Mother-Daughter by Karen


Warning: This story is meant for adults only. It involves scat activities between women. It is a fantasy and all names are fictitious.

Susan and her mother, Gloria, were spending the night with friends, close friends, or so it would turn out in time. Susan would spend the night with Penny while Gloria would spend the night with Susan's mother, Kate. This arrangement had been going on for some time, about once a week. Susan and Penny would giggle and whisper things to each other for the better part of the night. But this night, everything would change as far as Susan and Penny were concerned.

It had all started about midnight when Penny and Susan went into the main bathroom. When they had come back out, they heard strange sounds coming from Kate and Gloria's room. They tip-toed over to the closed room and Penny dropped down on her knees to peek through the keyhole. Her mouth dropped open at what she saw. Her mother had her mouth on Gloria's anus! Yes, on her anus!!!! Gloria was lying on her tummy and reaching back, spreading her buttocks apart for this unnatural form of love.

Susan was pushing Penny, trying to get her chance to see what was going on between Kate and Gloria. Penny pulled away, flushing badly as Susan took her turn at the keyhole. Susan's mouth dropped open too at this scene. Her fingers slid down towards her pussy as she watched this scene. Penny pushed Susan away from the keyhole and watched for a few minutes until she saw a scene that was disgusting... her mother was now eating Gloria's feces! Susan pushed Penny away from the keyhole and saw this same scene. But instead of seeing something disgusting, Susan began masturbating. Her mother was now squatting over Kate's mouth and dropping pieces of shit into it. Kate would hold her mouth open and, after her mother had dropped a big piece into her open mouth, Kate would close her mouth and start chewing it. She would chew her mother's shit for a long time before she swallowed it and held her mouth open again for more. Penny pushed Susan away so she could watch.

After watching for several more minutes, the two girls left for their own room. "I've never seen anything like that,"Susan said as she climbed up on the bed.

"That was disgusting," Penny made a face.

"It might have been disgusting, but it was exciting to watch, wasn't it? I never thought that sexuality would take that sort of kink."

"It might have been exciting to watch, but it was still disgusting," Penny replied.

Susan took Penny in her arms as they had masturbated each other lots of times, "Is daughter like mother?"

"Never," Penny shook her head.

"Aren't you curious?"

"You mean about the taste?" Penny drew back to gaze into Susan's eyes.

"Of course I mean that taste."

"Well, it did cross my mind, but I know it would taste nasty," Penny slid her fingers down between Susan's thighs.

"Are you hot from watching that?" Susan asked.

"It did sort of warm me up," Penny admitted.

"Why don't you lick me back there."

"You won't make me eat that filth, will you?" Penny questioned.

"Not if you don't want it, I promise," Susan turned her rump to Penny.

Penny stared at Susan's ass.

"What are you waiting for?" Susan wiggled her ass for Penny. "Wouldn't you want to find out about your mother, what's she's doing for my mother?"

Slowly Penny lowered herself on the bed as Susan did the same, reaching back and spreading her buttocks apart. "See that little hole? Don't you want to lick it?"

"It looks nasty," Penny eyes were glued to the tiny opening.

"Naturally it looks nasty. That's what makes this so exciting. I'm about to cum just thinking about a girl licking my waste hole," and Susan wiggled her ass.

Penny slid her face up close and sniffed. "It stinks."

"If you lick it, you'll lick that stink off my ass-hole," Susan promised.

"But I'll taste it," Penny cried.

"Sure you'll taste it, that's what makes this so exciting."

Penny touched the center of the hole with her tongue and then drew back.

"Get your mouth back down there. I'm sure my mother will have your mother lick her completely clean when she's through eating that stuff. Come on, start licking."

Penny stuck her tongue out again and began licking the girl's rear opening. Before long, she was licking in passion. For some crazy reason she liked licking her girlfriend this way.

"Like mother, like daughter," Susan whispered as she looked back at Penny.

"I'm not like my mother, I WON'T eat that stuff that comes out of this hole," Penny said, but soon had her tongue back, licking in a growing heat.

"Are you getting hot?" Susan asked.


"Why don't you push your tongue up into my asshole?" Susan asked.

"It will taste real brown," Penny was now kissing.

"Maybe, maybe not, but you'll never know until you've tried it," Susan whispered.

Penny pushed out her tongue into a pointed dagger and pushed it up into the hole she had been licking. She held it still for a second and then pushed her tongue on up deeper into the opening and began pushing her tongue in and out.

"Can you taste me now?" Susan asked.


"Do you like that taste?"

