Shit Slave by Karen

Shit Slave

Warning: This story is meant for adults only. It involves scat activities between women. It is a fantasy and all names are fictitious.

Nineteen year old Brenda nervously approached the librarian, then turned away, ashamed of herself, and began rummaging through the books lining the shelves. Several times she looked over at the pretty librarian who could have been no more than thirty years of age. Blond haired with eyes of blue, several times Brenda thought of the woman in a sexual way. When the librarian walked up to Brenda, Brenda noticed she had large breasts that really stuffed her blouse. She also noticed the woman's legs, which were shapely and well rounded.

"Can I help you?" the librarian asked. "You seem to be looking for something in particular that you can't find?"

Brenda blushed and shook her head 'no'.

The librarian walked back to her desk and, as she did so, Brenda's eyes were glued to the woman's ass. It was magnificent, Brenda thought.

The young librarian kept looking at Brenda from time to time until she again came over to her. "I know you're looking for something in particular. Something in sex, perhaps?"

Brenda blushed again. "Well, yes, in a way."

"A way?" The librarian smiled at Brenda, "Why don't you explain that... perhaps I can help you with your little problem?"

Brenda again blushed furiously. "I'm looking for... for... for something... something on scatology!"

"I see," the librarian didn't bat an eye. "I'm afraid we don't have anything here on that subject, but I do have some papers and stories on this at home. Would you care to join me there... say after I get off work, at 4:00?"

"You have this all wrong, they're not for me... I'm doing a research paper on this," Brenda hid her face in her hands.

The librarian let Brenda compose herself first, then..."Of course I realize this, no young girl as pretty as yourself would be caught dead doing something so disgusting!"

"I'm glad you feel that way, and yes, I would love to come to your place and read those articles you speak of," Brenda beamed.

"Here's my address. Come by about 4:30 and you can read those articles... for your research paper," the librarian smiled.

"Oh, thank you," Brenda looked at the address on the card. "I'll be there," and she hurriedly left the library, quickly checking her watch to see it was already a few minutes past three. She only had a quick chance to shower before this apointment.

Brenda was very excited as she rang the doorbell at 1517 Maple Drive a few minutes past 4:30 and quickly the door was opened by Ellen in a stunning outfit.

"Come on in, I know you're ready to start your work on scatology," Ellen stepped aside to let Brenda in. Ellen led Brenda into the den. "On the table there, I think you'll find all you need for your research. I'll be back every few minutes to check on you... sort of give you a helping hand, so to speak."

"OK," Brenda walked over to the den table and saw the stack of papers. "There's so many! However did you collect all these?"

"I know several girls into this," Ellen smiled at Brenda. "Will you be all right here for a few minutes? I need to check on something out in the kitchen. Go ahead with your work and I'll be back in a few minutes."

"I'll be fine, you go ahead," Brenda began working her fingers through the stack of papers and stories before her. Little did she know that Ellen was simply hiding, watching her. Brenda sat down and began reading. At once she became very aroused, these stories were everything she had ever dreamed of... all the filth one could hope for in a story.

Ellen was watching Brenda from a hidden doorway and saw the girl slide her fingers inside her panties and began masturbating. She was sure now, this girl wasn't doing research, she was into this all along... or at least aroused by it. Coughing once, she started into the den and Brenda pulled her hand out from her panties and picked up a pen to start making notes.

"Filthy, isn't it?" Ellen laughed.

"It's terrible!" Brenda remarked.

"You're flushed! Don't tell me that stuff makes you hot?" Ellen leaned over the table.

Brenda laid the story down, "It's hot in here. Do you think you could open a window?"

"I don't think it's a good idea to open a window, why don't you strip down to panties and bra?" Ellen asked.

"Well, I suppose I could, I guess," and Brenda began stripping.

"I'll be back in a few minutes, all right?" Ellen moved away.

"All right... but don't worry about me, I'll be through with your papers soon," Brenda said. "At the rate I'm going, I'll be through soon."

Ellen smiled and left the room.

The minute she left the room, Brenda slid her fingers inside her panties again and began masturbating as she read the filthy story. Soon she had reached an orgasm, but she didn't stop there, she kept right on masturbating until she felt a hand on her shoulder, causing her to drop the story and whirl around, to see Ellen grinning.

"Those make you hot?" Ellen smiled.

"In a way," Brenda blushed

"Honey, you masturbate all you want," Ellen smiled. "I love those nasty stories too!"

"Have you... ever done that to a girl?" Brenda asked.

"Two times," Ellen recalled..."and it was great watching those two girls chewing up my filthy shit!"

"Really?" Brenda stirred.

"Yes, really!" Ellen knew she had this girl hooked now. "You go ahead and read those nasty stories and masturbate... all right?"

"'Thank you," Brenda murmured and slid her fingers back into her panties and picked up a new story to read. As she masturbated, she glanced up several times at the librarian to see she was now removing her clothes. This really caught her eye, this woman disrobing right before her eyes. She watched Ellen taking her clothes off down to a black garter belt and dark nylons. No panties! And her big breasts were housed in a half bra that made them stand out.

"Oh, Ms. Ellen, you are simply beautiful!" Brenda exclaimed.

