Joanie's Day, a dialog for voice and mind
     by Don A. Landhill
     Copyright (c) 2000, 2001

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 ---- Joanie's Day ----

"Joanie, come here."

His voice seems very unhappy, but I haven't done anything, at least not 
anything that he could possibly know about.

"Joanie, come here *now*, young lady."

Uh-oh, 'young lady' is not a good sign.  I must be in trouble. I'd better get 
down there before he gets any angrier.

"In here, Joanie."

He is in the study. Another bad sign. I always feel so much like a naughty 
little girl standing in front of his desk with my arms clasped behind me. I 
have far too many painful memories of sessions like this, and all of them 
come back to me now.

"Joanie, is there anything you want to tell me? What have you been up to, 
young lady?"

What a dilemma! I have to guess what he is upset about.  And I don't 
know! But if I say 'Nothing' he will say that I am lying, in addition to 
whatever he is already accusing me of -- and I really hate soap in my 

What could he have found out about? Could it be.? The math test? It was 
only a C-. No one should have called him, but I know well enough that I 
lazed instead of studying. I should have gotten an A- at least. I'd better 
admit to that before he gets any madder.

"A C-?  I wonder how long you would have waited to let me know. You 
got lazy, didn't you? You know better than that, Joanie. Much better, or 
you should.   Perhaps a good paddling and a few days without privileges 
might help remind you that you are expected to apply yourself. But that is 
not what I wanted to talk to you about, today, Joanie."

Oh No! I just gave myself away -- for nothing!  He didn't know about the 
test, but now he does, and I'm going to be punished for that, *plus* 
whatever else he is upset about.

"Now Joanie, don't you have something else you want to tell me about?"

Again?!  Again, he wants me to guess what to confess? What else could he 
possibly know about? What. The fight I got into with Sue? The bad 
language I used? Someone must have over heard, and told him -- Sue 
wouldn't have told on me, would she? She's my friend, in spite of that 
fight.  Yes, that must be it, the bad language.

"Oh you did, did you? You know how I feel about lady-like speech. I think 
that you are due for a thorough mouth-soaping to remind you about those 
rules -- and a nice note of apology to your friend, for speaking to her like 
that, and another to me for your disobedience. But, Joanie, that is not what 
we are here to discuss either. Is there anything *else* you want to tell me 

That wasn't it either! What could it be? I can't think of anything else that 
would justify all this. What can I say?

"Cat got your tongue, Joanie? I guess I need to stimulate your memory.  
Bend over the desk, skirt up and panties down, now."

The hairbrush really hurts, but I still can't think of what he could be so 
upset about.

"Into the corner with you, my girl, and think about what you want to tell 
me. Keep your skirt up and your panties down, young lady."

I'm so embarrassed, standing here like this, but I know better than to argue 
or disobey. But I still can't think of what to say.  There just isn't anything 

"Well, Joanie, have you thought of anything to tell me?"

Really, I haven't, what could it be?

"Well, young lady, what about these, which I found in your dresser, hidden 
in your undies?"

My cigarettes.  I am in *big* trouble now.

"You told me that you had quit. You know how I feel about smoking and 
why. You went behind my back. That was direct defiance, deception, and 
disobedience. Did you really think that you could get away with this for 
very long, Missy? I am very disappointed with you. Well, when I get done 
with you, you are not going to want to so much as *look* at a cigarette.  
You will do without pocket money for a month, you will be on close 
restriction for two weeks -- *If* you behave -- longer if you act up, young 

A month without cash! Two weeks without stereo, TV, desserts, snacks, 
visits, or anything fun! Two weeks of early bedtimes! I can't stand it!

"But first, I am going to blister your rear until you can't sit for a week, 
young lady. Back over the desk with you, right now."

I'm sore enough already, but I don't dare hesitate.  OW! When did he get 
the strap out? That strap hurts more than anything else he uses, ever.
Oh! Won't he ever stop? I thought that 'can't sit for a week' was a figure of 
speech. But -- ouch! -- I think he means it this time. OW! Ouch! Its too 
much. Oh. He's stopping. Thank god. This must be the worst spanking I've 
ever gotten.

"All right. You may stand up. I hope that taught you a lesson, young lady.  
Now hand me your panties. You will do without them for the rest of the 
day -- and if I hear any argument, for tomorrow too. Now stand still, while 
I pin the back of your skirt up. You are going to stay bare-bottomed for the 
rest of the day, Joanie."

All Bare? All Day!? How humiliating. He must really be furious. Still.

