   "You cut my dog collar?" Snake said. "Well, you're
going to pay for that, Stephie. I'm very sorry, but
you're going to have to pay severely. Now go into my
backpack, cause I've got a spare in there, and bring
me the collar and the remote."

   Tiffany had scrambled to her feet, and now stood on
the Daniels High stage, the very spot where she had
played two different leading Marias. Naked, degraded,
abused. She didn't even bother to pick up the bikini
top and try to cover her beautiful breasts. Fuck 'em,
she thought. Let 'em look. I don't care.

   Stephanie gave Snake the collar, and he walked over
to Tiffany. Her hands hung at her side, and she didn't
even protest when he fastened the collar around her
lovely neck. "Let's just give this a test, to make
sure it works," he said with a cruel sneer, and mashed
the button.

   "Ahhhhh! Fuck!" Tiffany screamed as the voltage
shot into her nubile young body. She had forgotten how
badly the collar hurt, and she clutched at it
frantically while Snake just smiled and let the
current flow into her battered body.

   "So, I guess we're ready to auction off Tiffany
Daniels," he said. "Let's try not to behave like
savages, shall we?"

   "$100," Green repeated. "200" yelled Mr. Mathers,
the music teacher. "$300 bucks!" shouted Mr. Combs,
the shop teacher. Doc and his friends looked at one
another, bummed out. The bidding was already too
expensive for them.

   "$500!" Roger White said dramatically from the
stage. "I've had her before, but I've got something
new I want to try on her while she's wearing that

  The bidding escalated, and Tiffany just stood there,
center stage, the spotlight from thr back of the room
trained on her sweat-streaked naked body, her head
down. She didn't notice Stephanie sneak out of the
auditorium, or coming running back in about a minute
later, flushed with excitement. The slutty little girl
pranced up onto the stage and whispered into Snake's
ear. He held up a hand to silence the men, and
listened. He nodded. And smiled the cruelest smile

   "Gentlemen!" Snake announced. "I would like to
propose a change of plans. I know I promised to
auction off Tiffany, but I am now going to ask you all
to withdraw your bids."

   There was a rumble of confusion from the men
gathered at the lip of the stage. "What the fuck?" "No
way!" "What's the deal?" It grew in volume, until
Snake spoke again.

   "To compensate, I want to invite you all out to my
bar, the Snake Pit. There we will lock the doors and
instead of just one of you getting to fuck a teenaged
girl senseless, every single one of you will be able
to fuck a teenaged girl senseless. As many times as
you can get it up. How does that sound?

   "Al right!" Lumpy yelled. "Fuckin' A!" said another
of Doc's biker friends. "Outstanding," murmured the
Asian gentleman.

   "So as soon as we finish our business here, we'll
all head out to my place. We'll be joined by Miss
Stephanie Daniels, who will be punished for messing up
my first dog collar. And what the hell, I think I'll
also invite Miss Lisa Boulet. I've got some special
plans for Stephanie that involve a little game called
'Guess What's In Your Pussy?' and we may need a backup
girl. And Lisa's handy, so you're it, babe!"

   "No way!" Lisa shouted. "You said the winner could
go free! That is so unfair!"

  "Change of plans, Lisa babe," Snake said calmly.
"You liked it when we changed plans at the mall, now
you don't like it when the shoe's on the other foot.
Tough titties, kiddo."

   "But it's not fair!" she pouted.

   "Hey, remember your history," Mr. Brown said. As
John F. Kennedy said, Life isn't fair."

   "That's enough," Snake snapped. "Shut up this
second, Lisa, or it'll be you hanging upside down
trying to figure out what's making your cunt hurt so
bad, and Stephanie on the sidelines giving blowjobs.
So not another fuckin' word, Bullets!"

   The auditorium was silent. "So does everyone agree
to withdraw his bid for Slave Tiffany?"

   The men murmured their assent. "That's good," Snake
said, "because the bidding was starting to get out of
hand. I had a feeling she was going to go for a couple
of thousand bucks, and that would give her an inflated
opinion of herself. And as most of you know, one of
the reasons Tiffany is so much fun to play with is
because she already think her shit doesn't stink, like
she's God's gift to the world. The last thing we want
is to reinforce that notion in her silly little head.

   "So if everyone who's going to my place has
withdrawn their bids, is there anyone who isn't going
who would like to bid on Tiffany?"

   The men looked confused. Suddenly a voice sounded
from the back of the room. 

   "Twenty-five cents!"