"It doesn't taste bad at all," Penny admitted as she continued sliding her tongue in and out of the girl's asshole.

"If you like that, maybe I'd better force some real taste down for you. Would you like that, baby?"

"No... I mean yes, no, no. Don't make me do that," Penny continued to slide her tongue in and out and then she started sucking on it.

"Are you sucking my asshole? It feels like a real good suction on it. Are you trying to get something down out of my ass?"

"No, oh I don't know, I don't think so," Penny again replaced her mouth.

"If you keep sucking like that, you'll get something."

Penny kept right on sucking and Susan began pushing back on her bowels. "Oh, I can feel something up in my rectum real deep. You'd better stop sucking if you don't want any of that filthy stuff."

Penny kept on sucking and Susan pushed back more and more of her bowel movement until it was about to exit her anus. At this point, her asshole was spread open real wide and Penny was beginning to lick at the piece of shit lodged in Susan's asshole.

"How does it taste now?" Susan asked.

"It doesn't taste good, but I like it though," her tongue went back to licking.

"Are you ready for a real taste?" Susan turned to look.

"I... I think so..." Penny stammered.

Susan pushed down and out and a two-inch piece of shit dropped from her wide-stretched asshole into Penny's mouth and Susan turned around.

"Eat it, baby. Chew it up and swallow it just for me, please," Susan begged as her fingers found her clit. Be my private toilet."

Penny shuddered and bit down into the mouthful of shit and her face screwed up into a horrible mask.

"Eat it! Become my very own shit-eater."

Penny moaned as her fingers found their way to her clit as she began chewing but then she threw it up in her hand and rushed off into the bathroom.

Penny returned a few minutes later to find Susan masturbating on her bed and she crawled up beside her, "Susan... would you... would you do that... again?"

"Again? You just threw that up."

"Do it again for me. I promise to swallow it this time."

"You want to be a real shit-eater for me?" Susan stopped masturbating and noticed how aroused Penny was.


"A real filthy shit-eater."

Penny moaned. "Please Susan, you know I love you. Please allow me to chew up your shit and swallow it, Please."

'You want to be my shit-eater, a turd-gobbler, a crap-loving little cunt, eat my dirty waste that comes out of my shit-hole?"

"Yes, oh please yes. I'm sorry I threw up that last that you gave me some."

"Well, I don't think I have any left for you," Susan smiled.

"Oh no," Penny cried. "Squat over my mouth and strain real hard."

"Well, maybe I might have another bite for you," and she straddled Penny's mouth. "Open your mouth, sweetheart, I'm going to put something in your mouth that is very, very, dirty - my shit! SHIT! Oh, here it comes! I think I have more than a small mouthful, and you're begging for it."

Penny saw the tip of the turd and opened her mouth even wider, "Please brown my mouth real good."

"Can you see it?"

Penny nodded her head and kept her mouth open. The turd slid out further and further until she had dropped about four inches into Penny's mouth. "Chew it up real good, baby, chew it all up until you have nothing but a slimy mess in your mouth and then swish it around in your mouth for me."

There Penny was, chewing up shit while previously she hadn't agreed to this, hadn't even wanted to. Susan had two fingers shoved up her cunt while the other hand was playing with her clit as she watched Penny doing this.

"I love this nasty taste of your shit," Penny mouthed around this big mouthful, brown slime trickling out of the corners of her mouth as she spoke.

"I'm coming! I'm cumong! Just watching you be so filthy!" Susan groaned.

Penny swallowed the mouthful of filthy juice and opened her mouth to show Susan that she had swallowed it.

"Lick my asshole clean, toilet mouth," Susan squirmed down to Penny's mouth.

Penny began licking and she spent fifteen minutes licking the girl's asshole clean and then Susan rolled off of Penny. Penny sat up,' "Would you kiss me now?"

Susan made a face, "You don't expect me to kiss that toilet mouth now, do you?"

"I suppose not now, after what I just did. Thank you for doing this for me."

"Would you like to come back tomorrow night? I can save it up for you."

"Could I? Please?"

"Like mother, like daughter." Susan began kissing Penny, but on the ear, not the mouth.

When the phone rang the next evening, Penny rushed to grab it before her mother could reach it.


"Hi Penny, this is Susan. Did you tell your mother about what happened last night?"

"Not yet, I'm afraid. I'm so ashamed," Penny blurted out.

"I've told my mom what you did last night," Susan said.

"You told your mom? About what I did last night?"

