A Walk In The Park (M/b nc oral anal)

   By Chris Mb

   I'm 29 and live on the northwest side of Chicago.  The great things
about living here is all of the parks and bike trails there are in the
area. The even greater thing that i never realized about the area was the
opportunities for a pedo who likes watching little boy cunts get fucked.

   I was biking along the north shore channel trail that goes from the city
up into Skokie and Evanston.

   It was about 2 pm, the sun was shining and it was just a beautiful day.
As i was riding along i noticed a man in his mid 30's, thinning hair, bit
of a belly, average build, white guy and he had next to him a cute little
blonde boy who was about 7 years old.  I had to kind of do a double take
because the boy was so cute.  I got off my bike and pretended to be
checking my gears and i noticed the man take the boy down through the
bushes next to the small river that runs along the bike trail.

   I locked my bike up and decided to follow.

   I made me way through the same shrubs i had the the man take the boy
through and started to hear sucking noises.

   Eventually i found them.  They were in a small clearing but still hidden
from the main trail the bushes and trees.  The man had his pants and
underwear dowon around his ankles and his little blonde boy was on his
knees with the mans cock head in his tiny little red mouth.

   The man looked at me between moaning and said "i thought you might
follow us, my nephew is a great little cock sucker"

   Then he put his hand on the back of the little blonde boy's head and
started thrusting his fat dick even harder into the little cunt's mouth. 
The boy seemed to be struggling to keep up but you coul tell he was used to

   The man quickly took his cock out and told the boy to turn around and
get on his hands and knees.

   The man got behind the boy and started fingerfucking the boy's tight
smooth little pink hole.  "yeah take my finger you little fag slut, you
like the don't you" the man said while he kept finger fucking the boy hole
harder and harder.

   My cock was out and i was jacking of and as i started to cum the man
pressed his cock head against that little boy bole and came all over it. 
Then he fingered some of the cum up into the boys tight little cunt.

   We made arrangements to meet up again soon.  That was my best day in the


   Than you for erading my story, i had a great time writing it, there's
still plenty more to come but i love hearing from readers.  Feel free to
email me.