Analise and John:
                Chapter Two: Bad Day at work.
                    By Don A. Landhill
           Copyright c 2002, all rights reserved.

Disclaimer: this story involves spanking domestic discipline of an adult 
woman by an adult man. If that is not of interest to you, please don't read 
this.  This story is a work of fiction, and none of the characters is intended 
to represent any real person, living or dead. The events described herein 
are adult fantasy, intended for entertainment only.  The author does 
not necessarily endorse any such actions in real life, nor suggest that 
anyone act out the themes of this story

Author's note: The basic scene at the start of this was written cooperatively 
by Sampast and myself. I then adapted it to use the characters from my 
previous story "Analise and John" and extended the scene further, helped 
by suggestions from Sam and from a few other friends to whom I sent 
versions of the story as a work in progress.

                          Bad Day at work

     Analise arrived home from a long day at work. It was one of those days 
in which nothing seemed to go right. She was frustrated, and unhappy. She 
was also later than normal, although not so late as to make John worry or 
be upset. When she finally got home, she almost threw the door open and 
stalked inside. John was already home, and he called out to her, "How was 
your day, dear?"
     In response, she threw her backpack across the room and just 
screamed when all her papers scattered across the room. "IT WAS 
HORRIBLE, I HATE KIDS, I hate the other teachers, and I hate the 
administrators, and to top it all off, I HATE everyone who rides the train!" 
she yelled at John.
     He responded sharply, "Analise! I will not have that kind of tone. You 
are an adult and a lady, not one of your own students. Now do you want to 
try that again?"
     "NO!" She kicked a dining room chair, which fell over and broke. She 
looked look down at it, a bit abashed. "Ooops, I didn't mean for that to 
happen," Analise said in a smaller voice, looking at John to see how he 
was taking this. 
     "I should hope not. You are *way* over the line into the Red Zone, 
Analise. What do you have to say for yourself?"
     Analise felt all mad inside. She wanted to kick and throw more things, 
but she didn't. Still she resented John for calling her to account. "Nothing, 
sir," she said, a bit sullenly, "I'm just mad and I had a really bad day."
     "And is that how you deal with a bad day? By yelling at me, throwing 
things, and damaging the furniture? Has it been too long since I attended 
to you? You know that I am always willing to listen to your problems, but I 
will not put up with your violating our rules."
     Analise looked down, not knowing what to say. "I don't want to be 
punished," she said quietly, knowing that's exactly what was on John's 
     "Oh really? It sounded to me like you were asking for it, loud and clear. 
Do you have anything else to say to me right now? If not, I want you in the 
corner, skirt tucked up, panties on display."
     "GREAT! NOW I HATE YOU TOO!" Analise shouted, stomping over to 
the corner. She had hoped for sympathy and pampering, and felt stuck in 
her mood of frustration and anger.
     "Get back here, Analise! When I send you to the corner you are 
supposed to be thinking about your behavior, not repeating your 
misbehavior."  Slowly Analise came back over to John, dragging her feet 
like a little girl who knows she is going to be punished. Eventually she was 
standing in front of him. He opened his knees and pulled her between 
them, closing them about her thighs. Then he pushed her down so that she 
was bent over one of his legs, and started smacking her seat, hard. He 
gave her half a dozen whacks.
     She cried out, "Owwwwwwwwwww, yessssir!"
     "That's better. Now march yourself over to the corner, skirt up *and* 
underpants down, hands on your head, while I consider just what you've 
     Analise looked at John and when she realized that he meant business, 
she said, "Yes, Sir," and did what John told her to without hesitation.
     He let her stand there for about 15 minutes. He judged that this would 
give her time to calm down a bit -- he had often observed the calming 
effects of corner time on her. Then he called, "Analise, come out of the 
corner and over to me."  She came slowly, dragging her feet just like 