"She was very proud of me for doing this to you. You know I'm 13 and I know you're 11 and she was amazed at two girls so young getting into this type of entertainment."

"You told her everything?" Penny gasped.

"Everything, honey, every little detail, and I want you to tell your mother about it tonight. If you don't, my mother will call your mother and tell her about it."

"She wouldn't!" Penny gasped.

"Yes she will, so you'd better do as I say."

"OK," Penny stammered.

"By the way, mom and I can't come over tonight. We won't be able to make it until this coming weekend. Think you can wait that long? I'll be able to save up a lot of nasty stuff for you."

"This weekend?"

"Yes, this weekend. Can you wait that long? Now you be a good girl and explain everything to your mother. Bye now, and be ready for this glorious weekend."

"Bye Susan," she Penny hung up the phone.

"Was that Susan, dear?" Kate asked her daughter.

"Yes," Penny blushed real big.

"Oh honey, there's no need to blush like that. Both Gloria and I have known that you and Susan had a thing for each other."

Penny blushed furiously, "Mommie, Susan wants me to tell you something."

"You can tell me anything you want," and she hugged her daughter.

Still hugging her mother, Penny said, "This is very hard."

"Honey, I know it is very difficult to admit to your own mother that you're had an affair with another girl. You see, Gloria and I have been lovers for years."

"I know," Penny squeezed her mother.

"You knew? How did you know?"

"Last night, about midnight, Susan and I heard you two in your bedroom so we peeked in the keyhole."

Kate released her daughter from the hug and held her out at arms length. "What did you see? I should be mad at you for spying on us, but I can forgive you for that."

Penny hid her face in her mother's breasts, "I know how you two make love, we saw everything."


"Maybe not everything... but enough, even... even that... nasty stuff!"

Kate was still for a minute. "Sweetheart, I'm sorry you saw that. You must think of your mother now as trash."

Penny had tears running down her face from all this embarrassment, "Mommie, I would never think of you as trash. It got us both excited."

Kate batted her eyes, "Don't tell me you did that too. Please don't tell me that."

"I had to. I had to know just what you were experiencing," Penny began to cry.

Taking her daughter in her arms, Kate hugged her tightly and started brushing her hair with her hand, "You're much too young to be doing that."

"Why am I too young for that?"

"Just because," Kate answered her daughter.

"They're both going to be over here again Saturday night." Penny squeezed her mother.

"And you want to do that again?" Kate questioned her daughter.

"I think so," Penny eyes were running from all this embarrassment.


Both Kate and Penny showered together, each soaking the other and each doing a lot of soaping each other in the erogenous zones, fingering each other to at least one orgasm. Then Kate took Penny into her bedroom and began pulling out articles of risque clothing, a set of black nylons with a black garter belt, black leather hi-heels, a black bra that only lifted titties but did not cover them. These she gave to Penny, explaining that these would help stimulate the ladies coming to see them. Then Kate sat down on the side of the tub and began shaving her pussy until it was bare except for a two-inch patch, right above her pussy. Once she had shaved, she began dressing herself in a blue erotic fashion, very similiar to the one for Penny. When they were dressed in like fashion, they began peeking out the front blinds for their visitors.

It wasn't long before Gloria and Susan arrived, using their own key. When they entered, it was to whistles of admiration for their lovers. "You ladies look divine," Gloria stated as the two began kissing while Penny took Susan by the hand and tried to lead her into her own room.

"Not so fast," Susan pulled back. "Mom and I want to use you two here in the same room, or whichever room you decide on, so we both watch."

Both Kate and Penny flushed at this prospect.

"Ladies, since both my daughter and I have saved up for this special night, we're both very stuffed and we would like to have a shit-eating party. But first some drinks, some necking and kissing. And, I would like to use your daughter, Kate, to really give her some mouthfuls."

"Please no, don't do that. You always shit so much. I'm sure my little girl would just throw it up," Kate begged with Gloria.

"Not from what I hear," and she laughed. "Your daughter, sweet one, is a real shit-eater. My daughter has said, like mother... like daughter."

Both Kate and her daughter hung their heads and agreed to this arrangement.

Gloria took Penny in her arms and they began a long, twisting, deep-mouth kiss, their tongues in a battle, sucking on each other's tongue.

"How about my titties," Gloria stood and began removing her clothes. Although Penny's mother was an attractive woman, Gloria was fabulously built. Large firm breasts, tipped with nipples that had that tilted erect posture, a narrow waist leading down to a flat tummy and below this, a pussy that was beautiful. Penny could not take her eyes off this delectable piece of flesh.

