Punishment - Aunt Donna by Karen

Punishment - Aunt Donna

Warning: This story is meant for adults only. It involves scat activities between women. It is a fantasy and all names are fictitious.

Heather, at age 14, was on her way to Minnesota, sent there by her mother because she had caught Heather and another girl locked into a 69 position. They had entered this position and had been thus locked for almost an hour when her mother came home. Wanting her daughter to forget all about this girl, her mother had sent her for the summer to her sister's home in Minnesota. Aunt Donna was supposed to meet her at the train depot.

Heather had no more stepped from the train when aunt Donna greeted her with a kiss. The long car ride started then, far back in the woods for the two of them and Heather found out that Lucinda, her mother's other sister, was staying with aunt Donna. The car ride lasted almost two hours and Heather was getting rather tired from the train trip and the car ride, but eventually they arrived at aunt Donna's home.

Heather got the surprise of her life when she walked into aunt Donna's home - aunt Lucinda greeted them entirely in the nude! Not one stitch of clothing! Lucinda kissed Heather's cheek and took her bags.

"This way, pussy licker," Lucinda laughed and Donna joined the laughter.

Heather blushed furiously, 'so they knew about her little affair'.

Once in Heather's new room, Lucinda said, "Honey, your mother was wrong to send you here. I've licked a lot of pussies in my time. Your mother is old-fashioned."

Heather suddenly felt better. "It is more fun than being with boys."

"A hell of a lot better," aunt Lucinda agreed.

As Heather was unpacking her bags, she couldn't help but glance at aunt Lucinda out of the corner of her eye. Aunt Lucinda could have been no more than 35. She had blond, shoulder length hair that just bounced with each step that she took. Her breasts were magnificent! They stood out in full growth and jiggled with each step. Heather also noticed that aunt Lucinda had shaven her pubic area, except for a small patch right above her mons, about one inch in diameter.

"I see you've noticed my pubes, do you shave your like this?" and aunt Lucinda spread her legs wide and spread the lips of her pussy.

"No, I don't shave yet," Heather blushed at the brazen display.

"We'll have to take care of that," aunt Lucinda smiled warmly. "But first, strip off all your clothes!"

"What?" Heather seemed alarmed.

"Strip off your clothes, honey. All of us go around here entirely in the nude. Right now, your aunt Donna is probably nude," aunt Lucinda explained. "Now take your clothes off!"

As Heather fumbled with the buttons on her blouse, she knew she couldn't measure up to aunt Lucinda, her perfect form, but soon aunt Lucinda was helping her undress and hanging each item in a closet. When Heather was entirely nude, aunt Lucinda whistled and walked around the girl. "Girl, your body is developing into one of the finest figures I've ever seen! But let's hurry, you're probably all musky from the trip and would like a bath. I'll shave your pussy too!"

Heather blushed and was soon headed out of her room and into the bathroom. While the water was running for a bath, aunt Lucinda began shaving Heather's pussy until she came to a spot above her mons, which she left, but trimmed. Next the two of them settled into the tub and aunt Lucinda began bathing Heather. Then, handing the bar of soap to Heather, she indicated that she wanted Heather to bathe her. To Heather, this was very erotic, to bathe another woman. They spent a good hour bathing each other before aunt Lucinda finally stood up and reached for a towel. They dried each other and drained the tub.

Going back downstairs, both in the nude, sure as aunt Lucinda had said, they found aunt Donna also in the nude. Also a blond, her hair was wavy but cut short, hugging her head... but it was her breasts that Heather was staring at. No bigger than hers! And she was also shaved, only she had shaved a heart about her mons.

"Like?" aunt Donna did a pirouette and then walked up to Heather and placed a kiss on one of Heather's shoulders.

"Go take a bath first," aunt Lucinda pulled Donna away from Heather. "I'm going to find out how good a pussy licker Heather is!"

"Aunt Lucinda! I couldn't!" Heather was taken aback.

Aunt Lucinda walked over to the couch and sat back in it, scooting her rump forward to the very edge and opened her legs. "It has been over two weeks now since you've tasted pussy, and my sweet juicy cunt is begging for a tongue! Come on over here and get busy. I know you want it," Lucinda spread her pussy lips.