before, except that this time, her panties were around her ankles. This 
combined with her reluctant steps slowed her progress. He asked, "Well, 
do you have anything to say to me now?"
     "I'm sorry I yelled at you and broke the chair; that was an accident, but I 
really did have a bad day and I needed to let off some steam. I feel so 
angry inside."
     "Well, It is OK to be angry, but not at me for something I didn't do, and 
not in that way. The rules are the rules, even when you're angry. I don't 
treat you like that, and you know it. We agreed long ago that neither of us 
would show this kind of disrespect for the other. Step out of your panties 
and fetch the strap, Analise, and we'll see if I can't remind you of that fact. 
Then we can talk about your day if you want."
     Analise's voice quavered as she said, "S-s-strap? Oh no, sir, 
pleeeeeease! I don't want the strap. I'll be good, I'm sorry," she pled with 
John. "Please don't strap me, please!"
     "You have several major violations here, Analise, on past performance 
it could be the strap *and*- the paddle. Now do as I tell you without any 
more arguments, or you will wish that you had."
     "Um, yessir." She reluctantly went and got the strap, returning to the 
living room with it. It was made of dark leather, fitted with a wooden handle. 
She remembered being spanked with it, and it was not a happy memory. 
She stood in front of John, waiting for his instructions.
    "Analise, get yourself over the arm of the couch, and don't get up until I 
tell you you're your spanking is over." The couch had wide, rolled arms, like 
bolsters, and Analise was frequently bent over them for strappings and 
paddlings. Analise hurried to comply with John's command. He raised the 
spanking strap high, and swung it down hard and fast at her bare bottom. 
{Swack!} {Swack!} {Swack!} {Swack!} {Swack!} {Swack!} "I am very 
disappointed {Swack!} in your behavior today, {Swack!} Analise. {Swack!} 
{Swack!} {Swack!} You will not {Swack!} yell at me. {Swack!} You know 
better {Swack!} than to act like this. {Swack!} It is against your rules 
{Swack!} and the rules of common decency. {Swack!} You will not throw 
things {Swack!} or act like a {Swack!} two-year-old. {Swack!} {Swack!} 
{Swack!} I know that you can do better {Swack!} so I will not tolerate it 
{Swack!} when you act {Swack!} in a way {Swack!} that is so much less 
than your best. {Swack!} {Swack!} You will show respect. {Swack!} You will 
follow the rules {Swack!} even when you are upset {Swack!} or angry. 
{Swack!} Is that clear?" {Swack!} {Swack!} 
     "Owwwwwwwwwwww, yessssssirrrrrrrrr, crystal clear, I'm 
sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrry, please stoppppppppppppp!" By now, Analise was lying 
limp, not resisting her punishment. 
     {Swack!} {Swack!} {Swack!} {Swack!} "All right, you may get up. There 
may be more discipline, but first, some reassurance." John opened his 
arms to Analise for a hug. She let him hold her while she sobbed into his 
     After quietly crying for a bit, she said, "I'm so sorry I got out of line. I 
really did have a very bad day, but I shouldn't have gotten so mad and 
taken it out on you; I'm sorry."
     "There, there, that's better. No, you shouldn't have, but I understand 
that screw-ups will happen sometimes. Just so you remember that you 
*will* be punished when you earn it. Now are you ready to behave and talk 
about what happened before we consider whether you've had enough for 
what you did?"
     "Yes, sir, I'm ready to sit down and talk with you nicely."
     "Sit down?" John grinned playfully at her. "All right, if you feel like it, I 
guess I wasn't as hard on you as I thought. Well then, now tell me all about 
it. "
     "Well, you know what I mean, John," Analise said, blushing. "I'm ready 
to behave -- although you have made me sit after worse than that." 
     "I guess I have. Well, sit or stand, as you please, but tell me about 
things, calmly and politely, this time."
     "Yes, John. Well, the kids were acting up all day. There was no one big 
thing, and it wasn't just one kid, or even a few of them - it seemed like it 
was every kid in my class. The minute I took my eyes off them there would 
be squabbles, and when I handed out assignments, they were sassy. Then 
that old battleaxe next door --"
     "I'm sorry, John, I mean Mrs. Jenkins, the older teacher who has the 
