Author: Daddy Walker
Title: Gymnastic Cunt
Keywords: MF Mg Fg MF~g ws nc rape anal tort snuff


Gymnastic Cunt

Jenny's panties were juicy when she entered her home. She had
been able to smell herself the entire drive home, and now she
desperately needed her husband's fat cock.

He smiled at her dark haired, slim apparition from over by the
kitchen table where he was putting dinner out. She loved how he
looked when he cooked in jeans and a t-shirt. The sight of his
black hair and muscular arms and chest made her even wetter.

Their 10 year old daughter came in through the door, kicked her
shoes off, and ran down the stairs, taking her back pack to the
washing room. At the same time, Jenny walked up to her husband
and smiled happily, giving him a kiss and placing a hand on the
bulging organ between his legs.

She felt it stir against her palm. He was already expecting a
good fuck tonight. He knew by now that she always came back horny
after little girls' gymnastics class...


Two hours later, they were alone in bed. He was touching her firm
breasts and feeling up her soaked-through jeans-crotch.

- "So did you have a good time with all the girls tonight?", he
asked teasingly.

She smiled and opened her pants for him.

He always provoked her with these little questions. It was almost
as if he encouraged her fantasies, but she was still afraid to
bring them up...

He had a very large cock, and he took it out and just put it
against the trimmed, dark hair on her waiting cunt. When he
pressed, she simply felt the hard shaft expanding her. She was so
slippery that there was no real resistance. She closed her eyes
and started bucking her hairy, messy crotch against his stomach

Jenny thought about gymnastics class and a girl named Chloe.
There was something so extremely exciting about the girl. The way
she had her dark hair tied behind her neck... The way she
concentrated before a performance, making her appear as a stern,
grown woman with a 10 year old body... The way the black and
green leotard showed off her long, naked, strong, flexing legs...

Jenny pictured the tight Lycra cutting into the girl's protruding
pubic mound, stretching the suit around the hairless cunt lips

- "I'm gonna fucking come!", Jenny whispered into the ear of her
husband, who had barely started to fuck her yet.

As she closed her eyes, she imaged Chloe, spreading her legs into
a split and exposing her crotch to the entire world. In Jenny's
mind, the young crotch was naked. Jenny screamed in pleasure as
her soaking cunt cramped around her husband's cock.

After she had recovered, he pulled out carefully. She spent a
moment in fascination over how big his cock really was. It always
seemed to stretch her to her limits. She wondered what would
happen if he tried to get inside a little girl of Chloe's size...

- "Honey...", Jenny whispered, tracing her fingers over his hairy
chest muscles.

He didn't answer. She knew she had to say it now, or she might
never find the courage again...

- "When you've been surfing for porn...", she continued. "Have
you ever found any... child porn?"

Her heart began beating nervously. What if he misunderstood her?
She knew how protective he could get about their daughter...

- "What to you mean?", he said. "Stories or drawings or ... ?"

He didn't finish the sentence.

- "No...", was all she could bring herself to answer.

- "There is no other kind out there, honey...", her husband said

His answer threw her a bit off.

- "There isn't a country where cops wouldn't track you down...",
he continued. "Unless you're in some kind of porn-circle, I
guess... The only way to see that stuff is probably to make it

His eyes returned to hers, and she noticed a sly little smile on
his face.

She was holding his cock, and it twitched inside her hand.

- "Would you like that, honey?", she whispered excitedly.

The look in his eyes turned her on. He was a fuck machine...
All he needed was cunt, and he probably couldn't care less if it
wasn't of legal age... He crawled on top of her in silence,
spreading her legs. Then he put himself against her and pushed
inside. She moaned in satisfied submission.

He smiled down at her while he fucked her. He was so intense...
She felt so daring now...

- "Do little girls turn you on, honey?", she whispered.

She looked deep into his eyes again as his cock stretched her.
She could tell by her fuck machine's swelling that he was close.
After only a few thrusts, he grunted and filled her with


It was two weeks later. Jenny hooked a film up, and then she
crawled into bed next to her husband. They both unbuttoned their
jeans as the film started. The first few scenes showed girls
doing gymnastics. It was all filmed with the cam he had fitted
into the side of her purse.

- "You're right, honey...", her husband said when he saw the
little girls. "They're sexy!"

Jenny moved her hand to his warm, thick cock shaft. She told
him the names of each gymnastic girl on the film while she
stroked his growing organ.

