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Marisa the Horse Trainer
by DireWolf (c) 2003

Marisa is a sweetheart. Super nice to everyone she meets. She loves horses and has been around them since birth. She has become an expert on them, giving both riding lessons and training horses for people to ride, show or jump in shows.

After meeting Marisa, I simply had to find out if she was into doing it with her horses. I saw her riding one and noticed that her nipples started to poke out through her tight white tanktop as she trotted around on the two year old stallion. The rubbing action on her crotch must have been getting to her because the temperature was warm.

I asked Marisa out for coffee a couple of times to get to know her and each time when I dropped her off around 11pm, she had me let her off at the Barn instead of her house.

After a few days passed, I drove my car to a secluded area and parked it in the bush, then headed for the stables with my binoculars and digital camera ready. I could see a light on in the barn indicating someone was there, but it was well past the time that anyone would normally be there.

I snuck up to one of the windows at the dark end of the barn and looked in. A small light bulb, probably only 60 watts, lit up the opposite end of the barn. I could see a few horses with their heads sticking out of their stalls. Most of them were a little restless, stirring around, shaking their heads, grunting and whinnying the odd time.

I noticed that there was a horse in every stall, but the second to last one on the right seemed to be missing one. I slowly snuck around the right side of the barn, careful not to step on anything that would make noise. It seemed to take forever but I finally arrived at the window for the second to last stall.

I slowly lifted my head up from under the window and tried to look in but there was a towel or blanket covering the glass. It was loosely thrown over it and none of the other windows had one so I knew it was temporary. I changed my angle a bit and peered through one of the folds in the towel. I could only see downward into the stall but it was all I needed.

From this angle I saw a horse's hoof and two female feet. She had one leg down on its knee while the other was sitting flatfoot on the hay-strewn floor. I started to get excited and tried to move around to see if there was a bigger fold I could see under. I found another one but couldn't see her feet through it. I was just about to move on to the next one when I noticed something white on the floor almost right against the wall. I stood higher and looked down more and realized what it was. It was a pile of clothing, but more accurately, it was Marisa's clothing that she was wearing earlier. A white tank top, riding slacks and on top of that was a bra.

I felt my cock jump when I saw her bra and knew right away what she was up to. This was what I came for and this was what I was going to see.

I carefully snuck around to the rear of the barn and opened the back door. It wasn't locked and I knew that it didn't make noise or creak. I took my time, not wanting to give myself away, before I had my trump card.

I turned on the digital camera and set it for the highest resolution possible. I moved slowly up to the very last stall and looked in at the horse that occupied it. He noticed me and stuck his nose out to get a sniff, hoping I had a treat for him.

I didn't have one for him but was about to receive one myself. Since I had looked under the towel over the window in the stall Marisa was in, I knew that she was facing away from the last stall. I carefully unlatched the door to the stall and grabbed the halter on the horse so he wouldn't walk out. He stirred a bit and grunted in frustration when I wouldn't let him out. Just then my heart skipped a beat when I heard Marisa speak.

"Hold on big guy," she said, "I'm getting to you next!"

I paused for what seemed like an eternity and waited to make sure she wasn't going to stand up to check on him. All the horses went silent for a moment at the same time. I listened carefully and could hear Marisa moaning quietly.

I entered the stall and carefully closed the door behind me. The floor was covered with hay and I knew my footsteps would make noise so I pushed on the side of the stallion and he shifted to the other side of the stall. When his feet clopped, I took my steps toward the 5 foot high wall between the stalls.

My heart nearly stopped and my cock jumped again at the sight of Marisa beneath the stallion, stroking his cock eagerly. I stared for a moment in total awe as this absolutely beautiful girl engaged voluntarily in the act of bestiality.

When I regained my senses I held up the camera and started taking pictures. The camera took pictures silently and I already made sure the flash was turned off. My 256mb flash memory card could hold hundreds of pictures. I snapped off about one picture every 5 seconds as Marisa stuffed the head of the horse cock into her mouth and sucked on it while stroking the remaining length with one hand. Her other hand was between her legs, massaging her cleanly shaven pussy.

From this angle I wasn't able to see her cunt but I could hear sticky squishing noises that coincided with her hand motions. I could also smell the sweet scent of a woman's sex in the air.

The horse started to get impatient and tried to thrust his hips forward a little. He was getting close to blowing his load all over sweet little Marisa. I flipped the digital camera to movie mode and started filming.

Soon after this the horse snorted and stomped his hooves. Marisa grabbed the cock with both hands and started stroking faster. Just then cum exploded from her mouth and she pulled the fat cock-head out. She tried to swallow as much as she could but had taken a little too much and started to cough it up. Another hot blast of horse cum shot her in the face, covering her freckled nose and cheeks.

Blast after blast of hot horse cum sprayed onto Marisa's gorgeous body. She held the spurting cock with one hand and leaned backward, her head pointing straight up with her eyes closed. If she opened her eyes now, she would surely see me with my camera filming the action. This angle let me see every jet of cum splashing onto her perfect heaving tits and running down her stomach between her legs. She held herself up with her grip on the horse cock while she finger-fucked her wet pussy with her other hand.

The horse finally stopped cumming but not before covering Marisa completely with his seed from head to toe. My cock was raging so hard that it started to hurt. Marisa let go of the cock and fell back onto her ass as her other hand continued to thrust three fingers into her sopping pussy. She laid down onto the hay and fucked herself while fingering her clit with her other hand.

I was worried that she might open her eyes and see me now but she kept them closed and quickly brought herself to orgasm. She moaned loudly and closed her legs, squishing her hand into her pussy as she slowly reduced the speed that she rubbed her clit. The camera got all the action in a high resolution video. This was my trump card if I needed it.

Marisa moaned for a few more minutes while rubbing the horse cum all over her luscious young body. She lifted her head and strained to look down her cum covered body. She then let her head flop back onto the hay with her eyes still open.

Marisa was now staring directly into my camera. Not more than a quarter second later, Marisa gasped and screamed at the same time. She tried to cover herself up with her hands and rolled toward her clothing, grabbing at the pile furiously.

"Don't bother." I said. "I've got everything in video on the camera."

Marisa stopped and without turning back toward me she said, "What the fuck are you doing here, get out right now!"

"But I don't want to leave." I replied with a huge smile. "I'm totally into this, let me help you out."

"No way get the fuck out!" she said again.

"Well OK. I guess I can just post this video on the Internet." I said as I opened the stall door and stepped out.

Marisa darted out of her stall, still covering her tits with one arm and her crotch with the other. Horse cum ran down her body and dripped onto the floor as she stood and looked at me for a moment.

I looked up and down her amazing body and felt my cock twitch inside my tight jeans.

"You bastard, what do you want?" she asked, with some fear and anger in her voice.

"I just want to join in the fun. I think it's incredibly sexy to watch you with the horses. I could even help you out if you want to go farther with them."

A huge wad of cum slowly slipped down between Marisa's firm breasts. She felt it and looked down at it. She knew she was so busted there was no way out. Horse cum was running down her naked body as she stood in front of me trying to cover it up even though I had already seen everything.

She slowly lowered her arm from her tits and exposed her nipples to the cool air. I could see a slick film of cum shine in the dim light of the barn that covered her entire upper body.

She then lowered her other hand from covering her crotch and looked back up at me. Her pretty blue eyes stared into mine, almost hypnotizing me. She was so gorgeous, standing there covered in cum, her fingers soaked with her own orgasmic juices, completely naked, chest heaving. I had to have her.

"So tell me, have you actually fucked a stallion yet?" I asked.

