Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Busted: A Dialog for Voice and Mind By Don A. Landhill Copyright (c) 2000 All rights reserved. You may not copy or distribute this story without permission from the author. Posting in connection with to 2000 Soc.sexuality.spanking SSC is permitted. This is a work of fiction, depicting spanking. It is not intended for minors. All characters are fictional. The author does not endorse or encourage the activities described in reality. Spanking M/f nc (Parental) Category: Domestic or Parental Word count: 427 ---------------------------------------- "Dana Jane? Get yourself down here, right now!" My middle name? This isn't good. I wonder what daddy is upset about. I hurry to the living room. "Would you care to tell me what *these* are?" My neat new thong bikini. Oh no! "I thought I told you that you were not to wear such a piece of revealing trash." He did. But it's so sexy. He never sees me at the pool anyway. "And how did you pay for them, with no allowance for the past two weeks? Would this have anything to do with the money missing from your mother's purse?" Oh No! Busted! "Very well. You know what you are in for. Corner!" I stick my nose in the corner, and I feel him pin my skirt to my shoulders. I wait for an endless time, my panties on display. "Turn around. Bend over the back of the chair. Hands on the seat. You know the drill." All too well, I know it. I bend over, trying to avoid the gaze of my younger brother and sister. I feel his hands at my waist, lowering my panties to the floor. I hear the swish, and then the crack of the strap on my rear. It scorches. More strokes follow. "You will never steal again. You will not defy me, by wearing that -- *thing*, or anything else I have forbidden." The strap lands after each phrase. It hurts so much. I won't risk this again anytime soon. "You will learn to behave, if I have to strap you every day." Never! "All right, stand up, and back to the corner with you. Hands on head! You can think about what you got and why for the next hour. I want this lesson to sink in, young lady!" I shuffle to the corner, panties around my ankles. I am so ashamed. I am crying. "After your hour you will finish your chores, bare bottom. Then it's off to bed. No supper for you tonight." How humiliating! But I wanted to lose some weight anyway. "You are grounded for two weeks. No allowance for a month." Two weeks! But my dates with Brian! I can't miss him that long -- I wonder if I will be able to sneak out. "And if I catch you doing anything like this again, you will think that this was a picnic. I am serious, Dana Jane, this is just not acceptable." Yeah, I know. I'm never acceptable. But I do have fun -- when I don't get busted. -#