The film moved to the girls' locker room now. The camera
lingered on Chloe, undressing from behind, pulling the tight
suit down, revealing her perfect asscheeks. Jenny's husband was
rock hard, and he grunted arousingly like a merciless predator.

Jenny leaned down and took the smooth, thick tip of his organ
inside her mouth, tasting an early drop of sperm on her tongue.

The camera moved into the shower rooms. Girls were walking naked
across the room. Some were shampooing their hair or washing their

Jenny sucked on her husband's erection, licking all around it,
showing him that she wanted him to enjoy what he was watching.

She felt herself releasing a short spurt of piss into the bed.
She could never control her bladder when she was this excited...

A tall, slender girl panned into view. Her long, wet hair hung
over her shoulders. She was washing her body in soap. For several
seconds, you could see her fingers moving back and forth through
her soapy, glistening child cunt-lips.

Jenny heard a deep moan from her husband, and then she felt his
cock cramping in her mouth. Spurt after spurt of thick, warm
sperm shot out over her tongue, and she did her best to swallow
the salty liquid.

When he had regained his strength, he offered to go down on her.
Jenny restarted the film and spread her legs, smiling at her
husband as he disappeared between them. She turned her eyes back
to the naked children on the screen...


Their daughter was spending three weeks at her cousins' in the
summer. Jenny and her husband had been planning their time alone
in the house for over a month.

They had set their sights on Chloe. Both her parents were
working, and there was a good chance the girl would be home alone
any given afternoon.

Jenny and her husband simply drove there and rang the door.

Chloe answered, and no one else was there. Everything happened
in seconds. They pushed their way in, wrestled her down in the
hall, and gave her a shot of tranquilizer, cooked up from an
internet recipe. It worked. They were in a rush...

Jenny found the little girl's gymnastics suit while her husband
carried the girl to the car. The couple made sure they had left
no traces, and then they left.

Jenny was high on nervous adrenaline. They didn't meet anyone on
their way out of the fancy neighborhood, and she doubted that
they had been noticed at all.


It was later in the evening, and they were with Chloe in their
bedroom, waiting for the girl to wake up.

Jenny circled the little body impatiently, filming it. The air
was thick with excitement... She couldn't believe they were
really going to do this...

Chloe was in her leotard from gymnastics class, lying on a
corner of the bed. The naked legs were spread. Her long, black
hair was spread behind her head.

Jenny zoomed in at the tight-fitting crotch. Her husband pulled
the suit to the side so you could see the hairless pussy. Then
he took his cock out. It looked monstrously big next to the

They both touched the exposed, velvet-soft cunt.

- "Oh god, it feels so smooth...", Jenny whispered.

Her husband moaned and slid a finger between the puffy cunt lips
while she knelt down in front of him. His pulsing cock was
already leaking with cum. He was so eager for this... Seeing him
in this state made her soak herself... She took his erection in
her mouth to relieve his torture.

It didn't take long before he was tensing up for orgasm. She
pulled her mouth back and held the hard shaft out towards the

- "Come on her, honey!", Jenny gasped.

He grunted, and thick spurts of sperm shot from his cock, landing
on the girl's inner thigh and cunt.

As soon as he was finished, Jenny dove into the naked crotch and
started eating the sperm away. She had been dreaming about this
moment forever. She was finally tasting the perfect cunt of the
perfect girl... Jenny unbuttoned her pants and began masturbating
while she slid her tongue through the fleshy folds. She worked
her squishing crotch to a fast orgasm, and her climactic moans
were muffled in the young fuck slit...


Chloe was finally coming around. The camera was up by the side of
the bed, and they had tested every angle, making sure they could
capture everything.

They were all naked. The girl was on her back. Jenny caressed her
husband's muscular chest, realizing in amazement how huge his
body was compared to the little girl. It seemed just his weight
would be enough to crush her.

His cock was rock hard, and it was impossible to believe it
could ever get inside that tiny cunt. Jenny's cunt was trickling
with anticipation for the sight...

- "You're so strong, Honey...", she whispered while she ran her
fingers down his firm arm muscles. "You're so hot..."

She climbed into the bed for him. She leaned against the wall
and slid her legs down below Chloe. Jenny put the little head up
on her own stomach. Her husband was waiting, stroking his cock.
She started caressing the girl. Somehow, acting comforting felt
very natural, in spite of what they were about to do...

- "Shhhhh...", Jenny said. "It's ok, Chloe... Don't worry...

