To Joanie: 
                    A fantasy letter
                     D. A. Landhill

(M/F; spanking;; humiliation; age-play; lite sex)

Copyright (c) 1996.  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, except that 
permission is granted to electronically copy this story to internet 
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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction.  All characters are the 
product of the author's imagination, with no reference to any real 
person, living or dead. Any similarity to any such person is 
purely coincidental. The author may not be assumed to advocate 
any or all of the acts described herein in real life.

Warning: This story deals with Adult themes, including 
spanking and humiliation.  If you are a minor, or are likely to be 
offended by such themes, please read no further.


My Dear Joanie,

	You really have been a naughty girl lately, haven’t you.  
I should have just taken you over my knee for an sound hand-
spanking and a few strokes of the paddle to remind you to get 
your attitude back in line.  But I was busy, and so I went easy on 
you.  I did warn you that you were getting near the edge several 
times, but I didn’t follow up on those warnings as I should have.  
Well now you’ve taken things beyond the kind of minor 
naughtiness that can be dealt with summarily over my knee.  
You are in for a real punishment, my girl, and we’ll see if this 
will put a stop to your very bad behavior, once and for all.

	You have been bitchy and whiny all week.  You have 
also neglected your household chores.  But last night was the 
final straw.  How DARE you yell at me when I was on the 
telephone with a client, and then throw a cup across the room 
when I reproved you for it.  You may be grateful that I had the 
presence of mind to send you to bed in the spare room -- I was 
much too angry to engage in a proper punishment session.  
Instead your punishment will begin this afternoon when you get 
home -- I should say it has now begun, since you are reading this 
letter, which is the start of your punishment.

	I know that you are a grown-up and lovely lady.  But 
you haven’t been acting like it.  You have a firm, unchangeable 
place in my heart.  But for the next few days I am going to have 
to have a firm hand (and other things) on your bottom.  I know 
that you like slow, sexy, affectionate hand-spankings, delivered 
over lacy panties, pinkening your tush, and followed by ecstatic 
love making,  You know what -- I like to give you those things.  
But only when you’ve been a GOOD girl -- my usual loving, 
*adult* life’s partner.   But when you behave like a spoiled 
BRAT, then you will be treated like one.  I believe that the 
punishments I have in mind for you will make it quite clear to 
you just how childishly you have been acting.

	You will have found this letter in our usual place.  I 
trust that you checked as soon as you got home -- if you have 
wasted time it will only go harder on you.  You will keep this 
letter in your purse while you are out of the house, and on the 
bedside table in the spare room while you are home at ALL 
times until your punishment is complete.  You will re-read it at 
least twice per day to keep your punishment and the reasons for 
it firmly in mind.  As soon as you finish this letter, follow its 
instructions.  I want you ready and waiting for me when I get 

	Today is Thursday.  Your punishment is going to last 
through Sunday afternoon.  That’s right, I said SUNDAY, and I 
meant it. You will, by the way, be spending your nights in the 
spare room until Sunday.

	Go up to the spare room and undress. Also, you will 
remove all of your jewelry, including your watch.  Your bracelet 
and necklace, and your other adornments, are quite tasteful and 
very good looking on you, but completely inappropriate for a 
little girl, much less a naughty little girl, such as you have 
proved yourself to be.  Once you have stripped, you will carry 
your things to the main bedroom.  You will neatly hang up your 
skirt and blouse, and put the rest of your clothes in the hamper.  
Then you will put the jewelry in the top drawer of your dresser.  
Once you have done this, the closet and dresser are strictly off-
limits to you until Monday morning. You will also wipe off all 
make up. If I find any make up on your face when I get home, 
you will regret it.

	On the bed in the spare room you will find a pre-teen 
style undervest, and several plain white blouses, and a plaid 
pinafore.  Put these on, along with the knee socks and mary-
janes. Braid your hair in a pony tail, and tie it with one of the 
hair-ribbons on the bed.  Make a nice bow.  This will be your 
outfit during your punishment -- no panties.  I want the feel of 
the wool on your otherwise bare bottom to remind you of how 
much trouble you are in, how you got that way, and what is 
going to happen to you.  The rest of your outfit is intended to 
remind you of just how childish your actions have been, and 
how you have forfeited your adult status as a result. In the 2nd 
drawer of the spare room’s dresser you will find a set of footed 
sleepers, with a buttoned back flap.  These will be your night-
wear for the next three nights.  I had these made, in your size, 
several months ago, when I became sure that they were going to 
be needed sooner or later.  Well, this is the time.

	Once you are dressed, find a large piece of poster board 
(at least 2 ft square) and a Magic Marker (try the craft room, 
silly).  Write the following message on it, large enough to be 
clearly seen across a room:

                   JOAN CHELSEA MARSH
                      NAUGHTY GIRL
                       in progress

	Punch holes in the upper corners, and tie one end of a 
piece of twine to each hole, so that there is a single loop or 
handle.  When worn on the front, the top of sign should come to 
just below your breasts.  Worn on the back, it should be well 
clear of your bottom.  

