Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Author's Note: For Ben, who wanted a seriously naughty story about her very sweet and cute and perky young school teacher girlfriend... Find all of my stories here: ======== Leah knew this wasn't going to be the easiest thing in the world. She had listened to the worried talks from her parents and her boyfriend, but she had pluck and resolve and she knew that if ever there was a time to prove her worth, to prove how strong and independent she could be, it was now. Her training was complete, her goals were set, and no one and nothing was going to make her shy away from this challenge. Leah awoke that morning as almost every other morning, ready to face another day with a smile and positive attitude. Each day she looked in the mirror and practiced that infectious smile, full, gleaming white teeth, pert little nose scrunched ever so slightly, eyebrows raised and full, high cheeks making her the very symbol of warmth and friendliness. Standing in her t-shirt and panties brushing her teeth, she thought about how much her boyfriend loved her breasts and her smooth tanned skin, thought back to that vacation to the islands where she was so free to dress in so little. How much he enjoyed seeing her in bikini tops, showing off her pierced belly button, making all the other men jealous with her fresh, clean, gorgeous girl-next-door look. It always brightened her day to know how much she could be desired, how sexy she could be without being the big boobed, blonde stripper type. Her cute shoulder-length chestnut hair, shining eyes, smooth tanned skin and compact little body, while cute and innocent, could still snap heads around when she wore just the right thing to accentuate her cleavage, or show off her smooth stomach, or showcase her stunning legs. Choosing a simple white blouse, a delicate necklace that plunged between her breasts just perfectly, and a nice flowing blue skirt, she was ready to take on the day. She knew it wasn't ideal, but she was determined each day to make it work. Heading to work, walking through the hallways, Leah readily became lost in the crowd. Her distinct characteristics, young, bright, fresh faced and perky cute at 22 years old, would have stood out in almost any office building or retail store or manufacturing plant, but Leah's choice made her dissapear into the malestrom of fresh and cute and young and bright and shining; Leah's office was a high school, and she was a teacher. Jostling through the halls each day, she encountered boys (men) nearly twice her size, developed beyond imagination for high school, and girls (women) with bigger breasts and tighter waists and, goddammit, even nicer clothes than her. She felt in some ways like she was the freshman back in college, putting on her best face but inside just trying to meekly get through the crowd and survive. She was the teacher after all, and she had to command respect from the audience, demand that they listen to her, insist that they respect her and her position. It started when she retrieved a phone from the floor that morning. Typical kids, not respecting anything their parents pay for, this iPhone was the latest and greatest model, something Leah would love to have herself instead of the old iPhone 3 she was still clinging to. She felt she could do one of two things: bring it down to lost and found and let the owner fetch it at their own pace, or open it up and find out who it was. She knew the latter choice was probably wrong, a violation of some code or another, so she let it sit at her desk through 4th and 5th period. At her 6th period break, it was still sitting there, calling to her. Yes, she was curious...maybe more than a little. She knew kids talked about her, knew they made silly little gestures behind her back. She was the youngest of all the teachers, and she was much closer in age to the kids than to any of the other teachers, which caused some animosity amongst the staff, and some raucous behavior from the student body. So, would be interesting to find out whose phone it was, to find out a little secret or two about them, just to have a little intrigue in her life. She was not far removed from being on the other side of the classroom, and so had that built-in high school level urge for gossip and secrets that had not yet died out in her. Quickly, silently, secretly she reached for the phone, slid it closer to her on the desk, and pressed the button. Scrolling as casually as she could through the phone, she discovered the owner, Ryan Thompson, 2nd period senior in her class. She eased back amoment in her chair to visualize the student, recalling the morning and seeking out his face amongst the crowd of her class. She found him soon enough, 3rd row back, tall, lean and angular, a swim team guy who was quiet in class but, Leah knew, could be a loud, brash, wild kid who always had two or three of the prettiest girls racing around him at the swim meets. "God" she thought "swimming keeps the body in serious shape...he must look amazing in the water" As she said this, she absently browsed through the phone a bit, opening apps and looking through text messages. Nothing insane, typical high school boy humor, lots of teasing and taunting and joking. Photos of recent beer parties, some shots from the swim meets, some shots of pretty girls and their bright shining faces gleaming back with that hope in their eye like "look at me Ryan, please be mine" She thought he