"Now, I want you to sit down at your desk - yes, I said sit. I know that you 
are sore. That's the point. Now sit, unless you want another dose of the 
strap first. Good Girl.  Now I want you to write fifty copies of 'I promise 
never to smoke again. I am very sorry for my recent behavior.' When you 
are done with that, write your note of apology to your friend Susan, and 
one to me. I want neat writing and correct spelling. If they aren't 
acceptable, you will do them over until they are.  Now get going, unless 
you enjoy sitting there on your naughty, spanked rear."

Oh dear, is my bottom sore. I'd better concentrate; I don't want to have to 
do any of this over again, once is quite bad enough -- Now my hand is 
getting sore as well as my bottom. I hate him; why does he have to be so 

"Good girl. You may stand up now. Next on your schedule is a visit to the 
bathroom. It's time to take care of your potty-mouth."

No! He should have forgotten. I won't take the soap on top of all this -- I 

"Joanie! You have just earned yourself an extra minute of soap. Now, no 
more nonsense unless you want another dose of the strap. Ah, that's 

Ow! He didn't have to grab my ear like that, I was coming already.

"Now sit yourself down on the toilet lid, young lady, and open up your 
dirty little mouth. I am going to wash that bad language out of your mouth 
once and for all. That's better. A good scrubbing. Now bite down on the 
bar of soap. You are going to hold it for ten minutes -- plus an extra minute 
for balking at the trip to the bathroom.  Spit it out, and we will start the 
time over, after a little reminder about doing as you are told."

Oh shit, I *really* hate the taste of soap, especially when I have to just sit 
there, holding the soap. It makes me gag so. I'll try to hold it. but. 
but. Oh I just *need* some air. Oh no! There goes the soap. He looks 
mad enough to spit.

"Joanie! I warned you, young lady. Clearly, you need a reminder about 
obedience.  Up with you, girl. Now over my lap. {Smack}{Smack} You 
will not {Smack}{Smack} use bad language {Smack}{Smack} ever again. 
{Smack}  When I tell you {Smack} to hold the soap, {Smack} you *will* 
hold it, {Smack} young lady. {Smack} We will stay here 
{Smack}{Smack} until you hold the soap {Smack} for the full time 
{Smack}{Smack} if it takes  {Smack} all afternoon. 
{Smack}{Smack}{Smack}{Smack}  All right, let's try it again. Sit down, 
and open up. Good girl. Now we'll start your eleven minutes over, plus an 
extra minute for your disobedience."

OW, that hurt, and the soap is even worse this time, but I've just *got* to 
hold it -- I am *not* going to start this over yet again. This is the worst day 
I can remember, and it's still morning.

"All right, Joanie. You may stand up, spit out the soap, and rinse briefly.  
That's enough for now.  If there is still some taste of soap, maybe that will 
remind you not to use such bad language again. I want this to be a good 
lesson to you, young lady. And Joanie, be warned -- the next time you let 
such words out of your mouth, you can expect to hold the soap in your 
mouth for at least twenty minutes while you sit on a very sore bottom. Do 
you understand me, Joanie? You had better, because you know that I keep 
my promises. And this *is* a promise, Joanie."

Oh Shit - oops, I better not even *think* that word -- Oh dear, he is gonna 
watch me like a hawk. I am really gonna have to clean up my act.

"All right, with that understood, let's get on with things.  You have your 
normal chores, and I want you to get started on them promptly.  Yes, that 
includes your yard work. And yes, you will do them bare-bottomed. I 
know that this will be embarrassing for you -- it is supposed to be. That is 
part of your punishment, young lady."

Bare bottomed outside! How can he?! That is just too much. I can't be bare 
outside! I won't! That is just too much.

"Joanie! {Smack} I told you that this is part of your punishment, and that 
you were *not* to argue about it. But you just had to argue, and so you 
will be bare-bottomed all day tomorrow, too. You just close that mouth, 
young lady, unless you want to try for *three* days bare-bottomed.  You 
*will* be bare-bottomed today and tomorrow, inside *and* out, and you 
will *not* argue that any further. Is that clear, young lady? Crystal Clear?"

Oh Shit - I just can't win against him.  I hate him, I do. But I'm just too 
sore to fight him any more, I'll just do as he tells me, and get through this 
as quickly as possible.

"That's better, young lady.  Now when your regular chores are done, I have 
some extra tasks for you, starting with cleaning the bathrooms. And I 
expect both your regular chores and the extras to be done properly, with no 
skimping and no dawdling, young lady. I will be checking on you, and 
poor performance will earn you a dose of the hairbrush, so be careful, 

I'm going to be running all day, I guess. Well at least I won't have much 
time to think about being bare. What a day!

