Author: Daddy Walker
Title: True Love
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True Love

It would have been a Friday evening as any other, if it hadn't
been for the mist. You could hardly see a few feet ahead. Rob
navigated by following streetlights along the river, in silence,
just as he expected to spend the rest of the evening in silence,
discounting a few perverted grunts of intense pleasure. He had
carved out an existence of nothing but hard work in the daytime
and hard-cocked masturbation in the evenings, and the mist didn't
seem to make much difference.

Normally, he wouldn't pay attention to strangers, but now he
passed a long-haired, blond woman sitting on a bench, and he felt
he had to acknowledge her existence with a hello, when this
weather had practically put them on some sort of isolated island

A first glance told him that she was beautiful, appealing, and
that there was a strange sadness about her, some inherent
vulnerability, emphasized by smallness, slenderness, cheap
clothes. The knee-length skirt showed off naked, slim calves,
making him automatically imagine a warm and moist cunt up
between, causing his cock to begin swelling.

He came to realize it could actually be worth it to stop for a
moment to consider this particular situation. Rob was a horny
man, horny enough that the pressure in his balls already had
sperm leaking into his underwear, and there was no one around but
him and this very fuckable woman. In this unpenetrable fog he
might be able to do whatever came into his mind - no matter if
she resisted - and he could even throw her in the river when he
was done...

Then, an attempt at establishing eye contact made him discover
she was someone he knew. She was so absorbed in her own world
that she hadn't even noticed him yet.

- "Hi!", he said again, stopping. "Wow, it's been a long time..."

The unusually pretty female had worked at their cafeteria. She
had always been one of the few people he liked, and he had tried
to make a habit out of being nice to her. For her, he hadn't just
been a manager in his late thirties, running a small, obscure
department you probably didn't care about; his impression had
been that she actually reserved her truly joyful smiles just for
him. And then, one day, she had been gone without a trace,
replaced by a fat, bitter lady.

The woman on the bench appeared to recognize him back, but she
hardly reacted, resuming her vacant staring into the mist.

- "Oh...", she said. "I... can't remember your name... Sales ...
or engineering, right?"

- "Right.", he answered. "Rob. And you're Angela? What are you
doing here?"

A brief sparkle of light returned to her eyes upon hearing her
name, but she didn't seem to want to answer. They spent a few
moments in silence.

- "I thought this would be a good night to sink into this river
and disappear.", she finally said, with some uncertainty in her

Rob didn't know how to respond to such a revelation. She seemed
very sincere.

- "Do you want a beer?", he finally asked, returning to his
comfort zone, grabbing two bottles from his shopping bag.

At first, she didn't really want to say anything, but she took
the bottle, and he sat down. Then, at her second bottle, it was
as if a valve had opened, and she began pouring out a long story.

She had met a man, a mesmerizing man, who talked about love and
making the world a better place, and he had swept her off her
feet - and her affectionate description was enough to make Rob
jealous. But after just a few weeks of perfect, loving fucking,
the mystery man had persuaded her to come do some volunteer work
with him, abroad. Once the long trip had started, she had
already been pregnant as well as neglected in favour of more
pressing local emergencies.

- "You know...", she half-rambled through light intoxication.
"All I've ever wanted was to be important to someone, to make
someone's life complete ... to matter, somehow. And I thought I
had finally found the guy who deserved it, who understood love,
you know ... who could appreciate what I wanted. But now... I
think there's nothing for me... People are obsessed with making
things fair nowadays, aren't they? I really don't want to live in
a fair world. Love isn't fair at all, is it? I think... I think,
for me, love is only about giving yourself, all the time. I want
to love without limits! And true pain is when no one wants your

This all sounded overly dramatic, but even Rob could pick up on
the underlying despair. Still, you didn't really kill yourself
out of an unfulfilled desire to love, did you? Or did you really?
He knew depression could hit young mothers, and maybe that was
really what was going on.

- "Well... At least that thing about a fair world is not a
problem with me...", he tried joking in response. "I don't mind
things being unfair, as long as I win out."

Angela tried to smile at the clumsy attempt to cheer her up, but
her story was over, and her eyes were dead again.

- "I thought I could brave this world for my baby...", she ended
up sharing. "You know, she's the reason I came back here,
smuggled us back into the country. But it's too difficult. We
have nothing, no passports or money, just my old apartment, for
just a few more days..."

She started crying quietly, and Rob caught himself feeling
aroused by the sight of her in tears.

The situation seemed to require him to say something, but
nothing came to mind except for an attempt at brutal honesty,
speaking what really occupied his thoughts. Without more thought,
he blurted out a confession that had been brewing for years,
waiting for a sympathetic ear.

- "Look...", he said. "You're pretty, you know, and I like you...
But I really don't think I can help. I think maybe, around
women... There's only one thing on my mind, you know... But I've
learned to control myself - to stay away... Besides, when it
comes to women, a guy like me can be pretty happy just jerking
off to sick porn an entire evening, with a bucket to come and
piss in..."

That revelation was a little too much, he realized. Now, he felt
exposed and nervous, searching for a way to take back his words.

It was Angela's turn to think, long and hard, before she
eventually responded.

- "I think I could be ... a bucket.", she finally said.

With that, she caught Rob completely off his guard by slipping
her panties down, kicking them off in the gravel, and she climbed
on top of him. He was at a loss for how to respond, and then her
obviously experienced hands were already opening his pants and
working his large, fuck-starved, very willing cock out, caressing
it between gentle fingers. He just sat there, baffled, gasping in
approval, letting the beautiful, small woman raise her skirt and
sink her short-haired, warm cunt down in a wet embrace around the
trunk-like shaft.