probably had his fair share of these girls. Leah started to visualize, without realizing it, Ryan having his way with one pretty girl from his photo album, wrapping her in his arms, kissing her deeply and pulling her up to meet his 6"4' frame, sinewy muscles enveloping her body.... Leah felt herself getting warm, flushing, catching herself becoming aroused at the thought of Ryan and this young girl... At that moment, as she felt her heart fluttering and her stomach quivering, the phone began to ring. She froze. She freaked out. She considered throwing the phone out the window. All of the possible violations she just committed raced through her head. The ringing stopped. One missed call. Then it chimed, and a new message popped onto the screen. "I know u have my phone. I know ur using it. I know what room ur in. wtf gimme my phone back!" "Woh" thought Leah "how the hell does he know all of this, or is he bluffing? is there an app that's tracking the usage??" As these thoughts raced through her head, and the fear began to overcome her body, she heard the door to her room snap open and shut, and the long lean shadow came across her face. Ryan. She knew it. Busted. "Hey" he said with a smile "are you trying to steal my phone?" "Oh Ryan, I am so sorry, I was just trying to determine whose phone it was before tracking you down" Leah exclaimed with a flush of nervous energy. "ummm, really...ok, but my iPad showed you browsing through pictures and emails and messages and all kinds of sh...stuff, so...why do that when my phone says who I am right on the front?" Leah looked down as the screenlock came on to see the words "Ryan's Fucking Phone" displayed. 'cute' she thought. And then 'fuck, I am busted.' "Ryan look, I ... ok, yes, I was a little curious, so I poked through a bit. No harm, but you're right, that's a violation of privacy you shouldn't tolerate, so forgive me ok?" "Yeah, ok that's cool. I understand how it is. You're basically one of us anyway right? I mean, what are you, like 20?" Leah breathed a sigh of relief, thinking she was getting off easier than he could have made it. "Thanks Ryan, I really am sorry. It was stupid of me and it won't happen again. And, for the record, I am 22." She said this last bit with her widest smile possible, hoping that would disarm him even more and they could be done with the whole affair. "Damn, just old enough to buy for yourself!" Ryan exclaimed. "I actually think I dated a college girl older than you once...well, ok, it was one date...or, well, not much of a date, just a know....." he trailed off, but not with shyness or reserve, more with the sudden realization that his teacher was becoming, in his eyes, much more of a hot chick than any kind of authority figure....a hot chick that he kinda had some power over. Leah immediately sensed a change in Ryan's demeanor. His stance, his eyes, the way he held himself, she suddenly felt herself very much the prey to his animal instincts. She knew she should flee from this situation and not even tempt any trouble, but her body rebelled against her as her nipples hardened instinctually and her shallow breathing caused her chest to glisten with the slightest amount of perspiration. She looked up to him with gleaming wet eyes, breathing him in as he loomed over her, and she felt the sudden trickle of juice roll down through her pussy, dropping like a tear-stain into her panties. His eyes took on the smoldering look of a man who has discovered his meal for the evening after a long and hungry hunt. "You know, you are a little fucked here, aren't you" he stated, not asked, as he inched closer to her, keeping his eyes firmly locked on hers. "I mean, going through my phone like that, without my permission...could cause you some trouble to explain if I were to go to the dean right?" Again, he inched closer. Again she felt the trickle. Again she did nothing to stop him as she felt powerless under his gaze. They performed this dance, once, twice more, each time he closed in on her so she could feel his breath blowing across her face and chest, each time she stiffened in her chair, tried to hold her composure, but was betrayed by her bodily reaction. Soon he was on top of her, leaning over her, and she was leaning up toward him, extending her graceful neck, now wet with perspiration, watching as his eyes grazed lower and lower, seeking out the hidden cleavage beneath her shirt, finding her lacy bra exposed to his view. She knew how wrong this was, but she was hopelessly caught in the moment as he reached down and caressed her neck, his massive hand encompassing her throat and his fingers extending deeply down into her blouse. She felt once more like the high school freshman girl turning to jelly when a senior would give her a wink in the hallway. Completely out of control, her head spun and her body shuddered in rhythm with her shallow breaths. His touch extended down and his strong, smooth hands roughly pushed away her bra and his fingers latched on her taut nipple, pulling it and massaging it, cupping her small breast completely in his hands and mashing away at it as he continued to drink her in, from her eyes down to her legs and everywhere in between. As Leah's mouth hung open with ecstasy, Ryan's long arm extended down between her legs as swooped into her crotch, pulling her skirt deep into the crevice and exposing the tops of her thighs. With his other hand, he deftly unbuckled his belt and eased his jeans down. Bare