Her husband obviously felt that the wait had been long enough,
and he climbed up in bed between the child's legs. Everything
happened fast.

- "Whhhhaat?", Chloe said with a disoriented look when she
noticed him between her spread legs.

He used a tube to lube up his shaft, and then he lay down over
the girl. Jenny caressed his thick arms lovingly. She felt her
own horny cunt smearing against Chloe's back.

He put his cock head against the smooth cunt lips. He spread them
with his fingers, looking around for the hole before he placed
himself against it. His cock seemed thicker than the entire pubic
mound. Jenny stared in fascination as he tried putting a little
pressure on the tiny cunt.

- "Owwwww... No!", Chloe cried.

She seemed to wake up and gain energy, and Jenny had to grab her
and hold her down.

- "Noooo!!", Chloe screamed. "Stop! You're hurting me!!"

- "Shhhhh...", Jenny tried. "It'll be ok, Chloe... Shhhhh..."

Jenny saw the cock push and push again.

Suddenly, the young crotch just seemed to collapse. Over an
inch of hardness simply disappeared in through the bald lips. The
little girl screamed. Jenny let out a moan of ecstasy and rubbed
herself up and down the girl's back.

- "Fuck, it's tight!", her husband cried out. "I can't believe
how tight it is!"

The girl let out a series of agonized cries. Jenny was
mesmerized by the way the little cunt had stretched around the
cock. The shaft almost looked as a third little leg between the
spread thighs. It was beautiful...

It was obvious from the noises her husband made that his pleasure
was extremely intense.

- "Come on, honey...", she said, looking into his eyes. "Do

He started thrusting in and out, grunting, working himself

- "Fuuuck...", he groaned. "Fuuuuuuck!!"

She could tell he was about to come. His cock was swelling as it
thrusted in and out of the squeezing tightness. She reached up
to caress his face encouragingly. He looked so sexy inside the
little girl... Jenny spread her legs wider, trying to grind her
cunt better against Chloe's back...

- "Fuck her, Honey!", Jenny encouraged him. "Go on, Baby... Fuck

Suddenly, he put all his power behind a thrust, burying another
inch inside the girl. Chloe screamed straight out at the top of
her voice. His cock started cramping visibly, and then he grunted
over and over, pumping his sperm out.

When he was finished, he collapsed in the bed. Chloe lay still,
crying in shock. Jenny managed to work a hand down to her cunt,
and within a few seconds she had masturbated herself to a perfect

This was all a dream come true...


They had a small gym for their daughter in the garage, and now
they kept Chloe tied up in there. She was always dressed in her
gymnastics suit.

Every evening, they fucked her in the same ritualistic way.
Jenny had never known she could feel this happy. She was on a
high that wouldn't end, finally experiencing a secret love that
she had longed for forever. She would finger herself to sleep
every night, replaying images of the stretching cunt around her
husband's cock.

During the days, she couldn't stop herself from spending most of
her time in the garage. Chloe was so beautiful, and Jenny found
herself giving the child candy and soda, doing strange things as
brushing her hair.

As the days passed slowly, Jenny's and Chloe somehow developed
a relationship. They had plenty of time, because they were
alone in the house for a few more days before Jenny's husband's

Whenever Chloe needed the bathroom, Jenny would come along.
Jenny would make the girl sit down on the toilet with her hands
still tied. The grown woman would pull the spandex to the side
and sit down in front, waiting so close that she could smell
the little cunt.

The first time, they had to wait for minutes before Chloe
managed to start pissing.

Every time when Chloe was done, Jenny would use toilet paper to
pat the puffy pussy lips carefully, trying to notice some kind
of reaction. When Chloe got up, Jenny would sit down and
release her own urine into the bowl. She found the warm seat
wonderfully intimate...

She began masturbating to orgasm right there in front of the

The third time Jenny started fingering herself on the seat,
Chloe asked about it.

- "Why do you do that?", she said quietly.

Jenny didn't answer. She just looked back, smiled, and
finished herself off.

Back in the garage, they sat down together, and while Jenny
played with the girl's hair, Chloe asked another question.

- "Why do you help him?", she said.

Jenny kept moving her hands through the soft, long hair.

- "I'm really sorry Chloe...", she tried. "But there's no way
we can stop him... He's too strong..."

It was part lie, but it served its purpose. Chloe relaxed,
slightly more trustingly, putting the back of her head against
Jenny's breasts. Jenny let out a sigh from the pleasure of
Chloe's weight...