Heather felt her pussy start to moisten at the sight of aunt Lucinda's juicy pussy.

"Come on over her and give me that pink tongue," Lucinda wiggled her hips.

With a soft moan and in a trance, Heather started moving forward and dropped to her knees before her aunt Lucinda and stared at older woman's pussy. Still in a trance, Heather leaned forward and ran her tongue up one of the lips and down the other. Back and forth Heather went, from one lip to the other until she settled her lips around Lucinda's clit and began sucking at it gently as her tongue bathed its slick surface.

"Oh yes! You're a very good pussy licker!" Lucinda moaned. "Lick it! Lick it!"

Heather licked at her clit several more moments before she trailed her tongue down to her cunt and plunged her tongue up into pink tunnel, then back up to the clit. She felt aunt Lucinda quivering beneath her tongue and felt her become rigid in orgasm, but Heather did not stop. She slid her tongue down across aunt Lucinda's pee hole and into her cunt again and probed her tongue in and out a few times, gathering up all of the woman's cunt cream before trailing her tongue back up to the clit, which she gathered between her lips and began sucking at it as her tongue caressed its surface. She kept up this back and forth action until Lucinda exploded in her mouth again just as Donna came into the room.

"Is she good?" Donna settled back on the couch.

"She's very good!" Lucinda grunted as she pushed Heather from between her legs and guided her between Donna's legs. "See for yourself."

Heather settled her mouth between the folds of Donna's pussy and began licking and sucking at it, raking her tongue up and down between the juicy folds. Before long, Donna had exploded in her face, shooting a stream of sticky cunt cream out into Heather's mouth which she swallowed with great relish and continued sucking.

She brought Donna to three different orgasms before Donna pushed her aside and Lucinda took her turn. Back and forth Heather's mouth went from Donna to Lucinda, giving each at least eight juicy orgasms. At this point she was masturbating herself madly. Finally, both Donna and Lucinda had had enough.

Sitting back, Heather watched Donna and Lucinda lying back against the couch, totally exhausted from the many orgasms they had reached from her mouth and tongue. Heather continued to masturbate, but finally Donna leaned forward, "Did you lick that girl's asshole?"

"No, that's disgusting!" Heather made a face.

"Disgusting? Why is it disgusting?" Donna asked.

"You know... what comes out of there," Heather made a face again.

Both Donna and Lucinda looked at each other a moment, then Donna got up and disappeared for a few moments and then came back. "This, my dear, is a butt-plug. We want you to lean over the back of that couch!"

"A butt-plug?" Heather began to get scared.

"Yes, honey, a butt-plug. We're going to insert it up your ass," Donna waved the plug around in the air.

"That's too big to go in my ass!" Heather looked frightfully at the waving plug.

"It's only about three inches thick!" Lucinda said. "You should be able to take that easily," and she took Heather's arm and raised her to her feet. Taking her around to the back of the couch, she leaned Heather over the couch and spread her buttocks apart and soon Heather felt Donna smearing some form of lubricant all over her rear entrance, pushing some inside. Then she felt the butt-plug being pushed up her anus, spreading it wider than it had ever been spread before.

"Stop! That hurts!" Heather cried.

"It'll only hurt for the moment. Once it's inside you'll love that stretched feeling, because you are going to wear this butt-plug until you learn your place here or you leave us!" Donna shoved the butt-plug all the way in, a depth of seven inches.

"Yeeekkkk!" Heather yelled.

"Now there, it's all in. Feel better?" Donna straightened up Heather.

"It hurts a little, but not as bad as it did going in!" Heather admitted.

Donna placed a strap around Heather's waist and attached it to the butt-plug, along with a strap than ran between her legs, and then snapped them all together and snapped a small lock shut on the strap where they all came together. "Now you won't go to the bathroom without one of us there to pull that plug out, but it will go right back in again."

"You said something about learning my place?" Heather asked.

"You will only have one duty here with us, to service us, in any way we choose, anytime," Donna answered Heather's question. "But some will be nasty, REAL NASTY!"

"Real nasty!" Heather's tears started.