"No. I just give them blow ..." she stopped short, probably wondering why she was telling me anything.

"Would you like to?" I asked. I desperately wanted to help her do it. She stood there for a moment and didn't answer.

"You've been dying to have one of those huge horse cocks fill your pussy haven't you. You're already busted, you may as well spill it." I said.

"Yes, I would I guess. I was too afraid to try it by myself."

"I will GLADLY help you out." I removed the flash card from the camera and put it in my pocket, then placed the camera on a ledge. I moved closer to Marisa and got a good whiff of the strong smell of horse cum emanating from her. She didn't move.

Another gob of cum started to run down her shoulder and I wiped it off with a finger. I held the wad of cum in front of Marisa and she opened her mouth and engulfed my finger, sucking it clean of cum like a porn star.

My cock was really starting to hurt now. "Shall we get started?" I asked.

Marisa smiled sexily in response. I quickly climbed up the ladder into the hay loft and threw two bales of hay down. Marisa went into the last stall and started to play with the stallion. He was a young stallion, still considered a colt, but he was larger than a pony. His name was Magnum. He was the horse she had been riding earlier.

I laid the bales down in the stall and threw my shirt over one of them. Marisa led the stallion in and positioned him over the two bales. She looked at me briefly then back at the stallion's cock which was starting to drop from his sheath. She had given him a blowjob almost every day from when he was first capable and he knew that he was getting lucky when she came to the barn at night.

I tied the horse's halter to a pole slightly back from him so that he couldn't lunge forward too far. Marisa laid her cum soaked body down on the hay bales with her legs spread wide and her pussy waiting.

The horses's cock was about half way hard and still growing. Marisa reached down between her legs and started stroking it to full hardness. It didn't take long and soon his 13 inchlong, 2 inch diameter cock was throbbing in Marisa's hands. Her pussy lips were swollen and dripping wet. I leaned in for a closer look and got a whiff of her sex. Her scent was the best I had ever had the pleasure of smelling and was distinctly different from the smell of horse cum still emanating from her.

I reached down and touched her. She jumped in response but then relaxed as I started to massage her clit with my fingers. I then inserted two fingers into her sopping pussy and started to swish them around. She felt quite loose. I had always hoped she would be a virgin, saving her cherry for marriage but no such luck. Clearly Marisa had gotten around the block.

Just then, Marisa spoke, "A guy has never touched me before." she said.

"What? Your pussy is well used, you're not a virgin." I replied.

"I am a virgin for guys. I've only had toys and girls before."

"Well... " I didn't know what to say. I hoped she wasn't a lesbian, that would just be a waste.

I slid a third finger into her cunt and started pumping all three deeply into her. Marisa moaned in response. There was still plenty of room to spare it seemed, so I pushed a fourth into her.

"Damn girl, what have you been putting in here?" I jokingly asked.

"I'll show you later." she said.

With four fingers she was finally tightening up. I wondered if I could get my thumb in but at the moment that wasn't what I wanted to see. I pumped my four fingers into Marisa's absolutely perfect little body for a few minutes, then grabbed the horse cock from her grip and aimed it at her gaping pussy.

Marisa smiled as she looked down her stomach to Magnum's cock raging between her legs. She had dreamed of this many times before but never wanted to try it alone in case something went wrong.

I rubbed the cock head up and down her pussy lips. Marisa twitched and gasped as I teased her. The stallion shifted slightly, stomping his hooves impatiently and shoving his hips forward slightly.

I squished the head into her pussy and slapped the horse on the rump. He thrust his cock forward and sank deep into Marisa's sexy young body. Marisa moaned as her pussy was stretched and she took over 6 inches of his hot meat. He thrust again, driving 3 inches in and bottomed out against her cervix.

Marisa's hot pussy juices squeezed out of her stretched hole and soaked into my shirt beneath. She moaned loudly as the horse started to pump his cock into her. He was not quite satisfied with the depth and kept trying to drive his cock a little deeper.

Magnum's thrusts started to get harder and harder as he grew more impatient with his progress. He slammed into Marisa's body, nearly knocking the wind out of her each time. She groaned but did not tell me to stop him. I watched in awe as this gorgeous young girl was fucked hard by a horse and enjoying every minute of it.

He continued to thrust his cock into her, slamming against her cervix each time, loosening her up a little more. Suddenly one thrust sank a even deeper. Marisa screamed and her eyes went wide. I thought he had done some damage to her inside but after a couple of thrusts she smiled at me. He had pushed through her cervix into her womb and was able to get more of his cock into her.

Each thrust sank deeper and deeper. Inch by inch the gorgeous little Marisa took all of his cock. Soon he had his full 13 inches slamming into her and she was moaning louder as she neared orgasm.

On each stroke he withdrew about 10 inches and then drove it back into her, his balls smacking against her ass. He had never felt such a tight hot feeling on his cock and didn't last long.

After only a couple of minutes, Magnum started to snort and stomp his feet, his rhythm became erratic as his cock expanded and throbbed inside Marisa's hot pussy. His cock surged and blasted searing sticky cum into Marisa's womb. The feeling pushed her over the top and she erupted in her own orgasm. Both their bodies rocked with pleasure as blast after blast of cum filled her pussy to overflowing. It oozed out between her tightly stretched lips and his thick cock, squirting out a little.

Marisa squirmed and bucked her hips towards his cock, milking him for all he was worth. Her own buttery cum mixed into the flood of horse cum as the two shared in a powerful orgasm.

Minutes later it was finally over. Marisa was glistening with sweat and cum. She was panting softly with the deflating horse cock still stuffed in her pussy and cum oozed out onto my shirt under her ass. It was a sight I wouldn't soon forget. The most beautiful blonde girl I had ever known laying on a bale of hay, covered with animal cum and a thick horse-cock stuffed in her pussy with cum oozing out and around it.

I untied Magnum and pulled back on his halter. He started to step backwards and pull his shrinking cock from Marisa's hot pussy. Marisa grabbed the cock with both hands to feel it sliding out of her. His cock slipped out and was followed by a gush of cum. Marisa caught much of the flood in her two hands and fed it to herself, spreading much of it all over her face and perfect tits.

"How about another?" I asked, excited to watch her get fucked again.

"The white horse two stalls down, his name is Apollo, bring him here." she replied while still smearing wads of horse cum all over her sexy body.

I retrieved the stallion and led him into Marisa's stall. This stallion was a little bigger than Magnum, but not much. The smell of sex was strong in the barn and his cock was already hard and ready to go. I suspected it was about an inch longer than Magnum and slightly thicker, maybe by a quarter inch.

I positioned the horse over top of Marisa and she grabbed hold of his thick cock and aimed it at her sopping pussy right away. Apollo felt her warmth but was not used to having to thrust into her. She had given him a blowjob many times and only had to stand there and enjoy it.

After a few minutes of Marisa stroking his cock with the head pressed at her juicy opening, the stallion became impatient. He wanted to feel more of that warmth on the tip of his cock. He started to thrust his hips a little but not enough to make any progress.

I decided to help out. I reached under the horse and grabbed the strings on the bales of hay that Marisa was laying on. I pulled back toward the stallion's hind legs and watched as Marisa's pussy opened up and engulfed the thick cock. She gasped at being stretched more than usual but she still took him. I pulled her down about 6 inches then got out of the way.

The stallion felt a hot juicy mare but couldn't see her. He was a little confused but knew that Marisa was in the area and it must be her giving him the pleasure as usual. He thrust his hips forward a few times, sinking a couple more inches into her gorgeous body.