	Put on the sign in back.  Then go and stand in a corner 
of the front hall, where I will be able to see you as I walk in the 
front door.  I will be home at about 6:30, and I expect to find 
you waiting, sign in place, nose right in the corner.  Your hands 
should be laced across the back of your neck, or on top of your 
head -- nowhere else.  If you aren’t ready and in position, there 
will be an extra reminder about obedience.

	After I come home, I will take some time to unwind. 
Perhaps half an hour, perhaps more.  Then I will call you into 
the den, take you over your knees, scold you and remind you 
why you are being punished.  Then I will warm you up with a 
hand spanking, and then give you a dozen or so with the paddle.  

	After your spanking, you will be sent to stand in a 
corner of the dining room while I fix dinner.  This time your 
skirt will be pinned up in back.  At dinner you will wear your 
sign on your front so that I can see it across the table, and you 
will sit on a bare bottom.  Don’t bother asking for seconds or 
dessert, either.

	After dinner its right to beddie-by for you, young lady .  
Naughty little girls aren’t allowed to stay up late. Lots of beauty 
sleep keeps you nice and young-looking.  Of course, I’ll come 
up to help you into your sleepers, tuck you in to bed and kiss 
you goodnight.

	On Friday, you will wear the same costume (with a 
clean blouse and underthings, of course) to work.  If anyone 
asks you about your “new look” you can answer as you see fit -- 
but you must report any such questions and answers to me in the 
evening.  Evasion is all right, but any actual lies will earn you a 
mouth full of soap.  

	When I get home Friday evening, I expect to find you 
waiting in the front hall corner again.  Don’t forget to wear your 
“Naughty Girl” sign. The evening will go much the same as 
tonight, but I think that after your evening spanking we will pin 
you into a diaper for the rest of the evening -- maybe for the 
night, too.

	Saturday morning you will get up bright and early.  The 
morning will be devoted to cleaning chores around the house.  I 
expect that you will work diligently  -- if I  catch you slacking 
off you can expect a little reminder from the paddle. You will 
wear your sign while you work, as a reminder of why you are 
where you are.

	After lunch, I believe we will go to the zoo together if 
the weather is good -- or perhaps to the museum if it is rainy. 
Then we will go to some nice restaurant for dinner -- one we 
haven’t been to before.  You will have a nice meal, but 
remember that your usual beer or wine are out-of-bounds for 
such a little girl as you. While we are out in public you will 
address me as “Daddy”.  We won’t visit any one we know, so 
you needn’t worry about that -- but if you whine or act up you 
can expect to get your naughty bottom smacked, on the spot, 
without waiting to get you home.  After dinner we’ll go back 
home for your evening spanking and bedtime.

	Sunday morning you will do more housework.  Don’t 
forget your sign.  After lunch its off to the corner for an hour or 
two.  Then -- when I an sure it is the proper time -- will come the 
moment you have been waiting for.  Your *REAL* punishment 
at last.

	I’ll call you into the den again.  Taking you over my 
knees I will start with a hand spanking.  This one will be longer 
and harder than before. You’ll need that to properly warm you 
up for what is going to follow. Then the paddle -- three dozen 
instead of one.  That should really get your ass red, instead of 
just pink.  Then you’ll get the hairbrush, good and hard, at least 
four or five dozen -- but I won’t stop until you’re crying freely 
and all of the defiance has been spanked out of you.  Your 
kicking will have stopped and your legs gone limp. Then, when 
you’re truly repentant, not fighting me or the punishment but 
accepting all that I do, I’ll make sure that your lesson sticks.  
Yes, you’re going to get the strap.  One dozen real stingers, and 
you are going to count them aloud.  

	When your strapping is over you will be sent to bed.  
You will lie there (on your front, with nothing touching your 
very sore arse) weeping and thinking about all of your 
punishments and how naughty you were, until you drift off to 

	After a while, I will come in and wake you and tell you 
that you are forgiven -- all your punishments complete -- the 
slate wiped clean.  I will kiss you and tell you how much I love 
you.  I will rub soothing lotion into your poor botty, then I will 
massage your back until you relax.  Then I will rub you all over, 
and soon we will be making love.  We will cuddle and caress 
and make love all the rest of that afternoon and evening, and 
when you next fall asleep it will be cradled in my arms, well 
knowing just how much I love you.

	And then (after your bottom has had a few days to get 
nice and white again) we can see about some of those slow, sexy 
spankings you like so much.  you will have earned them by then, 
and I will adore to give them to you.

	That, my dear little Joanie, is what is going to happen 
to you for the rest of this week.  I hate to punish you like this, 
but when you persist in acting like a bad little girl, then that is 
how you will be treated.  I hope that this lesson sticks 
thoroughly, and that it will be a long time before we need to do 
something like this again.

	I hope you know that I love only you, even while I am 
punishing you.  Now hurry up and get ready -- I’ll be home 

		Your firmly loving,