"Wipe those tears away. Let me explain a little about this butt-plug. You felt me smearing gel all over your asshole'? Well, that gel is a very good conductor of electricity," Donna took up a cord and snapped it in place to the butt-plug. "I now have a battery powered rheostat connected to that butt-plug. It goes from one to ten, but for a moment, I am going to turn it on to just one... to give you a chance to feel what that current is doing to your rectum," and Donna switched on the rheostat.

"YEEEOOOOW! Turn it off! Turn it off!" Heather squealed.

Donna flipped the switch off. "Now you know we mean what we say. If you refuse to do anything we ask, that switch will be turned on again!"

Heather began crying again, "What will I have to do for you two?"

"She's coming around," Lucinda patted Heather's arm, "but, it's late now and you need some rest. Tomorrow it will start. Oh, by the way, there are bars over your window and we will lock your door for the night, so you needn't bother trying to get away."

Then Lucinda towed Heather up the stairs to her private room.

Heather had a lot of trouble getting to sleep that night, wondering what these ladies would ask of her but finally she fell asleep to troubled dreams.

The next morning, the first thing Heather felt was the butt-plug in her ass and immediately a flood of fear came over her, for today was the day she would be required to start her duties here.

Donna and Lucinda had been listening for Heather to awaken and, when they heard her, they quickly went down the hall to open her door. "Good morning, girl slave," Donna greeted her. "As of this day, you are no longer a normal little girl. You will be transformed into a very willing slave!"

"Whatever you do, don't turn that rheostat on again!" Heather groaned. "I can still feel it!"

"Do you need to go to the bathroom yet?" Lucinda asked.

"No," Heather tried her best to answer politely.

Lucinda and Donna led Heather downstairs and Donna seated herself on the couch, spreading her legs real wide and propped a foot up on a footstool. "Suck and lick my toes while my sister eats my pussy."

"Your toes?" Heather wrinkled her face up.

Lucinda pushed Heather down to her knees and pushed her face down to Donna's foot. She rubbed Heather's mouth over Donna's big toe until Heather took it in her mouth and began sucking.

"As you're sucking, run your tongue in and out between my toes!" Donna directed as Lucinda settled between her sister's thighs and began licking her pussy. "Oh yes, Lucinda, you're the best pussy licker in the world! Eat my juicy pussy, sis!" It didn't take long for Lucinda to bring her sister to an orgasm, a quivering juicy orgasm at which point Lucinda stood up and dragged Heather away from Donna's toes.

"Yesterday, you said you had never licked that girl's asshole... you said it was disgusting. Tell us, slave, why you think it is disgusting!" Donna smiled.

"It's dirty there," Heather tried to explain.

"Dirty? You mean because of what comes out of that hole?" Donna loved to tease girls this way. "Tell me, slave, what comes out of that hole that makes it so dirty?"

"Feces," Heather almost whispered.

"Oh come on now, that's the polite term for it. We want to hear you use the vernacular for it!" Donna giggled now.

Heather flushed and whispered, "Shit!"

"I didn't hear that," Donna leaned forward. "Say it louder!"

"SHIT!" Heather managed to blurt out.

Both Donna and Lucinda laughed at Heather and the discomfort she was experiencing. "You think shit is nasty?"

"Don't you? I think shit is revolting!" Heather remarked.

"Well, girl slave, you are going to lick my shit-hole! Make love to that nasty hole with your mouth and your tongue!" Donna pulled her legs up high around her neck, which exposed her asshole all full and open.

"Look at my sister's asshole bitch! Isn't it pretty?" Lucinda pointed.

"No, I think it's ugly!" Heather again screwed up her face.

"Watch it close," Donna said as she pushed and her asshole opened to reveal the end of a big turd, then she squeezed her asshole shut.

"Did you see that?" Lucinda questioned Heather.

"She needs to go to the bathroom!" Heather exclaimed.

"She will go to the bathroom... right in your dirty mouth!" Lucinda grinned.

"NEVER!" Heather tried to twist away from Lucinda.