Marisa groaned as her pussy took a 2 and a quarter inch wide horse cock to nearly 10 inches deep. Her plump pussy lips hugged the girth of his meat as he thrust it into her. He still had 4 inches of his cock left outside her but she was too far up on the hay for him to get it all the way in.

I slapped him on the rump and he stepped forward, driving his cock 13 inches deep into Marisa's womb. He hit bottom with only an inch left causing the pressure on Marisa's insides to be very intense. The stallion had stepped forward almost a foot but he only needed 4 inches.

He thrust his cock into her, pounding deep into her womb. Marisa gasped and fucked her hips toward him. She started sliding up on the hay but was slowly taking the last inch of his length. As the stallion worked the last inch of his cock into her depths, Marisa started to cum. Her vaginal muscles clamped down on the throbbing horse cock within as she arched her back in ecstasy. Veins popped out of Marisa's neck as she bit her bottom lip and rubbed her clit furiously.

Her face turned red and she clamped her legs together, making it very tight for the thrusting stallion. She screamed out for him to stop but he didn't care. He kept thrusting his thick cock into her hot pussy again and again, trying to get himself off.

Marisa came harder than she had ever cum before and was on the verge of passing out from the constant stimulation of the thick cock slamming into her. The increased tightness of her closed legs stimulated Apollo further. He started to snort and toss his head around as Marisa's creamy pussy cum squirted out, spraying her thighs and some of Apollo's belly.

Apollo stomped his legs and snorted some more as Marisa panted heavily, gasping and yelping from time to time as her orgasm sputtered through her convulsing body. Apollo's cock started to throb as he finally approached his own orgasm.

He thrust his cock into her and left it fully embedded. His nostrils flared with each heavy breath as his cock pulsated and a stream of thick cum pumped down the length of his cock. He erupted inside her, filling her womb with his seed. Marisa felt her stomach expand as he flooded her insides.

The pressure forced his cum to flow into her vagina and fill it as well. After a few more blasts her pussy started to over flow and cum oozed out. Marisa continued in her own orgasm that was renewed by the feeling of hot horse jizz blasting into her hole.

Apollo pumped the last few wads of his seed into Marisa then started to step back, pulling the length of his 14 incher out of her overflowing cunt. As he pulled it out, wads of cum flowed with it, continually filling Marisa's eager hands as she tried to scoop it up and swallow it without wasting any. She was completely addicted to the taste of cum.

The thick mushroom shaped head of Apollo's cock popped free of Marisa's stretched pussy lips and was followed by a gush of cum. She scooped up as much of it as she could just as before.

Marisa sat up and grabbed hold of the cum covered horse cock. She stroked it downward only, feeding the wads of cum that collected at her fingers with each stroke. She stuffed the fat head into her mouth and sucked every last drop of cum from him.

I led Apollo with his clean cock back to his stall and returned to see Marisa laying on the hay, rubbing cum all over herself. Her pussy was gaping slightly and cum was oozing out of it. I walked over and stood above her, then dropped my pants and underwear. Marisa snatched up my cock and started sucking on it. After the show I had just seen, I knew I wouldn't last long and would deliver her a load worthy of the stallions.

I reached down and cupped Marisa's soaked pussy with my right hand, shoving four fingers into her wet hole. She took them right to the knuckles easily and moaned in response. I fucked them into her, flicking her clit with my thumb. Marisa moaned as she took my 7 inch cock to right to the balls. Her tight throat felt good and I felt my balls turn. I increased my finger fucking speed and Marisa started sucking and stroking me faster in response.

I fucked her loose pussy harder and harder and she soon took my hand past the knuckles. My thumb mashed into her clit as her pussy lips hugged my hand around the base of my thumb. Marisa groaned in response and my balls surged. I closed my eyes tightly and grabbed Marisa's hair with my left hand. I pulled her down onto my cock and left it embedded in her throat. My cum blasted down directly into her stomach while I continued to shove my right hand into her loose pussy. Marisa closed her legs as she had a small orgasm of her own from my finger fucking.

Marisa pushed away so I let her come up for air. She took the last few blasts of my cum into her mouth and then swallowed it and sucked me completely dry. She said she was a virgin for guys but she sure knew how to give a stimulating blowjob. It must have been all the practice on her stallions.

Marisa was tired and wanted to call it a night. I agreed and went back to her place to spend the night. We were completely fucked out and went to sleep almost right after getting into bed.

The following morning Marisa was up early. She had scheduled horse lessons to give for the entire day and wouldn't have time for anything until it was done. We took a shower together and played around a little. When we were done, I watched her walk around her room completely naked, firm breasts swinging and her nipples perky from the cool air.

"So what was it you were going to show me?" I asked, curious about what she had been putting in her pussy to keep it so loose.

She stopped and smiled at me then went into her closet. She reached up on the top shelf and pulled down a large box. She placed it on the floor in front of me and opened it up. It was filled with dildos and vibrators. There must have been 10 or 15 toys as well as handcuffs, ropes and even a riding crop. She smiled at me as I started to pick out some of the toys and examine them.

She reached into the box and pulled out a huge dildo. "This is the one that loosened me up." she said, stroking its length. It was about the size of Magnum's cock, 2 inches wide and 12 inches long. It was made of a heavy flexible rubber, which gave it a lifelike feeling.

I took the dildo from her and then walked around behind her. She was squatting in front of the box so I pushed on her back signaling for her to go down on all fours. She complied and stuck her curvy ass in the air for me. Her shaved pussy looked and smelled lovely and I wanted desperately to fuck her but we didn't have time.

I pushed the fat dildo into her cunt until it disappeared inside her. "You will go the entire day with this left inside you." I said as I rubbed her clit. Marisa smiled and stood up. The dildo stayed inside her and she quickly slipped into her clothes and headed out to the barn for her classes.

I followed shortly after to watch. Marisa trained both horses and people. She took on new horses that needed training as well as giving lessons to mostly young teens who were interested. Today she had a little of both.

She started with some training until around 1pm when some people started arriving for lessons. Marisa was not the only one who gave lessons at her stables so there was quite a few people around. I could tell that Marisa was getting hot and bothered because she was starting to walk funny and when no one was looking, she rubbed her crotch. From time to time, her nipples would show through her tight white top.

As the hours passed, Marisa was getting hornier and hornier. Each time she looked at me I could see the desperation in her eyes. She needed to be fucked hard and soon. Her juices were flowing and starting to soak through her underwear and her jeans. It wasn't so obvious inside the dimly lit barn but out in the sunlight it was more visible.

There was a farmhand doing chores around the barn who appeared to have a bit of a crush on Marisa. He looked to be about 16 years old and kind of nerdy looking. Marisa was an angel to him and he glanced at her ass and tits whenever he had the chance.

As the wetness in Marisa's jeans started to show through, the young farmhand noticed and was getting aroused himself. Marisa and I both noticed a bulge forming in his pants and more frequent glances at her crotch and ass.

I decided not to waste my time simply watching Marisa work. As interesting as that was, I wanted to do something productive. I looked around and found some old lumber and the back seat of a car that was laying in a pile of junk in the bushes near the barn. I started to prepare something for tonight that would make things interesting.

When the day was finally over and everyone had left around 9pm, Marisa and I got down to business. By now, Marisa's jeans were completely soaked, it looked as though she had been splashed with a bucket of water. The young farmhand went home with a major hardon and probably relieved himself the moment he got home.

I showed my gift to Marisa and she grinned, eager to try it out. We carried it into the barn and placed it inside the largest stall. Marisa had already prepared a few horses for tonight and they all waited patiently in their stalls.