A few seconds of tense, crotch-focused fuck euphoria were
followed by her opening her shirt and pulling her bra to the
side, hanging out a big, swollen tit. Soon, Rob started sucking
the nipple, only to be surprised when he tasted a sweet liquid in
his mouth. She lactated, of course. For some reason, it turned
him on instead of distracting him. He nibbled the milk-filled
mother's tit, and while his massive organ stretched her insides,
his fingers drifted in between her asscheeks. She didn't protest,
and it probably wouldn't have helped if she had. Rob knew what it
took to satisfy him. His cock had tasted cunt now, and the horny
fire inside had become a raging inferno, demanding more. He could
still simply take everything he really wanted from this woman,
couldn't he? She was still at his mercy here, right?

He pushed her off, and then he shoved her against the railing a
few feet away before bending her forcefully out over it, holding
her upper body above the streaming water. He placed his erection
in between her asscheeks. There was no chance for her to adjust
or prepare. He just pressed the rigid shaft into her clenched
anus and elbowed her down, driving the railing deep into her
stomach, and then he thrust as violently as he could, forcing
himself into her asshole.

Nothing but pure luck allowed her to open up around him fast
enough. She let out an agonized cry, but then she bit her tongue
and resigned to staring straight ahead with a tortured look on
her face. He pulled half-way out and jabbed back in again,
grunting with pleasure at the sensation of plowing through her
squeezing sphincter.

- "Uhh... You know... Only whores take it in the ass...", he
panted with furious excitement into her ear. "I like your ass...
Do you like my cock in your whore ass?"

She whimpered again, and the same tightness that brought her
suffering gave Rob intense satisfaction. An orgasm was building,
and it felt as the perfect, violent, unrestrained climax he had
been waiting for his entire life. Soon, he was growling in
ecstasy straight into her ear.

- "You bitch...", his hoarse voice gasped. "I'm gonna cum in your
ass! Uuhhhh... I'm raping you in your fucking ass! Uuuhhh!!"

He tensed up and filled her stomach with rivers of hot, thick

Then, he pulled out and sat back on the bench to rest,
distractedly kicking her panties down in the river,
half-expecting her to follow them into the cold water by her own
initiative. He was genuinely surprised when she instead returned
to the bench, curling up against him.


At her place, she didn't have more than a mattress on the floor.
He nodded off after another quick fuck, and at some point he
realized he was spending the night. He barely registered her
getting up to breast-feed the crying baby.

Suddenly, the morning sun was coming in through a window and
there was a fresh-made cup of coffee in front of him. She was
sitting by his side in a white morning robe, and she smiled

- "I didn't know...", she hesitated. "I mean... Would you like
your cock sucked? I mean ... before coffee? Or maybe while you
drink it?"

He sipped his cup drowsily. You could hear the baby make some
kind of noise in the background.

- "Look...", Rob started in tired confusion. "Just to make
sure... I'm not a relationship kind of guy. You get that, don't
you? Seriously, aren't you even afraid, after what happened at
the river? And that baby..."

Angela simply moved her hand down, clasping his morning
semi-erection, and her fingers felt delicate and irresistible.
The cock grew to its full 7 inches in her gentle grip.

- "She doesn't even have a name...", Angela chose as her
response. "It was such a strange thing when I had her, way
over there. I've never really thought of her as a baby. I've
felt more like she's just another part of my body, like an

She opened her robe and revealed her milk-swollen breasts.

- "And, I would really like to give my body away...", she said
with a tremor of uncertainty.

She had shaved her cunt clean for him, and you could see the
wetness of the slit.

- "But yes, I'm afraid...", she continued. "You hurt me so much,
yesterday. But you really saved me, too... I was thinking...
Maybe I owe you ... everything... Don't you think?"

By now, his cock was rigid, and when he was hard, some decisions
came easier.

- "If you really want...", he started."...we could pack all your
things and go to my place, right this second. I'm warning you one
last time... You're going to regret it."


They had barely stepped into his house and locked the door before
his firm hands pushed Angela down toward the door mat.

- "Ok...", Rob said calmly. "What are you waiting for? Are you
gonna disappoint me already?"

She took the hint and, still holding the baby, managed to get on
her knees and work the fly of his pants open. She reached in and
fumbled for his cock, and once she had it out she put her mouth
to it in a hurry, letting it swell between her warm lips.

- "That's right!", Rob moaned with a smile downward. "You're
here... You only have to worry about that cock now, don't you?"

And Angela did what she was supposed to, sucking him hard,
allowing him to hold her head and fuck it with increasing
violence. She gagged. Rob stabbed a few times to keep her throat
convulsing around him, and he felt a very fast orgasm
approaching. Life was looking up!

Each spurt of sperm seemed to come out as a river, flowing down
her throat, forcing her to swallow rapidly. When he was drained,
he pulled back in satisfaction.

- "Take all your clothes off!", he ordered. "You go naked, ok?
Then start cleaning! The place is a mess... You can take a break
in a couple of hours and start making lunch! In my home, you'll
earn your stay..."

Angela was still on her knees, looking up in submission. Rob
couldn't believe how easily this had happened. His cock started
to swell again.


He fucked her from behind as she was vacuuming, and then he did
it again as she cooked their food. As the afternoon passed, the
house slowly became cleaner and cleaner. Rob spent his time in
front of the TV, occasionally stroking his cock to the sight of
the naked woman working. A lot of the time, she had to carry the
baby and struggle. When at one point she passed by, he jabbed his
fingers insensitively into her crotch.

- "Mmhhh...", he said, probing her vaginal entrance. "You should
be wet, you fucking cow, being so close to me. Don't you agree?"

- "Yes... I want to be wet for you...", Angela answered, with
unfitting hesitation.

Rob removed his fingers.

- "Good...", he continued, getting up. "So we'll just beat you
wet with pleasure, right? And you'll love it, because if you
didn't, you wouldn't be here, would you?"

He made her kneel in front of him and raise her face nervously,
waiting for his stroke. Then he slapped her the first time. It
took half a second for her world to stop spinning, and she forced
herself to look up again.

- "Mmhhh...", she made herself moan. "I love it... I ... really
love you!"