Donna lowered her legs and stood up, "Perhaps I need to hook up that butt-plug now." She reached behind the couch and took out the cord with the rheostat in it and snapped it onto the butt-plug. "First, I'm going to explain a little more about this devise. Yesterday, you felt it for only one second, turned up to the one on the dial. The dial goes all the way up to ten! And the length of that pain you will feel could go on for a long time, if I decide so. So, little slave girl, unless you want to experience excruciating pain, you *will* eat shit! You will not spit it out or throw it up. If you do either, you will again feel that butt-plug being turned on! And, you will chew it until we tell you to swallow it!"

"I'll call my mom!" Heather began crying, tears were rolling down her cheeks.

Donna and Lucinda let Heather go on crying until she had cried her eyes out. Then Lucinda handed a phone to Heather, "Call your mother."

Heather hesitated a moment, thinking this might be some trick, but when she saw it wasn't, quickly began dialing her home phone number. It rang seven times before her mother answered. "Mom, this is Heather... I'm calling from your sister's home and you'd never guess what they want me to do... How did you know?... Oh Mommie, how could you?... that is disgusting... ok mommie... bye." and Heather hung the phone up.

"What did your mother have to say?" Donna grinned, knowing full well what she had had to say.

"She told me to do whatever you wanted," Heather truthfully answered.

"That's right, slave Heather, she told you to do everything we told you to do... you see, when we were just girls, your mother, and Lucinda and I were always eating each other's shit! When she caught you 69ing with that girl, it gave her an excuse to send you here to us, because she knew we would train you for this and she would have a shit-eating daughter!"

"How could she do this to me?" Heather began crying again.

"Dry those tears up, cunt, it's time you got busy with your mouth!" Donna again seated herself and drew back her legs. "Now watch close," Donna began expanding her asshole and then closed it quickly, leaving a big amount of shit right on her asshole.

"Lick her asshole!" Lucinda pushed Heather to her knees.

"It stinks!" Heather tried to turn her face away.

"Don't you be concerned about the smell, it won't smell at all once it's in your tummy!" Lucinda pushed Heather's face forward until her mouth was pressed against Donna's asshole. "EAT IT!"

Heather slid her tongue from her mouth and instantly drew it back..."It's nasty!"

"But that's what makes it so exciting!" Lucinda exclaimed and rubbed Heather's mouth around over her sister's asshole and flipped the switch on the butt-plug on.

Heather's mouth flew open and Lucinda pushed it into the mess of shit covering her sister's asshole and flipped the switch off. "Lick it! Or do I have to flip that switch on again?"

Instantly Heather began licking at Donna's messy asshole and gagged a couple of times but continued licking because she didn't want Lucinda to turn that switch again.

"Stick your nose up her shitty asshole!" Lucinda ordered.

Holding her breath, Heather pushed her nose up Donna's asshole.

"Fuck her asshole with your nose!" Lucinda laughed.

Heather started pushing her nose in and out of the messy cave, dragging out bits and pieces of Donna's shit and this shit fell into Heather's mouth because she had to breathe through her mouth.

"Does that feel good, sis?" Lucinda giggled.

"My rectum is so packed, I can hardly feel it," Donna said. "Have her pull her nose out and start eating my shit!"

"It's time, slave Heather. Time for you to learn how to EAT SHIT! And don't you dare throw it up!" Lucinda warned.

"I won't throw it up, you'll just turn that rheostat up again," Heather opened her mouth.

"I think the little cunt wants it! She's got her mouth open!" Lucinda watched.

Donna forced down, flexing her asshole several times before her asshole opened wide enough for the end of a fat turd to start out. Slowly it slid into Heather's mouth, past her lips and up against her tongue before Donna pinched it off and Lucinda pulled Heather back so Donna could watch her chewing up her shit.

"EAT SHIT!" Donna demanded. "Eat that dirty shit! Chew it till we tell you to swallow.

Heather started chewing it, doing her best to not make a face.

"Look at her, Lucinda, I think she likes it!" Donna joyfully exclaimed. "EAT MY SHIT, you dirty toilet-mouth! EAT IT! EAT IT!"

"Open your mouth so we can see it," Lucinda moved around beside Heather.

"It looks like an unflushed toilet!" Donna remarked. "Flush it down your toilet-mouth! FLUSH IT! Flush that slimy crap down your human toilet hole!"