The contraption I had built was crude but should work effectively. The top half of the car seat was nailed on top of a rectangular box made up of two by four pieces of wood I had found. Inside the box was the bottom half of the car seat. The whole thing was jacked up a few feet so that it was an average height of a horse. Marisa would be able to lay down inside and have the stallions mount her and fuck her as they would a real mare.

"Hold on for a few minutes." Marisa said as she exited the barn and went to a storage shed across a small field. She returned with an old child's toy. It was a fake horse head on the end of a stick that kids could use to pretend they were riding.

She tied it to the front of the wooden contraption I had made and then tossed a large brown blanket over the top seat. "Now that's enough to convince any stallion that this is a mare." she said.

The fake head was a little small for the rest of it, but horses only need something that resembles another horse, their real instinct comes from smell, which Marisa had no shortage of. She was extremely wet from having the dildo stuffed in her pussy for the entire day, even while riding horses.

She quickly stripped down to nothing and presented her soaked pussy to me to taste before we got started. Her smell was strong and sweet and she tasted even better. I fingered her and lapped up her juices for a few minutes.

It didn't take long for Marisa to get to the edge. Just before she did, I stopped and kept her from going over. With that, I pointed at the fake mare and left to retrieve a stallion. I took Magnum first and led him into the stall. Marisa wasn't in the mare though. She changed her mind and dropped down under Magnum, stroking his cock that was already more than half way to full erection.

Marisa expertly stroked and sucked him off until he exploded in her mouth. Rivers of horse cum flowed down her curvy body and she rubbed it into her pussy.

"Let's start with Apollo tonight." she said. I led Magnum away after she had sucked him completely dry and retrieved Apollo. By the time I got back, Marisa was inside the fake mare on her back with the large dildo sticking out of her pussy. She got it ready for me to remove.

I let the stallion go and fucked Marisa with the dildo for a few sections. The smell of sex in the air got to Apollo quickly and he stirred around the stall. He was interested in this new horse that was not moving in the middle and tried to nudge it from time to time.

I pulled the fat dildo all the way out of Marisa's sopping cunt and shoved four fingers into her past the knuckles. She took them easily and I swished them around, scooping up as much of her juice as I could. I then walked over to Apollo and rubbed her juices onto his nose. Apollo started to go crazy almost right away. He shifted around the stall and swung his head around with a loud neigh from time to time.

I stood back and watched. Apollo recognized which end was which from the fake head and sniffed Marisa's crotch. The smell of female sex was most powerful in that area. He stuck out is thick, rough tongue and licked at Marisa's pussy. She gasped from the stimulation and twitched her hips back.

Apollo neighed again and smacked his powerful lips down on Marisa's pussy lips. She gasped again and bucked her hips towards him. Apollo reared up on his hind quarters and took a step, then crashed down on the fake mare. The frame bent with his weight but held him up. His 2 and a quarter inch cock swayed up and down as he thrust it forward, trying to drive it into his mare.

He was unsuccessful the first few times so Marisa reached down and grabbed hold of his cock. He felt her touch and thrust forward again, driving over half his cock into her wet hole. Marisa squirmed and squealed as he thrust into her again. The second one slammed past her cervix and into her womb, burying the full length of his 14 inch cock into her.

Being mounted as if he were on a mare allowed Apollo to have a full stroke into the petite girl. He pulled his cock nearly all the way out, leaving only an inch or two inside before ramming it back into her.

The stallion fucked her harder than she had ever been fucked. Each thrust nearly knocked the wind out of her and the weak frame of the fake mare bent and wavered with his shifting weight. Marisa shuddered in an intense orgasm after only about a minute. Her creamy cunt juice leaked out onto the thrusting black horse meat.

Apollo felt her pussy clamp down on his cock and he soon erupted, blasting huge wads of hot cum into her womb. Marisa groaned as the cum sprayed out of her tight pussy. Apollo thrust into her a few more times, emptying his balls. He grunted and snorted then dismounted the mare. His thick cock popped out of Marisa's stretched pussy and was followed by a gush of cum.

I quickly led Apollo away and returned with a third stallion. This one was about the size of Magnum with a similar sized cock. He mounted Marisa and fucked her hard, lasting only a few minutes before blasting his load into her just as Apollo did.

"Get the horse from the last stall on the left." Marisa asked as I led the other horse back to his stall. I retrieved the stallion as she requested, he looked a bit short to me.

"His name is Cheetah, well it used to be Chip but they changed it to Cheetah because he is a very fast runner and a little twitchy." Marisa explained his name to me.

I watched as his cock started to slip out of its sheath. It already looked fatter than the others. It grew for another minute or so until it was fully erect. It was about 2.5 inches in diameter and 12 inches long, shorter, but fatter than the other cocks she had fucked.

Cheetah walked around the stall a few times, sniffing the air and eyeing the horse he knew was about to get fucked. He quickly mounted her and drove his cock into her on the first thrust. His 2.5 inch girth was more than she had taken and the stretched feeling hurt as he pushed half his cock into her.

Marisa screamed and closed her eyes tight as Cheetah started to thrust. He was a fast runner but it seemed that wasn't the only thing he was fast at. His hips were almost a blur as he pounded little Marisa.

"OH SHIT OH SHIT!" Marisa cried out as the stretched feeling and insanely fast pace stimulated her to the edge and beyond once more.

Each thrust met with resistance but also progress. As Marisa's pussy loosened up his cock sank deeper and deeper. Soon she had 10 then 12 inches of his cock in her. His balls smacked her ass and thighs as he thrust his full length in and out at a blinding speed.

Marisa's pussy lips hugged the soda can sized black cock as it thrust in and pulled out. Horse cum oozed out from her previous fucks and helped to lubricate the action. Marisa came hard as the stallion hammered into her furiously. Her orgasmic state never seemed to end as each thrust rejuvenated her sexual energy. She was in a state of pure lust and showed no signs of coming down. Her creamy white pussy cum mixed with the horse cum still in her pussy, making the violent fuck even more sloppy.

Cheetah didn't let up for over 10 minutes. His speed and force didn't weaken and Marisa's cunt was getting sore. Sloppy squishing and slurping noises filled my ears as I watched in total amazement. Marisa normally looked sweet and innocent but here she was fucking a stallion and taking everything he had to offer.

Marisa had pretty well stopped moaning except for the occasional gasp. She simply laid there and let the stallion fuck her. She was in a state of constant near-orgasm and was pushed over the edge at least twice a minute. The mere thought of her horse fucking her was the primary reason she was getting off so much. It turned her on to be nasty with the horses she grew up with.

Finally the stallion started to waver. His strokes became less consistent and he shifted his weight as he neared the edge himself.

Cheetah pulled his cock right out of Marisa's pussy just as the first blast of his cum erupted from his pulsing cock. The blast shot up Marisa's stomach covering her tits and belly with hot jizz. Cheetah then jammed his cock back into her and filled her with two blasts before pulling out again.

The next cum shot covered her pussy and inner thighs. Cheetah emptied his balls inside and on top of Marisa's flawless body before finally dismounting.

Marisa lay in the fake mare, panting heavily and not moving much. She was exhausted and her pussy was a little red from the harsh fucking she just received from three stallions.

I led Cheetah back to his stall, cum still dripping from his tool. I returned and reached down to Marisa's gaping cunt. I slid four fingers in past the knuckles again and scooped out a huge wad of hot creamy cum. I fed it to Marisa who lazily lapped it up from my hand. She moaned gently, enjoying it like chocolate ice cream.