   Everyone wheeled to look, and saw a teenaged boy
standing in the back of the auditorium.

   "Hayden!" Tiffany whispered. Oh God, it was her
boyfriend, her beloved, the one male in her life who
didn't treat her like a whore. And he was here!

   "SOLD!" Snake shouted before anyone could react.
"To the boy in the back for 25 cents. And I think
that's appropriate, cause that's exactly what Tiffany
Daniels is worth."

   "Hayden Fox?" said Roger White. "You were supposed
to stay up there and operate the spotlight, son!"

   "She's my girl," Hayden said simply. "And I want

   Tiffany's heart began to pound, and she felt as if
she would cry. Hayden was rescuing her! This was a
happy ending beyond her wildest dreams! Her Hayden was
here, and he would take her away and everything would
be fine!

   The tall, lanky high school senior loped down the
aisle from the back of the auditorium toward the
stage. "It was Stephanie's idea," he told the group.
"No way I was gonna outbid all the adults. But she
told me she knew how to get Snake to get everyone to
withdraw, and this way I can have her." As he got
closer, Tiffany searched his face for the love she
knew she would find there.

   But it was not there. This was a different Hayden. 
His eyes were hard and cruel and full of lust.  He was
looking at Tiffany, at her bounteous teenaged beauty,
her ripeness, her blue cat-like Kournikova eyes, the
swell of her C-cup tits, the perfection of her tanned,
toned body. He was licking his lips.

   "Here's your quarter," he said, handing a coin to
Snake after climbing the steps onto the stage.

   "Hey, Tiff," he said. "Lookin' mighty good there.
You been havin' fun today, babe?"

   "Hayden, God, thank God you're here," she said.
"Take me home, honey."

   "Oh, I'm gonna take you, all right. But not home.
Not yet. There's a men's room just off stage. I'm
gonna take you there, first."

   "No, Hayden, please, don't do this to me. I love
you!" she wailed.

   "And I thought I loved you. I thought I knew you.
Now I find out half the teachers in school have
already fucked you, and you go out prancing around
naked at shopping malls, and you're nothing but a
fucking slut. Well, you're gonna be MY fucking slut
from now on. And I'm going to make up for lost time.

   "Hayden, please, it wasn't my fault! They made me
do it!"

   The boy turned away from Tiffany and held out his
hand to Snake. "Mind if I borrow that remote control?"
he asked.

   "Hayden, no, God, no, I love you, please..."
Tiffany babbled.

   "Take that fuckin' dildo off," Hayden ordered the
confused and trembling girl.

   Snake handed the boy the remote. "You look like you
know what you're doing," he told Hayden quietly, in a
low voice so that Tiffany couldn't hear, "but let me
give you some advice you may not have thought of.
First, she's had a vibrating egg up her snatch for a
couple hours, so she may be a little loose there. Even
though she had that dildo up her, she'll be a lot
tighter in the back door, if you know what I mean." He
winked at Hayden, who grinned.

   "Another thing," Snake added. "Water is a really
good conductor of electricity. If, perhaps, a girl
were to have her head jammed into a toilet while a guy
was slamming her up the butt, and if her electronic
dog collar were then activated, whoa, baby, I think
she'd probably have to be scraped off the ceiling."

   Tiffany had torn off the strap-on, which lay on the
ground. She was completely naked, in high heels. "Come
on, Tiff, let's go," Hayden said, taking her by the
hand and leading her offstage. She was protesting the
entire time, begging him not to. "Please, Hayden, I'll
be good to you, don't hurt me, please don't hurt me, I
could give you a good blow job, a really good one,

   Then there was silence for a couple of minutes.
Then a scream. And the sound of a toilet flushing.

   "OK, guys, let's get this show on the road," Snake
said to the men. "Grab these two little high school
honeys and follow me out to Snake's Pit, and we're
gonna have us one helluva major good time."

   Another scream sounded from behind a closed door,
somewhere down a hall in Daniels High School.

   "Although maybe not as good a time as that boy is
having himself."


"Are you crazy?
Are you high?
Or just an ordinary guy?
Have you done all you can do?
Are you with me, doctor?"
----Steely Dan

COMING NEXT: Dr. Wu's Song Cycle. Excerpts from Dr.
Wu's rejected doctoral dissertation, " A
Deconstruction of Adolescent Sexual Imagery in
Contemporary Popular Music." New characters, new
situations, same old sick perversions and point of
view. Watch for it here.

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