Heather swallowed the mouthful of shit and instantly it tried to come back up but she managed to keep swallowing until she could keep it down.

"Lick my asshole clean now!" Donna ordered.

Heather began licking at Donna's shit-covered asshole, knowing the longer she licked, the longer it would be before Donna shit in her mouth again. She licked for several minutes before Lucinda pushed her mouth back up to Donna's asshole. "Open up bitch, for another big mouthful!"

Heather opened her mouth and Donna pushed out a great big mouthful, bulging Heather's cheeks. "EAT IT! EAT MY SHIT! CHEW IT UP! EAT SHIT!"

Heather began chewing and it oozed from her lips and began running down her chin.

"She's wearing your shit," Lucinda laughed. "Tilt your head back so you don't miss any of that precious food!"

Heather tilted her head back and kept chewing, by now her face was a horrible mask.

"Flush it cunt, flush it down your human toilet throat!" Lucinda demanded.

Heather swallowed and, without an order, began licking at Donna's asshole.

"She's starting to get with the game," Lucinda voiced.

"Open your mouth again. I don't have anything left but that mushy, slimy shit, my filthy crap... to go in your toilet mouth!" Donna pushed and strained to get all of her shit out of her rectum, which Heather was soon chewing and then swallowed, followed by a lengthy performance of analingus on Donna.

Finally it ended and Donna got up, "One day soon, before the summer is over, you'll be begging me to shit in your mouth. You'll grow to LOVE that filthy taste!"

"Not in a million years!" Heather argued.

"Oh, you will, I can almost guarantee that!" Donna smiled at Heather.

"Now it's my turn," Lucinda took the same position her sister had been in on the couch.

"You mean I have to eat yours too?" Heather backed away.

Donna dragged Heather back, "Yes my dear, now you will eat my sister's shit!"

Again Heather was required to eat shit and a half hour later was finished, her tummy beginning to swell from all the shit she had consumed.

"You will do this for both of us, every day! Every day you will eat two turds and soon you'll grow to love that filthy... nasty... slimy taste! We'd piss in your toilet mouth, but we don't want to wash all that delicious flavor out of your mouth," and Donna and Lucinda began tying Heather up. "This is so you won't throw up in your toilet. You'll stay here in that position for the next five hours. By then, most of that flavor will be gone. So good-bye bitch," Donna slipped a gag into Heather's mouth.

Five hours later, both Donna and Lucinda came in and removed the gag and began untying Heather. "By now you should have a good idea of just what shit tastes like. But remember, you'll do the same thing tomorrow! But now I need to piss, so get down on your knees before me and open wide. You are to drink ALL of my piss!" With that Donna began pissing in Heather's mouth. Then Lucinda pissed in Heather's mouth and afterwards, Heather informed them that she had to go to the bathroom. They bent Heather over, unlocked the butt-plug and pulled it from her ass and she sat down on the toilet. Donna handed Heather the soiled plug and told her to lick it clean. Refusal was out of the question, so Heather began licking her own shit off the butt-plug and after it was clean and Heather had defecated, Donna re-inserted the butt-plug up Heather's ass.

The rest of the afternoon, Heather spent performing hours of cunnilingus on the two sisters, one after the other, switching around several times until Heather's jaws were aching. But Donna had one more duty for Heather, she made Heather lick her armpits. Afterwards they led Heather back up the stairs to her room and locked her in.

Over the next two months, Heather performed this filthy duty for each sister, every day, until she got to a point where it was longer nauseating, just dirty and filthy. In fact... she got so she looked forward to this time of day... until one day...

"Mistress Donna, Mistress Lucinda... do you recall telling me that one day I'd actually beg you for something?" Heather turned red.

"Yes," Donna smiled.

"It's here now. I want to beg for something. You have turned me into a filthy slut/slave, and you were right saying that one day I'd beg for it!" Heather could not keep the redness out of her face.

"Get down on your knees to beg for it," Lucinda ordered. "What did you want to beg for?"

Heather dropped to her knees, "Mistress's, I want to beg for your shit!"

"We're listening," Donna grinned.

