Kim's Diary

   Written by cc
(or: A Hermaphrodite Preteen in a BDSM Group Marriage)

   (M/hermaphrodite F/hermaphrodite spank reluc roman)

   Dear Diary,

   I've never kept a diary before.  Mommy and Daddy say that most people
who keep a diary write in it as if they were writing a letter to someone
named "Diary".  So I guess I will too.  Hello, Diary!  How are you?  I am
fine.  (Ha ha!).

   My name is Kim.  I live with my Mommy and Daddy in ******.  I am nine
years old.  I have a puppy and a bird, and a real pony I can ride.  I like
baseball and playing with dolls and trucks.  I love church and Sunday
School.  I love my Mommy and Daddy cause they take good care of me.  They
make sure I get good food to eat, and good clothes.  They teach me all
kinds of things.  And they make sure I behave, too.  That's because they
believe in "corprul punishment", or something like that.  What that means
is that I get spanked a lot.  And whipped.

   I didn't always live in ******.  I was born in Romania.  I don't know
anything about my "bioparents" (that's what Mommy and Daddy call them).  I
ended up in an orphanage.  Mommy and Daddy heard about me and came and saw
me.  They said they just fell in love with me right away.  They had to work
hard, and I think they had to pay a lot of money to some people.  But
finally they were able to `dopt me.  They took me to ****** where they

   Mommy and Daddy have other husbands and wives besides each other, but
they live in different homes, and some of them live far away.  Mommy and
Daddy say that they can have so many husbands and wives because ******
doesn't have any laws against "poligummy", or something like that.  They
don't have any "age of consent" laws, either.  Mommy and Daddy said that's
why they were able to marry me when they brought me home.  So they're not
just my Mommy and Daddy, they're my Husband and Wife, too!  Isn't that
funny?  Ha ha!

   There's also a special reason why Mommy and Daddy worked so hard to
`dopt and marry me.  That's because I can be Mommy's little husband, and
Daddy's little wife at the same time.  You wanna know why?  It's because
I'm a "hermaphrodite" (I asked Daddy how to spell it.  I hope I got it
right).  I was born with both a penis and a girlcleft.  A lot of kids born
that way have just a little bit of boy and a lot of girl, or the other way
around.  They usually get special surgery and get turned into all girl or
all boy.  But I had normal boystuff and girlstuff, so they didn't know what
to do with me.  Besides, Romania didn't have much money to do stuff like
that.  So they left me alone.  I'm glad they did!

   By the way, Diary, I'll tell you, since everbody seems to want to know.
Yes, my pee comes out of both places, so I have to sit down to pee.  There,
you satisfied?  Just kidding!  Ha Ha!

   As far back as I can remember, Mommy and Daddy have punished me a lot. I
get a spanking almost every day.  Back when I was 5 or 6, they just spanked
me on my bottom, or whipped me with a switch on my legs and my bottom.  But
after I turned 7, they started punishing my front, too.  Daddy spanks me on
my little girlcleft, which makes me feel so funny!.  And Mommy spanks my
penis.  Mommy and Daddy usually take turns on whose day it is to punish me.
On the days when Daddy's going to punish me, Mommy lays out little girl
clothes for me to wear.  When it's her turn, she has me wear little boy's
clothes.  Anyway, it's really embarrassing to be only nine and have your
Mommy and Daddy punish you on your girlcleft and penis, don't you think,

   Oh, well; as Tigger says, "TTFN!" (That means, Ta Ta for now!  Ha ha!).