- "I'm starting to think you're just a whore...", he said,
slapping her even harder. "Aren't you? Don't you regret coming
here now?"

When her bright-red face looked up the next time, Rob's cock had
grown petrified.

- "I really love you...", she compelled herself to whisper, with
some more feeling this time. "I promise. You're all I've ever

He reached down between her legs, and then he slapped her over
and over. She looked up dutifully, tearing up after each heavy
impact of his hand. Finally, he seemed content. His fingers were
glistening with juices, and he raised them into her mouth,
allowing her to clean them. Her body had responded to violence
in the way it was built to, lubricating, preparing to accept
penetration. She even licked with pride, as if this showed she
was good enough for him.

- "That's better...", he said with a gentle smile. "Now, get that
fucking baby and do your other job!"

Angela walked over to pick up her baby girl, who was just about
to start crying. The child calmed down at the milky tit of her
mother. Then, Angela was led by Rob to the sofa.

The child suckled hungrily. Rob played with his fingers in
Angela's obedient, messy, spread cunt.

- "I can see your wetness...", he said, watching her cunt. "What
are you thinking?"

- "I'm thinking of your cock...", Angela answered with pride
over knowing this answer. " much I love your cock."

It seemed the combination of having milk sucked from your breast
and your cunt fingered was very satisfying, so Rob stopped. He
took her hand instead, and he guided her fingers to her baby's
ass and in through the soft infant cunt slit.

Angela let out a quiet, involuntary moan of unexpected excitement
when she was forced to feel up her daughter's undeveloped fuck
slit. When Rob removed his hand, Angela continued playing around
with her fingers in obedience. He sat down to stroke his cock,
enjoying the show.


He never allowed her near the front-facing windows. She was his
little secret, and he saw no reason to change that. A set of
cheap cameras kept her under constant surveillance when he wasn't
there. He had bought her clothes now, at a yard sale, finding
several outfits worn by housewives in the 1950s, which in his
opinion was appropriate attire for a cock hole who spent her days
waiting for her man to return. Also, the knee-length skirts and
aprons were practical for lifting over her ass whenever he
needed to bend her over for a fuck.

From the first workday, Rob had felt as a new man. Every evening
was a new high-point, walking up to his home, opening his door,
and finding a worshipping whore in the hallway.

Still, one day came when he couldn't feign piece of mind, and
Angela could tell something upset him. It took her some courage
to break the silence.

- "Is... Is something wrong?", she asked with a weak, worried

He handed her his coat and looked her up and down while she hung
it. Her shirt was dry around the bra-less nipples, which told him
she had just changed, dressing up for his arrival. Otherwise, her
leaking mammary-glands would have soaked the cotton. Her homely
skirt fit snugly around her ass.

- "There was just a woman at work, today, and...", he started and
interrupted himself.

- "I'm sorry...", Angela said with a devastated combination of
sympathy and inadequacy on her face.

- "It's just...", he continued with some anger in his voice. "I
had to fight with everything I had to control myself, until now,
when I could come home to you..."

She smiled, relaxing, happy for words of appreciation. His right
hand discreetly clenched into a fist. If you looked carefully,
you could see his cock swelling inside his pants.

Angela was half-way through whispering another excuse when Rob
took a step forward and pounded his fist with full force into
her stomach, sinking his knuckles through the soft weakness.

- "Aahhh!! That's so good, you bitch!", he gasped in pleasure
while his knuckles sunk through her belly. "Fuck you, you dirty

She tumbled to the floor in a fetal position, gagging for air.

Rob unbuttoned his pants, and then he lay down behind the
pain-choking woman and yanked her skirt up, before his fingers
pried her naked asscheeks apart with fumbling urgency. He
brought his raging, throbbing cock to the anal orifice and
forced himself in without concern, and Angela screamed straight
out in shock as his unlubricated shaft tore its way through her
clenched sphincter.

- "What was that?", he shouted into her ear. "What did you say,
you stupid cock-hole?"

She tried to draw new air to answer. His crotch slapped
brutally into her soft asscheeks, over and over. Tears were
streaming down her face.

- "I...", she finally choked out through extreme restraint. "I
love you... I love your cock..."

- "Yeah, that's right... Cunt!", Rob snorted into her ear. "Fuck

He fucked her harder and harder, lunging his cock through her
overwhelmed asshole.

- "Ohh, yeaahh...", he grunted. "Fuuuck, your ass is good... I'm
gonna come! You fat cow! Aaahhh... Fuck you!!"

He grabbed her neck hard with his brutal hand, and he tugged and
pushed her with more and more violence. She lost control and
started whimpering in pain again, just before Rob finally grunted
and tensed up. His shaft cramped and cramped, spewing
pleasure-sperm deep up inside her.

- "Aaahhhh...", Rob moaned, relaxing slowly. "Perfect... You're
such a worthless, stupid pig..."

He pulled out roughly. He got up and moved toward the dinner
table, and Angela scurried up from the floor he had left her on.

- "Food on the table... There's truly nothing to complain
about...", he remarked as he saw the plate put out for him. "Get
under here while I eat!"

He started chewing, and Angela crawled hurriedly in under the
table and took his cock in her mouth to clean away the strong
scent of ass. Rob let out a moan of true satisfaction.


- "Come here!", Rob said, leaning back in his armchair. "The
finals are on tonight. It's good to torture myself through these
games, so I have something to talk about at the customer visits."

He turned the game on, and then he guided Angela's head down to
his cock. Soon, he was drinking the first of 4 beer next to his

- "That's good!", he said. "Just keep that mouth tight around the
shaft until we're done! See if you can make me come between every
time I piss, will you? Aahhhh... You'll be such a good little
scum bucket..."


- "Oohhh, man...", Rob said, entering the door after a hard day's
work. "I got stuck forever in traffic. Come quick!"

