Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. DAILY REFLECTIONS This article is fiction and intended for an adult audience. Copyright 2013 by d_copperfeel. *************************************************************************** ******************************** As I was taking a piss off of my back deck last night--I can't piss off of the front deck because I live on a cul-de-sac--I started to think about how wonderful it would be if a man could shoot as much cum as he pisses out piss. I have no idea what is the average volume of piss a man releases when he urinates but I do know that it is a tremendous amount more than the little bit of sperm that even a healthy, virile man will ejaculate at any one time, or even for weeks, for that matter. What if you could pour that much jism into a tight little pussy, feeling the ecstacy of orgasm for the entire length of time that it takes to empty your sac. We would need a few changes to our physiology. Like longer dicks to begin with; some men have enough cock to massage a woman's cervix but not if you are just an average joe (to me a cunt is like a bottomless pit). So we will all need about 8 to 9 inches to hit bottom, dependably. And what about our beloved female mates? After receiving sex the usual way (a firm, fast fuckdown), upon feeling the first splash of sperm on her cervix, her uterus would begin to spasm and pump, creating a vacuum that pulls the male's penis firmly against the cervix and holds it there until such time as her uterus is completely filled to bursting with hot, excited spermatocytes or until the male's penis becomes flaccid enough to break the vaccum that holds it so tightly in alignment for the gusher of cells entering her womb. As her uterus becomes more and more filled, her level of excitement climbs, the fingers of her dominant hand instinctively seek out the magic touch of the clitoris. She rubs the slick little button harder and faster, generating more spasms of her bloated cum receptacle, which sends signals to release the most marvelous chemicals into her brain. All of those sperm cells are now swimming madly around, crashing into each other and bouncing off the elastic flesh of the uterine wall, making her temperature rise and her body quiver. When the male has given up all his seed and his penis begins to go soft, the vacuum that held him in place releases--making a funny little sound, like "snick", which would become a common word among people. People would say things like "I got snicked really good last night" or "I don't give a snick"; just the way that fuck actually sounds like the act of fucking a tight, wet pussy. You can hear it saying to you "FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK ME-- and he is now free to roll over and smoke a cigarette once he catches his breath. But for her it is not at all over. Her hand on her clitoris, rubbing with a mad passion, creates a frenzy within her bulging uterus that pushes her to the edge of heaven until, suddenly, and without warning, her cervix opens and the uterus contracts and the entire contents of the remains of billions of unlucky little swimmers gushes from her vagina in a manner similar to a G-spot ejaculation. Of all the army of tadpoles that had exited the male's glans, only one, and perhaps none, will live to tell its tale. Only one could take the ultimate prize, the Ova. After the gusher, she will be totally spent, unable to even think for herself for several seconds. Does that sound good to anyone else besides me? Imagine your first time getting snicked. You are pumping away, your girlfriend is giving you the greenlight to go for broke and you have reached a fever pitch; suddenly your penis can no longer withstand the pressure of the billions of microscopic troopers surging forward toward their meeting with destiny. That first advance group of commandos leap out onto the unfamiliar terrain, alerting all of the female's nerve endings to activate the uterus, which would then trigger the spasms and before you know it you are stuck so firmly to her cervix that you couldn't get away if you tried. It would be a bit frightening at first but the feeling of pleasure from the discharge of your sperm sac would quickly vanquish any desire to flee. And when you finally feel that funny little "snick" and break free from the bitch's hold, you marvel at the transformation of your usually meek or studious or even slutty girlfriend into a creature overwhelmed with passion in a way that you have never before witnessed. It would certainly be something that you looked forward to doing again, as soon as possible. And what about the little virgin darling, pressured into sex by her selfish boyfriend, finding that, despite the little initial pain when her hymen was broken, this thing called sex could be quite nice. The feeling of eight inches of cock rubbing up and down with such power and speed creates sensations that she has never before experienced. She notices that her lover has started stroking faster and harder, breathing hard and slamming his glans hard into her cervix and then pushing it in as deep as possible and holding it there. Then a few more strokes and another pause, pushing hard against the gland that will soon become like a suction cup on his cockhead. More maniacal thrusting and grunting until he shoves in deep once more and the vanguard of the sperm forces splash headlong onto her unspoiled territory. Before she knows what has happened, her uterus begins to shake in a way that she has only heard about from other girls and women; and then the boy's glans is stuck like super glue to the cervix and she can feel the stream of hot juice rushing into her untainted womb. Her body is shaking involuntarily and she is talking incoherently, speaking nothing except the language of sex, OHHHH, ooooh, OHHHH, owwwwWWWWW. Her beau's body is all tense and flexed, his hips still pushing and pulling against her natural suction cup. She feels like her stomach is going to pop open just before she hears that funny sound. "SNICK". And then the boy pulls himself free and her hand instinctively reaches for her clitoris. She now has no shame or inhibitions. She must now make her collection of seed seek the ultimate prize that hides somewhere deep inside her, a primal instinct that is as old as her soul. She is becoming dizzy; the male may have to hold her up if they had sex while standing. Then the eruption occurs. Her cervix sphincter relaxes and out comes all the excess inventory, all over her sheets or whatever might be nearby. Now it's just a matter of whether she is pregnant or not. I suppose condoms could still work but they might need some modification, like a pouch that will hold a pint of sperm (not very practical). If you are a heel and were trying to have sex with a female who is too young, then the immature uterus would not react and the hydraulics of the rapidly discharging liquid would physically push the penis out of the vagina and the man's load would be wasted on the ground or on the sheets. I see the sale of plastic sheets growing exponentially. END *************************************************************************** **************************************** If you enjoyed my story, drop me a line at Copyright 2013 by d_copperfeel