Before we headed back to the house, Marisa made sure I was satisfied. Her pussy was loose and soaked with cum so I fucked her ass hard for several minutes before cumming deep inside her bowels.

The next morning was the same. I placed the larger dildo inside her pretty little cunt and watched as she gave her lessons and rode horses throughout the day. The farmhand returned for more work and was obviously paying extra attention to Marisa and her wet jeans. She enjoyed it and flaunted her stuff to him whenever she could. She was quite a tease, and never intended to let him have her.

Marisa's mother was at the barn today and came over to talk to us shortly after we arrived at the barn. "Looks like a couple of the stallions got lucky last night." her mother stated while examining a pony that was nearby. "A few of them had some semen residue on their penis." Marisa's face turned pale white, she thought she was busted and had no idea what to say.

"You will have to be more careful next time you put them in the stalls, they must have gotten out during the night and then returned." Marisa's mother knew that wasn't possible and seemed to be hinting at something.

"I-I will be more careful." Marisa replied with a little hesitation.

Her mother left and Marisa turned to me. "She must know something is up. The mares that are in heat are kept in a different pasture and she knows they couldn't have gotten out of the stalls. Dammit we cleaned the stalls but not the horses... shit!"

"Don't worry about it, I'm sure she doesn't suspect you had anything to do with it."

The day seemed long as I waited for the night's events once more. My balls were working overtime producing a huge load for the sweet young horse slut I was gonna fuck again tonight.

When it finally came and everyone had left, Marisa and I carried the fake mare from out of the woods and reattached the head.

Marisa was naked before I could say anything and she grinned at me while standing beside the contraption. Her body was lovely, perfect curves, perfect 34C breasts and a perfect athletic ass.

I smiled back and retrieved the first horse of the night. Magnum was up to bat first once again. He mounted the fake mare and fucked Marisa's loose pussy hard and fast. Next was Apollo who did the exact same with an inch more penetration.

From there, I retrieved two more stallions who were about the same size as Magnum and Apollo. They each got their turn with the sweet little Marisa and they emptied their balls into her womb.

Marisa's pussy was gaining some tolerance to the violent horse fucks she was getting. She had taken on four in a row and was still up for doing more, even after having at least three hard orgasms per horse.

I decided Marisa was gonna go a little bigger tonight so I retrieved Thunder. He was a black stallion over 18 hands high and probably weighed 1500 pounds or more.

As he entered the stall with Marisa, she gasped and grinned. "Oh my god, I don't know if I can handle him!" she said. "He's over 18 hands high!".

"What the hell is a hand?" I asked.

"There's 4 inches to a hand, and horses are measured to their shoulder. He's 6 feet tall just to the shoulder, he's massive!"

"I hope his cock is just as big." I grinned as I looked under his belly to see his tool. It started to extend from his stomach and was getting extremely large very fast.

Soon it reached its full length and girth at 24 inches long and 2 and three quarter inches wide. I wasn't sure if the fake mare would hold him up so I pulled Marisa out from under it and let the big stallion mount it. He bent farther than ever but still held on. While he was mounted, Marisa climbed back under. She got poked a few times by his 24 inch long cock as he thrust it trying to fuck his mare.

Once she was in position she grabbed hold of his thrusting tool and aimed it at her gaping cum soaked pussy. He thrust it into her hard and his cock bent slightly as he met much resistance.

He jammed his thick black tool into Marisa's creamy white body with powerful thrusts. Marisa groaned and flopped her head around while clutching the cock with both hands.

He stuffed 10 then 12 and finally 14 inches of his length into her. Her pussy lips were stretched tightly around his cock but they were well lubricated with horse cum.

He pounded his tight mare for only minutes before blowing his load deep into Marisa's womb. She felt her stomach bloat as he filled her up to capacity. Cum squirted out from the pressure as her vagina clamped down on his pulsing cock.

When it was over, Thunder dismounted and I led him back to his stall. Marisa's pussy was starting to get a little raw again but I decided the night wasn't over for her yet.

I had taken her handcuffs and a special vibrator from her box of toys and intended to use them.

I grabbed Marisa's arm and cuffed her right hand to a bar on the seat below her, then tied her left hand to the fake mare. She smiled at me, excited to do something different.

I moved down to Marisa's pussy and slid four fingers in. She was so loose now that she took my fingers easily with a lot of room to spare. I tucked my thumb in and pushed. My entire fist slipped into Marisa's hot cum soaked pussy.

Marisa gasped as I shoved my arm into her. She took my arm half way to the elbow before I hit bottom inside her womb. The thickness of my arm started to stretch her some more. She bucked her hips trying to take more of my arm. I could feel her muscles twitch inside and I tickled her soft membranes inside. Marisa gasped and started to cum. Her muscles clamped down on my arm, trying to milk it for cum.

I pounded her sweet body as hard as I could, driving as much of my arm into her as possible. Her hot buttery cum oozed and squirted out, coating my arm over top of the glaze of horse cum that was already there.

I pulled my arm out and let her lick some of her juices off, then I retrieved her next stallion for the night. This one was the biggest on the farm. His name was Blaze, and he was almost 19 hands high and weighed close to 1900 pounds.

Marisa's eyes went wide as she gazed at the big brown horse I led in for her. His cock, which was already hard and waiting at 28 inches long and 3 inches diameter, dwarfed all the other horses she had fucked so far. His cock was as thick as a jar of peanut butter or a large jar of raspberry jam and his thick veins pulsed with hot blood.

Marisa was a little worried not just about his size but because she was tied up and unable to do anything if he started to hurt her.

I enjoyed the little bit of fear she was showing and let the stallion go. Before he mounted the fake mare, I pulled out the vibrator I had collected from Marisa's toy-box. It was a clit vibrator designed to clamp onto her clit and vibrate. The batteries and controls were on another section connected by a thin wire.

I clipped the vibrator onto her clit and stepped back. Blaze shifted around the stall but his size didn't give him a lot of maneuvering room. He sniffed the air and whinnied then reared up and crashed down onto the fake mare.

It looked small for him and Marisa looked even smaller. She looked like a pint sized girl taking on a horse that was 20 times her weight.

He thrust his 28 inch long cock at Marisa's gaping pussy, missing the target several times and nearly knocking the clit vibrator off a few times. Marisa arched her back and bucked her hips toward his thrusting tool. With her assistance he hit his mark and the fat mushroom shaped head pierced her gaping pussy, stretching her wider than ever.

His cock was rock hard and didn't bend with the resistance, instead it pushed deeper, pulling her delicate pussy lips with it as it sank into her horse sized hole.

He hit bottom 14 inches in and started thrusting in and out. The fake mare bent a lot more than it ever had and I was sure it was going to break a few times. Luckily it held on. I didn't want to lose this absolute babe and slut to a freak accident, nor would I be able to explain it.

Shortly after he entered her, I switched on the vibrator on the lowest setting. It hummed to life, gently stimulating her swollen clit.

The stallion fucked her for almost 15 minutes. He seemed unsatisfied with the depth he had reached. Only half his cock made it into this mare no matter how hard he tried. I had slowly turned up the power to the vibrator and Marisa was going wild from the sensation. Not only was she being stretched nearly from thigh to thigh but the vibration and the pressure of the clip holding it on was all combined. Each of them alone could make Marisa cum hard, and she was experiencing all three at once.

Marisa's pussy lips were now accustomed to his 3 inch diameter bestial cock and seemed to lovingly hug him as he slid in and out. She shook in orgasm after orgasm and was getting very tired and sore from the brutal fucking.