"Please, oh please let me eat your shit! Grease my mouth real good with that slimy, sugary stuff!" Heather began.

"Sugary, huh?" Lucinda questioned.

"To me it tastes almost like candy, it makes me so hot to eat that filthy stuff. But I think it's delicious too, even with all that bitter taste! I get so hot eating it. I can almost cum eating it! I'm begging you, shit in my mouth so I can eat it!"

For a moment, both Donna and Lucinda looked at each other, then..."Heather darling, both Lucinda and I are shit-eaters too... and we've put off our pleasure to bring you this forbidden pleasure. So, this afternoon, you watch us eat each other's shit!"

"You mean I don't get any? Please, my pretty Mistress's, give it to me one more time!"

"It's about time for you to be getting back home to your mother. If you're a good girl, we'll prepare a feast tomorrow you won't EVER forget! Meantime, Donna and I have been putting off our feasting just for you, so watch us!" And immediately both Donna and Lucinda went into a 69 position and began performing analingus on each other. They performed this for several minutes when they both began to defecate in each other's mouth. It was sheer torment to Heather to have to watch this. To see her two aunts shitting in each other's mouth and then eating it, was almost more than she could stand.

"Can I lick your assholes clean?" Heather moved in close.

Neither lady answered, they both kept licking and eating as their pussies began to flow a sticky white cream. This entire procedure lasted for well over an hour at which point they both sat up and began kissing, swapping that filthy brown shitty spit around between each other. Heather sat and masturbated as she watched... they did promise her a feast tomorrow that she would never forget...

The next day, both Donna and Lucinda began preparing a meal for Heather about noon. They fixed her a small steak and a baked potato along with a vegetable. Heather was very curious as she watched her two aunts. Setting the plate before Heather, loaded with the steak and potato and vegetable, they first took a wine glass. Donna filled the glass almost to the rim with her hot, salty piss and set it before Heather. Then Donna climbed up on the table and turned her back to Heather and began to shit all over Heather's food. Then Lucinda climbed up on the table and also defecated all over Heather's food. "There you are, sweetheart, a meal you will probably never forget!"

Heather looked at the mess on her plate, and slowly picked up her knife and fork. Cutting into the steak, covered with shit, she popped this mixture into her mouth and moaned with this new strange taste. She was used to eating shit straight, but she also enjoyed it this way. Slowly, with deliberation, Heather chewed each filthy bite before swallowing to cut off another chunk. Several times she reached for her wine glass of piss to wash the filthy mixture down. Heather spent 45 minutes eating her meal before she wiped her brown mouth clean and then, looking at the shit-stained napkin, popped it into her mouth and began eating it! Tomorrow, Heather would be going home.

The return to home was another long trip, but finally the train pulled into her home depot and she saw her mother standing there, waiting for her. She ran into her mother's arms and they kissed, on the mouth, not caring who would see. Then the short drive home.

Once they were safely inside the home, Heather pulled her mother into her arms. "Mommie, I want to thank you for sending me up to my aunt's place. I learned a great deal while I was there!"

"Everything? Including the more nasty stuff?" her mother asked.

"That especially! I did that every day, for the two of them, the whole summer. They taught me how erotic it was!" Heather excitedly answered.

"And you learned to like it?"

"Like it?" Heather gasped. "I grew to LOVE it! At first I didn't like it, but I soon grew to ADORE IT!... Mommie, may I eat your shit?"

"That's what daughters were made for... to eat their mother's shit!"

"Every day mommie?" Heather began to moisten.

"Every single day, dear, every single day!"

"And will you degragde me like they did?" Heather had pussy cream running down her legs.

"Is there any other way to treat a shit-eater?" Heather's mother kissed her, "I will totally degrade you as you're dining on my... FILTHY... NASTY... SLIMY... DIRTY SHIT! I will NEVER sit on a cold, impersonal toilet again! I always wanted a shit-eating girl and I finally have one! STINKING, SMELLY SHIT... and you are going to EAT IT!"

"Mommie, I am going to LOVE being your human toilet! DRINK your PISS and EAT your SHIT!" Heather excitedly said.

"That's what daughters are for... to be their MOTHER'S TOILET!!!

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