"Would you like a sip of piss, sweetheart?" Gloria asked Penny.

Penny nodded yes.

"Get down on your knees, honey. I see my daughter didn't train you right. Get down on your knees and show me the respect that I deserve."

Penny dropped to her knees and kneed her way over to the gorgeous woman.

"That's better," Gloria smiled down at Penny as she spread the lips of her pussy. "This will be the sweetest wine you ever tasted. Put your nasty mouth up to my cunt, baby."

Penny placed her mouth up to the beautiful woman's pussy and began licking it. Gloria closed her eyes, "Kate, you have a wonderful cunt licker here. Did you ever have her do this for you?" But Gloria didn't hear an answer, she was too busy enjoying the young girl's tongue. Then she began to trickle out some pee, a little at a time as Penny sipped it into her mouth and swallowed it.

"Mommy, Gloria has delicious piss," Penny said between sips, "but you would know all about the flavor of her piss, wouldn't you?" Penny replaced her mouth back on Gloria's pussy.

"Sip it, baby, sip all of my golden nectar. I love to see a young girl down there sipping my golden piss, flooding her belly. Swish it around in your mouth so you can really taste it good. Oh, that's it, sweetheart, you're going to make me cum."

"Oh Gloria, I love the taste of your piss," Penny said between slurps.

"And I love the way a young girl appreciates my piss. Drink it all, I have another surprise for you - a great big surprise.

"Are you going to feed me shit?" Penny asked.

"Yes baby, are you eager?"

"Are you going to make me eat it all?" Penny was still slurping piss.

"Yes, piss drinker, but you finish drinking my piss. All of it. Kate, you have a wonderful nectar drinker here, she's getting hot drinking my cunt juice."

For several more minutes, Penny sipped until there was no more piss to swallow and then she started licking Gloria's piss soaked pussy lips, devouring each miniature drop of the salty liquid.

"Are you ready for your big treat, little girl? I'm afraid you're going to have to stretch your stomach some, I feel like I'm going to shit more than I ever have."

Penny swallowed heavily as she looked up at Gloria, "Just help me. Be patient, let me take my time."

Gloria turned around and took up a towel that Kate had placed there. Laying the towel out on the floor, she squatted over it and began to grunt. It took a few minutes of grunting before the end of a turd became visible. Penny happened to look over at her mother and saw her with her face buried between the cheeks of Susan's ass and she was already chewing. Penny shivered and turned her stare back to Gloria. Gloria had dropped about seven inches of her turd out of her ass, still hanging. But it was the circumference of it that amazed Penny, this turd was at least an inch and a half in thickness and still coming out, Gloria grunting and her face strained. Penny swallowed hard as she watched more and more crawl out of Gloria's asshole. It kept coming and Gloria raised up to give Penny a view of her tremendous turd - at least twelve inches long... but still coming. Penny gasped as she saw this. Gloria didn't expect her to eat this much, or did she? Penny was amazed - how could a rectum hold so much? More and more slowly crawled out. Gloria had to raise up so her turd could still remain in one piece. Gloria's asshole began to deliver the turd faster now, faster until it dropped completely out... a full 19 inches in length!!! The first part had been firmer while the last half was softer, barely able to hold its shape. Gloria began to grunt again, straining and pushing hard and long thin tubes of shit began to crawl out, about 1 inch thick. She dropped two of these specimens about six inches long and then moved her ass back into Penny's face. "Lick my shit-hole, baby, get a taste of what I've dropped for you. Get my shit-hole good and clean before you start on my turd."

Penny began licking, tasting the bitter, foul taste of leftover shit, taking more time than necessary because she knew that as soon as she stopped licking, she would have to start eating. Gloria pulled away and turned around, "Didn't I tell you that I had a big load, just waiting for your mouth?"

"I can't eat all that," Penny stared at the turd.

"I think you can," Gloria slid around beside Penny and snaked her fingers between Penny's thighs. "Boy, you're wet! Did that filthy sugar coming out of my asshole get you hot? So hot you want to take it in your mouth?"

"Yes, it made me hot, but there's so much," Penny responded to Gloria's fingers working now in her pussy.

"Go on, baby. Be my private shit-eater. Eat my shit!"

Penny opened her mouth and placed it over the end of the turd.

"Bite it off, sweetheart and chew it up for me. I love to watch a young girl eating my filthy waste."

Penny bit it off and began to chew, her face going into a pained expression. She chewed it several times before Gloria told her to swallow it and Penny swallowed.