The next morning, when Chloe had finished her first piss, Jenny
didn't wipe the wet child cunt.

- "Come over here!", Jenny said, pulling Chloe's suit.

Chloe obeyed hesitantly, sliding herself forward until her smooth
cunt was an inch from Jenny's face. Jenny trembled in ecstasy.
She was finally going to do it... She managed to stay calm,
looking up into Chloe's eyes.

Chloe drew a sharp breath when she felt the open mouth against
her cunt.

Jenny moaned. She traced her tongue up through the soft, wet slit.
Chloe made sounds of pleasure. It was a perfect moment...

That first time, the magic only lasted about a minute, and Chloe
never came close to orgasm.

Jenny gave the child a lot of soda, and about two hours later
they were in the bathroom again. This time Jenny had brought the
camera. After Chloe had emptied her bursting bladder, her
squirming pleasure against Jenny's tongue seemed to last a little
longer than before...

That night, when Jenny's husband fucked Chloe, Jenny kept
caressing the girl's hair. The rapes had become more merciful.
Chloe had expanded. She rested her head in Jenny's lap and seemed
to find solace in the grown woman's comforting eyes.

The trusting look made Jenny euphoric. She could have sworn that
she even saw a hint of desire in the child's eyes.

The following day, Jenny was surprised to find Chloe taking an
initiative down in the garage.

- "I have to pee soon...", she said.

Jenny waited for more.

- "Are you going to ... do it ... again?", Chloe asked?

Jenny smiled, concealing her happiness.

- "That depends...", Jenny said. "Do you like it?"

- "I don't know...", Chloe answered.

Two minutes later, Jenny was on her knees in front of the toilet,
watching a few drops of urine from Chloe's cunt. It didn't even
seem as if the girl gave herself time to finish. She just moved
forward on her own, spreading her legs.

Jenny closed her mouth over the pissy slit, moaning in complete
ecstasy. After about two minutes, Chloe started bucking back at
Jenny's lips.

They both kept moaning, and after a few minutes, Jenny decided to
try a finger.

She slid it in against an asscheek. Then she started caressing
the soft wrinkles of the asshole. The girl's breathing became
faster and faster along with the flicks of Jenny's tongue.

A minute later, Chloe suddenly screamed in climax, and after a
few seconds she jerked back in surprise.

- "Stop!", she shouted.

A short squirt of piss shot into Jenny's mouth.

Jenny stopped. Chloe spent the next few seconds moaning in
orgasm without understanding what was happening. Jenny looked to
the camera, realizing in the back of her mind what a lucky scene
she had just shot.

When Chloe finally looked back down, Jenny opened her mouth and
dribbled the urine out.

- "You pissed on me...", she said accusingly.

- "I'm sorry!", the girl sobbed while she burst into tears.

She obviously felt guilty.

Jenny felt animal-like now... It was wonderful... She needed
satisfaction, and she was just going take it...

She got up and took the crying little head, holding it against
her stomach, making sure the girl calmed down.

- "I'm not angry Chloe...", Jenny finally said. "But I have to
pee as well, ok?"

Chloe nodded. They traded places.

When Jenny was done, she moved forward on the seat, put her feet
down on the sides, and spread her legs. She could see the
glistening of piss and juices in her own hairy crotch.

Chloe seemed to understand what Jenny wanted. There was no real
protest in the girl's eyes, but there was a lot of hesitation.

- "I won't be angry for what happened, Chloe...", Jenny tried.

It seemed to be the right thing to say. Chloe slowly moved in
front of Jenny.

- "That's good...", Jenny panted. "Kiss it! Just a little..."

Chloe leaned forward and placed the softest kiss Jenny had felt
on the pink, glistening flesh. For a brief second when the girl
moved her lips back, there was a strand of cunt slime stretching
between the mouth and the crotch.

- "Yeahh...", Jenny said, holding back an impulse to pull Chloe
hard back into the cunt. "Now lick me a little, Chloe! Just put
your tongue out..."

The girl stretched her tongue out until it touched the messy

- "That's it...", Jenny encouraged. "Keep going..."

When the tip of the tongue reached Jenny's clit, she leaned her
head back and sighed in pleasure. Then she looked down into
Chloe's hesitant, brown little eyes.

- "Keep going Chloe...", Jenny said.