Waves of intense pleasure rocked Marisa's cum covered body until finally the big stallion couldn't take it any longer. His cum surged up through his 28 inch long cock and blasted into Marisa's womb like a fire hose. She gasped and both of us could see her stomach bulge from the quantity and pressure. Horse cum exploded from her delicate hole, spraying most of Blaze's under belly and his thighs while covering Marisa's thighs at the same time.

Blaze's load was enormous and seemed to never end. Cum gushed from her pussy in massive torrents as she twitched and screamed in pleasure. He jammed his cock into her one last time and left it embedded almost 15 inches in.

His cock spurted the remnants of his load deep into Marisa's womb. He grunted and stabbed forward one last time. Marisa slid up the seat a little and nearly passed out from the intensity of Blaze's fuck combined with the vibrator.

The big stallion dismounted the fake mare and pulled his cock out of Marisa's pussy. She was well fucked and her pussy stayed gaping almost two inches. I approached her and shoved my fist into her pussy. She took the whole thing fairly easily and moaned in response. I swished my hand around and scooped up a load of cum, then fed it to her.

Marisa had enough for the night so I gave her one last load of my own cum before we began to clean up. I started on the stall while Marisa went back to the 5 stallions she had fucked and licked their cocks clean.

Marisa enjoyed fucking the stallions nearly every night for the next couple of weeks. Eventually she was able to fuck 8 in a row before having to quit. Her tolerance was increasing rapidly. Her pussy was also getting very loose and the largest of the stallions was soon the only one that could really satisfy her. Cheetah's girth wasn't very big but he made up for it in speed.

When we weren't at the barn, Marisa and I were fucking and experimenting with various toys, veggies and fisting. I found it quite easy to make her cum and she squirted more often than any girl I had known.

Marisa took on a couple of new clients. She received a phone call from the parents of two teenage girls who were looking to get advanced riding lessons at the farm. They had their own horses and were going to pay to have them boarded as well.

Marisa knew what type of horses they were and also knew that their cocks were thicker than normal. Both of the teens horses were stallions and she couldn't wait to see them. She also hoped the girls were good looking so that she may be able to persuade them to join in the fun.

Later that day, the family arrived to drop off the horses. Both Marisa and I were very impressed with them. The horses were beautiful and the youngest of the daughters was a little angel. She was about 5'4 and 100 pounds, light brown hair, cute perky breasts and nice flaring hips. Her ass was curvy and athletic. She wore skin tight jeans and a striped top that was cut off to show off her belly button.

Her skin was flawless and she had a very innocent look but on some angles, both Marisa and I thought she looked naughty. At only 15 years old, she was quite a bundle. She looked a little preoccupied with something as she watched some farm hands unload the horses with her father.

"Is something wrong?" Marisa asked out of curiosity.

"Yes, it's my sister. She was supposed to come with us but we can't find her anywhere. She went for a jog last night and we don't think she came back."

"Did you call the police?" Marisa asked.

"Yes, we did but Carmel has gone to friend's houses before without telling anyone so we have to wait to see if she calls before the police do anything. It's happened before." she answered, her voice a little shaky. "I just think something is wrong this time..."

"I'm sure she's fine." Marisa tried to reassure the girl, even though tasting her young juices was all that was on her mind.

That night, Marisa fucked 6 of her stallions once again. She avoided the two new ones because she had plans for those.

The following day, April returned to start her first lessons. She was starting late in the season and had agreed to spend longer than normal. She spent almost 6 hours throughout the day, learning stuff she wouldn't have learned at her own farm. The entire time I had my eye on her. She was really cute and wiggled her ass nicely when she walked. She glanced at me a few times and looked away quickly but the most obvious thing I noticed was how she was looking at Marisa. She literally started at Marisa's ass when she was walking away or bending over and glanced at her firm breasts more times in a conversation than a horny male would.

Marisa noticed it as well and at the end of the day just before April's parents were to pick her up, Marisa made her moves. During the last half hour of chores, Marisa made sure she was very close to April, brushing up against her occasionally and looking over her sexy young body, making it as obvious as possible.

April liked it and her little nipples stuck out from her shirt from time to time. Finally April got close enough to kiss Marisa. They looked into each other's eyes, face to face and Marisa just smiled. "You want me don't you." she stated bluntly.

"I-I... sorry I didn't mean to..." April looked away in embarrassment.

"Don't worry, I think you're sexy too."

"You're very beautiful and very sexy..." April muttered, embarrassed to say so out loud.

Marisa reached under the girl's chin and pulled her face toward her own, then gave her a big wet kiss. April responded well, kissing her back hard then Marisa backed off.

"If you want me, you have to be initiated first." she said.

"Initiated?" April asked curiously.

"Yes, I don't let just anyone be with me, I have to make sure they're my type."

"Oh, well... I don't know, what will I have to do?" April asked.

"For now, just sit back and enjoy it. If at any time you want to quit, just say so and you can go home." Marisa smiled as she glanced out the window at April's parents driving up to the barn in their car. "Tell your parents you're going to spend the night here."

"OK." April left the barn and talked with her parents for a few minutes. She apologized for not calling first but told them they had just decided to do this to get an early start the next day. April's sister Carmel was also in the car and was eager to start her lessons the following day. I wasn't able to see her sister through the tinted windows but I hoped she was as cute as April.

The car left the barn and April returned. It was only about 15 minutes before the rest of the people had left for the night, leaving Marisa, April and myself alone. April was uncomfortable with me around but Marisa assured her that I was cool with it and that part of the initiation was letting me watch.

Marisa and I retrieved the fake mare, but we left the fake head in the junk pile. We placed it inside a stall and Marisa went to work on the girl, nearly attacking her as soon as she was ready.

The two kissed hard and started stripping down as I watched. April glanced at me a few times, nervous that I was watching, but was too horny to care. Marisa was left with only her panties on when she made April climb into the bottom bunk of the fake mare. She went to work on the 15 year old's pussy right away. She nibbled her clit and lapped up her juices.

April moaned loudly then grabbed Marisa's head and lifted her away. "I... I've never done this before." she said.

"You're a virgin??" Marisa's eyes went wide and she smiled ear to ear. She pried apart the girl's pussy lips and looked inside. Her hymen was clearly visible.

"I gave my boyfriend a lot of blowjobs but I never let him put it in me. I don't know why."

"We will fix that tonight if you like." Marisa smiled as she lowered her lips to the girl's clit again.

"I don't know..." April was unsure of losing her virginity, perhaps she wanted to save it for the right guy.

Marisa continued eating the young girl out. It lasted for a good twenty minutes before April neared orgasm. She enjoyed every minute of it, stating that it was much better than masturbation. Her soft moans were interrupted with gasps as Marisa nibbled on her clit or labia.

Each time the girl came close to cumming, Marisa would pull away and wait a few minutes. After over an hour of this, April was going wild, she desperately wanted to cum but Marisa held her at bay, even pushing the girl's hands away so she couldn't do it herself.

Marisa then pulled out her handcuffs and cuffed the young girl to the bench the same way I had done to her. April was teased more for another half hour, denied the right to cum over and over. Her clit was swollen and bobbing high in the air while her pussy lips were puffy and waiting to be stretched.

April begged to cum. She was held on the edge and prevented for going over for an hour and a half and she was going insane. Her juices dripping down onto the car seat below even while Marisa lapped up what she could.

Marisa looked back at me and smiled. I knew what she wanted. I went to the stall where Boston was stirring around in impatiently. I led him out and into the stall where the two girls were still going at it.