"Take another mouthful," Gloria's fingers continued to rhythmically massage Penny's clit.

Penny bit off another mouthful and began to chew.

"Does it taste nasty?" Gloria asked.

Penny started to shake her head yes, but realized it might make Gloria mad, "It tastes nasty, but I like it."

Gloria smiled, "Kate, you have a wonderful daughter here, she likes the taste of my shit. Eat it, honey, eat my stinking shit. Chew it up until there's no lumps in it and then you may swallow it. Show Gloria what a pretty shit-eater you are."

"I'm going tooo cummmm! All over your fingers," Penny swallowed her mouthful of shit and grimaced like she was in pain. "Oooohhh, I'mmm cummmiinnnggg!!" and her tongue came out to start licking the enormous turd.

"Lick my sugar, honey, lick it all over and then take another mouthful," Gloria still was fingering Penny's clit as Penny bit off another mouthful and began chewing it. "That's so filthy looking that it's beautiful."

"Am I dirty enough for you, Miss Gloria?"

"Girl, you are the dirtiest, nastiest and filthiest girl I know, other than my own daughter," Gloria continued to work her fingers between the lips of Penny's pussy.

Kate and Susan came over to watch, "Is she doing a good job for you?" Susan asked.

"Daughter dearest, I think Penny is a born shit-eater. Why oh why didn't we ever approach this idea before?"

"I told you she was a shit-eater," Susan commented.

"Gloria, Miss Gloria, would you please take your fingers out of my pussy. I want to see if I can cum just eating your shit," Penny flushed but again dropped her open mouth to the smaller pile of shit.

Gloria drug her fingers away from Penny's pussy and shoved them between her own legs. "Did you hear that, Kate? Your little girl WANTS to cum just eating shit."

Kate dropped down facing her daughter and watched her chewing up this smelly food.

"Why didn't you tell me this was so gooood, Mommy? I never dreamed that anything this filthy would be so much fun and good too," and Penny's mouth dipped down for more.

"Eating shit, you're eating my shit! EAT SHIT! EAT SHIT! EAT SHIT! Slow down, I don't want you to gag," Gloria cautioned.

"The more I eat, the more I want! Oh Mommy, I love the taste of her shit. It is so yummy," Penny rasped.

"Don't you think you've eaten enough for now?" Kate asked her daughter.

"No, no. I want to eat more, eat it all if I can," Penny's face was smeared with streaks and clumps of shit and her tongue crawled out to taste the last of the shit.

"Kate, your little girl has devoured a turd at least 19 inches long! Did you ever think your little girl would do that?"

"I was hoping she never got into this, but since she has, I'm proud of my daughter being able to eat that much. Do you really like that taste?"

"Yes mother, but I'm not able to cum yet, from eating it. Do you cum when you're eating it?" Her mouth was still working.

"Sometimes," Kate answered.

"I wish I could! I've gone through it all and still haven't cum," Penny pouted.

"Maybe you need to watch someone else eating yours. That might make you cum."

"Like who?" Penny questioned.

"Don't tell her," Susan pleaded.

"You didn't tell the poor girl? You didn't watch everything?" Gloria asked.

Susan hung her head. "No I didn't tell her and we didn't stick around that long."

Well, you're going to have to tell her. It's only fair," Gloria grabbed Susan's arm.

Susan swallowed hard, "It's true, Penny. I'm sorry I didn't tell you, but my mom eats shit too."

"And?" Gloria put her arm around her daughter.

"And... I... I... I eat shit too," Susan colored all over.

Penny gasped, "That was mean, Susan. To not tell me that," and she also put her arm around Susan.

"I'm sorry, Penny. I meant to tell you several times, but I just couldn't. I was afraid you'd hate me."

Penny took Susan in her arms," Susan, you are the dearest friend I have. How could I ever hate you?"

"Honey, don't you think it's about time we changed around?"

Susan nodded her head.

"Susan, I'm really going to enjoy browning your mouth, with you not telling me before."

"Is that all right with you, Gloria? Penny using your daughter? I'll use you this time."

"I suppose the girls want to get together, so why not, but just this time. Next time we use each other's daughter and they turn around and use us. But they have to do it right here so we can watch. All right?"

"Sounds good to me," Kate got up.

Penny squeezed Susan, "Are you ready, shit-eater?"

Susan nodded and snaked her fingers between her thighs, "Yes, Penny. Dump your load for me and watch me eat it."

"I want to brown your mouth really good. I've already eaten your mother's, so it's your turn to get a big load."

Susan nodded and colored.

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