room next to mine, and who has never been friendly toward me."
     "That's better. Remember, speak respectfully even of those you don't 
like, and stay calm about things while we discuss them."
     "Yes, John. Anyway, Mrs. Jenkins complained that my class was being 
too noisy, and was disturbing her class. I thought that that wasn't fair, as 
her class is noisy far more often than mine is. I didn't say that, though, I 
just said I'd try to keep them quieter, and she said that in her day, teachers 
knew how to control students. I asked if that had been in a one or a two 
room schoolhouse, and she just said 'Well, I never' and stalked off."
     "Not a very polite remark on your part was it, Analise, nor one 
calculated to make your life there easier? I will admit that you were 
provoked, but you should not have yielded to that provocation, should 
     "No, Sir. I'm sorry."
     "It isn't me you owe an apology to, is it, Analise?"
     "But John, I --"
     "Is it?" There was a definite edge in his voice this time.
     "No, Sir. I'm sorry, I'll apologize to Mrs. Jenkins, although that Bi--
Person, would never dream of apologizing to me.
     "That's better, Analise, but your attitude still needs some work, and you 
had better watch your language more closely. Was that all that happened 
today, or was there more?"
     "No, to finish up the day, Jones, you know, the jackass from the 
superintendent's office, came by."
     "Analise, stand up." She did so, looking puzzled. John walked around 
her and laid three sharp smacks on her rear. "This is your last warning not 
to speak of others disrespectfully. Any more of this from you tonight, and 
I'm getting out the paddle."
     "Ouch! I'm sorry, Sir. It's just that he's so-Well, I don't think much of 
     "Yes, so I gathered. And what did Mr. Jones have to say?" There was a 
slight but definite emphasis on the word "Mister", which was a further 
warning to Analise. 
     "Well, he told me that the district was 'realigning its priorities' and that 
the grant money for the reading enrichment books and the teacher's aide 
would be going to another school, one with 'greater needs' - which means 
one where the board chairman needs more votes next election. You know 
how hard I worked on that grant application. I asked him about that, and he 
said that the projects described in the application were 'just illustrative' and 
the district was free to reallocate the money provided that 'similar 
educational goals' were being achieved. I asked him what the hell all my 
work was for, then, and he just smiled and told me I should think of it as a 
contribution to the district. I wanted to kick him where it hurts. But I was a 
good girl; I just told him that I thought this was an unfair action, and that I 
hoped that the administration would reconsider it. He just smiled that snide 
smile of his and said that they'd 'take it under advisement'. Oh I could just 
kill him."
     "And then on the train coming home, they were all so engrossed in 
debating last night's baseball game that nobody wanted to listen to a thing I 
had to say. Usually they are friendly and sympathetic, but not today, oh no. 
I tried to tell Frank about my day, but he just said, 'Oh well, we all have bad 
days sometimes.' That insensitive jerk, I --"
     "Analise! Stand up! And be quiet for a moment." John stood up and left 
the room. Soon he came back.  In his right hand he had the smaller 
paddle. The blade of this paddle was about 2 inches wide, 12 inches long, 
and 3/8ths of an inch thick.  Tucked under his left arm was the larger, 
punishment, paddle.  This was 3 1/2 inches wide, 16 inches long, and 3/4s 
of an inch thick, and it had two rows of holes drilled in it. The holes 
alternated between 1/2 inch and 1/8th inch wide, the right-hand row 
starting with a big hole, the left-hand one with a small hole. Analise paled 
when she saw the paddles, particularly the punishment paddle.  John laid 
the punishment paddle down on the coffee table, and stood next to 
Analise, who was still standing as John had told her. John whacked her 
rear five times, sharply, with the smaller paddle.  "*That*, young lady, is for 
speaking disrespectfully of others yet again, after I warned you." John sat 
down on the couch. "Over my lap, Analise. You can finish your story in that 
position, and perhaps that will remind you to watch your mouth and your 