underneath, no underwear to speak of, Leah was almost face to face with this young man's cock as it shot out from its tight confines and extended for what seemed forever across the top of her head. "C'mon girl, I want you to do this for me....and we'll be cool. You are so hot, the hottest piece of ass in this whole school, and you know it. Just show me what you got..." Leah's head spun at being talked to like this, like a little wanton slut and not the teacher. She hesitantly stretched, her nose coming close to the underside of his cock, and she inhaled deeply the scent of a young virile strong was captivating. Slowly her tongue curled out and stroked the underside, and he responded by placing his hand over the far side of her head and guided her mouth onto him, slowly urging his cock in deeper and deeper into her wet mouth. She was, as hard as it was to admit, in heaven under his control. She eagerly took his cock into her mouth, stretch her lips and cheeks to accommodate his size. Her eyes bulged at the thought that this young man could be so hard and so big. Her heart raced knowing how wrong this was, knowing how close she could be to being caught, here at her desk in the middle of the school day. He must have sensed her anxiousness and realized he needed to seize the opportunity, so Ryan pulled Leah from her chair and thrust her hard into the small storage alcove in the corner of the room, as far from prying eyes as they could possibly be, with her face against the wall. Leah was in a state of shock, her breathing was shallow, her heart was pounding through her ears, and her body was reacting with lust at the thought of this young man taking her, taking all of her, and leaving nothing but a crumpled quivering heap of a teacher. She started to attempt one half-hearted 'no' but she quickly swallowed it as his thick long fingers wasted not time finding the crevice of her sopping pussy, smooth and bare and clean, underneath her dripping panties. Firmly he thrust two fingers deep inside her, impaling her and causing her to arch her back and lift one leg, opening herself more and more to his attack. She grunted and moaned as the tips of his fingers squished inside and found her tiny little g-spot, causing a fresh flood of juices to flow down over his wrist. She had never, ever, ever been this aroused. She never knew her body could react with such naked lust. His fingers sucked out of her clenching pussy, only to be replaced a moment later with his throbbing hard cock. The sensation of this massive piece of flesh pushing inside her caused her to choke as she felt more like she was being impaled than being invaded. Again her body reacted violently, nipples burning red hot, belly quivering and pussy gushing. She could not hide her desire, her naked lust, her wanton need to be fucked. And `fucked' he did well. Thrusting inside her, his hand that was once in her pussy came to her face and grasped the side, digging fingers into her mouth so she could taste the honey that flowed so freely between her legs. She couldn't speak, she could only make guttural, animal noises as he continued to assault her and scissor her legs around him. She felt him tense, felt him shudder, and thought to herself 'no, no...I don't want your cum in me' but she remained silent, allowing this animal to do as he pleased with her, knowing she secretly relished the thought of his cum deep inside her womb. And cum he did. Large pools of cum she felt splattering the walls of her vagina, deep inside her, pooling globs and globs as his cock pulsed and shuddered. The decadent idea of it all caused her to shudder into orgasm, the second...or third...she had had during their fuck. Her pussy squeezed his cock over and over, involuntarily milking every drop of his semen into her waiting hole. "Fuck that was good, Leah. You don't mind if I call you that now, do you?" he said, but it was hardly a question. He could have called her anything he desired, as long as he could work that cock inside her again. She sat there, still impaled on his cock, cum beginning to ooze down his shaft, her face pressed against the wall, and she just quietly nodded "ummhmmm". He slowly trailed a finger down her back, along the crevice of her ass, until he reached her sweet brown little hole and said "after swim practice maybe we can have some more fun" as he ran his finger around the rim of her asshole. She was spent, exhausted, molested, a mess...but she responded without thinking, in a little whisper "oh god yes please". ====== As the final bell rang, Leah was determined to pack up and head straight home. She knew she had to shower off and eliminate any evidence still lingering of her encounter..her nasty, decadent, erotic encounter with that incredibly hot.....oh, who was she kidding, she was not leaving without at least peeking into gym for a look at how well Ryan performs in the water. Without even being told, her legs detoured from her path into the parking lot and straight down the long hallway to the gym. Her heels echoed in the empty hallway, and every so often her footstep stuttered, her heel scraped, her legs jiggled as she thought about him and of getting closer and closer to his near-naked body in those tight little swimming trunks. But alas, when she arrived, the pool was empty, the water still. She couldn't believe how disappointed she felt walking out into the parking lot. She should not feel like this....about a kid....a student. She had a boyfriend, why would she need anyone else? But she did. She felt it, not in her heart, or in her head...but much, much lower down, in her quivering pussy that even now was beginning to leak again at the mere thought of Ryan and his thrusting cock. Gawd she was such a perv all of the sudden. Reaching her car, chirping the alarm, she was surprised to see a car whip up beside her, and even more shocked (elated?) to see Ryan's head pop out of the passenger window and smile. She doesn't even know what was discussed, can't remember a thing that was said in that empty parking lot, she only looked up to realize, almost too late as she was pulling into the driveway of her townhouse, that the car Ryan was in was following her, pulling up alongside the street across from her place, and parking. 