Angela came, kneeling down in mid-stride, beaming welcoming joy,
looking up subserviently. She closed her mouth around Rob's cock
as he took it out, and she started tonguing the smooth skin.

- "Aaahhh...", he gasped. "That's good... I'm about to burst. I
think it's time to see how much your little stomach can really

Angela knew the drill by now, and she started swallowing as soon
as he released the flow. The drinking woman focused only on
opening her throat, ignoring any notion to think about warmth or
taste. But after half a minute, her abilities were being tested,
and her throat began convulsing. She had to fight the pressure to
keep almost a quart of piss down, and more was still coming. At
the last moment, the flow slowed to a trickle, allowing her to
make it through to the end.

Rob gave her the help she needed to get up from her knees. He
bent her over away from him. She focused all of her efforts on
not retching while he put his now erect cock in between her

The piss-bloated woman whimpered in agony as the dry, hard shaft
ripped into her asshole, which was already aching and inflamed
after recent coming-home assaults. He enjoyed a few strokes
through the tortured rectal cavity, but the baby was waking up
from the sounds of its mother's anguish, and soon Rob started
pushing Angela in front of him, still fucking her, all the way to
the crib in the next room.

- "Make that little cunt shut up!", Rob ordered with a cruel
laugh. "Do you think she's horny? Lick her slit for me! Eat that
baby cunt!"

Angela bent over the edge of the crib to follow instructions, all
the time groaning from the brutal assfuck. She started kissing
her daughter's crotch carefully. Then, Angela slid her tongue up
and down the little child piss slit. As if someone had cast a
spell, the baby started quietening down. Rob reached down to
finger Angela's cunt slit with callous roughness.

- "Is your cunt mine?", he asked with hint of viciousness in his
voice. "Can I do whatever I want to it?"

Angela seemed taken aback by the question.

- "Yes...", she answered uncertainly. "...of course... You own my
cunt... I've given it to you..."

He took one of her hands and moved it down into the baby's little

- "Both cunts?", he asked.

- "Of course!", she gasped.

Angela stayed silent, staring dumbfoundedly at her fingers in the
baby's crotch.

- "Put your finger in her!", Rob ordered. "I want to watch it."

At this point, Angela let out a pant, so discrete it sounded
secretive. Rob's fingers were suddenly becoming very wet with her
flowing juices. He kept masturbating her while moving his cock,
deep inside her intestine.

- "Ooohh...", she gasped quietly. "I'm doing it, for you..."

- "Yes you are.", he urged her on. "Do it right now! Get it
inside for me!"

Angela pressed her crotch back against his fingers and shaft, and
she panted faster, almost as if she was getting close to a
rushing orgasm. Then, the baby cried out.

- "It's difficult.", Angela gasped. "Something's resisting...
stretching... And I think the hole is too small, too."

- "No it's not.", Rob stated calmly. "Just get yourself through!
You have to do it, now! Push harder!"

For a moment, Angela seemed completely absorbed with fucking
her ass back on the cock and grinding her cunt against Rob's
strong fingers. Then, she gathered her courage and shoved harder
with her finger, and the little baby pussy hole opened up around
her, letting her sink in to the first knuckle. Angela suddenly
shouted out in a violent, quick, unstoppable climax.

- "Aaahhh...", she cried. "I'm gonna come! She's so tight around
me! Aahhh... Aaahhh..."

Rob felt her spasms. He gave her half a minute of orgasm, but
already knew how he wanted to finish this. In the end, he pulled
out of the ass to step up and put his glistening cock head
against the child's crying mouth.

To everyone's surprise, the baby stopped crying with the organ at
her lips. Rob let out an moan as the child actually made a few
confused attempts at sucking his tip, like a nipple. The grown
man started masturbating with a purpose.

- "Fuck yes!", he shouted. "It's time to drink sperm, you little
cunt! And taste mommy's dirty ass! Uuuhhh... Fuuuck!!"

He looked over at Angela, who was still blushing from her orgasm
and now staring at Rob's cock with fascination. At the same time,
she was still holding the baby with a finger wedged inside the
little cunt. For a few seconds, the baby's lips really managed to
suck the tip of the organ. This was enough to push Rob over the
edge, and his shaft started twitching.

He came, and the baby responded by swallowing the first spurt as
if there was nothing to it. Only at the third eruption of sperm
did the little mouth cough and drool white liquid out all over
its cheeks.

Rob pulled back an inch and shot several strands of sperm out
over the little face.


It was later in the evening. Angela was on her knees, sucking Rob
off while he was sitting in his chair, watching porn.

- "Do you really think you loved my piss enough, today?", he
asked with an undertone of disappointment.

Angela's face was an image of fear and shame as she let his cock
out of her mouth to answer.

- "You're so wonderful to me...", she started with a
self-deprecating, almost crying voice. "If I disappointed you, I
can't forgive myself..."

- "So...", Rob smiled wickedly. "How do you think you should be
punished? Should I beat you?"

- "I promise...", she said with submissive distress in her voice.
"I love your fist... It would be a reward. I would be the
happiest woman in the world if you would beat me..."

Her answers kept Rob's cock rock hard. He stood up and motioned
for her to follow him.

- "Then hold up your arms!", he instructed cruelly.

Angela's hands were trembling with anxiety as she lifted them,
higher and higher, until they were above her head and her arms
were stretching her breasts up. Rob reached down to her cunt,
examining it with his fingers. Then he tightened his fist and held
it up to her lips.

- "Kiss it!", he ordered.

When she had kissed the knuckles with appropriate respect, he
stepped back for a hard blow, planting his fist right in the
center of one of her swollen tits. She screamed as she tripped
backward and crouched over, groaning in pain.

- "You're just a worthless slut.", Rob said with a laugh. "Get up!
Lift your arms and show me your tits! I'm going to beat the other
one as well. I think I want to break a rib this time. What do you

You could see her chest heaving, aching for breath. She struggled
to straighten her back and lift her arms.