   Dear Diary,

   Tonight Daddy punished me in a new way.  After he spanked me on my
bottom, and switched me on my thighs and bottom, he told me to stand up
straight.  He pulled my dress off me.  It was so embarrassing to be only
nine and to be so naked in front of my Daddy!.  Then he took the switch and
switched me on my little nipples!  It was like this: (Swap!) "OOOH!  O-O-O!
Oh, Daddy, you're whipping my nipples!  AAAAA!" Then he made me bend over
and he switched me right on my little anus!  It felt so weird, and it was
so embarrassing to have my Daddy whip me there.  I cried out and jumped so
much.  And it made my little penis go so stiff.  Daddy saw that and he
handed the switch to my Mommy.  She just switched and switched me, right on
my little penis!  It made me yelp and tremble.  Then Daddy put some
lubricant on his fingers (you know, Diary, the stuff Mommy and Daddy put on
the thermometer when they put it in my anus to take my temperature) and put
his fingers right in my anus (Daddy says to say that he "pierced,
penetrated, and probed" my anus).  I kinda yelled, and then I couldn't
hardly make any noise for a little while, cause Mommy had grabbed my little
penis, and Daddy had his hands right on my little girlcleft, and he was
pinching and twisting my little nubbin; you know, Diary, the one that feels
so funny when you rub it (Daddy says to say that's my "clitoris").  Pretty
soon my bottom was moving, kinda all by itself, pushing up against my
Daddy's hand, and my cleft and penis were pushing the other way against my
Mommy and Daddy's hands.  It was almost as if my bottom was saying, "Oh,
Daddy, push your fingers way into me!" and my cleft and penis were saying,
"Oh, Mommy!  Oh, Daddy!  Punish me more and more!" Then this hot kind of
wave thing came all over me and I was yelling and bucking.  Right in the
middle of it Daddy took his hand out of my bottom and just spanked me over
and over.  It made that wave just explode all over me!  It went right
through my bottom, and my girlcleft, and my penis, and all over.  And
something kinda spurted out of my penis!  Daddy said to tell you that means
I had an "orgasm", whatever that is.  He also said it's called "coming". 
And I sure came all right!  Mommy and Daddy really know how to punish me!

   Then they sent me to bed.  So goodnight, Diary!

   Dear Diary,

   I just turned ten today!  Mommy and Daddy gave me a birthday party.  And
they invited a lot of Mommies and Daddies in our family that I've never
seen before.  Some of them came from different countries, all over the
world.  I think maybe I'm a little famous cause of being a hermaphrodite.
For part of the party Mommy had me dress as a little boy, but for most of
it she dressed me like a girl.  I think that's because most of the guests
were Daddies.  Anyway, partways through the party Mommy and Daddy said I
was naughty and I had to be punished.  Everone gathered around and watched
while Daddy put me over his knee and threw up my skirt.  They could see I
didn't have any panties on.  Mommy and Daddy don't let me wear panties or
underpants, so it's easier for them to punish me.  Daddy spanked and
spanked me.  I kicked my little legs and cried out.  Then him and Mommy
just stripped me and made me stand in front of everbody, all naked.  It was
so embarrassing, even tho' I knew everbody there was one of my Mommies and
Daddies.  But most of them were still strangers, and it was kind of like
being punished to have to be naked in front of them.

   When Daddy pulled my dress off, I heard a lot of the people gasp and
stuff.  I think it was because of me being a hermaphrodite.  My little
penis was standing out kinda stiff because of being punished, and my little
cleft was showing between my legs.  Mommy grabbed my little penis and
started twisting and pinching it, so I jumped and moaned.  Then Daddy
started spanking me right on my girlcleft!  I was yipping and yelping and
dancing up and down.

