Janice and Christine, a spanking dialog. 

This story is copyright (c) 2001 by Don A. Landhill, all rights reserved.
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This story is fiction, intended for adult audiences only.

                                     Janice and Christine

      "Janice, I'm home. Janice, where are--"

      "Well, Christine. I'm glad to see you finally made it home.  Would you care 
to explain the disaster you left this morning?"

      "Uh, Janice, I'm sorry, but I was running late, and. Let me get on it right 
away, I'll have things tidy in no time."

      "Not so fast, Young Lady. When you moved in with me we made an 
agreement about shared chores, didn't we? Including getting home in time to help 
cook, or calling if there would be a delay? Did I miss your call?"

      "No, Janice, I didn't call, and I'm sorry.  But Tom asked me to have a drink 
with him after work, and he is *such* a hunk. I just didn't realize how late it 

      "I see. Not much of an excuse, is it? Nor is this the first time, is it Christine?"

      "Well, Janice, I--" 

      "And the telephone bill came today. Didn't we agree that $40 was all you 
could afford, on your budget?  But you have $195 of long distance on here.  Will 
you be able to pay that, along with the rent?"

      "Uh, well, Janice, if I could have a little time, maybe till the middle of next 
month? I'll be very careful until then, and--"

      "I see, you can't. If you can't act as an adult in doing chores, keeping 
appointments, sticking to a budget, or running up bills, then you lose your adult 
status with me, until you earn it back. You are now little Chrissie at home, not 
grown up Christine."

      "But Janice--"

      "Unless you would like to move? -- I thought not. Now, little Chrissie, you 
are going to be punished for your misbehavior, and you will mind Auntie Janice.  

      "But Janice--" {Smack} "Oww!"

      "I said, `is that clear?' young lady. And you will address me as `Auntie' or 

      "Ow. Yes, Ma'am"

      "For coming home late you are grounded, Chrissie, for a week. That means 
straight home, and no going out afterwards, and an early bedtime. Since you can't 
seem to limit your calls, your phone privileges are withdrawn for three weeks.  
And for the mess this morning, you are getting a good bare-bottom spanking. 
Any further misbehavior will earn similar punishments, as will any disobedience. 
Now get that bottom bare, young lady."

      [Later] "Oh that hurts. Please, ma'am, I'll be good. No more spanking, 

      "Up with you, Little Chrissie. Nose in that corner, stand still, no rubbing.  I 
want ypu to think about why you were spanked, and how you plan to behave 
from now on."

      [Still Later] "Please, Auntie, can I come out of the corner now? I'll be good."

      "Yes you may come out Time for a quick supper, you'll do the dishes, and 
then it's off to bed for my naughty girl.  Oh Chrissie, I think this arrangement will 
be a big improvement around here, don't you?"

      "Yes, ma'am."

-D.A.L July 2001