     "But John! You said I could sit and talk to you and I don't want-"

     "I said, over my knees, Analise. Now, young lady, unless you want a 
paddling for direct disobedience first. You forfeited the privilege of sitting 
during this talk with your disrespectful speech." 
"Yes, John." Analise laid herself down on the sofa, across John's knees. 
John gave her a single further smack with the smaller paddle, and lifted her 
"Now, Analise, finish your story and we will talk about it, but I want your 
position to be a continuing reminder to you of proper respect and courtesy, 
and if it isn't, then the paddle will be. Am I clear?"
     "Yes, John.  I'm sorry for having spoken so, but the thought of what 
happened still makes me so d-I mean so very mad. Well, when Frank said 
that, I told him it wasn't just an ordinary bad day, and he said to calm down 
and get a grip on myself. I told him he wasn't listening to me or showing the 
sympathy I expected, and he just laughed and said to get over it.  Oh, I 
could have just killed that, that insensitive jerk, and---

     {Whack}{Whack} John smacked her bare bottom twice, hard, with the 
smaller paddle.  "Analise! I warned you about that kind of talk.  Anyway, I 
think I understand what happened, and you are getting yourself all worked 
up all over again. Now, is there anything else you have to say to me about 
what happened today?"

     "Ouch, I'm sorry. Well, John, not much really. I tried to raise the subject 
several times with Frank, but he just kept dismissing it, and I kept getting 
madder and madder.  
"Yes, you worked yourself up into quite a frenzy, didn't you?  Didn't you, 
Analise? You took a bunch of pretty minor incidents and got yourself into a 
total fury over them.  Did you say anything else to Frank that you shouldn't 

     "Well, not really, John, I just--"

     {Whack} "Analise, I want the truth and no hedging. I know that tone of 
voice and you were about to evade the question or try to justify 
misbehavior. Now what did you say to Frank that you shouldn't have, if 

     "Well, I *did* say that he was making me even more pissed off with his 
lack of sympathy, and that I had expected him to act more like a friend. But 
he didn't say anything to me after that, and pretty soon it was my station."

     "Analise, Frank has been a good friend to you in the past, hasn't he? I 
think you hurt him with that comment, don't you?  I am certain it was rude 
and nasty and uncalled for."

     "Well, I don't know--"

     {Whack} {Whack} {Whack} "Analise! Be honest with yourself, and with 
me, young lady!"

     "Oh Damn! Just leave me alone. He's my friend, not yours and its my 
problem, and none of your business, and--"

{Whack} {Whack} {Whack} {Whack} {Whack} {Whack} "Analise! I will *not* 
have that kind of language from you, and you will not try to fence me out of 
your life with your behavior. Now I want you to get up and put yourself back 
in the corner and think about this for a few minutes. Then we will discuss it 
further, a little more calmly."

     "But John, I did corner time, and--" 

     {Whack} "Now, young lady! I told you to put yourself in the corner and 
that is what I expect you to do."

     "Oh all right," Analise spoke in a petulant whine, as she got up off 
John's lap. John reached out with the paddle and whacked her solidly as 
she stood beside him.

     "Analise! Your tone and wording is not at all acceptable. You can do 
better than that."

     "Yes sir, I'm sorry. I'll go to the corner as you told me to." Without any 
further argument, Analise walked over to the corner. John let her stand 
there and think about her day. After about twenty minutes, John called 
Analise out of the corner.  He could see from her face that she was much 
more composed, much less in a temper.

     "That's better," John said. "Now you have had time to think. Do you 
believe that you might have hurt Frank? Do you admit that your behavior 
was rude and bratty with him? And what do you have to say about your 
behavior for the day as a whole?"

     "Yes, John. I probably did hurt Frank, and that was rude and uncalled 
for. I guess you could even call it bratty and childish." Analise paused.

     "About the rest of my day, well - it was *very* frustrating, but I guess - 
well I guess I didn't respond to it as well as I should have.  There, is that 
what you wanted me to say?"

     "Analise, it is not a question of what I want, but of what is true, and what 
you truly believe.  Now, do you really believe that you didn't respond well, 
or are you just saying that because you think I want you to?"
"Oh Damn! {whack} - oops sorry, well If I have to be honest, I didn't 
respond well - lashing out at people, even stupid people, will not get them 
on my side, will it?"

     "No it won't, and I am glad that you have finally realized that.  Now I 
think a little further punishment is in order for your attitude and actions 
today, and then this can be over with.  Do you have anything to say about 
that, dear?"

     "But John, you've already spanked me, and it wasn't all my fault, and - 
{whack!} Ow!"

     "Analise, would you care to rethink that? You were whining again. The 
question isn't what others did; it is what you did, right?"

     She takes a deep breath.  "Yes, John, I guess you're right. I will take my 
spanking, and try to learn from it. And I will apologize tomorrow to 
everyone I offended."

     "And after your spanking I will sympathize with you for the things which 
did happen *to* you, once we've dealt with the way you reacted. Now this 
is going to be severe, but it is no more than you have coming. And that is 
all that I have to say about it."  Then John picked up the punishment 
paddle, and slowly gave her thirty strokes, hard, with it. She yelled at every 
stroke. Then he let her stand up, and hugged her.  

     "I'm sorry I had to be so strict with you, Analise, but I would not be doing 
you a favor to ease up. I do love you, and I want to help you be your better 
self, not your worse one. And one warning -- work on your language. I 
won't do anything more about it today, but If you don't clean it up, I will -- 
with a good mouth wash *and* a spanking, clear?"

     "Yes, John, I'll watch that. But no more about it right now, okay?"

     "Ok. I think I know a young lady who needs a nice soothing back rub, 
and then someone else to fix a good dinner. How about it?"

     "That sounds lovely, John. You are good to me, and for me. Thank 

-- The End --