This time, Rob aimed with more purpose, putting more weight
behind his punch into the other tit. You could actually hear a
crack from the underlying chest bones. Angela collapsed on the
floor, bellowing in painful attempts to get air. Rob kicked her
hard, first in her back and then right in one of her smooth
asscheeks, and she rolled over on her side. Then he brought his
foot to her face.

- "Kiss my foot!", he said calmly. "Suck it!"

Angela seemed unable to answer, but she at least forced herself
to open her mouth and accept Rob's toes in between her lips. She
sucked and licked the sweat between his toes, and she licked and
kissed the dirty sole of his foot. Then, he took a step back to
get some force behind a new brutal kick right in her stomach. He
watched her pitilessly, stroking his petrified cock.

- "That's right, you no-good bitch!", he said. "Don't you have
something to say?"

He watched while Angela tried to compose herself.

- "I...", she eventually managed. "I love you... Uuhh..."

- "Yeah...", he agreed. "Spread your legs and tell me to beat
your cunt!"

She obeyed him, rolling over on her back and spreading her legs.

- "Beat me!", she whispered as theatrically as she could. "Your
fists make me wet... Beat my dirty wet cunt!"

Rob sat down on his knees, and then he brought a fist down on her
pubic bone from above. You could hear the slam of her hips
against the hard stone floor. Rob brought his arm back for a new
punch, aiming straight for the moist cunt slit. He pummelled his
knuckles into the tender lips with a wet thump, and Angela
released another suffering moan. Then he moved up to straddle her
broken chest, and he pulled her head up.

- "Suck my cock, you fuck!", he said. "Lick it! Kiss it, you
useless fuck!"

He slapped her face, harder and harder, while she stretched out
her tongue to his cock.

- "You know...", he said as he watched her kiss his shaft in
desperation. "I'm going to give you one more chance make up for
what happened today. Do you want to start now, while I'm in my
good mood?"

He looked down into her tear-streaming eyes with an expression
that told her not to move, since he didn't intend for her to
answer. He simply relaxed and started pissing hard down her
throat, and she had to swallow fast, with frantic gulps.

When his bladder had filled up her stomach, he pulled out, and
she belched around the withdrawing shaft. He laughed, and then he
sat back in his chair again.

- "Go get me a few beer!", he said. "And get yourself a big
glass, as well! We're watching movies tonight!"

She sprang to her feet and ran out the door. Seconds later, she
was back and on her knees. Rob was already sipping his first
beer, enjoying her tongue and an inspiring piece of abusive porn.

- "Tonight, you get to keep it all in your body, just to show me
you can.", he said, tapping his 4 beer cans. "When you have to
go, you'll just piss in the glass and drink it over and over
again. Because that is what you want, isn't it? To really show
how you love everything that comes from my body..."

The damaged woman let out a moan of acceptance around his cock.

Soon, he was watching the screen attentively and releasing short,
warm, watery streams from his cock every few minutes. It took
almost an hour before Angela had to bring the glass in under her
cunt for the first time. She pissed almost a pint, and then Rob
watched with interest as she drank it all back down as fast as
she could. She choked but controlled herself.

A few times, he grabbed her head hard, pulling her hair, and then
he grunted and ejaculated down her throat.

- "You sick whore...", he would say every now and then, slapping
her lazily. "Drink it, you dirty piss drain!"

As the evening progressed, you could see her stomach growing
remarkably swollen. She spent more and more time with the glass
between her legs. There almost wasn't time to raise it to her
lips to pour the warm contents in. At the same time, she had
started groaning in unrelenting suffering.

- "How does it feel, cunt?", he asked, slapping her hard across
the face.

- "Uunnhhh... I love you...", she forced herself to reply through
a sniffle. "I love you so much..."

He slapped her even harder. Then he forced her down on his cock,
making her choke. She managed to swallow her own regurgitation,
although a few strands of piss slime still hung down from her

- "You scum-sucking slut...", he spat out through delighted
fucking of her skull.

The unusual overload of stimulation, watching piss and anal rapes
on the screen while he urinated into his own female toilet mouth,
allowed Rob to come 4 more times in just as many hours. Then, he
called it a night.

- "It's getting late.", he said as he stood up. "I want to go
sleep, but I don't want a fat piss-cow like you in bed with

He looked down at Angela, who was breathing shallowly, constantly
fighting to keep herself from throwing up. She seemed unable to
get on her feet. You could tell it would take several days for
her to recover from this ordeal.

- "Look at you!", he said. "You look like a balloon... If I
kicked you in the stomach, you'd burst and die."

It was true. She looked swollen almost as a pregnant woman. She
held her hands over her cunt, as if she had to press the urine
back in with her fingers. At the same time she let out a
wet-sounding belch. A little liquid dribbled over her lips.

Rob simply turned to the stairs, and she crawled up behind him.

- "You'll sleep on the floor!", he instructed. "You can't get up,
and you can't vomit. But I'll allow you to piss yourself if you
sleep in it."


- "Today, I want you to expand her.", Rob said one morning,
referring to the baby, of course. "Work her with your finger!
We'll watch the surveillance films together when I come home."

Once he returned from work, he didn't waste any time.

They got naked into a sofa in front of an upstairs screen. Rob
leaned back. Angela masturbated him, and the baby suckled its
mother's naked tits. Rob skipped forward, pausing for the bits
where Angela dutifully pissed in a glass bowl he'd given her. He
enjoyed a part when she breastfed the toddler and masturbated,
also playing with the tiny child cunt. At one point, the suckling
infant trickled its urine all over Angela's stomach.

- "Aaaahhh...", Rob moaned as she jerked him off. "You dirty
slut! Does it turn you on to be a baby's piss whore?"

- "I love doing anything for you...", she replied almost

She started demonstratively fingering the baby's cunt for Robert.

- "Absolutely anything...", Angela continued with a delirious

At the same time on the screen, you saw the same finger
penetrating the same crotch. Soon, the film showed a crying child
having her cunt stretched by her mother.