   Then Mommy and Daddy took me to a little room next door.  They told me
it was time for me to be part of the marriage all the way.  I kinda figured
out that meant I was going to be raped.  Then they told me I could have my
choice: either Mommy and Daddy could rape me first in front of everbody, or
I could be raped first by one of the other Daddies there.  `Course I said I
wanted Mommy and Daddy to do it first!  But then they told me that the way
they would decide which of the other Daddies got to rape me first was
according to which one would give the most money to help all the poor kids
in ******.  They said that the Daddies would pay a lot of money to punish
and rape me because I was so special `count of I was a hermaphrodite ("And
a cute one, too!" Daddy said.  I love my Daddy!).  Mommy and Daddy said
they'd be right there watching and making sure I was all right, but the
other Daddy would get to punish me and rape me, and when he raped me there
was no way around it, it was going to hurt some.  Well, I thought I ought
to let one of the other Daddies do it, for the kids y'know.  And besides, I
have to admit; I was a little curious to see what it would be like with one
of them!
After they had the contest, they brought me back in and introduced me to
the Daddy who had won.  He was nice-looking, but a little older than my
Daddy.  He all ready had his pants opened, and his rod was poking out.  It
was all stiff and big.  I knew he was going to rape me with his rod.  It
made me so anxious, and yet somehow it made me feel...funny, to think that
his hard rod was going to go inside me.  He held my shoulders and kissed me
for a while.  He smelled like my Daddy's cologne, which was really nice. 
Then he just ran his hand up and down my front.  He pulled at my little
nipples, and pinched them.  And he grabbed my cleft lips and pinched and
twisted them, too.  He even ran his hands up and down my little penis. 
Then he spun me around and gave me a quick spanking.  He took a riding crop
and whipped me with it, right on my little thighs, back and then front.  It
felt so funny to be whipped on the front of my thighs.  Daddy says that's
because it's more "sexual" to be whipped on the front of your thighs.  He
brought the crop down right across my little breasts.  It was like this:
(WAPP!) "AAAAAH!  Oh, Sir, my breasts!  OOOOO!  AH!  AH!  AH!" I just cried
out and cried out as he kept on whipping me there.  My little nipples got
all stiff and kinda red.  It was so embarrassing to be only ten and to be

so naked and punished by a strange man.

   Then he snapped the crop onto my little penis.  Oh, how I danced and
jumped up and down while he whipped me there!  It almost made me spurt! 
Then he swung the crop up between my legs right onto my little girlcleft. I
almost screamed and I got kinda faint cause it was so intense.  He picked
me up like I didn't weigh anything and just slung me onto the couch in the
room.  He put me onto my back, spread my legs, and spanked me a few times
on my cleft and penis.  Then he put his mouth right on my cleft!  He kissed
and kissed me there.  It felt so funny!  Then he pressed his tongue up
against my clitoris and maidenhead.  Oh, how I moaned and cried.  Soon I
was bucking up and down while he used his tongue and his teeth to punish my
little clitoris.  I think he could tell I was about to come, because
suddenly he raised up and put his rod right at my girlcleft.  Then he just
thrust it in so hard, and raped me of my maidenhead.  Oh and it did hurt so
much!  I screamed and cried.  He just held me, and kissed my hair, and told
me he loved me, while I sobbed and my shoulders shook.  I could feel him
sort of throbbing inside my punished cleft.  After a while my sobs died
down to the occasional sniffle.  He started to thrust his rod in and out of
my smarting cleft, long and slow at first, then fast and hard.  I yelled
with each thrust, like this: "AAH!  - AAH!  - AAH!" Pretty soon I could
feel that wave coming over me again.  I was bucking, and moaning, and
jerking, and spurting.  And then I think he came, too, and filled me with
his seed.  It mixed with the little trickle of blood from my maidenhead and
I could feel it run out of my cleft down onto my anus.

   They let me rest for a little while after that while some of the Mommies
punished a little boy they'd brought along.  Then my Mommy and Daddy
decided to punish me and rape me.  Mommy raped my anus with an ice dildo
while she spanked and wanked my penis.  Then Daddy whipped my clitoris and
cleft and anus with a groovestrap.  Mommy clipped electrodes to my penis
and Daddy clipped them to my clitoris and nipples.  They sent the current
through me, and I jumped and moaned.  My little nipples and penis got so

   Finally they raped me.  Mommy mounted me and took my penis into her. 
She was so strong, and warm and wet!  She thrust down onto me so hard and
pushed my foreskin back as she raped my virgin penis.  Right after that
Daddy came behind me and rammed his lubricated rod into my anus!  How I
cried out and moaned as he raped me and raped me!  And he reached around
and seized my cleft and clitoris.  Soon Mommy was coming.  I could feel her
wetness on my penis.  Then Daddy started to come, and fill my anus with his
seed.  Then I was coming, yipping and yelping.

   Oh, Diary, it's so neat to know that I'm so loved, and cared for, and

   The End

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