'Oh God, what am I doing' she thought, as she eased herself out of the car and snuck to her front door, mindful of any nosey neighbors at 3:30 in the afternoon. Ryan strolled up to her, book bag in hand, as if it were the most natural thing in the world. "Who is in the car Ryan?" "Oh, my brother and his friend. Its cool, they will just hang while we go inside, probably get high." He said this last part with a free and easy chuckle. "Fuck Ryan, here?? In front of my place? They can't do that...they....well, if they need to wait for you they better come inside too." Ryan went back to talk to them and she watched his lean, angular frame hang over the driver side window, his jeans sliding down to expose the smooth cleave of his muscular ass, his arms perched to make his biceps bulge and ripple. More trickling down her legs...would this ever stop? Soon the boys, or men, or whatever, were all walking toward her. Where Ryan was lean and tall, his brother and his friend were rippled, muscular, jacked and built with tight t-shirts and sagging jeans. The friend was African-American, and the thought immediately screamed to Leah 'is it really true what they say about black guys?' More trickling down the leg...or was it now gushing? Could she do this? She had never ever thought about sex as anything but between two loving people, yet here were these total studs walking toward her, staring at her, undressing her, taking her apart piece by piece, and all she could think was 'yesssss'. They were soon in her living room, looming over her, checking in the fridge for a beer, poking at nick nacks on countertops. She had lost control that moment back in the parking lot when she said 'follow me'. She knew this now....this was no longer her game to play. She was theirs and they knew, it just hadn't been vocalized yet. The friend, Aaron, came out of the bathroom stretching a tiny bit of pink lace between his fingers with a giant grin on his face. He must have found her panties from yesterday in the laundry. Leah was so embarrassed as they laughed and teased her, nicely, about it and tossed the panties from one to another for a closer look. She ended up laughing too, and blushing, and freeing herself now that the tension of the moment was broken. Soon enough Ryan pulled her down to sit on her lap and started intimately kissing her, as if the other guys didn't exist. She responded as she had never done before, forcing herself onto him, grinding her sweet little ass onto his crotch and generally putting on a show for the other two guys. It didn't take long before Aaron and Michael had seen enough to know that Leah was no longer going to be the shy, demure girl they had met 30 minutes ago in the empty parking lot. Her face was flushed, her breathing was heavy and shallow, and she was willingly allowing Ryan to expose more and more of her flesh as he pushed her skirt higher and higher until his fingers were rubbing against her sopping wet pussy. Leah could take no more. She stood and yanked her shirt off, stripped herself of her bra and practically leaped out of her skirt and said "fuck it, I so need this...." as she proceeded to go down on her knees and look up expectantly to each of the guys. One by one they undid their jeans and pulled off their shirts. She immediately went to Ryan's cock, which she seemed to know so well already, and engulfed it with her mouth. She felt like the hottest of porn stars, like the girls her boyfriend would sometimes jerk off to, a full-on cock whore. Michael grabbed her wrist and brought it to his cock and she experienced for the first time ever the sensation of multiple hard cocks surrounding her. As she continued to suck on Ryan, making sure she opened her mouth as fully as possible, her eyes widened as she caught the peripheral view of Aaron dragging a monstrosity out of his jeans. It was thick and veiny and shiny and hard, the skin stretched taut across the 4 or 5" width, the mushroom head already oozing precum. She had to touch this. NOW. She reached with her other hand to grab it, but was caught off balance and ended up releasing Ryan's cock from her mouth and falling forward, her arms stopping the fall before her face reached the floor. Her ass was now in the air, her face bent down to the floor, and that was all the invitation Michael and Aaron needed....Aaron lifted her chin up, inserted his thumb into her mouth, and pulled her jaw down. As he moved his enormous cock close to her lips, Michael grabbed her hips and pushed his cock tight against her pussy. Leah's mouth opened in a perfect O as Aaron seized the opportunity to slide his cock in. Almost like they had practiced this before.... Ryan sat and stroked and smiled