Chloe started moving her tongue up and down. Jenny was on the
brink of orgasm. The gentle strokes against her clit seemed to
keep the pleasure perfectly constant.

She looked down at the beautiful face between her legs, and Chloe
looked back. Jenny couldn't believe she was actually using this
innocent creature this way.

Jenny put her hands on the girl's head and pulled it gently.

- "Put all of your mouth against it...", Jenny said, looking into
Chloe's eyes.

Chloe did it, and Jenny grunted when she felt the lips against
her cunt. It was only a matter of seconds now... Jenny kept
staring at the perfect little mouth that was buried in her
soaking cunt hair...

- "Yeah... Keep going...", she moaned. "Fuck... fuck... yeah...

She leaned her head back and pulled the little face as hard as
she could into her cunt while it cramped in orgasm.


Eventually, her husband came home to a horny kiss after his last
day at work.

- "Mmmmhhhh", he grunted into Jenny's licking mouth while he
groped her cunt. "I met a woman outside... Mmmhhh... They were
walking door to door, asking about the missing girl... But they
had no idea..."

One of his palms moved to Jenny's tits. It had only been a few
seconds, but she was already juicing through her pants from his
brutal, sexy horniness...

- "Don't you think we should rape our baby while those people
are still out on the street?", he asked while he opened Jenny's

She let out a pant in agreement when his hand pressed inside her

When they walked out into the garage, he brought a knife and
simply cut the bottom of the little girl's suit away.

Jenny could tell right away that he was going to get rough. It
made her want to piss herself with excitement.

Vacation was starting, but there would be no rest for Chloe...


They had been saving a big treat until now.

The next morning, they slept late, and Jenny spent breakfast with
a soaking crotch, waiting to walk down a new road of perversion.
When they had finished eating, they simply disrobed and walked
straight into the garage.

Chloe had spent a rough night tied with a jump rope over a small
vaulting box. She was on her knees in the remains of her
gymnastics suit. Jenny's husband immediately walked over to the
girls ass and started fondling it. He traced his fingers down the
crack, licking his lips as a cruel fuck-monster. His cock
stiffened in seconds.

He spread Chloe's asscheeks, showing the wrinkled little hole to
Jenny. He put his finger there and started pushing. She had never
thought a finger could look so coarse and menacing.

- "It's ok, sweetie...", Jenny whispered in lying ecstasy as the
girl protested. "Everything's going to be fine..."

Right now, anal sex seemed so animal and cruel... Jenny felt
strangely eager to share her husband's experience, helping him
to squeeze the last pleasure out of Chloe's perfect little

Suddenly, the girl screamed, and Jenny saw her husband's finger
pressing into the asshole to the first knuckle.

- "She seems empty...", he said. "Do you think I could do her
without the vaseline?"

Jenny compared the size of the organ sticking out between his
legs to the finger. She couldn't see how he would get inside at
all, but her drooling cunt couldn't wait to see him try...

He smiled and pulled his finger out, causing the girl to scream
again. Then he put his cock head against the clenched asshole.

- "Are you ready?", he asked his wife.

She was more than ready. Her crotch made juicy noises of
horniness whenever she moved... She kissed Chloe on the
forehead and then grabbed her tightly.

- "Get ready Chloe!", Jenny smiled at the girl. "This could
hurt, just a little..."

When Jenny's husband put pressure behind his cock, it slipped
away twice. Then he held it in place carefully and started to
push more slowly. He looked so ruthless and sexy... Chloe
screamed at the top of her voice as her resisting opening
slowly gave in, and the tip started to disappear inside.

The cock seemed to take forever to expand the tiny ass. Jenny
had a clear view, watching the shaft sinking about two inches
inside. The sphincter looked stretched to the breaking point,
and her husband hadn't even reached the thick part of the

He gave Jenny a satisfied smile. She smiled back to encourage

- "It's so fucking tight...", he grunted. "Uuhhh... I can't
believe it... It feels like she's really about to break..."

He tried a little push, but the asshole didn't seem to stretch
more. He kept the pressure on, and Chloe screamed as if she was
dying. Jenny did her best to keep the noise down, pressing her
tits into the girl's face.

Jenny's pulse was racing now. Her husband and Chloe were both so
sexy. This felt so perfect... The cock seemed so overwhelmingly
powerful, sticking into the little body.

Eventually, the shaft had slipped in another fraction of an inch.
The sphincter looked like a strained rubber band that was right
on its limit.