Rob also brought his finger to the waiting baby crotch.

- "Keep jerking me off!", he said. "And help me hold her legs

Angela did as she was instructed. Soon, his fingertip was
prodding the impossibly tight hole of the baby cunt. He pushed,
and the child reacted with displeased sounds. You saw his finger
force itself relatively easily in until the fingernail was gone.

- "Fuck...", he panted. "I really can't believe how tight she
is... So small... She could never survive a cock..."

Angela dutifully masturbated him faster and faster, registering
his mounting arousal. He started finger fucking the baby half-way
in between his first and second knuckle now. You could see the
stretching baby crotch tissue around his finger.

- "Aahhh.... I think I hit bottom already.", he smiled at Angela.
"You know, you make me feel pretty good while I rape your little

- "You make me so happy...", Angela panted back, glowing in
proud determination. "I want to do this for you, so much."

Rob smiled. He tested how much he could stretch the little cunt.
His cock head was starting to get messy with leaked-out cum,
signalling an approaching orgasm. Angela jerked him off furiously
now, kissing his body wherever she could.

- "Kiss the baby instead!", he ordered.

Angela did as she was asked. She pressed her mouth down, giving
Rob a good look of a grown woman's tongue sliding into an infant
mouth. He allowed the kiss to continue for some time, but then he
pushed her away and tried it himself. He laughed from the
peculiar sensation of french-kissing a baby girl, feeling the
soft little tongue.

Suddenly, he got up on his knees in the sofa, and he angled his
cock head down between the tiny, smooth fuck lips. Angela gasped
in shock as he started pressing his cock head into the child
cunt. But he stopped once he had found his position, pointing
straight into the undeveloped hole, and he made her continue
jerking him off. It only took a few long, firm strokes, and then
she could feel his sperm shooting into the tiny vaginal hole. She
stared at him, impressed by the way his muscles tensed up all
over his body as he came, grunting in furious pleasure.

- "Yeah!", he exclaimed. "We just raped your infant! What do you
say? Did you like my cock putting sperm inside your baby cunt?"

- "You're so sexy... I want this so much...", she replied
with a dreaming voice.

He leaned back in the sofa, playing casually with his softening

- "Drink the cum for me!", he said. "Suck her clean!"

Angela put her mouth to the little cunt and licked everything
away. Then, she lifted the child. The little girl started crying
in the air, but Angela just used her tongue to catch the sperm
that came dripping out of the tiny fuck slit. The trickle
finished, and the puffy cunt suddenly started pissing instead,
straight into the gaping mouth below. Angela didn't even
hesitate. She allowed her mouth to fill until the little stream
petered out. Then, she swallowed in two large gulps while Rob
saluted her with an amused golf clap.


Next day, he made Angela press two of her fingers into the baby
cunt and fingerfuck the stretching hole while she squatted over
the naked, squirming little body and pissed on it. It turned into
a good film, which he watched several times in the evening,
fucking Angela.

- "Tomorrow, I'll bring you a dildo to start stretching her all
the way.", he decided.

With that, he filled her cunt with sperm.


- "You're starting to look fat!", he established viciously.
"You're more than swollen. And I noticed you throwing up."

Of course, Rob knew what was going on, but just to make a point
he first punched her in her naked stomach. After she had folded
over in pain, he walked around behind her and massaged his cock
to hardness, waiting for an answer.

- "I'm pregnant.", she eventually confirmed with a moan. "I think
4 months..."

He laughed and plowed himself into her anus.

- "Yeah!", he responded to her cry of pain. "So there's a baby in
you? We should beat it every day, don't you think? To prepare it
for what's gonna come?"

- "Ye... Yes...", the fucked woman managed to whisper. "I can't
wish anything better for my baby than to be beaten by you... I
love your hands... I love your cock... You're the most beautiful
thing I'll ever know..."


Autumn came and went. One Tuesday evening, Angela suddenly
informed her man that her outside-the-womb baby was now
stretched-out enough to accommodate the first inch of the dildo -
all the way up to full thickness - in both cunt and ass.

Rob was admiring the curvature of Angela's very big and pregnant
stomach, caressing it. She wasn't more than weeks away now.

- "Mmmhhh...", he responded. "It's a good thing we have a
replacement coming, isn't it? Now... This old baby, it's your
baby, after all... You're the mother..."

- "Your desire is all that matters to me.", she said with a
blank, determined expression on her face.

- "That's a good fuck whore...", Rob said, still gently massaging
the stretching stomach skin.

He tightened his hand and gave the belly bump a violent punch.
Then, as she fought to recover, he fucked her, first in the cunt
then in the ass. After he came in her colon, he pulled out and
punched her again, using her stomach as a boxing ball, making her
let out a wet fart, dripping white cum out of her ass.

- "We'll do it Saturday.", Rob eventually decided, giving her a
rest. "You're not allowed to eat any more food until then. You're
just a fat, ugly cow. I don't want a flabby fuck pig, so you
might as well lose a few pounds. But most important, on Saturday
you'll be starving!"

- "Yes...", Angela agreed through exhaustion. "I love you..."

He slapped her in the face so the entire room echoed, and then he
pulled her head to his cock and allowed her tongue to clean him
from rectal residue.


It was the morning of the big day. The first thing Rob did was to
tape the baby's mouth shut.

- "There!", he said proudly. "She'll never scream again! Isn't
that something to celebrate?"

Angela smiled and kissed him, caressing his rising cock. They
were both naked, as usual. He kept talking.

- "Piss on your baby for me!", he instructed. "Just put her on
the floor!"

He sat down with his morning coffee while Angela followed
instruction, squatting down and emptying her bladder on the
helpless child below. The girl had improved her motor skills,
and at this point she might have been able to turn over and even
crawl away, if not for the growing, slippery puddle around her.
Rob motioned for Angela to come to him, and soon she sat down in
his lap. He held his cup up to her tit.