and laughed as he watched his little bitch, and that's how he thought of her, being skewered by his two buds. One cock in, the other one out. The other cock in, the first one out. Back and forth, back and forth, her body was being used like a machine to get these two guys off. "Fuck you gotta feel this pussy, man" said Michael. With a quick move, Aaron hugged Leah and literally spun her around 180 degrees, like a little play toy. "Ok" Aaron chuckled, and the whole room, including Leah, burst out laughing. As she was still doubled over with laughter, Aaron thrust inside her, causing her back to arch and her mouth to open in a silent scream. She could not breath as she felt every inch of this beast inside her, making the inner walls of her pussy burn with pleasure and pain. Her body naturally tried to get away, scooting on the floor, inching away from it because its massive size was simply like nothing she had ever experienced inside her. But Aaron held her firm at the hips, and moved slowly in and out as she orgasmed, continuously, for what seemed like a lifetime. The squeezing, sucking action of her tight bald pussy proved too much for Aaron, and he started to buck and grunt and squeeze his ass. He wanted to pull out and cum on her back, but the tightness of her pussy clamped on his cock made it impossible. He thrust one last time, bent over her back and pulled her into his chest, literally lifting her off the floor and impaling her on his cock. He exploded inside her like a geyser, and it squirted out the top of her pussy and onto the carpet, spraying over her legs and up her belly. Her pussy was completely full of his cum, wall to wall. Aaron slid her gently to the floor on her back, legs splayed and shaking like jello from continuous orgasmic spasms, and Michael took the opportunity to dive in, shoving his cock deep inside her, sloshing Aaron's cum everywhere, splashing her pussy juices onto her belly as she continued to shudder and shake from the near-continuous orgasm. Michael soon weakened and pulled his cock out, jumping up towards Leah's chest. He gave a yelp and sprayed her with cum, arcing white juice along her sweet little breasts and up along her chin, even reach her lips and dribbling into her mouth. Leah was spent, but she looked up to see Ryan with his massive hardon and just knew she needed to take care of this sweet boy. She arched her back to suck his cock, getting it dripping wet with her spit, and smiled at him. "You said we could play later...down there..." she said, as she pulled her legs up to her chest to expose her sweet brown little hole, winking and gaping with her heavy breathing. Ryan needed no further encouragement as he grabbed his engorged young cock and glided to his knees between her upturned legs. Leah pulled her ass off the floor to give him the easy access to her ass, urging him on with her eyes, begging him with her lips to be inside her. She wanted, needed to please him and give herself over to him. Whatever he wanted was what she would give. He rested his thick cockhead against her ass and took slow, gentle first steps towards squeezing it and fitting it into her tight hole. She saw some frustration on his part, knew he needed less friction, and so took the bold step of scooping some of Michael's...or Aaron's?....cum off her belly, cupping it with her fingers, and reaching down to push it deep inside her ass. She swirled her fingers in and out, plunging then deep into her hole as she watched Ryan mesmerized by the slutty act. It made her feel so good to surprise him like this. "Try now Sweety" she said. Ryan pushed against her ass and quickly popped into her, and she felt every millimeter of him as it cleaved and clawed its way inside, expanding parts of her that had never been touched before. She felt completely invaded, completely full, as her body hastily adjusted to accommodate this foreign sensation. "Sooooo tight" he grunted as he thrust inside. "'re......the.....first.........ever" she managed to get out between groans and moans of ecstacy. His eyes widened at the thought, knowing he was the first to touch this part of her flesh. The sensation overwhelmed him and the cum roiled to the base of his cock faster than he could control. It burst from deep inside him, exploding while he thrust inward, reaching the maximum depths of her body, splashing cum inside her asshole and all along her insides. Slowly he pulled out after 3 or 4 minutes of Leah literally going catatonic with shakes and screams and sweat, her arms and legs complete rubber, her skin bursting in red blotches from the strain of orgasming so many times in so short a period. Aaron's and Michael's cum was forming a thick crust across Leah's belly, neck and pussy lips as she lay there dazed with Ryan's cockhead easing out of her ass and his cum spilling to the floor and pooling between her cheeks. Ryan stroked his cock once more as she stared at him, squeezing out one last dollop of cum. He placed his cock head on top of the tiny little heart tattoo above her bald pussy, Leah's little tribute to rebellion, and dropped the small cumload onto it. "That's for your boyfriend to think about when he's eating you out tonight" he chuckled. She laughed too, thinking how incredibly different her life would now be perceived, how shocked her boyfriend would be to know his sweet little teacher-girlfriend just literally got splayed by three cocks and completely showered with their cum. Would she ever tell him?