- "I'm gonna try to really fuck her...", Jenny's husband said.

He pressed harder, and suddenly you could see the cock
disappearing. Chloe screamed her lungs out into Jenny's tits.
Jenny felt cunt juice trickling down her legs from holding
the helpless little body.

Soon, Jenny watched her husband force the last of his shaft in
between the little asscheeks.

He started thrusting his cock faster in and out. The sweat was
dripping from his chest down on the slender back below. His deep
grunts were as loud as the girl's muffled screams. Jenny stared
in trance at the over-stretched sphincter.

Suddenly, he grabbed Chloe's hair and pulled the head back as far
as it could go.

- "Piss on her!", he ordered Jenny.

Jenny stood up, amazed by how exciting she found his order. This
was going to be easy and perfect... She spread her legs and bent
her knees until her crotch was right in front of the tortured
face. Then she pushed her cunt forward. She felt her bladder
relaxing, and a stream of hot piss hit Chloe's chin, mouth, and

The cock still pounded furiously in between the little asscheeks.
With a roar of pleasure, Jenny's husband pulled the girl's hair
so hard it looked as if her back would snap.

- "I'm gonna come!", he said. "Yeah... I'm fucking cumming!!"

Jenny's piss still splashed and dripped down from the crying face
while he screamed in orgasm, cramping visibly with every muscle,
squeezing his sperm out into the little girl's intestine.

When he pulled out a minute later, Jenny knelt down in front of
him and cleaned his cock from ass with her mouth.

- "I have to piss too!", he said, looking down.

- "Go ahead!", she smiled up at him.

She closed her lips around his softening cock and waited. His
piss filled up her mouth. The liquid was warm and salty, as
always... It only took her a few seconds to masturbate herself
to orgasm.


It was a week later, and they had used every piece of their
daughter's gymnastics equipment to rape their weakening fuck toy.
It was time for the finale.

Jenny considered it fitting. There could never have been another

They had tied Chloe's hands down her sides with jump ropes to a
workbench. Her feet were pulled wide apart by two tightrope
devices out by the walls.

She was naked, and her cunt was clearly exposed. The sight
reminded Jenny of a turkey on a food table... A delicious child
served for rape...

Her husband was kneeling between the child's spread legs, putting
his cock to the swollen cunt lips. Jenny was sitting by Chloe's
head on the floor, 

Chloe's body was strung too tight for movement. She started
crying weakly as the cock slid through her crotch. It stopped at
her cunt hole.

Jenny's husband's first thrust was so violent that it buried over
half of his cock inside the girl. She screamed the last of her
voice away under Jenny's silencing hand.

- "Yeah, honey...", Jenny's husband grunted. "It's so tight..."

He kept thrusting his cock into the defenseless cunt for a while,
and then he looked up at one of the tightrope attachments by the
floor about 5 feet past Chloe's head. The attachment had a handle
on it.

- "Can you stretch her some more?", he asked Jenny.

Jenny got up, feeling butterflies in her stomach... They were
acting out the most forbidden of their plans, and it excited her
so much...

Once she turned the handle, there didn't appear to be much
resistance, but you could see the rope tense. Chloe's legs spread
another inch, then two.

- "Yeah...", her husband grunted. "Her crotch is stretching...
It's working..."

After about a minute, he looked up again.

- "More, baby...", he smiled with pleasure.

Chloe turned out to be more flexible than they had imagined. By
now, Jenny's husband had to keep his hand on the girl's hips,
preventing her groin from lifting back over her head.

- "I think she about to pop something...", he said in the middle
of his fast fucking. "Pull a little more!"

Jenny did as she was told, and they stared at the girl in
anticipation. Her legs were stretching straight out from her
body. There was a weak, cracking sound from her joints, and
there came a loud pop. Suddenly, a leg stretched in an unnatural
way out of the little body. The girl let out a voice-breaking
cry, and an out-of-control stream of piss erupted from her
little cunt, splashing against Jenny's husband's stomach.

- "Yeeeaaaaaaaahhhh!", he shouted.

Jenny was absolutely entranced, barely aware of her ecstatic
cries. They were destroying that perfect body! She noticed piss
splattering down her own legs, but it took her a while to
realize the liquid actually came from her cunt.

She tightened the rope again, seeing Chloe's leg moving further
and further out and up. There seemed to be nothing but strained
skin and tendon between the pubic socket and the thigh.

Jenny couldn't hold herself back any more...