Marisa stopped eating April and knelt under the stallion. He was close to the same size as Magnum, which was fairly small, but Marisa knew he would have a larger than average cock. She rubbed his mound and smiled when his thick black cock dropped out and started to grow. He was unsure of what to do or think of the situation but remained calm.

April watched in awe and disgust as Marisa stroked the horse's length, bringing him to full hardness. While Marisa did this, I went back outside and retrieved the fake horse head and attached it to the front of the fake mare.

April didn't even notice me, her eyes were glued to her stallion's prick while Marisa stuffed the thick 2.5 inch wide head into her mouth.

Marisa stood up and made sure April's clit was still swollen and throbbing. She nibbled on her clit and then spoke, "You want to cum don't you? Now is your chance. Tell me you want to cum."

"I..." April hesitated. "I want to cum but..."

"Good, cum you will, and you're about to lose your virginity." Marisa said.

With that, I threw the blanket over top of the fake mare, covering most of it so that it would fool the stallion. Marisa rubbed some of April's pussy juice on his nose and stroked his cock a few more times. She then slapped him on the rump and he shifted around the stall, eyeing up the fake mare.

He knew what it was and he quickly reared up, mounting the mare with his young petite master beneath. April screamed in fear as the massive beast crashed down on the wooden structure. It held on no problem though and he started to thrust his cock toward April's bound body.

Marisa crouched down under the horse and guided his throbbing 15 inch long cock toward April's juicy pussy. She rubbed the head up and down the young girl's labia and clit, stimulating her further. April gasped in response, unsure of what to think of this bestial and depraved act.

"You still want to cum don't you April?" Marisa asked, grinning while mashing the fat head into her pussy.

"Yes, Make me cum!" April finally blurted out. Boston thrust his hips forward and Marisa guided him into April's virgin pussy.

April screamed out as his thick cock mashed into her tight untouched sex. She had never taken anything inside her and now this soda can sized cock was trying to force its way in. She figured it would never fit.

Boston thrust again, driving his cock head into April. She gasped as her pussy lips stretched to accommodate his girth. His next thrust broke through her cherry, causing her to twitch and scream for a second. A small trickle of virgin blood dripped out of her stretched pussy.

The stallion thrust again, driving 6 inches of his meat into her. April didn't move, her back was arched and she held her breath as her favorite stallion's cock stole her virginity. He thrust it in and out, pushing it deeper and deeper with each thrust. Within minutes she had taken 8 inches in length and his cock was pressing at her cervix.

Boston pounded the sweet young girl as Marisa rubbed her clit with one hand and pushed four fingers into her own pussy with the other.

Once the pain ended and turned to pleasure, April didn't last long. She exploded in an orgasm, her body trembled and her muscles clamped down on 10 inches of horse cock that had penetrated her. She bucked her hips towards him, desperately wanting more of him inside. She loved Boston and had never dreamed she could be this close to him.

The young girl's tight pussy was too much for Boston and before she was finished cumming, he started to cum himself. His cock surged and pumped his seed into April's womb. She gasped at the feeling of his hot searing liquid inside her.

Horse cum exploded from her tight overflowing pussy, spraying Marisa's upper body with hot cum. Marisa fingered most of it into her mouth while still finger fucking herself with the other hand.

The sight was amazing. This petite underage girl was taking on a stallion for the very first time. Only moments ago she was a virgin, and she was loving the smutty action as much as I loved to watch it.

He thrust his cock into April, pressuring more of his cum out and onto the car seat. Finally he was finished and quickly dismounted. His cock popped free and was followed by a gush of cum. Marisa caught most of it then moved up to April's head. She looked the young girl in the eye and ordered her to open her mouth.

April complied and opened her mouth. She had tasted cum before but the thought of tasting animal cum frightened her a little. She had enjoyed the fuck so much though that she was willing to give it a try.

Marisa splashed the handful of cum into the young girl's mouth. She lapped it up willingly and seemed to enjoy it.

Marisa sucked every last drop out of Boston's limp cock, sharing much of it with April. When she was done, she led the horse back to his stall and returned with Cheetah.

Cheetah was already horny and his thick cock was ready to go. He mounted the little girl and thrust his cock into her at blinding speeds. April gasped and cried out for him to stop but Marisa ignored her pleas. His cock stretched her virgin cunt to 2.5 inches diameter, which was well over anything she would take from a normal man.

Marisa bent over in front of me, revealing her loose and very wet pussy to me. I closed my fist and pressed my knuckles to her opening, swishing them around to lubricate them with her juices.

I pushed hard and my fist sank into her juicy pussy. Marisa moaned and wiggled her hips with pleasure while watching little April get fucked hard and fast by Cheetah.

April was screaming out loud as the stallion fucked her hard, pushing past her limits, trying to get his full 12 inch length into her. She bucked her hips towards him, helping him push past her cervix into her womb.

Cheetah was successful and his balls slapped her ass cheeks with every blinding thrust. April was panting heavily as her body was forced to another orgasm within only minutes of the last.

Cheetah fucked her at his usual blinding speed for a few minutes before he blew his load inside her. His cum sprayed out as April erupted in a gut wrenching orgasm. The intensity of his fuck was powerful for the inexperienced girl and she shook uncontrollably for a while before he dismounted her. Marisa quickly sucked a few last gobs of cum from his cock before turning her attention to young April. I led Cheetah back to his stall

Marisa pushed four fingers into the girl's cum soaked pussy, swishing them around a little before inserting her thumb. "I've got to prepare you for the next horse!" Marisa stated as she pushed her knuckles in.

April groaned as her pussy flowered open and Marisa's fist sunk in, squeezing cum out along with it. "Bring me Blaze." Marisa ordered. I was surprised she was skipping right to the biggest horse instead of going in between.

"You sure?" I asked.

"Yes, she can take it, her skin stretches nicely." Marisa stated. "See, she's easily taking my whole fist!"

I complied and went to Blaze's stall, leading him back to the fake mare. His 3 inch diameter cock was already hard and waiting to fuck.

Marisa pulled her fist from the girl's pussy and got out of the way. Once Blaze saw the mare, there was no stopping him. He reared up on his hindquarters and mounted April, thrusting his cock at her madly. Marisa had to help him hit his target and quickly got under him.

She guided his thick black cock into April's tight little pussy. Once he felt her warmth on the tip of his cock, he pushed forward. His cock bent and April screamed as her young pussy was suddenly stretched. The spongy head of his cock squeezed into her tight hole. He jabbed forward again, pushing a couple of inches into her. April's pussy stretched out wider than ever to 3 inches diameter as the hard cock penetrated deeper.

She screamed and bucked against her restraints but was unable to stop him. He drove his cock into her like a hydraulic pump, slowly penetrating her deeper, stretching her wide. Nothing was going to stop him. His cock relentlessly sank deeper, penetrating her cervix and reaching her limit at 12 inches. April squirmed and groaned, never having imagined something so huge could actually feel so good.

Blaze pulled his cock out, leaving just the tip inside her, then jammed it back in. His cock bent slightly as he mashed the head against the back of her womb. As he increased his pace, April's gasps and squeals matched him in frequency. The wooden mare rocked with his motions as the power of his thrusts increased.

April was overwhelmed by the intensity and was quickly nearing another orgasm. Her tender young pussy lips hugged Blaze's girth as he pulled his black cock out. She was extremely tight for him and we all knew he would not last long. Blaze whinnied and increased his pace even more, slamming 12 inches of cock into the young girl under him. He wanted to get his whole cock into her, but somehow he knew he was close to the limit.