"When your chores, regular and extra, are done, I want you studying your 
math until bedtime, which you know will be early tonight, and for the next 
three weeks. At bedtime I want you to come to me, ready for bed, still 
bare-bottomed, of course. Don't be late or make me come find you, young 
lady, or you will regret it. When you come to me at bedtime, bring your 
hairbrush with you. At that time, we will discuss your recent lack of effort 
in your studies. I plan to provide you with some incentive to work up to 
your capacity, and not laze about. I will not tolerate you slacking off and 
coasting, and if you do not apply yourself, you can depend on me to apply 
the brush to your bottom until it is nice and warm. Am I making myself 
clear, Joanie?"

Oh God, yes! He is always so very clear; all he wants is total perfection, all 
the time. No problem, No Sir. 

"Very well then, Joanie, get yourself moving. {Smack!} You have a busy 
day ahead of you. No dawdling, now."

OW! What the hell was that for? I'm going, I'm going already, he can see 
that. Any excuse for a swat, with him.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Later ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

{Smack!} {Smack!}
"These plates are not clean, Joanie. You need to scrub them better than 
that. Start them over, and get them clean this time, unless you would like 
to do without dinner this evening."

Ow! Shit! There was one, maybe two, tiny grease spots, on two plates out 
of the load, and he smacks me and makes me do them *all* over. He is so 
damn picky! Well I'll scrub 'em -- I do *not* want to miss dinner, since 
I've already lost seconds and dessert. There, maybe that will satisfy his 
immaculate cleanliness.

"That's better, girl. Now I want the bathrooms scrubbed till they sparkle, 
Joanie. I hope that you are learning a good lesson from this, young lady. 
Now scoot. {Smack}"

Ow! Can't I take even a two-minute break? I guess not.  Well here is 
another shitty job.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Later ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Joanie! {Smack!} {Smack!} {Smack!} Is that what you call clean?  If 
you can't clean a bathroom properly, maybe you would rather do without 
the use of the bathroom for a day or two?"

Ouch! Ow! Hell, he finds the tiniest specs of dirt. I'd tell him so, too, but it 
would only get me another smacking, and bathroom restriction on top of 
the rest, and that is just too much, so I'll play it all meek and obedient.

"That's better. Now do the upstairs bathroom, and then start on your math."

My god, he *can* be satisfied by a mere mortal.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Much Later ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Ah Joanie. Bedtime already? Why yes, I see it is. How time flies when 
you're having fun. Your hairbrush? Good girl! Now, I want to make it very 
clear to you that your school work is very important indeed, and I will not 
tolerate your doing less than your very best. I know you are smart, that 
only means that you have to work harder to develop your full potential, 
otherwise I will see that your rear smarts, my girl. I know that you can do 
better than a C-.  Now bend over my lap and I will try to motivate you to 
apply yourself in future.  Because when you don't I promise to apply the 
brush or the crop, and you know I keep my promises."

OW!  All right, I know I was coasting, but don't I ever get to slack off a 
bit?  I'm on fire, that brush is so darn painful. And enough of the cure little 
puns, already. Ow! I can't take it any more. It's too much. Stop it! OW! 
Ow! OWW!

"There! I hope that will prove a good lesson to you. Now I want you to go 
and stand in the corner for a while, and think about your punishments 
today, as well as the ones you still have coming.  Particularly, think about 
why you were punished and how you intend to change your behavior. 
Leave your bottom bare during your corner time, Joanie, and no rubbing. 
After I call you out of the corner, you may say anything that you have in 
mind to me, and then it will be bedtime for you, young lady.  Now scoot."

Ow! This was a hell of a day. Still I guess I earned it.  I really do need to 
quit smoking, and work harder on school.  I guess he is only strict with me 
because he loves me.  But this sure is "tough love".  I am hurting so darn 
much. I really have been letting things slide too much, getting away with 
too much. I'm glad that he sets limits for me, truly -- but I do wish that he 
wasn't so -- uh -- hard about it. Still I do feel secure with him. Maybe I 
should tell him so?

"All right, Joanie. You may come out of the corner, and pull up your 
pajama bottoms. What do you have to say to me? . Secure? Loved? 
Joanie, of course I love you. I don't want you ever to doubt that, angel. 
Truly, I only punish you for your own good, and I am glad you are coming 
to understand that. While you still have a good deal of punishment coming, 
as I said earlier -- you know I always finish what I start -- but I think you 
really are shaping up. Keep up this attitude, and I will be able to be proud 
of you all the time. Now off to bed with you, Joanie, and let's hope that 
tomorrow is the start of a much nicer time."

Oh Yes!