She moved over next to her husband, grabbed the skin right next
to Chloe's crotch, and tried to squeeze. It reminded her of a
pumped-up football... Jenny had never imagined a cunt could look
so beautiful... She touched her husband's cock just where it went
into the stretched little hole.

- "You're so sexy, baby...", she whispered ecstatically to him.

He stopped fucking the cunt, and he grabbed Jenny in a wonderful,
commanding way, making her sit down on Chloe's stomach. He pulled
his cock out and stopped pressing down.

As the girl lifted, her dislocated leg shifted up, and the other
leg also shifted with a pop. Now, both of her legs were bent 
unnaturally back over her stomach.

- "Perfect...", Jenny's husband said. "Look!"

Jenny saw that the asshole was stretched. She reached down to
touch it, and it felt as an overstrung strap.

He just put the tip of his cock to the hard-strained anus and he
started pushing. The pressure he put on the hole was so strong
Jenny could feel it through the skin.

The asshole walls suddenly opened around him, and he disappeared
inside with a roar of pleasure.

- "This is it!", he panted to Jenny. "Get over her face!"

Jenny did as he asked. She knew what would come, and she loved
it... She got up, stepped back, and squatted down over Chloe's

- "Piss!", he grunted.

She spread her messy fuck lips. Then she looked down at the
tortured, half-conscious face under her cunt and relaxed her

- "Yeahh...", he grunted. "You're so fucking sexy, baby!"

She smiled back, emptying her hot piss in the girl's face,
trying to imagine his pleasure while he fucked himself deeper
and deeper into the crushingly tight ass.

When Jenny was done, she stepped to the side, knelt down, and
put both her hands around Chloe's throat. Jenny knew what she
was supposed to do, and she was ready...

- "Can you see her ok?", Jenny paused, looking back at her

- "I love it, baby...", he answered. "Do it before I come!"

Jenny squeezed. The girl coughed, and her eyes opened wide in
panic when she couldn't get any air.

Chloe's fight with death was the most intimate experience
Jenny had ever had. She tried to help Chloe relax, to help her

Jenny realized that she was dripping on the floor from her
cunt while she watched the girl's futile gasps for air. Jenny
wanted to be fucked when they were done... In the background,
her husband started slamming into the dying body with complete

- "That's it...", he grunted. "Keep going! I love it..."

Chloe's fingers were spreading and clenching desperately.
Jenny looked straight into the tearing young eyes.

- "You're so beautiful, Chloe...", she said. "It's ok... I

The girl kept choking, fighting the inevitable in such a
beautiful way.

Eventually, her eyelids started trembling.

- "She's about to die, honey!", Jenny exclaimed, smiling to her

He was in too much pleasure to answer. He came with a roar, and
while his sperm pumped into the little body, Jenny saw Chloe
relax. The girl's eyes were half-closed, and you could only see
the whites.

The head fell to the side when Jenny let go. Their rape cunt was

Jenny's husband pulled his cock out. When he let go of Chloe, the
ropes pulled her legs back, and her crotch was raised a foot
straight up in the air.

Jenny got up and put one foot below Chloe's ass and the other on
her chest. You could hear one of the dead girl's ribs snap under
the pressure of Jenny's foot. Then Jenny lowered herself down to
the stretched cunt. The hairy pussy lips kissed the hairless
ones... Jenny started grinding, and she felt gentle friction as
her juices smeared out against the young fuck hole. She would
come this way... It would be the most beautiful thing she had
ever done...

She turned to her husband and brought his softening cock into her

- "I have to clean you...", she smiled enticingly.

Then she closed her lips around the shaft, tasting Chloe's ass.
Jenny licked the cock completely clean.

She orgasmed against the soft folds of the dead cunt, screaming
her climax out around the cock.

She got up, and they looked down at the body.

- "I give her 10.0 for performance...", her husband said with a
laugh. "But we'll have to re-watch the films to be sure..."

Jenny looked over at the camera that had always been there in
the background, and she realized they would be fucking to these
films forever.

A new tingle of excitement rushed through her cunt.

She managed to press a last, horny dribble of piss down the
insides of her legs. Her husbands cock was growing hard again.

Jenny knelt down between Chloe's legs and bent over them. She
looked up at her husband from just above the dead girl's face.

- "Fuck me hard, honey!", Jenny said. "I'm going to kiss this
cunt goodbye..."


First published 2010 and since free for use under the CC0 licence