Blaze's nostrils flared and his head jerked up and down as he pounded the little girl harder and harder. He managed to force another inch of length into her before he started to cum. His balls churned and his cock throbbed as a surge of cum raced down its length. He exploded inside her and at almost the same time, April screamed in orgasm as the hot fluid filled her insides.

The next shot of cum sprayed out from between her clenched pussy lips, splashing Marisa's face and tits. Another blast of equal magnitude did the same. A river of white hot horse cum flowed out of April's stuffed pussy, covering the seat below. Her own orgasmic juices were lost in the sea of cum.

April convulsed and twitched against the attacking horse cock as her orgasm started to die down. The horse finally finished with one finally spurt of cum. He quickly dismounted the mare, pulling his cock out of the girl with a sucking wet pop. Marisa received a reward as a gush of cum splashed her in the face. She licked much of it up and fed more to April, who was really starting to like the taste.

Marisa sucked a few more gobs of cum from Blaze's shrinking cock before I led him back to his stall. When I returned, the two girls were enjoying a feast of cum. I stepped up behind April and stared into her gaping cum soaked hole. Her flawless skin was covered with a film of cum and her delicate virgin pussy was now stretched wider than even the sluttiest of sluts.

I closed my fist and pressed the knuckles to her gaping hole. She was so loose now, with only a little force, my whole hand slipped in. Cum oozed out around her pussy lips as they loosely wrapped around my wrist. I pushed deeper, sinking my arm in half way to the elbow. The horses had done a good job of hollowing her out. She was almost as deep as Marisa and could probably take me to the elbow very soon.

Marisa watched for a moment as I pushed my arm deeper, then she moved closer and slid four fingers along side my arm, showing us how loosely the young girl's lips were wrapped around me. She slipped her fingers right to the knuckles before she met any resistance. Marisa grinned and then clutched my arm with her hand, sliding her fingers inside April's stretched hole. April moaned and looked over her shoulder as Marisa started to force her hand into the girl along side mine.

With relatively little effort, Marisa forced her hand past April's tightly stretched pussy lips and sank in up to her wrist. The sharp angle of her arm pried April's pussy lips apart, and Marisa made an effort to apply as much force as possible to this stretching action.

We both started to fist fuck the young girl, pulling our arms out right to the knuckles, then pushing them back in. April gasped as our fists stretched her wide and then gasped again as our arms pried her apart even more. Marisa used her other hand to pinch the girl's clit, forcing her to orgasm within minutes of our double fisting. We could feel her vaginal muscles squeezing our arms as her juices helped lubricate us further. April bucked against our arms as if trying to take even more length, and more girth. She went from virgin to total slut with a horse sized pussy in a matter of hours.

I pulled my fist from her hole with a slurp. Marisa pushed her other hand into the girl and double fisted her for about 10 more minutes, forcing her to cum two more times. April was exhausted, so we decided to give her a break. We laid her down on some bales of hay while Marisa took her place in the wooden contraption. I led Thunder into the room with his 2.75 inch wide cock. He mounted the mare and drove his cock into Marisa's curvy body.

April watched with amazement, now realizing what she looked like while being fucked herself. She was totally turned on by the scene and began rubbing her swollen clit.

Just as the stallion blew his load into Marisa's stretched cunt, April spasmed and gasped as a small orgasm pulsed through her body.

Marisa finished off a few more stallions before April was ready to go again. We strapped her in and watched in amazement as the young former virgin fucked another 5 stallions in a row. Each stallion pushed his cock a little deeper into her until she took 14 inches total length.

The two girls shared the cum from each stallion, swapping wads of it in sticky cum kisses.

The final stallion was led into the stall. This horse was April's sister's and had not yet been touched, his name was Black Magic. He looked a little short compared to the other horses whichwas why Marisa had not bothered with him yet. Marisa girls rubbed his mound and her eyes widened as his cock extended. It was very thick for his size. Once it was fully hard at only 17 inches, it was 3 inches wide at the tip and almost 3.5 inches wide at the base.

April was still strapped into the fake mare, cum oozing from her gaping pussy. She was sore, and her pussy was a little raw from all the fucking. Marisa led the stallion closer for April to see. She was excited but said that her poor cunt was too sore. Marisa agreed to let her off the hook this time, but she would have to take him on tomorrow.

The two girls swapped positions and April helped me convince the horse that this wodden thing was a mare. He eventually got the idea and mounted it with Marisa inside. He fucked her hard for a few minutes, driving 8 inches of length into her. His black cock started to expand at this depth toward the base. As he pushed deeper, Marisa's pussy stretched wider than ever. She groaned with pleasure and arched her back as he pounded two more inches into her.

Her young pussy lips were stretched tightly around his meat and pulled out from her body as he withdrew his stroke. April arched her back while on all fours in front of me, and I slid a fist into her loose pussy.

The wooden contraption rocked with each powerful thrust from the stallion. Black Magic was desperately trying to ram his whole cock into her. His thundering thrusts were more powerful than all of the other stallions so far. Marisa's eyes widened as his cock penetrated another two inches. His girth was going beyond 3 inches wide and Marisa loved it.

He pounded her for a few more minutes, eventually reaching 14 inches deep. The girth was now nearly 3.5 inches and a white foamy substance had formed on her pussy lips. It was no doubt from the sticky cum from the previous horses.

Marisa started to cum. Her body twitched as she bucked her hips against the attacking horse cock. The stallion responded and whinnied, slamming his cock even harder into her as her muscles squeezed him, stimulating him further.

He stabbed into her as hard as he could with each thrust, forcing her to take another inch in length. Marisa was jolted against the restraints and I started to worry that this was getting a little dangerous.

Black Magic continued to fuck her as hard as he could. His powerful thrusts jolted Marisa as she came again and again. Her body convulsed and her hips bucked toward him. She was having trouble breathing as she was in a constant state of orgasm. His hard black cock pounded into the small girl, stretching her wider and forcing more length in. Soon Marisa had 16 inches of his cock, with only an inch remaining. His girth was almost 3.5 inches.

Marisa was screaming as he fucked her, I could tell she was in a little pain, but there was nothing I could do to stop the horse. I could also see that she was enjoying it despite the pain, so I did not attempt to stop it.

April and I were amazed at the scene. The stallion pulled 15 inches of his cock out and rammed it back in, nearly knocking Marisa right out of her restraints. His cock slowly sank deeper with each thrust until she had engulfed nearly the entire thing.

I fisted the 15 year old to orgasm as she watched the scene unfold before her eyes. Her sweet juices coated my arm as I pushed it in, with only a few inches to spare before my elbow.

It seemed like Black Magic was never going to finish. He fucked Marisa for almost 20 minutes total, driving his entire 17 inch cock into her depths. His heavy balls slapped her thighs each time he slammed into her. Marisa was enjoying every minute of it. This little stallion with the huge cock was stretching her wider and fucking her harder than any of the others. He was definitely her new favorite.

He finally started to cum, exploding into her like a bomb. Jets of cum filled her cavern and was pressured out each time he crammed his cock back in. His extra powerful thrusts forced his cum to spray out of her tightly stretched pussy and fly across the room nearly 10 feet.

Black Magic emptied his balls into Marisa and then dismounted her. April and I stepped up behind her and pulled her pussy lips apart to reveal her horse sized cave. We double fisted her to one last orgasm before we untied her and called it a night.

The two girls shared my final load of cum for the day and talked about what was going to happen tomorrow. April's sister Carmel was going to come for her first riding lesson and after April had described her to us, we knew she would put on a fine show.

(Possible continuation)

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