- "I think I want some milk today!", he said, waiting.

She smiled, and she used her fingers to squirt white milk from
her nipple into the black coffee. Soon, the liquid in the cup had
been stirred out to a light brown. Rob tasted it.

- "Mmhh... Excellent...", he said. "I think I could get used to

As he spoke, he maneuvered Angela onto his erection. She purred
in pleasure as she sank down around him.

- "Oohhh...", she moaned. "I'm so glad you like my milk..."

Rob only smiled in response and nibbled one of her nipples inside
his mouth, starting to nurse the swollen tit. She reacted
strongly as he sucked fast streams of milk out of her. Her other
hard nipple started leaking as well, dripping white. She came
first. Then, Rob moaned in pleasure into the fat mammary, and his
cock erupted with sperm.


It wasn't until after lunch that he was rested and completely
prepared. Angela had used the dildo for a final stretching of the
baby's fuck holes, and Rob had watched her with interest. Now,
they had put the child in the sofa, and Angela had lubricated the
holes in the tiny crotch, spreading glistening baby oil through
the puffy slit and the ass crack. Then, she had covered Rob's
entire shaft.

- "Ohh... Fuuck..." Rob gasped, half delirious with arousal.
"This is gonna be so good... Can you open the legs for me?"

Angela grabbed the baby's feet and pulled them wide apart,
without flinching, and Rob pointed his cock down to the smooth
and inviting child crotch. It seemed impossible. His organ was so
much thicker that the tiny, immature slit. Still, after moving
around it seemed he had already slid in the first fraction of an
inch. He was in place. They both stared with fascination.

- "You're so sexy!", Angela panted encouragingly. "Your cock is
so hard and big... You're going to destroy my baby..."

Rob pushed, and you could see his cock head slip further in,
slowly. There was no way this would have worked without the
lubrication, but now the hole was unable to resist the pressure.
The baby struggled, and at the same time its entire crotch seemed
to disjoint and open up. Rob's thick shaft slowly dug its way in.
You could actually see the little pubic mound starting to push
up, giving place. The stubby child thighs even seemed to separate
at their bases around his girth.

- "Mmhhhh... Unnhhh...", he grunted as he tried a stunted thrust.

The smooth, glistening slit gradually swallowed up the first two
inches of cock, taking him to the bottom of the tiny hole. He
gasped in wide-eyed surprise and pleasure.

- "Uuuhhh... So cramped...", he cried out. " a vice..."

He spent a few moments composing himself. Then, he tried moving.
At first, he was careful. He managed to pull out half an inch,
and he drove himself back in through the warm squeeze.

- "Mmmhhh...", he reflected, trying to provoke a reaction from
the mother. "Do you think there's any chance she could survive a
real fucking?"

- "No...", Angela responded, only staring in amazement. "You'll
mash her insides, and she'll die... Maybe in a few hours. Maybe
tomorrow. But you look so sexy inside her... I'll help you fuck
the life out of her, if you want..."

Rob didn't need encouragement.

- "Oohhh, fuuck!!", he shouted, stretching the tiny rape hole.
"It's so amazing! Fuuuck... Look! She's squeezing me..."

Then, in a perfect thrust, he lunged forward and broke through
almost an inch deeper into the child. He cried out in surprise,
pulled back, and shoved himself in just as deep once more,
forcing his way through the cervix. Now you could really see him
pushing deeper into the stomach. The cock seemed to stretch the
little uterus all the way up to the lungs.

- "I'm gonna come!", he screamed, fucking harder and harder. "I
want you to lick my ass! Make it perfect!"

Angela rushed to obey, moving around behind him and spreading his
asscheeks, bringing her tongue in between them. At the same time,
he grabbed the little child's limbs, pulling them apart as if
they were chicken legs. He pumped his cock in and out, faster and
harder. Angela swirled her tongue across his asshole, and Rob
exploded with pleasure into the tiny mangled body.

He kept going for almost half a minute, spasming and grunting,
enjoying his ass being tongued while he filled a broken infant
with sperm. At the end, he finally collapsed on top of the little
body. He managed to roll to the side after his breath was back to

- "Is she alive?", he asked, exhausted.

The mother touched her child carefully, inspecting it.

- "Yes...", she finally concluded. "For a while, at least."

Rob pulled his cock out. He rested the softening limb on the bald
baby crotch, and with a sigh he let out a relaxed stream of piss
all over the battered creature.

- "Good!", he said. "Because I want to fuck her in the ass before
she gives up..."


- "Hold those buttcheeks apart!", he said, half an hour later.

Angela reached down and used her fingertips to pull the baby's
ass wide open. They had turned the very quiet, barely moving baby
over on her stomach. The bald slit was a little flabby and
shapeless now - fucked apart once and for all. If it had been
difficult to believe Rob's cock would fit in the cunt, it
appeared completely absurd that he would now be able to penetrate
the very tight little anus.

Angela prepared the act by using her thumbs to massage the
puckered opening, showing how it could open. Then, Rob pointed
his stiff cock in place. He rocked back and forth, watching his
organ poke the skin inward.

- "I'm finally gonna do it...", he gasped with amazement. "I'm
gonna rape a baby's ass! And it fucking turns me on so bad..."

- "You're so sexy...", Angela responded. "I want your cock to
enjoy her... Go ahead! Fuck my little girl!"

Rob let out a concentrated grunt, and then he pressed harder.
Angela helped him by massaging the oily skin with her thumbs, and
all of a sudden you saw the hole push and open, and the petrified
rape flesh slipped inside. It stopped dead with only the tip
buried, but Rob gasped spontaneously. Both adults stared down in

The infant sphincter had stretched as a rubber band, but it held
together, digging deep into the top of the shaft. When Rob tried
to move, it became apparent that he was stuck. The only way in
would be to force himself right through the entire body.

He lifted the little girl from under the stomach, angling her so
he would be able to drive himself deeper in a straight line from
the ass all the way up to the lungs.