"Thank you, sweetie... are you through reading?" Ellen asked.

"I think so... I am getting rather hot!" Brenda admitted. "Your body is making me hot!"

"Would you like to do something else?" Ellen asked.

"I... I think I'd better be going home," Brenda stammered, yet never taking her eyes off this woman.

"I need to shit right now," Ellen smiled again.

Brenda swallowed hard, "Now?"

"Is that giving you ideas?" Ellen pushed her rump out in Brenda's direction.

For a long moment, Brenda just sat there, staring at Ellen's gorgeous rump, then slowly slid to her knees behind Ellen.

Ellen turned back around and looked down at the young girl on her knees before her.

"Ms. Ellen," Brenda stammered. "I have never done this before but I'm dying to try it!"

"Try what?" Ellen walked across the room and sat down.

"You know," Brenda blushed red.

"No, I don't know what you mean." Ellen knew very well what this girl was talking about and wanted.

"Ms. Ellen, I'm scared!" Brenda kneed her way across the floor to where Ellen was.

"Scared of what? If you're scared, don't do it," Ellen suggested.

"I... I think I want to try it," Brenda could not keep her eyes off the naked woman before her.

"Try what? Spell it out!" Ellen admonished.

"You are so pretty, I'd like to eat... eat your... SHIT!" Brenda admitted.

"You want to be a shit-eater? Like those other two girls?" Ellen questioned.

"I... I think so," Brenda was constantly red-faced now.

"Those girls would beg me for it," Ellen recalled.

"PLEASE... SHIT in my mouth!" Brenda started begging.

"And you're going to eat it?" Ms. Ellen smiled down at the girl.

"Yes... I will eat your shit!" Brenda grunted lewdly.

Ellen stood up, "Come with me, "ON YOUR KNEES!"

Brenda followed Ellen into the bathroom on her knees.

"Get in the bathtub, face up," Ellen ordered. Once Brenda had laid back in the tub, Ellen got up on the sides of the tub and squatted down. "My other sluts tell me my shit tastes like sugar... so you had better be as good to me as they are!" Ellen looked down. "OPEN YOUR TOILET MOUTH! First I'm going to give you some pee!" She began squirting out a stream of hot piss that splattered in Brenda's mouth. "DRINK IT!"

Brenda swallowed again and again until the stream stopped, her face wet. Ellen grunted slightly and her asshole blossomed out and a turd started crawling out, inch by slow inch, giving Brenda a good look at her upcoming meal and a smell as well. It dropped down until it was about to slip between Brenda's lips when it broke loose, dropping into Brenda's mouth.

"EAT SHIT!" Ellen demanded.

Brenda began chewing up the nasty shit.

"Do you like that shitty taste?" Ellen looked down.

"YES! OH YES! I love this nasty taste!" Brenda mumbled around the piece of crap in her mouth.

"Good, I'm glad you like that nasty taste... I'm sorry I don't have any more for you right now," Ellen got off the tub. "Do you need to shit now?"

"I think I can, a little," Brenda answered.

"Good, get out of the tub and shit right on this towel I'm spreading for you. Since you like shit so much, you can eat your own! Have you ever done that?"

"No," Brenda squatted. She made a face and shit began literally to flow from her asshole. She squeezed and pressed several times until she told Ms. Ellen that she was through.

"Turn around then, and look at your shit on that towel!" Ellen pointed down.

Brenda turned around and looked down at her pile of shit, all gooey and slimy. "Do I have to eat my own shit, Ms. Ellen?" Brenda asked.

"Yes, shit-lover... eat your own shit. Get your mouth down there and start eating it!" Ellen pushed Brenda's head down into the pile of dirty crap.

Brenda's face remained in the pile of crap several seconds as Ellen rubbed her face in it, then she started licking it up when Ellen released her face.

"Does it taste as good as mine?" Ellen asked.

"NO! No way! Yours was very sweet compared to mine," Brenda kept licking up the crap.

"That's good to hear," Ellen petted Brenda's hair. "FILTHY SHIT-EATER!"

Brenda continued until the small pile was gone and raised up.

"Wash your face now, then we'll work out a schedule for you," Ellen grinned.

"Brenda washed her face and walked back into the front room where Ellen was seated.

"Let's see now, I think I've got a schedule worked out for you to come over here and serve as my toilet, would you like that?" Ellen glanced at the girl.

"Yes, Ms. Ellen... I think I'd like that a lot!" Brenda licked her lips.

"Good, you will come over here on Thursday... I normally take a shit about five in the afternoon, about the same time you did it this afternoon... and I might have another woman here this Thursday," Ellen studied Brenda's face closely for her reaction to this news.

Brenda blushed but didn't say a work.

"We also can do some other things that I think you might like," Ellen added. "NASTY things!"

Again Brenda blushed but didn't say a word.

"I see you haven't said a word. Does that mean you're totally agreeable to all these things? I wouldn't want an unwilling slave!" Ellen smiled.

"No, Goddess," Brenda wilted.

"Good!" Ellen stood up. "Be here next Thursday... on time. I will have a BIG load for you this time!"

"Yes, Goddess," Brenda mumbled. "Now, you may leave. I'll see you next Thursday," Ellen grinned.

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