- "Go ahead!", Angela panted in amazement, masturbating hard.
"This is it! Stab her! Fuck my baby to death! Oohhh... Kill my
girl with your wonderful cock!"

Rob smiled, gasped, and pushed, jabbing himself inward in short
thrusts. When half his cock was inside the surrendering body, he
started grunting with more intensity.

- "Oh fuck!", he gasped. "You can't believe how good it feels!"

It wasn't long before he was snorting in a building climax,
impaling the baby ass while he mashed the little girl down in
the sofa, doing all he could to destroy her helpless little
body with his cock. His crotch was pounding against the smooth,
tiny asscheeks. The base of his cock was swelling and tensing
up as it slid in and out of the ruined sphincter.

Angela watched the cock disappear to the hilt inside the broken
body, and she panted through masturbation, encouraging Rob's
orgasm. He had closed his eyes, and now he was gasping with an
open mouth, drooling from the intense pleasure that came from
feeling his sperm pumping out into a dying infant.

- "Aaahhhh...", Rob shouted in climaxing ecstasy. "Uuhhh...
Uunhhh... Fuuuck... So amazing..."

Unbelievably, the baby still appeared to flinch and move after
being speared half-way through. The soft little pads of the
baby's asscheeks were pushed out wide and out of place around
the shaft.

- "Fuuck... That was something...", Rob panted, finally
returning to his senses.

He caressed Angela's pregnant stomach. Then he held the raped
baby body in place while he yanked his shaft out. There was some
mess and pulp around the top, but not more than you'd expect,
given the amount of violence. Angela knelt to suck him clean.

- "Go turn on the oven!", he said. "And grease up the casserole!
You're getting dinner tonight..."


He stood behind Angela, fucking her pregnant cunt leisurely.
There was barely enough room for her big stomach against the
kitchen table. They had put the mangled baby up on a
cutting-board. Miraculously, the naked little girl still showed
faint signs of life after almost an hour.

- "Take the knife!", Rob ordered. "Open the stomach enough to
disembowel her, and just throw the insides into the bucket!"

He thumped against Angela's ass as he slid in and out. She
obviously struggled with herself over what he had told her to
do, but she also panted in reflex from the stimulation in her
cunt. Then, her hand moved, grabbing the knife.

- "Of course...", she finally said, focusing.

She put the tip of the knife against the baby's soft stomach.

Rob was playing with a milk-leaking nipple now. Angela panted
softly from physical pleasure. She seemed to find courage,
holding her breath in concentration, and she put a little weight
on the knife, pushing with some remaining hesitation until the
surrendering skin broke, and the blade sunk into the living
stomach. Rob grunted brutally at the sight, and Angela moaned as
his cock slammed into the bottom of her fuck hole. Without
pausing for thought, she managed to carve an incision several
inches long, from the ribs down to the crotch.

- "Uuuhhhh... Pull it out!", Rob ordered. "Empty her for me!"

Angela put the knife on the table. She made herself squish her
fingers down into the opened stomach. Most of the ropey entrails
slipped out of her grip, but she managed to get a loop out. Rob
kept fucking her, making her moan automatically as she pulled the
surprisingly long intestines out of her little baby.

- "That's good enough!", he said when the ropey flesh strained at
both ends. "Cut it!"

Her hands were slippery, but she managed, panting continuously
from the penetrating cock.

- "Now, wash your hands and clean the baby meat!", Rob ordered.
"Can you do it yourself, or should I help you?"

- "I can do it...", Angela whispered with a strange mix of pride
and shame in her voice.

First, she stuck her arms down between her legs. Seconds later,
she pissed on her hands and washed them in the flow. She started
splashing urine up on the baby, rubbing its skin with her fingers
until it was clean.

- "Good!", Rob praised her. "Now get it in the casserole and put
the stuffing in."

Rob kept fucking her cunt without interruption. The baby actually
still moved ever so slightly even during the stuffing, bending a
finger or twisting a facial feature. Angela got to use some
string to tie the small legs up to the arms, keeping them all in
place, before putting salt and pepper all over the skin.

Rob stepped over to open the oven, jerking himself off next to
the beautiful mother who put her daughter into the scalding air.

- "I think a part of her is really still alive.", Rob said,
impressed. "Make me come while we watch her cook!"


- "Cut it up!", Rob said with excitement, staring at the
well-done, browned, pork-like flesh. "I want the cunt! You can
start with a leg. Then, I want you to keep eating for me until
she's completely gone!"

At first, Angela hesitated. The mother's hand trembled - maybe
from hunger, maybe from some internal struggle - before she
finally forced herself to grab the cutlery and start carving.

Once Rob was served, he sunk his teeth into his tender baby cunt,
and Angela hesitantly lifted a hole leg to her mouth. She managed
to take a bite out of the thigh. Then, starvation won over any
conflicting emotions, and she started chewing and swallowing with
more and more eagerness.

Rob had already made her sit on his hard cock, riding it as they
started eating. Now, she started bobbing up and down faster and
faster. She was moaning both from the nutrition that filled her
mouth and the cock that filled her cunt. Her lips became greasy
with warm baby fat. Eventually, she sucked the last flesh from
the clean-picked thigh bone, and then she orgasmed loudly.

There was more than enough for them both to eat, and they kept
going through the evening. At the end, they fell asleep with
Rob's sperm dripping out of her cunt and his mouth on one of her
breasts, which he had sucked empty to quench his thirst after all
the food.

Angela felt so excited. She had crossed another limit tonight; it
was the perfect, unrestrained, violent love she had been
searching for her entire life. She was only for fucking now. She
was a slap toy, a rape ass, a piss-drinking pig whore to abuse in
any way possible. She would lovingly allow herself to be used for
every day of the rest of her life. She started masturbating,
thinking about it.

Then, she remembered her place and carefully moved her hand to
Rob's cock instead.


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